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Chronic Marijuana Abuse Leads to Severe Vomiting Attacks | The NORML Stash Blog

Chronic Marijuana Abuse Leads to Severe Vomiting Attacks

OK, now I’ve heard everything.  From Australia we get this report about Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, which allegedly means that too much pot smoking will make you vomit:

This obscure clinical manifestation of severe vomiting sickness due to chronic abuse of marijuana, recognized by Dr. Sontineni and his colleagues at the Creighton University of Omaha, NE, was published on March 14, 2009 World Journal of Gastroenterology.

That abstract from the journal:

Cannabis is a common drug of abuse that is associated with various long-term and short-term adverse effects. The nature of its association with vomiting after chronic abuse is obscure and is underrecognised by clinicians. In some patients this vomiting can take on a pattern similar to cyclic vomiting syndrome with a peculiar compulsive hot bathing pattern, which relieves intense feelings of nausea and accompanying symptoms. In this case report, we describe a twenty-two year-old-male with a history of chronic cannabis abuse presenting with recurrent vomiting, intense nausea and abdominal pain. In addition, the patient reported that the hot baths improved his symptoms during these episodes. Abstinence from cannabis led to resolution of the vomiting symptoms and abdominal pain. We conclude that in the setting of chronic cannabis abuse, patients presenting with chronic severe nausea and vomiting that can sometimes be accompanied by abdominal pain and compulsive hot bathing behaviour, in the absence of other obvious causes, a diagnosis of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome should be considered.

The medical news site continues:

According to Dr. Sontineni, doctors and health care workers currently under recognize the syndrome leading to delayed diagnosis and expensive diagnostic investigations. Increasing consistent use of marijuana among United States populations, particularly young people, over several years will see a steady rise in the number of cases diagnosed each year.

The syndrome was first recognized in Australia around the Adelaide hills. The exact mechanism leading to generation of these symptoms, why it appears only after several years of marijuana abuse and why compulsive hot showering behavior relieves the symptoms is still under scientific investigation.

The recognition of this novel syndrome and increasing physician awareness is supported by the Department of Medicine at Creighton University Medical Center. Similarly, scientists and doctors at other institutions worldwide are beginning to identify more cases with this new syndrome as a result of chronic marijuana abuse among populations.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of anyone vomiting because of marijuana, instead of using marijuana because of vomiting.  You’d think in the forty-plus years of serious marijuana use in America, we’d have heard of some cases of Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome by now.  You’d think somebody would know somebody who had to give up his or her regular bong habit because they couldn’t stop throwing up.

You can be sure Dr. Earleywine and I will cover this on Wednesday.

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I am the producer of The NORML Network, the host of the NORML SHOW LIVE and The NORML Stash Blog, and NORML's Outreach Coordinator. I'm married, live in Portland, Oregon, and I am a registered medical marijuana caregiver in this state. I've worked days as an IT geek and nights as a professional musician. Previously, I have been the host of my own political talk radio show on satellite radio. I've been the High Times "Freedom Fighter of the Month" and I travel across the country to educate people on marijuana reform. I've dedicated my life to bringing an end to adult marijuana prohibition and re-legalizing cannabis hemp, and I'm honored to be chosen by NORML to give voice to the Marijuana Nation and to speak for those who can't speak up.

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430 responses to “Chronic Marijuana Abuse Leads to Severe Vomiting Attacks”

  1. Jim

    I have buddy who developed this.

    Very heavy smoker like multiple times a day.

    He was initially diagnosed as gastroparesis and made a number of lifestyle changes hoping to alleviate the problem.

    He was lucky, he only usually had 3 or 4 attacks a year but being a diabetic he almost always ended up in the hospital.

    Then one year he went to another hospital for a second opinion and they asked him how much pot he smoked and told him they thought it was caused by smoking.

    He cut way back and it virtually stopped his problem but it’s cumulative. If he overindulges several days in a row he has an attack.

    Personally I’d quit if I had the problem. After watching him there’s no way I’d go thru that. It’s awful. However I don’t think he can. He has a lot of problems w/ anxiety and weed seems to be the only thing that taps it down. He’s tried most prescription drugs.

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  3. nicholas

    Just to clarify: when I said the article was ridiculous I meant the way the article that the poster offered a link to which dismissed the possibility to CHE when it seems that so many people have this syndrome…not the original article on this page. also, sorry to post basically the same story twice, I thought my post had gotten deleted. oops. I’m going to do more research on this…I showed it to my girlfriend and she said she was sure that I didn’t have CHE because I’m not a ‘chronic’ smoker, but she has an invested interest in having me continue to smoke with her ;) although she hates to see me feel sick. She believes that pot is just another thing that triggers my stomach issues, but isn’t ‘causing’ it, and to stop smoking pot would be like me not drinking because it makes me throw up when I’m hung over, or not go scuba diving because I get violently seasick. Hmmmm.

  4. nicholas

    I had to share my experience: every time I smoke, I feel nauseous and throw up (and NOT from coughing too hard, I don’t cough, it’s more like have a hit off a pipe, and then fifteen minutes later I feel really really nauseated and then throw up about an hour later…after which I feel better and enjoy the high). The next morning my stomach is kind of upset and I feel queasy and throw up again, but that could be because of my hangover (I combine the alcohol with the pot). My girlfriend always smokes the same stuff I do, and she’s never felt sick. I’ve done my share of opiates (which are known to make people puke) and I NEVER have puked on any opiate. I also drink quite a bit, and don’t throw up from drinking either (but I do throw up from being hungover all the time). But pot..EVERY. TIME. (with two exceptions discussed below). When I start feeling sick I always tell her, “I’m never doing this AGAIN!!!” and then I puke and I feel better and then we have a great time, so the next time (usually the next day) she’s all, “let’s smoke” and I don’t refuse. I wish I knew how to stop the sickness, though. ironically the only two times I didn’t puke after smoking was once when my girl and I went surfing immediately after getting (mildly) stoned. when I felt the nausea coming on, we went into the water and I felt better. the other time was on a long boat trip out to a scuba dive site. I usually get majorly sick on these boats, like leaning out over the water and feeding the fish the whole way out to the site, and the sickness doesn’t go away until I get into the ocean. but this time my girlfriend brought some pot along and I partook figuring it couldn’t get any worse. surprise surprise i actually didn’t feel the level of stick-a-shotgun-in-my-mouth nausea and vomiting that I usually do on these boats and didn’t get the pot-related sickness either. btw the water when I was surfing and diving was pretty cold, so the hot bath hypothesis doesn’t explain my situation. Is this an allergy to pot or the beginning of this syndrome? I’m a little freaked out as I’ve had a weak stomach my whole life and have always been a frequent puker; I don’t want to end up like some of you poor people suffering from these horrible illnesses (CVS and CHS),

  5. nicholas

    The article’s ridiculous, but I had to share my experience: every time I smoke, I feel nauseous and throw up…after which I feel better and enjoy it. My girlfriend finds this absolutely bizarre, as I’ve done my share of opiates (which are known to make people puke) and I NEVER have puked on any opiate. I also drink quite a bit, and don’t throw up from drinking either. But pot…ALMOST. EVERY. TIME. When I start feeling sick I always tell her, “I’m never doing this AGAIN!!!” and then I puke and I feel better and then we have amazing sex, so the next time (usually the next day) she’s all, “let’s smoke” and I can’t refuse. I wish I knew how to stop this, though. ironically the only two times I didn’t puke after smoking was once when we went surfing immediately after getting (mildly) stoned and then on a long boat trip out to a scuba dive site. I usually get majorly sick on these boats, like leaning out over the water and feeding the fish the whole way out to the site majorly sick, but this time my gf brought some pot along and I partook figuring it couldn’t get any worse. surprise surprise i actually didn’t feel the level of stick-a-shotgun-in-my-mouth nausea and vomiting that I usually do on these boats and didn’t get the way less awful pot-related sickness either. btw the water when I was surfing and diving was pretty cold, so the “doctor”‘s warm bath hypothesis doesn’t explain my situation.

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  7. Snocker

    I probably have this disease. My first “experience” with this disorder hit me in my early twenties. I was a champion mountain biker and rock climber with extremely low body fat. I was married and smoked quite a few b’s every day. I woke up one night with indigestion and threw up and got in the shower to relieve the terrible headache that I had accompanying the nausea. I’d been sick plenty of times in my youth but the difference this time was I continued to throw up for two weeks. I was forced to go to the hospital. Iv’s saved my life because my blood had congealed and the nurses couldn’t pull any blood because it was so thick. I didn’t sleep a wink for the two weeks prior to being hospitalized. The pain was EXTREME! No amount of pain meds or anti-nausea meds worked. Even a whiff of food sent me into extreme vomiting. Seeing any pic or commercial with a food image made me gag. I begged my wife to not cook on her lunch breaks. I threw up bowl after bowl full of acid, bile, and the water I was trying to keep down. I drank gatorade some because it tasted better than bile coming back up. My pulse raced at 120 bps. It was exhausting. I became delusional with pain and sleep depravation. I talked to God to ask him what I had done to cause this – no answer. I really thought it was punishment for drinking. The cycle was something like this: throw up, break out into sweats, then chills, then b-line to the bathtub. I’d bring a big bowl to puke in with me. I’d stay in until I ran out of hot water. Then quickly I’d dry off and get into bed. The heat from the bath would make me sweat and I’d lay there for an hour or so until I could almost relax and then, boom, serious vomiting would hit me so hard that I would barely make it to the bowl, sink or toilet I was closest to. This repeated the entire two weeks until and during the hospitalization.I was hooked to the IV tubes but begged the nurses to let me shower with tubes sticking out of the shower. They let me a couple of times. I believe I was in the hospital a week. My gastroenterologist was considered to be the best in my city….he was old and mean. I had upper gi scope done and other than swelling in my stomach, there were no ulcers or serious problems. My doctor discovered I had H-pyloric stomach bacteria that can cause ulcers in the gut. He treated me with what he called a triple antibiotic therapy. I was release and I recovered and fought back into shape (I had dropped to 120 lbs. from 155). After two or so weeks I had a follow up appointment. The doc looked into my eyes and thought he saw something wrong. Of course, I was paranoid that he was seeing marijuana use but no, he dismissed it and declared me “well”. I had resumed smoking during the recovery…it worked wonders for helping me get my appetite back. Life returned to normal for two or so years and then the #2 attack hit. This time, being that I had no insurance I didn’t seek medical help. I began to learn ways of getting through with enemas, hydrotherapy (baths/showers/hot tubs). These episodes would hit every two or so years. Generally after about a week to two of vomiting I could start the process of running water in at both ends to try to meet in the middle. I could definitely tell that there was some blockage, obstruction or kinking of my small intestine. It would take drinking about a gallon of water, all at once after putting two or three big enema bags of water in my rectum. It would feel like a dam breaking in my gut and the most foul black tar and diarrhea would come out. I would have to manually push the fluid around my gut with my hands to work it out. I would cry my eyes out with joy when the bowels would exit and I would drop from ten level pain to more like a two. I could tell the substance or chemical properties of this tar like bowel were very toxic because wherever it would be in my intestines I would cramp and have pain. And not just in my intestines, my rectus abdomens muscle would cramp so hard that it would look like a scene from Alien.

    Some of the things I tried:

    My first attack was nearly 25 years ago. I became convinced it had to be a liver problem (or at least part of the problem). I did a liver flush and passed hundred of gall stones. I passed one slightly smaller than a golf ball. I led a very organic, almost pure vegetarian lifestyle for most of 90s. I had a colonic and passed a HUGE tapeworm. I took neem oil pills to kill parasites. I could always get back into my athletics and compete at the highest local levels. I went to acupuncture school. I studied Tradition Chinese Medicine and became familiar with 350 Chinese/Indian/Native American herbs. I made formulas for myself and others (until mice got into them and I stopped working with them.) I received lots of massages and acupuncture. I practiced yoga and meditation. I bought out a naturopathic doctors inventory of supplements, herbs and extracts. I could list a lot of the things I tried medicinally but that would be ridiculous. I would still have an episode of vomiting every year or so. I had to go to the er several times for IVs. They gave a Xanax on one visit that was like a gift from heaven because I could sleep for a change. The IVs saved my life several times. Other that during an episode, I continued to smoke (and even during if it was a light attack). My parents live in another state. They were perplexed and seemed to think I was doing something to myself i.e. hard drugs or heavy drinking. In truth, I cut down further and further on beer and weed. They had not seen me go through this. I went to visit and spent the night. I was sober and not high and they could see I was healthy. I then had an attack in front of their eyes. About 5 in the morning my father made me get out of the tub because he was sick of water running all night . It was a typical horrific attack with massive vomiting. They were shocked. My brother had to drive my vehicle and they had to lay me in a van and drive me home. we stopped many times on the highway to empty the gallon bowl. Anybody who has witnessed my attacks has said they have never seen anyone as sick. After that, they got behind me a lot more. Family and friends would give me very powerful meds or tranks during my attacks (i never took scripts, pills, or anything between episodes unless it was natural or herbal based partially because my stomach seemed hypersensitive to anything dissolving in my stomach and I’ve always gone natural). We were all so confused how quickly I could go from 100 to 0 so quickly. I had to dissolve all pills under my tongue because of the vomiting. I cut out all caffeine (coffee). I then cut out ALL drinking for several years. I cut smoking weed, as well. Since this was about a dozen years ago I can’t remember how long I went without both but I did. I really felt about the same as when I was using as when not (except I didn’t need as much sleep). I assumed it was the booze and probably decided to have a puff instead. It seemed to work so I though the problem was solved and then boom, another attack. So, I ruled out the booze at that point. It never occurred to me it could be something in the smoke because usually your body will have an instant reaction to a substance it rejects. I then went to a local college of medicine and the did very detailed questioning of my condition. The doctor ask me about an hours worth of questions, many about my bowel consistency. I told him the closer I got to an attack the smaller the diameter of my feces would become. It was an indicator that my heath was slowly going south. Also, brushing my teeth would cause a gag reflex if I brushed my tongue. I would try to ignore it because what could I do? Laxatives and fiber could throw me into an attack I discovered. The doctor set me up for tests. Upper and lower gi, gall bladder scan, x-rays, ultrasound, etc. I didn’t have to have my gall bladder taken out because I had done the flush (saw that one coming). I did the scopes on April 30, 2001. As I type, I have the pictures from the gi scopes in front of me. I had a normal stomach, normal duodenum, another section of normal stomach, mild esophagitis/erosion, a sessile polyp (removed), two sections of normal colon and an amebiasis ulcer. The amebiasis is a amoeba that causes dysentery. It kills 70,000 people a year. Now, this seemed like a more probable explanation of my condition. They gave me a powerful chemotherapy prescription to deal with it. After taking about 2/3 of the chemo, I was thrown into another attack (one of the huge reasons I hated taking any pills). I assume I had enough chemo run through me to kill the amoeba, Got through another one and got back to my life. Incidentally, I went to another doctor, an old bootcamp D.O. who would treat people for next to nothing (no insurance). He wanted a urine sample. I was so dehydrated I told him I couldn’t pee. He told my wife behind my back that he suspected cocaine use because I wouldn’t/couldn’t pee. Ha! I told him I could squeeze a little puss out of the tip but nothing else. He determined I had a massive staph infection, the worse he had ever seen. After moving on from his coke theory he said he thought I had Crohn’s Disease. I figured I had Irritable Bowel or some variation of it, as well. Then one day I saw a commercial for a class action suit against a pharm company for the complications being associated with taking Acutane, the drug I was prescribed as a teen for acne. I almost fell out of the chair. I quickly called my parents with news. What else could it be, right? People who took this drug had been having massive problems with their GI and had to have parts removed. It gave them Crohn’s and IBD problems and some were awarded millions in the suit. I (of course) took the Acutane so long ago that I couldn’t get in on the suit, but at least I had a plausible theory about myself. Acutane was developed as a strong chemotherapy. I didn’t know that until I did research. So, I had been on chemo twice in my life and never had cancer (you see why modern medicine and I don’t get along). The D.O. doctor died and my original gastro doc retired, I still didn’t have insurance or a doctor. I then went through an unexpected divorce. I’m sure she was getting pretty tired of witnessing over a decade of my roller coaster ride and the financial problems it caused from not being able to work. I started dating and drinking again, the old wine and dine. I looked good, was healthy and had fun dating. I went for about three years of great heath. My parents assumed it was all caused by stress associated with the marriage. I started drinking more with the ladies and smoking less (didn’t want some knowing I smoked and kissing is kinda a giveaway). I met a special lady after a couple of years and we’ve been together six. After three years I then became very very sick and had to go to the hospital once again. I broke down and went because I knew I would die if not. They asked me upon admission if I drank and I stupidly said yes. The nurse made kind of an “aha” sound and I knew I was screwed. They discovered I was in full renal kidney failure. This was very bad for me because I only have one kidney (from birth). They said my blood was the worst they had ever seen and every spec was backwards from normal. They assigned a nephrologist and he told me I would die. I said “bullshit” to myself and wanted water! He told me if I did pull through that I’d be on dialysis for the rest of my life and they scheduled me for three dialysis treatment over three days. They did one and I started producing urine and they were shocked. I was in for five days and three in ICU. The nurses were terrible because they thought I was some hobo drunk (having not shaven for weeks). I pleaded for them to listen but they scoffed and told me alcohol was going to kill me. At one point I showed my closed minded doctor a small light scar on my stomach where I had pressed so hard with a wood rod to try to get the pain to stop that it left a scratch scar. I showed her to demonstrate the main area of pain and that it was not an esophagus problem (they theorized that drinking messed it up and made me vomit). She wrote in my chart that I was self mutilating. That was a terribly frustrating experience and they based all this on NOTHING other than me saying I drank. They never even got me a gastro doctor. They did save my life but I’m sure they really screwed me on my med chart. They handed me a $35,000 bill and I went on my way. Now, after this hospital stay things have been different. I have some slight waves of numbness that go down my left arm on about a five minute cycle. My eyes have gotten so tired from sleep deprivation that it’s been hard to focus. My energy level has been down. I went from an athletic lifestyle to focusing on music. I helped start a country band as the lead guitarist and started staying up late practicing. I theorized that if my health didn’t improve that I would have to find multiple ways to make a living. I knew I might have to contend with a stage fright problem so I cut way back on smoking (was afraid of freezing up). I began to drink more because I started to have terrible problems sleeping and wanted to be loose to play for crowds. For the next year I had no attacks. Then I quit drinking and smoked more. Then came the attacks again. I actually started to drink myself to sleep because of the symptoms. My symptoms have been less severe since my hospital stay three years ago. They have been more constant, though.

    Other things:

    The pain and anxiety of the 10/10 scale attacks is horrible. The other peoples testimonies show me where their pain is in relation to mine. During a 10, I can’t sleep, see food, smell food, or get comfortable I can’t talk more than a sentence, my stomach pain is horrid, the back pain is just as bad, and I’m spending as much as 20 hours a day in the tub. My muscles cramp to the point that my hands gimp up and I have to use my opposite hand to jerk my finger straight. Any muscle can cramp at any time and constantly does. I become beaten down by charlie horses. I begin to lightly hallucinate, I set up stations on couches and beds and next to the tub with gallons of water, barf bowls and blankets. I can’t focus or text, watch tv, or keep track of time. My house plants begin to die and I can barely feed my dog and often don’t. I often ponder when other people would have thrown in the towel and killed themselves. I become highly manic and confused. After it’s over it’s a blur. At a pain level of five I’ll roll around on the floor for hours on rubber balls to push into my sore back (my back feels broken). If I arch my back and hold my breath and squeeze my diaphragm and lungs I pass out. I’ve passed out on my couch and reflexively kicked everything of my coffee table, bong included. Interestingly, this gives a minute of relief until the blood goes back to my brain. At a level three I barf every day or so but it’s mostly back pain that keeps me from working. I maybe take four or five baths a day. I can do short tasks. I take a bite or two of food a day or every other. I can maybe get in four hours sleep. As I type this, I’m at a level two and can watch tv, go to the store and talk on the phone. My level has not been over a five since my hospital visit three years ago. I can’t quench my thirst and my mouth feels like cardboard. My taste buds don’t work well and I shake making typing and touch pads difficult. I recently checked myself for diabetes and I’m ok there. Most of these symptoms are due to dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and potassium deficiency. The epicenter of the problem is about two inches above my naval. It feels like there is a softball sized ball of tension and pain there radiating to both sides but nothing has shown on an x-ray. I threw up today and yesterday and a few days before. I didn’t work today.

    Even stranger things:

    Most of my attacks seem to be during cold times of the year. They seem to happen during dry spells. My feet are very important in all of this. If I step onto a cold floor I’ll start choking and gagging. I bathe so much that I often am drying towels. When I walk out into my cold garage to do so I heave. I have to keep the perfect balance of clothing on to fight these differences in temp. Heavy socks work wonders when it’s cold. Congestion seems to be a problem because of cough/gag reflex. Sinus drainage does the same, as well. Walking into any room with a temp change can cause this. If I dry heave even once or gag and squeeze my gut it is as if something is released into my blood that makes me shake and tremble. My veins disappear in my arms. My jaw completely realigns to where my front teeth start to touch and my molars wont at all making eating, even if I could, very hard and strange. The shift in my skull causes compression around my left ear that makes it feel like there is water in there and reduced hearing. My lower body feels disconnected from the top. I sometimes have cloudiness in my urine which I’m sure is staph. I’ve sat in apartment whirlpools for so long I’ve seen the seasons change before my eyes. I often practice taking hot showers and then switching to ice cold for as long as I can bear. I do this to conserve hot water, to pump blood around my body and to keep from sweating as much. Remember, it’s about keeping my body temp consistent. Sex and female touch speeds up the healing process when I finally can.

    On a positive note:

    It has led me to an extensive look into my body mind and spirit. It has helped shape my career path. I look a decade younger than my mid-forties age (so I’m told). I have never been overweight. After I recover, my senses are superb, especially smell. My ability to think improves dramatically as does my singing voice, artistic side and guitar/music as if something that has locked down opens back up. I’m happier, joyous, talkative and very emotional and thankful to be alive. My anxiety drops and I slow down. I can eat anything and almost never have problems. I feel the way I was designed to feel in my natural state and I feel like I have extra perception. Then, I slowly start going south with constipation and diarrhea alternating.

    Why write this:

    I love cannabis. I think it has wonderful properties and has and will help many people. I do not advocate quitting if it is helping with pain or other problems. I have had great luck with it in the past, even while sick. I think breeding and testing and isolating its chemical properties might be huge in the field of medicine in the future. I am not a disinformation agent. I don’t work for any agency and have been self employed for over twenty years. I am not trying to scare monger. I have nothing to gain anything by writing this but the sharing of information and the thought that it may help someone figure out there own puzzle. If you read the above, you should realize how many things I have tried. This disorder has wrecked my life. I plan to post this on forums and send it to doctors who might figure out what others are going through. That is why this information is so lengthy because I don’t want to write this over and over.

    Dispelling some notions:

    I have only just recently quit. It wasn’t until I bumped into an article like so many other have. I am going to use myself as an experiment. I hope that anybody that is curious can follow along with my progress. As you could probably guess, having known people who smoke TONS more than me and not have problems has led me to believe (in the past) that it could not be a problem. I considered smoke trapped in the stomach as a potential reason. I’m sure I have had some other theories but I can’t think of them right now.

    1.It is not a pesticide problem unless pesticides stay in your body for decades. I’ve smoked the full spectrum of weed but have not had to touch anything with a pesticide for probably 15 years and what I have had was almost all organic. When I was younger we mainly got Mexi stuff that probably did but the amount of cleansing I’ve done should have gotten rid of it by now. I’m sure veggies have the same pesticides.
    2.It’s not exclusive to men. I’ve read plenty of female posts.
    3.It’s a cumulative effect. I, for the last several years, haven’t smoked every day. Probably .5 g (two or three hits before bed if I do).
    4.It has to be a chemical that is stored a long time, maybe filtered by the liver and released when the body starts to detox.
    5.It’s not a choke till you puke situation. I’ve had attacks far removed from actual smoking.
    6.It is a morning sickness but it can be an all day for weeks problem.
    7.It’s not a poor diet problem. I had better luck at times on a bachelors diet than a whole foods diet.
    8.Stress seems to coax it out faster but some terrible attacks have hit me while not being stressed.
    9.You don’t have to smoke tons if you are susceptible to this. I used to but haven’t for years.
    10.Bathing during symptoms is not an OCD. It’s survival.
    11.I could be wrong but I don’t think it’s an allergen as much as a toxin. I’ve known/heard of people who were allergic to it and had instant reactions to it, even in it’s unsmoked state. If it’s not a toxin it still has to be a chemical that shuts down or squeezes the intestines in some people. Maybe the combination of late night binge eating coupled with a tightening of the intestines is too much for some people handle by morning.
    12.I don’t think it is strain specific. I have changed it up enough to figure this one out. It may be a chemical that lesser quantities are produced in some strains.
    13.People that are suffering with this are not kooks. It is very real. I can’t explain the way the other testimonies and case studies have paralleled mine.
    14.People are not the same. If you don’t have a problem but your friend does it shouldn’t come as a surprise. People have lots of reactions to different substances. People have been killed by eating peanuts.

    What am I going to do now:

    STOP!! I’m going to give myself plenty of time to clear my system and find out once and for all. It’s about the only thing I haven’t tried. If it doesn’t work then I guess I’ll shift back to thinking it has to be a Constant Vomiting Syndrome, Crohn’s, IBD or dysentery. I will have to keep looking. If I do have Cannabinoid Hyperemesis then I’ll be cured and be able to help others. I am sure there is someone out there that has been misdiagnosed and suffering longer than me, but I am perhaps the longest case study of anyone who has come foreword on the internet.

    In conclusion:

    I just found out that others have been suffering in a similar way. I used to think I was the only one on the planet until three days ago. I was incredibly shocked. The kicker was hot baths. I guaranty (with no way to prove) that I have thrown up more than anyone you will ever meet. I have had more attacks over the last 25 years than anyone I have read about. I am so thankful to see some hope and to know I’m not alone in this. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

  8. anonymous

    Folks, I too can attest that this is true for me, but it only started the last few years. I’ve been smoking on and off since 2001, and the vomiting only started in the last 2 years.

    This is not because I’m coughing so much that it makes me puke – my stomach feels crampy, and I sometimes puke just 2-3 times, but once it was like 20 times that day – it’s not a day I ever want to repeat.

    I can feel it coming on sometimes, and if I drink lots of water and eat a bunch of fruit, I feel better and the feeling goes away, so I believe this is something that can be controlled without quitting by keeping healthy. I also noticed that it was worse when I drink (which is like 2-3 drinks max) and smoke, so now I either smoke or drink, but not both.

  9. anonymous

    I never found an association between any particular strain or type of bud and this disorder. Effectively, they all caused the same problem after weeks of heavy use. So I doubt there is any connection to chemicals sprayed on the plants because they would have to be used by every grower, which I am sure is not the case.

    Also, nausea and vomiting are the most common symptoms in the ER, period. They can be caused by any number of disorders and diseases, such as Crohn’s Disease, food poisoning or stomach flu. I say this because a few posters have questioned that pot is causing this. But it makes no sense to base this on symptoms only, as they are shared across many different causes. The question is whether one can associate the episodes with heavy use and if the problem goes away when abstaining from daily use for a good amount of time. This established an obvious correlation between the two and a fairly strong caussative connection. For me it was definitely the case.

    If this is you, then you may not have to quit entirely, but to make the episodes stop you definitely do not want to be toking it up each and every day. From personal experience I can say you should be good doing it once in awhile, like every few weeks or months.

  10. randomcolor

    OH ALSO VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Many of you will probably already do this, but just to be on the safe side if you are prescribed ANYTHING by a doctor or a gastro make sure before picking up the items that I mentioned below it’s strongly urged that you consult the on-site pharmacist at the drug store before doing that. This is what worked for me due to what my factors were and my prescription drugs the doctors gave to me. Everyone’s body is different. Be honestly with the pharmacist when you ask them about these things it will only do you more good and the pharmacist cant/wont call the police on you for admitting you were a very heavy marijuana smoker.

  11. randomcolor

    Quick update on me…

    I live in Colorado so these cases apparently have been a lot more prevalent since the passing of A64. I’ve come find out I know other people who have had the same issue. It’s been 3 days now since I stopped smoking and my stomach is finally starting to settle down and I’m starting to be able to eat food without feeling nauseous or just randomly getting nauseous for no reason. I never got a word back from that c*** of a gastro specialist that I went to about the dicyclomine so I quit taking it, and I’m pretty sure my suspicions are correct that it was making me more sick than it was actually helping. Since I stopped taking that I’ve also stopped needing to take promethazine for my nausea also after every time I ate and at night.

    Rant: Personally I hate our fix it with a pill drug culture, and it pisses me off that all most doctors do anymore is prescribe pills upon pills that just counteract each other and end up on five, six, or seven different prescriptions. I was prescribed the dicyclomine and the promethazine upon my first ER visit so they have been what I was on the longest.

    Looking back at it this episode it was absolutly 100% my fault. This was caused by my excessive constant smoking to begin with along with the combination of dehydration from heavily drinking the night before, drinking coffee to help rid my hangover and then smoking a ton to try and settle everything down. I guess my body just had enough of it and boom reaction that puts me down for a week. Thankfully I was downing tums like no tomorrow during those episodes so I only got nausea and thankfully never thew up.

    This was my first episode of this, hopefully my last, and my heart goes out to all the people who have been suffering with this for years since I never want to go through this experience again. A major change in my lifestyle habits are in order to make sure of that.

    Some OTC things I’ve been doing for when I’m getting some slight nausea which is occurring less and less now is Galviscon/Maylanta/Mayloxx (basically all the same thing) for acid relief and sour stomach if a food you ate seems to trigger a slight reaction which were grapes for me I’ve figured out. Also, just for plain nausea I’ve been chewing ginger gum and it’s been helping. The sugars in gatorade and powerade were not helping my situation since I stay away from HFCS and am really not a huge fan of sugar to being with so I switched over to smartwater since it’s water with electrolytes and that has been helping me greatly keeping up on my fluids with out all of the syrupy sugar in sports drinks which also seemed to upset my stomach after.

    Good luck to all and I’ll update if there are any condition changes, but for right now… sad to say… is that chronic is no longer going to be part of my life. I also now no longer have a natural remedy for my lower GI issues I’ve had my entire life also. Let the fun begin, haha.

  12. anonymous

    Ah, okay, I’m getting a better feel for this now after reading the hundreds (!) of posts here on the thread.

    From what I’ve read, CVS is a distinct disease with similar symptoms. In fact, you might get confused because many ER personnel will label reoccurring bouts of nausea and vomiting as CVS, as they are not aware of the connection to marijuana usage. True CVS is actually most common in children, tends to go away as they age, and is quite rare in adults.

    If you smoke regularly and suffer from periodic spells of severe nausea and vomiting as described, you probably do not have true CVS. The smoking is probably causing it.

    At least, you will most likely see these episodes disappear entirely if you quit smoking or at least dial it way back to once every so often. That in and of itself should be indicative of the cause here.

    It is at least an experiment worth doing because these episodes are awful. So you might as well try.

    If you quit smoking entirely and they still occur, then probably there is something else causing it.

    Personally, I lived in the foggy state of DENIAL for many years, and I wanted to believe I had some rare condition that caused me to show up barfing to the ER every so often. But it simply wasn’t the case. My body was ODing on pot. I know it sounds far-fetched, but I’m telling you that it can and does happen.

  13. anonymous

    Sorry for the long double post!

    Was not intentional…

  14. anonymous


    This is quite a thread of discussion here.

    I just wanted to share my experiences in order to help others who might be suffering from this problem. And I would also like to provide a counter-example to the original poster’s skeptical questioning of its existence.

    For many years, I would periodically have severe attacks of nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain that usually lead to hospitalization in the ER. There would also be diarrhea and dehydration from all the throwing up, the latter usually being the reason that I would go to the hospital in the first place (severe dehydration is very dangerous and can be life threatening if not treated). These episodes occurred sporadically, anywhere from 4-6 weeks apart to 5 or 6 months.

    It pains me to admit it, but I can’t even count the number of times I ended up in the hospital in many different places, both around where I lived and when I was on vacation or a trip. I had been a heavy marijuana user, on and off, from the age of about 18, and I’m now in my mid-30?s. This situation was actually a real nightmare for me, and it negatively affected many of my family members in that sometimes they would have to stop whatever they were doing while on vacation to take care of me. It would also noticeably affect my overall health, causing depression and also making my stomach a mess, sometimes for weeks afterwards.

    A close family member who is a medical professional indicated to me that these periodic episodes could be associated with my usage. I denied this to myself and them for years, because I loved to smoke. But now I know that indeed there is a very strong correlation between these episodes and periods of heavy marijuana use for me. I looked at several of the studies that connect heavy marijuana usage to these symptoms.

    The wikipedia article on “Cannabinoid_hyperemesis_syndrome” is actually pretty good if you want more information.

    I can say that when this was occurring, I fit the listed symptoms in that article quite closely, including “Severe nausea and vomiting”, “Vomiting that recurs in a cyclic pattern over months”, “Compulsive hot baths with symptom relief”, and “Colicky abdominal pain”.

    Symptomatically, this is, in fact, quite similar to Chronic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS), but the mechanism that causes it is different. The treatment is similar. If you need guidelines for treating yourself or being treated in the ER, google “empiric guidelines for treatment of cyclic vomiting syndrome”.

    When in severe distress at the ER, I would actually request to be given morphine, because it is a strong sedative and pain reliever and seemed to be the only drug that really helped very much. You obviously don’t want to get into the habit of showing up sick at the ER and requesting this. But it probably is the most effective drug for relieving you when this happens, along with a strong anti-nausea drug, the effectiveness of which depends on your personal body chemistry.

    I would actually recommend that if you end up in the hospital with similar symptoms that you should tell them if you smoke regularly. It will be useful for treating you and will rule out all kinds of strange and exotic diseases they tend to test for (expensively!) when you show up with nausea and vomiting from an unknown cause (stomach ulcer? etc.).

    I have found that severely curtailing my usage (nearly to the point of quitting entirely) has made it so I do not have these attacks anymore. I have not 100% quit, but I use (at the most) once a month. And I am also considering quitting completely in the future. Now that I am no longer a regular user, I have not had any problems with this now for about 9 months. I never went that long without this happening when I used to smoke on a regular basis.

    I know this is hard to hear for some here, who for some reason want to remain skeptical, I guess because they have no personal experience with it. But this is an actual problem for some people, and quitting the regular usage will make it go away. As far as I know, that’s the ONLY real way, because I had tried nausea drugs, medications for relief of the symptoms when they happened, and any number of things. But only when I stopped smoking regularly nearly to the point of quitting did this problem entirely disappear for me.

    I’m not telling anyone what substances they should and shouldn’t put in their body, but if this is you, then realize that it probably IS caused by the smoking and that you can make it go away by quitting. I had years of self-inflicted misery caused by this, which I wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

    And just a bit of advice on quitting an addictive substance, you can try replacement behavior, such as exercise or a new hobby, as well as switching up your social situation and finding some people to hang with who do not smoke.

    I can’t explain the exact mechanisms at work here, but I suspect it has something to do with a build up of chemicals in the brain that eventually causes a toxic effect. It could be related to the part of the brain that controls body temperature, digestion, and nausea. I also know that when I used regularly my entire throat and digestive system would be irritated by all the smoke, also, which didn’t help.

    It could be that taking THC in a different form such as oil or edible would make the episodes less likely, as smoking can irritate your body quite a bit, in and of itself. That I don’t know and haven’t really investigated.

    Alright, that’s about all I have to say on this. Hope it helps someone.


  15. Anonymous


    This is quite a thread of discussion here.

    I just wanted to share my experiences in order to help others who might be suffering from this problem. And I would also like to provide a counter-example to the original poster’s skeptical questioning of its existence.

    For many years, I would periodically have severe attacks of nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain that usually lead to hospitalization in the ER. There would also be diarrhea and dehydration from all the throwing up, the latter usually being the reason that I would go to the hospital in the first place (severe dehydration is very dangerous and can be life threatening if not treated). These episodes occurred sporadically, anywhere from 4-6 weeks apart to 5 or 6 months.

    It pains me to admit it, but I can’t even count the number of times I ended up in the hospital in many different places, both around where I lived and when I was on vacation or a trip. I had been a heavy marijuana user, on and off, from the age of about 18, and I’m now in my mid-30?s. This situation was actually a real nightmare for me, and it negatively affected many of my family members in that sometimes they would have to stop whatever they were doing while on vacation to take care of me. It would also noticeably affect my overall health, causing depression and also making my stomach a mess, sometimes for weeks afterwards.

    A close family member who is a medical professional indicated to me that these periodic episodes could be associated with my usage. I denied this to myself and them for years, because I loved to smoke. But now I know that indeed there is a very strong correlation between these episodes and periods of heavy marijuana use for me. I looked at several of the studies that connect heavy marijuana usage to these symptoms.

    The wikipedia article on “Cannabinoid_hyperemesis_syndrome” is actually pretty good if you want more information.

    I can say that when this was occurring, I fit the listed symptoms in that article quite closely, including “Severe nausea and vomiting”, “Vomiting that recurs in a cyclic pattern over months”, “Compulsive hot baths with symptom relief”, and “Colicky abdominal pain”.

    Symptomatically, this is, in fact, quite similar to Chronic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS), but the mechanism that causes it is different. The treatment is similar. If you need guidelines for treating yourself or being treated in the ER, google “empiric guidelines for treatment of cyclic vomiting syndrome”.

    When in severe distress at the ER, I would actually request to be given morphine, because it is a strong sedative and pain reliever and seemed to be the only drug that really helped very much. You obviously don’t want to get into the habit of showing up sick at the ER and requesting this. But it probably is the most effective drug for relieving you when this happens, along with a strong anti-nausea drug, the effectiveness of which depends on your personal body chemistry.

    I would actually recommend that if you end up in the hospital with similar symptoms that you should tell them if you smoke regularly. It will be useful for treating you and will rule out all kinds of strange and exotic diseases they tend to test for (expensively!) when you show up with nausea and vomiting from an unknown cause (stomach ulcer? etc.).

    I have found that severely curtailing my usage (nearly to the point of quitting entirely) has made it so I do not have these attacks anymore. I have not 100% quit, but I use (at the most) once a month. And I am also considering quitting completely in the future. Now that I am no longer a regular user, I have not had any problems with this now for about 9 months. I never went that long without this happening when I used to smoke on a regular basis.

    I know this is hard to hear for some here, who for some reason want to remain skeptical, I guess because they have no personal experience with it. But this is an actual problem for some people, and quitting the regular usage will make it go away. As far as I know, that’s the ONLY real way, because I had tried nausea drugs, medications for relief of the symptoms when they happened, and any number of things. But only when I stopped smoking regularly nearly to the point of quitting did this problem entirely disappear for me.

    I’m not telling anyone what substances they should and shouldn’t put in their body, but if this is you, then realize that it probably IS caused by the smoking and that you can make it go away by quitting. I had years of self-inflicted misery caused by this, which I wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

    And just a bit of advice on quitting an addictive substance, you can try replacement behavior, such as exercise or a new hobby, as well as switching up your social situation and finding some people to hang with who do not smoke.

    I can’t explain the exact mechanisms at work here, but I suspect it has something to do with a build up of chemicals in the brain that eventually causes a toxic effect. It could be related to the part of the brain that controls body temperature, digestion, and nausea. I also know that when I used regularly my entire throat and digestive system would be irritated by all the smoke, also, which didn’t help.

    It could be that taking THC in a different form such as oil or edible would make the episodes less likely, as smoking can irritate your body quite a bit, in and of itself. That I don’t know and haven’t really investigated.

    Alright, that’s about all I have to say on this. Hope it helps someone.


  16. anonymous

    CVSSufferer seems to be hijacking this discussion a bit and is straying WAY off-topic.

    The original article is NOT about CVS but “Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome”, which is a distinct disorder. Nausea and vomiting can have many different causes. In fact, this is the most common medical problem of those who go to the ER, and most people with those symptoms won’t be categorized as having CVS. This is sometimes used as an overly generic diagnosis by ER personnel who don’t know what else to call it.

    The point here is that chronic, heavy marijuana use can, for some people, cause these symptoms periodically. Several scholarly articles have made this connection. And from my personal experience, there is a correlation between having these episodes and regular usage, as well as a cessation of the problem after quitting.

    This doesn’t happen for all users. Probably it is only an issue with a small percentage of them, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a real thing. Brain and body chemistry differ from person to person, and so drugs can have different effects on different people.

    That’s it. No one is saying CVS is not a real disease. And no one here is trying to hijack it or connect CVS with marijuana usage (at least I don’t see it).

  17. Monuke

    ok, this is my second post here, I am 68 years old and have been smoking the weed since I was 22 and started getting sick about 11 years ago once a month for up to 14 hours of getting and going to the ER for them to tell me nothing is wrong…..well I have not been sick now for 4 months and the only thing that has changed is I quit eating MICROWAVE BAG POPCORN which I have been eating for a long time, about 2 or 3 bags a week and now after I have stopped eating the MICROWAVE BAG POPCORN for the last four months I have not been sick, not even once!!
    Please read about Scary Facts About Microwave Popcorn @ http://health.yahoo.net/articles/nutrition/photos/scary-facts-about-microwave-popcorn#0
    and see for your self all the bad things it holds in-store for you….

    I will keep you updated on my sickness and the MICROWAVE POPCORN thingy.
    Take care and good luck to all you sickooos…LOL!

  18. randomcolor

    Also… is there a link with a follow up? It said this will surely be discussed on Wed and I’m not seeing any other links or articles about this. Sorry… new to the site and just trying to find out more info on my condition…

  19. randomcolor

    Wow… I was just recently diagnosed with this by both the ER and the gastro specialist. I came here looking for more information and other people’s experiences and all I see is that douche nugget go off on self righteous tangents a thousand times… pretty pathetic and said if you ask me…

    Anywho… spent two nights in the ER feeling like my stomach was going to explode. Got treated told to go see a gastro specialist on monday since it was the weekend. Went and got diagnosed with this. been about a day and a half since I stopped smoking. My stomach is still royally messed up but it seems to be getting better. They put me on Bentyl, but i feel like it’s actually doing more harm than good so I’m currently waiting for a call back from my doctor on what I should do. They also prescribed me a 15 day supply of Prevacid which I’ve been taking in the mornings before eating some low acid fruits or some greek yogurt. All this is very new to me since it just started happening and quite frankly it’s a little scary. Been smoking since I was 16 I’m now 28 and this is the first episode I ever had of this.

  20. kirsty

    Cannabinoid Hyper Emmesis Syndrome was initially what this chat site was set up for. There is ONE person chatting chronically and they are making this site appear to be about Chronic Vomiting Syndrome CVS which children and the wider community experience whether they smoke or do not. I feel quite helpless watching this jerk called CVSSUFFERER take over this chat site as some kind of doctor when in the first instance his avatar name is SO BLOODY WRONG. This site is to talk about Cannabis users throwing up chronically and not being able to stop. Not about people who have a mild chuck session every morning then go to work. The Syndrome this site is set up to chat about is ABSOLUTELY HOSPITALISATION MATERIAL. Dehydration, absolute acute agony whilst going through it, etc. I am lucky I have given up the green, I can get hi with my friends on what they smoke and feel fine and it’s cheaper anyway. I have been left with a damaged upper gut that does not allow me to eat Fructose. The bile that I had travelling upwards instead of downwards in my gut has eaten the little scili that is responsible for absorption of sugars found in fruit, onion and garlic. So I am now extremely well knowing what I can and can’t eat, also not smoking anything. Good luck everyone except for CVSSufferer, you give me the creeps the way you seem to think you own this site. Shut the F Up for a while.

  21. sandra

    Just wanted to drop in a leave a update – so I have been smoking again since December. Since, I have started again I have had not had any vomiting. It has been 4 months. I do have some issues with my pancreas but I don’t think it has anything to do with smoking. Time will tell.

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  23. Do You Take a LOT of Hot Showers? Frequent nausea, vomitting? Pain?

    [...] internet handle) has a lot of info on it and can help too if he sees your post. here it is – - http://stash.norml.org/chronic-marij…miting-attacks Last edited by Moldy; 03-24-2013 at 10:41 AM. I think you will find its spelt [...]

  24. CVS Sufferer


    I thought I would come back here and post the latest developments on my investigations.

    As you will know I have been investigating the potential link over the last few months that cannabis causes cyclic vomiting syndrome…I am hoping now to finally put that myth to bed!.

    I am very happy to report that our CVSA doctor Dr Venkatesan, who has studied Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome for many years and has seen many more patients than any of these mayo/australian doctors have, has come forward and recognised the label that us Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome patients are being given in ER rooms due to these types of threads and misinformation.

    This is her statement made yesterday (23/1/13) -

    “Recently, there has been considerable controversy over the role of cannabis in these patients. While “cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome” has been touted as a new diagnosis, there does not appear to be sufficient data to implicate marijuana as a “cause” of CVS. In a recent review of 31 published cases, the average duration of marijuana use preceding onset of vomiting was just over 10 years; the long delay in presentation of symptoms following chronic marijuana use argues against cannabis being a cause for the vomiting. Also, long-term follow-up is lacking in case series of patients with “cannabinoid hyperemesis.” The acute administration of marijuana has been shown in animal studies to stop vomiting and cannabinoid agents such as dronabinol and nabilone have been used to treat nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy. The effects of chronic marijuana use are poorly understood and whether marijuana use unmasks CVS is unclear; further prospective studies are warranted to address this issue. We currently recommend abstinence of marijuana while treating patients with CVS as this is a risk factor for nonresponse to conventional medications.”

