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Beware the “Grit Weed” | The NORML Stash Blog

I am the producer of The NORML Network, the host of the NORML SHOW LIVE and The NORML Stash Blog, and NORML's Outreach Coordinator. I'm married, live in Portland, Oregon, and I am a registered medical marijuana caregiver in this state. I've worked days as an IT geek and nights as a professional musician. Previously, I have been the host of my own political talk radio show on satellite radio. I've been the High Times "Freedom Fighter of the Month" and I travel across the country to educate people on marijuana reform. I've dedicated my life to bringing an end to adult marijuana prohibition and re-legalizing cannabis hemp, and I'm honored to be chosen by NORML to give voice to the Marijuana Nation and to speak for those who can't speak up.

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59 responses to “Beware the “Grit Weed””

  1. AnonymousMenace

    Got some the other day. I could see a large amount of granules at the bottom in the shake, and it was brown like dirt or sand. Removed all the shake and just used the buds. When I broke it up with my fingers it was just raining down like confetti from the center of the bud. Even the stems were saturated.

    Tried a little bit through water, because I thought it would filter… WRONG. The large particles were left over, but the dust was definitely still in the smoke. Tightness in chest and chest pains afterward. Blew bloody snot out of my nose less than 48 hours later. DO NOT try it through water. Do not even try it at all, it’s not worth getting a bronchial disease. I regret ever giving it a chance. Glad I only tried a little bit…

    Did a little exploring on the web afterwards, read that people are getting buds sprayed silicone and glucose to make them weigh more as well. Also, read that people are getting buds spiked with Fiber Glass… (!!!!!!) Shit is worse than people spiking their moonshine with bleach.

    Never going to smoke anything I don’t see growing myself ever again. Once heard someone say, “if you can’t get a seed to sprout, you’re a f@$kin idiot.” F@$kin 2013 and still illegal, blows my mind, man.

    Someone needs to track all of this shit down to the source, and start pluggin’ the people who are doing this. There must be repercussions for their actions…

    Pump one out.

    -Baltimore/Washington area

    Love and Peace (contradiction from the whole “plugging people” thing, but hey, they need to die. lmfao)

  2. zarathustra

    where i am (north florida) i’ve had trouble finding untainted smoke for over a year. only here it isn’t glass beads, it’s chemicals being sprayed or soaked into the buds. i often see what was originally nice cannabis but it’s dark on one side and nice and green on the other. harsh chemical taste and a bad headache is what you get for your money. thanks to all who are pushing for legalization

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  4. JoeBlow

    I’ve had this plenty in the southwestern U.S., supposedly from Cali… it’s no good. It’ll make you vomit. It just doesn’t look right. Doesn’t get you high right.

  5. Karen

    I live I’n SW Florida and just got a bag of silicone weed. It was mid grade dark green. I could not see it with plain daylight. Only when i held a small leaf up against a bright light did i notice it. It will have a transparent waxy appearance sometimes just a bit of shine I’n less saturated parts. Very Nasty stuff. I filtered the smoke through a paper towel and it turned reddish brown with a distinctive chemical scent unlike the usual resin scent. When you light this crap up you will notice a smell i say us similar to smoldering birthday candles. It also burns to a black hard ash and Will stick to your lighter if you try to put it out when you smoke a bowl. Do not smoke it. It can’t be filtered through a bong it can’t be fixedwith water. I have had a sore throat for days and a Heavy tight cough. On top of it i feel completely disgusted at myself for allowing myself to fall for this. When i asked my dealer who is A younger person just starting out I’n the business they were smoking it and said it was ok just stale and their entire house smelt of chemicals. How can ppl smoke this junk like it’s normal. I hope this was informative. Watch out and even seasoned smokers are fooled by the silicone spray weed. (chemical similar to WD-40)

  6. pierre

    i smoked this crap back in 2007,its still here in the uk……
    grass any dealer up who has it!
    the excuse that they didnt know does not work,because they do know!
    even if its a so called friend,they’ve just tried making money off your ass.
    they’ve not given a shit about your health…
    its all about the money,even so called friendship….
    i like baseball,,,,,,,,i like my bat too

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  9. ugh

    Berwick, Maine here, right on the New Hampshire border.

    Yeah, grit weed has arrived.

    Did the CD test, felt it between my fingers, noticed chest tightening.

