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A marijuana legalization pitch for Philip Morris | The NORML Stash Blog

I am the producer of The NORML Network, the host of the NORML SHOW LIVE and The NORML Stash Blog, and NORML's Outreach Coordinator. I'm married, live in Portland, Oregon, and I am a registered medical marijuana caregiver in this state. I've worked days as an IT geek and nights as a professional musician. Previously, I have been the host of my own political talk radio show on satellite radio. I've been the High Times "Freedom Fighter of the Month" and I travel across the country to educate people on marijuana reform. I've dedicated my life to bringing an end to adult marijuana prohibition and re-legalizing cannabis hemp, and I'm honored to be chosen by NORML to give voice to the Marijuana Nation and to speak for those who can't speak up.

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18 responses to “A marijuana legalization pitch for Philip Morris”

  1. sam wise

    how can one argue that, if legalized, no corporation is going to commercialize the growth and process of marijuana? there is obviously a profit in it, and if one had the money, they’d be stupid not to invest in it. I am all for the freedom of marijuana, but first there must be a lot of regulation for it. and what happens when Monsanto seed corp gets a hold of it? can you imagine the day when they have a pollen resistant strain, and they crop dust everyone else’s fields with pollen? or the pesticide furnishing strain that grows faster and cheaper on its own, with no hassle? and why bother buying it from small time growers who could theoretically hold down the buying market prices, when you could just buy your own land, and cut out the middle man-pocketing all the profit- and leaving small business out of the picture.

  2. Brian

    Actually Philip Morris bought 50 thousand acres of land in the “Emerald Triangle” of California. The best place for cannabis growing in the
    USA. Weather their getting ready for cannabis legalization is a matter of opinion. I’d say they are.

  3. Lapaka

    To me the excuse that MJ is a gateway drug really bothers me. I think the number 1 biggest gateway drug in the US is cigarettes. Then it would have to be alcohol and prescription pills. With all the evidence for the arguments that both tobacco and alcohol are seriously addictive and causes death it is still a wonder why they are still legal. When are we the people who the government is SUPPOSE to work for going to stop corrupt business lobbyist here in the US? This is so open and obvious that it is a no brainer! cigs and liquor kills and MJ is used as a pain reliever just like other over the shelf legal drugs are used. Even a blind person can see the blatant corruption of our system through the AMA,AHA,FDA and DEA plain and simple.

  4. Simon

    Umm, excuse me but you can’t exactly say that the tobacco industry “invented modern lung cancer”. Lung cancer is caused by ANY TOBACCO burning and not really by any chemicals that are added to cigarettes. Anyway, even if a few of these chemicals happen to be marginally increase the consumer’s chances of certain diseases, they are only added because they are necessary as preservatives, and because they have been approved by the government (there are EXTREMELY stringent regulations on what can be added to cigarettes. You can’t exactly say “Look what they did to tobacco”; tobacco was bad for you in the first place; and as for “the nicotine which they add to tobacco”, I think you should really do some research before you make comments like this. Nicotine occurs naturally in all tobacco and regulations forbid cigarette companies from adding any nicotine which does not occur naturally in the tobacco.

  5. fuck congress!

    why should anyone care about funding congress? you know that the money is just going to go right into their already huge salaries…. we’re not going to see any of that money go back into our economy. fuck congress and their greed. let the growers grow it and sell it just like it’s been, that money goes back into our economy and growers actually care about making good weed. at least when you grow it you know what’s going into it. phillip morris is just going to mass produce it and they aren’t going to give a shit about the quality, it’s still money in their pockets. this country is getting over run by big corperations and we need small business’s back, THAT’S what what keeps our economy going not taxing the shit out everything to where people stop spending money cuz we can’t afford anything. don’t you guys hear the greed in that letter, that’s all it is, more money for the big guys!