    Also while I am here I might aswell mention this aswell. I am sure if you have read the various forums you would have come across a blog on movin meat supposedly by an ER doctor making many horrible comments relating to CVS patients. I wont copy the link because posts dont appear if they have links in but just google it if your interested..movin meat and cannabis hyperemesis. Anyway, here is another response from Dr Vankatesan regarding this blog (To be honest aswell, many comments on here mirror the movin meat threat mores the pity) -

    The other statements are almost beyond comment. Our Advisors have worked so hard to get CVS recognized and yet there are many doctors and nurses who refuse to believe it. I think all sufferers have been accused of drug seeking or doing it to themselves many times and it is only through the encouragement of CVSA members that they can feel that they are not crazy and that they do have a real condition. There will always be ignorance among those who choose not to listen. When you think about it rationally, who would choose to do this to themselves??!

    This type of blog, this thread and the few other threads I have found like this are all doing the illness of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome damage. I please ask if you do think you suffer from cannabis hyperemesis to actually look up CVS and compare your symptoms before you start copying a word some doctors used out of context, cyclic vomiting! It is doing many patients harm. If you have symptoms please come over to the CVSA message board. There are people suffering Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome on there who’s symptoms arent caused by cannabis, you never know you might learn something that will help you instead of causing others problems :)

    Thanks again for listening

  25. CVS Sufferer

    For some reason, possibly the links, my previous post is stuck in moderation so I will copy and paste it again –

    Sorry anonymous, I totally disagree. The poster calling themselves cvssufferer is directly aimed at me.

    I know the poster doesnt suffer with CVS because CVS is a syndrome of which there is 100% no known cause at the moment. It is possibly linked to mitochondrial disease but more research is currently taking place.

    The “cvssufferer” clearly assumes it is caused by the cannabis when if infact they were a CVS Sufferer, they would know that there was no known cause. Certainly not cannabis. Many adults and all children who suffer with CVS dont smoke cannabis. The biggest paper that was done by the mayo clinic in 2012 that supposedly proves the link is here – removed by me to try and get reply on

    I repeat this paper states a “clear association between cyclic vomiting syndrome and cannabis”. What a disgusting claim to make by doctors. Look at the information in that article, it is total rubbish.They state that 226 patients were looked at. Of them 82 were placed into the CVS category.

    Out of those 82 patients, 37% of them used cannabis. Used!! Very dodgy…used, using or chronic? It doesnt say!. Not only that…..only 37% of them used cannabis. How on earth can cannabis be a clear association based on only 37% of the CVS patients??? That indicates to me cannabis is not causing cyclic vomiting because 63% of patients dont use cannabis………

    Clearly if the second cvssufferer was a CVS patient tey would already know all of this. Also that the link has been investigated by CVS doctors and it remains contreversial….see link -

    Removed by me

    I am angry because my illness which has NOTHING to do with cannabis use is being attacked in some kind of propaganda war. Sounds pathetic but its true!

  26. Anonymous

    Geez…relax original cvs sufferer! Did i miss a post? The guy is just reaching out for help. no need to attack.
    How go you know he doesn’t have CVS? My advise to the 2nd cvs sufferer is to stop smoking weed and see if you feel better. If you abstain from pot & you dont feel better than u probably want to research cvs & go that site the original cvs sufferer suggested. For your sake I hope the issue is pot because cvs is horrible.

  27. CVSSufferer

    How very very disappointing. No, infact disgusting. I would never do on a forum claiming to suffer from something I clearly know nothing about.

    Sorry but your username!!!!!. I am sure just picking that username gives your post no authenticity.

    You do not have CVS so your username is definitely not appropriate and a big two fingers to the whole CVS community and people who have fought to get our condition recognised. Please do your research before you start labelling yourself. If you think your problems stem from cannabis use then why not chose the name CHSufferer because that is what you have got yeah?

    The CVS community are having problems in hospitals due to stories such as yours. If you have CVS please be assured it is NOT caused by cannabis use. As stated it this paper written by a REAL CVS doctor who has REAL CVS patients – http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/933135-overview

    Please, if your story is true then so be it but please please do not say you suffer from CVS. It is doing the condition alot of harm causing many people to get labelled. CVS is also a child illness and I know FACT that 4 year olds dont smoke cannabis!

    If you think you have CVS can I AGAIN invite you over to the CVSA message board where there is a big thread on this very topic. You will learn alot more there than on here, of that I can guarantee!

  28. cvssufferer

    i have been smoking weed for about 2 years now, since july i have become sick, these episodes happen every 2 – 3 weeks, i am fine when these episodes do not occur, but when they do i fall ill for around a week, vomiting all day everyday for that week, i am also unable to eat or drink during these episodes. i have been admitted to hospital 9 times since july and it is now january, i love smoking weed as it helps me with stress and back pain and really wish these symtoms would dissapear. could someone please help?

  29. CVSSufferer

    Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for sharing your story and sorry to read what you have gone through. I have a few questions and it would be great if you would answer them. You said you had CVS for 3 years. Do you understand what CVS is? CVS is Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome which has no known cause. Here is a medical paper written by a CVS doctor who actually states that the link between cannabis and CVS has been investigated but remains controversial – http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/933135-overview

    Sufferers of CVS that I know have abstained from cannabis but to no avail. I am just wondering if you have gotten confused with the word CVS, or was you actually clinically diagnosed with CVS? One of the symptoms of Cannabis Hyperemesis is cyclic vomiting but I have learnt cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS) is not the same. Patients of CVS vomit continuously for sometimes days/weeks on end with no relief. In between these episodes they have periods of normality. Whereas many people with many different illness suffer with cyclic vomiting. Have a read of that paper I have linked and please let me know if this sounds like you, it would be a great help. It does seem though like you was sick most mornings with no good days or weeks whilst smoking, is this true?

    I have some more questions for you but they depend on how you answer the above. If you have CVS then it would be great to discuss and compare symptoms but I would really like that to be on the CVSA message board where fellow sufferers post and are discussing this very thing. Are you a member of the CVSA?

    Can I just say aswell, without knowing exactly what you suffer from and trying not to be patronising, as I said above, there is no known cause for CVS and many sufferers, me included have responded fantastically to the emperic guidelines (unofficial recommended meds) set out by our doctors. No attacks, nothing since the correct meds are used! It certainly isnt cannabis related and people like yourself posting that you suffer from CVS and are better after abstaining is making it very difficult for real CVS patients to get the help we deserve. If though infact you suffer from CVS then ofcourse your well in your right but surely you must understand how it could cause problems for other patients who dont smoke cannabis of which there are many.

    I reiterate aswell, please come over to the CVSA message board where I have started a thread to discuss your symptoms. Patients and doctors on there could really benefit from your posts and input if you have CVS caused totally by cannabis use :)

    Thanks and hope you stay well

  30. Aaron

    This is my first time to ever post on any convo about this. I’ve had CVS for about 3 years. I was smoking at least 5 or 6 times every day to keep it managable. I read some of this and decided to give abstaining from weed a chance. It seemed very unlikely that weed was the problem because it was the only thing that helped, but even though I’ve only been without for a few days…I feel like I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    I’m a 24 yr old male from Louisiana. My vomiting started about 3 years ago when I returned to smoking after about 3 months of not smoking for work reasons. I lost 60 lbs and became severly malnourished and dehydrated. I saw two specialists and underwent every GI test in the book with no answers. I gave up on the doctors and smoked heavily to try to keep from throwing up. I eventually put a lot of the weight back on and my life became managable, but I still fought nausea every day. I was the most sick in the mornings but with a big smoke a soon as I got up I could force down breakfast and make it to work. I have been pretty miserable and VERY broke for the whole time.
    Last week I got the flu and shit got bad again. I lost 15 lbs. and ended up in the ER with severe dehydration because of vomiting and diarrhea. My chest congestion was making smoking almost impossible. Thats when I found this article. I reluctantly agreed to stop smoking for a week. I got some finnergin (not how you spell it) from the doctor and waited it out. Its been 3 days since I smoked and I’m not having to take the meds anymore. I’m holding down all of my food and feel like a 12 year old with ADHD. On a final note…I love weed and am pretty upset that it is the problem, but my quality of life is about to be so much better than it ever has been. Hopefully I can still partake occasionly without giving myself problems. The best of luck to all of you. If you aren’t sick…blaze one for me.

  31. CVS Sufferer

    Hiya Deja vue,

    Interesting story…sorry to read of your suffering. I guess you are completely abstaining now?

    Could I invite you over to the CVSA Message Board to discuss your symptoms and exactly which ones you had and which ones disappeared when you abstained from cannabis? I ask you to post over on the CVSA forum because that is where other sufferers of Cyclic Vomiting post and I am sure you will get alot more help and support on there. There are adults who suffer from Cyclic Vomiting who DO NOT smoke cannabis so maybe you have other triggers you may need to avoid aswell as cannabis?

    I will say again that CVSA org funded studies do not show any causation between cannabis and cyclic vomiting. The Cannabis Hyperemesis studies are very bias and only included the cannabis smoking subset of CVS patients which is about 40-50%.These studies are certainly not funded by the CVSA and are very selective with their patients in their studies by NOT including the non cannabis smoking Cyclic Vomiting patients.

    That being said I cannot doubt what you and others have posted on here. I would just like to take this discussion to a forum where CVS doctors might actually see it. Real people with real stories :)

  32. Deja vue

    I’ve been smoking weed since i was twenty-three years old, The last three years have been miserable for me , because now i vomit once i’ve been smoking for two weeks or more. I have stopped smoking for at least a year. I’m a light smoker, a dime to a quarter a week smoker. I recently started back smoking, and again I’m vomiting violently. Up until now, i have’nt found an answer. I’m so glad theres a name for it, and i’m not alone. Iam so glad to know i have a group of people that will keep up with a treatment when ever it becomes available. Please keep me posted.

  33. CVS Sufferer

    Hiya Anthony mate, Sorry to hear of what your going through :(

    What your describing doesnt really sound like cannabis hyperemesis or cyclic vomiting tbh. Whether it is caused from cannabis…………..well only you will find out if you cut back or stop completely. I strongly suggest you see a stomach specialist though. Although your symptoms and daily life doesnt really match cyclic vomiting, I can think of a few possibilities what it could be from Irritable Bowel upto something more serious but I am far far far from a doctor soif I was you I would go there.

    By all means try cutting back on weed first and see if that works but me, I would want looking at by a specialist aswell.

    Good luckmate

  34. Anthony

    I have been having the same symptoms for the past 4-5 months. I currently am smoking everyday throughout the day, from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep. Whether or not I have become sick from weed I use it to help me. I wake up every morning with an upset stomach and diahreea. I usually vomit in the morning also. So I smoke in order to make my stomach feel better, works in an instant. Throughout the day I have mild diahreea, not as bad as morning. But not many stomach aches throughout the day, other then the morning. I have thought of stopping, but find my self forgetting about it and dealing with it due to it helping me in so many things. Just wanted to share my story and see if there is any suggestions, other then stopping smoking weed.

  35. cvssufferer

    sorry aswell Alicia,

    You say pot makes you worse during your episodes. Could you please explain abit more about this? Does it prolong your episode? Or make them more violent etc?

    Thanks :)

  36. cvssufferer


    Thanks for your replies. Yeah it would be great to hear more! What I am also finding interesting is all of the CHS studies say younger males are suffering whereas this blog and others are full of females! Interesting to say the least!

    Alicia, you have smoked an ounce a week for 13 years and you got sick 2 and a half years ago? This sounds like what people are claiming to be Cannabis Hyperemesis. Have you ever abstained to rule it out?

    c-note – Yeah please, tell us your story. If it made you feel better quiting before why start up again? Did you not believe CHS? WHo diagnosed you, your gp? What are your symptoms? Like others posted, did they get progressively worse until you quit pot? You seem to be going through it now, what does your docs say about cannabis hyperemesis? Are they spreading the word to the medical community?


  37. alicia

    I smoke at least an ounce of marijuana a week, so I smoke about every 3 hours or so all day everyday and I have been diagnosed with CVS 2 1/2 years ago. I have smoke heavily like this for at least 13 years. I do notice when I “get sick” pot makes it worse. Even tried Marinol while “sick” and it has the same effect as the pot, makes my symptoms worse. Maybe I am a glutten for punishment, but I just can’t quit smoking to find out if my CVS goes away. Stress also triggers my CVS so with my OCD and ADHD quitting smoking pot may just make my CVS way worse than it is now. The marijuana can’t be all too bad if the dr. is giving me Marinol “weed pills”. I would be more impressed if they could tell me for certain that massive THC abuse causes a genetic/cellular mutation such as affecting parts of the mydocondrial (spelling?) dna which can cause horrible sickness that mimics CVS. They say pot is great for ailments and cures certain ones and then they tell you that pot makes you sick. Damned if ya do, damned if ya don’t. I will just keep smoking and hope my dr.’s find a pill martini that gives me more relief than I have had in almost 3 years.

  38. c-note

    This is exactly what I have been dealing with. I will write more about my experience when I have time (it took all of my free time the last 2 days to read all of the posts.) But, as of now I am 2 days abstinent from pot, and I must continue to be abstinent if I want to feel better. I am heart broken that I have to give up my favorite pass time, but I just can’t live like this anymore. Last time I quit I got better. I’ll write more in a couple of days.

  39. CVS Sufferer

    Hiya Sandra and Kirsty,

    Thanks for the replies.

    Amazing how much your diet has changed Kirsty!! Again I arent making any assumptions at all but I know some of my triggers are caused by food so I bet you have at the very least helped your symptoms eating like that! Good on you….I wish I had more will power to eat healthy.

    I arent doing a study as such lol I am no way a doctor. I am just wondering how many people around the internet are willing to come forward and put their name/username and experience to this illness and then maybe we can find a link between them, or infact no link. It cant do any harm….unless people multi post but I arent including anonymous in any figures. The posters need to be willing to tell their story and come back and explain how they are getting on. No arguing….adult conversations :)

    Thanks again. I am interested in this cycles getting progressively worse with the ones who have quit cannabis and got better. My cycles havent got worse over the years, infact they have probably got abit better and less frequent the more i start to recognise triggers. One of them is being dehydrated for me aswell so I just do my best to stay hydrated and that trigger stays at bay as such.

    Hmmm keep them coming if anyone else wants to take part. I still find it amazing that people can suffer with the exact same illness which is supposedly caused through a build up of cannabis toxins yet the ones who dont smoke still have the spasms, attacks and periods of well being exactly the same. Again the only difference I can find so far is both your attacks got progressively worse!

    We will get there……………..probably a damn site quicker than the docs lol

    Thanks again for keeping it sensible

  40. Kirsty

    I agree with Sandra’s last comment on here. I think this is exactly how I was going when I had it too, like a bad cycle of ill health and smoking etc etc, diarrhoea and dehydration too. Because I have been free of the weed for a few years now it is becoming a past memory and that is also why recounting now what I went through is more vague but my posts are way back in history on here.
    Keep chatting everyone, maybe CVS sufferer will work it out with his study, wish you well and good job too, don’t conclude please in response to this though, I believe what I believe and I respect your beliefs too.

    I had the problem of being fructose mal absorbtive (just diagnosed recently) which is another dehydrating factor which I hadn’t thought of properly till Sandra’s last comment. Thanks Sandra! Now I am on a special diet that has no onion, garlic, main meal of bread or pasta and no fruit generally apart from lemon, grapefruit, limes, mandarines and honey dew, no mushrooms or asparagus and limited amounts of avocado daily I am now absorbing vitamins I eat and water too, I am now not having explosive diarrhoea as I have had over the past 5 years (smoking weed or not smoking weed!). So much healthier. Another thing that is coming up from Amy Rose and her comments was it was worse when she had her period. I was told to have a histerectomy because of serious bleeding issues and refused to. I put up with it for 8 years and now have stopped bleeding. Once again thinking about this perhaps dehydration is an issue? I also had serious low reserves of iron at my last hospital visit due to the bleeding problems over years and I am still trying to beef up the iron in my system now. Last blood check 3 months ago I had just within the low range of acceptable iron in the blood levels and no iron reserves at all. As periods have only stopped about 6 months ago I expect to get these iron reserves back and think that is why I am feeling more and more healthy as time goes by. I have learned that I am stuck with this body and I am going to treat it well. I am over being unwell and I got a real scare from what has happened to me in the last approx 8 years.
    Good luck everyone,


  41. Sandra

    I think the combination of smoking, vomiting, IBS, and having alot daily stress (I work from home managing two self employed businesses) of life are all factors. I also think I was probably dehydrated alot, which makes sense if you are sick all the time. It didn’t matter if I had a empty stomach or a full stomach. I still think it comes down to the fact my body became toxic from too much herb :( I was definitely sick and the smoking was some sort of contributing factor, it wasn’t like I would take a hit and be sick like some people get.

  42. Sandra

    No I don’t mind you asking, because we all need our answers. Like I said my attacks became more and more frequent over the years. At the end, it seemed like alot less time went by between attacks. It seemed like I was making a lot of bile to be needing to vomit like that. I use the word attacks because it was always several days in a row. And then, I would have periods of feeling alright. I smoked a lot of weed, probably about almost a 1/8 a day. I too thought, smoking was helping the nausea, but looking back it didn’t really. It may of helped my anxiety from the attacks. And, yes I really have been feeling quite healthy the last 5 months. I haven’t had one episode at all.

  43. CVS Sufferer

    Hiya Sandra,

    Thanks again for the reply. I guess someone has linked that other thread I found…..quit handy for anyone too read :)

    Interesting…so it starts with you needing the toilet? How often were your attacks if you dont mind me asking?

    So, you have had no further aches nor sickness since abstaining from cannabis and you have been clean now for 5 months? Sorry just asking for my own figures as such and that I arent getting people mixed up. Would be great if you could stay in touch on here and let us know how you are getting on. 5 months is certainly a decent amount of time to show that you are out of the cycle I think so it appears you are free!

    Did you never suffer before with IBS before or anything then? Did it all come on together after 10 years of smoking? How much did you smoke btw?

    Thanks again for answering the questions…tell me to get lost if you want lol :p

  44. Sandra


    I would actually wake up and feel fine. It almost began as soon as I felt like I had to go to the rest room. And sometimes after an attack, I would have a perfectly normal day. Other times, I would be fine for an an hour and then have another attack.

  45. Marijuana Morning sickness, Cannabinoid Hyperemesis. My experience - Page 8 - Grasscity.com Forums

    [...] Re: Marijuana Morning sickness, Cannabinoid Hyperemesis. My experience Another fantastic thread, very similar to this one I have been posting on…….strangely very similar posting styles from various people in both blogs imo too. I think that is another problem with this condition…..the same people are posting on different blogs making it look alot more common than it is! I have been doing alot of research lately into this and I wouldnt like to say either way. I want more people who have abstained to come forward and post on here with your experiences. If this is a real condition more people need to come forward, not hide behind 1 post. Here is a sensible thread started for us that dont want to debate its authenticity as an illness (although I would love to get the doctors who did the studies and ring em by the neck for not doing any follow ups on patients and also not doing any decent right ups. The studies are full of holes) Cannabis Hyperemesis Question *Educated People Only* and here is the other blog I got trolled into posting on if your bored and want a read of basically whats here – Chronic Marijuana Abuse Leads to Severe Vomiting Attacks | The NORML Stash Blog [...]

  46. CVS Sufferer

    Hiya Sandra,

    Thanks again for the reply, it is really helpful!.Interesting how you smoked for 10 years before any of the symptoms showed themselves, this seems quite common from what I can read on CHS. That certainly isnt my case. Also, you and Kirtsy have now mentioned that your attacks got more severe each time. This is not me either…as I have pointed out, my attacks are completely different in length of time and severity……….none have been so severe that I have had to have organs removed or repair/surgery work done though. Again this is something I havent read much of in relation to CVS/CHS but more actual IBD illnesses like crohns!

    Seems like you have gone through it anyway and i bet your glad to see the back of it all :)

    I must admit I do find it odd that cannabis was causing your IBS symptoms and they have all been resolved since you abstained, but I guess everyone is different. I always thought cannabis was prescribed to help IBS in some states in USA and it was seen as beneficial to the condition? (again I suppose everyone is different) I see from previous posts you have now been clean of cannabis for 3 months prior to July so that is what 5 months……….no symptoms at all? No IBS? No vomiting? Quite amazing! I bet your so relieved!

    Sorry aswell, I think you misunderstood. I wasnt asking you how your actual vomiting started all those years back, I am more interested in the individual trigger for each episode, and I suppose I meant how did it used to start when you had an episode? For example, the last episode you had. What happened right at the beginning. There is a point where you must have turned from feeling ok to feeling sick and then vomiting? What was this turning point? Was there a trigger?

    i.e – you got up and felt fine but someone started cooking breakfast and the smell made you feel really sick, once your sick you dont stop?

    Or was you always waking up feeling sick, like the studies say, morning sickness. From the second you woke up…that nausea feeling?

    Or was it something else?

    Sorry again for the questions lol I am genuinely interested and not questioning your answers obviously. Everyone is different and it is good speaking to someone who has actually abstained and benefited from it. i do fear though from what you have said you have had alot more underlying conditions but then it cant be luck that you feel much better with no cannabis so I give up lol

    Thanks again :)

  47. Sandra

    You are right, I meant IBS. It started so long ago, I would have to say over 10 years. I have been smoking for over 20 years. I have quit approx. 4 times over the 20 years – 2 kids (during pregnancy each time) – and twice after I had a seizure for about a year each time.

    I just can’t tell you how it started cause it has been so long ago. But it definitely got progressively worse over the years. Each episode lasting longer. The center of my stomach so painful each time. During my attacks every time I would have to use the bathroom, I would start vomiting. I would joke to my friends that I was scared of the bathroom.

    During my last episode (hospitalization) my blood pressure was sky high, which I never had before, and was put on blood pressure med for 1 month. As soon as I started feeling better it went down immediately back to normal. The doctor had me on some medication to help repair my esophagus, told me take metamucil every day, and ranitidine for reflux. It’s been since May, I have been off almost all of that for at least three months and my body seems like it is back to normal.

  48. CVS Sufferer

    Sorry Sandra, I have just read back and seen you said you used to have periods of wellness.

    I am honestly really suprised that all of your symptoms have gone completely by abstaining cannabis though. Its absolutely fantastic mind but even if it is IBS you had, its normally more than one thing causing it and you never really get better from it, if that makes sense. People just learn to control it I suppose.

    I saw aswell you dont smoke cigs so that certainly wasnt aggrevating your IBS. How long did you smoke weed for Sandra?

    Still interested in how your cycles started aswell.

    Cheers :)

  49. CVS Sufferer

    Hiya Sandra,

    I am really glad you managed to get rid of both your Cyclical Vomiting and your Irritable Bowel Disease by quiting smoking weed. I do find the latter strange though and I do suspect you meant Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome is just that, a syndrome of which there is no known cause. Irritable Bowel Disease is split into 2 distinct groups….crohns disease and colitis which as far as I know cannot be cured as you claim happened. If you had Irritiable Bowel Syndrome and have quit smoking I suggest that not only the weed but also the tobacco (if infact you smoked cigs) have made a big difference here aswell. Again I am no doctor but tobacco as been proven to irritate cases of IBS.

    Anyway, your better now so thats by the by. I am more interested in your cycles and frequency if you would be so kind Sandra? How often where they and how did they commence? You said in the morning…did you wake up in bed feeling really sick and start to vomit? Or did you get up, eat some toast and then start feeling sick? Was there a specific trigger you can think of?

    You say you are completely cannabis free and everything has been completely resolved. In that what do you mean? What other symptoms did you have with your vomiting? Was you completely well in between vomiting episodes or was it a kind of ongoing thing? You said you had IBD…what symptoms was cannabis causing then that have now been resolved?

    Sorry for the questions but I am merely trying to understand this illness and what other people have gone through.

    Thanks again

  50. Sandra

    One of the things I failed to mention, which I think was a huge association, was that I had IBD with this. Because I think that some people are really trying to learn more about CHS and researchers may come across this page, I am going to bring it up. This also completely resolved after I quit smoking. But the two came hand in hand (no pun intended) with each other for me. I also suffered my attacks mainly in the morning hours.

    Once again, I have to say, that even though I have obstained from pot,I truly advocate it, for medical and for recreation. I believe it’s our own bodies and we should have the choice on what we decide to do with it. I have plenty of professional friends – doctor, teachers, etc. that smoke pot and are NOT a drug addicts. I think we all know that the real druggies are people that abuse meth, crack, cocaine, etc.

    I still use a salve for topical pain, without it giving me any issues. I have taken a THC test and I don’t have any positive results from using it topically.

  51. CVS Sufferer

    I will say aswell to people who I am sure will come back and say I am living in that big river in Egypt…….

    I really arent. I have read ALOT these last few days. I have been aware of the CHS reports for a few years now and come across a few people…probably 3-5 real people who, like amy, are willing to keep coming back and discussing their story. None of us have quit weed in that time to see if it makes a difference mores the pity however, I have read on the official CVSA forums of people who tried and it didnt work. This person is a regular poster as oppose to the ones who again, unfortunately only post their experience once and disappear :(

    From my own research, some people believe they have this illness because they smoked 20 years, 7g a day…others because they smoke with cigs. None of it makes sense because I have had this illness when I wasnt a Chronic everyday smoker in the early days, when I smoked with cigs and now when I only use a vape. the illness has gotten better but still there!

    Anyway, enough gabbing from me. Its all there in black and white lol

  52. CVS Sufferer

    Hiya Amy, thanks for keeping things calm and sensible. Thats what we need tbh..

    Yeah I saw you abstained for a year and it was your best year with only a couple of episodes…….something in it maybe but to quit weed and still have 1 or 2 episodes a year to me is still not worth it. I appreciate you said you was only sick due to alcohol which I can believe, but there are still triggers which are triggering your vomiting off though which makes me believe it hasnt gone, more like cannabis is maybe one of the triggers for your vomiting. Its interesting that you was sick before smoking weed aswell but you get better when quiting? Like you say, much more investigation needed.

    Honestly if I was sick like some of these documented cases of cannabis hyperemesis, every single day in the bath and vomiting, in the emergency room 10 times in 6 months etc etc, I would most definitely quit to bring my symptoms down to once or twice a year, thats a no brainer. BUT….and this is a big but……over the years I have improved and got the condition (whatever it is) under control with a mix of meds and sensible lifestyle/eating. I havent been sick for over 2 months now, nearly 3, and havent had to get in a bath to relieve any symptoms for over a month now.

    Dont get me wrong I do have bad days where my stomach hurts but I control those symptoms. Is this cannabis hyperemesis? Hmm according to the reports and other witness statements as such, I really arent sure, I fit the crieria abit but I do for other illness MORE….the reports arent detailed enough and only contain 3 symptoms “Vomiting, Abdominal Pain and cannabis use” it doesnt mention anything else to do with the illness and what I can see CHE sufferers vomit regularly, like every few weeks. CHE sufferers apparently have a so called build of an cannabis which inevitably leads to the vomiting………I guess there is no way of avoiding this like I do for a few months if it is infact toxicity. Like I said, people who seem to have it and continue smoking just get worse and worse until they quit and then all symptoms disappear along with them………..mores the pity.

    I see you said you have had organs removed aswell :-O Surely not because of the vomiting and cannabis hyperemesis? Has it got that bad for you? I dont see any CVS sufferers having their organs removed, its more the severe cases of IBD who do. Sorry to hear this though, I bet thats been terrible :(

    I’ll stop rambling now. Like I said I havent stopped researching this in the last few days…all day…all night. Made plenty of notes and found plenty of multi posters posting the same but just in different places which does actually make it look like there are more sufferers of cannabis hyperemesis than there actually is. I have found someone who is experimenting with this right now and quiting LIVE on a thread, but I am awaiting confirmation of joining that website so hopefully I can get on today and ask some questions about his symptoms other than the vomiting. you are already a member….grasscity :)

    Thanks again Amy. Maybe I will quit soon. Like I said, it isnt a massive part of my life like it used to be and if it proves to be my trigger then so be it, I can accept that totally. I would still rather have the more tests ran first to check my symptoms against a potentially more threatening illness before quiting as if it is cannabis then why is it happening. Like I said, tests are currently ongoing with a report out at the end of the year. Maybe then we will know for certain. Until then it is going to take people quiting on their own but documenting it properly and seeing if their symptoms do actually go away and us learning from eachother.

    Sorry to everyone else for my book today but I really have done so much reading its unbelievable!

  53. amyrose

    @CVS Sufferer, not to keep beating a dead horse, but I DID say I abstained for a year and only had 1or 2 episodes and ONLY when I would drink too much alcohol. I started smoking again in Dec 08 was getting sick again every month or more. These days is like every 10 days. I also was able to quit for 6-8 week spells and didnt have episodes then. But again this is all anecdotal evidence. More studies def. need to be done. But skeptical or not are you planing to try to abstain to see if it helps? How often do you have episodes. I am sure it is quite possible to have CVS without CHS AND you just happen to also smoke. Keep digging. It took me over a decade and a loss of quite a few organs(not that i miss any of them) to find my answers

  54. CVS Sufferer

    Thanks for the link Amy….a great read! I notice it doesnt mention CHE so it must be quite old though?

    I will get to the bottom of this one way or another. It appears the people posting that they have been through it and abstained and are still episode free are few and fair between. Those who claim this unfortunately arent willing to come forward and show themselves to the world for proof and by that I mean someone on a forum with 2000 posts showing you them quiting etc etc…lets face it, their GPs must be aware so it would be all over surely?. Also all of the other posters who have just posted once how terrible their life was until they quit and now its superb……….where are they? Why havent they returned?

    I have found other threads similar to this where people just turn up, post once about their horrific experiences (which arent always consistent with CVS and you can tell they are just repeating the symptoms they have read on a report, not what we actually suffer) and then disappear again.

    Dont get me wrong, I want to believe this because I could have something more serious and to quit cannabis to solve my problems would be superb. I am just highly scepticle until more factual reports come out…………hopefully the end of the year!

    Stay well Amy!

  55. amyrose

    Thinking back now, before my hysterectomy the episodes were like clockwork. Every time I got my periods. I honestly think everyone’s triggers are different. Thing is after my periods they didnt stop. Just increase. And the article goes into how that can happen over time.

  56. amyrose

    @CVS Sufferer Note that I did have these attacks BEFORE I started smoking and CVS does not always occur or manifest at the same time. The CVSA has some great articles by Dr Fleicher.


    here is just one..

  57. CVS Sufferer

    Thanks amy, that has pretty much answered my questions tbh.

    My attacks always happen in the same way and I havent yet read anyone who has documented cannabis hyeremesis syndrome starting the same way as my vomiting starts. I have however since read of other people who suffer with a documented illness with exactly the same symptoms as mine so at the moment I will investigate that first as it is MUCH more serious than cannabis hyperemesis and isnt just as simple as quiting pot mores the pity.

    Thanks again amy……I just wish more of these people who have come forward and said that they suffer from it and have abstained and got better would actually contact the correct people and places instead of just posting on random blogs. It might save alot of people a life time of pain. Instead of posting on Weed websites where there is a very high % of people who smoke and dont get this………..post it on a forum like CVSA where everyone suffers from this illness and therefore it might be far more relevant.

  58. amyrose

    @CVS Sufferer Dude, I had to leave one of the best and LAST Nine Inch Nails shows ever. I just got sick in the middle. Spent about 4 or 5 songs puking then finally we had to leave. This was a road trip show even. So it doesn’t always happen the same way.

  59. amyrose

    @CVS Sufferer I have no hostility toward you or anyone else, I understand how you feel. I have been reading and everyone seems to know everything about this disease or whatever it is we have when the studies are still coming out. Beside the fact that in the USA MJ is stigmatized. So it is hard to get people to admit to their drs. Although, until they discovered this connection, most of them have told me it would help me. So… For years I was ALONE in this not knowing what to do or where to turn. We really need to help each other. Also, I forgot to mention the hot showers were part of how I got here. Showers were one of the only way of finding relief for a long time. Finding others has been a GOOG send. Anyway, in response to your question. Usually, I wake up sick, around like 3-4 in the morning. I feel sweaty and nauseated and have crampy abdominal pain, then the vomiting starts, usually once that begins I cant abort it unless I go to the hospital. But not always, many times it has happened while out to eat. My last really bad bad attack I was fine walking into the restaurant. Halfway through my delicious meal, my lip starts beading with sweat and I run to the bath room and forgive me for how gross this is but I puked and pooped the entire 30 min ride home… tried everything i could to stop til I ended up in the ER again. If you have any other questions or would like to talk privately let me know. I quit smoking again that night and wasnt sick for 6 weeks then I got a cat bite had surgery and started smoking again for the pain and havent stopped yet. I know I have to. But addictive or not stopping any 25 year habit is not as simple as it may seem. Anyway, I hope you find some relief. And I still believe in legalization. ESPECIALLY for medical purposes. Many meds also have side effects. I will always go back to reminding people that antidepressants can CAUSE suicidal thoughts. Does that mean NO ONE can benefit from them. Of course not.

  60. CVS Sufferer

    @ amyrose -

    Hiya again, I hope you read this. Please I dont want to get into an arguement with anyone else, this is solely aimed at amyrose or anyone else who thinks they suffer with Cannabis Hypermesis Syndrome. It is important for me personally to get the answer to this.

    When does your vomiting start? What I mean by that is, do you just wake up in a morning and feel sick in bed and then start vomiting? Or does something else happen like you wake up, come downstairs, have a cup of tea, breakfast and then feel sick and vomit?

    Thanks :)

  61. CVS Sufferer

    @ “radical” Russ Belville……..

    If you read this it would be great if you could respond. I noticed you posted back in 2011 and you are the blog starter. You said you have spoken to a Dr. Mitch Earleywine several times about Cannabis Hyperemesis and it is infact a real illness. I have searched Dr Mitch Earleywine on google and all I can find is a podcast where he apparently “debunks cannabis hyperemesis”. Unfortunately the podcast doesnt play on any of the websites so I am unable to find out why.

    Clearly from what you have posted he has changed his opinion because that podcast was apparently back in 2009. I dont suppose you have that podcast or any others speaking to Dr Earleywine on this subject do you?


  62. CVS Sufferer

    Hiya amyrose

    Thanks for your post…..thats the thing, there is no need for the hostility…I didnt start it (how childish am I lol).

    Interesting how you have always suffered with vomiting, even before cannabis use, then when you quit for a year in 2007 you was fine……..started back up again and it hit you again. I must admit aswell I dont get sick when I dont have cannabis but everyone is different.

    As I said before, I arent doubting there is a link somewhere. Where it is we will only find out by having adult discussions without the hostility and accusations of druggies etc.

    It appears from this thread that people who have suffered from CHS do not get better over time with each episode getting worse, lasting longer and doing more damage. Mine doesnt fit this pattern at all. I have only been hospitalised twice in all the years I have suffered. That doesnt mean I havent been suffering…..I just never admitted myself when really I probably should have done I suppose.

    Again maybe I am wrong but unlike what some people thing, I have a normal life, normal friends who dont smoke pot, normal hobbies. I am far from the stereotypical “druggie addict” that I am being made out to be. I just get ill every few months which means I am in bed for a few days to a week………yes it is absolute hell going through that but its like I am sat causing terrible things to myself all day everyday. If pot is the cause of my vomiting every few months then so be it, that can easily be sorted…I am simply looking for those answers :)

  63. amyrose

    Oh So What I am saying is I have CVS, CHS, and dependency issues. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT….


  64. amyrose

    OY! You people are driving me nuts with all the hostility, Here is my experience. I stopped posting here because people are going to believe what they want and truly anything posted here is anecdotal evidence at best. There MUST BE more studies. However my experience goes like this. I have always puked. As far back as I can remember. When I was little it was things like puking on my desk in school, on the table at a restaurant, anytime I slept over a friends. But there was no “cycle”. Then teens I had terrible periods, with lots of cramps and puking and pain. Started smoking chronically, and I mean all day, every day except during work around 16/17. Began having really bad send me to the hospital episodes, mainly around my period, but also weddings, graduations, every vacation I have EVER EVER been on. I have been in the ER during every one. Blahblahblah gets worse. Get hysterectomy. Still sick. Still smoking. But apparently somewhat dependent on the pain meds that were the only thing that has ever really stopped an attack as an adult. Antiemeitics and narcotic analgesics. Now I had NEVER used anything other than pot before going to the ER. But knowing that stopped the attack almost instantly, it became an easy crutch. BLAHBLAHBLAH. I was a bartender and trying to finish college for 12 years having bad episodes causing me to drop out and lose jobs. I finally decided that I was going to try and get a job with benefits.(through all this time seeing many docs saying many things. I could go into all the testing if you want but everything was always negative. CVS was suggested, but at this time drs were just tired of me crying all I the time. Some even considering me a drug seeker. Well 2007 , I quit smoking , I probably smoked maybe 4 times that year. I had NO EPISODES that year! December 2008 I began feeling comfortable at my job and starting up a little at a time and then it was back to everyday, Within a month I was puking again, once a month. At least. THAT is when I thought there may be a connection because I realized that was the only thing different. Started searching, then drs started mentioning it. I love my pot and seemed to get sick when I go one day without and I feel like I am going into an episode. So, call me weak and addict whatever. I KNOW i NEED TO QUIT. Thats it thats all I know.

  65. CVS Sufferer

    Again, you say I should do anything to feel normal again……………………..I feel normal now?

    CVS has a BIG period of normality between episodes


  66. CVS Sufferer

    And who said I wont try it zanzan? Where in my posts do I say that?

    I am asking questions that is all. Why are people who have suffered with CHE so defensive when being asked questions? Jeez, I give up with this blog. People NEED your help…..your hiding behind usernames on here “not taking people seriously” because the smoke cannabis………do yourselves a favour and try helping people instead of judgement people

    I give up……………Thanks but I will get my answers from the real doctors and people who are actually studying it then if no-one is listening to anything I say :-D

  67. CVS Sufferer

    Thanks for not taking me seriously zanzan…that helps ALOT :-P

  68. CVS Sufferer

    I can assure you I wont be writing anymore books on here if people dont attack me and my family personally. I thought it was for help, advice and support for people suffering with similar symptoms…not labelling people but hey ho :)

    I am so glad you are free of symptoms and it really is something I am looking into. There must be something in it if people like you are coming forward. I would never dismiss it as reefer madness until actual research has been done. You are a perfect test study tbh…………not many people in the reports of CHS have actually stayed around to report their health 2 years later.

    Do you not even get stomach cramps or anything anymore? I only ask because you said earlier you have changed your diet and can only eat certain foods since quiting cannabis. When you quit cannabis and ate some food that you cant anymore, what happened? (if that makes sense) Something must have happened to make you realise you cant eat that particular food? What would happen now if you ate say a big piece of chocolate cake or somethng else that upsets your stomach?

    If you dont want to answer fair enough. If you want to treat me like your doctors did you and others, like a druggie, and dismiss me until I quit cannabis then that is totally your choice. I just want answers not arguements ;)

  69. zanzan

    Thanks Kirsty! Note to CVS sufferer…I am sorry that you have taken everything so personally. But to be honest, I have no interest in anything you have to say. Like I said before if you are suffering the way you claim you are, any sane person would try pretty much anything to feel normal again. I was desperate to feel normal again and I tried alot of different things and nothing was a permanent fix. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with CHS and when I mentally got over the fact that pot could be causing all my health issues that I actually saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t get me wrong I was very upset that I had to give pot up. However I was open minded, but more than anything…desperate. I did stop smoking and it changed my life…I enjoy life again. There is a possible cure for you and you won’t try it…why would anyone take you seriously?

  70. Kirsty

    Some people write a book on this site!!! Anyhow I am one person, sitting in my lounge room in Australia and I wish all the best to everyone who is suffering. My thoughts are with you all. :-P

  71. CVS Sufferer

    Just to point out before I get banned again or accused of being “angry” lol

    I quote this from my post -

    “Stop preaching to people about their life and really really stop making judgements on peoples life and families……YOU ARENT HIDDEN ON THESE BLOGS AND PEOPLE CAN FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE QUITE EASILY. I am getting really offended by you and I will be contacting the author of this blog to find out why I am blocked and you and other members who like to abuse me and my family saying we areaddicts and weak etc are still allowed to post your abuse!”

    After re-reading I think this could be interpreted as a threat when it is nothing of the sort. I live in a different country to you lol It was more pointing out that if anyone is posting under multiple username, it would be quite easy to contact the owner of the blog to find out if that is what is happening. I hope that has cleared up any confusion before it starts :)

    I am not an angry person as been made out to be….just someone looking for answers by asking questions. I dont have an answer for everything however I do have many many questions in the hope to find the answers. How you describe the relationship between my wife and I is completely off the mark. If anything she wears the trousers and would certainly not be scared to say what she thinks, she already has!

    Anyway, no more from me. Even posting on this blog now is making me feel worse tbh which is probably what no-one wants. As I said below….we will soon have an answer to this and I for one cannot wait :)

  72. CVS Sufferer

    WOW not blocked today :)

    Sorry, I am started to sound like a broken record now repeating myself time and time again. I am not arguing with anything other than the abuse aimed towards me and my wife. IMO It is very hostile considering I have not actually stated that Cannabis Hyperemesis might not be real.

    There are a few posters that do post with the same underlying tone about addiction and pot with a preaching stance. If you was a stoner you must know that this isnt a way to approach people who smoke cannabis……..they just wont listen. I will, they wont. Use the arguements that work like your own experience with it rather than abusing their addiction………..I have seen you do it many times on here to many different people.

    Anyway, thats is enough from me. I certainly do not believe there is an office full of people doing the posting lol Who would fund something like that? Even I think Anti Pot people have better things to do than target a very small percentage off ill people who smoke cannabis! I do believe though that looking at the same underlying tone and similar typing styles that atleast 1 person is posting under different names :)

    Again though, it is easy for you to dismiss that as reefer madness aswell :)

    I still see no-one has posted on the CVSA forum. I think I may well start a thread, quit pot for 6 months and document my experiences on there. I am not addicted to weed and could quit now so it would be a great experiment for the doctors and other sufferers to watch! I might actually help someone instead of preach to them :)

  73. CVS Sufferer

    To the “other guy”

    lol This is my exact point Kirsty. You are such a obnoxious person and to be making judgements on peoples lifestyle without knowing them is just wrong, not to mention out of order. My wife is a very VERY strong woman and does everything to help me………..

    Why ban my IP address? I have to post through a proxy server now to post. I havent done anything wrong other than be ill and asking questions……….it is you, zanzan and anonymous (hmm) who are making massive assumptions and abusing people who dont quit pot straight away or come to your way off thinking. I do suspect you have control of this blog somehow and enjoy preaching to people about addiction and drugs. Are you both on the same recovery course?

    Just because you THINK that most other people dont post on here anymore because they are done with the horrible illness and have gotten on with their lives doesnt make it true!………………really!! An illness that has affected people for years upon years, now suddenly cured with the stopping of cannabis and they have decided not to tell any fellow sufferers and get on with their life. They sound as selfish as you. As I said, if I ever find out it is cannabis I will be shouting it from the rooftops……….not ignoring fellow sufferers and getting on with my life. I know of too many others suffering around the world that could really do with some information on it!!!!!

    Why so rude to me? I am not denying your illness or what you think caused it like YOU are mine. I am very open minded and want to learn more from the people who have abstained and stayed better. To block me from the blog seems really strange if you ask me………….I am actually a genuine sufferers not being allowed to speak?

    I will say to everyone reading because I certainly dont have any hidden agenders or am living in denial. If I was living in denial I wouldnt be here discussing the option that cannabis can be a trigger would I? I arent even arguing the fact that cannabis IS NOT the cause lol I have been open minded all along and just asked the questions that appear obvious, like what is the difference between the 2 illness etc etc

    Stop preaching to people about their life and really really stop making judgements on peoples life and families……you arent hidden on these blogs and people can found out who you are quite easily. I am getting really offended by you and I will be contacting the author of this blog to find out why I am blocked and you and other members who like to abuse me and my family saying we areaddicts and weak etc are still allowed to post your abuse!

    Again I am far from living in denial and to keep saying it is just making yourself look stupid. If I was in denial I would be arguing with you saying it wasnt true when infact you see I have said completely the opposite. You are the hostile ones abusing me and my wife.

    Anyway, no need for debating on a blog like this. Doctors are currently investigating the link between the 2 and the results are due out at the end of the year then there will be no more debates or arguements on the subject. I for one cannot wait because it will stop blogs like this with no real substance on and maybe replace them with real information on the illness……….not someone preaching how bad weed is and how much better their life is now their free from it. All you have to do is see the long term effects of cannabis and it doesnt take a genius to work out if you are an all day and night blazer, your life WILL improve once giving up lol That is abuse and nothing should be abused to that level. Like I said, I used to but no longer do…………my life has improved since aswell!

    Well thats enough from me. I only responded again because you had a dig at my VERY STRONG wife. you do not know us or our lives. I DO NOT make judgements on you so please dont do it on other people. You keep pointing out that this blog is here to help people with this terrible illness………….how does blocking someone who you believe has it and is living in denial helping anyone??????