    I’m beginning to think this is a major, major problem with many different contaminants involved.


  10. Craig

    I seen a story on this about a month ago on T.V. I think it was a show called Should I Smoke Dope. Its on tonight @ 11pm pacific. The BBC channel 264 on direct tv. I couldn’t believe it when I seen it. Thought it was a U K problem though. I wouldn’t smoke it, just trash it. Maybe even turn it over to the law. People that do this need to go to jail. This is why you grow your own.

  11. anon

    filth, i also just tried the cd test and both kinds i have scratched the cd. then i did some research and found out that you don’t just rub the buds on the disc, you’ve gotta like squeeze/rub the bud above the cd so some kief (and grit if it’s there) falls onto the cd. then you rub what fell off over the cd with like some soft fabric. the second time around there were no scratches for me, thankfully! idk if you did the same as me, but if you did, then there you go!

  12. Sampson

    So seriously people, demand more of your pot dealers, fuck beasters. Voice your opinion through the herb you buy, listen to Jason King and get the cannabibles if you don’t have them / haven’t read them. Once you develop a good eye for knowing what you are buying its like buying fruit at the grocery store, its just common sense. Another thing, everyone should invest in a small scale and a portable microscope (such as this: http://www.420science.com/420_scope/420scope.html) and you’ll never get ripped off again, and if you do – its your own fault! :-D

  13. J.W.

    When your weed acts like that in your bowl, the most likely suspect is failure to flush out all the fertilizers sufficiently. The blackness and hard ash sounds like they failed to turn off the CO2 soon enough before harvest. Take the time to do these small things and you will see a huge difference.
    I’m pretty sure you don’t have glass, but the one way to know for sure is to grow your own or only smoke weed your mother grew.
    Life’s a gamble. Each of us chooses when and why we throw the dice.

  14. Goose

    if the weed makes crackling noise when lit in a bowl and the ash is black does it automaticly make it grit weed? i just want to know cause here in brooklyn ny i wouldent expect this crap be to around :-|

  15. NB Stoner

    dude, there are more then 30+ types of it, and those are JUST the types they have discovered. :O
    im in New Brunsiwck Canada, not a large population, and theres 3 or 4 diff. types around nthe whole prov. ALREADY :O
    and its only been documented here around June. :l :-x

  16. NB Stoner

    Dude, if your in the Maritimes, i GAUREN-F&*KING-TEE you that you HAVE, without a doubt, smoked Grit Weed.
    Im in Moncton NB (Btw best city in the east coast lol) and EVERYONE has grit weed, been smokin pot for years aqnd CANNOT even find 1 single person without it/ who hasnt had it., its at EPIDEMIC lvl’s, and most stoners are just stupid, ignorant & lazy and deny its existence, or dont think its even possible. Dont be a TOOL, and dont act a FOOL— dont smoke Grit Weed :O
    pce & good luck. :-|

  17. NB Stoner

    I am from the Moncton-Metro area in New Brunswick, Canada;
    and my msg is GRIT WEED IS HERE, and ESPECIALLY IN MONCTONS SISTER-TOWN RIVERVIEW ACROSS THE PETTY. If you are in Riverview aka the View, then WATCH OUT FOR GRIT WEED, I GAURENTEE YOU I KNOW THE HIGHER-UP PEOPLE AND **ALL**, YES–EVERY-SINGLE-ONE OF THEM IS SELLING GRIT WEED, AND DO NOT CARE. THEY KNOW ABOUT THE HEALTH EFFECTS, and DO NOT CARE ABOUT *YOU* —> So; say NO to ANY of your dealers from Riverview, and GROW YOUR OWN, ‘Cuz trust me (*Cough’s from writing this*) its NO BETTER IN MONCTON OR ASNYWHERE ELSE IN NEW BRUNSWICK– Good luck all, and SAY NO TO GRIT WEED!!! (And Alcohol, its society’s shit-stains.) :-x

  18. filthrat

    anyone seen this around Chicago? fyi, i have done the cd test on nieghbor closet herb, beasters, dealer headies, and mexi. everything scratches. i think it would be a little strange for around ten different kinds of pot to all be grit. especially the neighbor homegrown. this is jsut a bumemr cuz now i am super paranoid to buy the beast. srsly thought any hits in chi-town?

