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Connecticut governor opposes medical marijuana | The NORML Stash Blog

MrSpof hails from the Gulag Commonwealth of Virginia where he has been burning the sweet leaf for 28 years (and counting). The utter hypocrisy, injustice, and lies from our government about cannabis are the fuel firing my passion and NORML's kind hosting of my news posts and rants gives me an outlet for that passion. If you're reading this, you CAN make a difference. Donate to the acronym of your choice (NORML, MPP, DPA, etc), come out of the cannabis closet as much as you can, and make YOUR voice heard!

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One response to “Connecticut governor opposes medical marijuana”

  1. Ray Casci

    Hello, I found out in 2001 that I had a form of Tonsil cancer that had entered my Lymphnodes. Well I’ve had four operations. Tonsils and 28 lymphnodes removed. I started at 192 lbs. an got down to 126 lbs.Between the
    radiation treatments and the Cymo treatments I didn’t haver the stenght to fight my problem. I had no energy as my appitite was and is gone. I now weigh
    153. I was down to 141 about two weeks ago because I could not afford to purchase the one thing that helps me have any attraction to food. I live in Conneticut and Medical Marijana isn’t legal. Every time I have to go find this God send, I have to run the risk of being arrested. The bill for Hspitalization from lack of food and my ability to ward off other problems a weak sytem has to defend the body against. Can be very expensive. The small amount of refer needed to maitain a healthy weight is slight, compared to all the other issues a run down amune system can not defend itself against. I’m just to weak, and days can’t do much as lack of energy robs me. I used to pour concrete. Now I have trouble walking around in rubber boots. There weight Robs me of energy.
    From moving yards of concrete to can’t get out of bed some days, all because I don’t have the strenght to get the simple choirs in life that lead to a happy style and Healthy states of mnd. Depression is also a problem. Healty inside leads to healty outside. This state is getting medical bills for somthing that’s easily fixed. I don’t drink very much, but why make licquor legal when it’s the only drug inthe world that’s Phicically dependant. The body will not function without. And the Addict will Die.. That’s nuts! Plus people act like fools when under the influance of that crap. Peple kill when intoxicated. I have never seen this behavior on Refer…..
    Let us eat, let us servive, Thank you, Ray…..

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