  74. Kirsty

    I believe that most people who have given up cannabis who have commented on this site are not as some people believe back to smoking and not using the site and throwing up but rather have given up, feel much better and have adopted the positive outlook on life that I enjoy today. Most people would leave this blog because they have found a new lease on life. More energy and a positive outlook. They have stepped out of the room they are sitting in and really living again. That is my belief on people who have given up and not posting comments any more.

    Sandra, I really feel for you and the seizure experience is a hell of a thing to have. I have been free of this for many years and giving up pot this time I was extremely nervous for many months wondering if I would have one again. I was told many years ago that going through Menopause that I may have a change in my chemistry and that a seizure could occur. I have been taking valium 1 x table daily most days over a time while getting more distant from cannabis use. I have appealed to my doctor that my physiology is different to the normal person. I am quite a distance now from the giving up period and feel very happy and quite away from cannabis addiction now. This week I am going off the valium. I am sleeping alright now, I am no where near as stressed any more. I think I am totally out of the danger zone by now. If I have trouble having proper sleep in the future I will simply talk to my doctor and get another box of valiums and use them infrequently, these work for me (sleeping tablets I don’t like and don’t work as well).
    Zanzan, I like your posts, don’t think that this is a bunch of people in some office, that sure has been posted a few times on here. It is part of cannabis paranoia that people think that way, that is all. It makes people view life in a negative way and I know that this is not such a nice way to live now that I have experienced both types of mindsets.
    To the other dude that has been rejected and yet came back for more. You have too much to say and you are in denial. Get off the pot, your wife should be a stronger woman and intervene with your behaviour than just watching and caring for you. Maybe she is afraid of saying anything to you as you seem to have an answer for everything. Good luck with that…

    It is a far happier place if you don’t need pot for medical reasons that is mentally to have a happy, look forward to the future and positive outlook on life.

    Ii am enjoying myself,


  75. Now Banned CVS Sufferer!

    It would appear my IP address has been blocked so for whatever reason I am not wanted around here anymore which is a shame because all I wanted to do was find the link. I dont think I have caused any trouble, I just wanted to hear from other people who have abstained! Why I have been blocked from my free speach is beyond me???

    I never once tried to say cannabis was not causing it and I only wanted people who have got better from this terrible disease by abstaining to post their findings in the correct places to help people, not for any other reason. If people believe it is cannabis that causes it then what is the problem? Surely you want to help people?

    Anyway, I wont say anymore. I am sorry for offending the author of the blog and it would appear you wont be getting any updates from me :(

    Thanks and I will try and spread the word of what I have read here about Kirsty and zanzan. I will be at the CVSA meeting in Birmingham in November.

    CVS Sufferer

  76. zanzan

    It’s zanzan…in regards to the comment made by cvs sufferer, “What about the people who have CVS who have never smoked weed but who now smoke weed to start eating again? Are they addicts? Should they give up too?”

    I would never say that a person in the above situation would be an addict…it is a different situation than what we have been discussing. THC isn’t causing their illness. I would say that my mate cvs sufferer most likely is an addict because there is one thing that could cure him and that is not using not smoking pot in any form and he refuses to abstain. Makes you wonder…doesn’t it?

  77. Anonymous

    zanzan to CVS sufferer. I feel sorry for your wife having to take care you when your sick. as I know it isn’t pretty. Hopefully you are still working and aren’t on disability. Aren’t you desperate to feel better? Do you just want to feel normal? I bet you have tried everything…well except pot. I don’t get it. If that isn’t an addictive personality trait I don’t know what it. I know alot about addictions and being in recovery myself I woould venture in actuallt stating that would fit right in. You are all about CVS and trying to get people to post on the CVS sites, etc, but you haven’t tried the one thing that could cure you!

  78. CVS Sufferer

    Go away anonymous………I am angry at you calling people addicts…you dont even have to log in to post a username. Quit pot because I am angry at you for slagging me off lol Hmmmmm <:O)

    Hiya Sandra, thanks for responding. You see this is the type of response I am interested in. Not an abusive personalised one dictating what you think I should do with my life……………..even knowing nothing about the situation or my illness lol

    Interesting that you got worse each time. This definitely isnt indicative of a Cyclical Vomiting Sufferer. Each episode is different and lasts various times. Dont get me wrong I arent in denial or trying to find reasons why cannabis doesnt cause it….more understand why people who dont smoke cannabis also have CVS or CHS if you like. I dont think cannabis or THC can cause it………….if it did then other CVS sufferers wouldnt present with the same symptoms?

    I may well quit weed and see where it take me but I certainly wouldnt do it because "anonymous" said so and judges that I am an angry person lmao I am genuinely interested in putting this baby to bed one way or another and put it this way, if I did quit and got better I would do alot more than just post on a blog……CVSA organisations need to know because there are a few pot smokers who suffer CVS that have posted aswell who may well be cured by quiting but they certainly wont quit when being preached to……another avenue must be addressed!

  79. CVS Sufferer

    No my wife isnt a doctor lol

    You are saying doctors know what they are doing with this illness?

    My wife has been here with me from the beginning and helps me through my attacks. She can see far better than me what my triggers are. To claim THC is somehow affecting us as FACT is just wrong mate…….I arent saying you “might” not be right, but you have no evidence at all.

    What about the people who have CVS who have never smoked weed but who now smoke weed to start eating again? Are they addicts? Should they qive up too?

    I arent saying people are wrong………what I am saying is more people who believe in CHS needs to come forward and show why, not hide behind anonymous tags slagging off cannabis on a blog!

  80. Anonymous

    I am posting like this because I can’t log in!! I am saying it’s zanzan before I write back!

    You are very defensive!

    Get off the pot!

  81. Sandra

    No, I definitely had period of wellness in between because I have suffered with it off and on for the ten years. But each time it got worse and it lasted longer – to the last point it lasted a full two weeks. The final two weeks I was in the ER four times, with a ER doctor telling me “quit smoking pot, it’s whats is making you sick”. I just rolled my eyes at him, thinking I must have some horrible stomach ailment that they aren’t figuring out. On the 4th ER visit, they admitted me. I spent a week in the hospital, had a endoscopy and colonscopy. Had severe inflammation of the esophagus from all the vomiting, alot of acid reflux, but otherwise looked fine in the insides. I did have elevated liver enzymes and developed pancreatitis after I had the procedures. I actually didn’t really believe I was getting sick from pot until I came across articles on the Internet on CHS after I was released and then things seemed to make sense, maybe this was it. I definitely can say I smoked too much pot and I knew inside that making a choice to quit was really the only way I was going to be able to tell. I do have to note that I have had two grand mal seizures in the last ten years also. Each time I quit smoking pot for a year afterwards and was absolutely fine the whole entire year. Otherwise, I have always been very healthy. I’m a 40 year old female, active and in shape. I don’t drink and I don’t smoke cigarettes.

  82. CVS Sufferer

    Whats more funny is you posting as anonymous <:o)

    I suggest you and others do and do some real research into addicts and what an addict is and I certainly arent that! For you to suggest otherwise behind an anonymous tag is frankly pathetic.

    Many many many cannabis smokers are not addicted to it. I have and can easily go without……when I was dependant was years ago smoking with cigs. I havent hidden that on here lol

    "I would rather suffer with the symptoms than quit pot" Where have I said that? lol read my posts and see where I have said that? I am extremely open minded about this and to be quite honest you are the one posting under different names and mentioning addicts etc etc It seems you are the one with the problem with pot.

    Instead of abusing everyone why dont you do something useful and take your discoveries to the CVSA organisations and me and others just might take you seriously. Just posting rubbish on blogs is doing no-one any good.

    Anyway, I thought our symptoms werent the same? I apparently dont get hot showers so I cant have CHE. That is a CERTAIN sign apparently lol ,:o)

  83. Anonymous

    it’s zanzan…one last comment to CVS sufferer. is your non-smoking wife a doctor? what type of back ground does she have to say that weed isn’t the problem for you? Also you do not have to be a heavy smoker to have CHS according to the docs in the ER’s I have visited and from my own personal experience. I wasn’t a heavy smoker either. Just stop smoking and see what happens and come back in a few months and post your experience. Otherwise live in denial as a CVS sufferer.

  84. Anonymous

    it is zanzan again…i just read CVS sufferer post. LMAO! This is ridiculous! I knew it! You have never stopped smoking pot for an extended period of time. You ask why addict is being brought up? You are a perfect example of why. You would rather suffer with the symptoms of CVS and cause all this issues in your life rather than not smoking and see what happens. That is addict behavior! OMG

  85. Anonymous

    this is zanzan…the difference between CHS and CVS is that CHS has a cure if you stop smoking pot. It is the THC (no matter in what form) is what is causing the CVS like symptoms. Why is it so hard for some people to see that just maybe THC is not an accepted drug in some people’s bodies? Wouldn’t someone with CVS love to hear that they have CHS and all they have to do is stop smoking? It doesn’t matter that the symptoms of CHS & CVS are almost identical…there is 1 big difference…THC. Like I asked before CVS sufferer have you ever stopped smoking pot for an extended period of time?

  86. CVS Sufferer

    @ anonymous…

    So showers dont actually do anything for you other than clear your mind? Interesting! All paperwork and research says that showers provide much needed relief but everyone is different so I arent saying your wrong.

    Maybe your right and I do have cannabis hypermesis syndrome. I have never abstained from cannabis for long enough for this to be tested however I am nowhere near a smoker like some people I have read about….7g a day etc :o I have found the less I smoke the more ill I am but then it would never be out of my system because like I said, I have never abstained long enough to find out.

    Should I? Well I have discussed it at length with my non smoking wife and she is of the idea that weed isnt the problem. I certainly dont smoke enough of it now to be a heavy user but if chronic is everyday then yes, that is me. I suffered all of the stomach aches and spasms when I was younger (pre pot) but it never developed into vomiting………..at that point I also used baths as an aborting technique and was never ill.

    Has cannabis pushed things abit futher? Who knows but you dont, nor Kirsty or anyone else on here (no offence Kirsty lol first name I thought of). I think if you have quit weed and it has worked then absolutely fantastic but if I was you I would be going to the CVSA foundations with your findings, not a random blog.

    As I said, scientists are currently looking into this and we may well know at the end of the year if infact there is a link…….only stories like yours can help. They have to be official though….anonymous on a blog is not going to make anyone believe anything, not even doctors unfortunately

  87. CVS Sufferer

    Hiya Sandra,

    Thats great news :)

    Why arent more people posting this on forums that actually matter where people can research things better? A blog like this is no good at all, I could be anyone. Does anyone post on the main CVSA forum?

    Its crazy how weed causes it for some people but doesnt for others. More research definitely needs doing….when you suffered smoking weed was you ill everyday or was you well in between episodes of vomiting? I ask because cyclical vomiting is a period of wellness followed by the episode of vomiting………..did you have this aswell or was you, like I said, ill every day?

  88. Anonymous

    CVS suferer…showers may stop an episode for you, but it isn’t a lie when I say a shower will stop an episode for someone who has been diagnosied with CHS. I take showers because they help me clear my mind. I think the shower thing is interesting because I always thought a shower makes everyone feel good even if they don’t suffer from CHS or CVS.

    I understand the simliarities between CHS and CVS and I also under there is no cure for CVS. However, there is a cure for CHS…stop smoking. Have you ever stopped smoking pot for an extended period of time? Maybe you have CHS?

  89. CVS Sufferer

    I know what your saying zanzan but no, multiple poster:)

    I dont believe our symptoms to be any different to be honest. This talk of addict aswell……what about the sufferers that arent addicts? Maybe I am missing something but every single report I have seen about cannabis hyperemesis is exactly the same symptoms as CVS………..even others on this blog point that out!

    Its funny how I am the one in denial yet others are denying the illnesses are the same?

    I will copy and paste something written by a moderator of the CVS forum which totally confirms what your saying about Gastroparesis………….(I will add, said mod doesnt smoke weed at all)

    “Delayed gastric emptying is simply that your stomach takes longer than “normal” to push the food you have eaten out of the stomach to the small intestine.

    Gastroparesis, is when this happens all the time.
    Part of my cvs symptoms is that my gut all but shuts down right before an attack.. however once I am entering the recovery phase, my GI function returns.”
    So, part of CVS symptoms for the moderator and big poster of the main CVSA forum are delayed gastric emptying at the point of an attack…………..and she doesnt smoke weed??Interesting eh that you have that and smoked weed?

    When are you people actually going to listen to me that doctors are listing these 2 illnesses as the same thing. Some people have quit and it has worked I arent doubting that. What you have to listen to though is some people have quit and it has made no difference or even made them worse. Some people actually have the illness who dont smoke weed so go figure, I dont have the answers but billions of questions :)

  90. Sandra

    I am here to post another update. It has been since May since I have last smoked. I have not had any symptoms of CHS since I stopped and my body started healing. I truly believe that for some people, once your body reaches a toxic level of THC (which in my case I smoked ALOT) it starts rejecting – like any drug too much is probably going to come back and bite you in the ass. The hot bathing was a way for my body to try and relax, whether it is actually classified as a part of the illness is really up for debate. Either way, I am thankful to not be hunched over the toilet anymore.

  91. CVS Sufferer

    Hiya zanzan, thanks again for posting.

    It seems strange that you are still convinced the illnesses are different when the doctors who have written about Cannabis Hypermesis have said themselves that the only difference between them both is the use of cannabis and that is the only sign they use to differentiate between the 2. I can only state what I read mate…sorry if you know different but again please tell me what the differences are because I havent read any.

    Actually thats a lie………..you have just mentioned that showers have never aborted an episode………why do you use a shower then? To simply provide relief? I use the bath in a similar way you see (baths are also reported in cannabis hypermesis, not just showers). but the baths have also known to abort the vomiting episode for me aswell. Not always but sometimes.

    Sorry to hear aswell that you have now got long term problems with your stomach. I honestly dont know how common this is with CVS sufferers. Maybe that is another difference between the 2 that your symptoms gets worse every attack? I dont know mate, just simply trying to find out :)

    Again, everything I have read, the doctors have linked the illnesses and can only separate them by the use of cannabis, which i still find totally wrong. Same reported symptoms, different diagnosis based on your lifestyle? Doesnt sound right does it?

    Still, I am totally openminded which is why I am posting and not just living in denial like is suggested. I would really like the people who have been cured by abstaining cannabis to come forward and let the people who are doing the research know, not just this blog. It could be very important!

  92. zanzan

    I am signed up to get emails every time someone posts to this blog. I do not think it is the same person posting under different names. Sometimes there are no comments for an extended period of time, as you can probably see and sometimes when people get “emotional” you will see more posts.

    With my experience…I believe CHS to be 100% real and when someone states it may not be and it is posts by an active pot smoker with health issues…the first thing that comes to mind is addict.

  93. zanzan

    hello CVS sufferer. your reaction to your episodes…I would assume would be different than mine, as I have been diagnosed with CHS not CVS.

    I didn’t read anywhere about the damage done to my body after the episodes. This is straight from the doctors at the ER, my follow up visits to my primary and with my gastro doctor, as well as just common sense. You just can’t go into the beginning of digestive failure and have no repercussions. Just look up what happens to your body from regular vomiting. Just think about what your body has to endure every time you have an episode, not to mention what happens when you become dehydrated. These episodes cause so much strain to the body; I actually have irregular heart rhythms and elevated lipase levels (I don’t have issue with my pancreas).

    The results of smoking THC is the shutting down of my digestive tract…which cause the vomiting, the sweating that drenches my clothing, the severe abdominal pain, the water like BM’s, the cold flashes, etc. A shower is only temporary, usually when you deciding if you are going to call 911 or getting a ride to the ER. It is hardly a fix…a shower will not stop an episode from happening.

    The doctors in the ER say that with all the “trauma” my body is going through with every episode, it is taking longer periods of time for my body to be able to digest food properly again.

  94. CVS Sufferer

    Sorry just for posting correct information I was incorrect before, it isnt CVSA uk doing research on cannabis. It was posted on the CVSA forum which I think is based in the USA. I wont link because they probably dont want trolls but google will find it easily if anyone is interested :)

  95. CVS Sufferer


    Someone posted along time ago down this blog that it is the same poster posting just under different names,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I am dumb sorry, I totally see that now and I also can say everyone else reading it must be able too aswell. Unfortunately all you are doing is making Cannabis Hypermesis Syndrome sound even more false than it is. If it was so popular that 3-4 different people have posted on this blog with their experiences in the last hour or 2 then it would be all over. I get less responses on forums with thousands and thousands of members lol

    So I will leave this blog now because I am actually ill and dont need idiots multiposting over something as important as health.#

    For anyone else suffering with the symptoms of Cyclical Vomiting and/or cannabis hyperemesis reading this please believe me I am for real. People who are saying they are different illnesses are wrong……specialists in the reports even confirm this. I am not giving anyone false hope….how can I, I arent well, I am still sick lol I just know of many sufferers who have exactly the same symptoms as me you and other posters on here and DO NOT SMOKE CANNABIS…………….

    Jeez, why the multiposting on such an important subject. No-one is saying you are wrong but what I am saying is more research needs doing. You are honestly sounding like a drug preacher though which isnt doing anyone any good.

    Anyway, I am done with this blog lol I tried to get some sensible opinions from people who have suffered but I arent sure who is real or isnt. All I will say again is please please if you believe you have cannabis hyperemesis syndrome and your vomiting episodes have gone with the abstaining of cannabis, contact the CVSA organision in the UK. They actually have doctors working on this now and doing research into it and I am 100% sure they would be very interested to hear from you.

    I want to get to the bottom of it and I definitely arent in denial. Anyone reading this can see that lol

    Thanks but sorry to those who come here looking for the truth….there isnt alot of it bouncing about. I suggest if all you have heard of is cannabis hyperemesis syndrome that you look up Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome where people who do not smoke cannabis have the same symptoms as you. Again, i arent saying cannabis usnt the cause but surely something needs investigating…it cant all be cannabis related!

  96. Anonymous


  97. CVS Sufferer

    Thanks for your concern anonymous. Maybe you should come forward and help with the research instead of hiding behind an anonymous name. Like I said above, we really need more people with this illness coming forward.

    Who is in denial? If I was in denial I would say it was not true which if you re-read everything I have typed you will see I actually agree that if you have quit cannabis and your vomiting stopped, cannabis must have been the trigger for you. I am certainly in denial about cannabis hypermesis though…………..there is simply no evidence!

    My wife scared? I arent addicted……..lol

  98. CVS Sufferer

    Thanks for your input zanzan

    You sound like you have gone through it like Kirsty but again do not know enough about CVS to be making those statements? I highly doubt it!. When you shout that they are NOT the same illness, what is the difference then? Apart from cannabis use, everything else reported is identical to both illnesses including symptoms and treatments….how does that work then? Thats like saying that 100 people with the flu. 80 of them smoked weed so their illness is cannabis flu syndrome….if they dont smoke cannabis it must be just the flu! There is no evidence to what your saying mate. I arent saying your wrong mind…..just no evidence other than a common interest in cannabis in some patients. We actually probably need more people like you coming forward in person to the doctors to make this condition more aware. Have you thought about posting your experiences on the official CVSA forum? I am sure the admins, mods and doctors who check the forums would be really interested to read your experiences.

    Something you say concerns me aswell tbh. Each episode takes longer to recover causing more and more damage?!?! Where in any literature does it say that? Not even in the cannabis hyperemesis reports I have read states that!!!!!! I have been vomiting for 14 years now and my last attack only lasted 2 days. I have had some a few years ago lasting 2 weeks!!! If what your saying is true then I would be getting worse, not better :/

    The doctors who have “found” this new illness have said themselves that it is identical to Cyclical Vomiting apart from the use of Cannabis. You only have to do some research yourself and look at the symptoms of CVS and that of CHS and you will see they are the same. Even children who dont smoke weed report the same appaulling symptoms as you have in the ER. Should they have to justify to a doctor that they dont smoke weed before they get help? Again, the only way the doctors who have ran these “tests” have said to tell the difference between each illness is the presence of cannabis. Lets test all sufferers, including kids with a drug test before treatment eh?

    Again, I arent denying it isnt real, but I also arent screaming that it is. We simply need more research not preaching. Maybe you guys/gals who have had it and recovered could start that by contacting CVSA :)

  99. Anonymous

    Quick note to CVS Sufferer. You are in denial! Maybe your wife is afraid to be honest with you. You will ALWAYS have episodes even if you smoke once a month. You may only have an episode once or twice a year but you will still have them. It must be worth it to you though. For your mentally instability, look into working out. Exercise can be the best cure for many things, especially mental.

  100. zanzan

    CHS is real. It basically shuts down your digestive tract and every time you have an episode it will take longer to recover. With every episode, you are causing more and more damage. In time you will lose your job or get demoted, you will get kicked off insurance policies and your family life will go to shit…the list goes on. What makes it so frustrating for your family, friends, doctors and ER staff is that you are doing this to yourself. They will stop helping you, caring for you because you don’t care enough about yourself!

    If you have been diagnosed with CHS…stop smoking. If you don’t have another episode, it is fair to assume you have CHS. If you continue to have issues…recurrent vomiting, intense nausea, abdominal pain, etc then it has to be something else like CVS. (CHS and CVS are NOT the same)

    If you continue smoking and going to the ER, believe me the emergency room staff will continue to treat you badly. Can you blame them? You are inflecting this on yourself by choosing to smoke. You will be treated as an addict, a drug seeker. If you can’t stop smoking to see if their diagnosis is correct …please get help. It sucks being an addict, especially if pot is the only thing you haven’t given up. I am an addict and I was pissed when I was diagnosed with CHS. I stopped drinking 3 years ago, stopped hard drugs a lifetime ago…I felt like all I had left was pot. I feel good now, better than I ever imagined. It is worth not smoking to see if CHS is real.

  101. CVS Sufferer

    Hiya Kirsty,

    I am so glad you are feeling better and away from this terrible illness and I dont doubt what you are saying at all. I 100% believe that you have a better life now and are feeling alot better…….I also believe that quiting cannabis has helped you no end to get to this point. What has stopped your cyclical vomiting? Who knows! You say its abstaining from cannabis and to be fair who can argue with you. Its your body and your life so you should know.

    It isnt my wish to keep connecting Cannabis Hypermesis with Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome at all, to be honest I wish people would stop connecting them but hey. I appreciate this is a cannabis hyperemesis blog but all of the reports state that the only difference between Cyclical Vomiting and Cannabis Hyperemesis is the use of cannabis. Read them, its all there. To not mention CVS on here is just ignorant imo, its a massive part of the illness if its real or not!

    I can see you find it unbelievable people with CVS will smoke weed even knowing about this so called illness. Many people who have CVS dont smoke weed…smoke smoked before they got ill, some smoked after and some never have smoked. There is just no definitive link! Some CVS sufferers get relief from smoking weed and didnt smoke it prior to getting ill….are you calling them a liar or in denial? What has worked for you might not work for everyone else and there is simply no evidence of cannabis hypermesis apart from some CVS sufferers smoke cannabis. What about the others?

    There are a couple of other things to mention which you may or may not want to know. I saw you sufferered with epilepsy when you was young. CVS is linked to Epilepsy! Also I saw you smoked weed before quiting for 12 years. Strange how you didnt get Cannabis Hyperemesis the first time around wouldnt you say?

    I really cannot say either way whether Cannabis Hyperemesis is real or not…………but I can also say that the doctors cant either. For everyone 1 doctor who says its real, another says its not. You are truelly the only one I have spoken to who has abstained for a long period of time and havent had an attack. Many people post once or twice but never come back a year or 2 down the line. Like I said, I suspect this is because they are still ill and only managed to quite for a week or 2.

    The main thought behind cannabis hyperemesis is that certain cannabinoids store themselves to your fat cells and because it is hard to burn them off or something, you can overload your toxicity and thus causing vomiting. I have even seen you type such things. If this was the case…..what toxins are in an 8 year old child, presenting at the A&E with exactly the same symptoms and treatments as you? Not cannabinoids, thats for sure!

    Again I arent arguing whether it is an illness or not…I do truelly believe you are better and your cycles have stopped. I just dont believe it was cannabis toxicity causing Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome. I would more likely say a very heightended level of anxiety/stress/nerves caused by chronic cannabis abuse which caused cyclical vomiting. Ceasing cannabis made you feel overall better which cured your vomiting.

    I am no expert but atleast my explaination takes into account the many sufferers who suffer the same illness but have different triggers, not caused by cannabis. Am I living in denial………..my non smoking wife says no. I have cut down my cannabis use alot over the last couple of years since I stopped smoking it with cigs and I have noticed no difference in how or why my attacks occur. Will I quit to give it a chance? No disrespect but I hardly smoke much now so I would need more people like you to come out of the woodwork to convince me it is purely the cannabis doing it to me……..mainly because as above……my symptoms are identical to those with the illness that dont smoke cannabis :/

  102. Kirsty

    I am interested in the wish to connect CVS with Chronic Cannabinoid HyperEmessis by many people talking on this site. Clearly it is an awful affliction as well. To CVS sufferer I truly have compassion for what you must have gone through for many years. I am a lucky one I suppose in that I give up Cannabis and my condition goes away. I have gone through the anxiety stages, through the pain stages for some time now and I think I am pretty much out of trouble with my previous addictive nature.

    I think it is worth saying that I am not lying, the doctors and hospitals checked me primarily every time for a heart attack as that was how I was presenting to them. Their hi tech instruments do not lie in the hospitals, they would not have done these type of checks otherwise. I am not lying, also I am not offended either.

    This blog site is here for Cannabinoid Hyper Emmesis study, well this is what I thought anyway. I am quite amazed that people who feel sick with CVS are smoking weed and fooling themselves that they have felt sick all their lives. Maybe some have but maybe some people are still in denial that they have to really bite the bullet and give up. For all of us we have the freedom to choose for ourselves how we treat ourselves. I have chosen to treat my body and spirit with better respect these days.

    I wish everyone the best of luck. I am totally well now, I never had another attack once I got over that initial hell time of withdrawal from smoking the stuff. I am not even tempted anymore to have it. Life is too good without it…


  103. CVS Sufferer

    I will say aswell hon,

    Your doc asked about the showers because unfortunately it has become a common misconception that the difference between CVS and CHS is the fact that only CHS sufferers get in a hot bath or shower to try and abort an attack. As I said below, totally wrong! You see there are 4 stages to a CVS attack. The 1st being the symptom free interval phase where all is well, you feel great, no stomach complaints and your life “appears” fine. This stage can last days, weeks, months or even years. In the 2nd stage (the prodrome stage) CVS sufferers have the chance to abort an attack…….this is the stage where hot baths and showers are vital. Only CVS/CHS sufferers will truelly understand the importance of baths and aborting an attack. They arent fool proof but can work wonders! FWIW the 3rd stage is the vomiting stage and the 4th being recovery.

    Anyway, I am posting just pointing out what the shower comment was about. CVS/ CHS sufferers find relief from hot baths or showers and it is possible to abort and attack in the prodrome stage using this method….whether your a cannabis user or not lol ;)

    If you dont relate to any of the above then I dare say you havent got CVS or CHS and you should get back to your docs and point this out to him!

    Hope you start feeling better soon and please, let us know how you get one. I will be coming on here regularly now to learn abit more and try and understand where the link really is :)

  104. CVS Sufferer

    So sorry Shana, your certainly going through it :(

    Honestly when reading your post I was thinking straight away when the doc asked if you smoke weed, “Why the hell is he asking that?”. From everything you have posted you dont present with exactly the same symptoms as me or others I have read that sufferer with cvs/chs???

    This is what I was trying to say before that it is very dangerous for these doctors to be making assumptions based upon nothing other than co-incidence and a few reports on the internet. More serious illnesses could be missed…..much more research has to be done before words like Cannabis Hypermesis are put in the dictionary and used by docs to determine whats wrong.

    Personally I would mention this to your doc…….even if CHS is real or not, you dont appear to have the symptoms. Also the fact you have stopped smoking for 2 and a half months doesnt match. Even docs who say CHS is real say it ceases as soon as you abstain using cannabis! I would say though I am obviously no doctor and taking advice from me would be totally inappropriate. Maybe cannabis is causing your digestive to slow down as it has been proven too but in your case it sounds very extreme, like food still being there the next day!

    I know one of my triggers is late night munchies. Someone has touched on it below. My stomach is in pieces after I have polished off a packet of biscuits on a night but I would blame me not the cannabis. OK the cannabis gives me the munchies but it is me who is weak and ramming way too many them down my throat. Everything in moderation but it appears you cant even eat :(

    Really the best of luck getting to the bottom of it but it doesnt sound like CVS or CHS from what youve said!

  105. Shana

    CVS Sufferer,

    I definately agree with you that more research into so-called Cannibinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome is needed. I have posted several times on this blog about my experience with it and have learned a lot in recent months.

    I was diagnosed with CHS last Oct by my gastroenterologist. I began seeing him 3 years ago after having a bad bout of pancretitis (my first and only attack) and then having my gallbladder removed once it was found to be diseased. After seeing him for all that, I didn’t see him for another year, till the following summer when I had a horrible gastrointestinal attack after eating a large dinner. The next morning I woke up with sulfur burps and incredible pain. The pain got so bad I began to vomit and realized the food I had eaten over 24 hours before had not digested.

    After that attack I could not eat solid food for 3 months without extreem pain. I lost over 40 lbs last summer. My gastro did many tests (blood tests, a CT scan of my stomach area, an Endoscopy, a stomach emptying test to check for Gastroparesis). Everything was normal except the Endoscopy showed imflammation in my stomach and esophogus.

    Another month passed after I saw him to review my latest tests, and he was about to run more tests when I saw this lightbulb go off in his head. He leaned in close to me and asked me if I smoked marijuana. I looked down and shook my head yes. He asked how much I smoked, and I said I had been smoking for 16 years, but for the past decade I was smoking heavily every day, multiple times a day). He asked me if I took a lot of hot showers. I thought for a minute and said yes, I had been taking hot showers more than normal and it was over the summer so that was odd. He said, “I know exactly what is wrong with you!” He was so excited and ran out of the room. I sat there and cried my eyes out, thinking, “I did this? I have been making myself sick all this time with my pot habit???” He came back in with a printed off document about CHS. He said to stop smoking the pot and I would get better. So I immediately quit.

    Within a week I was better. I stayed off the pot for about three months, but then broke down and smoked one day and didn’t get sick. After that I would try to go as long as I could before breaking down, and didn’t seem to get any symptoms. But over the next year, I did notice that when I over-did it and smoked for too long, I would start to have stomach aches and have a hard time digesting food. These things seemed to convince me that CHS was a real disease. But it was so hard for me to stay away from the herb that I loved.

    So at the beginning of this summer I began smoking every day again. Things were going fine, but then after about a month or more I had another attack just like the one I had had the summer before. I had a large meal for dinner, then woke up with the sulfur burps and incredible pain. After suffering all day and into the next night, I begged my mom to take me to the hospital. I told them there that my gastro had diagnosed with with CHS, and after I told them that they didn’t treat me very nice. They kept commenting they couldn’t give me anything for the excrustiating pain I was in because it would just make it worse. They gave me a medicine that forced the still undigested food out of my stomach and in the preceeding days this medicine really messed me up. I was having horrible tremors and felt mentally ill.

    After this attack I had two other attacks that put me in the ER. (I should point out that after the first attack on July 1st, I stopped smoking pot again). Since then it’s been over two months and I have been unable to eat solid food ever since. Every time I do it causes great pain and doesn’t seem to want to digest. I have lost 65 POUNDS! and I am just surviving on these nutritional shakes. I’m only taking in like 500 calories a day. I’m so, so hungry but food is like poison to me.

    During this latest bout of illness, I’ve reserached CHS a lot, and came to realize that my symptoms don’t fit the criteria for this disease! The biggest thing is I don’t have CYCLICAL VOMITING! In fact, I find it very hard to vomit at all! I have to force myself to vomit when I’m in so much pain. Sure, a few times in the past couple years I vomited spontaneously, and I think that’s what my doctor focused on and thought that I must have cyclical vomiting. After a month of not being able to eat I went back to my gastro clinic. My gastro was TOO BUSY to see me so he pawned me off on one of his colegues, this young kid who gave me some medicine that, number one my insurance wouldn’t cover, and number two, made me much, much worse! His collegue said my main gastro didn’t want to see me until the pot was out of my system, so I had to wait over a month to get in with him. By the time I saw him, I had lost 50 lbs, was so weak and sick and hadn’t smoked pot in 2 months. He took one look at me and said, “Maybe we need to do some more tests….” Duh! My mom came with me to that apt and she explained to him that I had been having gastro issues since birth (nothing as bad as this, but still significant enough to interfere with my life). I didn’t start smoking pot till I was 16, so what was causing the issues for the first 16 yrs of my life?

    He decided to do another endoscopy (2 years after doing to first one). He said this time he was going to go further, past my stomach and check out my pylorus and duodenum. Well, he found the my pylorus was tight, which might have accounted for why food wasn’t exiting my stomach. He used 3 different sized balloons to dialate my pylorus, stretching it as far as he could before it would tear. Then he again saw imflammation in my stomach and esophogus so this time he took biopsies. In the recovery room, I was half in and out of it and when my Dr came in my dad was trying to question him and my dr was a real ass and acted real impatient with my dad and was trying to get away from him. My dad asked him, what if this doesn’t work and she eats again and gets sick? What do we do? My Dr. said, go to the ER! Sigh.

    Well, it’s been two weeks since the Endoscopy and I’m still on a mostly liquid diet. I have been able to eat a small amount of mashed potatoes here and there and some saltines, but they still aren’t going down well. And I still have the stomach pain. My Dr called me and said the biopsies he took showed nothing except for immflamation. I should have said this, but what I want to know is WHAT IS CAUSING THE IMMFLAMATION??? It seems to me that that could be the key to why I keep getting sick! I told this dr a week after my endocopy that I was still sick and all he said was, call us in a couple weeks if you’re still unable to eat. He just seems so unconcerned.

    I’m so frustrated right now I don’t know what to do. SOMETHING is wrong with me, but none of these doctors I’m seeing are figuring it out. I don’t really believe I have CHS, especially because I have never had cyclical vomiting! I am angry because I think him giving me that diagnosis has messed up my insurance coverage because since then, they’ve refused to pay for any medicine pertaining to my stomach issues. I really want hiim to remove this as a diagnosis because it just doesn’t fit. Maybe the pot is contributing in SOME way to these stomach attacks (maybe causing some of the immflamation???) but I’ve been off weed for 2 & 1/2 months and I’m still sick.

    I want to point out that when I stopped smoking last year right after he gave me the CHS diagnosis, I had already been getting better before that. I had already started eating some solid food and getting it down. I’m still wondering if I have Gastroparesis because it’s obvious my stomaches not digesting my food and that’s what’s causing the pain. If I eat something solid, i can still feel it in there over 24 hours after i’ve eaten. He did ONE stomach emptying test on me (and for the record, he did this test when I was beginning to recover from that attack) and it was normal, so he has not considered that that might be the issue. One of the ER Drs I saw during one of my bad attacks this summer told me that CHS can cause intermitten Gastroparesis. I just took his word for it.

    After all this hell I’ve gone through, I really don’t know where to turn. I don’t know if CHS is real, or if many of you just have CVS. More research needs to be done for sure. I just hope that these doctors will find out what’s REALLY wrong with me soon, because whatever is happening to my digestive system is really disrupting my life and making it hell on earth for me. :-(

    Good luck to all of you, and DO YOUR RESEARCH! These Dr’s may have medical degrees, but they don’t know everything!

  106. CVS Sufferer

    Hiya again lol

    Re-readind some of these tonight with my non smoking wife I feel I must set this thread straight on a few things relating to CVS which are completely incorrect. I dont know what people have read but in no way can a CVS sufferer just vomit in the morning and get up and go to work or school. It is EXACTLY the same symptoms as CHE sufferes report……I know because I have them and every single other CVS sufferer has them too. There is an annual meeting in Birmingham, see for yourself. Kirsty, you mention the illness to be like a heart attack and asthma attack. Really no offence meant but before you start making statements like that you really should do some research on Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome. As I said, there is absolutely NO difference between reported symptoms………I have done alot of research on them both. Even the doctors who have written about Cannabis Hypermesis state that the symptoms are identical apart from the patient has a history of cannabis abuse.

    As I said really please dont take this as a personal attack Kirsty, we are all in this together and information needs to be shared so the wrong conclusions arent met. I have no doubt what you and others are saying is true, why would you lie about it!. It would still be nice to hear back from many of the poster who post once and never update their progress. I suspect they fell off the wagon and are still ill though.

    In my humble an honest opinion I believe cannabis does not cause Cyclical Vomiting. I believe it may increase several triggers for people who are open to the illness. i.e for me a trigger is heightened anxiety and excitement. If I was to smoke a trippy, up type of high while feeling like that I dare say all this would do is send me over the edge………….is that the cannabis fault? Well yes I suppose it is but is it Cannabis Hypermesis? No way…..it is Cyclical Vomiting which was triggered by anxiety which was heightened by smoking the wrong type of cannabis IMO Had I had a indica and chilled out and slept, my anxiety might have died down and I could have avoided said attack.

    So therein lies the arguement really. For some people quiting cannabis can cure the illness like that (i.e Kirsty), job done. For others, who suffer exactly the same symptoms, quiting does very little. To claim there are 2 different illnesses with exactly the same symptoms, only separated by the use of cannabis is the easy thing to do. Like me and others have said, there are plenty of people suffering the horrible illness who dont smoke weed, there are millions more smoking weed who dont have this ilness.

    One thing is for sure, more research is needed. I may well quit and see if I ever have an attack again because I am in no way addicted to it like I used to be when I mixed with tobacco. I am very reluctant to though because of me being ill before I started smoking weed. I didnt have full blown attacks but I always had a bad stomach and felt sick most days. As I said above, maybe the weed has increased the things that trigger my attacks making me worse but if that was the case, the older i have got and the better quality grade I smoke, surely the worse I should have gotten?

  107. CVS Sufferer

    I will say aswell…..after all of these years I have learnt what my triggers are and none of them are cannabis. Food, stress, exersise, lack of fluid, excitement, over exhaustion…..all have led to attacks. If I keep all of these in check I tend not to have an attack…………….regardless of when or how much weed I have smoked.

    I dont and havent suffered with the weight loss people mention on here…I wish I did lol I dont smoke throughout my attacks but when recovering I get my vape out which gets my appetite going again.

    I will also say aswell that I arent a chronic smoker. Maybe 1g a day now on my vape (maybe that is lol). When my CVS was at its worst I was smoking soapbar with cigs which is hardly what you would call full with THC in comparison to the buds I am vaping now! Anyway by the by. Just posting my experience which is what we are here for. :)

  108. CVS Sufferer

    I would ask everyone who thinks you suffer from Cannabis Hypermesis to ask your doctor why other patients “present” with exactly the same symptoms as you but have never touched cannabis in their life? To say baths and showers are indicative to cannabis hypermesis is just as inaccurate as every one of the reports I have read. Many many sufferers of Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome including children who have never touched cannabis get in hot baths and showers as a relief……..

    I have suffered for, when I look back probably most of my life and its funny these doctors who are diagnosing this new disease have said that the symptoms are identical apart from the use of cannabis! Also, if the vomiting predates your cannabis use then it is most likely cyclical vomiting………..incidentally this is me. I have suffered worse over my 20s than in my 10s and 30s and my cannabis use has obviously changed alot over those years….none in the 10s……some in the 20s more in the 30s. I feel I am improving aswell over time….go figure!

    IMO Cannabis Hypermesis is really doctors clutching at straws. I really hope not and the people who have quit stay quit for a couple of years and report back and are alot better. I do believe a year or 2 would be a good test that your symptoms have gone (from experience of CVS) but also remember quiting weed will change your life dramatically, who cant it? therefore your mentality will change (it has to) along with your stress levels and anxiety levels which may also affect your vomiting (or lack of).

    More testing definitely needs doing but my vomiting starting before smoking cannabis so make of that what you will. Would it disappear if I quit? Dont know but I hardly smoke some weeks and my stomach is no different than when I smoke alot……my cycles come and go in just that….cycles!

    Thanks and good luck everyone suffering. Please report back further down the line. No-one ever seems to on the forums I have previously searched!

  109. Phil

    I’m 20 and back in April I had a hospital visit after drinking two beers. it was bad I literally didn’t stop puking for a day with medicine. 2 weeks later it happened again then again 2 days after that. I was fine all summer until last Tuesday. I woke up and puked, Thursday the same thing happened. I smoke only BHO concentrates and I don’t know whether my disease is the same as y’alls. A hot bath does make me feel better but I feel as though my throwing up only lasts hours not days like y’alls do. What do y’all think?

  110. Sandra

    I am sorry, but why are you telling us this? We know already know. Maybe you should find a support site instead of taking your frustration out here. It’s really rude, we are all here because we are trying to figure this all out too.

  111. Lee Anne CAsh

    Like it or not this disease does exist. It does not happen to every body but it is rare and when it happens to someone it is very very ugly. Don’t stick your head in the sand like a dumbass. I have lived eight years of a living hell because all this stuff. I literally despise marijuana. I have a 12-year-old son who will be lucky to be normal because of this shit. You are so stupid it makes me want to puke my rotten guts out.

  112. Kirsty

    Cashed up yourself,

    Calling everyone on this site all idiots is a bit harsh, ouch now you have done damage hope it put a smile on that dial of yours, I think you need to smile more.

    I believe that drugs and alcohol in a family environment rips a family apart and so I agree with you on that point, do you drink alcohol excessively? Your anger shines in your few words so brightly that I believe you may just be a boozer. I believe that drunks are also a cause for families being torn apart, also partners that are not supportive and are hateful and unloving can do just as much damage.

    Look in the mirror love…


  113. maryjane

    Ms. $ , go whine to Dr. Phil, sounds like your husband has a bitty for a wife. No wonder he needed to smoke. Hope he feels better soon HE has our support. You can go f yourself.

  114. Lee Anne Cash

    My husband has it and you’re all idiots. Trust me, not everyone gets it but some do and it will rip a family to shreds.

  115. Kirsty

    Hi Amanda,

    Totally know the denial trip!! I did that and went back to smoking one last time, worked out how to do the balancing act, how to not throw up when I got sick that last time, all it idid was make me hospitalized for 5 days instead of 2 and a lot more prolonged agony. I think the bottom line was that I was an obsessive smoker, I loved my weed a hell of a lot. My body got chronically over toxified with probably hospital grade weed cos the weed I was smoking was very strong. My liver emptied the toxins out of my body and it is total agony when it is happening. It felt like I was dying. I was eating less and less as I felt more and more toxic overloaded each time I went through the cycle. I could even almost mark the week where I wouldn’t feel stoned at all, that was the turning point in each cycle where I was starting the overloaded part, after that week that very point I found it hard to sleep and the benefits of pot seemed to turn into the reverse of what everyone else around me was enjoying. I think it is a brain pattern or body learnt type of reaction to it, my immune system or liver or brain has done a switch on my reaction to smoking pot and even if I smell it now I feel sick. I haven’t smoked for 1 and half years now either pot or cigarettes. I barely ever drink alcohol (I did at one stage but when pukeing bile I wasn’t drinking). The only answer is to give up, or just keep going to hospital. I am really healthy now apart from having a fructose mal absorption problem. I read there is someone on this site that has a bag attached, their colon was more affected than mine. Be warned, this cyclic behaviour may do lasting damage to your digestive system. I am very limited currently to what I can eat. It may improve if I stay on a diet that has no fructose for 2 years or I may be stuck with this stupid diet for the rest of my life, who knows, time will tell. I miss eating onions, garlic, mushrooms, all fruit except lemons, limes, grapefruit and honeydew, honey, wine based alcohol, large amounts of bread and anything that I cannot tell what is in it. IT TOTALLY SUCKS, and I think it is because I put of believing that it was the pot causing the vomiting attacks that I have compromised my digestive tract. GIVE UP Amanda and see how much better you feel. It is 3 months minimum of withdrawal and you are pretty clear to feel and know what damage you have done to your body then, maybe you will be lucky. Good luck… :-P

  116. Amanda

    Well Ladies and Gentlemen, I too have been diagnosed the this Pot diease. Ive have been sick for the past six months. In and out of the ER..I have had 10 different diagnosis, put on different diets. Which this diets would seem to make the problem worse. I was told not to drink, so I stopped, and I was still experiencing the pain in th morning, vomiting until nothing but bile. I would take myself in to the ER and was treated like crap, bc they thoght I was a druggie. Not a druggie just a weed head. Im so sad to think my favorite thing in the world is making me sick. Im in such denial. I would give up everything to have my pot. I would like to know if anyone has been sober and stll gotten sick? Really weed cant do this to us…can it? If so what can I do to control my urges and anexity? This blows.. :silvermj:

  117. Ricki V.

    I think I know why this happens. Pot tends to slow your digestive activity down. When you get those munchies and your system moves the food through slower than normal, it gets stuck in there. It ferments and can make you sick. You may want to eat first, wait a couple of hours, then smoke just before you go to bed. Some people will have this problem with acid reducers. It allows the food to go undigested and it stagnates in your system. This is my quasi educated theory.

  118. Sandra

    In response to Ilovemesomejulie: Nothing is more important than your body’s health, mind and spirit. I think you know what the right thing to do is. As much as we don’t want to quit the things that we love, or make us feel better in our own way ,you are at a point that it’s a “must”. Love yourself, trust in yourself that you can do the right thing and don’t think you can’t get better because you can!

