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Dr. Drew and “marijuana addicts” | The NORML Stash Blog

I am the producer of The NORML Network, the host of the NORML SHOW LIVE and The NORML Stash Blog, and NORML's Outreach Coordinator. I'm married, live in Portland, Oregon, and I am a registered medical marijuana caregiver in this state. I've worked days as an IT geek and nights as a professional musician. Previously, I have been the host of my own political talk radio show on satellite radio. I've been the High Times "Freedom Fighter of the Month" and I travel across the country to educate people on marijuana reform. I've dedicated my life to bringing an end to adult marijuana prohibition and re-legalizing cannabis hemp, and I'm honored to be chosen by NORML to give voice to the Marijuana Nation and to speak for those who can't speak up.

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56 responses to “Dr. Drew and “marijuana addicts””

  1. John

    I forgot to say that this was a really great article Radical Russ. I completely agree with the whole thing. The dog thing is hilarious!

  2. John

    To all the people saying that marijuana wrecked or ruined their friends life… they wrecked their own lives, marijuana didn’t do it. If a harmless plant ruins your life then your an idiot. The only reason people get addicted is because people like Dr. Drew say its addictive. As a former heroin addict for 5 years, if it wasn’t for marijuana and shrooms, I’d probably be dead.

  3. Rocky Priapus

    Is there anybody out there who supports legalizing heroine!?

  4. Julie

    I just look at some long term marijuana users that I admire. Willie Nelson for one. I saw him perform on his 70th birthday tour. he stood up for over 2 hours just singing and strumming. I don’t know if I can stand that long without having to walk around or sit down for a bit but he looked great. Let’s now forget all his charitible work especially for farm aid and how he recovered from his financial downfall when the IRS took all his belongings with the exception of an old guitar. Then there is Louis Armstrong who admitted smoking on a regular basis along with the kind of strange use of enemas as a health routine. He kept right on playing long after his doctors advised against it not because of pot use but because his lips constantly cracked and swelled up from all the horn playing. This man was instrumental in bridging the gap between the races with his music and overall kind big broad smile. Wonder why he was always so happy??? Another one is Paul Mccartney (my favorite Beatle). Just a very likable guy who has done quite well for himself and has also gave much of his wealth and time for charitible causes. I believe the taboo factor in pot use is the only thing making it still a underground activity for most folks. Most pot users I know,have good jobs, Teachers, programmers, medical professionals, to name a few. They are contributing members of society, do volunteer work, help out their neighbors, etc. I am so tired of the double standard. I hear people brad at work all the time about the weekend drinking episodes and I think how prejudice. If I were to say I spent my weekend sitting on my deck enjoying an occassional bowl, then cooking a awesome meal for my family and maybe some sewing or reading, they wouldn’t believe me but that is how I see my life. I don’t go around the bar scene, I enjoy my life at home and do not bother anybody. Nobody has ever told me that it is a problem and once when I had a bad drug test, my employer was so pleased with my job performance, he allowed me to take another random test at my descretion when I would take it and sign some paper. Then it was never mentioned again. All the other times I have had to test for jobs, I just quit for a while. No strange withdrawal symptoms. But I do know of one good friend that cannot smoke. They pass out when they do so it is not for everybody but most people tolerate it quite well and can still carry on with their daily lives.

  5. Eddie

    Lots of interesting comments on here. I think that everyone’s experience with pot can be slightly different. Weed can have a extraordinarily negative impact on some people’s lives while others may benefit from using it, or just not have their lives be destroyed by it. I can respect the fact that some people can use it safely while others can’t. My experience was of the negative sort. My life revolved around getting high. I stole and lied in order to get high. There were definitely more serious problems going on then the weed but while using, I was never able to address those underlying issues. I got clean off of weed and alcohol when I was 17 and I have been sober for the last 8 years. My life is great today and I really don;t believe I would be where I am at today if I had continued to use. I got help from a sober living called New Life House. Check out their site if you are looking for help. http://www.newlifehouse.com

  6. anon

    With that said, it bugs me to no end when someone at work has a coffee in the afternoon and says, “I’m SUCH a coffee addict :)”

    Maybe because I’ve seen real people addicted to real thing…

    Either way, it drives me up the wall.