  19. jenny

    November 7, 2009 at 3:29 pm
    I live in Tigard, oregon, and I got some of this Grit weed. It wouldn’t burn, that was the first sign, it was damp, with long tough leaves, so it appeared to be improperly dried. However, when broken open, it looked great, just full of crystals. It was totally placebo weed, in that you could smoke a lot, and barely feel it. But the real tip off was the was my mouth and lungs burned after smoking it, and my stomach almost felt as if it was having hunger pangs. So uncool for a pot dealer to taint his weed, aren’t we peaceful people? Get the word out, according to the internet, it is in the UK, east coast, and canada, but watch out folks, it’s here. I swear if I didn’t give it back to the SOB that ripped me off $300.00 an ounce for it, it would have caused some serious damage.



    why GREED :-x :-x

  21. interzoneuk

    Actually you do hear of wine having bulking agents by dodgy people in Europe,



  22. I.S.

    I’ve seen this garbage in the Washington DC metro area also. The thing about our grit weed was that it didn’t sparkle or look good at all on the outside. Very hard compact KB buds that when ground up gave off a puff of dust and produced a ton of “kiff”. Something definitely didn’t add up with me so I only purchased 2 grams and haven’t seen it since. It did also weigh quite a bit for the amount. Hopefully this garbage is gone, either way, scary shit.

  23. anon

    Hey fellow stoners,,we’ve had this shit in Ireland since late 2007…its a fuckin joke…personally i haven’t smoked any since then but many peeps i know have…we’ve had different types over here,we had the original grit weed,the one ya could do the finger lick test,that shit is gone now.Then we had glucose coated crap…yeah glucose,they spray the plants with a glucose water mix,about a kilo of glucose to a gallon of water and then spray that shit on bout a week before harvest.Nice profit right there eh?Fuckin wankers.Now we got some new stuff goin round.AK hit the nail on the head with his comment..it sparkles an shit…word is,is that its silica gel…how bout that?Anyway thats how it is here in ireland.i got good connections for proper dope and lovely sticky icky hash fron afar…so thats me sorted!!!BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU BUY AND KNOW WHERE IT’S COMING FROM!!! DON’T BUY IT DON’T SELL IT DON’T SMOKE IT!! OVERGROW THE GOVERNMENT

  24. dantheman

    Ive been getting this stuff is mass for a couple years. the stuff usualy is just normal buds, regular beasters. so latley ive been buying headies to avoid it all together. but today i got a bag of really nice headies. suspicous i ground it up. it didnt make as much keef as reguar grit weed, but more then it should have. when i put the keef on a bowl part. i held a lit lighter just above it, and the keef boiled up into little balls and fizzled out. its a new grit weed.

  25. J.W.

    I NEVER smoke weed that I haven’t seen growing personally. I know I can trust people who trust me enough to show me their grow. For me, there are two such people in the world.
    If it were legal we could give tours and have tastings. and grit weed would only find its way to people who can’t get a seed to sprout, both of whom could easily be taken care of by the rest of us.

  26. bomb hills

    Haven’t seen any of this in Montana yet.. will spread the word. When I heard this story, the first thing I thought was how only a prohibitionist would do such a thing.

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  28. AK

    I’m on LI, NY and I just got some grit weed too. This stuff looked good at first, didn’t have much of a scent though which I thought was weird. Seemed a little stiff when I was breaking it up as well. When I started smoking the bowl it was crackling and sparking like a sparkler. I didn’t need to take more than 2 hits to realize something was very wrong with this stuff. I gave it back and got my money back. If I wanted to smoke chemicals that crackle I would be smoking crack, not marijuana.
    We need to boycott this crap and eventually it won’t pay to contaminate this beautiful natural plant & the lungs of all the responsible tokers that enjoy the finer things mother nature has to offer.

  29. newf

    yeah I’m here in newfoundland with it. it sucks and it’s everywhere.

    question: is it safe to smoke this out of a bong? will the water filter it? I have a vape that i will use for now but I am just wondering.

  30. PUAAN

    VAPORIZE IT, making sure there is a good small gauge screen between the cannabis and your vape. DONT grind it, crumble with fingers. You don’t want the glass particles to get any smaller. BE CAREFUL.

  31. queenoftheworld

    when you say don’t smoke it…what about eating it??