  119. Ilovemesomejulie

    I have CVS and have been struggling with it since I was 22 years old. I’m 27 now. I have been smoking weed for over 10 years and I love it. I quit smoking for 3 months and still got sick 3 times in those months. I got frustrated and started smoking heavily again. About a year and a half ago I got hooked on opiates because I was getting sick almost every day and taking Percocet to make the episode stop. This method worked very well and I avoided the ER so many times. But before I knew it I was hooked and realized I would get sick if I didn’t take a Percocet one day. I am getting sick almost every day again and I detoxed off the percs cold turkey a month ago. This morning I woke up with that horrible feeling in my stomach and immediately wanted to go lay In my shower. I have been to the ER more times this month then I ever have. Almost every other day. A week ago I caved in and let the doc give me some morphine to stop the episode and it worked. Nothing else they give me in the ER completely stops the pain like opiates do. I’m now taking 5mlg vicodine to stop my episodes every morning and it’s working. I wake up really early every day with the pain. Between 3am-8am. I then smoke some weed after taking my pills and laying in the shower until the hot water runs out. The weed seems to really help my nausea and anxiety but I fear it’s hurting me in the long run just like the opiates do. It helps my appetite also. I get sick most of the time when I eat something, get too full, or eat late at night I’ll wake up sick sometimes. Also I get sick every time I drink alcohol. I never get directly sick when I smoke weed. I just don’t know what to do to make this stop. I’m 85 pounds right now and I can’t seem to gain any weight because Im getting sick so often. The last thing I want to do is give up my pot. It’s the ONLY thing I can do that doesn’t make me sick right away and seems to really help my nausea. I’ve even gotten sick from taking opiates but never after I smoke weed.

  120. jr

    I have smoked since 1990. In 2001 I ended up in the hospital with the worst abdominal pain I have ever felt. I began vomiting until I had nothing but bile left. And that would not stop. I was convinced I had some rare disease. In 2007 after dealing with this for six years I was diagnosed with cannabis hypersensitivity. I still denied it for more than a month after diagnosis. Finally I quit. Now grant it I smoked almost a quarter a day of med grade. It took a month but finally it all stopped. Now I can smoke for a week or so every month or so. Anything more and I’m hospitalized. Over 11 years. Hundreds of er visits. And pain and jobs. I can, tell you it’s hard to accept because I love it. But for me and a few cursed others. We have to learn to live without it. I still go back for short periods. But am ultimately better off without it. Legalize it yes. Medical yes. Stupidity to choose to allow mental addiction to my favorite plant to bring about negative in my body. Yes I’m that stupid. Now I have a drainage bag in my gall bladder and am scheduled for surgery. Will I stop even then, probably not.

  121. Sandra

    Thanks Kirsty for your kind words! :-)

  122. also affected

    Just want to say, I’m 47 and have smoked most of my life never with any problems until the last 5 yrs or so. I too have been to the ER a handful of times, always after trying to go 1-4 days without smoking. I don’t smoke large quantities, but do smoke 1-2 hits minimum twice daily and often more. As with others, my tests too, came up negative. Deep down I knew the problem and tried to curtail it with .5 Xanax in between not smoking. Eventually it didn’t work. BTW my theory on why people get sick in the mornings is cuz it’s been hours since you last toked (this was the case w/ me and it was always fixed by toking – unless I waited too long and puking had begun). I just got out of the ER and a 5 night hospital stay and the ER Dr. said he’s seeing more and more of this. He was actually in favor of the drug and suggested vaporizing, but also said he’s seen such withdrawls, especially in the elderly. NO MORE FOR ME. Enough is enough. Reading this blog helped IMMENSELY as I too know NO ONE ELSE who suffers this. I can’t drink cuz booze makes me very sick – that’s why I’ve always loved my weed. So sad to know these days must now end….. :(

  123. Kirsty

    Hi Sandra,

    Ii mentioned epilepsy. I had seizures from 9 to 25 with medication and found that smoking the weed actually reduced seizures and made me feel a lot better at dealing with the social problems associated with epilepsy.

    I had a break from smoking weed for a good 12 years then took it up again and got this cannabinoid hyper emessis problem the second time I took it up. I had been seizure free however prior to taking it up the second time. Still I found that it reduced my anxiety problems and I have had them for most of my life. Sandra I sure know where you are coming from here.

    I have found that after talking to my doctor that having valium not every day but to the level where I honestly feel a lot better is the best substitute. It is also something that they don’t like readily giving out in Australia but it is known as a great drug for anxiety. Being ex epileptic for me, I don’t need the seizure drugs any more but it left me with a really huge problem coping with being different still. Personally I take one most nights before I go to sleep and I find it really helps me, it is also a way of not being bombed out or getting high on them so I can miss a few nights of them as well. The doctor see’s that I treat these tablets with respect so I always can get another script for them when I run out. That is how I deal with anxiety. Also, I am learning in life not to take myself quite so seriously and to give myself a break, after all, nobody is always right (although some think they are) and nobody is always wrong (yet some think they are). Situate yourself mentally in the middle with the masses and feel part of the community and you will feel like you belong. I volunteer and that helps me as well, at an Epilepsy Op Shop.

    Good Luck Sandra, and well done being off the stuff for 3 months. That is about the time I believe that the third kicker comes in, where I wanted to go back to smoking. I learned from the hospitals that THC when smoked in large amounts is still in the blood at the 3 month mark, it was still in mine even though I hadn’t had a puff. You can expect to feel quite on edge as it leaves your blood stream. Be strong, you will live and feel better. Chamomile tea, sleep tonics and no caffeine actually help me a great deal as well. I have a sensitive type of brain and I think caffeine is a huge enemy to my thought patterns.

    Good luck,

    K :-P

  124. sandra

    Just an update…3 months weed free (still miss my herb) no vomiting, no more hot baths. I have discussed this with a few of my close friends who are chronic users and have found 3 others who confided that they also have vomiting issues, mostly in the a.m. Note to one of the posters who mentioned epilepsy. Ive had 2 seizures in the last 10 years. Treated with daily medication. Unfortunatly, not smoking leaves me with no way to relax, still trying to figure out how deal with anxiety.

  125. millar

    ive been smoking for about 4 years, not all that long compared to people i know/have spoken to…
    my habit was quite heavy, most of the time i’d smoke a Q a day. In the last 2 years i’ve quit and started again 11 times, however; i have only experienced the severe nausea and vomiting attacks once. id been smoking bongs like a machine. one night at work i started feeling really un well, vomited, went home… then began 8 days of CONSTANT pain and nausea, vomiting every 20 minutes or so (furiously dry reaching at times). initially i wasnt sure what was causing me to be so sick… i flew from sydney to melbourne in intense discomfort, vomiting into the air plane bags (eek!)… anyway, i lost about 15kg in 2 weeks, had no appetite whatsoever. i went to the ER after going to my GP, told her i’d been vomiting for a week constantly, barely any sleep, aches and pains everywhere. immediately she told me to go straight to ER, so i did. hooked up to a saline IV for 4 hours, after pacing around the waiting room for an eternity. the triage nurse gave me a valium because i couldnt keep still, was in such discomfort.

    i started to settle a little after a few hours in the ER (at this stage it had been about 3-4 days since id smoked weed). a nurse came in to talk to me and asked me if i smoked, then handed me a flyer on Cyclical Hyperemesis.

    I recovered and stayed clean for about 3 months. the thing im confused about, is that ive never gotten sick like that since and this was happening at the end of 2010. its over a year and a half later, and i still smoke.

    i smoke for about a month or 2, then i have a couple of weeks break- but i ALWAYS slip back into my habit, i cant seem to stop. i guess im just damn lucky to not have gotten sick again! would this be because i have frequent breaks, or perhaps because now i smoke joints, whereas before it was bongs… i dont know, i DO know however, that marijuana is extremely addictive and destructive. it turns amazing people in to nothing. this illness is real

  126. Shana

    Update: After my last post, I got so sick I had to go to the ER. I had developed Gastroperisis (paralysis of the stomach) and they had to give me medicine to force the food that had been stuck in my stomach for 36 hours out. I reacted badly to the medicine (reglan) and ended up back in the ER two days later with symptoms of shaking, muscle tension, horrible acidic diarrhea, and mental problems. Since then I’ve only been able to take in liquids (no solid food whatsoever). I’ve lost 17 lbs in the past five days. This has been the worst attack since I’ve been diagnosed with CHS. (some people who have CHS can develop Gastroperisis, which is a horribly painful condition) I am in bad shape right now. I am so weak from malnutrition and my stomach hurts so, so bad. I have made a decision that I am done with pot. I love it, but I feel like it’s gonna f-ing kill me. I thought it might be okay to smoke every once in awhile, but my addiction to it is too strong and I can’t control myself. I can’t tell you all how depressed I am about never smoking again.

    Yes, I started smoking every day again. After I was diagnosed with CHS last summer, I quit for two months. I got better very quickly. Then I broke down and smoked one day. I didn’t get sick, so I kept smoking here and there. After about a month of smoking occassionally, I got mildly sick again. I quit again for about a month, then started smoking occassionally again. I got sick mildy AGAIN, and kept this up for the past six months…drying out, then smoking. Finally, in the past 2 months I began smoking every day again and finally got incredibly sick last Sunday. I’ve been so sick ever since that I have decided I am done with this game of quitting, then startiing back up again.

    To Don’t Trip:

    I tried smoking it with a vaporizor…didn’t help at all. Waste of money. As for eating it? OMG, much, much worse. Eating it about killed my stomach. I wouldn’t recommend eating it for sure.

    To all those diagnosed with this illness…I’m so sorry you have to go through this suffering. It’s just not fair. I don’t know what has caused us to develop this…whether it’s the high amount of THC in the pot nowadays, or the chemicals that are used to grow it….I just don’t know. But whatever causes it sucks big time. I feel your pain that you have to give up smoking. I’ve been smoking for 21 years and it has helped me get through a lot of hard times (and fun times!) But for some reason some of us have this curse and we develop CHS. I hope all of you afflicted with this can find the strength to quit smoking so you don’t have to go through the hell I’ve been going through for the past 2 years. Good luck my friends.

  127. Dont trip

    Question, is it the THC or the smokeing which causes this? Can’t we just switch to edibles or vaporizers?? :o I’d really like to know this..

  128. Jason

    Did you start smoking everyday again? & how long till the sickness came back? I been clean for about a month now & was just planning to start smoking on the weekends but this just made me want to quit completely. Its terrible, I really love weed… :,(

  129. Shana

    For the last two years I’ve been suffering terribly from gastrointestinal issues. I’ve had COUNTLESS tests run and my gastroenterologist (who is at the top of his field) could not find ANYTHING wrong with me. My body was simply falling apart. I lost 40 lbs last summer because I was vomiting and couldn’t eat anything without pain. I developed pancreatitis, then found my gallbladder was diseased and had that removed. Still, the pain continued. I have had many episodes of gastroperisis, which causes my stomach to stop working and causes horrible pain and gas that smells like sulfer/rotton eggs. Finally one day I was in my gastroenterologists office and he was about to send me for another round of tests and a lightbulb went off in his head. He asked me point blank if I smoked marijuana. I was embarrassed but told the truth…I smoked every day, all day and had for 16 years. (The smoke I get is very potent (sticky/icky) btw) My gastro. told me he thought he knew what was wrong with me. He said it was a condition caused by smoking a lot of marijuana. He ran out of the room and I sat there crying, thinking, I DID THIS TO MYSELF??? All this pain I had been going through…I was sure I was dying of some terrible disease, and all along it was all due to my pot habit??? My Dr. came back in the room with some papers that talked about Cannibinoid Hyperemisis Syndrome. I was stunned. I had never heard of anything like this. I know A LOT of heavy smokers…many of which had been smoking much longer than me, and they were fine. My doc explained that it is a rare condition, and that a lot of the people that do get it may have other issues that predisposes them to get it. I left not really believing this diagnosis could be true. But I quit smoking that day. I was desperate. Within five days or so I started feeling a lot better. I could eat some food again. After a week and a half, I was nearly 100% better! I couldn’t believe it. For 2 months I didn’t smoke any pot at all. It was so hard because I really, REALLY love me some green. I was amazed at how much better I felt and I quickly put the weight back on that I lost (and then some!). But after about 3 months or so of abstinence, I broke down and smoke one night. I was surprised I didn’t get sick and I wondered if this CHS was a real thing or not. So I kept smoking. Eventually the sickness came back and I knew that it was real. I quit again, and got better very quickly. Since then I’ve broke down several times and each time I was okay for awhile, but then I’d get sick again. It seems to me that whatever might be toxic in the pot I’m smoking has to build up in my system before I get sick. If I dry out for awhile I’m okay to smoke for awhile. I’ve tried just smoking on the weekends, but it’s just too hard for me. Once I smoke a little bit, I just want more and more! But I can’t take this sickness anymore. I’m having a bout of it as I write this and I’m in pain and not a happy camper. I know I’ve over-done it lately. I think that I’m going to have to quit for good, which makes me so, so sad. Why me? But I have to say, for all the people trying to say this is not a real illness, you don’t know what you’re talking about. The proof is in the pudding people. I smoke, I get sick, I stop, I get better. How can I make that clearer for you to understand??? I love pot and I always will but ANYTHING in large quanities can cause illness. I mean, my god, you can DIE from drinking too much water!!!! Get a clue.

  130. Chris

    Can anyone tell me if afer recovering from this, smoked again? If so after how long did you wait to start again? I want to smoke on my birthday comming in a month but not sure if its too soon.. I don’t plan to continue smoking on a daily basis again or am I doomed to suffer through the same pain again if I smoke no matter how long I wait??

  131. Jason

    Can anyone tell me if afer recovering from this, smoked marijuana again? If so after how long did you wait to start again? I want to smoke on my birthday comming in a month but not sure if its too soon.. I don’t plan to continue smoking on a daily basis again or am I doomed to suffer through the same pain again if I smoke no matter how long I wait??

  132. Starr

    Please people. Understand one thing first and foremost. Most of those of us who support the use of medical marijuana do so because we believe it is a MEDICINE, correct? Then we MUST BE OPEN to the possibility of overdose or toxicity, because this is possible with ALL MEDICATIONS-EVEN THOSE SOLD OVER THE COUNTER. I have been dealing with this problem since 2001. I began using pot MORE heavily after these episodes started and had relief for MANY YEARS. Until recently. I have been in the ER 8 times in the last 6 months, and have had many different diagnoses. I was recently told about CVS and CHS by an ER physician who treated me and we came up with an interesting THEORY. I am a heavy concentrate user because so many years of cannabis use has created a ridiculous tolerance in myself in which flower alone is often not enough. Also, the marijuana available to us today is 3-10 times stronger than the stuff our parents got high on even unitl the 90′s. These changes in the amount of THC, CBD, and CBN in today’s marijuana must also be considered. “Because cannabinoids are lipophilic and have long half-lives, they may accumulate with chronic heavy use to the point where they start to exert a paradoxical effect. This may be related to their well-described ability to delay gastric emptying and decrease gastrointestinal motility.” Leon Gussow, Emergency Medical News Now, I love POT, always have and always will. For over 22 years i have been known amongst my friends to never be without. I am currently cutting back and will be quitting soon to look for some relief. I will happily post back and let everyone know my results. But whatever they are, please don’t dismiss something simply because it goes against what we have always known. Once upon a time we “knew” that leeches could cure headaches and ear infections.

  133. Jason

    Have any of you after quiting marijuana use have started using it again after recovering from this? If so how long did you wait before continuing to use it? I love marijuana and would really like to start smoking again but not if im going to have to go through the unbearable pain.

  134. cake

    I m so shocked reading this and what everyone has to say anyone who thinks this made up is wrong I promise ,i smoked weed everyday since i was 16 ( 23 now) and when i turned about 21 i went on holiday it was the first week in years i would have no weed anyway after 1 day there it started uncontrollable vomit feeling faint and all sorts , i put it down to the fact i had no weed and was in a strange country i had it all week ended in hospital blah blah blah…when i got home i smoked and it stopped and i could eat again i thought i must of got some bug but then a few months after it came back and it was the worst thing ever and thats when i tried to have a bath to help me stop being sick and it stopped it INSTANTLY i could not belive it they gave me pills to stop cancer patients being sick and they was not working but a hot bath made it better ,i honestly thought during some of the episodes before i tried the bath that i was gonna die they were that bad now i have cut down but not totally quit and its better its not gone sometimes i still have to get in the bath but i,m not normally sick anymore and i can do things socially before i could not go anywhere cause it would start so it must be the weed as much as i hate to admit it because i love it lol

  135. kirsty

    To troubled :-) ,

    I KNOW, that chronic vomiting syndrome is a throw up here and there the way people describe in these testimonies and they can go to work in-between episodes. What this site is discussing is Cannabinoid Hyper Emmesis which people consistently on this site feel the need to link with CVS. They are as different as is a heart attack from an asthma attack in my opinion. Both a problem but believe me from one who has had Cannabinoid Hyper Emmesis (translation hugely over active throwing up due to cannabis use), there is no quick throw up and then go to work. There is no being able to walk to the shops, there is no being able to talk to someone for long, a persons body is in too much agony, and the throwing up involves the liver and gall bladder throwing out their contents as well as the stomach contents (a dead give away that it is more than chronic vomiting syndrome). Bile starts to eat the stomach lining and throat areas of the sufferer while the cycle continues and the pain therefore escalates the longer the cycle occurs. MAJOR main killers are required, major rehydration through drips in hospital and major anti emetics such as cancer patients need are also required to break the cycle of the sufferer. The vomiting does not stop and the patient gets dehydrated because of the vomiting happening for hours and hours, days and days even, water goes in, water goes out with bile. etc etc. I still do not smoke cannabis any more and I have never thrown up since. I do not suffer migraines, or headaches. I was however epileptic for 20 years and I am now not and wasn’t when I was suffering Hyper Emmesis Syndrome and was free of that for 15 years prior. I hope this helps your research. :-D

  136. Troubled

    ps I don’t smoke but don’t think there is anything wrong with it (although I’m still looking into it!) and am thinking of taking it up to stop the vomiting! lol

  137. Troubled

    I have CVS and have done a lot of research on the topic and I would like to ask one question…If it is due to smoking pot why do non pot smokers get it? Have al look at some of the studies being carried out in the US and it is definitely not just pot smokers. Maybe the people that suggested chemical use might not be far off the mark since they are also used on the foods people eat?

    Also I have noticed that some people get it as soon as they smoke. some people get it when they don’t smoke. some people recover straight away and one lady reckons it’s been taking her years…where’s the pattern? Has anyone really looked at what they are eating and doing at the time? I would be really interested in your results if you have…have you seen any patterns. Do you suffer migraines or headaches? Because that is what CVS is starting to be associated with in the US…with fits with the dehydration stories as well…

  138. Anonymous

    i was chillen at wendys, didnt have no money but all of the people i was with did. so they all got food, i didn’t. my friend offered my fries so i ate them, high as shit on cannabis. my mouth was very dry. i started chewing, and realized i needed a drink, and FAST. I was so thirsty. i felt like i had to throw up. i ran to the bathroom to drink sink water. my eyes were firetruck red. coughing, catching my breath. I kept drinking though, and i eventually got better. ….its just amazing how i could hold in my vomit, run to the bathroom, and go to the toilet hoping to spit something up to relieve myself. but nothing. went to the sink, got hydrated and felt better within seconds. I came back to the crew, and they all thought something was wrong with me. But i was fine. I knew i was fine

  139. Sandra

    I have been a chronic marijuana smoker for over 20 years. I have suffered with this problem for many years until I finally quit smoking marijuana. Numerous trips to the ER, just to have them give me nausea medicine and send me home. Until the last time, which lasted almost 2 weeks.After 4 trips in one week to the hospital I spent a week in the hospital with them trying to figure out why I had this problem. Still no answer! After reading this article I decided to stop and see what would happen. So far I have had no nausea and Im not jumping in a hot bath every 2 hours. I believe in compassion and compliance and don’t think marijuana is a harmful plant. BUT, it very well could be what is causing MY problems.

  140. Aerion Six

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  141. Ed

    Actually the more I think about it… This seems like the Marilyn Manson argument… Marilyn Manson is going to turn children into devil worshippers if they listen to his music… Now is Manson the real cause if your children start to “worship the devil”? Or are there really some other externalities? I think they call this type of conclusion based on anecdotal evidence a “pretense of knowledge”.

    For those of you “bashing” or trying to shine a negative light on pot, I mean Awareness… (YES WE ALL AGREE THAT DOING TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING PROBABLY IS BAD FOR YOU! So don’t try and take that route.) … You better be bashing peanuts, milk, pollen, fast food(ok this was a easy one ;) ) or anything that may cause problems with a small % of people.


    I still stand by my saying that it’s good to know if something like this is real or not through some non-biased studies. Decrim/Legalize then study.

    Just one more thing to add… Explain this… In clinical studies a PLACEBO, yes a placebo sometimes works in a small % of people… How? Could factors that attribute to an example like this be one of those said “externalities” linking (smoked/burnt pot?) to this puking thing?

  142. Ed

    Good to know if something like this is real or not. Is something like this real? No one really knows… Why? Because it’s illegal and NON-bias tests cannot be completed.
    To me it seems like some type of allergy or a toxin is building up in their system and the body is trying to purge it.
    Also it could be a “mental” thing.
    When I was younger I used to be able to drink a lot of alcohol like a fish and never puke… not crazy every night drinking but once every week or 2. One night I puked really really bad. For years after that point I couldn’t even stand the SMELL of alcohol and would almost vomit by merely thinking about it! Never mind drinking it!
    My point here is that I realized… IT WAS ALL IN MY HEAD.
    I’ve had no problems, whatsoever, drinking alcohol since I realized.

  143. bud

    I’m lucky that I don’t have this CHS thing! It really acts in quite the opposite way with me. I have a bad gag reflex and at times can’t even put a toothbrush in mouth without wanting to hurl. But since I got my card 6-7 years ago I hardly ever gag even the next morning. At night when I brush my teeth I can’t stop it feels so good since I’m medicated then. In fact I didn’t go to the dentist for years until I got my card now I have about 10 crowns and a bridge and get cleanings (water boarding) 4 times a year all without one gag.

    I have to say I’m truly sorry for those that are not able to use cannabis for what ever reason.

    For those who don’t believe it you can’t blame anyone for not knowing about it sooner due to it’s prohibition. The only reason we know about this syndrome now is from the internet.

    For those who say it’s poison and that you feel sorry for us pot smokers well… Weed is not for everyone. If this plant wouldn’t have been made illegal in first place this condition would have been discovered much sooner and people would have been informed about the puking and possibly a cure would have been found. Recently great strides have been made in the delopment of CBD strains, etc. I wonder if that could be the key? Finding the right (or wrong) cannabinoid in a strain’s profile could be important but we don’t know which one due to it’s illegallity.

    This is all the more reason cannabis should be legalized so it can be studied (at least for CHS) out in the open without all of the DEA bullshit. We can blame our government for this problem, not the weed.

  144. Kirsty

    Hi all,

    I posted on here over a year ago. I still haven’t had a drag and never been admitted to the ER with chronic stomach, liver and bile puke type spasms since. Gotta be the herb. I thought just only tonight that my supplier used to get top notch stuff. He had serious connections. He also used anabolic steroids and was into building muscle. Could it be possible that steroids are being used or the crops are being manipulated somehow? I also heard a few years back that contraceptive tablets were used to change budding patterns. More suggestions for the shoebox along with herbicides, pesticides, etc. I still think though that my main problem was a type of sludge that my liver couldn’t process. It sort of seems to click with me though that if there was a steroidal thing in the makeup of the plant that maybe my liver would go steroidal too and evacuate? My use was heavy and I am a born allergy type person too. Perhaps it is a combination and that is why some people suffer this and others think it is a total crock of shit? :-P

  145. kyla

    I’m a chronic pot smoker and have been for about 10 years. I started getting these insane vommiting attacks myself and after 4 visits to the hospital and multiple tests the dr there did suggest it was from marijuana. This is horrible can’t eat or anything…

  146. freethegreen

    well, i came here looking for solutions myself. I have not been a chronic cannabis user, but the last few times i tried to smoke, i ended up with dry heaves or puking. It occurred to me that it had happened previously too and i just never gave it much thought. generally i would sip a beverage between tokes and all would be fine. However, now even the smell of burnt weed turns on the gag reflex and I truly like the way weed tastes and smells. I have decided the it really isn’t worth my time and it is a twofold reason. My symptoms seem to grow more acute each time i try to return to smoke and my fiance’ absolutely is opposed to me smoking it. I champion legalizing cannabis and have always been passionate about it. I have severe chronic pain associated with a spinal fusion so believe cannabis use to be beneficial for the pain, but not to the point that it causes me further undesirable symptoms. There is also the factor that cannabanoids have both cbd and thc which are the two most discussed and prevalently identifiable ingredients the former giving more of a body high (better for pain) and the later a mental high. I suspect that the issue probably does not occur for ingestion of cannabis such as in brownies or phoenix tears (oil) or the application of lotions but is strictly associated with smoked cannabis. Not having a large, fresh regular supply, I have not been able to test this theory, nor do i really feel it prudent to pursue any longer. While i still feel strongly that cannabis is a very beneficial drug, i don’t think smoking is the format to administer it. Also, i think that others may have some credence on the topic of pesticides, but also justifiably I think so does the concept of allergies.. There is a lot to be considered to know how far the extent CVS or cannabinoid hypermesis factor into these scenarios. All of that being said, I am glad i came across this page and was able to share my two cents worth.

  147. Adriane Elise

    To the Radical: Get your head out of your ass. People are sick. I appreciate the comment from “Skunk” of May 9. There could be some funny business going on. My sister has smoked pot since 1972. Now she and countless others are violently ill. Look at the suppliers-much of which is Cartel. Geez-how old are you? 2?

  148. caleb errl

    so……. heres my story adn id love to hear from you too… but i smoked about a half ounce of good herb, per day for a solid 2 years. I truly dont remember when it started because it was a bit of a haze, but at least midway through was that pesky morning vomiting, feeling daily sick. For a while there was no way that i could admit to myself psychological/ physical addiction, since i just have this sort of intrinsic love for this beautiful flower. I quit and few days later i begin to feel much better, the first few days i had no appetite. I believe our endocannabinoid receptors become too accustomed to our intake of external cannabanoids upon habitual consumption. thus our healing system becomes weakened in comparison. i believe this causes our bodies to not break down certain foods on a molecular level, i have been really experimenting with my diet the last couple weeks and i no longer am sick yet still smoke cannabis concentrates, no flowers. i believe this is the best way to regularly consume the medicine whilst maintaing a healthy stream of nutrients for our bodies. however in all honesty if i wasnt so mentally addicted i would smoke once every other week or so, in order to continually attain those spiritual experiences that we all attribute to our first times smoking, that so drastically have changed our realities and shifted our pathes, to what we obviously all believe to be a more righteous one. Additionally i have found that the less i eat throughout the day the better i feel. as embarrassing as it may be to admit it, i truthfully could have been getting sick because i would get the worst munchies from such an extensive habit then all that food would not digest because i was using little energy whilst under the effects of cannabis…

  149. skunk

    I wonder if the herb these people are consuming are heavily laden with chemical pesticides and fertilizers?

  150. kelp

    Sitting here depressed over my husband puking again. He had an week long attack of puking, dehydration and very weak just a week ago and last night he started again. I am for marijuana use. In my opinion safer than alcohol. Anyway I google “chronic puking” and stumbled across this. I read the article and then through every post. My husband suffered this exact thing puking, hot baths, and smoking pot over 10 years ago. He is now experiencing this again. I am thinking back to when I met him, he was going through this off and on. The first year we were together we both smoked a lot of pot together. We decided to get married and relocate to Vegas. During this time we decided to quit smoking. We moved to Vegas, started a family. My husband was doing well during this time. He pursued a career which he needed to be fit for and healthy for. He did not suffer with any of this puking, hot baths, and smoking pot during these years. It was great, he was healthy and we were both happy. Over the years I missed smoking and we both agreed it would be ok if smoked again. I enjoyed smoking late in the evenings before I went to bed to help relax me. He would say, “I would love to smoke with you but I know I am better off without it “, it reminded him of being sick. This went on like this for a couple of years, I would occasionally smoke and he would not. At one point my husband started to smoke again with me. He then started to suffer with kidney stones in both kidneys that went on for over a year. He then had to have his gal bladder removed. During this time he turned to smoking to relieve his pain. Since he started smoking again he has experienced the puking and hot bath episodes. He was in and out of the hospital mainly due to the stones and gal bladder. After both surgeries he experienced the puking but he has been smoking on a regular basis. The episodes are happening too often and life sucks. Wow I want my husband to read some of these so he can see for himself that others are having the same experience. Neither of us dreamed any of this was from smoking pot, in our mind it was helping him from being nauxious and helping him eat. If anyone has any more information regarding this I would love to learn more. I am afraid his body is not going to keep going through this. All these years all of the Dr’s he saw could not diagnose him and would often agree that smoking would help him keep food down. Please any help or information will greatly be appreciated.

  151. Coper T Sapletter

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  152. moni

    My Brother has been going thru this for years now. Now they are barely diagnosing him with this problem. He is now starting to believe that it is the Marijuana. I believe it too. We have gone to the ER muliple times, they calm him down too and send him home and then is back to the hospital again after severe vomiting and abdominal pain and headache and chest pain. When he stops smoking he doesn’t have these symptoms anymore. It is poison. He is actually in the hospital right now as I’m writing this. He stopped smoking it for 5months and started smoking again 2months ago and now back to the same problem.

  153. kirsty

    @ Ken, read through the pages of testimonies. Do you think it is some scheme to make it illegal so you can’t use it? Paranoid you if you do think this! These people are having trouble, serious illness and hospitalisation. I had it and now I don’t smoke it I don’t have to go to hospital all the time. You are really lucky being able to use it for chronic pain because I have that too and I can’t use it. In Australia we don’t have the same laws as you do. The public hospitals all recognise this as something that happens. They are part of the system and would not say this is a real problem unless they had seen a lot of people going through emergency with it. No one else has had this problem? Are you for real? Read this site more thoroughly…

  154. Ken

    I smoke to control chronic pain and have for many years. I have never had any problems kinds of problems no side effects or anything else. So I would have to say BS to this doctor with 6000 years of cultivation and noone else has ever had this problem. Nor has any other doctor has found this Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome.

  155. Harry

    Why is it that whenever any person has a negative effect from marijuana, people immediately flinch and think “I’ve never heard of that” as if everyone is affected similarly? People generally will *not* continue smoking if they have side effects, so of course you usually won’t see side effects in friends who smoke. However, searching weed forums will bring up thread after thread of side effects in individuals who have problems with it – either because of lack of tolerance or because their body doesn’t react well to weed. Guess what? Not all people can tolerate alcohol, or certain other substances or drugs….it doesn’t have to be taken as an attack on legalizing marijuana. Learn from studies like this. Pseudo-legalization will come more and more people being open about their use and the side effects they feel to their doctors. Embrace knowledge – marijuana, just like any other substance, is not for everyone, but that doesn’t detract from its positives at all.

  156. Pete

    I smoke marijuana regularly. However, I was diagnosed with Gastro Paresis. I lost 80lbs from vomiting for about 18 months. On a bad day, I’d shower 25 times a day. Ironically, my doctor had me try marijuana to ease my anxiety over the sheer stress from the illness. I’ve also quit for 3 months, twice, and the symptoms never alleviated.

  157. Addie 1

    Hey Megan!

    Who is your specialist? I would really appreciate it if you could tell me. My sister is violently ill with CVS and needs help.

  158. Adriane Elise

    I am interested in anyone else who is or has smoked marijuana on a regular basis and suffered from CVS.

  159. Adriane Elise

    Megan could you please tell me who your specialist is? I would like to know because my sister has this vomiting syndrome and is convinced it is not the marijuana. Please get back to me at adrianeelise@gmail.com.



  160. Italics Mine

    The key words are “chronic” and “abused”. Any substance that is chronically abused will have undesired side effects.

  161. aadano

    I have gone through this with my son many times. Now he gets extremely nauseated and cant stop vomiting if he tries to quit smoking. At first it was a problem with eating, then the vomiting started. We have been to the ER a couple of times, but they only hydrate him and calm him down with something. After that he is fine and starts believing that the marijuana is not the problem. I think it is poison to him.

  162. Kirsty

    I totally agree with you Jacob. It’s exactly what happened to me. I was told it was Hyper Emessis (fancy words for “Hyper” severely excessive and “Emessis” throwing up. CVS is a cyclic vomiting syndrome. Don’t mistake the two. Vomiting is a bit of a hurl and stopping each morning in a cyclic pattern from what I have read here. The other the Hyper Emessis is totally different in my opinion. I was the same, the smell in the room even made me feel green around the gills! Anyway I have given up for a few years (I think) now, not counting any more. I can sit in front of someone now smoking the stuff and get a free high off the fumes but I will NEVER put myself through that kind of agony every again.

    @ Megan and Jacob, the best of luck and stay off the stuff. Going back has the same results. It’s like your immune system has decided that it is a foreign substance and it does havoc with your liver, gall bladder, stomach, throat etc. Sure not worth damaging yourself permanently going back to it.

    I am still slowly improving, taken a few years for my body to get back to normal for me. Others seem to have stopped sooner and recovered faster.


    Kirsty :-P

  163. skunk

    Ya think? “Pot makes you vomit OMG its so evil we should keep it illegal.” I think its pretty obvious for those of us with a few brain cells, let’s hope the rest catch on.

  164. megan m.

    I have been a pot smoker since I was 14. I went to Vegas for my 21st birthday and, what I thought was the worst hangover of my life, l ended up in the ER and was admitted for 6 days. I couldn’t stop puking. I am now 27 and, I am fortunate enough to live in AZ and have been going to the Mayo Clinic for a year now. I have had every test you can imagine done! They diagnosed me with cyclic vomitting syndrome. My doctors have been amazing. Well, today I was lucky enough to talked to a world renowned specialist. I have always been honest with my doctors about my marijuana use. One of the first questions she asked me was, “How often do you smoke pot?” I said everyday. She immediately told me to stop and that was the reason why. I also take hot baths everytime I go through an episode. I found an article a couple months ago that was connecting marijuana and CVS. I was waiting to talk to the doctor today and, she confirmed it. So, for the first time since I was 14, besides my two pregnancies, I will quit smoking. Which I never smoke with either one of my pregnancies and I never puked with either one either!! So, I am a believer this is definitely something people to know about. I also, support medical marijuana 100%. I voted for it in Arizona. People just need to be educated.

  165. Jacob

    I started smoking weed when I was 11, got heavy into it by 14, and by 15 I started vomiting very very violently for up to 7 hours after the initial high. I thought maybe it had been a combination of things I was doing while high. I.E. hot tub, masturbating, etc. After a process of elimination I decided that it was the weed. So on 4/20/99 I quit. I have since tried to get a “little” high a few times… unfortunately the results were always the same. Every time I have smoked it, since it started, I have gotten so sick that I end up dry heaving for many hours and often the only way to reduce or eliminate the vomiting is the take a bath. I have never been diagnosed with cyclic vomiting syndrome and until now had never even heard of it. I also nearly never vomit unless I’m high. This is very rare, and I have met others with the issue, but it is also very real. For me it’s severe enough to avoid people who even use it at all.

  166. Parker T. Cooper

    As in my comment before, I think I may have what they are describing as I’ve read the original report too.

    I study Psychology in University and Psychopharmacology outside of University until I finish my degree. I smoke, and I support legalization of all substances including cannabis! So don’t assume I’m here against the cause, because I support Norml and MAPS and many other similar foundations. Some times with actual money, when I have it.

    There may be some pharmacological hints towards over-suppression of the nausea and vomiting center of the brain in those susceptible to weak stomachs or quick vomit reflexes, which would lead to vomiting upon cessation of smoking cannabis. This effect obviously IS NOT toxic as full recovery is possible in a relatively short period of time (probably proportional to how much and how often one smokes), and this is obviously not a wide spread problem (but I guess that remains to be seen).

    Maybe this one doesn’t deserve to be knocked so quickly?

    -Parker T.

  167. Parker T. Cooper

    I too believe that I suffer from this illness. I had what I thought was severe IBS but stopped completely after 2 weeks of not smoking. It was just hard to stop because I was going through some emotional stuff at the time. I’ve since started smoking again and I can feel the same effects building if I smoke too often. James, if you could contact me I’d love to see how our information adds up, to see if there are any connections.

  168. James Brooks

    The reason I came to this page was because I had similar symptoms. I googled marijuana and vomiting and it brought me here. I have been a regular marijuana user for about two years and for about the last year or so I have had problems with vomiting off and on. I was shocked when I read this because that is exactly what I do. If i feel symptoms of nausea I’ll go take a hot bath. This is legit and I definitely think this has some truth behind it.

  169. aclone

    If you smoke 4 grams of weed per day you should get sick . this stuff not candy people maybe if you have a need to smoke that much your smoking the wrong kinds? or you have much bigger problems that pot’s not going to solve for you.
    To a great extent the conversation bounces between those that do not take responsibility for their actions and those that do. It reflects society in general. It is because of those that do not take responsibility, that Others will take it away from them creating many hundreds of thousands of laws and rules. All put in place to control and sculpt us.
    Some laws are there because when there is no individual responsibility, there is no boundary that provide any basis for a civilization to operate in. Look at OUR entertainments that are popular its all mindless: the survivor, cage fighting, ect… the crude, rude, and thoughtless. And thus, as we proceed with many floride impaired minds, we watch the FALL OF THE UNITED STATES. The constitution can ONLY work when the vast majority of people care whats involved in writing their laws.
    Today, the vast majority of people, taught by parents and culture reflecting especially well in young people, NO MORALS, NO INTEGRITY, NO SENSE OF RIGHT OR WRONG, and all that matters in their world is them.

  170. Joy

    These posts are very revealing about why pot isn’t legal, and probably won’t be in the foreseeable future. I used to think marijuana was totally benign and not addictive. Obviously, from many of these comments, this isn’t true. Dealing with a family member who suffers from either CVS or CHS, all I can say is I can’t imagine being that sick and not giving it up. Even though my loved one hasn’t smoked for several months, he still had another vomiting episode recently and had to be hospitalized. For the first time, the doctors on duty talked about CHS and said if nothing else, marijuana is a trigger for CVS (cyclic vomiting syndrome). Perhaps marijuana is an effective anti-nausea drug for some people, and people with CVS are trying to self medicate, but it only makes them sicker. Or, in the case of CHS, it is the root cause. There are lots of MA (marijuana anonymous) groups in the country now that might help some of you. At least, it is good to be able to choose a life of moderation over obsession and addiction. Reading these posts makes me so sad. Be well dear people.

  171. m

    With CVS, or any other condition where you are vomiting uncontrollably, bile comes out too. Thats just what comes up when there is nothing left and your still heaving.

  172. Kirsty

    Hi, I gave up smoking pot 2 years ago now after having CHE (Cannabinoid Hyper Emessis) which is VERY different from CVS from reading posts here. I haven’t thrown up once since I have given up.

    CHE means you go to hospital or die of dehydration because the vomiting is bile as well as stomach contents. I think CVS is vomiting but not yellow glowing stuff by the bucket full? Please correct me if I am wrong here. None the less both are throwing up, the common thing.

    It took me a good 8 hours and it got longer and longer with pharmaceutical drugs to help me stop throwing up and IV’s in my arms to rehydrate me with each of the 10 episodes I went through. The last one took 4 days because I knew the drill so well, how to stop it, what to ask for in hospital etc etc. So it actually drew the agony out longer. After all this I still wasn’t right. I was given steroid tablets from GP about 1 and half years later for an unrelated matter and something cleared in the duct systems between my liver and intestines. No joke, I felt it gurgle and a rush or flow of bile through tubes. I believe now that there is a sludge and toxic build up of whatever is in some crops. My liver reacted really badly to it and the episodes affected ducts, the toxins probably didn’t flush out properly till I got the steroid tablet course.

    Hope this helps some people in understanding this syndrome. Today I am very well, never going to smoke again because when I do I do it obsessively. I have an addictive personality and I am now getting help to change that fact.’

    Good luck to anyone with Chronic Hyper Emessis Syndrome. I totally know what hell it is to endure. My advice, get counselling and give the stuff up.

    K :-P

  173. marek

    I’ve worked in this industry and I can tell you some of the chemicals used to treat bugs and mildew or the mildew itself can lead to a poisoning of your system. Products like avid and eagle 20 are dangerous when ingested or smoked or handled unless done exactly right and even then there’s safer solutions that just take a competent and thorough person to enact . Many dispensaries could care less if they are actually poisoning you they just want to make money and will rub your back while they try and give you cancer with there “meds”. The bigger the dispensary/grow the more likely this is to happen because its cheaper for them and the guys at the top (investors, owners) are usually clueless that its wrong or they just don’t care, and some home-growers are the same. It should be criminal. I’ve had multiple people act like they’ve used this stuff for years with no saftey equipment, and they’re are fine. Actually they are idiots, smoking weed doesn’t make you immortal and spraying poisons with no regard to the handling instructions is stupid. It’s stupid. All “medical” weed should be sampled and have full spectrum analysis of both potency and toxin presence to be truly called medicine and if a dispensary/caregiver doesn’t want to do this it’s because they are trying to hide something or they shouldn’t be in the business if they cant afford it. It’s getting faster and cheaper. Also butane extracted hash caused me to throw up on multiple occasions, very similar to how I would throw up smoking shwag years back. This morning actually. And this hash is a lot cleaner then most of what I’ve smoked. Why do I keep smoking it. Because I’m a pothead and weed helped my ptsd and brought me back from the brink of suicide. But I will still admit that its potentially harmful if not treated properly when grown. All weed is not created equal, if something seems weird about it don’t buy it. As for the butane hash, I hear it effect my breathing, I know it has made me throw up, and I know it can get a pothead really high. Which is why I’m about to smoke some. Weird.

  174. Sam Strelitz

    I did solve this problem, the fire was drying me out a bit, and I was not drinking enough water. I now drink a lot of water, and also eat a lot of meat (around 3 lbs per day, mostly blended pureed chicken, turkey, cow (less, costs more) and pig too in hot dog format, while noting the spca kills dogs constantly, but i even consider eating one stray possum in the city at night, and the lack of cars abruptly becomes traffic as i corner him with my bike, don’t even drop the bike, and was winding up and lookin around for the vertical one foot stomp, woulda been rubberoid shoe into submission, with killing for 8 lbs of meat free an option, also is a cat and wild too, one time i thought a dingo was a monkey, when in fact, he was a wild mammal, and was named dog, although i later discovered my little rottwhiler was in fact a ‘large’ dog, and a dingo is a dingo, even though they look similar, one is 130 lbs and stands 8 feet tall on his hind legs, and can dance in imitation of michael jackson specifically as well as arbitrary reactive dances, while not balacing good on rear legs without help, and acting mostly doglike, albeit with the wild and aged streaks, while bein smaller than a man, bear, or horse, more doglike and mammilian in that way,….

    also amphetamines kick ass, along with air intake rifles and mortars + google maps, in all seriousness check out the youtubes of cops bustin up lemonade stands and shooting at bikers for lane sharing on the wrong side (left pass not right pass in bike lane)

    meanwhile running industrial homicide and torture facilities for things such as ’12 year old said inappropriate x-rated words to 11 year old who responded in kind, therefore both if not lying are guilty’ kinda stupid ways that also included some debate on cnn about if a dog can testify in a murder case as the primary witness despite not being able to claim to be telling the truth. while noting dogs cannot talk, AND liars can lie twice. Personally, i vote for the 2nd amendment, and noted that drugs grow quietly, but good luck producing actual durable goods such as cars, mining tools, or heck my 15 foot functional mine that even produced a statistically common artifact with no branding where the branding is normally (middle bottom of bowl), otherwise similar, gold line in a pattern , in fragments in undisturbed 2nd “gray” clay layer at 9 feet around 3 meters with a 1 meter deviation, not valuable due to quantity of pottery manufactured by humans in past and discarded and then buried by leaves over a time perioed of undisturbed estimated to be not less than 500 or 1000 years.

  175. Mike

    I would like to share something with you people that some pot on a regular bases, I’ve been a pot smoker since I was 22 years old and I am now 67 do the math, for the past 9 years I’ve been getting sick about once a month and puke for 12 to 14 hours my wife sometimes has to take me to the hospital to make it stop, the hospital runs all kinds of tests on me and never come up with an answer, I have been to all kinds of specialists, so I am convinced it’s from my pot smoking, as of today I will cute my smoking in half and hope to quit within the next couple of weeks.
    I might also mention, in 2002 I was diagnosed with lung cancer they took the top lobe of my right lung and it caused me to stop smoking cigarettes but what happen next was I replaced the cigarettes with marijuana I smoke more pot now than ever before and I just keep getting sick so it’s time to give to GIVE IT UP!
    Oh ya I had two heart attacks in 2008, you think I would get the hint, NO.

    I don’t know what it’s really like to be normal or straight again but I’m about to find out, It sure has been a long time, I hope it’s a good transition and I’m sure the vomiting will stop.

    Take care and good luck to all you sicko’s….LOL! :-P :-)
    So good luck to all you sick people out there!!

