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Defending clients in court from marijuana urinalysis “evidence” with science | The NORML Stash Blog

NORML Deputy Director

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11 responses to “Defending clients in court from marijuana urinalysis “evidence” with science”

  1. Roy Majors

    I really need that form I need to show it to my federal po please send it to my
    Email roymajors86@gmail.com

  2. Alvin

    Hello Paul I have found myself in a similar situation and the same courthouse you won your case in. I have been a heavy medicator of concentrated cannabis for several years. After going to pretrial services I was told I had to take drug test I was allowed positive test for up to 8 weeks during week 4 I had a sudden spike in my THC metabolite levels and I’m being told that I have used marijuana again even though I have not. Your story is very interesting to me and I feel it could be a great help if you could please send me any information or resources you have it would be very appreciated. Of course with everything that is going on right now I’ve been very stressed and anxious and i have not been eating. I’ve been losing lots of weight quickly, about 20 lbs. in 5 weeks and I believe that this is the reason why this has happened. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time its very much appreciated.

  3. linda hansen

    sure could use a copy of that study facing jail time unless I can prove to my po that i have not used in months…..can you please send me that info…..would like to educate my po for future reference so other people on probation don`t suffer the same stress that I am going thru

  4. Jeff Hilton

    Help the judge is going to put me in jail because he does not understand this subject. Can I please get a copy of the research to present to the drug court staff?

  5. mario

    I,m on federal probation (5 years) after serving the better half of the decade. I have aquired five dirty ua’s over two years. My federal probation officer has just transfered my jurisdiction from the sothern district of texas to the western district where i am under probation.I’m very intrested in your studies. this federal probation is not healthy I stress out so much cause of this I even had the federal probation pay for me to get a physcoligacal evaluation the Dr detrimined that I was suffering from high levels of stress and anxiety due to my federal probation. I am a family man and am the sole provider for my family if ther is any information that u might have please send to vanessa.sanchez6786@yahoo.com anybody out there i dont know how much time i have b4 im in front of a federal judge!

  6. drug war going swimmingly.

    [...] and most of the public know that cannabis metabolites can remain detectable in the urine for up to 100 days or longer for a regular cannabis consumer and up to fifteen days for the casual consumer, even after quitting [...]

  7. Obama Drug Policy Calls for Drugged Driving Charges for Unimpaired Marijuana Users | BreakTheMatrix

    [...] and most of the public know that cannabis metabolites can remain detectable in the urine for up to 100 days or longer for a regular cannabis consumer and up to fifteen days for the casual consumer, even after [...]

  8. Diana Wulf

    This is another historic cannabis event in the nearing of the end of prohibition! May all courts eyes be open may all minds be freed may the joy of cannabis help you and soon may everyone legally smoke weed!

  9. moldy

    Fantastic! This looks like it could be helpful for the many people that are under “state” supervision. This happened to a person I know. He was found to have “spikes” and was repeatedly sent to jail for dirty pee and he never touched any cannabis for weeks.

  10. Dave

    You are the man! that is very cool, good job.

  11. itistime


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