    If you bust up the weed and boil it with butter, then let it settle, shouldn’t the glass/silica/lead precipitate out? The weed would have the same thc content as normal weed. Also, any remnants of the contaminant left in the weed butter would be far less harmful to your digestive tract than to your lungs.

  32. queenoftheworld

    you’re crazy and paranoid. stop smoking weed, because you are a candidate for environmentally-triggered psychosis. I’m glad I don’t know you.

  33. queenoftheworld

    Newfoundland…may 2009….glass spiked weed is here. looks like an east coast epidemic.
    I was developing a cold at the same time i bought this, smoked maybe 2 grams of it, partly in bongs, and later in the week had some bloody streaks in my sputum (phlegm). Doctor told me blood-streaked sputum is common in bronchitis, but some close friends with the same bug as me (non-smokers) were not coughing up any blood. I blame the glass. Luckily the thick layer of pus in my bronchioles should move the glass out quicker than otherwise.

  34. John

    This stuff is 100% in Newfoundland Canada. Friends of mine have had it and now refuse to buy it. Trying to spread this around to anyone I know that would be affected by it.

    I also heard rumor it is Hells Angels operations doing this. But who’s to say?

  35. 420 Hightimez

    its sad just really sad..i live in florida and thank god i havent seen any of this shit down here but im still going 2 be careful and i hope it all goes away soon and whoever doing it gets there world shook up..oh and alex bones chill on the racism my dude makes u look like a fool

  36. agreenbud

    I belive after close inspection this is glass sandblasting beads. :-(

  37. Alex Bones

    This is all part of the Illuminati’s depopulation agenda; just like:

    FSC Cigarettes
    Race-specific Bioweapons
    GMO Foods

    A small group of people, Jewish, who control trillions of dollars and are more powerful than national governments run this planet… and they want your ass dead.

  38. jim bob

    im in new york, they weed they call PIFF aka HAZE tristate is gritweed, and also is the “sour” beware me peoples. the sick and twisted are doin whatever to make a buck and gain that power

  39. strizikle


    Same thing here. Bought what looked like some nice KB (haven’t seen kb in 2 years just exotic and regs) I ground up the buds and noticed a ton of yellow keefe and figured the buds were old or it was pollen. I smoked half the 8th and noticed the keefe didnt burn it just turned black when put to a flame. i felt the keefe, it was a sandy texture. I did research online and put the “keefe” to the CD test and it put big scratches in it. I investigated the remaining buds. Under a common 75 Watt bulb you can not notice any contaminant, I had to look at the buds under sun light to notice what appeared to be a clear coat on some of the leaves- shiny spots have the reflective shine of a fake decorative fruit. I was able to peal some of the shiny coating off of a leaf and it was clear but milky green as well. The piece was very hard though i was able to break it while scratching a cd with it. I called the person I Got it from and informed him of the deal, had to actually go to his house and show him because he didnt know. I’ve spread the word and apparently a lot of people i know have been smoking this shit for a while. There is a ton of this bud around, its all the same strain from what ive seen. its heavy thick kb. BEWARE OF ALL MARIJUANA IN THE MASSACHUSETTS AREA!

  40. Mel

    I’m in Keene, New Hampshire (southern NH) and just came across a bag of Grit. I tried the cd scratch test and it definitely left a mark. Been smoking it all day and my chest feels heavy and tight. I shouldn’t have bought it from a creepy coke head. I’m just pissed I wasted $40. LEGALIZE AND TAX IT.

  41. Brian

    you speak the truth! its in Halifax/Dartmouth, NS as well.

  42. Brian

    hahah sexy weed. I’ve refered to a bud like that once

  43. Brian

    no its not buddy. I’m from Halifax….this shits been showing up here as well. last month my guy was giving me shit that fits this discription to a T. My buddy over in PEI says he got some too. Canada is not A-OK :-(

  44. ffresh

    this stuff is all over atlantic canada now too! i’ve run into it in newfoundland and prince edward island, both in the last month

  45. Tom

    I’m in Virginia and this “grit weed” is everywhere. I’ve seen it all too, glass, sand, and the newest one has some small white pieces on it. If you touch the ash after it has been smoked it is this strange oily ash. This crap is all over the place, it never used to be this way i can’t even find any non-contaminated pot anywhere. This is complete crap, legalize pot already the weed being laced with these contaminants is much more harmful than the actual drug! Haven’t found any straight nugs since summertime.