  176. ALT

    My roommate actually has cyclic vomiting syndrome, caused by major marijuana use (and I mean all day, everyday, no breaks except during his 5-6 hour work shifts). They thought he had ulcers or colitis, but he’s been tested for everything under the sun until they thought to look into his habits. Every few weeks or so, he does nothing but throw up for days at a time. It’s very rare, but if you come from a family with a history of migraines, marijuana can actually cause this. So just because the medical journal is knocking something you have convinced yourself is completely harmless doesn’t make it untrue. Like I said, it’s rare and generally involves some genetic predisposition for the disease, so it’s not like it’s something you can really use to deter anyone from using it or making it legal. It’s still safer than alcohol. I think the research is flawed in this study, but there is a grain of truth in there.

  177. busdrivertohell

    I see a lot of comments here are from someone with a lot of time on their hands, posting as multiple people. Same speech patterns, same misspellings. Obvious troll is obvious. As for the topic, I’ve smoked tree for a long time, and have stopped at one time for a year. No unexplained emesis, no pain. Let’s not bring the ZOMGEVILBUD Cavalry out for one theory. Yes, it’s still only medical theory.

  178. Michael Ogar

    Listen to me here. last 10 year Ive been dealing with these episodes and my wife. we’ve been through every test. no-one can tell what the hell this godforsaken disease is. what i do know is at that certain time of month pain leads into anxiety which leads to vomiting and then ultimately hospital and sedation. as far as marijuana goes, has nothing to do with it. eve been poor and had not enough money to re-up and she’d go into an episode. we’ve had months supply and she’d go into awn episode. my experience with this cvc is enough to think day to day on an outside perspective used to be spontaneous (should tell y’all i cant spell worth crap so bare with me here). Now i have to watch out for certain triggers, such as fried food, certain food smell like fish., strainuis activities, stressfully situations, where we go and how long the ride is, even hears the kicker for how real this cvc is. we got our tax return in 3 days ago. we went bed shopping hoping a new bed would help with her back pain which is the real core trigger or problem starter for her sickness. anyway yesterday we went shopping for the 2 kids we have. last night at 1am i took her to the hospital because she over exerted herself. it is 1 am in the morning and she is still in the hospital s i research this again. doctor just told her that her problem in linked to her use of marijuana. mother F’R. she has pulled herself out of her anxiety for the last two months with the use of marijuana. which leaves us with her excessive activity that put her back in so much pain that put her in the hospital. i do believe, yes marijuana can lead to vomiting. i had friends over the years that vomit after smoking more then usual. i even smoked so much at one time that i puked. that has nothing to do with cvc. cvc is plainly stress, pain (in women during there menstrual cycle or even some sort of trauma in the body), food related such as smell, kind of food,chemical imbalance, blah blah blah and most of all, if she goes into an anxiety state that is the point of no return. they say u should be over this at your age (32). well the research Ive done this can be a life time sickness. there is no cure. doctors still to this day don’t know what it is. its a guessing game on what works for whom. one treatment works for one but not the other. nothing about cvc is easy especially with our kids that have dealt with this there whole lives. mom was even put in a mental institute cause they didn’t know what els to do. holidays and birthdays mist. the thing you have to realize here is no matter what you think you know about cvc. your not the one going through it and you have know idea PHD or what not, it is 100 times worse for the sick person who doesn’t want to live this way for the rest of there live, feels like a burden to all loved one there around, and lives in constant fear for the next episode. this is no way for anyone to live. michaelogar@ymail.com

  179. H

    I ended a relationship because I thought my significant other wasn’t taking care of himself well enough. It’s true he wasn’t living the healthiest lifestyle and should have been changing his sleeping and eating habits. Turns out he had this all along. Still his fault but how was he to know? This shits real! Don’t get all defensive because your wonder drug actually affects some people negatively. You sound like the people who are against weed and don’t “believe” its positive effects.

  180. chsNONbeliever

    Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome is a real disease. It is known that Marijuana can sometimes trigger CVS episodes, mainly when it is low grade or has chemicals in it. This is whats going on here.

  181. Greg

    This is all good info. I am having the same problem and do not know if it is CVS or CHS. My main worry is that i did smoke every day but was less than .5 gram a day. I am only on week 2 and have not stopped vomiting multple times a day and was wondering how long did it take for them to stop vomiting. I would gladly give up marijuana to get my life back.

  182. drugs4Recreational

    yes it is not bullshit but also its not severe vomiting at all more like a sever gag reflex leading to vomiting its also linked to mental health problems u probably aquired from smoking (anxiety depresion that sort of thing) so much due to breathing more heavily when u breath more u tend to yawn and this brings on the severe vomting for anyone who has this drink a tiny bit of oj or juice any liquid really and it stopped the gagging 99% of the time for me

    guys dont bullshit yourself and say canabis doesnt harm u im TELLING YOU IT DOES i smoked for fifteen years had manic depresion and anxiety i couldnt even go out the house thats how bad it got stop while u can if u smoke regular enough ove a long period of timeit messes with your body and mind !!!

  183. maty

    i smoked cannabis for nearly ten years that article is not bullshit at all i had severe vomiting attacks (more like a gag reflex) when i met my gf i stopped smoking around 6 months after i found out she was prgnant and the vomiting stopped just a FYI for u guys saying its bullshit ITS NOT

  184. Eric

    The attitude that these reportings are bull shit automatically is extremely immature. People have not heard about this for a couple of reasons. The first and foremost being we do not have a complete understanding of how the brain works, particularly in relation to cannabanoid receptors and how they affect the hypothalamus (the part that regulates temperature and digestion). Another reason is that there is another well known illness that has pretty similar symptoms called Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. The illness causes episodic vomiting much like CHS but usually appears prior to puberty and has triggers such as stress. If we truly want to understand Marijuana (which all users should want to) it is important that we don’t automatically reject every piece of negative evidence against it. About three months ago I had my second episode of extreme vomiting. I too had been smoking heavily for about a year, so when my gastroenterologist told me about CHS it made sense. I’m not saying that I definitively have it, but I am in my 3rd month of cannabis abstinence in an attempt to figure out exactly what I have. Let me emphasize again… it is NOT okay to simply reject every piece of evidence that comes up pointing to any possible negative effect of Marijuana. Let the research continue… and toke on for me.

  185. k mooney

    sad but true

  186. kirsty

    Hi Beth, it is a long road giving up and it seems weird that people take it up again but it is a real trap. Giving up has its own real hell attached to it that drug & alcohol advisers don’t really understand as yet but they were great as a support anyway. Really, good luck with it and make sure he gets sleep, most important and hard to get while giving up… Tell a doctor to get help with the nervous system and meds etc too, help and support is really important. Good luck to you both, it CAN BE DONE, no more throwing up is simply the BEST… :-P :!:

  187. Beth

    My son is a very heavy smoker and has been hospitalized with these exact symptoms which went undiagnosed. He spent a whole week in the hospital for it one time. He starts vomiting and can not stop. He can not keep anything down for days. I am glad to learn that to stop smoking may cure him. I never related the two before and would not have believed it either. I was concerned he had something much more serious and I hope he heeds the advice to stop or only use it occasionally.

  188. amyrose

    Thanks Kirsty. I only wish I was making this up.

  189. kirsty

    Josh, most people who do this are chronic smokers @ 4g a day smokers like I was. Last I heard marijuana is addictive so you say they would just give up if they felt sick? Well kiddo, not so easy to do. And you say it makes you sick so you use alcohol “medically”, wow!! aren’t you the supreme idiot excusing alcoholism as a medical band aid to cure yourself when your drug addict side of yourself makes you feel a little woozy. Shit you must be also getting on the paranoid side just slightly by using the phrase “they” as if there is some sort of conspiracy on this site trying to creep into your head and convince YOU to give up???? These people on here are desperate and trying to work out what the fuck is going on with their bodies. Genuine, ill people who love the stuff but are facing the wall with really no choice but having to quit. You are quite the self proclaimed genius and must be far better than the average man from the sound of the way you talk on here. Good for you, a lucky bastard who has nothing better to do than to knock people on this site who have no choice like you do!

  190. Kirsty

    Hi James, yep I have had that chronic pain so bad that I couldn’t stand up straight and the hot showers or hot baths relieved the pain somewhat but didn’t make it go away. So to answer your question i had the exact same symptoms that you are describing and the pain killers had to get stronger each ER visit and the drugs to stop the throwing up just extended the hospital stay. The amount of bile that can exit my body amazed me. I filled a bath full of the stuff and my bath is a two person bath so it is really big and was full of water. The whole thing was a fluro yellow color and this was after I had thrown a lot of bile up already in the toilet prior to managing to stumble into the bath. I gave up the mj and never puked again. HONEST TO GOD. However, my digestive system has been rank ever since and I stick to really clean foods only now and I don’t seem to handle any type of fat at all well, it turns to diorrhea (can’t spell), so nothing processed, fruit veges and a little meat maybe once a week, no coffee or soft drinks no alcohol and I had to quit cigarettes recently cos they affect me worse than they ever have done in the past too in an allergic type of way now (never used to before this syndrome started). Basically James I feel like my whole immune system and my liver/bile duct tract has been compromised or educated to fight new things since this reaction to dope I had 2 years ago now. Recently because I had inflammation all over my body the doctor gave me cortizone tablets which I have never had before. Amazingly once I finished this course there was a very weird sensation on the left side of my upper abdominal area after I ate for the 2 days when I finished the tablets. It gurgled and it felt like there was bile moving through tubes. My body has never felt this before EVER. It actually felt like a relief in a way, I started testing eating a bit of fat here and there and things seem to be a little better now. There is such a thing as a warped bile duct as well but I checked out ok with this, I still think though there was some type of problem with the flow of bile and no wonder considering the violent type of wretching and moaning that goes on with the canabinoid hyper emmesis syndrome you and I know all too well. Good luck, give up the dope, it really is the root of the problem. I hope your system settles down eventually. Some people on here seem to give it up and are fine. I really am not completely fine but I never want to throw up bile again if I can help it (much worse than a regular throw up as you know). Good luck and best of health in your future. :-P

  191. josh

    I think what they should be referring to is “too big of a bong hit” and coughing until you puke? I mean seriously they have to fabricate stuff to tell us about marijuana so we think its bad? in 2012? i mean isn’t that a very……1964 type of thing to do? who the hell continues to use marijuana if it always makes them puke? yeah my pot makes me feel like crap so i drink alcohol medically to combat those marijuana hang overs. seriously?

  192. Joyce

    You poor guy! Just give up smoking for at least six months and see if that keeps another episode from starting. The extreme pain you describe sounds unusual. I think for most people, it’s a matter of unremitting nausea, and then pain from the nonstop throwing up for days.
    A friend of mine who has a doctorate in Oriental medicine told me that marijuana slows down the digestive process and otherwise disrupts metabolism. That may account for your egg test results and the gall bladder dysfunction. At any rate, you’ve been through hell, and let’s hope that quitting smoking will make you healthy again.
    Good luck!

  193. James

    Hey there my girlfriend is convinced that I have this syndrome… I have been using pot regularly since about 13. When I say regularly, my consumption is about 1-4 grams daily, I will take a break here and there but its merely for a day or two on average sometimes I would quit for a month or so due to having drug tests for sports and summer jobs. I am now 22 and have been experiencing randomly overwhelming pain in my lower left abdominal area which causes excessive vomiting for the past two years. The first time it happened I randomly threw up and then the overwhelming pain came but it was odd because I had not smoked marijuana for over 2 months. I ended up going to the ER and they pumped me with fluids, gave me pain medicine and a few days later I was better. I started smoking again probably a month after this odd sickness, I basically was smoking the same amount as I always have and got the same attack a few months later and then they started coming more frequent, I would go to the ER about once and sometimes even twice a week for a solid two months! They ran many tests, CAT scans, upper endoscopes, x-rays anything and everything, all my numbers came back normal but I would have just a tad bit high of a white blood cell count (probably because my body was fighting what was wrong inside me). December 2010 they did an egg dye test and found out that my body digested my food slowly so, they gave me a prescription of Regulin and told me when I started to feel that abdominal pain to take one. For the whole year of 2011I smoked regularly and I would get those pains about 3-4 times monthly but if i took that medicine and stayed in a hot shower my symptoms went away, but if i puked then it was all over from there, I would have to catch it before I puked and that is what I noticed to help cure me when I felt the pain coming. I just find it really odd if i did not puke I would slowly feel better but if I puked it was just non-stop and medical attention was the only way it would go away. Just recent in December before Christmas I had a really bad attack and had no medicine the pain was unbearable and I puked, needless to say nothing stayed down, it was amazing to see that I could take a sip of water and would puke up about 4 cups of bile and stomach acids. Nothing would help I tried just ice chips, gatorade, chicken and beef broth, even ginger ale but nothing helped the pain or the throwing up. When I had this attack this time, even when I was in an extremely hot shower the pain would still be there it got to the point where that did not even work for me, no short term relief…. I went to the ER and all they did was pump me up with fluids and gave me pain meds that are stronger than morphine because morphine would not make the pain go away. They finally did other tests and noticed my gallbladder was working at less than one percent so they decided to perform surgery and took it out believing this was the reason for my abdominal pain, a few days later after getting my gallbladder removed, got sick again but the pain moved from my lower left abdominal to the middle (probably because of the surgery my organs were all moved around). But the same thing all i could do was puke up excessive amounts of bile and stomach acids. This pain lasted for a month, not the two week average everyone else experiences, my last trip to the hospital was about 2 and a half weeks to date and I am still recovering, I am finally keeping solids down just sticking to real bland foods nothing greasy or too fatty. I am deciding to quit smoking, one because my girlfriend highly believes marijuana is the culprit, and two because I am too scared to smoke because I am tired of living this way. I can live without marijuana if it means I am healthy and do not experience this vomiting and extreme pain….. I was just curious if marijuana is the reason for my sickness, one because my first attack I had not smoked in a substantial amount of time so I know no THC was in my system, also I do not know if anyone else also experienced the excessive amounts of bile that I was throwing up, and I don’t know if anyone else experiences the overwhelming pain before they puke because for me the pain is what makes me puke, if the pain is not there i do not puke. I just want some answers or more insight about this condition and want to know if what I am experiencing is due to marijuana because I chronically used marijuana for over 7 years and never had a problem until recent.. Thank you for your time.

  194. Joyce

    Hi Emily,
    In my own experience with this syndrome (and it has been horrendous) abstinence is the only answer. If your boyfriend starts smoking again, he’ll probably get sick again. Perhaps some people are just supersensitive to the extraneous chemicals in pot, because obviously others have smoked heavily for years and have never been effected. It seems the unremitting vomiting is the body’s way of trying to rid itself of accumulated toxins.
    Also, it would be nice if the medical community was more informed and more research could be done on this syndrome. It reminds me of the theory behind homeopathy, a minute amount of a poison can cure the symptoms that it causes in a lethal dose. Maybe that’s why medical marijuana can be an antiemetic, but too much of it accumulated in the body can have the opposite effect.
    Anyway, it’s probably a choice between abstaining completely or being sick. In that Australian study, ten people quit smoking and their symptoms disappeared. Three of those ten began to smoke again and all then experienced hyperemesis again. You’re a great girlfriend to give it up too, even though you aren’t the one who is sick!
    Good luck!

  195. Kirsty

    Abstained, well said!! I love the way you describe this problem so clearly… I have been off it for 2 years now and no throwing up at all. Totally better. Gotta say to you, congratulations in getting through the worst of it all. :-P

  196. kirsty

    Hi Emily, you are a great partner to be giving this up along with your boyfriend. It takes 3 months for the THC to completely get out of a persons blood stream. I think you really need to understand that it is a lifestyle change, meaning that your boyfriends days of smoking pot is really over. Whenever I started again after quitting hyperemessis came back every time. I have been clean for nearly 2 years now and not one symptom of this at all. I too went to the ER over 10 times. Now days even the smell of the stuff can make me feel a bit sick even though I like the smell at the same time. Pretty weird feeling that. Anyhow good luck you two and you are going in the right direction if you are going to quit. Make sure he manages to get sleep, this was a big mistake of mine and it ended me up in hospital again because of lack of sleep (40 days awake makes anyone a bit nuts!!!). All OK now here though. Also, I had a course of cortizone tablets recently for inflamatory problems and found that it cleared something in the duct areas where bile moves from the liver to the bowel. I think I had toxic sludge still 2 years later and this really helped to move it out of the system. I have less inflamation now and feel miles better yet again. :-P

  197. Emily

    Everyone thinks I’m crazy when I tell them about this. I think my boyfriend has this. We have been to the ER over 10 times in 1 year. Same exact symptoms right down to the hot shower. I just recently found information on this because doctors have told us they can’t imagine why pot would make it worse. While no, it doesn’t exactly make sense, I think these doctors are just unaware of the literature (because it is so new). I told him we should quit smoking for a while just to see if it works. He has agreed and admitted he wouldn’t wish this pain on his worse enemy. I am thankful that he is willing to give it a try. Just out of curiosity- how long did you quit for before things started getting better? Right now he has an episode probably once a month but admits he never feels well in the morning (I assume this is the morning sickness you spoke of). I told him we had to at least try one whole month smoke free- however I feel we may need to for longer. Any help is appreciated and glad you are free of the hyperemesis !

  198. Abstained

    Stop knocking this condition, and stop thinking that smoking pot is absolutely fine for EVERYONE. In truth it is not, there are millions of people that are just not capable of handling the toxins in pot. They are there and they constantly build up. Once toxin levels are high enough, you will enter the sickness. Your likely already experiencing it in a low form, like morning sickness. Stomach pains escalate between 5-10 on a harshness level, your ability to consume even water is non existent. Even after you’ve dumped your entire stomach contents the nausea and pain will remain, for approx 3-14 days. Sure goto the hospital and get hooked up to the IV, get your fluids back up, but rest assured even cancer-grade anti-nauseants will have no effect and the pain will remain as well. At this point sleeping is a laughable, your too busy concentrating all you can on not getting sick, pointlessly. In between wretching seeking comfort in VERY hot showers or baths, we’re talking reddened skin and likely mild burns if you get to carried away. Time is crawling by, your tired, can’t sleep, can’t eat, thirsty, can’t drink, anxious, in pain. Worse, when you go to the hospital, you’ve likely been there so many times because of this that they know you, your habits and treat you accordingly ( rudely due to closed minded mentality, or really caring because they know there is nothing they can do to help ) Going to the hospital will not cure you that day, the best they can do is TRY to stem your nausea and keep you hydrated, otherwise you slip into kidney failure. After the few days are up and you have some control over your stomach, even starting out with water is a chore, you’ve spent so much time throwing up over the last few days that everything is sore. Still occasionally still seeking the excessive heat from the shower and getting frustrated that you just feel like complete filth, no matter what you try to do, eat, or drink. A couple more days will pass and maybe if your lucky you can handle soups water and gatorade, solid food is on the horizon. But your still uncomfortable, still fighting to sleep and the cravings for real food etc is through the roof. After a few more days things are pretty much back to normal and you can get back in to your routines, regular diet and activities. Then you can ask yourself, how fun was that, and do I want it to happen again. The answer should be no, and as such dispose of your pot. Guaranteed with this decision will never happen again, but should you decide to continue smoking pot, one day, depending on how thick your habit is, it will be back, the same symptoms, the same discomfort, and the same recovery process. You can fight and argue all you want how amazing pot is, how unharmful it is, how it would never hurt anybody this way, but your an idiot. For the few of us people out there that had to experience this, and made the changes necessary (quitting) congrats. I miss pot, I used to smoke after work each day, the thing I don’t miss, the hyperemisis.

  199. Hunter Avery

    I actually got told today that the reason for my frequent morning sickness might be cannabinoid hyperemesis. I also thought that it was impossible for marijuana to cause any kind of medical problems. but the only thing that solves my morning sickness is either medicating with marijuana or taking an insanely hot shower. which is exactly what cannabinoid hyperemesis is.

  200. Kirsty

    Hi Amy. Look up Habba Syndrome. I think this fits my problems. I still have given up but things are not completely right with my system still. My endocrine system as well is struggling. I am OK though, I look fine to others but I do have all the check points for Habaa which often can be misdiagonised as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I was curious, how are you going? Kirsty :-P

  201. Kirsty

    You are wrong cvsa. There is cyclic vomiting, then there is Canabinoid Hyper Emessis which isa far more violent type of throwing up, basically it is your gall bladder emptying itself as fast as it can burning the stomach lining and throat and it IS related to smoking marijuana. I know because I had it and I stopped smoking pot and never threw up again. I don’t have Cyclic Vomiting at all. I don’t vomit at all now that I don’t smoke the stuff. I think the underlying problem however is Habba Syndrome currently, maybe your association should check this out also because it may be related to Chronic Vomiting Syndrome as well? Who knows. Best of luck.

  202. Kirsty

    Look up Habba syndrome. Also the doctors in Australia do recognize this as being Pot related. Tell Hew that I gave up pot cos I had tried everything else and it was the pot that made me seriously ill and I just can’t smoke the stuff. I think it is toxic sludge in the gall bladder and its system that builds up to the point that chucking up bile is the only way to flush it out. I had all the tests to see if I had stones etc and none showed. I found out when reading about Habba syndrome which I have all the symptoms of now that I have given up pot smoking, can have cysts on the liver or tiny stones that are not detected. Recently I had a course of cortizone tablets because I had fluid absolutely all over that built up over a year and a half since I gave up the pot. It helped a lot, cleared something in the bile system but I am still not completely well but feel I have a reprieved from this ongoing nightmare. I have had gall bladder and liver etc imaged and nothing showed. This leads me back to Habba syndrome, something undected by tests and often misdiagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome too. It is fatty foods that seems to aggravate this problem and there is something that can be taken to help deal with it (Aussie doctors won’t prescribe this though unfortunately). Because you said you felt it was something underlying I thought I would respond and write back. I am now beginning to think it is too, that others who go through Hyper Emessis could have something underlying. Good luck with your son. Kirsty 50yo Australian Lady

  203. Kirsty

    Hi CJ, how are you going with giving up the stuff?

    I always was curious about why only some people too. I have been off the stuff now for about a year and a half and really don’t have the throwing up remotely at all, all good on that front. I have been further researching things though because my body never settled down properly. I have never been able to eat fatty foods (none at all) without my system going haywire with really excessive bloating and then also sometimes explosive diarhoea happening too. In the end my whole body was just carrying heaps of fluid internally and my doctor prescribed some cotrizone tablets (2 tablets for 5 days). During this course something happened between my gall bladder and entry to the bowel I am really sure of this. The diarhoea has improved somewhat but the bloating is still happening. What I think has happened and I have researched this extensively, is that the tablets took out a lot of inflammation which has probably been there since the hyper emmesis days. Having this happen toxic sludge that was in the gall bladder etc and even maybe a stone in the tube sections (not in liver or gall bladder though) or even maybe just a duct somewhere was slightly wrong and never detected? Anyway, once the treatment was finished loads of gurgling and a feeling of much better health suddenly. I think I have helped something but doctors etc still can’t find anything wrong. Of course, I went to have my gall bladder checked and it was functioning just fine too. So, still I have trouble but not as much, and if it builds up to the fluid problem again I will have the cortizone tablets once more and then order online from America the treatment for Habba Syndrome because doctors in Australia here can’t prescribe the stuff for this particular reason. Habba syndrome is a dysfunctional gall bladder that doesn’t show on any tests. The reason I will do this is because I have every symptom that fits the Habba Syndrome description but currently it has settled to being liveable. I thought I might let you know about this, toxic sludge is a reason for the gall bladder to have fits which I think cronic pot smoking can def cause… if there is a stone or inflamation even or maybe a warped bile duct? then I think our system can when full of toxic sludge just do something about it. I am starting to believe that this syndrome is related to a vital need for our body to release toxic substances and maybe there is a part of our bodies that are not able to be detected easily we all have in common that is dysfunctional. If you look up Habba Syndrome it says that the entire tract that bile is a passage in needs to be found without any problems but it then can boil down to being Habba Syndrome. Check it out on the internet, quite interesting. Hope you are doing well, good luck with things. I would really be interested if you have given up if you have any ongoing problems that are different like I have described or otherwise. Cheers. Kirsty

  204. Alex


    I’m pretty sure I have this or something like it. I have had a ultra sound and some other things done recently and everything’s fine except I keep puking all the time, and I have been smoking weed on and off at periods for years though. Recently always smoking before meals etc… Showers and just not smoking?

  205. Kirsty

    Hi ex toker,

    Thanks for the laughs, love how you chat. :rotflmao: Especially the way you appealed to that lot who love the paranoid train!!. :clap:

  206. Kirsty

    Lee, sure you can chat to me via email. I won’t be posting my email on this site but if you want to put yours up I will send you a message and we can go from there. Good luck with your family member who is in denial. He will get sick of hospitals in the end and the whole deal with this thing after he has blamed everything else there is giving up as a good idea left. This seems to be how a lot of people chatting on here have travelled through this, I did it this way too. :-P

  207. Lee

    Hi Shelly…Is you daughter still abstaining and does she remain symptom free?

  208. Lee

    Joyce—Is your son still abstaining and if so, has he remained symptom free?

  209. lee

    Hi Me…..How long did you quit before you were convinced it was the problem and how long have you been symptom free after quitting?

  210. lee

    Hi Kirsty—Would it be possible for me to email you privately. I would love to know more and ask you some questions. I’m not familiar with this site or how it works. I’m on here because of a family member who has been sick for almost 6 years now and is in denial. Thanks

  211. lee

    Hi Christopher–Just wondering if you quit and if you are better now?

  212. ex toker

    Dear Casey..Its obvious to everyone on this entire forum that only a “hater, narc, or super troll FBI agent” would make such an unfounded statement.Only someone who really extra hates the weed and is a “sell out to the man” would make such cruel accusations about THC.( I get fun emails HA!)
    Don’t worry my friend!! The unbiased experts in this forum know absolutely everything about everything Casey… and its “impossible” that weed could make anyone sick..It must be your diet and how you smoke it and blah fucking blah…

    Seriously Casey..if you want to get off the train to Barfville bad enough you’ll stop..
    Otherwise..enjoy the panic trips to the emergency ward and get used to spending your life feeling like shit.


  213. F

    I can think of a few things here: Psychosomatic SxS of unconcsious worry/anxiety, Panic attacks, other medication side effects, dietary issues, not getting enough sleep mixed with the others. I don’t discredit other peoples pain or suffering. I just feel like there are lots of potential reasons. I have seen people consume for 30 to 40 years and cannabis didn’t “cause” this issue. But I have seen people mistake psychosomatic responses to emotional states (be it stress, anxiety, fatigue). Sometimes when it is hard to identify what is going on to ourselves it is just as hard for doctors to connect the dots too. I mean cannabis is suggested and pracitcally prescribed for NAUSEA and VOMITING in CANCER PATIENTS…. Can it also cause was it alleviates? That is all I am saying or asking. If you feel attacked sorry. I feel for you, I have my own anxiety and digestive issues that aren’t currently fully diagnosed. But I can say, if I hadn’t REALLLLLLLY put some thought into it, I would have mistaken previously unnoticed medical issues my body was not old enough to fully manifest from my genes for a side effect to something that helps greatly (as long as I don’t stop because I mistake it as the cause to my digestion and anxiety disorders).

    Sorry for any offense, just wanted to throw up another opinion/perspective without name calling or making assumptions one way or the other.

  214. kirsty

    Good luck you and fiance (Maybe next ex tokers).

    Giving up is harder when you have the hyper emmesis syndrome than when giving up from just smoking (I gave up earlier in my life and it wasn’t nearly as hard as this time). I found I could only eat non fatty things first then introduced meats but your fiance may be OK I hope with the eating. I also had a really shit time sleeping and stayed awake 8-| for over a month and really lost the plot and got psychosis without taking a damn thing :stars: (back to hospital for head problems that 2nd last attempt).

    Then I realized last time one and half years ago now, that I had to really work out how to get away from the entire syndrome which was not being able to smoke and not being able to give up and remain sane. I did it, I got support while giving up, drug counselling, doctors, valium, sleeping pills, herbal teas, herbal sleep tablets, relaxing music, aromatherapy I actually used all of these in the sleepless phase that I had :giggle: .

    Whatever works for you though, just make sure regular sleep happens from someone who made the mistake thinking I’d be OK without sleep. Good luck guys. :howdy:

  215. MaybeNextExTokers

    To Ex Toker, thanks so much!!!!! Hope this is the answer.

    To all the haters, I hope you never go through this, or have to watch someone you love go through it. You may be a believer some day.
    FYI, I’ve never met an ex pothead, who acted like an ex cigarette smoker, Don’t be so hypocritical. Legalize Freedom…………………To each their own!!!!!!!!

    My fiance has been smoking heavily for 30+ years, we never would have believed this, and had never heard of it. He has been having bouts for the last 7 years, first 2 times about a year a part, now about every three months. When he is sick, he can’t hold anything down and lives in the bath tub (Don’t even bother draining it between trips anymore). It usually last about 2 weeks at a time with multiple trips to the ER for fluids. This past week he had only been sick for two days when I took him. He was admitted because his kidneys were failing from dehydration. He was released after 2 days, and was back to the ER 2 days later, where one of the doctors mentioned there was a syndrome. Sure enough here we are. I never thought, he would be willing to give up smoking, but at this point he’s willing to try anything. I don’t think it will even be that hard for him, if it means relief. I’m even willing to “try” to give it up myself, just to support. I just hate the weird dreams and irritability when we don’t smoke.

    We’ll let you know if it works.

  216. Mark

    There are a lot of factors that are not considered here. mainly what you eat but also any other drugs your taking, especially NSAID’s which are very common and very hard on the stomach. what and how you smoke is important too. if your smoking grade A organic bud and you are switching up your strain variety to avoid becoming immune to a certain type of bud, you probably wont experience this (in my experience). you also need to have alternative ways of using bud, vapes, smoking, hash, edibles, and even lotions to apply topically to your throat and stomach (yea it helps if your not too far along). I understand rapid onset all to well but normally my process is, extreme nausea and weakness, bowl, vomit from the SMOKE (not the chemicals in the herb), maybe take a bentyl, shower, eat a weed cookie, lay down and watch a good show that doesnt make me laugh too hard and smoke until i feel better. I really feel that this “syndrome” has to do with what you eat more than anything. I have had horrible stomach problems since 15, and i would roll balls and not get too sick so long as i ate good before, and especially after i did what i did. you really have to change your life if you have an illness or disability, you cant expect anything to do more than mask your condition. all this being said, i would not tell anybody that they are wrong about what they are feeling. I have had my fair share of quacks and i have learned that not everyone will think you are sincerely in pain while you are writhing and dying infront of them. so to everyone who felt some connection with this article i am sorry you have gone through this type of pain, i know it sucks. but really take your whole life and daily routine into consideration when diagnosing an illness. usually the easiest answer is the wrong one. BTW bentyl is a low grade muscle relaxer for people with IBS. it really helps if you are eating fatty, greasy, or high-in-dairy foods and it is not a bad consideration if you have real problems with intestinal cramps or inflammation

  217. casey mccune

    I have this, it is real and sucks! About every six months when the THC gets to a certain point in my body, I get bad bad stomach pains and throwup alot! I cant even keep water down. Then I get dehydrated. I have been to the hospital many times for this.

  218. Kirsty

    Trolls live under bridges, I live in a house. You are a bored idiot with nothing better to do than read about other people’s suffering then laugh at them slinging cruel replies. You need to get some kind of life,

  219. ex toker

    Hey Suzanne
    Thanks for the smile.Some people are little weird..I always have said “do whatever you want”..and the peeps still cry TROLL!…jeez..I’m glad the pot-ola isn’t making everyone paranoid or anything.
    Anyway..My only advice is to COMPLETLY kick it and see how you feel.
    For me, after thinking that I was dying of cancer or something else that the doctors just hadn’t found yet,giving up the doobies wasn’t that tough.I was just so happy to find out I wasn’t dying,it felt like a second chance. After that I didn’t give a shit about getting high anymore.I started hitting the gym every day instead of the bong.
    It worked for me..thats all I have ever said…listen or don’t..its all up to you.
    Good luck..
    The blog trolling, FBI agent, narc, religious nut,anti pot ,hater guy.(LOL)
    you guys crack me up.

  220. AmyRose

    Leo Urias- If you are not sick, don’t worry about it then. You can keep on smoking, me on the other hand know what I have been through in my life, Call me a troll, I call you a douche with no brain. just because you have never experienced something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Sorry that you feel the way you do, but for those of us that violent have felt like our guts were ripping out know what it feels like to have that resolved. I have not had an episode since June 10th and I quit that week. I have smoked a few times since then and have still not had any episodes. I don’t know what you think “is not going to work” no one is advocating that you quit or don’t smoke if youa re not puking your life away. Toke up and enjoy! But for me sadly I can not and if you vomit all the time all I say is it is worth a try. It’s simple trouble shooting. Change or eliminate one thing at a time to determine the problem. Bye now. @ Kristy- I do happen to thing it can be associated with CVS. Just from my experience. I had it before I smoke but it became much much worse as my smoking intensified, It has not really been long enough to say whether I will never have another episode. So as for now I still think they are related.

  221. suzanne

    Hi Ex Toker,

    You crack me up! Good for you…I liked your reply to Gene.

    I left a message in reponse to one of your older posts. My boyfriend is in denile that this could be CHS/CVS and is basically not smoking for 6 months to show that this isn’t the problem. However I do believe that there is a part of him that does believe that smoking MJ could be triggering the CVS. We both don’t drink alcohol and smoking MJ was one of his ways of relaxing.

    Have you found any new information on CHS/ CVS? I really do like your honesty and what you have blogged on this site and hope that you can get back with us. Our email is sblette@gmail.com.

  222. Leo Urias

    OMG this is sooo hilarious! There are some definite trolls up in here. I’m not so naive that I believe smoking marijuana is a end-all, cure-all medication. Honestly I’m not even sure it cures anything, however I’m pretty positive it doesn’t make you throw up unless maybe you take a killer bong hit and cough till you puke. never seen it, but I wouldn’t deny the possibility. But for all the crazies on this blog implying that their is some kinda rough period of withdraw is just ludicrous. If you are throwing up and think it’s the pot you smoke, maybe you just shouldn’t smoke pot. But for those of us who really do smoke we know that you are a troll so please save your BS, it’s not going to work.

  223. Kirsty

    This site is about Canabinoid Hyper Emessis Syndrome (CHE). Chronic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS) is really not the same in my opinion but could be a lead up to getting CHE. When I developed CHE I never myself had CVS it just hit me. Believe me nobody would be able to go to work let alone leave their home with CHE, it is debilitating. The real thing that truly distinguishes CVS from CHE is that with CHE throwing up doesn’t stop, once the stomach is emptied the liver and gall bladder also continue to empty leaving the sufferer dangerously dehydrated and in serious pain while it is happening. It sounds to me that with CVS it is a few chucks and on with the day. With CHE comfort is sought with a shower or bath or both. I was under the shower till the bathroom went mouldy fighting it all the time either in chronic pain or throwing up. Then when the hot water ran out it was in the bath and believe me I didn’t care if I was throwing up in the bath I was sitting in or not, the water went a yellow colour. CHE is a disgusting thing to go through and can’t be compared with CVS.

    The best of luck to those who really are suffering and not just putting up with feeling a little sick. If you have CHE the only answer is GIVE UP with the help of a doctor and a counselling source for support. This is what I did. I needed all the help I could get. I was in denial as well and angry I had to give up. I still haven’t had any MJ and I never feel sick at all now.

    This is the truth for all you tokers out there who are either paranoid or just don’t believe or care that others are truly needing this site to seek help and support. Just remember however, it could happen to you one day too however, I sure hope it doesn’t cos it feels like being in hell and dying all in one moment. Please don’t be angry with the people on here who are really trying to find a soluting to this.

    Good luck everyone,

    :-) :notes: :rainbow: :angel:

  224. ex toker

    yeah Gene…what the fuck ever…I’m a total hard core narc for the man..you sure got me pegged..genius.
    If you are calling me a liar…I have an ass you can kiss.Don’t be a know it all douchebag.
    There may be things even a genius such as yourself doesn’t know…oh how could it be?
    ps..you’re my hero for all your pot smoking for the cause..I wish I was as cool as you.

  225. suzanne

    Hey there ex toker!

    I am right with you on everything you have said. My boyfriend has all the same symptoms and the timeline when the CVS started was just about the same time he started smoking MJ in excess. He had a heart attack at 39 and stopped smoking cigarettes and replaced them with MJ. He was smoking excessively…in the last 6 months he has been in the hospital 4 times. The time before last they said it was CHS, my boyfriend didn’t believe it, but did slow down on the amount he was smoking. A month later he was back in the hospital and again the doctor said he believes it is CHS, but this time he mentioned the link to CVS. They believe that smoking MJ triggers the CVS. My boyfriend has decided to quit smoking MJ for 6 months to see if he gets sick; however he is still in denial and is angry. We are both addicts, I don’t drink or smoke MJ. This is very hard on our family; we have a 4 month year old. He would like more information from someone else that has been through the same suffering and has stopped smoking. Have you found any new information on CHS or CVS? Anything you have to say would be helpful. Please email us at sblette@gmail.com.

  226. Gene

    This is hilarious! I have been a smoker since 1983 and been in the legalization movement since 1986. based on my personal experience and the untold sheer numbers of people I have met who are heavy smokers, not a single incidence of this so-called “severe vomiting attacks” has even been mentioned. I call bullshit on the report and those who are coming out on this blog who declare that they suffer from this alleged vomiting. This reads more like an AA meeting than a legalization blog. Makes me wonder if those commenting are NOT smokers, but anti-pot propagandists.

  227. Bethany

    I always puke during my morning smoke. I have CVS too so I wouldn’t be surprised if some people could truly not tolerate pot if they have this illness. But for me, it’s worth a quick barf to relieve my anxiety symptoms.

  228. Billy

    This is a very real problem that I suffer from. It’s happened to me a number of times. I’m not sure if it’s being caused by marijuana or not.

    I’ve noticed in the past if i’m seriously nauseated I could smoke and the marijuana would immediately make me vomit but would also make me feel better and the constant nausea would go away. This nausea is unrelated to CVS but emotional nausea from anxiety problems that I have when I was younger. I probably wasn’t eating very much at all and my stomach was full of acids. I also noticed that if the marijuana did make me vomit during these times it was easier and less stressful on my body than if I had just made myself do it before smoking.

    I’ve no proof but I feel like I have CVS now that I’m older and that the marijuana is just effecting it in both pleasant and unpleasant ways. I wake up and feel really unpleasant if I smoke marijuana in the next hours to maybe a few hours I will get sicker and throw up then immediately start feeling better after I’ve cleared my throat and brushed my teeth. Eating doesn’t seem to help and usually wait til after the episode is over.

  229. me

    How long has she abstained? It is something that happens from the build up in the system. It isn’t a side effect that occurs right when you smoke. But if she is affected she has to quit long enough that all of the thc is out of her system. If after a few months of not smoking\, she is still having the symptoms, I would look into Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. Personally, I would look into that anyway, because I believe that the THC is triggering the Cyclic vomiting. Call me a troll if you want , but I am pretty damn sure this was causing all my problems. I was sick with this for 20 years and when I don’t smoke. I don’t get sick. I still support medical marijuana. And legalization. This is more than likely only affecting a small number of people, an many many medications have bad side effects. Sheeez, some anti-depressants cause suicidal thoughts. If you listen to any of the commercials for med some of them even say DEATH . But for those without answers for years, this can come as a relief. it took me a long time to quit and to even admit it could be the problem.

  230. tim poliak

    ok so my girl has all the symtoms of this but the problem is that they dont appear while or after smoking. only when not smokin so maybe it was something else, maybe they should look into stuff a lot more before talking bullshit. :-|

  231. ray christl cambodia medical kanja

    I’ve never seen so many trolls on a site since the CCzine before Marc Emery went to the big house…they must have a few paid folks that role play ??? What did RadRuss think of all this noise.

  232. kirsty

    Good luck Sarah. It is really hard to quit, I think you believe me that I know this.

    The thing I found was really difficult being that I was an isolated case among friends who could smoke and smoke just like me without any problems like I had. It was the same weed, excess amounts, food and everything we shared but I kept being hospitalized and others never did. I am beginning to think my body has had an immune type reaction or repulsion to all the toxins in the stuff and it is my body’s way of telling my head to just stop having it.

    The withdrawals were bad for me too, the sleeplessness in attempt 9 for me put me in a psyche unit (I got psychosis from lack of sleep) and the THC in my system was still really high after 3 months of having none. This is surprising in itself because the experts say that THC is pretty much out of your system by then (blood anyway), not me however, they didn’t believe I hadn’t had any!

    Not a nice place to go, I sure hope you kick the habit.


  233. Sarah

    Hey Kirsty,

    I’ve been smoking weed heavily for only about 2 years now. Daily until this time last year (I had over 100 days break), then this year has just been relapse after relapse. I have a huge habit. One ounce every 6-7 days to myself. I wake up twice during the night every night and need to immediately have at least 2 cones, otherwise I start shivering uncontrollably, regardless of the weather, and feeling nauseas.

    I have had Cyclical Hyperemesis, a year ago I lived in Sydney and developed CH for 8 days before flying home to Melbourne for medical treatment.

    In the last year, when resuming my smoking, my habit is definitely heavier than it was when I lived in Sydney, however, no Hyperemesis this time… perhaps it is because I am smoking a different strain, from a different dealer.

    I know a lot of weed smokers. Their habits a different to mine. I need to smoke all the time in order to function, and I hate it. It doesn’t even make me high anymore- really at all. Unless I have about 20 cones one after the other- which usually makes me throw up. Even then the high is groggy and more of a nauseated fatigue.

    My appetite tends to disappear completely, during the week after I quit, my weight drops severely- probably the most worrying consequence in my eyes.

    I also go through a bad physical withdrawal. Cold sweats, constant clammy palms, headaches, dried out mouth, inability to eat without being sick, no appetite at all, lack of sleep, anxiety, shaking and just a general feeling of discomfort.

    All in all, it’s awful and I hate going through it, but I’m an addict and I keep going back to the damn drug. Each time I relapse I learn something though and I have been told that I can expect to relapse between 5-7 times before I beat this… fingers crossed I toe the line early at try number 4!

  234. Chris

    Wow!!!! Now you can die from cannabis? Sounds like propaganda to me!!! Funny how cannabis is so good people would rather puke all day than to go without it. Out of the 1000′s of people I know who use cannabis (dope is heroin or crank you dipshits) nobody experiences this… :)

  235. patty

    do you smoke pot????

  236. patty

    my daughter is a mj user, she has been vomiting for 3 -4 weeks solid with no end in site, she is in agony, i believe that the reason this disease is now surfacing is because( as ive been told) the dope now days is 40 times more stronger than it was 20 years ago. she hasnt smoked mj for 3 weeks, …how long can this go on?? if this doesnt stop her using, nothing will.

  237. Dan

    Hello all,
    CVS is certainly a real issue and with a definite link to marijuana. I am 100 percent pro legalization but I’ve been vomiting for about a year every time I get home from work at the SAME TIME because that’s when I usually smoke my first joint of the day. I’m not sure if the vomiting is in anticipation of the chemicals which I’ve been inhaling for so long but I see this as proof that mj use could lead to issues with the nervous system/immune system in cases such as these. A month I ago I decided to quit smoking and that lasted two months. Within two somewhat grumpy weeks I not only lost the desire to smoke but realized that I hadn’t been sick once since I’d been doing things other than smoking or thinking about blazing. As soon as I got back to smoking my symptoms reappeared. If you smoke regularly and suffer from vomiting/anxiety symptoms please give yourself a chance and stop for at least a few months to see what I mean. More important than curing the actual vomiting is realizing its true cause and knowing why you are sick in the first place. Of course, after that, you’ve got to assume responsibility for what you’re doing to yourself.

  238. Tanna

    I never thought it would be true… Marijuana does cause cronic vomiting… thank you for the info…

  239. saundra

    ahhh I am 19 years old and have smoked pretty much everyday for 2 years and at the same time developed a problem where I throw up almost every morning very early (2-5 am) and am nauseas and tired and have a lack of appetite throughout the day. I have been tested for GERD, gal bladder problems, I had an Upper GI and and endoscopy and still nothing was found. the doctors assumed nerves but im not nervous every morning at 5 am when i am trying to sleep! i knew it was something more and i think this is out!!! I have developed bad anxiety from this and pretty much depend on weed to make me feel better so I know quitting will be so hard. How long will it take and what helped everyone get through it????

  240. Kirsty


    Read through the other pages not just this first one. I gave detailed suggestions when I was giving up as to how I did it. There were other people as well who gave some other type suggestions that worked for them also.

    The ONLY answer is giving the stuff up entirely. Not a little bit here and there but entirely for good. Good luck with your husband.

    If he has CVS like you say he probably had it before he smoked. Chronic Vomiting Syndrome sufferers from reading this site seem to throw up for an hour or two and then can have a regular day feeling not so good but able to function.

