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Alabama newborn tests positive for marijuana; mom faces possible 10 years | The NORML Stash Blog

I am the producer of The NORML Network, the host of the NORML SHOW LIVE and The NORML Stash Blog, and NORML's Outreach Coordinator. I'm married, live in Portland, Oregon, and I am a registered medical marijuana caregiver in this state. I've worked days as an IT geek and nights as a professional musician. Previously, I have been the host of my own political talk radio show on satellite radio. I've been the High Times "Freedom Fighter of the Month" and I travel across the country to educate people on marijuana reform. I've dedicated my life to bringing an end to adult marijuana prohibition and re-legalizing cannabis hemp, and I'm honored to be chosen by NORML to give voice to the Marijuana Nation and to speak for those who can't speak up.

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6 responses to “Alabama newborn tests positive for marijuana; mom faces possible 10 years”

  1. Beau Barnett

    Amen if they do that one little step called asking aphysian or scientist about what is good and what is not. In the over all subject especially in compassionate care.

  2. Beau Barnett

    I just wanted to say that I am from AL and I am embarrassed that our teachers and professionals did not do their homework on infant mortality;They instead distort a new family. To prove a point that is a criminal act. As a resident of this state I am completely for stopping the prohibition of marijuana. I am an educated man I finished in the top 5% cum lauds in a class of over 16,000 people. This issue saddens me because this state so renowned for medical research would allow this act to take place, knowing that truth is just the opposite.

  3. jamie

    CONT… Not a single person will listen to my story or how my mother kidnapped my daughter for months and she was threatened with felony kidnapping or how she has mentally abused me my entire life. I really want to bring this to the attention to patients so it doesnt happen to others. They have not done their due dilligence on this and i dont know what to do. All i know is this is not right. And something should be done . We dont even smoke in the house or car so i dont understand this. Also we took her for a test which came back negative 3days before my mother did hers and i was not even permitted to enter it as evidence yet my mother could her illegally done test. If anyone has any information that could possibly help i would greatly appriciate it seeing as i have run out of options and cash. My email is makecakelate@yahoo.com. Thanks for listening

  4. jamie

    Here in Ca they just gave my mother temporary custody of my daughter after my daughter was given a illegally performed drug test that came back positive for thc. The man who did the test said traces were so low it could have been from second hand smoke or me just touching her hair after i smoke. My husband and i both are mm patients and grow our own medicine.They have violated our rights. My husband, my daughters step-father, is not even allowed to see her. I went from having my daughter everyday to only getting to see her four hours twice a month. My mother does not approve of my husband and our choice of medicine (we dont even drink) so she got a lawyer and has deystroyed our lives. We have nobody to stand up for us as we cannot afford a lawyer. We are being completely railroaded by this and i believe this is going to set legal presidence in the medical marijuana world as they have told us we are not capable being parent because we get “stoned”.

  5. Ben

    Oh, I forgot the links don’t carry over.

    1st link is in the text “marijuana use by pregnant woman may actually reduce infant mortality.”


    2nd is in ” scored better on laboratory tests of cognition”


    3rd is in “according to Dr. Robert Melamede”


  6. Ben


    “Exactly how Sopanos would be “chemically endangering” her child is far from clear, since according to the best scientific research available, marijuana use by pregnant woman may actually reduce infant mortality.

    Mothers who took no drugs at all had 15.7 deaths per 1,000 live births, according to the study. Mothers who tested positive for cocaine had 17.7 deaths per 1,000 live births, and mothers who tested positive for opiates had 18.4 deaths per 1,000 live births.

    But mothers who tested positive for cannabis had only 8.9 deaths per 1,000 live births. In other words, drug-free mothers have 57 percent more stillbirths than mothers who used marijuana during pregnancy.

    The benefits to babies don’t end there. The scientific research tells us that toking mothers have babies that are just as healthy (if not healthier; see above) as babies born of non-toking mothers.

    And you know what else the research showed?

    That the babies of pot-smoking mothers scored better on laboratory tests of cognition than babies of non-toking mothers.

    It makes sense, after all. Mother’s milk naturally contains the body’s own THC-like substances, the endocannabinoids, which exert a number of beneficial effects on the baby, including stimulating appetite and improving sleep patterns.

    Mothers give their babies a booster shot of the body’s own cannabinoids in breast milk to give them the munchies, because they have to learn to eat, according to Dr. Robert Melamede, one of the leading researchers into endocannabinoids and their effects.

    So believe anything you want, Alabama — but if you’re interested in science?

    Science says pot-smoking moms have healthier, smarter babies than anyone else.”

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