    This shit is all over the united stats across the west and east coast. Only buy your pot if you know where it comes from! I’m pissed at this crap it needs to stop whoever the hell its comin from

  46. kori

    i got a gram of weed it was definitely this “grit weed” i smoked it anyway not knowing at the time , i thought something was up with this weed but i convinced myself i was just trippin out ………

  47. dave

    I’m in Foxboro Mass and here I’ve been forced to waste SO much extra cash on headies these last few months, as its the only shit thats not been contaminated. Literraly havent found strait KB nugs since early summer…someones gotta find whose behind this BS and castrate their sorry A$$..for real

  48. mr. smith

    i found a video about gritweed on youtube from a u.k. user last week. i didn’t think much of it, i thought it was a u.k. problem, i bought a bag a few days ago that i now am for certain is giritweed.

    everytime i would take a bong hit i noticed my chest would feel tight, i brushed it off until today (3 grams into the bag), having a feeling something just wasn’t right, gave it a couple days and something IS NOT right. small, hard buds that appear to be coated in resin, analyzed them for 3 days and it’s impossible to spot with the naked eye. you’ll notice a chalky sand paper feeling in the back of your throat.

    i am in WARWICK, RI. this is not just a U.K. problem.

  49. Cannabis User

    I live near Boston, Massachusetts and there is grit weed circulating around all over the place. Different types of it too. Ive seen two seperate dealers with seperate types of buds in seperate towns and counties that both have grit weed. It really SUCKS! This infuriates me. Part of me wants to annonymously send a sample to the police.

  50. Jimmy joe m

    heay my name is jimmy and i live in mass 2o minuts north of boston i got an lb of this shit man and it sucks i no it is grit weed and am stuck with it we need to find out were the fuck this shitty shit is comming from and do something about it i have been smoking for years and years and have never seen aneything like this at first i thought it was crazey headdy weed but it tasts like kind bud it ic covered in a yellowish white powder it does not burn good also it sparkles when it burns and is oily the ash is hard this shit si going around so every one do the test b4 bying pleas. i dont no why thees asshols are contaminating weed but we need to stop this do not buy grit weed bewere thanks jimmy

  51. chucktown sc friend

    unfortunately this so-called grit weed has made its way down south. its pretty easy to detect if you know what your looking for. really dry, heavy, sexy, light colored beast that literally sparks like sparklers when smoked. PLEASE DO NOT SMOKE THIS POT! if you get some, send it back to your dude. i did.

  52. Bob Dobbs

    I live in Southern NH and I got a bag recently that just didn’t look right and came across this site, turns out, been getting ripped off. Wicked bummer. Beware.

  53. Natalia

    Sand weed here in Florida.

  54. Jordan

    anyone know if this has turned up in california?

  55. adam

    canada is still A-OK.

  56. nick

    this is in fact true. i had an entire half pound of this, and didn’t even realize it was harmful grit weed until it was all gone!! I read this article recently and was soo distraught. At first, i just thought it was really nice bud, untill i read this article. Everytime i ground it up, i got that unusual cloud when opening the grinder. everytime i excalimed “wow, look at all the kief!!!” only to realize it wasn’t keif. I live in southern RI right now, but got this batch from warwick… at least now i know what to look for, i will never buy this crap again; i can’t beleive anybody would do this; only crackheads should have to deal with this kind of nonsense… weed should be nothing but weed. legalize it already! the only harm thats ever been caused has been caused by its legal status!

  57. Melonius Thunk

    Outside of Europe, I’ve been reading reports about this “grit weed” bullshit being in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Denver. Unfortunately, it is now also in RHODE ISLAND. There seems to be a pretty heavy amount of going around at least Warwick and South County, but I’m sure it is probably all over the state if not New England in general.

    If you’re in this area (or anywhere for that matter) and have recently seen/smoked/purchased anything that seems overly kiefy and gritty, stop smoking immediately! DON’T SMOKE IT! DON’T BUY IT! DON’T SELL IT! Google/myspace/youtube search grit weed if you don’t know what it is… I hoped it would stay isolated to Europe and never get here, but sadly that doesn’t seem to be true. Soon enough it will probably be in many more places if not already… EDUCATE yourselves and smoke safe.


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