    If he has mj hyperemessis he will die from it if he doesn’t get to hospital with each episode because the vomiting doesn’t stop but progresses to the gall bladder emptying also and the liver being compromised. If he needs ER when he throws up and is throwing up yellow bile and can’t stop without a lot of drugs and drips at the hospital he doesn’t have CVS. If he doesn’t give up smoking pot he WILL die from it if he fits the pot smoking hyperemessis description. That is a FACT! :pound:

    Good luck, read through ALL the posts on this site with your husband and you will probably work out an answer that you can try next. :readit:

    Kirsty :howdy:

  241. Karen Fry

    Hello Kat,
    I read you message. I have been doing research on the web. My husband has just been diagnosed with CVS. He has had it for years, we just never knew what it was. The doctor recommened that he quit smoking pot but he won’t. He has been smoking for a while longer than he has been sick. The sickness is terrible for him especially but hte family a well. I need a cure. Any suggestions.
    Thank you,
    Karen Fry

  242. ex toker

    If you are sick enough,you will find the power to quit.3 days is not enough to kick any habit.I would call that a half assed attempt.Think of it this way,if you had cancer and all you had to do is quit smoking to be cured,how long would it take you to give up smoking? i can’t believe some people would rather stay ill than stop smoking dope.For Christ sakes get a brain.I was sick for years,I quit,now i’m not sick.In fact i’m up at 5AM feeling great and going to the gym.Its up to the individual.Puke your guts out at the hospital and feel like death or feel great…your choice.Hmmmmmmm…

  243. Kirsty


    Hi Kat and Amy Rose,

    Congratulations Amy you strong girl!!!! You have made my day to hear that someone has toughed that awful withdrawal period out.

    Kat, I have never had CVS in my life. In fact I can eat things that other people quite possibly would puke after over the years so I don’t believe that I have the brain trigger you describe. To answer your question on how long it takes to quit, I was advised by an Alcohol and Drug adviser that the physical and mental withdrawal period would last 6 weeks. I found I was struggling for 3 months.

    Good luck Kat. :2thumbs:

    Amy, I am so proud of you.

  244. Amy Rose

    Hello again. To those that suffere with CVS/CHS and have given up and feel better, CONGRATS. I know all too well how devestating this can be in ones life. Also, I know how it feels to finally have an answer, and a ssimple one. To those that suffer and have not yet quit, all you have to do is try, give it up for a short time just to test yourself. If it helps, VIOLA! you are better (I know it sucks, I LOVE my “tea”) If not the smoke will be there waiting for you. Someone said that the #1 CVS Dr. doesnt beleive in CHS, but she still advocates quiting. That is really what I beleive too. I think it is a trigger. The only time in my adult life that I did not a any CVS episodes, was the one year that I quit smoking. Within 3 weeks of starting up again I was having regular epsisodes and ended up losing one of the best jobs I ever had. For me, I know I have CVS that is triggered by smoking, because yes I did have CVS BEFORE i started smoking. My very first memory of school was puking all over my desk. Basically I look at it as a side effect, just like any medication, there are side effect that only effect a small percentage of people. Look at anti-depressants, they can cause suicidal thoughts is some people. But that doesnt mean that they won’t work for anyone and should be stopped. Same for medical MJ. the vast majority of people will be helped by it. And believe me I am a huge advocate for MMJ along with legalization. And just a quick message to those who wished more Drs knew about this. They are learning about it. I have been to quite a few ERs and Drs and they are all finsing out about it. Luckily I am in an area that has many hospitals and teaching hospitals , so they seem to be aware. In 08 I went to a Dr that is listed on the CVS website and he mentioned it to me. I knew it then I just didn’t accept it. It took me until this year to quit, If you can try to go to a Dr in a metropoliton area or a university hospital. In my expericene they seem to be the most knowlegable on the subject. Good luck to all.

  245. Kat

    Passing this along. My husband has been suffering from Cyclic Vomiting Sydnrome for years. He is a chronic smoker. I spoke to the number one Doctor of Cyclic Vomiting and she says she doesn’t believe in Cannaboid Hypermesis, HOWEVER, she said that Marijauna interfers with the effectiveness of the preventative medicine as it stimulates the same part of the brain. So it’s like there is a fog in the way blocking access and the medicine can’t get to it effectively. (I don’t literally mean fog, you get what I’m saying right? It’s already stimulated, so the stuff that’s supposed to help can’t do it’s job) She also said she has never seen a Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome suffer who is a chronic cannabis user get better. Ever. So she highly advised weaning off of the MJ.

    Meds they typically try first are amitryptylne, Inderal, and cyproheptadine. These are supposed to help with Cyclic Vomiting but not if you are a chronic user. My husband is still a chronic user and has been ill every single day for 9 months. He is trying to quit, but it’s slow going.

    For those of you who have had simliar experience, how long did it take for you to see results? My husband went three days, but that was like a special kind of hell for him, and it didn’t help. I was thinking it would take more like three weeks?

  246. Joyce Van Voorhees

    I just wish more doctors knew about this syndrome! Our son has had it for several years, and it has cost him jobs, college credits, and thousands of dollars in needless medical expenses, besides months of pain and sickness. He has seen numerous specialists and had every test they could think of. Not one ever told him to give up smoking pot, even though he was honest about his habits. For the poor person above who says the CAUSE is cyclic vomiting syndrome–wake up! We’d been on their website for years–and they don’t profess to know the cause of the syndrome. My guess is that many CVS sufferers would be cured instantly if they gave up their weed. My son finally ended up in the care of a neurologist who diagnosed him with abdominal migraine, and prescribed many medications, none of which kept the syndrome from recurring, often more violently than ever. After his last hospitalization my sister sent us an article on cannabinoid hyperemesis, which described his symptoms perfectly, down to the constant hot showering for relief. We had never heard of this before! My son had the strength and intelligence to quit smoking and is now symptom free. It’s one thing to get high occasionally, but no one should waste his life being wasted! I wish marijuana was legal for many reasons, but also that young people wouldn’t abuse it by becoming chronic smokers, especially if they are suffering from these awful vomiting episodes.

  247. Kirsty


    OK, its not junk food late at night because I tried that theory and ate good food only until I couldn’t get another mouthful down. It’s not cyclic because I have quit now for 2 years and WHAT A COINCIDENCE I haven’t been anywhere near feeling sick since!!! The pattern was every 2-3 months into the hospital I would go prior.

    What I am curious about is are all these cases smoking through bongs? :pimp: And do they use large cones like I did? And did they take the cone in one foul swoop like I did far too massively over expanding lung capacity as I did?

    Another thing that is subtle and easy to miss is the few days at about mid mark between er and er admissions that smoking weed seems not to work. Most people would say they bought a bad batch but I think I smoked myself straight. At that particular point is when my appetite started to wane. At this exact point I started not to want to eat but made myself anyway. Daily the appetite worsened till it was liquids only to prevent chucking up. Then even water in the end I had to throw up. :flush:

    I tried Tai High recently as it has no THC. I had no feeling of sickness and it had similar effects except didn’t make me feel so sleepy. It didn’t make me cough after each bong either. I thought I was on a good thing with this stuff and it is legal, another bonus.

    I gave Tai High up after a month when I noticed my face was blood red :pissed: and found through research it can cause high blood pressure. Withdrawal of this substance wasn’t as bad as mj psychologically but the physical pain was bad bad bad. I felt like I had pneumonia, from no coughing the stuff was solidly in my lungs. Each cough was agony but it had to come out (no throwing up mind you). I also suffered angina and severe high blood pressure. I was very scared that I was either going to have a heart attack or I was even experiencing one.

    So I still argue that cyclic vomiting is different to cannabinoid hyperemmesis. So what if the tests done in Australia were only 10 subjects. Have you read this site right through? There are more than 10 people here and there seems to me to be quite the common theme going on.

    Can you guess what that common theme is? :pot: :munch:

    Good luck to all, :clap:

    I send requests to above for all those out there who are suffering from the dilemma of mj hyperemessis and having to quit that they have a guardian angel to help them through it. Nothing save a miracle got me to stop and I thank heavens above that they helped me out.

    Anyone with these symptoms it is simply time to give it up. :big420:

    In all honesty,
    Kirsty (Atheist) from Australia :punk:

    PS: I don’t go to church, no bible basher, etc etc. :angel:

  248. Calcula7ed

    Just a few questions that I hope can be answered by the experts.

    Does this have anything to do with smoking before the brain is fully developed? i.e. becoming dependent on a substance before the brain is fully functioning or is able to decipher the properties of certain substances? Perhaps the hypothalamus is underdeveloped or perhaps it damaged the synchronization of the hypothalamus? Interval issues due to the use before the brains parts are fully developed?

    At what point/age is the hypothalamus acting at full capacity? On the average.

    Do alternate brain functions develop at alternate intervals with respect to functioning? i.e. parts of the brain could develop much quicker than the brain parts of others? Obviously but I would prefer your opinion and analysis.

    Since a small percentage suffer from this why doesn’t everyone else who smokes suffer from the same symptoms?

    Is this only found in those who smoke chronically?

    Is it different for those who consume the substance other than by purely smoking it? i.e eating, vaporizing, etc. This could be used as a controlled experiment eating vs smoking. Vaporizing vs smoking. Etc.

    Could this occur from an inhalation or consumption of contaminants that are easily dissolved in the body’s system while the substance that stays in the system longer is the culprit? Tainted?

    I’ve never heard of this until recently and I do acknowledge it’s importance in understanding it completely. I’m trying to gather more information for my own hypothesis. Thank you and good day. My email is Calcula7ed@hotmail.com

  249. Kevin

    It’s funny to me how quick pot advocates are to dismiss any ill side effects of smoking! Look, I haven’t smoked since I was a teenager until a few months ago and only recently began suffering any nausea but now it eats at me until I smoke! I only found this page because I was researching my nausea and lack of appetite! Some people can smoke all day with no problems but there are those of us who can’t…..I like weed…..A LOT but it makes me sick…..just accept it, there are some negative side effects for some people’s genetic composition and no amount of rhetoric will change that. It doesn’t make weed bad….it’s ok….relax little potheads!

  250. Ex toker

    It sounds like he is doing the exact same things as i was doing.Maalox,diavol,gravol,rolaids,gaviscon tea,toast,diet change.None of it worked.All I had to do was make the painful decision to give up the weed.
    You can keep telling him its the weed all you want.But..if your man isn’t ready to accept that idea then he’s gonna stay sick.Simple.My woman went through hell with me.Doctors testing me for stomach cancer,Chrones disease siliac disease,intestinal cancer,ulcers, food allergies the gamut..None of the above.,.I had cameras up my ass,down my throat, I had blood work,, tissue biopsies,you name it.My symptoms were exactly the same as you describe.IT ALL stopped when I stopped the Ganja.Thats my experience.Like I’ve said,I love the herb.I just can’t smoke it.I swear that the symptoms you describe are IDENTICAL to what I had. Its been gone completely for over 2 years now.Totally worth it..He won’t believe how much better he’ll feel…Please…anyone who reads this–I”M NOT ANTI WEED OK!!! I’M NOT A NARC, HATER etc…I’m just a dude who found what worked for ME.

  251. JeanieB

    My Boyfriend has been smoking weed for over 15 yrs, and tells me he has always suffered with excess acid problems, he has had numerous tests with no diagnosis, he has taken acid tablets omepreziole and some others at different times with somtimes little improvement for short periods he has suffered with vomiting bouts for months with the odd days vomit free inbetween, we met 3 yrs ago I dont smoke and done some research on GERD ect and after investigative tests proved nothing we decided he should try the homeopath route he changed his diet cutting out wheat dairy and gluten he had some holistic medicines to help calm his gut and rebuild the lining of his stomach he didnt give up smoking weed but had a spray of oral aloe vera which he administered 30mins before each spliff which I think was meant to protect the throat and gullet ect from smoke irritation, he stopped the sickness started to gain weight and stregnth, he had alot of muscle wastage which he was able to begin to rebuild, he continued for 6 months when he started to slowly re introduce all the foods he loved chocolate dairy bread cereal rice, he joined the gym felt much stronger and was eating well he looked healthy and thought he was able to stop the homeopath remedy, he was well for about 6 months when he started to smoke more [Green] which has more THC’s in and so in a few months was back to vomiting and having excess acid, with very little proof of what causes it or a real link to pot causing these symptoms he continues to smoke pot daily, he has the odd days he isnt sick but mostly he is ill every night. he wakes early hours to [get up the acid] as he calls it, and is violently ill vomiting for maybe half hour then has rituals of either cup of tea and maybe piece of toast then a spliff to make him sleep, and wakes around 7am when hes sick again or spends about half hr trying to stop himself bring sick because the weight loss is now an issue you can see his ribs, he is in pain lots of the time through him wreching then he sleeps for awhile to calm it down he gets relief from bathing or a shower, I dont think he’s ready to accept it’s the weed causing these symptoms so wont give up anytime soon so can anyone PLEASE give any advice of anything which can help stop the acid or vomiting or calm the stomach cramps???

  252. ex toker

    You are free to believe whatever you like.I would never try to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t do.I smoked daily for 20 years…and was sick on and off for the last 10.
    I haven’t been sick in 2 years now. My cycle was every 3-6 months.
    Just because “you don’t buy it” doesn’t make it absurd.I used to be a chronic,I used to smoke weed while i was barfing my lungs out to try and ease the symptoms.I am not a pot hater,In fact most of my friends are still tokers,and thats cool with me.They just don’t suffer the same effects as I do.Lucky them.I would still smoke it too if I didn’t wind up in the shower barfing for 12-20 hours at a time.That kinda takes the fun out of it i find.
    I don’t judge what others do.I just know quitting worked for me.Thats it ,thats all.I’m not puking my guts out anymore.I’m cool with that too. :-)

  253. Ex-toker

    I was a long term pot smoker.I loved getting baked on a daily chronic basis.
    For years I had been undergoing episodes of extreme uncontrollable vomiting which was accompanied by an overwhelming need to lay down in the shower for hours at a time to make it pass.I had been to the emergency room several times and undergone test after test to determine what the hell was wrong.Finally a doctor asked me if I smoked pot.I told the truth and he told me about CVS.I was desperate enough to try anything at that point.I really thought I was going to die as my symptoms had become almost constant.I stopped smoking weed and my symptoms disappeared.I haven’t been sick in 2 years now.The symptoms disappeared within a couple days.I have never looked back.I was extremely ill and now I am absolutely symptom free.Quitting weed was a small price to pay to avoid days,sometimes weeks of daily vomiting.
    I have no regrets.Quit if you’re symptomatic and see what happens…it worked for me.

  254. Shelly

    I know this information may sound made up, but as a mother of a daughter that has been in the hospital 22 times, I am here to tell you, it IS real! To make a long story short, last Oct my daughter started throwing up and couldn’t stop until she was admitted to the hospital. She had her gall bladder removed, every gastro test known to man kind, and nothing was helping her. They even checked her for a brain tumor. Finally, after seeing about the 6th gastro doctor, he told her that she has canabinoid hypermesis. She has smoked now for about 4 years, and was an every day user. Don’t ask me why it came on after smoking all of this time, but it sure did. It was misery for her. A few of the doctors in the beginning told her to quit smoking, which she thought was bull and thats what all doctors are supposed to say. But no one put a name on this disease, so she didn’t stop. She has not smoked in about 3 weeks now, and has been hospital free. Also, she has gone back to eating regular foods again, which she could NOT do before. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that have none of these symptoms and think its a bunch of bologna. But if anyone ever has these symptoms…..before you have over $100,000 in medical bills, please try to quit smoking to see if it resolves your issues. It can save yourself and your loved ones a lot of grief. My daughter now no longer has her gall bladder, which was misdiagnosed in the first place. She is only 22 years old…..

  255. Heresy

    The whole notion of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis is extremely absurd. The true cause for the cyclic vomiting is called Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. Thousands of people, who have this diagnosis display these same symptoms. The case study done in Australia was done with eventually a total of 9 or 10 patients (not enough to do a study, especially with no blinds) and very little followup:


    The people claiming they stopped smoking and got better – ANY Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome sufferer will tell you that they have periods of weeks or MONTHS where they are better and have no symptoms. That’s why it’s called “cyclic”. So “I stopped smoking and got better” has no weight unless the subject is symptom free for years upon years. It is far more likely, since Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome is manifesting in more and more adults every year, that the chronic use of cannabis is not a cause but a correlation. You simply can NOT have such inadequate studies and then use them as fact. It’s terrible science and more fear mongering.

    Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Association has a lot of information on the actual syndrome that is taking place here.


    Signed, a Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome sufferer.

  256. Rachel

    So hard to say if it’s the pot, because so many things can make you do the same thing. I had IBS which doesn’t show up anywhere in tests–is based on symptoms, but will make you do exactly this, and I rarely smoke–and yes water running over my tummy was soothing. IBS is caused by anxiety and poor eating habits mostly and in some cases will cause every digestive problem under the son. I personally would vomit and have severe stomach cramps everyday and no appetite. My boyfriend has been throwing up lately and has a small appetite, but I notice that it’s always after eating or drinking someting acidic and he’s 40 years old with a 25 year pot habit that is extremely chronic. So, I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions. Just a thought–btw–it took about 5 years before I found a doctor to help me–he gave me a pill I took twice a day called levbid which completely got rid of all my syptoms. (also called levsin) Hope this helps someone.

  257. Mark

    All of these symptoms of cannibinoid hypermesis are all diet related. This only occured when you started to become a stoner. Well when ur a stoner you smoke all the time, so ur diet changes because MJ is the greatest appetite inducer known to man. The symptoms of cannibinoid hypermesis can be explained by changes in your eating habits due to too much munching right before bed. There is a reasonable explanation for all of this. I felt like the case mentioned above where the one kid had to keep on going to the hospita because he was puking all the time, was a bunch of BS as well. The kid sounds like a stoner who just cant quit, and instead of quitting the munching he just pukes all of the time. IF you smoke weed and dont change anything about your lifestyle and diet, then i guarantee that you will not make multiple tips to the ER lol. I have been a chronic pot smoker since i was a junior in highschool. Im a junior in college now and have dealt with every marijuana side-effect i can think of. I used to wake up feeling sick to my stomach and would puke occasionally. I figured it was that stupid disease that those australians made up with that Bullshit 9 patient (you need a sample of 30 to be anywhere close to legit) study. Anyways, i thought i had cannibinoid hypermesis. My roommate last year has all of the symptoms described. I would wake up to him have long “puke-sessions” in our bathroom, from as little to 1-5 hour. He chroniically smokes cigs and ganja. He also has the worst eating habit in the world. I know that i wake up feeling sick when i munch out way too hard before i go to bed. My roommate felt alot better with a change in diet and a rule about not eating shitty food right before he went to bed. This is just a made-up disease stemming from a problem of getting too high and eating too much food before you go to bed. If you really have continued problems after a change in diet, then you most likely have some other disease (probably something associated with diet.) Maybe GERD.

  258. Michele


    How are you doing now? I just heard about this pot syndrome today, and my husband has been suffering this vomiting syndrome for several years now. He is 56 and been smoking for years.He’s been to the hospital several times already , and doctors have not been able to diagnose him.

    I hope that you stop smoking so that you can find out for yourself.


  259. Erin

    My son who is 17 is experiencing these symptoms and will not listen to me. He is overweight and recently lost 20 lbs because he doesn’t want to look at food and only wans liquids. Lots of them. I have learned that the marijuana of today has a ton more THC in it than what was in it 10 years ago or further back. This could be the reason that old time smokers aren’t affected…plus the fact that their bodies have been used to thc for years on end..a little more osnt going to affect them in the same way it would affect someone newer to smoking. In fact they are saying there is so much thc in weed now that younger kids are having pyschotic effects from it. Back to the vomiting….it is real. I just wish there was more info out there about it. My son only believes the promarijuana propoganda that is out there, mostly put out by long time dope users and dealers. I just wish someone could truly inform us about the more recent effects of the newer version of this drug.

  260. Stacey

    I am searching out information on chronic weed smoking sicknesses and this is where i ended up! And wow what an eye opener! My brother has been in and out of the hospital for vomiting and they keep pumping him full of water and sending him home. Well this is 6 months later and now the last time he was sent home he said screw the Dr’s i am never going back to the ER. (he was in the hospital 5 times in the past 6 months and hasnt gotten better) Well, he stayed true to his word until we found him 60 lbs lighter, hallucinating with a gash in his head from falling and banging his head against the table on the way down. He is sick! He is dying! And we are all terrified for him! He was taken back to the hospital 2 days ago by ambulance and he is low on potassium, high blood pressure, chronic vomiting and much much more! And we pulled the Dr aside last night and asked him what the hell is going on and he said “Its from chronic pot smoking!” im serious! This is what he said..and we didnt believe what he was telling us! So my brother is dying and its from CHRONIC POT SMOKING???? this is where we stand now..in shock and trying to find out more about this sickness and who it effects and how. Any emails to me would be very helpful in me convincing my brother that this is what is the actual problem! He is convinced he is dying and then smoking pot he thinks helps him out….. he is 34 years old, married with 3 kids and hasnt worked in 6 months…he went back to work for 3 days last month after he got out of the hospital. Once he hadnt thrown up for ONE FULL DAY, the hospital let him out! They let him go home without really telling him what is wrong…

    my email is jaydah@mts.net if anyone can help…anything! We dont know what to do… thanks

  261. Amanda

    I believe this is what my son has. Ofcourse, the doctors here though, do not want to hear it, and they tell him it is not the pot, so he smokes more, and before you know it, it sounds like he is going to throw up his intestines. I had to call an ambulance because he started puking out massive amounts of blood. He was severely dehydrated. He takes a couple days off from smoking pot and then gets better…and smokes pot again, and before you know it, he is vomitting again, begging me to bring him back to the E.R., and he gets dehydrated quickly. I showed him my research but he does not want to believe it quite yet.

    I am pissed that the doctors don’t even know about this. Instead they tell him it is good for apetite, and that pot would not cause these symptoms. They advocate simply for the fact that it is supposed to help these symptoms! They need to do more research and take this seriously, I’m thinking also, that weed might be triggering an underlying disorder that just needed an environmental stimulus to manifest itself…because when he was about 8-9 years old, he would have these episodes and take hot showers for hours…the doctors could neever figure out what was wrong. The attacks stopped out of the blue, then started again once he started smoking weed, after about three months of doing it…and they are severe. Hew is only 18 years old, and I feel I have to find someone who can take this seriously to get him to even to begin to take it more seriously instead of encouraging and ensuring him it is not the weed!

  262. Steve

    Hi my name is Steve I have a identicle twin brother who has cvs and is a daily smoker Hes been in the hospital dozens of times just for fluids all the test have been done come up nothing few days in the hospital he starts feeling better Hot showres baths give him temperary relief. He has had this problem since he was a teenager and we are now 42 .I expermented with pot but never got into it like my brother and had no effects until recenly I had a major stroke ‘BRAIN ANERIZM” and was put on a heavy dose of nortriplene I dont know if thats spelled right but anway I just couldnt take the medicine anymore and quit it cold turkey even thou your to supposed to taper off of it. I got sick with all the problems vomiting couldnt stop. hot baths and showres temporarily releived me . after getting dehydrated I went to the hospital and they run all the test and all come up nothing all the nausea medicine wouldnt phase me still vomiting 5 days in the hospital and started feeling better sent me home with no diagnoses crazy I wonder if some of it is heridetary

  263. R

    I’m a 23 year old male from the east coast of the usa. I’ve been smoking a couple of years and this exact thing happen to me. It started when I left the country to go to Europe for the summer. I had been smoking everyday for a couple of years. The sudden lack of thc messed up my eating cycle and I would vomit if I ate something. I had to reset my stomach by not eating for a couple of days. I could eat sweet things like candy or fruit, but heavy food would set me off again. I became convinced I had undiagnosed Crohn’s disease or something like that and really wanted some weed so I could eat normal again. I never heard of anyone detoxing off marijuana, but I guess your body gets use to anything after repeated chronic use. Its weird how they mentioned the hot showers in the article… because I tended to shower twice a day when that happen. Its crazy how that warm water on ur stomach and skin really does relieve the cramps. I lost some weight and the feeling did go away, but I was never hungry and almost had to force myself to eat, but then i would feel sick again and want to vomit… so in general i tried to eat light and just got drunk off of beer when I couldn’t stand it anymore. I eventually found some hash while overseas, and it saved the trip for me. I could eat a normal meals, meat, and everything. This article really is a good one. I wish weed was legal so the gov could give honest information about it. I love smoking, just wish I didn’t have to worry about always looking for bud though just so i dont feel sick.

  264. CJ

    First I would like to say that the opinions here on the legalization of marijuana are not the factor in the discussion. I agree that marijuana should be legal. I believe it truly helps people when in need. This is about the health of the ones who have abused the use of the herb. I could not believe what I was hearing from my doctor after 10 years of living with this excruciating syndrome. I have had every test performed on me and have been diagnosed with every gastric disorder out there. I smoked and smoked and smoked to help myself. I was told once 5 years ago by a specialist to try to quit and see if it helps. I told her she was crazy and that smoking helped me, there was no way I would believe it could harm me. The more episodes I experienced the more I would smoke. I found out about cannibinoid hyperemesis yesterday. I am a 24 year old woman who has had “cyclic vomiting” since the age of 16. I have smoked since I was 12 years old, with more regular/heavy smoking from the time I was 15. You others with this condition know how it feels. I cried. For God’s sake cried! Not because Heaven forbid I give up my dope, but I found out I have been doing this to myself for over 10 years. I am ashamed! All of those times my family worried about me, watched me as I lay helplessly and violently vomiting for sometimes 16 days! And I caused it. This article hits home. Of course the first thing I did was my research. The second move I have to make is to give up an addiction I never felt I had to begin with. This is not a syndrome that every single heavy long term user experiences. That’s where my research drops off. Why only us? Is it just something in our brains that is wired differently? Was it the type of herb we smoked? I need answers as to why this is something found in people in their twenties? Sounds like mostly early twenties. And what is different inside of me, us v. THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF HEAVY LONG TERM SMOKERS? I just don’t understand. So not that I need much of it, but wish me luck on this new journey and huge life style change.

  265. kirsty

    Hey Christopher, good luck giving up.

    Geez I thought I was in hell just going to er 10 times over 3 years with this thing, The last time in hospital was for 5 days cos all the meds, anti nausea stuff even the ones they give cancer patients stopped the problem sort of but I really had to exit the bile from the gall bladder each time before I was right to go home.

    Anyway, I went cold turkey twice when I realised I had canabinoid Hyper Emessis but the first time I was unprepared for the 40 days of sleepless nights during withdrawal and I had no alcohol and drug councellor (they still don’t recognise though that the withdrawal is seriously harsher than normal mj withdrawal). I ended up in the psyche unit for 10 days.

    Last cold turkey I got all the support I could get, doctor, valiums (only thing that stops my head thinking and keeping me awake cos sleeping tabs don’t work), pain killers (cos pain was bad for me too), a diet slow introduction of simple foods plus antacids and tablets from doctor for stomach. Take a scroll down, I have mentioned the whole scene as I was doing it on this site. It may help you give up if you try some of the things I did. No spicy food not even meat to start with, salads are great (I hate salads just had to eat them for a while). Just do what you have to do….

    The great thing is I didn’t stop with the mj, I then quit the cigarettes next (thought while in suffering mode why not go the whole hog like I did when choofing, it seems to be my profile anyway) so I used it in the positive mode. Realise you are obsessive and channel this into healthy things, When you can go out again, a hobby or join some social groups (meetup.com a great way to meet new people and follow hobbies).

    Bit by bit life changes, for me now about 8 months (not counting cos I think that is a downfall too) is sooooo happy I can’t believe how depressed I was and didn’t realise it.

    Good luck mate,


  266. Dennis

    So I just started recently throwing up a lot frequently and this symtom gotta be true I been smoking for like 2 years I cut back and a smoke basically half a blunt before bed to knock me out but even at that its gotta be affecting me idk what else it could be I take my vitamins I go to the gym I try and stay in shape and healthy doctor was tryna relate it to my ears but my ears are fine its like I walk and I can’t be in too much motion cuz my stomach turns on me and I throw up I gotta sit down and even at that since the first day I threw up I still feel that nausea in me and that lil stomach discomfort that is just waiting to act up on me light headness comes with it all and ur face and and fingers even get a a tingleing feeling when ur feeling like this if there’s anybody that can relate to me id aprreciate it if u got back to me on this

  267. Christopher

    I started smoking pot when I was 13. I would smoke more and more , buy 16 I was smoking everyday all throughout the day. Anytime I had the chance. In between classes, before and after school, then on breaks at work and then on my way home from work, then after I got home Id eat food and smoke more til I went to sleep. Same cycle everyday. All my friends smoked and its easy to find, but it is shwag, not med. grade.
    I started having symtoms of severe vausea and stomach pains at 17. I didnt ever think it was pot. When I smoke I feel good. Even when Id have an episode, smoking would help me feel better. But It got to a point where the nausea and vomiting would get so intense that nothing, and I mean nothing, but a very hot shower until their was no hot water left, would help alleviate the symtoms for a while. Sometimes, Id get out of the shower and then start to feel sick again and have to go right back in to the hot water. Their is something about the hot water just helping the whole body relax.
    Anyway for ten years I went through these cycles of vomiting and beeing nauscious. I went to ER over 100 times and nothing they did, iv, anti nausea meds, etc,,, would help. Sometimes they admit me, sometimes they just send me home because they couldnt do anything. I saw multiple G.I.’s and told all my physicians that I smoke Marijuana. They always laughed and said Marijuana helps nausea, it wouldnt be causing you to be sick. I would tell them thats why I smoke to help feel better,( and I was addicted to smoking 24/7), but the smoking did seem to help sometimes when I wasnt feeling too good, just getting ripped would make it so I could eat and feel good at the time being.
    I wake up everyday feeling sick and having upset stomach, and it comes and goes throughout the day. Somtimes, I would only be sick for a while in the morning, then the rest of day Im ok, but not good. Otherdays I could be sick for a little bit then feel fine, but later in day, like after getting off work, I would start to get sick. I didnt always vomit, I would try to hold it back, and race home to get in the shower.
    If I did start to vomit, which started out once a month, then I continue to vomit anywhere from a day to two weeks. I also went to ER almost died from being dehydrated, and my organs could have shut down. I had multiple tests, scopes, meds, psyciatrists, counselors, you name it I had it. Never thought it was from my pot.
    When I got in these episodes of vomiting life was unbearable. It eventually got so bad I was disabled. The vomiting would occur now 2 or 3 times a month. I had to stop working, because it was physically too hard to work when feeling nauscious. I would have to leave work to go home and take a hot shower.
    I feel like I am going to vomit everyday, but I am able to hold it back and I just started to cope with it and think this is how Im going to die, because know one knows what it , or how to treat it. I wanted to give up on life and told my family I would rater die than live life suffering everyday. I didnt have a life anymoer. I never went camping, or vacations anymore. I was even too afraid to leave the house, thinking an episode would occur, because they came spontaneousley.
    Finally I saw a GI, DR. Ryan Fauble in Arizona who was very concerned for my health and reffered me to Mayo Clinic. When I saw my Dr. at Mayo and explained to her my symptoms, as soon as I said only showers help me, she dropped her pen and asked “hot showers” ? She knew right away and said it is marijuana induced vomiting.
    Again, it doesnt happen when I smoke, because when Im high I feel ok. It mainly occurs in mornings. Its like a long term effect that only happens to hardcore smokers such as myself and to only a small percentage of them. I know alot of people who blaze all day and they dont get sick like me at all.
    I was smoking for 4 years before I started getting sick.
    Since my visit at the Mayo Clinic I did research and found this site and Im glad. Now I know there are others who suffer like me and it is fixable. I just have to quit smoking or at least cut way way back on how much for now til I can stop all together. It will be hard to stop, but well worth the reward. I want my life back.
    I have lost the last almost 11 years of my life, Im almost 28 now, because I was a heavy pot smoker, and had no idea it was from the weed. It really took a tole on my body, I lost 25 pounds and have a very poor appetite. I am way underweight for my body mass index. The vomit wore my teeth out. All the retching and gagging caused me to have a pneumothorax in each of my lungs. It is serious and real.
    Thanks to all who have commented here, it has helped me to want to stop even more now that I know more about this syndrome.

    I will comment back after I have stopped and am clean to tell you all my progress.

  268. kirsty

    Good on you crystal. I have posted comments on this site in the past, trying to lead a path for people suffering canabinoid hyper emmesis (CHE) which it seems everyone making comments on this site is now calling it CVS cronic vomiting syndrome which is something that happens mornings and then stops. Mine was hospital for days at a time each time hyper emessis syndrome happened and it sounds to me that the time you were scared that you were going to die you actually had a (CHE) rather than a (CVS). With the CHE the vomiting doesn’t stop until you die, a sufferer is dehydrated and has an empty stomach having already thrown up for a good two hours and still finds the bile to throw up which your gall bladder is spasming out of your body as quickly as it can. The complete pathway and system is in turmoil, it goes through your upper intestine and backwards up through your stomach burning the lining of your stomach and throat, the bile is doing its job breaking down food. Bile after all is made to disolve fats/meat which is what our stomach and throat have in structure. Understandably the sufferer feels that they are going to die because they really are definitely on that path. All I can say is that I am thankful for living in Australia with modern medicine and a great health care system for me to go into hospital 10 times in my death throes before I realised it was the chronic use of marijuana that was causing it. Same as you Crystal, I too cannot smoke this any more and I gave it up probably nearly a year ago? Can’t remember because I don’t want to count how long because this is a new me and I will never try it again. You crystal said it well when you stated “i have used up all my getting high on marijuana duckets” that is exactly my story totally too. GOOD LUCK, and yep, life is pretty damn good all round for me now, I have never been so happy actually in all my life.

  269. crystal

    I wanted to share my story with you all. I started cyclic vomiting with severe pain and nausea when i was 19 years old (1999).
    At that point i had been a Chronic pot smoker for 4 years. I went thru horrible pain and suffering for years and I almost died due to a lack of hydration when i was 21 years old!! I am now 30 and have not smoked for 4 months now!! today (happy 420) i am 100% better!! i woke up sick and in pain having to shower or take a bath for 11 years!! I NEVER THOUGHT MARIJUANA COULD BE THE CULPRIT!! I always felt like it was my saving grace when i was in pain and vomiting!! It took me 11 years to even consider quitting for a minute to see how i would feel!!
    Last october I had a real scare during one of my vomiting episodes!! I felt like i was having a heart attack due to an inflamed esophagus after years of retching!! It scared me straight!! I now accept the fact that it was my own habit of ABUSE not USE of marijuana!! I realize that i went way to overboard with my habit and felt like I NEEDED it all day everyday…. morning to night and that almost killed me!!
    I wish i could express how scary CVS is to experience and how hard it was on my family, friends, co workers and loved ones!! I feel whole again now…not being afraid to travel, camp, eat out, etc.
    I just wanted to express how REAL this syndrome is and that its not from just USING but from extensive and chronic use!! i fear now that i have used up all my getting high on marijuana duckets and must abstain for good!! but it is well worth it to be able to eat work and LIVE again!! good luck to you all and remember that anything in EXCESS can harm you!!! please feel free to email me with any questions or to further discuss this syndrome!!
    HAPPY 420…… Free Your MIND and BODY!!!!!

  270. Angela

    My husband and I spent the last year taking our 20-year-old son to different hospitals and GI specialists, in the Dallas area to treat his CVS. He’s had every test 3 times, had his gall bladder removed. On a cruise last summer, our whole family had to get off the boat the second day and spend the next week in a hospital in Alaska while our son vomited continuously. We were able to come back to Dallas and were home for 1 day and was back in the hospital for another week. Every month since then, he has spent a week in the hospital on pain and anti-nausea meds to try and control these spells. We have told every doctor that he started smoking marijuana regularly a year ago to keep the nausea under control. He was diagnosed with CVS several months ago but until this morning, when we saw our newest GI specialist, we had no idea that that CVS is primarily caused by marijuana use. Our son is devastated that he has done this to himself and has spent hundreds of dollars trying to control his condition when, in fact, the marijuana has caused it. He will now start taking Marinol and will have to go through withdrawal, another horrible week-long episode, with no certainty that the CVS will go away permanently. I wish we’d found this doctor last year.

    Like caffeine or nasal spray or alchohol, or even aspirin and tylenol, marijuana is a drug and it has different affects of people. For people who develop CVS, the affects are devastating and should not be dismissed.

  271. matt smith

    It’s real, my son has it, he has had it for 3 years on and off,he will fill good for a few weeks then smoke again 2 days later he’s vomiting again.I told him he has to clean his system out it takes 3 months to do that ,worred parent

  272. Cate

    My son has this. Has had it a few times this year. Every time he thinks it’s all over and starts smoking again, it happens again.

    It’s real, I never heard of it before but it’s happening to him

  273. Ken

    I’m a Doctor working in country Australia. We see it all the time, and often after they’ve been through extensive investigations (and no one thinking to ask if someone is a marijuana user).

    You can be fine for many years and then it just happens.

    It’s pretty unmistakable- usually very loud intractable retching/sweatiness/sitting in a hot shower until the water runs out.

    If you think you have it, it’s probably worth telling that to the doctor before they send you for every test they can think of :-)

  274. Dennis Larsen

    To bad your set on knowing it all. I’ve had this problem for 15 yrs, and yes it is a painfull disabeling syndrom. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. You ought to do more research on it, because of the chemicals being used in growing the shit,(hormones, fertilizers,etc), may be because growers are not flushing their plants before harvest. When iI grow my own I dont have these episodes.

  275. kirsty

    Russ, sorry to hear someone not appreciate all your efforts to have this site, it’s an amazing site giving people who really go through this problem fellow sufferers to discuss it.
    Good on you David being able to give up for 4 weeks. The stuff takes 3 months to get out of your system so you still would have THC in your system anyway. But, I have said I am an obsessive compulsive type of person. Maybe with education and social pressure to succeed some people become this way. Whatever the reason I smoked myself straight then tried to chase that stoned effect. That was how the cycle behaved for me.
    Once a person goes beyond the I’m not getting stoned stage and instead of giving up for a while like most normal people would do and they just smoke a ton more they are getting into real trouble. Giving up from such a cronic use once the non stopping throwing up (I mean throwing 10 hours and still dry retching and trhowing up bile) being dehydrated and needing drips at hospital type of throwing up, it is cannabis overload OK. Then giving up is not just normal easy withdrawal as most drug counsellors don’t even realise yet it is a killer trying to withdraw. Can’t eat for weeks. Then can’t eat for over a month. Enough to send anyone around the twist. It is a real and absolutely HORRIBLE thing to go through. Rather than the witdrawal I went back to smoking 10 times before I got the guts to suffer out 3 months of absolute shit, and I used everything at my disposal to help me through it.
    I hope all you guys never experience it, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. David you should appreciate that people are different. Good for you giving up occassionally and then getting back into it. I loved a smoke but I know I have this obsessive side of me, I am almost concert pianist stage of ability so I use this obsessive side of me for good things too. I just need to learn to channel this into good projects.
    I hope all you other obsessive type users also learn to do this too. You are all made for great things if you apply yourselves. You are all special.
    Thanks Russ for this site, it supported me in my 10th attempt in giving up, still not smoking and doing great now, even back to teaching the piano to others. Loving life and I wasn’t when stoned.

  276. David

    Sorry for my frustration and sarcasm, but I AM SICK OF IGNORANT FUCKS GETTING IN THE WAY OF SUFFERING PEOPLE FINDING A CURE by acting like they have any fucking knowledge on the subject and posting that its bullshit.

    Everyone who says this doesn’t exist is ignorant as fuck on the subject because they don’t have the PROPER MOTIVATION TO DO THOROUGH RESEARCH (motivation=months or even years of misery). After 6 months of vomiting every fucking morning, I began to research. I don’t mean research as in read 1 fucking article like EVERYONE WHO DOESNT SUFFER!!!. I mean I spent 3-5 hours a day (While I was bed/shower riddin from my mystery illness) for about 3 weeks. I would also like to mention that I am almost certainly smarter than YOU.

    I had been to the doctor where I was tested for all sort of shit from celiac disease to diabetes and IBS all with normal readings. Luckily I took this into my own hands and did my own research. After reading on some random blog that it might be weed, I was quite skeptical. However, because this illness was controlling my life, I decided it deserved some investigation. I Simply typed in the term on GOOGLE SCHOLAR (which is different than regular Google as it only shows you Cited Scholarly Journals and not random peoples opinions). You will see there that there are hundreds of reports. Feel free to read them.

    The reason you nor any of your friends have experienced this is because it only happens to about 1% of longterm chronic users. Chronic users means ALL day EVERY day. NO EXCEPTION. So unless you know at least 100 close friends who have been chronic users for years, you would most likely never hear about it–I say close friends because most people don’t disclose medical info to all their acquaintances.

    Anyway, as much as I hated the thought, I decided it was worth while to at least quit for a couple days to see how I felt. The first morning after spending 24 hours clean, I felt about 50% better than the morning before. Each day was a little better till I was completely symptom free after about 4 days. I was fucking amazed. Since I was satisfied with the results and didn’t want to regress, I decided that I would from then on only smoke in moderation (for me this meant stop dealing because it was no longer free so I would smoke much much less haha).

    Unfortunately, I reverted within a week. This is because weed has a compounding effect in your system. If you go from being a chronic user to being a once a day smoker, your THC levels will remain just as high because it is replenished way faster than it metabolizes.

    However, THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO QUITE FOR FOREVER. I simply quit again, this time for 4 weeks, to insure I had sufficiently deteriorated most of the THC in my system. I have now been smoking in moderation (about a half gram of medicinal grade a day) for about 3 months with no recurrent effects.


    Quite smoking for at least 4 weeks to get the THC mostly out of your system (this will be easy for even the most committed pothead if he is truly suffering because you will see results after only 24 hours!). After that, smoke in moderation and you’re straight homie!

    I wish someone had told me all this last year.

    One love (pot),

    -Straight Dave

    NOTE TO RUSS BELVILLE: Go fuck yourself. You are causing a lot of our fellow pot heads to continue to suffer because you read one journal and became a self declared expert.

  277. jpuent1980

    I agree Kush different strains, But man u gotta remember here in the midwest we lose goodstrands to the police everyday,so its difficult for people who dont grow their own to pinpoint what works best for them..

  278. jpuent1980

    What the hell are theese people talking about?Anyway if something hurts you and you continue to do it I am sure its not the somethings fault.

  279. Tracey, Australia

    Less than a month ago I was told I have this ‘Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome’ by a doctor in the ER. No other doctor had ever said this to me before. At first when I went home I tried to just cut down on what I was smoking, but after having a few extra when I mate was over I ended up back in hospital just in time for Boxing Day.
    The shame of a nurse louding saying to the entire emergency room, ‘and you’ve still been smoking the pot, yes?’ and the treatment I received from some doctors and nurses makes me feel like shit. I always have and probably will see pot as being a ‘softcore’ drug, but you get treated the same as a heroin addict in hospital. I’ve been admitted so many times that the veins in my arms have collapsed. This led them to believe I was actually taking heroin and lying about it.
    I don’t know what to do. I’m quitting, obviously, and I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but right now, tonight, its pretty rough. I’m home alone and I feel incredibly depressed. I’ve started to keep a food diary again.
    I don’t want to quit smoking pot, but I want to have a future that is worth living. I know several times in hospital I have announced I would rather be dead that cope with it anymore.

    My symptoms usually hit very quickly- there’s no time to ‘just stop smoking’, I get very nauseous and vomit for days. My longest episode lastest 10 days. I was so weak by the time I got home that I now have a permanent chair in my shower. And showers do help a little, but not a lot for me. I wish we had a longer lasting hot water system, though.

    As for the people who are supposedly government employees logging in as different people to write on here… Do you really think the government would waste money employing people to do that? I mean, I guess its a possibility, but its a pretty sad one. You guys are more paranoid than me. I’m just incredibly grateful to have found some people who have this same issue as me- no one I know had ever heard of it. The support in this one column alone, will get me through tonight.

  280. AmyRose

    Oh my email is amyrose2712@gmail.com

  281. AmyRose

    Kristy, please contact me directly I have been suffereing with this for most of my life, as I have been a chronic smoker for most of life. I am having a very hard time quitting ad would love to chat with someone else. Maybe we could start some kid of support group. It seems there are quite a few of us who have felt alone in this for so long. I do want to ask, have you or anyone else(I think everyone can see this) had the Cyclic Vomiting Symptoms as a child. As far back as I can remember I had episodes of vomiting. But as I got older they progressively got worse. Starting happing monthly when I was about 19. I started chronically smoking around 16. The only reason I ever even made the connection was because I quit smoking for a job and didn’t smoke for about 1 year and I only had one episode that year. I started smoking again and within a month, I was having monthly episodes. So I hit Google and found CHS. I am convinced that it is the weed. Because of my experience, I am thinking more that the weed is a trigger to the underlying CVS. What say you?

  282. AmyRose

    Yes. I have all of the listed symptoms and still think it is the cannabis. I believe this because there has been only one time since I was 19 that I didn’t have any episodes of vomiting and that was the year I did not smoke at all.(actually 3 times in the year as opposed to my 3 times an hour) Within a month of taking up the habit again I was having the vomiting episodes again like clockwork. I honestly think abstinence is the only answer.

  283. AmyRose

    I am happy to hear she quit. The third and fourth days are the hardest for me. Haven’t been able to get passed them this time. I know from the side of the child, watching my mother worry about me and having her by my side for many an ER trip I know it is hard for you. She is lucky to have good family support. It is so very important. Also, I was 19 when episodes started to get really bad. I am 37 now. I am happy though that this has been discovered. She and other young people wont have to struggle through years of a debilitating illness with no idea whatsoever of the cause. I have lost so much time. I am thankful she does not have to.

