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City of Albuquerue Must Pay for a Woman’s Destroyed Cannabis Plants | The NORML Stash Blog

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3 responses to “City of Albuquerue Must Pay for a Woman’s Destroyed Cannabis Plants”

  1. "Radical" Russ Belville

    I am so sorry cannabis did not work well for you. It is not for everyone.

    That said, 9999% of anything is impossible and the side effects of Seroquel, Ativan, and Topamax are far worse for most people than cannabis.

  2. ryan Thomas

    of course it is one sided junkies

  3. Ryan Thomas

    marijuana is a horrible drug, worse than heroin, these are the facts you are 7 X more likely to suffer from marijuana. Depression anxiety and a number of conditions. Granted a small amount of medical marijuana users benefit from the drug. 9999% are riding their coattails. This drug destroys lives. I will never get back what cannabis took from me. This isn’t some harmless feel good and god forbid your children use it or they could be doomed to a future of psychiatric drugging. I am currently on seroquel ativan and topamax due to marijuana so you can take our natural medicine and shove it up your ass. One day I may commit suicide because or “cannabis” so fuck norml

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