  6. JohnnyGreen111

    Ohhh 1 more thing…I heard through the grapevine that Philip Morris has purchased aprox. 5 Acres in Yuba County?…Went in and repaved roads to look like Freeways…Really?…Just a rumor maybe but can You see where this is going?…Greeed…Land will disapear faster than You can finish that Cigerete!…

  7. JohnnyGreen111

    Ok…This is My opinion so take it however You want…Fuck Phillip Morris and every other Greedy ScumBag out there that intends on Capitalizeing and Profiting off this God given “Medicinal Plant” for the soul intention of padding their pockets…Give Me a Freakin break!…Anyone who believes their intentions are otherwise needs to wake the Hell up…The Human race in general unfortunately are out for themselves…This Herb should be left as is because now we are all pushing for an open can of worms…Id be a Hipocrit and a Liar if I said I dont enjoy a good Joint but to mass produce it like “Cigeretes”?, So we can Buy a pack of who knows what because we all know it wont be an organically grown herb cared for and cultivated by sum1 who actually cares for the cause…But the thought of pickin up a pack @ your local liquer store along with Ur drink of choice and those original “cigeretes” as well apeals to so many?…How will this make this Miracle Herb look?…”LEAVE IT ALONE”…Those of Us who believe in its Wonders are the ones who should have our hands in it Not Big Greedy Hands Like Phillip Morris…I believe it should be researched further and used as intended…Medicinally…We all know recreational use will be what it will be Y pad the pockets of those that can afford to throw it in our face via comercials,Bilboards etc.?…Its like we have to Screw up everything Beautifulwe can get our hands on….Tell me Im wrong…Do a little Soul searchin…Dont get me wrong, Im All for Marijuana but I dont want to see it lose its True meaning or intention…Afraid it will become washed and diluted “Become a Sister image of Disgusting Cigeretes”…I believe there are better ways to profit and save the image….

  8. California: $211,000 annual growers liscense fee - Page 3

    [...] can do is raise awareness and let everyone you know who votes to shoot this puppy down. Otherwise Phillip Morris will be buying up land and driving the prices down. __________________ 2kw SCROG with Blackberry [...]

  9. Eze

    If you let big business in on this then you will have more chemicals in your weed than ever before. They do not have the same intimate feeling for the plant as you or I. It would be nothing but a dollar sign to them and that would kill the purity of it all. Leave it up to the many individual growers throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico (if they could get their quality up) to supply us all with plentiful weed. It should be treated like tomatoes. You can buy em at the farmers market but you can also grow em in your garden. Most of the time we are so hung up on the medical side of things we forget that medical marijuana is our foot in the door for full legalization. That really is the ultimate goal.

  10. Sab

    I think they already have a plan in place, just waiting on congress to see the people’s votes in 2010 and then I think we’ll see the first pitches of this company for weed cigs.

  11. Matt Martin

    While I don’t generally support anyone in the cigarette industry, I think this could be a way to get some major funding in congress. Money can speed along the process of reform.

    On the flip side, prohibitionists would most likely exploit our teamwork as the equivalent of saying we promote tobacco products. At this point, I think that reason in itself would hinder some of our efforts.

    People concerned about the company adding additional chemicals may forget that the legalization we push for one that includes legal personal cultivation. But, once Philip Morris sees that bit of information, they just may be a bit more hesitant to push for our cause.

    This idea is wonderful but could use a little tweaking, but nonetheless a great start.

  12. winder

    I’d rather the tobacco industry stay out of the weed business. Look what they did to tobacco; radioactive fertilizer. They practically invented modern lung cancer, which is why they will probably work with big pharma to fight the legalization of cannabis—it would cost them too much money saving lives…not too mention weaning people off of addicting substances—like the nicotine which they add to tobacco.

  13. itistime

    Sure, getting their powerful political lobbies on our side might be good. But 1) they haven’t been too successful lately, with all the new taxes and that new anti-smoking bill and 2) do you really want Phillip Morris ruining another natural substance?

  14. Fidget Truittelli

    ok – I’m in a rush and out the door, and caught about 90% of it, but seemed to make sense. If they want to jump in as the Pioneers of growing, packing, education and whatever… so be it. It will be a happy day when I can go to the local market and ‘Buy a pack a’ bud’…

    “Grow it.. and they will come …”

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