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Don’t Believe The Hype! Potent Pot, So What? | The NORML Stash Blog

NORML Deputy Director

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6 responses to “Don’t Believe The Hype! Potent Pot, So What?”

  1. Napoleon

    Where the hell is all this potent weed? I wish that stuff was around here.

  2. BigDoug

    I like some good tasting pot then potency, I do like potent pot but that is only because I smoke less and spend less

  3. Freedom Forall

    Nothing has changed I grew up in the 70′s does’nt anyone remember thai stick or sensimilla ? There was always dirt weed and good stuff. The thing is that growers of today are growing more female plants and not mixing in the less potent leaves. Its the same weed but grown with a little more care , thats all!

  4. DPS3Putt

    Holly shit! I didn’t know this stuff could kill you. I’m going to stop smoking this highly addictive and dangerous drug immediately and switch to drinking a 5th of Jack and a couple packs of Camel’s a day. You know to help with the horrible withdrawals associated with not smoking pot after becoming a pot junkie. This way I know I’ll be safe, and live a long and healthy life. By the way, I just finished drinking my first fifth. Does anyone need a ride? Thank you Mark R. Trouville you may have just save my life as well as the lives of countless marijuana addicts that had no idea how deadly this drug is…What a dumb ass!

  5. chai wallah Nicol

    Okay…back in 1970, I got ahold of 2 ounces FREE of good Jamaican weed. Now, what I tell you, is not a recommendation, but an example of cannabises nontoxicity. I had a recipe for Bhang, which is a drink from India consumed on religious ceremonies dedicated to Shiva. Well, I have a few friends that don’t like to smoke cannabis, so I put the 2 ounces into a saucepan of water, simmered the leaves with milk, sugar, spices and concocted about a quart of liquid cannabis. My friend, partner and I drank the quart and went to see Star Wars. Although we were really, really high, (we had a hell of a time commenting on Darth Vader’s character and spouting Wookie and Princess Leia jokes), we did not die…or at least, no one told me. Warning: Do not do any serious work the next day, post bhang laziness is immense. :giggle:

  6. PUAAN

    “This will kill you” ummm, ooooookkkk…. guess that means I must be dead, right? How and why can these guys get away with spouting lies over and over again, on MY tax dollars?

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