  284. Carrie

    My daughter is 19.
    I have been dealing with this recurrent vomiting monthly ” some times weekly” We just spent all day at the doctors office hooked up to IV’s as I always take her in if it does not stop by the second day. Yes this can go on for DAYS!!
    She is a chronic smoker. I truly believe this is caused by marijuana. Our doctor has been telling us for the past year she had cyclic vomiting syndrome and need to stop smoking.
    Being 19 and knowing everything she continue to smoke. My daughter has had more then 50 episodes over the past year.
    This week the doctor told her she is going to die if she continues to smoke, as a person esophagus can and will repture.
    I am sending this message as a Mom, not the Mom that wants to control her child just one that wants her child to out live her.
    I am a addict with10 years clean from EVERYTHING and understands how hard it is to give up something you enjoy. Being clean did not turn me into a 420 Nazi – I believe in “to each our own”
    My daughter could smoke for the rest of her life IF she didn’t have these issuse. She’s a card holder . I am just saying if you are having this problem you may want to think about it!
    Is the high really worth your life??
    I am happy to say my daughter has stopped smoking! It has only been 3 days but it’s day by day and that’s all I can ask for.

  285. mt4life

    I had problems with vomiting, and splitting headaches when i was younger, and the only thing that helped was a hot shower. I never smoked while having these symptoms. As a 38 yo i still have these symptoms about every other year. I do smoke daily now. Maybe pot is helping to deminish these symptoms or maybe …. its because i eat better now. I recently spent most mornings for 8 months vomiting. After spending 6 of 8 months going to different Dr’s and being told I was making my illness up, a nice Dr. took some pictures of my esophagus and told me I have an eroded esophagus. Smoke or booze of any kind agitated my throat and would make me gag and then vomit. I quit drinking, and now use a vaporizer and only high quality herb (so i don’t need to ingest as much). All is healed and good. I sympathize with those that may be getting ill from the herb, BUT I also see how pot could be used as an easy out for docs that just can’t figure it out.

  286. kevin

    I started to have these symptoms also, just now as i was reading this but i raised up one cheek and cut a big fart. now my symptoms have been alleviated. also Ive smoked daily for around 28 years now and never met a weed puker. but they are coming out of the wood work now.

  287. kushmaster

    Ive been smoking pretty much every day sense i started 14yrs ago, I too have ADHD, and cannabis has helped me tremendously! I saw a british doc. where a lady was givin pure thc and no cbd(Cannabidiol) and she became ill. Then they gave her both thc with cbd, she started giggling and it was a completely different high! My point being, stop smoking the heavy indicas that are thc incrusted. and try a differant strain. And breeders have came up with a strain that has high cbd levels and lower thc levels and its not even suppost to give you a head high. Moderation is key with anything. and ingesting smoke on a daily basis is bound to cause irritations with some. I have personally vomited myself after a smoke session, but thats only cuz i over did it. Im sure everytime someone smokes cannabis they do throw up, you ought to see me after i take some penicillin. We all have allergies, but if your smoking mexican scwhag that is covered with mold, your asking for trouble. Try a vaporizer or eating the cannabis, may not have the same reaction, I smoke to help with my acid reflux too. I suffer from an upset stomach on a daily basis, and after a few tokes , i personally feel 100% better. Or maybe smoking just isn’t for you anymore. i know Alcohol does the same thing to me, i ingest, if too much or wrong time, it.s likely ill vomit, and suffer from nausea the next day or two. So i choose to avoid consumption. Another thing is the over use of phosphorous and not leaching of the plant when the grower harvests can count on going into a coughing fit!

    If we are going to make a plant illegal, why dont we start with poison ivy, or better yet, tobacco!

  288. Smith

    It sounds like most of the people vomiting are very heavy users. All things in moderation even too much water can make you sick no matter how pure. There is something underlying that people are missing out on…it is this; if you use any substance to escape your life and problems, you need to get into some treatment to help resolve those problems instead of self medicate, that is where the idea of substance abuse comes from, and this is ANY substance. If you use a substance for recreation, to celebrate and enjoy life then there is no harm in doing so what so ever. However, if you are using a substance as a coping mechanism: Thats the problem.

    If you are smoking a substance regularly CLEAN your pipes etc. the water in the pipe is supposed to be a filter…would you want to inhale a whole carton of cigarettes using the same filter? that you and your friends have been putting in their mouths? In the current failed policy of substance control there is a black market, ran by people that only care about money not your health. I have heard of people spraying all kinds of house hold cleaners on Marijuana to “HYPE IT UP” to make it seem like it is some better quality than it is etc. Of course many of these illicit gang and cartel run gardens are delivering who knows what? You simply want a quarter ounce, to enjoy the super bowl with your friends. You think you got good old Marijuana like you’ve had before. What you got was buds sprayed with drain-o, raid, or any other chemical you can imagine.

    Thats the black market of the substance being illegal, no control in the quality or standards of production, where its not medicine or a relaxing evening but a call to poison control and the emergency room. Prop 19 will eliminate that. To all those that have vomited did you grow this yourself? Are you allergic to any chemicals that may have been used in the production of what you smoked? Do you smoke A lot and you don’t care if it has Drain-o or raid sprayed on it or not…seek some help life is what you make it, so make yours better. All things in moderation legal or not if you can’t self moderate no matter what the substance is you have a problem, but if it makes you happy and does not hurt your interpersonal relationships, with friends family, work etc. then by all means have at it. Common sense isn’t inborn, its wisdom from your experiences. It seems those fearful are simply scared of what they haven’t experienced, or what it takes for others to become experienced.

    But we do need to look at what works and what has failed. Prohibition has failed it has created gang violence for territory, you may live on that block but it isn’t yours. The police do their jobs as the law dictates, with years of gang violence, not knowing if your gonna get shot everyday; makes everyone a suspect. So trust has broken down between who and what exactly, are the police serving? Prop 19 will make their jobs safer, it will help rebuild trust, it will bring in tax dollars to put violent offenders behind bars and keep them there, not create a revolving door due to over crowding.

    Do I want a child molester, or a rapist set free to make room for a college kid caught smoking a joint? Do you? If you’re against prop 19 that’s exactly what you’re doing: continuing a failed system that made you fearful in the first place. Lets refocus on real crime and help re-build and fight what failed policies have created…Gangs, early release for violent offenders, wasted tax dollars fighting a problem that the law of prohibition created.
    Thank you for your time.

  289. Marian

    I just got my son out of the hospital (4 nights of IV’s, etc) for the 3rd time in 2 years. The study could have been written about him. We sat in the ER for 2 1/2 hours waiting while he puked the whole time. He finally came clean with the Doc that he was a chronic smoker of pot and now we truly believe this is the cause. No other tests (CT scans, gallbladder tests, endoscopy, gastric empying, etc.) showed any signs other then normal. He is doing better right now but still has the nausia episodes and takes the hot showers. After reading all the articles, we feel sure that it is due to the pot. I too believe it is like an allergy, a really nasty one. He was medicating himself with pot to subside the nausea therefore actually making it worse. It isn’t an immediate reaction but one that is sinister and builds up. Anyway, it is real!!
    People need to wake up and realize this could happen to them and believe me, you wouldn’t wish this on your worst enemy! I’m speaking as a mom. A mom who has been put through hell, trying to keep her son alive. When you can’t eat for weeks or drink hardly anything and loose all kinds of weight you think the worst. Hopefully, with time and abstinece he will get back to NORMAL. Good luck to all of you.

  290. Painful

    i have this also. i just wanted to chip in my 2 cents about this. yesterday it was 3rd time i had this im still alittle weak and nauseated today but its better. im 21 yrs old smoking chronicly….
    im noticing some patterns there. i also think it may be allergy related somehow as i get runny and itchy nose, eyes… i developed allergy to weed after some years of everyday use, im smoking from like 14 yrs old.
    im also a person that doesnt know his limits with about just anything….

    anyway thank god for hot showers

  291. JJ

    I have smoked grass for years. First commercial and now high grade nugs with no seeds. The funny thing is a I have vomited about five times and all within last 3 years always in the morning after waking up. Either after the first hit or having none at all after waking up. Never bad, usually just a few hurls and I’m done. No hot showers or anything needing ER. My theory is that the marijuana is higher grade and people are becoming physically addicted. Or perhaps it’s butane from lighters. My advice would to use pot in moderation like everything else unless you have severe medical problems.

  292. hey BUD

    I also wanted to add that right before these episodes would start, stomach cramping and real bad diahrea(sp) would precede it. to sum up my story, i have the same symptoms as everyone(pending they are real people with real issues) including the hot showers. i would encourage anyone with these symptoms and even if you have just some of them to read this link…. http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_hb4365/is_23_39/ai_n29393494/

    if ur lazy it states that some patients with adult CVS will have a guzzle and vomit sequence to releive the wretching. also feeling the need for hot showers or baths. also occuring is withdrawing from social contact. all which have happened to me as well. even withdrawing from social contact so much i am borderline losing life long friends. I would not be so quick to associate your symptoms strictly to cannabis. would love to hear from anyone who may think they have just CVS or have the extra symptoms i have listed(diahrrea, withdraws from friends or family, etc) and still think its caused by cannabis use and why you think that.

    hope you all find your peace of mind

  293. hey BUD

    I read through everyone of these comments. I am 27 years old, I of course smoked pot in high school but not daily. never had and trouble at all. Alll of a sudden i started having these episodes in 2006 when i was NOT smoking marijuana at all. I probably had maybe 6-10 episodes that required me to goto the ER to get rehydrated and nausea meds. 2007 maybe 1 episode. 2008 I had a really bad episode after eating a hot wing challenge(yes i know, very dumb on my part) immediately after i threw in the towel on this challenge i had to goto the bathroom there to throw up thinking maybe it was just from the spice. later that night i was downing water bottle after water bottle just to have something to throw up eventually filling up a 5 gallon trash can twice. i went to the er and was i the hospital almost 2 weeks. after that I started having episodes more frequently. only after that is when i picked up the use of marijuana again to try and help the nausea and bring back the apetite. Then i became a chronic smoker smoking before work, while at work, after work, and to put me to sleep for insomnia. It is now 2010 and the episodes are more frequent. earlier this year, i visited cozumel and ended up getting sick there and i wasnt smoking since i hadnt yet been there but 8 hours and have not had enough time to aquire some cannabis although i did have a few beers and a couple shots of whiskey. I also attended a concert this summer in missouri where i did not smoke at all but did drink 5-6 beers, later that night i was puking non stop. I had my gall bladder and appendix removed for this issue thinking it was the problem. Doctors told me i had inflammation around these areas. from what i read on wikipedia ” 3) no evidence of gall bladder or pancreatic inflammation”. I am now at the mayo clinic to see what could be causing this and after another endoscopy they took a biopsy from around where my esophagus meets my stomach because they found inflammation. I havnt smoked 3 weeks prior to arriving here and havnt been sick but that does not mean this doesnt exist. CVS has been linked to being triggered by smoke, ciggarettes or marijuana. Meeting with the doctor here upon my arrival, he asked if i still smoked marijuana because i did disclose that i am a user to my local doctors. i told him i hadnt smoked in about a week an a half upon getting here. i havnt been sick since i have been here but i have gone a whole year almost without getting sick. i go in tomorrow for all my results and i will share after receiving them. I do believe this can exist and probably does exist, but it is hard to believe out of all these comments that it only occurs in 1% of the population. maybe its CVS and smoke is triggering something in ones daily diet? maybe also try growing ur own crop so u know what ur putting into your plant. and also edibles or vaporizor? just thoughts because i would love to get to the bottom of this…..will posts my results from my doctor when i get the time….good luck to everyone

  294. NZ~ganj

    I certainly believe this does exist as I have been recently affected and know at least 1 other person who has been affected also.

    I have been smoking marijuana since i was 17 but have only started heavy usage in the last three years and Im 23 now. I know when I first started alot of my smoke circle friends would wake up after a heavy sesh the night before and dry wrench of have a vomit reflex on rare ocassions. I stress that it did not happen often and was only during the early stages of usage and did not actually make me vomit but just made me temporarily dry wrench for around 2-3 minutes. Initially I just ignored this feeling and it seemed to disappear as time passed.

    The past two years I have been smoking at least 2-3 bowls a day through a 1.5 litre homemade gravity bong or bucky after work when I am working and maybe 5-10 bowls or buckys throughout the day when I have a day off. There is the odd ocassion where i would over indulge and smoke more than 10 or so joints with buckys. I change the bucky often maybe once every 2 weeks and also switch up to spots from hot knives, acrylic water bong and joints when I get used to the high from the bucky. I spend around $100 a week on bud for around 5-10 grams depending on my source. The NZ weed type I smoke ranges from week to week as I acquire from different sources and is mostly indoor and varies in potency.

    About a year ago on of my colleagues and the guy that introduced me to marijuana- J had vomitting problems he couldnt find a reason for and saw a doctor to help diagnose his issue. He did not disclose his smoking mj and was referred to a gastro dr who prescribed a few medicines which alleviated the pain temporarily but every time j came round for a sesh the problems would spring up again. So his girlfriend forced him to quit by giving ultimatum between her and the green and he ended up reducing his intake then quitting smoking altogether which alleviated his vomitting.

    I thought that J just had his own problems and continued to smoke up until the past couple months where I have been having issues with vomitting almost 2-4 times a week only in the mornings when i jump into the shower to get ready for work. The hot showers seem to loosen up the mucus from my sinus and throat and after a bit of vomit and heavy spitting the urge to spew subsides and im left with a small feeling of nausea. So I decided to stop smoking cold turkey a month ago and after a few failed attempts the vomitting has subsided to my complete and utter despair. I dont want to give up…

  295. KimA

    Cannabinoid hyperemesis is a very real condition. It mainly affects daily smokers who have been smoking for period of months or years non-stop. It started happening to me after about 4 years of daily smoking. Today, I suffer from it every day and I’d like to confirm its caused by smoking weed for a long time and daily. I throw up every single morning for almost 10 years and its terrible. Then there’s the stomach aches. Horrible stomach aches where you can’t eat anything or keep anything down for DAYS. I’ve noticed as I grow older, (I’m 40 now), the morning attacks have become longer and longer, sometimes lasting an hour or more. Once you have this condition it doesn’t go away. Meaning if you stop smoking for a couple days or weeks, if you come back to smoking again, you’ll start having these morning vomiting attacks. The hot showers help a lot. I think this works because it somewhat loosens the resins in our lungs from heavy smoking. It also helps calm us a bit because we are panicking from the detox. Have you ever put a resonated pipe in boiling hot water. You’ll see that the hot water dissolves much of the resin in a pipe. I think that’s what the hot showers do as well imho. The only cure for this condition is to stop smoking. Every time I’ve taken a break and got through the vomiting phase, it does go away. Depending on how long you have smoked, it can take 3 days up to a week or more, for the vomiting and nausea to go away. But it does go away if you stop. Take one hour at a time, one day at a time, and say goodbye to the sicks forever by staying clean. Take care and thank you everyone for sharing

  296. kirsty

    Hi Amy, feel really sorry for you. Scroll through all the comments and read mine (Kirsty) it may give you some ideas perhaps… you probably don’t need pain killers to the degree I did but just make sure you see a doctor regularly and get a good drug and alcohol counsellor and stay completely away from even the fumes (second hand, or passive smoking) it lead me back into temptation and being an addict again. Being obsessive you must realise that you can channel your nature into healthy things… Get obsessive about that, it worked for me. Now I am a gym junky and on day six of giving up the cigarettes all together. I am totally clean now and really proud of myself. Never felt so good since I was a teenager (I am 49 now). Good luck babes. Kirsty (Australia)

  297. Amy Rose

    I would love to chat with you. I have been so alone in this for years. My email is amyrose2712@gmail.com . I would love to talk with ANYONE that suffers with this. I know I have this but have not yet quit.

  298. Amy Rose

    Yes very real. I wish it wasn’t. Anyone here that suffers with this have any trouble quitting. I am. Any advice?

  299. TimmyG

    Cannabinoid Hyperemsis is quite real, unfortunately. It does not affect everyone who “abuses” cannabis (read: smokes all day, every day) I have been in this boat for almost ten years now and it’s quite real.
    I’d love to talk about it on the Podcast some time :)

  300. Superior

    that’s your brain on drugs. way to misunderstand the article and give smokers a bad name. women…

  301. AlexanderQ

    so… this is happening to me, so i had to leave a note to suport this article. about a month ago i had a vomitting issue, occuring the next day, similar to the other cases, nothing in my stomach, mostly bile, just bad news all around. my peers and i couldnt think of anyhting that might be causeing it, and started to believe it was alcohol, so i stopped drinking.. after smoking more, it re-occured 2 days later, at which time i stopped smoking, for other reasons, and never had the problem again… after picking up the pipe again recently, i just had another occurence, yesterday actually haha it was terrible, this time i didnt go to the hospital, cause i knew it would last a approximately 8 hours and then go away… though the doctors did say the vommiting was cause cause my stomach had been inflamed, so im assuming thats caused from the smoke. in any case, so i got online and started looking around and found this article. just wanted to say, i think this is whats happeneing to me, and it has all my support…


  302. ChangaLanka

    Austin, you have no idea if the people posting these ridiculous and absurd stories of vomiting marijuana addictions aren’t simply government shills.

    Chronic Vomiting Syndrome is one thing, but to name it “Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome” when almost no one has this problem, is definitely hyperbole and reeks of agenda.

    The US federal government has been exposed numerous times hiring “bloggers”, “wikipedia editors”, and people to troll websites like this, so don’t be so quick to believe what you hear in the comments of a “controversial” website. Especially when it’s views are opposite of the federal government.

  303. kirsty

    Hi all, it is week 7 of my recovery and I thought I would let everyone know how i am going.

    I no longer need the sleep and insomnia pills that I mentioned in my previous post. I no longer need the valium to stop my head from racing at night. I no longer need any morphine based product and I am on Panadol Osteo (4 tablets daily – max 6 allowed) for my arthritis and a 100mg tremadol slow release for sciatica to sleep at night due to a flattened sciatic nerve in my back. The pain management I have reduced myself down to is an acceptable dose recommended by my doctor to manage unrelated problems to do with pain that I personally have. I no longer need pain management to deal with the withdrawal period.

    I still have a chamomile tea or two before bed and have been using music therapy as a relaxing method to unwind at the end of the day, harmless and enjoyable. I no longer need maxalon (to stop throwing up) any more and don’t need the ant-acid tablets that I needed previously. I have some Mylanta in the fridge if I feel a bit acidic but I don’t seem to need to use it much at all, I am staying clear of spicy foods still and acidic foods still.

    My comments on this site are purely to try and help others get through this dreadful Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS) and I am really serious about the level of pain management that I needed for the gut wrenching pain that comes with it. Each attack was a bit worse with the 9th time in hospital being the worst. I had to vomit bile before vomiting stoppped, my body just required it (did anybody else find this was the case with them)? This leads me to wonder if my liver was dealing with the toxins that had built up in a swift way to save my body from obsessive overuse when my brain was ignoring the problem. I am clearly an addictive/obsessive personality to have done this to myself. I am learning now to channel this personality trait into healthy activities like reconnecting with family, listening to music, composing music, surfing on the internet, volunteering for not for profit organizations, and many other healthy things.

    I have loads more energy and feel fantastic now I am over a 6 week physical withdrawal stage. I am not going to be in a room with the smoke again, the experience was just too awful. I think marijuana has great uses for others recreationally, to assist in apetite, to help with pain and to help cancer sufferers. I believe the American indians used it in spiritual ceremonies also? I would love to learn more about that!

    If you are withdrawing and have had CHS take the time to look at my posts if you are over throwing up and going through these bouts and if you are suffering anything I was and are totally fed up with this cyclical problem, give some of my suggestions a try. After hospital diet is important, keeping away from mj crucial, and sleep another important factor. All the drugs I used were prescribed by either hospitals or my doctor. Another important thing is getting drug and alcohol counseling – a good one, I needed the support at the time as well as going to my doctor weekly. I am still seeing both of these people at present, I plan to stay in touch with the counseling for at least 3 more months.

    I heard in Australia (where I come from) that growers are using the pill in the soil of hydro grown plants to accelerate the growth and enhance the products effectiveness. Has anybody else heard of this? Maybe it is causing a hormonal problem… just another thought.

    Smoke on you lucky guys who can smoke till the cows come home. I am totally envious. Have one for me. Bye for now…

  304. DO

    This is absolutely true. At this moment I am searching the web to try and find a relief from this ailment. My son has been vomiting for two days with nothing in his stomach. The hot shower offers some relief. This is real folks. I smoked pot in the seventies but the stuff you guys smoke these days is quite different I believe. I cannot find too much information on this yet.

  305. MindHaven

    Reading these comments, I feel like I’m in Bizarro World. :-|

    Nobody I know has/had this problem.

    I have to say, even if some of these stories are true, I am highly skeptical of the whole notion that cannabis causes chronic vomiting.
    It seems more plausible that some people have or develop an allergy, or have an underlying issue which the smoke triggers.

  306. kirsty

    I like that idea Rick! I wonder how many generations they have been enjoying it. I was also thinking the American indians must have been using this substance for centuries, another group worthy of study… I wonder if they had remedies for allergies if they got them at all?

  307. Rick

    We should also conduct a study of the Rastafarian community in Jamaica to see if this syndrome affects them since they use it regularly and throughout their lives.

  308. kirsty

    Does CVS mean Cronic Vomiting Syndrome? Is this condition exactly the same as Cannabinoid Hyper Emmesis (lets call it CHE)? I don’t know myself because I have never seen somebody going through CVS?

    I now don’t need the herbal sleeping remedy I was taking, I used them for about 2 weeks. For me the pain management was high because as I mentioned in my first comment on this post I was already on a morphine based pill for cronic back pain therefore this of course would be keeping me awake at night also. However the swinging withdrawal effect from cannabis when you go through CHE is far more painful than the normal recognised withdrawal symptoms. I felt every injury I have ever had as I withdrew at one stage. I am up to week 6 now and the pain is getting better only now. The sleep I get now is 5 hours a night which is fine at present. I also don’t need the anti psychotic drug any more as I am getting sleep because I treated this withdrawal differently than my last episode (please see my other comments).

    Please don’t down play this condition, whatever is the the mj today is probably different to the good old days, maybe it is something in the soil or something they are laceing the drug with that makes it a bigger stone, I don’t know. What I do know is that it is life threatening if you are not near a hospital, it is a serious and real problem.

    I like the allergy theory, I recognise myself to be hyper sensitive to the smoke now (I never used to be). As with anything we know if you have too much of certain foods we can become allergic to them so this could be the same. One thing I noticed on my last blast with the mj was that I smoked myself straight about half way through the process. Has anybody else realised that this has happened to them before going into CHE?

    It hurts, it is life threatening due to dehydration issues and starvation and sleep deprivation. I say to anybody again who has this problem the only way to stop it is to get away from mj altogether. My deepest thoughts, sympathy and compassion go to those who have developed CHE.

    I believe mj has many great uses and respect its place on our planet. I even believe we should be able to grow a plant in our yard without being pursued by police and fined etc etc. You guys out there who can still bong on please have one for me.

  309. Rick

    Cannabis is a flowering plant. People typically smoke, eat, or brew into tea the flowering tops (buds) of this plant. Given that lots of people are allergic to various flowering plants, it isn’t really a stretch of the imagination to think that they might have an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions often cause nausea and vomiting as effects. Skin rashes don’t always occur. There are also serum sickness (type III or type IV hypersensitivity reactions.. I forgot which) reactions where the body launches an immune response against a substance. The immune complexes get lodged in the bones, muscles, etc and you can get joint, bone and muscle pain.. fever.. vomiting.

    A lot of drugs overseen by the FDA produce very serious side effects and the less serious ones (although still very bothersome) occur in at least 1% of users of most prescription drugs.

    Some people die from taking antidepressants, but they are still on the market because most people do fine on them.

    I think that cannabis generates far fewer adverse reactions than many prescription drugs on the market.

    I am also suspicious of this study because people have been smoking cannabis in this country since at least the 1960s. The ’70s was a decade of pretty heavy and widespread use and I didn’t hear of anyone having this syndrome.

    I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, but I wonder why we are hearing about this new disorder now and why there are so many cases now and not back then.

    I know a lot of people smoke cannabis these days, but in the ’60s and ’70s I think the same percentage, or even more, smoked it and were fine. Perhaps cannabis is much stronger now?

    If so, then we’d expect to see hashish users being affected more.

    How about Marinol? That is synthetic THC in a capsule. Let us study Marinol and see if anyone developed CVS from that.

    How about we also see if anyone developed CVS from smoking federally grown cannabis. I know there were only a handful of people accepted into the federal cannabis program in the 1970s and ’80s before it was shut down to new applicants, but none of them developed CVS and they SMOKE A LOT.

    They get 300 cannabis cigarettes shipped to them from the University of Mississippi every month and they use it, so that is 10 joints a day.

    I don’t know about you, but even if that is crappy weed, 10 joints a day is a LOT. There are a few of them still alive and doing well despite extremely heavy use for 30 years.

    I don’t discount the possibility that people do get CVS from smoking weed, but the number has to be less than 1 percent because I’ve known tons of people who smoked often and never met one who puked. If anything, one of the people I know is fat because he smokes a lot of weed. He’ll just munch out when he’s high, which is quite often.

    Just my 2 cents.

    (Also, how can you verify if any of these stories are real? I truly feel sorry for anyone with CVS caused by weed, but these could all be government shills)

  310. aaron

    There are different types of CVS. If you experienced attacks before you EVER STARTED smoking this is clearly not the issue. If you had attacks after smoking weed or even a couple years onset of consist smoking it most difently be a chance its from weed. I have this sydrome and it is real it took about 3 months of consist smoking to cause it. People need to wake the fuck up and realize people have ALLERGIC reactions everyone is different just because you didnt get sick doesnt mean other dont. This is a real side effect of marijuana but only effects less then 1 percent.

  311. Ryan

    I was a compulsive shower taker when I had an episode. I would stay in the shower until the hot water was gone, crawl out and lay on the floor until the water was hot again. I would do this for days on end until the paint peeled off the walls. I eventually ended up in the ER getting IV fluids. If you let your body get too low on things like potassium, you might have a heart attack. The compulsive showering is how I figured out what my problem was. I read somewhere about a man diagnosed with CVS who took upwards of 20 hours a day. I instantly related because lets face it, this is bizarre behavior. All I can tell you is that it brought me some relief. I have no idea how or why showers help.

    Don’t discount the effectiveness of a thorazine and benedryl cocktail. It works! It knocks me out unlike anything I have ever taken. That is what your body needs, to rest until your mind “resets”. The only thing that ends an episode is un-interupted sleep. I guarantee you that if administered by IV drip, it will knock you out. I have had relief from strong opiates, but I don’t recommend them for many reasons. The main reason is you might wake up too soon. The other reasons are probably obvious to you. I’ve also had some luck with zofran, but it is VERY expensive and isn’t a complete solution. It can help you stop vomiting long enough to keep down a thorazine pill. Good luck getting a script for injectable thorazine or suppository.

    For all you non-believers out there, time for a reality check. This is a very real condition and I feel for anyone out there who has to experience a CVS episode. It is my opinion that those of us who experience this might have a predisposition for it, but only a researcher could determine this for sure. It hasn’t stopped me from smoking all together, but it did make me change my smoking habits in a substantial way. I no longer burn all day every day. I don’t really mind this because I really enjoy smoking more now. I save it for special moments with my friends and I value the experience exponentially more. This hasn’t changed my views on legalization of recreational or medicinal cannabis. You can’t legislate self destructive behavior.

  312. this syndrome sucks ass!

    CVS treatments don’t necessarily work with this tho. My gastro gave me pills and advice to deal with it and it didn’t help. All that helped was hot showers. Which is something I want to ask you. Did you associate hot showers with pain relief? You didn’t mention stomach pain or hot showers but those were big parts of the syndrome for me which would culminate to vomiting. And either way what’s your explanation of this odd aspect of this syndrome? But I definately agree I never was able to admit that marijuana was a problem for me. That’s because I have a personality flaw. I have an addictive personality. And marijuana became my addiction. I haven’t smoked since the last bout of this because I’m scared ill fall into it again. So as of now I’m a non smoker. But I will make an exception for really special events. I’m thinkin new years?

  313. Ryan

    I would like to caution any of you thinking of following the drug regimen set forth by Kirsty. If you learn something about CVS, you will find there are very effective and safe drugs that can really help keep symptoms at bay. First of all, I think this affects people that are very heavy smokers. I was an all day, every day kind of smoker and I think it caught up with me. That isn’t to say I didn’t have a predisposition to this condition. So first and foremost, if you suffer from this, stop smoking until you can control your habit. Learn to enjoy cannabis infrequently and you might find your situation improves without drugs. Secondly, if you need medication to keep symptoms at bay, xanax can help manage the anxiety that comes with the onset of an attack. Once you have started vomitting, the best drugs are thorazine and benedryl. If you can keep them down, they will knock you out long enough to recover.

    The most important thing I can recommend to anyone suffering from this is to admit that they don’t have control of their habit. If you can’t control it, quit smoking altogether. I honestly feel that smoking too much cannabis brought on my symptoms. I think it would be interesting to get some standard information from all of us who suffer from this. How many of us have a predisposition to motion sickness? How many of us smoke tobacco also? How many have problems with depression and anxiety? It is too bad we will probably never be able to pool this information.

  314. MK

    To those of you who have experienced CVS symptoms, I sympathize with you dearly because I have CVS and know the pain well. I also know that CVS is what most G.I.’s refer to as “stomach migraines” because CVS is closely realted to migraines and (as far as I know) only crops up in people who have personal or familial history of severe and chronic migraines. I do not “chronically abuse” marijuana, I smoke recreationally and occasionally even medicinally for my pain and nausea. I’m not sure what to make of this case report or the posts that have been made but I know that I have CVS and I know that it is not caused by marijuana usage.

  315. Austin

    OK it seems like people are misunderstanding this article…

    the study is NOT saying that everyone who smokes weed will vomit every time, or anything like that.

    it IS saying that there have been cases reported of similar incidents that they have called “Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome” that link smoking pot with vomiting for a certain amount of people

    just because it has never happened to you or anyone you know doesn’t make it untrue, so get your heads out of your ass people

    i believe this is true not because of the article or study, but mostly because of how many people have commented this article reporting it happening to them or people they know, these people being fellow stoners, not anti-pot idiots running around with bullshit “facts”

    the other reason i believe this is true because just the other week i smoked almost an eight (having only started smoking a year ago and not having much of an income to buy weed, this was the most i had ever smoked before) in 3 fat blunts a joint and a bowl. After smoking i became very jittery and felt like i was having a panic attack every time i closed my eyes or stayed still (it was scary at the time but fun thinking back to it), and minutes later i threw up around 3 times over 10 minutes.

    at the time i was unsure if it was because i smoked so much or if it was possibly because of the tobacco and nicotine from the blunt wraps (i dont smoke cigarettes) but when i saw this i was not surprised

    luckily i havent had to throw up since and felt better as my high came down, so for me it was an isolated incident and i havent had the reoccurring nausea, stomach pains or vomiting

    summary for lazy readers:
    the article isnt saying everyone who smokes will vomit every time, just that it happens to some people. i believe “Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome” exits in one way or another because of how many people commented and cuz it kinda happened to me n i puked

  316. kirsty

    Ross, check out what I have posted. At the doctor and also conferring with my drug and alcohol advisor we decided that instead of sleeping tablets for me it was better to go back onto 5mg of Abilify for a short while. My blood pressure was taken and it was 167 over 116 so be sure you check blood pressure. Mine was fine in the hospital but post care it may change also causing sleeplessness. Get the smoke away from your girlfriend. Also forgot to mention in my post that I was put on a double dose of antacids when I left the hospital. I went to doctor and got the maxalon myself to stop any more vomiting episodes and some sort of painkiller, get her one from the doctor. Best of luck, I think I have developed an allergy to something in it or my brain has had enough and rewired and switched things back to front to save my body from the overuse I was exercising with canabis. Good Luck to you both, Kirsty.

  317. Kirsty

    I have just been through canabanoid hyperemesis for the 9th time. Pethadine 10mg was given to me in the ambulance which removed the pain to a bearable degree. Hot showers worked other times but each cycle was slightly worse, this time hot showers somewhat relieved the symptoms but the vomiting continued and showers ceased to work after about six hours, dehydration had set in and the ambulance once again was called. I was on endone (a morphine based pain killer used for cronic back pain in my case) at the time. This had no effect when the syndrome started. Vomiting for 3 days with morphine administered when required when the pain came back worked to settle me as the patient and I did not vomit curiously from being given morphine as is usually a common side effect. I was released from hospital as soon as I could keep food down with maxalon being administered also throughout the stay to stop vomiting. Initially quite a few doses of various types of anti nausea was required to stop the vomiting however if this is administered without a strong (I mean strong) pain killer there is still cronic pain.

    Trying to find out how to get through the post care has been difficult for me. I have had for 2 weeks an artificial type of annorexia, being able to only introduce simple foods such as jelly, custard to start. Then flat bread with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and ham once I could face eating meat at all again. I lost no weight in hospital and actually gained 1kg however after leaving hospital and my resultant struggle to eat at all I lost 10kg in 9 days.

    Once my strength started to regain somewhat by taking vitamin pills also to prop up my health the worst cycle of the post recovery which I can only describe as hyper insomnia started. So far I have been battling it with a reduced strength of pain killer (tremadol 50mg) taking 2 initially before going to bed, and another two about 2 hours later which is the full days dose allowed. Having 2 camomile and passionflower herbal teas 1 hour before bed, then using a herbal treatment (bauer sleep and insomnia) tablets usually requiring the full dose as directed which is 8 tablets while trying to sleep. I also require 1 to 2 valium to stop thinking about absolutely everything and anything once my head hits the pillow. This has worked for 2 weeks now with only 2 wakeful nights so far.

    The last time I had this insomnia cycle after visit number 8 to the hospital I withdrew from this syndrome without working out how to sleep. I counted the nights I laid awake and it was 40 nights. I went psychotic and the ambulance again was called. In the ambulance they gave me an injection of something that was supposed to help psychosis and as soon as it hit my blood stream I remember nothing else. Apparently I was a total mess in the emergency department but I remember nothing of it. I was sent to the psychiatric unit and put in isolation (very few memories of that part) and then observed before staying for a further 10 days in the ward area of the unit. They thought I required 800mg of epilim per day and 1,400mg of seroquel a day. I took the epilim but after having a total schizophrenic attack after a seroquel dose I stopped taking the seroquel secretly at about day 2. I was deemed fit to go home and I then told them I had not had the seroquel. They sent me home with epilim and a 5mg dose of abilify (a very light dose of an anti psychotic). A few months later I stopped the epilim because I felt i was on an artificial happy type of high all the time and I was gaining weight rapidly. I wanted to get back to who I was naturally without pills desperately. I stayed on the abilify for the required 1 year and gained over 20kg. I got too fat, very depressed and somebody was smoking marijuana in the house still. One day I had a third of a cone which started the obsessive overuse of cannabis cycle once again.

    This time I am going to talk to my doctor and request a very strong sleeping tablet to get me through the next month and a half. The problem here is my doctor won’t think it necessary as there seems to be very little advice yet to deal with the post care.

    I believe that most individuals who have these post withdrawal symptoms for approximately a 3 month period and not 2 weeks (the normal recognised marijuana withdrawal period as advised by my drug and alcohol counsellor) will in the insomnia stage use marijuana to finally stop their desperate attempts to sleep. If the drug is still in the house the temptation is too great because the abuse of the marijuana previously was obsessive and as time goes by the trauma of the hyper emmesis fades in memory and others appear to be fine using it. Also if others are still using it in the home I now believe that the smoke in the air can actually even start an addictive pattern in people who have experienced this syndrome leading to the third of a bong in my case.

    I have this time removed the person using marijuana in my home permanently never to return he was my lover and love of my life so this was one of the hardest things for me to do. I will avoid marijuana smoke as a life threatening experience for the rest of my life. I have decided for me this is the only way. Anybody who has canabanoid hyper emesis I deeply sympathize for you and if you get through the dreadful lenghty withdrawal my best advice is avoid even the smoke like death itself.

  318. Ross

    Thank you for this post. this information needs to be recognized. My girl friend is suffering horribly from this and has the exact symptoms as stated in some posts below. Countless ER visits, blood tests, medications, no results. Hot showers are the only thing that take her nausea away. This is the 3rd time this has happened and is extremely frustrating. I’m now coming to realize that this happens to her after a prolonged period of smoking and then a period of not smoking at all, then the cyclic vomitting begins and does not stop even if theres nothing in her stomach. Violently vomitting bile without food for days even without fluids. Nothing stays down, which is why we’ve been to the ER numerous times. Its hard to watch and even harder to realize that nothing can be done because this is so un heard of in the medical community. So she’s now stuck taking one hot shower after another all while violently vomitting. i wish i wouldve read this post before so we could understand why this mysterious cyclic vomitting shit was occurring. Now it seems clear and I will definitely encourage her to quit weed. getting high is fun but once you witness this shit, its the biggest buzz kill ever.

  319. brandon

    I know I have this syndrome as well,i started smoking at 12 years old and started getting extremely sick around 18 years old.I will throw up every 15 to 20 minutes for a minimum of 14 hours.The only thing that makes me feel better is an extremely hot shower while breathing in cold air,I have been to the emergency room like 15 times and could never figure out what was wrong…..Then tonight I happen to read this page.THIS IS REAL….i am 29 and been clean for 5 weeks and haven’t been sick once.do not end up like me…scared he was gonna die foe the last 10 years by having an anyeorism while being violently I’ll…i had no clue about this disorder..now I do…THANK YOU!

  320. james

    I am not saying that i don’t believe any of this. but i read a lot of what some people were saying and some of them sounded like a scene right out of reefer madness which makes me very suspicious. the only other thing i want to say is if the main news sources find out about this they will have a field day with it and then after that, the pushers will go on a “told you so” rampage.and this legalization progress will be set back another generation.
    for those of you that are telling the truth i hope you get better and i hope you find relief and good health.
    for those of you that are just spreading bullshit on toasted bread, i hope your happy with the confusion you caused.

  321. To The Narrow-Minded People, Please Get Educated

    First off I want to identify myself as a 5-year pot smoker. I’m a card carrying member of NORML and MPP.

    Next I want to tell you I have this. I don’t think I have this, I know I have this. And it’s real.

    I did my research on this and I wouldn’t believe it if the documented cases I read didn’t fit my situation exactly perfecty. (Stomach pain, nausea, vomiting – comes in waves, can last for hours – only cured with hot showers [I think im averaging about 10 showers a day]).

    I’ve had three ‘episodes’ of this (each lasting weeks). I’m currently suffereing my third. Let me just walk you throught this BS. First time I was sick for weeks. Countless doctor visits. Prescribed lots of medication. None worked. Only smoking seemed to help. Eventually wound up in the ER, twice. I had countless blood tests (my arm was FUCKED), CT scans, endoscopys, you name it, it didn’t find a thing. Decided to stop taking my meds, stop smoking, and go organic. My health improved. My sickness just ‘went away’. Started smoking again a month later. Then finally went back to smoking every day. Eventually got sick again. Went organic and stopped smoking, and it went away after a while. I’m currently on my third bout of this sickness. I went to the doctor, got pills, theyre not working. Got tests. They don’t find anything. Did some reasearch, read about this, and it’s exactly my situation. I’ve been sick for two weeks, but smoked the last time 3 days ago. I know I’ll start to get better. It sucks tho because you have people saying its not real or its the weed being smoked. Each time I’ve had this I was in a different part of the country. I don’t smoke stress or mexican weed either. I just want narrow minded people to realize this is real. It’s not guaranteed to happen, but it CAN happen. Just like people who overindulge in peanutes everday can become allergic, this is essentially what’s happening with this syndrome. I’m not spreading anti-marijuana propaganda. I know this is what I have, so I know it’s not a fairy tale. And I’m still for pot smoking, (IN MODERATION PEOPLE, dont wind up like me) and decriminalization. But I’m just saying don’t talk crap on people in pain because you don’t want to believe marijuana is completely harmless. Nothing is completely harmless. Go drink your weight in water and come talk to me. So if your suffering and doctors can’t figure it out, you know what you gotta do. And if you can keep smoking, take a fat rip for me, because I’m never going to blaze again…..

  322. Paul

    I never had anything like that happen to me.. only intense hunger.

    However, THC in high doses can lower the appetite or even cause nausea. Now, does Marinol or Sativex do this? If there are no cases of this happening with prescription products then it could be a fungus in the weed.

    Weed often contains several types of fungi. You can develop an allergy to mold spores *over time*. Allergies and hypersensitivity reactions can result in gastrointestinal distress, fever and vomiting.

    Some people are actually allergic to cannabis but I don’t know if they are allergic to Marinol (dronabinol) or Sativex.

    Hypersensitivity reactions, including allergic reactions, tend to happen over time and in a minority of people. It’s the same reason why you can eat peanuts and then gradually develop an allergic reaction. Your immune system mistakes the protein in peanuts as something harmful and produces histamine and other substances which then results in hives, low blood pressure (hypotension) and vomiting…even anaphylactic shock.

    Either way, if this syndrome is really triggered or even caused by cannabis, it is only going to affect a small number of people. Aspirin causes some people to get ulcers whereas most are fine on it. Prozac made my stomach bleed, but it doesn’t do that to most people. I had serum sickness reactions to saccharin and to proton pump inhibitors (lansoprazole and omeprazole) but the majority tolerate those medications quite well.

    In other words, the majority will be fine using cannabis for medical purposes and that’s no reason to keep it illegal.

    Someone should try to find a single report of anyone using Marinol vomiting. I’m not aware of any and it has been available since 1985 by prescription. It is now Schedule III so it isn’t that hard to get. Granted, it is only synthetic THC and doesn’t contain CBD or other cannabinoids, but try and look for a connection or ask your doctor if anyone puked nonstop after using Marinol. I’d be interested in knowing about it.

  323. imatt111

    Me too! I had read where many people’s bodies confuse hunger with thirst.

    I work in big pharma. Interesting that it takes 10 years and multiple clinical trials to get a drug to market, but it takes a few hearsay reports and poorly conducted experiments to ban one? I’m calling shenanagins on the medical community and the law enforcement community on this one.

  324. Ryan

    It’s disappointing how many people are unwilling to open their eyes to everyday things that happen to people…Just this week i was finally diagnosed with canabanoid hyperemesis. After two years of being sick and well over $150,000 in hospital visits. I have been a regular smoker for 6 years and just these past two years i have experienced the vomiting episodes with more frequent occurences these last few months. I was skeptical at first. How could something that calms your stomach have the opposite effect. Not everybodies body ticks the same way…I am willing to stop smoking for awhile to see if it will end these episodes for it effects both my work and school life. I even have the symptoms of the chronic bathing to calm down the pain..And if people such as Durango would actually research before talking out their ass they would realize there are well over 20 diagnosed cases. Had our government not been so retarded with trying to criminalize marijuanna more studies would have been performed back in the day and it wouldn’t be so new to us now. There’s my 2 cents….smoke on my friends for i no longer can

  325. Sean

    I am a musician and marijuana truly inspires my work. Everytime I get high, I get a rush of ideas and get productive. Recently, I’ve noticed the above symptoms whenever I get high. This is ironic for me because marijuana has been my main medicine for years as it is the best treatment for ADHD I know. The only explanation I can think of is that there is some kind of new pesticide/growing aid that has been added recently and certain people are reacting to it. There is no way a syndrome can just pop up after marijuana has been smoked for thousands of years. Maybe the “government” has something to do with it. Big pharma companies don’t want people to find out the true medicinal benefits of marijuana so maybe this has something to do with it.

  326. Has anyone ever puked from smoking?

    [...] a few months ago this was a discussion on the Norml blog so you pukers out their don't feel alone! http://stash.norml.org/chronic-marij…miting-attacks Reply With Quote   + Reply to [...]

  327. Ryan

    I quit smoking altogether and it made a huge difference in how I feel. I have since started smoking every so often, but I have to keep in very infrequent or I start feeling bad again. I would ask your son to quit smoking for a month or two and see how he feels. I bet it makes a difference. Also, I suspected it might have to do with combining cannabis and tobacco, or possibly a sensitivity to certain pesticides common to indoor cultivation. Just knowing what the problem was and how to deal with it was very important. Do some research on CVS. This might be part of a pattern that goes back a long way for your son, even before he started smoking.

  328. YellowJuana Cake

    I feel really bad for the folks who get sick from smoking. I have the flu right now, but I’m not nauseous because I consumed some cannabis. @ Hippy – you are a rhymin’ fool and I love it!

  329. miriam

    Hi Ryan, I just read your post and wondered if you have been able to stop the weed and are now feelng well. My 26 yr old son has been smoking weed for about 12 years and in the past 6 years has horrible vomiting episodes and no doc has been able to help him. I feel hopeful now after reading about weed causing his problems. I am going to tell him what I found out tomorrow. Hope he will be able to stop. It has been breaking my heart to see him so sick. Let me know how you are doing. Miriam

  330. A reactor

    For the last 3 years I have been getting abdominal pains on my right side. Always thinking I had cancer, I went to the doctors many time (never told them I smoked), had the ultra sounds, MRI, prostate exams. no one could find anything. I recently moved to a different city and quickly ran out of weed, not having a new source I stopped smoking for a month or so. Over that last month my abdominal pains started to get less and less until I could not feel anything anymore. I was happy. the other night I decided to go for a drive and grab. ‘I came home and lite up a bowl and stated playing video games to relax. about 2 hours later I started feeling dizzy so I decided to go to bed. About an hour later I started to get the chills super bad. so I had no choice but to go take a hot shower… apparently there have been case studies about this, I had no idea, all I know is that I HAD to get into that hot shower to warm up fast. About 30 mins with the shower super hot I got out and went back to bed. about an hour after that; i got back up running to the bathroom and started vomiting, I threw up about 7 times that night and had a temp of about 100.9 all the next day. At first I thought that maybe I had eaten a bad egg for breakfast, but my abdominal pains are back… just after 1 night. I never used to have these problems when ‘i smoked about 10 years ago, but the weed we get these days… it doesn’t look like the weed from back then, we used to call our weed “green” not brown and white with a little green. It’s what weed has become, they mess with the dna so it looks similar to weed, smells like weed. they say it’s weed but it really isn’t anymore. someone needs to find some 10 year old seeds and bring the good weed back.

