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Dispensaries in Washington State in legal gray area | The NORML Stash Blog

I am the producer of The NORML Network, the host of the NORML SHOW LIVE and The NORML Stash Blog, and NORML's Outreach Coordinator. I'm married, live in Portland, Oregon, and I am a registered medical marijuana caregiver in this state. I've worked days as an IT geek and nights as a professional musician. Previously, I have been the host of my own political talk radio show on satellite radio. I've been the High Times "Freedom Fighter of the Month" and I travel across the country to educate people on marijuana reform. I've dedicated my life to bringing an end to adult marijuana prohibition and re-legalizing cannabis hemp, and I'm honored to be chosen by NORML to give voice to the Marijuana Nation and to speak for those who can't speak up.

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30 responses to “Dispensaries in Washington State in legal gray area”


    Would like info on opening a despensery in the greater seattle area. Legal and setup advice. Please email me with any info.

  2. George

    Hello…Matty Dread…. I would like to hear from you on the subject of dispensaries… How to start… Etc… Thank you…. George

  3. canyonqualitymedz

    We have anything you need! come see us

  4. Mikel

    Hello I am interested in starting a dispensary can you help with the steps and documents and where to look? thanks

  5. Karon Vickaryous

    I’m sicker then most suffer constant nausea and pain but they have yet to figure out why, I’ve been off work for a year and have exausted every cent I have trying to get better. I’ve even tried opening my own business because I’m sick so much. Can you help me really?

    sick in Seattle

  6. Minorprophet

    Hi, I am new to Washington State, and in fact new to medical marijuana. I come from the deep south where pedophiles get less time in jail than pot smokers. Sad I know, right??

    Anyway, I am interested in becoming a grower and opening a dispensary featuring a delivery service. Can anyone point me in the right direction on where to research this process within state law? I’m aware of the federal regulations. However, I personally became recently handicapped, and returning back to my old career is now impossible.

    So in order to prevent myself from having to go on disability and social security I want to open up a business. I’m quite an educated grower and business man, but I really don’t know where to start. I live about 15 miles north of Seattle. Any point in the right direction will be deeply appreciated.


  7. john lee

    want great med, email me. don’t care what u guys are talking about, all I do just help patients to get better from sickness………………… Seattle are….. have a nice day….

  8. MattyDread

    I can help you out. :-D I am always available for helping others in this wonderful world. I am all organic and have great strains ranging from AM medicine, to heavy PM meds. I am in South Seattle. Anything I can do to help let me know.

  9. MattyDread

    I can help you out. :-D

  10. sue

    I am ooking for a disensery in washington state or a grower can you help

  11. Beenthroughit

    High East you are a moron. Ive been in the marijuana black market business for over 10 years and yes it has actually changed drastically. Every year the price in weed drops significantly and its only going down. There are different types of weed, some are harder to grow than others hence why some cost more than others. Eventually the price of weed will not be worth much and it will put a lot of people like me out of jobs that we have dedicated our lives to, in helping create a beautiful substance that you enjoy. If its so easy why dont you try it??

  12. PBguy

    I admire your consistency. Most people go on tirades against cannabis but don’t even consider the comparison to alcohol. However, I have to point out one thing: what makes you think that we want “help”? Most cannabis users are normal, everyday people that you might not even think they smoke if you pass them on the street. Sure, some people take it too far, but the vast majority use it casually when they just want to relax. I know people who use cannabis often, but only when they have time available. It doesn’t negatively impact their lives in any way. Again, I admire the consistency in your principles, but it is somewhat arrogant to assume that you know what is best for these people, when you say you want to help with something many feel is not a problem.

    Hopefully that doesn’t come across as polemic, I’m just trying to give you a different perspective on the issue.


  13. Karreb

    very well spoken

  14. Karreb

    Radical Russ I’m cluelss here how are our laws so different then Oregons dont you have the same? Reading this it almost seemed like you were saying it was legel to go to Oregon and pick up your meds and then drive back to Washington …. (if) only it were legal to do it here. This is where I am confused arent our laws the same? I think we might even be more leignant on amounts you can have? Not sure on that one

  15. Valerie Pendelton

    PS I live in Seattle I ‘m willing to travel to get something that will make me feel better & cope with the severe lonliness.

  16. Valerie Pendelton


    I suffer from severe depression I have a documented disability I’m on Social Security for it.
    I also have suicidal thoughts.
    I want to find out which doctors can perscribe medical marijuana. I have no family support I do see a therapist a clinical psychologist been seeing her for 5 or 6 months now.
    Can someone help me out?
    I would be greatful.

  17. xcannabis.com

    Marc Emery rocks!

  18. Mike White

    I have not found “ANY” Medical patients who would pass on to other patients low cost medicine.
    Once there was person where it went for $200/oz..then $250..currently $10/gm all you want. Med patients all of them.
    With all due respect to Russ…Madelynn Martinez and all of Oregon NORML . Don’t make me laugh. Oregon med patients will not even help WA state med patients in any shape matter or form.
    So much for Medical patient solidarity.

  19. summer blaze

    there are several places in western washington. There is green cross in seatlle, there is one in tacoma and one called Budda place…another in seattle. i hope this helps you

  20. xcannabis.com

    I am attempting to lower prices in dispensaries by provide a FREE service to them.

