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Columbia MO Police Chief Ken Burton Supports Marijuana Reform | The NORML Stash Blog

I have been told that when a story starts with the words, "I was born...", ya knew you were in trouble, so... here is me. I was born in 1955, in a medium sized city in West Virginia. This is where I lived until I joined the military in 1975. This is also where, at the age of 15, I started toking. My military career was spent keeping my front in place... work hard and play hard. I was deeply "in the closet" for the entire 20 years, with one exception. I successfully steered a US Naval vessel to pay for a "party"... 'nuff said. I was married for a while (24 years) and raised 4 children after a divorce through their teenage years, successfully. I have 5 kids. Two of them nurses or nurses to be. Two of them are US Marines. The other one is a US Soldier. I also have 11 grandchildren. Other than my 20 years in the military, I am a musician (Jazz/Blues) playing sax and violin (sex & violence), photographer, poet, writer, farmer, beer brewer, chandler, mead maker, carpenter, did some work in the adult entertainment industry for 6 years, daddy and grampa. I now live off the land in Northwestern Minnesota and in my spare time I fight for cannabis legalization.

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3 responses to “Columbia MO Police Chief Ken Burton Supports Marijuana Reform”

  1. Unanimous

    John???? U didn’t by chance go to ritenour high school did you?

  2. Johnathan R. Pessetti

    I would just like for the people of the world to know that if it was not for my usage of Delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol, I would have had a had time finding the appetite necessary to see myself through radiation treatment. Not only did it help me find appetite, it also allowed me to focus my mind on what is important to me. In 2008 I was diagnosed with brain cancer, I was laid-off from my job, and my daughter’s mother broke up with me while I was going through radiation therapy. My daughter was born that same year on thanksgiving day. I find good in all that I have accomplished, regardless of how others feel about my errors. I know that I did what was correct in order to heal my body and mind and if an officer of the law wants to put me in shackles and keep me bound, then that is their problem. Once you have me, you’re stuck…with ME!
    - Johnathan Raymond Pessetti. 8-)


  3. Johnathan Pessetti

    Without the prohibition of the 1920′s; we may never have invented NASCAR.

    Why do you think we have such amazing innovation in advanced methods of throwing a Frisbee or kicking a hacky sack? Because of the prohibition of Marijuana.

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