  331. debbie

    I am 57 and have a chronic degenerative conditon. I had never tried marijuana before but thought it might help. My first experience was with an edible, a little cookie made with cannibis butter. About 45-60 minutes after eating it, I wretched miserably for 3-4 hours. I am afraid to try it again. I know this isn’t a typical response

  332. Shane

    I smoke constantly all day every day for cronic pain, have for a year now. But I think it did trigger cvs in me the last couple weeks I have vomited almost every morning violently. Ive stopped smoking for a day and already feel better.

    Now for those who say your smoking crap pot etc. That is simply not the case, I buy the best locally grown weed here in colorado. I only smoke the very best I never ever smoke crap.

    Now I think weed is great for lots of people, but almost nothing in this world doesnt cause someone problems.

    Look at peanuts just because you and your friends have never been allergic to peanuts doesnt mean that there arent a lot of people who are.

    I am an advocate for legalization of marijuana but you would have to be a moron to believe that pot is for everyone. Lots of people simply cant smoke it cause of the paranoia.

    Also I call bullshit on hashman no one smokes 15-20 grams of hash a day.

  333. Apparently heavy users may have "cannabinoid hyperemesis" - WeedTRACKER

    [...] are allergic to, its extremely rare thing and effects less then 1 percent of smokers. check it out Chronic Marijuana Abuse Leads to Severe Vomiting Attacks | The NORML Stash Blog Chronic Marijuana Abuse Leads to Severe Vomiting Attacks | The NORML Stash [...]

  334. aersixb9

    I thought I had this, but it actually turns out I was dehydrated! I cured the above symptoms by drinking a lot more water, instead of coffee which I had been drinking a lot of. I got the water for cheap from the tap, and now I drink a ton of water, and I even cook a lot of my food in water these days.

  335. Ash

    Hi Sissy,

    I am sitting here reading your comment while my husband is at the hospital with another episode of CVS. I have been telling my husband the same thing for years as well. My Husband was just diagnosed with CVS a year ago but has had this problem four about nine years. He is 37 now and smokes daily and has for over 15 years. He quit for a while before he was diagnose because a Dr. in one of the many hospitals we’ve been to brought the Australian study to his attention. He is a compulsive bather with his episodes only and will sit in the shower for hours or at least till the hot water runs out and the paint is peeling off the walls. Like your husband he started sneaking with his friends until he became a chronic user again and the episodes returned. I’m so glad I came across your comments because although my husband said he would quit this time I’m going to show him this and maybe it will reinforce what he already knows.

  336. Ash

    Hi Stephanie,

    My husband was diagnosed with CVS about a year ago, however he has been undiagnosed with this problem for about 9 years. He has been a chronic marajuana user for I would say 15 years or more. Back in 2005 on one of our many ER trips a Dr. handed him the study mentioned above from Australia because he also bathes compulsively with these episodes. He was desperate at that time and had stopped smoking for almost a year without any episodes. For whatever reason he started smoking again and episodes have persisted. He usually ends up in the hospital every 4 to six months. He has denied the fact that marajuana use is contributing to his episodes and we have had many arguements over it. Believe me. The GI Dr that he has now says no it is not a trigger to the episodes, but the only way to know is to stop. Despite the Elavil, L – Carnatine, and CoQ10, and Topamax he is still getting episodes and is in the hospital right now. You would think smoking would help with this syndrome but who knows. I don’t think quiting would eliminate episodes all together because there are other factors, but maybe it will reduce them. Who knows I’ll let you know if he ever stops.

  337. ZigZane

    I just stumbled across some article about this then I looked into it a bit….seems legitimate but just very rare and only happens to some users…I think it’s being dramatically exaggerated though, usually when the media gets a hold of a negative side effect of cannabis whether rumor or true, they have a f**kin field day on it….as if their are not hundreds more negative side effects of our legal drugs(alcohol,pharms)…
    anyways I have been a heavy user of cannabis for the past six years, everyday, nonstop, and I can honestly say i’ve never felt any nausea or even coming close to throwing up from smoking, and even though I know I shouldn’t…I smoke A LOT of blunts(tobacco wraps)…so far Ive had virtually NO bad side effects…so…like I said…very rare condition.

  338. Mitch

    The symptoms described are the same symptoms I suffer from when chronically using chronic. I believe it’s caused by the expectorant effect of the thc. too much and it causes gagging and then vomiting. these are uncontrollable when they occur and i’m normally not high when they happen. I vomit almost every morning after smoking the previous night. it takes about 3 days of no smoking for the symptoms to subside. I’ll take the high over breakfast any day although a cure would be nice. Lots of water intake during these spouts and also just coughing up mucus seems to help. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!

    I do think this problem is very rare, I know no one else who has this problem and this is the first article I’ve read that exactly describes my symptoms.

  339. leo

    I have ibs and your exact symtoms and habit try enzyms for ibs and don”t role in any paper and cut back some have ur blood pressure checked. and watch what u eat

    weed lover

  340. 420FREEDOM

    Must of been a case of the rankadankinitis

  341. Signe


    I have smoked pot for 20 years, the last 7 years i would go to hospital every other month, with symptons as you describe / vomiting etc..

    I have now not smoked for 8 month and have not been ill since.

    Wish I had read / known about this before

    sorry english is not my first language , Im swedish

  342. sam fry

    I have been a heavy pot smoker for more than 10 years and an occasional user for the 5 years previous to this period. I am also a PhD student. Firstly, I must say that marijuana DOES NOT cause vomiting of any type. When an inexperienced user smokes, the shock of the experience (rapid heart rate, light headedness, possible paranoia etc) may result in what smokers call “going green” or “a white out”, which may cause vomiting. Having experienced this in the “experimentation” stage of my smoking, I have concluded that this is more of a psychological response causing the body to want to “purge” the unfamiliar chemical from the system, and furthermore, this “negative” response disappears once the effects of THC become familiar. As to pot causing chronic vomiting in experienced-heavy-users, this is a truly unfounded claim that is pure garbage. Marijuana was recently (and many times in the past) proven to be a MUCH safer “drug” to use regularly than society’s favourite (oh alcohol, how many issues you cause!) [See Professor Nutt's studies that were the cause of his consequent removal from the post of drug advisor of the UK government], and considering I have conducted a 15 year personal study, I can say with some authority that Marijuana causes NO negative effects, other than perhaps lung damage (lung damage that I must note has NEVER been conclusively linked to cancer) that can be counteracted with physical exercise or through eating the substance. Scientific evidence CONCLUDES that pot STOPS nausea and vomiting, why do you think it is prescribed to cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy? The cotton industry began this unfounded war on pot in the thirties (in the US), and it seems that we are suffering the repercussions of this ridiculous situation even today. STOP THIS UNFOUNDED GARBAGE, AND SPREAD THE TRUTH, THE USE OF MARIJUANA AND HEMP COULD HELP SAVE THE FUTURE OF MANKIND. 8-)

  343. Kindmomma

    I was sitting here reading through all of the comments after looking for the very paper that discusses this case. Someone I know was recently very ill and vomiting and the only thing that helped her was by taking showers. It was beyond her what was going on. She is a chronic smoker of very high quality homegrown (not by her). For her, giving her body some detox time has helped and she hasn’t vomited since.

    However, interestingly enough over the last year and having smoked the same homegrown on and off myself, I realize that certain batches over the year have indeed made me vomit too. Perhaps for a month straight ( i don’t smoke much) each time I would smoke, I would throw up. Again, having smoked on and off for 20 years, this was the first time I have noticed somewhat of a trend. Ever.

    That said, this is just an area of research that should be evaluated a bit more. I suspect that it is the guano fertilizer that was being used in the cultivation or some other soil conditioner/additive. Some people, as is always the case with body chemistry, are more susceptible than others. I have never had the all day long vomiting, but then again, I do not smoke even every single day. But I suspect with that particular grow, that something was funky and I suspect more often than not, we are talking about fungal pathogens or something similar in most of these cases. Just a hunch =)

  344. Lorry

    You are obviously one of those narrow minded weed smokers that doesn’t have a clue!!! Maybe you need to open your mind.. oh that’s right you can’t you don’t have one!!

  345. Rick

    I’ve had the same experience Stephanie. Sick to the point of passing out. Lasts about 2 hours after smoking. It feels like cigarettes are involved to some degree. Where you smoking cigarettes?

  346. Mikey

    Now this is CERTAINLY fishy. Marijuana can’t make you sick a month later. Marijuana can’t make you sick 4 days later. Marijuana does not produce physical dependency and it CERTAINLY doesn’t produce painful withdrawals. This is not hearsay. This is not my opinion. This is fact as science knows it through multiple, peer-reviewed studies conducted by multiple agencies in multiple countries all across the world. If this is really what your doctor is telling you then you should really see a different doctor.

  347. Mikey

    Use logic man. How is weed causing your condition if you are no longer smoking weed? What makes you think that this is being triggered by the marijuana that you are not smoking and not just simply stress? You obviously have something else going on here.

  348. Mikey

    Before people start thinking they have this condition they really should be asking themselves, where is your weed originating from? Mass grows in California state parks? Imported from Mexico? Both have been identified as sources of tainted marijuana. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be low quality weed either. The American government used to (and likely still does) pay foreign governments to spray cannabis fields with poisons with the intention of making consumers sick. Now many have expressed concern about this kind of thing going on here in the states. C.A.M.P has demonstrated that regardless of how much they escalate their efforts, they cannot put a dent in marijuana production. The next logical step would be to attempt to foul the crop in some way. Intentional or not, something falling from the sky is poisoning plant life all over the west coast (and all over the country for that matter). Regardless of the source; major cities and small towns, even on the west coast, are flooded with tainted weed.

    How many people out there getting sick are smoking blunts or joints? These papers and wraps can contain chemicals that can cause adverse reactions as well. Even bongs could potentially be a problem. According to recent studies; tap water from all across the country were found to have rising levels of drugs, hormones and potentially dangerous chemicals. How does something like that effect smoke passing through it? How does it effect ganja plants if it is introduced? Damned if I know.

    Now I’m not saying someone vomiting from smoking marijuana is impossible. I’m sure that there are some people that have some kind of condition where outside introduction of cannabinoids could result in some kind of “Anti-munchies” or something like that. But when we look at this logically with all the information that we have acquired on this plant and the state of the planet around us; It seems likely that 9 times out of 10 there is a chemical adulterant somewhere along the lines triggering this reaction. It would be cool to hear Russ revisit this sometime with Dr. Mitch and maybe talk a little about what’s in our air, what’s in our water and what’s in our weed and how that can effect us.

  349. Stephanie

    I have smoked weed about five times, and each time I have gotten extremely sick, vomiting all night and couldn’t breath, borderline calling 911. At first I blamed it on drinking and smoking at the same time but I tried smoking with no alcohol, nothing, and it was even worse. Nobody I know has ever seen or heard of this before, have any of you heard of a reaction like that?

  350. kurt

    I believe it i smoked some good stuff once and it gave me chronic masturbateur syndrosis.

  351. Matt

    i dunno bout ur bf but when my episodes kick in im down rite miserable depressed nauseous i’d almost give nething for it to end so for me i would never be in denial bout this cause i would give up nething if i knew it would make it go away n well i did i quit weed n its gettin better but still there so if ur bf is actually vomitting n still won’t give up smokin he mite need rehab or somethin i think what triggered mine was stress i was a collections agent which is a rele high stress job so maybe thats why mine was so bad :-|

  352. Li

    I’m almost positive my boyfriend has but he denies it saying that it makes him feel better, it started back in April when he started smoking again, and it’s progressivly getting worse, he’s missed nearly a week’s worth of work in the past month

  353. Beau

    Id have to agree with Mikey, 4 days and you still feel like shit. Thats withdrawls. My doc told me I need to stop for a month then Ill start seeing results. Its gonna be a tough month, and I acually called the doc today and asked if theres anything to help me come off the weed. Only talked to the nurse but she said she’d find out and get back to me. Ive quit in the past and its really tough cuz my stomach will hurt so bad from the weed withdrawls cuz my body has depended on it for so long. Hopefully I will hear from her soon and I will let you guys know what it is and if it helps.

  354. Beau

    Seattle! The dank of the dankiest!

  355. Mikey

    I’m the one who doesn’t know what I’m talking about? So it’s the weed that’s causing it after 4 days of not smoking? That makes sense to you? At that point only the metabolites of THC remain. I’m sure your paperwork doesn’t lay out how marijuana is still causing these reactions long after it stops being active in the body.

  356. Mikey

    Ahh but where is your weed coming from? I’m not saying your symptoms don’t exist. I’m saying it’s not likely actually triggered by cannabis itself. If you’re smoking 5-10 times a day, that’s a pretty hefty regimen. Unless you’re dropping hundreds of dollars a week on dank weed, you’re likely smoking commercial Mexican dirtweed. Weed that can carry a variety of chemicals from dangerous and illegal pesticides and fertilizers used in growing to additives like formaldehyde used to weigh the pot down and alter the buzz. It’s not that I haven’t personally experienced these symptoms; it’s that 10 years ago these symptoms did not exist (outside of tainted weed of course). Are we expected to believe that overnight in the 21st century humanity suddenly started to develop a new reaction to cannabis that didn’t exist over the past 4000 years of its use? Wouldn’t it be more logical that as drug gangs ramp up, the urge for more and more profits causes Mexican growers to use cheap and dangerous fertilizers and pesticides to cut costs and dealers are dipping the product in a dangerous cocktail of chemicals to give it more weight and more value? Just like prohibition moonshine that caused blindness during the last century, black market organizations have learned it’s more profitable to sell tainted weed. Out of all these people who believe they may have this, how many are members of a co-op or regularly go to a dispensary? How many grow their own or have a trusted source of pot? You have to understand this is completely unheard of in these circles. Here is a pool of literally thousands of lifetime pot smokers from all backgrounds all across North America, Europe and Australia. The only variable is the source of cannabis.

    I apologize, “full of shit” was a rather harsh conclusion to arrive at on my part, and you may very well be the one of the few who actually have this particular “obscure” condition, in the words of the study. A freak occurrence in bio-chemistry that would cause the cannabinoid system to behave opposite of what it would in the general population. I can’t say. What I do know is what history and science have proven. Chronic marijuana use does not lead to this condition. I would believe a surge in adverse effects coming from cannabis from unknown sauces. This only speaks to the proliferation of tainted commercial cannabis sources throughout North America. This combined with falsified stories intended to give the impression that this condition is becoming an epidemic is what I believe comprises the majority of the accounts of this you find circulating on the internet.

  357. Matt

    so again because you and your 4 freinds have never had it means it doesn’t exist in the thousands of confirmed cases ur a dumbass

  358. Matt

    if you weren’t the biggest dumbass on this forum i’d tell you off rite now but u aint worth the time, you think because u and ur 2 buddies havnt had this means it doesn’t exist u don’t know s*** buddy i actually had it so stop postin ur lame ass comment plz for the love of god ur just proving how retarted americans can be n ill go ahead and assume u havn’t graduated medical school yet cause i can just tell by ur small comment ur a complete moron so plz shut uo stupidity annoys me

  359. Matt

    incase u havnt realised u’ve already been proven wrong dozens of times on this forum its def real take it from me i never heard of this till today when i was diagnosed so instead of proving you wrong again i’ll just quote Chase ” for you who say it doesn’t exist is simply adding to the problem.”

  360. Matt

    only one way to find out lay off the pot for about a week to see if it improves i got diagnosed with it today n trust me u dont want it to get ne worse

  361. Matt

    I believe she might have something else i just got back from the doctor bout an hour ago which btw was a nightmare cause of christmas shoppers n the snow neway i was diagnosed with this my symptoms were episodes of dizziness, insomnia, sweating, no appetite ,restlesness and even some depressive symptoms arose from just feeling so terrible and dizzy if she stops smoking for about a week and you see no changes its not CHS one more thing keep a detailed note of what comes when n how long it lasts so you can see where things are improving, i even fasted n im a 21 year old guy plus i stay in shape i was so desperate to feel better im glad i finally know about this, the medication i was prescribed was PMS-ZOPICLONE 5MG and APO-CLONAZEPAM 0.5 mg one was for my restlesness so i could calm down a bit n the other was to help me sleep

  362. Matt

    You obviously have no idea what your talking about ur just arguing for the sake of arguing i had never heard of this until today when i was diagnosed with it, this is far worse then just motion sickness my friend this is a bad ass bug i was pacing around my room unable to stop for 12 hours every time i’d try to sit or sleep i’d start shaking almost convulsing then cold sweats then puking then depression i felt so bad i was questioning my sanity i have a feeling i had one of the worst cases i felt so “not me” which is rare for me cause i’m all about keepin my head on straight it is freakin terrible kinda like crack withdrawl at least for me, if ya want proof i got all the paperwork i’d even e-mail it to ya the episodes came bout every 6 hours even after more then 4 days of being weed and smoke free

  363. Sam

    I have vomiting and heavy marijuana use and I think they are clearly linked in my personal case. I started developing pain in my stomach and vomiting about 2 years ago after I went to the hospital for a mental health emergency. I was under a lot of stress at the time, and I was wondering if it’s possible that there is an injection or other means of “immunizing” a person against marijuana and/or THC? I’m thinking that there is a possibility that these cases could be linked to a new anti-marijuana “vacciene” – and I was hoping someone could look into that and maybe solve it, for I really do enjoy marijuana and hate not being able to smoke it due to excessive vomiting and pain.

  364. Ivy

    Hi Stephaine My daughter has been diagnosed with CVS and severe abdominal pain which has lasted her for 5 weeks now. She was told to stop smoking pot wich had only occasional used maybe once a week and when this epidsode started she whas not using pot. The Dr. told her to stop using and that her sympotms should stop however they continued and has been worse. So she started again and her syptoms are better and she has been able to eat and stay out of the ER for the past 2 days. I don’t know what to do and was just wondering if you could share any of your sypmtoms and or ideas on how to help my daughter. I hope you are well and thank you for your time and input. Ivy

  365. Beau

    This is nothing like getting too high and sensing motion sickness. Ive been smoking daily for about 9 years(5-10 times a day.) Dont get me wrong, I enjoy the smoking more than anything. But after throwing up for 8 hours straight every 20 minutes. And the pain it brings with it. Im starting to think its not worth it. I just had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy with no results of anything. After going back to the doctor he told me about cvs. Very sceptical of what he told me I went home and starting researching, and very quickly I found many similar stories and symptoms that I have. The people that have quit, have said no more symptoms, no more episodes. If thats what it takes, its worth giving up my favorite past time. So just because you dont experience these symtoms doesnt mean others are full of shit.

  366. Beau

    My name is Beau and after reading a few posts I felt compelled to write. Im 28, and Ive been smoking pretty tough for about 9 years now(5-10 times daily.) Before smoking I was very athletic and very healthy with no stomach issues. Looking back now Im starting to realize the stomach issues may have started around then. Its progressivly gotten worse. In the mornings its the worst. I wake up and feel like im going to vommit, somitimes I do. I used to have eppisodes every 6 months or so, Ive recently have 3 in 3 weeks. I will usually start vommiting and continue to do so every 20 minutes or so for about 8 hours. I try to drink as much fluids as possible to stay hydrated and to make the vommiting less painfull. I recently had a colonoscopy, and an endoscoply which no solution was determined. My doctor then told me about CVS which I was immidiatly sceptical about becasue I love my weed, and Ive only seen it do good for my nausea in the past. So I got home and started researching and here I am. Bout to try to stop smokin and see if it helps, gonna be tough, but well worth it if it can stop the pain. Anybody out there like me? have you stopped? did it help? I would love to hear from you.


  367. Mikey

    I actually went back and hunted down the audio stash with DR. Mitch to hear what he had to say about it. Quite interesting to say the least. If you think your might have this listen to Dr. Mitch Earlywine about 20-21 minutes in. Really puts it in perspective. Here’s the page it’s on:


  368. Mikey

    I’m rather sure that a lot of these posts of stories claiming to have this or know someone who has this are posted by the same person under different names. It’s suspicious that out of the immense and close-knit cannabis community no one had heard of any reaction remotely like this before Mar. 2009; then this report comes out documenting what it calls an “obscure” reaction. Now stoners are popping up left and right with marijuana induced CVS? I’m not doubting that CVS exists, and perhaps in a very small segment of the pot smoking populous cannabinoids may upset some balance and trigger these sort of things. But to say that chronic cannabis use causes this sort of thing is WAAAAY out there. When I was a less experienced toker, I would on occasion get so high that I would get a sense of motion sickness, occasionally leading to vomiting. It’s been over a decade now since the last time that happened. Later in life I quit smoking tobacco. After that the first hit off a blunt would make me gag and feel like I was going to vomit, although I never did and as I made my way through the blunt that nausea would quickly dissipate (odd huh?). I’m hard pressed to believe that cannabis is causing a CVS epidemic, especially based on a study depicting a single person with no information about the persons health condition before they started using cannabis. I’m willing to bet that there are a handful of people out there with an ultra-screwy cannabinoid system that pot smoke might just provoke this kind of reaction. I’m also willing to bet that most of the people out there that say they have this are full of shit.

  369. Missippi Hippy

    If the ash is grey
    Toke away
    If the ash is black
    It could knock you on your back.

  370. High East

    Yeah, this is nonsense.

    I call shenanigans on some of the posts here too.

  371. Mikey

    Anyone find it odd that no one had ever heard anything remotely like this; then this article comes out and we have people coming out of the woodwork “Oh I have this.” “Oh I was recently diagnosed with this exact same thing.” Suuuure. How many of these people are just smoking tainted weed? How many of these people are getting so high that they are giving themselves motion sickness? And how many of these people are just Calvina Fay clones making posts under different names trying to freak out the “stoned and paranoid”?

  372. Ella

    yeah, actually my boyfriend was just diagnosed with this. its definitely a real thing.

  373. LOCKEY

    i know for a fact that urb triggers the episodes. ive been unfortunately smoking since i was 9. always smoked urb nuthin else. now im 24 and for years i would smoke as much as possible just cuz. quantity or quality wasnt the issue, and if any of you has bought off of gardner st, then youve had my quality. point being, i would smoke EVERY CHANCE I GOT. right when i woke up, before i went to work, at work, you get the point. everything was ‘lets smoke first’. moderation is key.

  374. Camille

    When I smoke out of vaporizers I feel more sick than with a pipe/bong/bubbler etc [keeping in mind never used to feel sick before]. Ive just started getting sick after smoking weed. Its odd because its only happened 3 times in a 6 day period but Ive been smoking on a regular basis for 4 years. It starts with a feeling of being unable to balance and lightheadedness, then the spins hit me as if I were drunk and took a couple hits [this lasts from 5-20 minutes and I try my damnedest to quiet the dizziness], sometimes this is followed by being extremely hot, and then I lose it. lol It really sucks though… I really hope I dont have this ‘Cannabinoid Hyperemesis’ shit.

  375. amy cardoza

    I have been sick for a couple of months now…. I have tried everything… I thought it was my anxiety. I never thought it could be the pot i was smoking, as everything u hear marijuana is supposed to help with nausea. Guess what? I stopped smoking pot and I am no longer sick. What a relief. I don’t think I will ever smoke again. Its not worth it. I wish I would have known about this earlier.

  376. Stephanie

    It disgusts me to admit this but im starting to believe it. I was just diagnosed with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. I also have my medical cannabis card. I have “smoked habitually” for about 7 years. I love it. I dont drink i just love my weed. Im born and raised in norcal so what do you expect? Recently i have been having excrutiatingly horrible bouts of nausea and have subsequently spent a few weeks in the hospital this year. Every anti-nausea pill in existence has been tried. Zofran, Decadron, Atavan, Halidol, and so many others i cant even remembe the names. Marijuana does help to an extent but once i get to the hospital stage it no longer works. I have even been given Maridol tablets in the E.r. But for my less intense nausea marijuana does relieve. I also have Irritable Bowel Syndrome which gives me diarrhea and cramping and stomach aches daily. and nothing works as good as a bowl for that. But i am now starting to believe that though marijuana does help to relieve my stomach problems, it may also be causing them. After years of being an advocate it hurts me to say anything negative about my favorite plant in the world but i believe that for a small percentage of habitual smokers this disorder can come. because it has for me and im the last person in the world who would of thought that would happen to. But dont get me wrong. I am not intending on stopping. i do not know for assurity that it is being caused by marijuana but i do see that there are many others with identical stories out there. and for the idiots who are talking about smoking making you puke like from getting too high or coughing. that is not what we are talking about. this is a disorder. you dont even need to be smoking at the time of an outbreak. in fact i am never high or smoking at the time of an outbreak so that is why i am still suspicious. but i would really like to talk to some of you out there like me. i need more info before i am ever going to make any for sure decisions. -stephanie

  377. ashley

    i am son happy that i found this information for the past two days i have been puking my guts out and i thought maybe it was just food poisoning but the weird thing is it got better today and then i smoked weed and sure enough the sever nausea and vomiting came back. Without seeing any of this information i was already thinking it was the weed. the weird part though was that i have been smoking out of the same sack for the past 2 weeks and yesterday out of no where it started. its horrible and if i continue like this i am definitely quitting. no high on this earth is worth all the crap i have went through in the past two days. i havent felt the need to take hot showers cuz honestly my face feels like its on fire and cold rags seem to feel better to me. no other symptoms just a hot face and severe nausea….shit im scared to smoke again… :-(

  378. Maria

    My husband smokes pot every day, at least 2 blunts between 5-10 during the week and on sat and sundays 2-3…….Hes got a weird personality due to the pot, hot one minute cold the next.I dont want him smoking pot anymore , I know it makes him depressed and sooo irratable, and we have 2 small children…He is also throwing up almost every morning violently….I strongly feel its the pot, when you smoke pot all night and stay up til 12:30…and have to get up at 7am, of course your going to be sick…Eveyone thinks he throws up because of anxiety, well now thanks to this article…I know its a combo of pot and anxiety ! I cant take it anymore, I WANT HIM TO STOP SOOO BAD!!!! He cant admit its a problem!

  379. steph

    i’ve been a chronic marijuana smoker for about 10 years now nd for the last 3 or 4 years I’ve had problems with vomitting. it can happen every few months of a few times a month and I usually vomit 1-5 times whrn these episodes occur. I am curious about the showering aspect though because I do not have hot showers to relieve my symptoms and I usually find that smoking a joint makes me feel better. Can anyone help me are these symptoms of CVS or cannabinoid hypermesis?

  380. recently diagnosed

    I dont doubt that some peoplemay be affected by this however, my symptoms are releived by cannabis use and I know for a fact that when you buy weed off the black market (or the canadian government) it is more than likely contaminated with alot of poisonous substances? Why, because our government has decided to give control of the market to criminals? If all of these relatives that everyone talks about was to only smoke only properly flushed, organically grown marijuana IMHO this is the problem! :-x

  381. dr

    Sounds exactly my husband… glad you posted.. :-P hopefully they will get the message. Good luck.

  382. Aaron

    I also have took 6 years to realize it was myself getting me sick. Its crappy, i am about 100 percent sure that is caused by weed. never got sick before i started smoking, I was able to keep myself off it for 3 weeks, and feel way better… So far.

  383. sissy

    I believe this finding to be true ! My husband has had this condition for 23 years he is 42 it took the doctors 15 years to diagnose with CVS and they told us there was no cure for CVS and he would have to take theses medication for the rest of his life , well the medications helped a little but it did not make it go away. He had been using marijuana since he was 13 and as he got older became a heavier user ,it was when he was 21 when he had his first attack , it put him in the hospital for days and he finally stopped vomiting , the doctors had no clue what was wrong with him . He would get these attacks about every 10 weeks and he would throw up about every 20 minutes for the first day and then every hour on the second day , every 2 hours by the third day , and so on until he was done with this cycle . Along with taking up to 20 or 30 showers a day , but he would go from very hot to very cold showers, and he is only does this during these attacks , he is a normal guy any other day. We all ways thought he would take the showers because it would take is mind off of throwing up for a little while or it was soothing.
    So when they diagnosed him with CVS it sounded like what he had , seeing there is no blood test or other test to say you have CVS , they done more that $200,000 dollars worth of testing in 15 years , but there is nothing about the shower thing with CVS. So about two years a go I asked him to stop smoking and he did and during that time he didn’t get sick. Then he started sneaking it with his friends on the weekend and he wasn’t getting sick but it finally caught up with him, when he became a regular user again and this time he was sick for 3 weeks . Losing a lot weight and again I asked him to stop smoking and he hasn’t been sick since , before I even knew about this Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome. I told him it was the pot that was making him sick and he didn’t want to believe it, because he enjoyed smoking. But he didn’t like getting sick all the time . So like I said early he stopped and so did the vomiting . So today we went to his doctor for his yearly check up and I just asked if there was a cure yet for CVS and he replied “ No , but they did find out that marijuana would make CVS worse “ so it was like “I TOLD YOU SO” to my husband and he told the doctor that we had all ready figured that out for our self. So now that it is documented he seems to believe it and hopefully he wont be sneaking any with his so called friends. Because I’m tired of cleaning “throw up buckets” and washing towels. But at least there’s a cure “STOP SMOKING”

  384. Jason

    has anyone tried using a vaporizer? maybe its the smoke that bothers the stomach.

  385. HASHMAN


  386. Polojones

    My brother has been a chronic pot smoker (multiple times a day) for 35 years. About 25 years ago he started experiecing the exact symptoms described: Periodic bouts of Chronic vomiting relived by hot showers. He has been to countless doctors, therapy, missed significant time from work and is frankly not a very happy or productive human being. At one point after several weeks of vomiting he had a severe seizure due to dehydration and nearly died. He has Ben hospitalized several times. I believe he has fessed up to his pot smoking with his doctors but not sure to what extent. His illness has never been diagnosed. Four months ago, when this article was publised, a friend sent him a article. Apparently, he has quit smoking and has remained illness free (though he is reportedly an angry and cranky bastard).

  387. vince noir

    one of our moderators at the grow report has recently found out that hyperemesis is the cause of over ten years of hospitalisation and severe illness ..please feel free to contact esse.b at the grow report ,i can assure you this illness is very real ,and he will testify to the fact ,also he`ll be able to tell you the full symptoms and story behind this illness

  388. Durango

    I think I have it

  389. Patrick

    Ok, just left the hospital after another episode of vomiting!!after fluids and Zofran, I felt better, I used cannabis at an early age from 10 to 24 every day I am now 43 and I started using it again Oct. 2008, On Dec 9th 2008 I started vomiting (only sympton)it didn’t stop until Dec 26th 2008, I continued to smoke and on May 29th I felt sick again and started vomiting non-stop..admitted to the hospital twice, so last night a Dr at MGH Boston brought the article to my attention and I think I will be not smoking to see if it goes away!!!

  390. KLC

    My friend’s son has suffered from these symptoms for years and after many, many hospital visits and much agony they have finally figured out that this is what he has. It is a relief to finally know, though whether he can kick the addiction remains to be seen

    I do think pot should be legalized. So pot has toxicity for some, so does alcohol. I don’t think it makes sense to try and discount real problems that can arise from smoking pot. It is an enormous relief to be able to find out what is wrong when one has a chronic condition.

  391. Hocsila

    I found this site because almost every morning while I’m getting ready for work I vomit…unless I have a hit. If I have something to smoke I may vomit from coughing too hard, but when I’m out… I vomit. Someone else said I may have some other health issue going on, but weed takes care of the nausea that’s for sure! Also, everyone (including the government)knows that as soon as big business can figure out a way to control the growth & use of marijiauna for THEIR profit, it will be legalized. Pretty sad when you get more time in prison for using or selling weed than you do for murder.

  392. agreenbud

    Ive smoked some mexican weed that made me wana barf (only from the taste).

    I have smoked daily since my early teens,now being in my mid 30′s (bout 3gr a day) I only smoke quality buds and have never wanted to ralph.

    So my quiestion is WHUT WHERE THEY SMOKING?
    Schwag most likely.

  393. Brittany


    I only stumbled upon this article because I just threw up while smoking haha. But i’m at high risk for throwin up man. I’m always sick, and i cough a lot, and by a lot i mean a lot…and i was smoking a lot, and coughed a lot, and it was some nasty weed, and then i threw up. Not that intense of a situation :idk: very understandable. Now i’m eating soup and just happily high.

    My boyfriend isn’t a smoker. He knows how much I enjoy weed, but it’s just not for him, he’d rather be drunk … :loco:

    his first time smoking, i gave him a small hit off of a bubbler, and he was extremely high for awhile and had a great time…

    then he started puking and didnt stop til like 4am :dead:

    now, dont get me wrong. i’m not blamin the weed. :bongin: my boyfriend has extreme motion sickness, and therefore anytime he gets dizzy at all, he starts throwing up. He got a little ‘too high’, and got what i like to call ‘time warp’.

    this type of mental behavior in someone like him is definitely gonna end in blowin chunks :2thumb:

    the moral of the story is…
    is it possible for weed to make you puke?
    is it possible for chocolate cake to make you puke?

    theres nothin wrong with weed!!!!! theres somethin wrong with the fuckers pukin!!!! ie: ‘weed is a trigger of cvc’.


  394. D K

    THIS IS TRUE!!!!! im living proof im on day 2 of quittting i was smoking an ounce every week easyily not even a week prob 5 days. and ill tell yah if i went too long without smoking id PAY for it big time! id have to stomach through the first 20 tokes from my blunt then the weed would demolish my nausea. but as soon as itd leave 6 hours later id smoke again and before you knew it i became A SLAVE TO MARIJUANA. so take what they say about using it and not abusing it seriously!! cause just like anything else too much just has to be no good. so for all of you who read this article with deaf ears reconsider. and your def not smokin enough to feel the effects of withdrawl orrr lol you havent even tried quitting yet still going strong for 5 years huh….. been there done that… all i can say is i wasted my life! but i do support marijuana for medical uses im totally behind that 100%

  395. amyrose2712

    Try living with a disease you can’t determine the cause of or the trigger of. If it can help but a few people what is so wrong. I love smoking weed but you don’t know the feeling that comes with finally finding an answer after 20 years. It doesn’t mean don’t smoke, but if you suffer with the symptoms and are a chronic smoker its something to think about.

  396. AK Wolf

    If it’s true…so what? Too much of anything will make you sick/vomit. Just look at people who drink too much water. Also notice the lack of people going into a frenzy when water is around. I don’t understand the point of some of these studies unless it helps the few with a condition understand it more. Otherwise it’s a waste of money for them to scramble for reasons to tell people to not smoke pot. My suggestion is if someone came up to anyone here with this “study” and says too much marijana can make you sick….tell them so can water.

  397. jeremy

    Ive been smoking pot for about ten years and this has been happening to me for almost a year now.It sucks!I always salivate alot thats how i know im about to ralph..I should add that i havent been diagnosed but here i came looking for answers and this sounds very familiar.

  398. doctor

    I really doubt any of this is true. I’m sorry.
    When I was around 12 I started having gastrological problems which led to constant, painful vomiting. I have recently learned that it is actually a manifestation of my severe panic disorder that causes my body to go into a sort of shock that stops my disgestive system from finishing it’s task, and the food that sits in my stomach of course comes up at some point. I didn’t TRY smoking until I was 16, and didn’t start smoking regularly until I was about 18. And for christ’s sake, smoking pot is genuinely the only thing that helps me return my life to normal and quit staring down the toilet bowl. I dont want to turn into a pilled up zombie like the majority of america, so I refuse to take any. Weed doesn’t cause nausea, it relieves it.

  399. michele

    I thought this was BS too until my friend and her husband figured out that this is what she has been suffering from for about 3 years. She had been to gastro specialists who told who different things, like wheat gluten intolerance however her husband found info on it last year. My friend has been smoking for over 20 years and is now just ending a bout of the cyclic vomiting it causes. The only relief she said is sitting in a hot tub or a hot shower. Food and the smell of food wil make you vomit. Anti vomiting medicine doesn’t help either. None of the doctors ever asked her about pot usage in all of her trips to the hospital. She was making it worse too cuz every time she got sick, she’d want to smoke, hoping that it would help the nausea when in fact it was making her sicker. Usually she’d be ill for 2 weeks, this time she decided not to smoke, and has gotten over it in about 5 days. Needless to say as much as she loves to get high, she’s done with it.

    I’m glad this isn’t happening to me. Just wanted to let you all know that unfortunately this is a true illness. 8-)

  400. Chase Cavitt

    This is a real problem and i recently found out that my Father had the same symptoms 20 years ago. so for you who say it doesn’t exist is simply adding to the problem. I am a Medical Marijuana patient from Hawaii and i have been forced to stop recently by cronic vomitting… Trust me I am the biggest advocate for smoking and have spent thousands of dollars on toys to smoke with… Everyone I know smokes and doesn’t want to hear anything bad about it. It makes me sad that stoners would be just as closed minded as the rest of the population to hearing and accepting certain things about it….
    What they are trying to say is that certain individuals can possibly feel sick not directly from smoking, as the results can be with alcohol, but i have felt this first hand. It took a long time for it to develop and it also has led me to many sick days. I know many people are fearful of what is happening to them and this article could and does bring me some peace of mind as to what I am going through….I have seen many medical professionals and I do not take any other drugs or pharmacutical medications and was Hospitalized due to this!!!!! It is a real problem and maybe instead of being a lazy a**hole some of you people should figure out how to cure it so I can SMOKE MY WEED!!! :-x

  401. paul miller

    OOOPS, yes, medicate i DO A LOT>>>

    Paul worked on me for the month of MARCH 09, not May….. DOH!!!! so therefor this medication really in the best


  402. paul miller

    Eight years of puking for yours truly…. been medicating with cannabis for decades…
    FOUND a doctor who understands beyond what my exiguous experiences and readings in Miami. Dr Paul Canali, of the Evolutionary Healing Institute, worked on me for the month of May 09, and i have not puked…. this morning through focused breathing, relaxing, shower, and confidence…. i stopped a full blown episode attempt by this tramatized carcass i animate. Salivation, heart palpitation, profuse sweats, nausea from hell… and still with the skills that i learned from Dr. Paul, i confidently survived another attempt… and then today i RESPERATE again to learn the therapeudic breath again.

    Thanking you


  403. HeMpSeEd

    F*** this corporate run, marijuana propaganda article. a good old joint never hurt anyone, and especially is not the cause of puking for day on end, I smoke everyday and i never puked, neither any stoner i know, don’t believe A word this article says…DON’T READ SMOKE WEED

  404. Ryan

    I would like to clarify what I said earlier. This doctor, and a few others, are trying to link cannabis to a CVS(Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome) trigger. I have had CVS since I was a child, well before I ever started smoking cannabis. CVS was long known as a pediatric condition until now. It can start at any time, from 6 months to 50 years of age. I bet that if this young mans medical history were analyzed by a CVS expert, we would find that he has CVS and smokes cannabis as a way of self medicating. This is my situation. CVS is a very rare and serious condition and I would recommend those who are interested to get more information about it here : http://www.cvsaonline.org

  405. moldy

    Wow! Now that there really is some obscure reaction that happens in maybe one out of 50,000 people it’s time that it’s controlled by the government, taxed and regulated!

    It happened to me when I was much younger with some Panama Red but that was only my second or third time toking.

  406. Medtoker

    I just realized THIS is what I have been suffering from for the past 5 years.

    The docs diagnosed me with an inner ear disorder but I do not have the dizziness that normally goes with it. I do have all the exact symptoms of Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. Been a med activist for year and a heavy user.

    I have never met anyone else with my symptoms though. Perhaps like some people being allergic to peanuts while the majority are fine…..some of us genetically are prone to develop marijuana oversensitivity while the majority do not.

  407. Ryan

    I think some are misunderstanding the article. This is not someone “smoking until you puke”. What they are saying is that cannabis might trigger a conditioner where people periodically have “spells” of vomiting that last for days at a time. These spells can reoccur every few weeks or months.

  408. Ryan

    I have this disorder also. I thought I was just weird about the whole shower thing when I got sick. I’ve had this hit me at least 6 times in the last year at a week at a time. And yes, I’ve been a heavy smoker for at least the last ten years.

  409. Latasha

    It’s the truth!!!!!!!!!!! My husband is in the hospital as we speak and I just found that article that you speak of and my husband has all the symptoms mentioned. He is a chronic marijuana smoker and every couple of months he gets sick and starts throwing up out of the blue and must take excessive baths to feel better only to start throwing up again. The doctors ran all the tests they could but they all came back clean. 4 days after feeling better and getting out the hospital he started throwing up again, so surely it’s the weed. There is no other explanation for it but the fact that he smokes weed every single day maybe 2x a day. What affects some people might not affect others. I still think marijuana is not harmful to most but for some, moderation is key.

  410. amy

    The study in Australia was 22 people by the way. Not that that is a much larger sample.

  411. amy

    I have it too Please contact me amyrose2712@gmail.com. I don’t think people are understanding. I think it triggers Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, not causes it. Many people suffer with CVS that do not smoke. It is under diagnosed because CVS is very hard and rarely diagnosed. For everyone’s information you don’t smoke and get sick from it. In the short term it may actually help the nausea. This is a long term cyclic occurrence.

  412. Lee

    How could anyone suspect that a “report” like this is tainted by a long running, non-science based, anti pot propaganda campaign?

    How could anyone (with eyes open) suspect otherwise?

  413. Juanamman

    I have never vomited from weed

    but i have vomited from that one liquid poison that is legal what is it called….o yes alchol

  414. Fred

    this is a very real disorder, i have it. it might only affect a small % of 420 users, but it’s very real.

  415. mr reuben

    I have had my share of cough attacks from a puff of good buds. But no matter how long or hard i coughed i would never vomit, even if it felt as if i were going too.

  416. Jerry

    I have an experience to add to this. I have never, ever felt nauseous after ingesting cannabis. However, my wife tried it once and had a bad experience. I have only known two people to have bad experiences. Perhaps she had too much for her first time. She is very sensitive to any substance, and has diagnosed clinical depression and anxiety with panic attacks. After she smoked, she felt like she “was going to die” and actually vomited. I was astonished and my brother and I felt very badly. This was not chronic smoking though. Just one acute event.

  417. agreenbud

    Never have puked from herbs but then agian,
    I probably would if I had to smoke some of the mexican dirt weed Thats in the area thanks to the cartels that bring it across the border here to california.

    Lucky for me & the seldom few I know we no longer smoke inferior herbs.

  418. Eric

    I recently did an article on this subject. While it appears the condition might *possibly* exist in a handful of people, the study is highly suspect.


  419. Daniel

    Progression of my feelings after reading this

    :-o :-x :rant: :bongin: ….. :idk: no throw up :idk: :hahaha: 8-)

  420. Daniel

    nope – never puked EVER! NOT ONCE! never while on cannabis hemp.

    But this just in! Cannabis Hemp causes cyclic awesome syndrome. Do not attempt to partake in cannabis hemp, lest you become awesome!

  421. Jillian

    This “finding” is complete nonsense.

    I’ve smoked until I couldn’t feel my legs anymore but I’ve never once puked from it! Neither has any of my friends in all the years we’ve been “chronically abusing marijuana”.

  422. Evil Dick

    Well, there you have it,folks. All of you who don’t know when to stop should just flush all that illegal weed and go back to using the government approved recreational inebriant, alcohol.


  423. slash5city

    I saw this when it came out last week.
    Thank god we have Russ, Mr Spof, and Justice
    on top of these things.
    I’m sure the good Dr. will set things aright.

    ‘The syndrome was first recognized in Australia around the Adelaide hills. ‘

    I wonder what changed in that area?
    Farming practices?
    Nuke plant? concrete plant maybe?
    new water plant?…

  424. Dr. Luny

    I have heard of people vomiting from smoking too much. If you cough hard and long enough it can lead to vomitting, and if this guy was smoking marijuana pretty much constantly I could see why he might experience these symptoms, and why breathing in hot humid air while taking a bath would be beneficial. The supposed corroborations are probably anecdotal reports of people throwing up while smoking, which must be fairly common. It certainly has nothing to do with cannabinoids.

  425. Chris

    :-x :-( :-| 8-) :-o :-) :-P
    progression of my feelings after reading this

  426. blake

    what was the dosage used in the expirement?

  427. Justice

    On what authority does the author base these claims on?

    We can see the scope and range of this study’s sample size… a single 22 year old male:

    In this case report, we describe a twenty-two year-old-male with a history of chronic cannabis abuse presenting with recurrent vomiting, intense nausea and abdominal pain. In addition, the patient reported that the hot baths improved his symptoms during these episodes. Abstinence from cannabis led to resolution of the vomiting symptoms and abdominal pain.
    Furthermore, I read the actual case report at the journal of gastroenterology (they have scrubbed the page since), and mentions that the patient smoked marijuana once or twice an hour, all day every day. I have no idea what that would do to you, namely because I’ve never had that much weed..

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