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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Clarifies Her Position on Medical Marijuana | The NORML Stash Blog

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3 responses to “Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Clarifies Her Position on Medical Marijuana”

  1. ????

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  2. John

    It’s funny she actually stated she was too busy campaigning to speak up. LO L She didn’t want to speak up because she could lose voters. It’s also typical that someone already in office becomes to busy to do their job in an attempt to save their job. I’m a MM patient and It’s sad that once again the voters vote in a law by a majority and our elected ‘leaders’ treat us like children.

    She talks about the chiefs staying silent. Much of law enforcement actually supported prop 203. They’re tired of throwing people in jail for this petty offence. Well maybe not cities run mormons with nothing better to do than shove their hatred on everyone else like Gilbert.


    She’s also mentioned she’s thinking of thwarting the state constitution and run for a third term, proving again she has _NO_ respect for our state and the laws within.. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/05/05/973324/-Jan-Brewer-wants-a-third-(unconstitutional!)-term

    Sooner than later the baby boomers will die off and ‘people?’ like Brewer, Arpio, Mccain, and Kyl will be out of a job.. If they don’t die off first :)

    Generations 50 and under are very educated to the scare tactics and brain washing used on previous generations. Hell I bet a lot of these older folks get freaked out and have reffer madness flashbacks.

    She’s done more than enough to warrant impeachment. Maybe it’s time to put this into motion.


  3. Marc Taylor

    Jan Brewer and AG Tom Horne need to step out of the way of the people We voted this into law. We are sorry that it doesn’t line up with your agenda. It’s time to make Arizona a greener state. Patients deserve rights just like anyone else.

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