    I have been developing software upgrades for some great open source POS software, and I give the software away for free at http://emeraldpos.com

    Why does this software help?

    First it is a full dispensary management software including inventory, patients, referrers, and of course the point of sale which calculates discounts and sales tax automatically.

    But for Washington dispensaries it gives Time/Date stamps so that dispensaries can prove on a receipt and in a database that they server “one patient at any given time” as per state law.

    Check out EmeraldPos.com

  21. Nnnnnnot gonna tell you

    My father is a doctor who actually is a provider at marijuana clinics. I totally understand the issue. He also has a chronic pain practice and is under constant attack by the state, other agencies, as well as people. However, I think there is a big difference between medical marijuana use and extra-curricular use. I do not think that simply comparing it to alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs is enough to say, “Let’s legalize it for conventional use.” Just because those other examples are the mothers of all evils, which is what I believe, does not mean it is a good argument. In fact, I believe you are diffusing the issue when you use headlines like, “CelebStoner.” Really what you are doing is sensationalizing a very serious issue that involves people who need help. You marginalize an entire population of people that want to help them because they do not want to be associated with standing up for supporting the pot-smoking habits of Snoop Dog and others. I think you should consider the consequences of your campaign before you sign up more celebs. Choose a stance; are you for helping people because they are sick, are you for shaking up the establishment or are you just for getting high? Thanks and stop getting people like me and my dad in the middle of it.

  22. TAMMY

    I live in tacoma any place close to buy some?Doc can’t tell me where to get any.I don”t want to go to spokane.

  23. DirtFarmer

    KNOW NOTHING: your name says it all!

  24. know nothing

    High East is a moron. Who grows ounces of weed and sells them for 100 dollars a ounce. Are you used to paying prices for Lids or something, this isnt the sixties. You cannot grow kind marijuana outdoors in washington state good majiuana does not finish in time before the rains. All the good pot is grown indoors.When it comes to price, calculate house payments fertilizer, power bills, the growers time, Growers wages etc.. I find it funny that people like him probably cannot even grow good marijuana and he comes across as a charity case. Bottom line everything in this world is done for profit. The prices in this article are above average but not by much. If others felt safe opening a clinic, that price would go to where it should be. A quarter should be 80 dollars plus tax. Which is 7 grams not 5. It should be no less. That will take away the ability to turn around and sell it on the streets since they are paying market prices for it at that point. On the other hand anyone who thinks they should get it for free or practically nothing probably lives in a VW bus on there parents back lot and smells like patchouli oil .

  25. J.W.

    Only after prohibition ends will the prices be dictated by the market. ‘Til then prices will be dictated by the black market.
    Speaking of prices, Has anybody thought about the effect that more reasonable prices will have on the long anticipated tax boon that is supposed to result from legalization? Just a stray thought.
    Oh and one observation about “change”. C’mon guys, a little decor, some posters maybe, a beaded curtain, something, anything. I’m sure you could get some stuff donated, a few helpful patients with minimal skills would do wonders.

  26. agregor

    since it is clear federal legalization is still a ways away, perhaps state civil rights for medical marijuana patients in areas such as jobs & housing would be attainable. ideally this would end narcotic task force raids on patients & providers producing medicine at home. it appears that the washington legislature may address the supply issue. educate your elected officials. if you don’t someone else will.

  27. High East


    Is it fair to say that Christopher Stevens, Noah Zarate and Scott Shupe, are price hiking scumbags? Are the farmers they are getting their product from price hiking scumbags?

    I am a capitalist and certainly don’t begrudge anyone their right to run a for-profit business, however, I think a lot of lines of decency are being crossed. Do they expect us to believe that operating costs justify more than about $80 an ounce (retail)?

    People in these states should join together, get some petitions going, and demand some price drops.

    It’s curiouser and curiouser still that in other places, like California where there is alleged competition in the market, that there is apparently no price wars going on. Are a handful of growers getting together like big oil and gouging everyone?

    The answer to this problem is, of course, more people taking advantage of the grow your own options in these bills. Perhaps someone should distribute some literature to the patients explaining to them how simple it would be for them to grow their own.

    What happens to us on the street level because of all this? I haven’t seen any of the black market price drops people like to talk about when discussing legal marijuana. The black market certainly isn’t competing with the shops for customers. Feels more like they are all one in the same to me. If anything the price has gone up significantly.

    The prices in the shops look like the prices in the streets and they are all so high that I have been finding myself going without more and more often. It sucks to arrive at your “guys” house to be handed a bag and then be told “400”. For me this results in the automatic “fuck you” laughter and an exit. I’ll smoke your joint but I’m not buying at that price. “Give me a call when you get something closer to 100 bucks.”

    When and how did we start charging by the gram for something that should be packaged by the ounce? Buying by the gram it is like buying one potatoe chip at a time at 10 times the cost of the whole bag.

    Someone needs to flood the markets with inexpencive weed. …..Please

    -end rant-

  28. fallibilist

    Russ. There are many of us who support a sensible marijuana policy but don’t support government-controlled healthcare. You should keep these issues separate in order to help maintain and grow the largest coalition possible.

    But since you brought up the issue, I have a question. Who do you trust more to bring down the price of pot: the US government or Marc Emery?

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