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Dog murdering cops at it again | The NORML Stash Blog

MrSpof hails from the Gulag Commonwealth of Virginia where he has been burning the sweet leaf for 28 years (and counting). The utter hypocrisy, injustice, and lies from our government about cannabis are the fuel firing my passion and NORML's kind hosting of my news posts and rants gives me an outlet for that passion. If you're reading this, you CAN make a difference. Donate to the acronym of your choice (NORML, MPP, DPA, etc), come out of the cannabis closet as much as you can, and make YOUR voice heard!

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8 responses to “Dog murdering cops at it again”

  1. Matt

    Sorry to tell you this, but police are already shooting children, you don’t have to wait ten years

  2. KenD

    Sorry but what the hell does this have to do with Obama? Did Obama order the raid or shoot the dogs?

  3. Mel

    Pets now….in the next ten years, it will be children.

  4. Missouri SWAT team shoots family dog during raid over “small amount” of marijuana « Pyramids of Control

    [...] to the Buffalo man who pleaded with cops to let him put his beloved pets in another room before cops gunned them down, and even the mayor of a town in Maryland forced to sit handcuffed near a pool of his slaughtered [...]

  5. Missouri Police fail.

    [...] See what I mean… is stereotyping COOOOOOL? Nope. You all pretty much sound like idiots. http://stash.norml.org/dog-murdering-cops-at-it-again http://stash.norml.org/dea-raid-upda…ficers-in-raid [...]

  6. Nicole

    Last night my boyfriend’s house was raided at midnight. He was not there and they stormed in looking for cannabis. The dog was there and she is a twenty five pound terrier that could not hurt a fly. When I called today to find out what those mother fuckers did to my dog they said there was no dog there. There is no blood and no bullet holes but there was definantely a dog there. Now I have lost something that can not be replaced thanks to some pig head on a power trip. They are going to pay for that they did to one of the best things in my life.

  7. Jaimie

    I was irritated while listening to this stash when you started speaking of PETA as a decent organization. Hell, they don’t even have sympathy for the owners of those dogs–according to PETA, having pets is the same thing as slavery. They consider the owners as evil as the killers.

    With their offensive campaigns, hypocrisy, support of terrorist organizations, irritating tactics, and frankly insane goals, I cannot imagine why they still have any support, unless their supporters are all woefully uneducated about the club they’re giving money to. Even if I’ve been misinformed about half the stuff I just mentioned, they are still an organization I would be happy to see go down. I’m not normally one to rant like this on the comments page of something that barely has anything to do with it, but it seems to me most people still think PETA is a good thing, and I want that changed ASAP.

    In case this all counts as defamation or libel or whatever, here’re some sites that support my statements.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9ijLulwUTY (highlights from the “Penn and Teller: Bullshit” PETA episode where I admittedly got most of my information)

  8. Chad J

    I’m SO pissed :pissed: about these bastard storm troopers, :angry:
    One of these days they are gonna get theirs!
    I just wish I could see the same punishment for these assholes, :rip:
    If I shot a dog for no reason they would hang my ass out to dry! :enough:
    :clap: HANG THESE FUCKERS!!! :clap:

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