  7. anon

    I forgot… I also wanted to say that physical and psychological addictions are pretty much the same for some people.

    Psychological dependence seems the same as physical addiction to me, especially since it isn’t tough for people to quit drinking or doing harder drugs due to physical withdrawal symptoms. I gave up smoking cigarettes, but it took me ten times, and the times that I failed it wasn’t just because I wanted ‘just one’ to curb my feeling ill, it was due largely to psychological associations and wanting ‘just one’ to feel like it was a special event, like it was when I smoked in the ‘good old days’ (even though I had only quit for one or two weeks). I still wanted to smoke after the drug had left my system because in my mind I still enjoyed it, and because I did it so often, I had so much time on my hands I didn’t know what to do.

    If you are addicted to something, you need to deconstruct and reconstruct your daily routines, habits, and thoughts to overcome. Physical of psychological? It doesn’t matter. I even felt this with cigarettes.

    I attribute the fact that 1% or less of smokers can get addicted to the fact that marijuana does not have a physically addicting side to it. In my opinion, this 1% really can feel bonded to the drug, as in, so psychologically dependent that they have a serious by-the-book addiction. You can call it a “crazy habit that’s difficult to overcome and is even equal to that of users of harder drugs” if you don’t like the word ‘addiction’ when not applied solely to physical dependence, but if you have a ‘love of language,’ you should know that by definition the word addiction is not specific in regard to physical, spiritual, or mental cruxes; it’s totally ambiguous.

  8. anon

    Look, I agree with a lot of what’s written here.

    I don’t smoke the stuff myself, but I’m friends with people who do. It’s just not my thing.

    I do think that marijuana can wreck people’s lives… I’ve seen it. I’ll admit that it’s very rare, perhaps less than one percent of users.

    Even if it were not criminal, I think that it could still pose problems. I’ve seen relationships form and children born out of two people having little in common than enjoying marijuana.

    All else aside, the comparison between it and a dog does not make sense in the scope of addiction. When any substance means as much to you as a dog, a living and breathing thing that you love, it is too important. The enjoyment you get from your dog is totally separate.

    The whole problem with being addicted to something is that it means as much as something real. To substitute a dog just seems silly, almost an admission of addiction.

    Of course marijuana is addictive to some.

    If you have a routine of changing your chemical balance with another thing, especially as a means of mood control, there is definitely potential for addiction. Whether it’s physical or psychological, well, it doesn’t matter. Both can wreck you if you really need it.

    All in all, if used as you say, then a dog would not be the equivalent… perhaps watching a movie? Riding a roller coaster? A partnership with a dog is a loving bond that should not be equated with a high.

    I’m not against marijuana, just food for thought.

  9. Brian

    I don’t think marijuana is really addictive as it is a minor habit. I have found it easy to stop smoking for weeks at a time with no problem, and I’m 15. Dont they say the younger you start the easier it is to become addictive, well for me it didnt matter. It may be different for others but I have found it easy to just stop. I have been using marijuana for about a year now to treat my chronic severe asthma. I’m sure most people say..”smoking…TO HELP ASTHMA???” “Thats a lie!” But it helps in the same way that it helps people with multiple sclerosis. Because just like multiple sclerosis where there are muscle spasms that cause the symptoms, the main symptom of exercise-induced asthma (which is what i have) is bronchospasms. The bronchioles are smooth muscles within the aveoli inside the lungs. Bronchospasms are what cause the constriction in the lungs for exercise-induced asthma. And because of marijuanas amazing muscle relaxing qualities, it stops and can prevent bronchospasms for up to 24 to 36 hours. Sadly my home state doesnt have a program for Medical Marijuana yet…but we will this year because massachusetts favors it by about 80% . We are the most liberal state in the country, behind D.C., according to this years gallop poll. So hopefully next year I will be able to use my mmj legally. Sorry for the speech, just had a lot on my mind.

  10. Jennifer

    Cannabis is natural and effective for those who NEED it medically. It is a wonderful thing when used in moderation. But cannabis is addictive. I quit after 20+ years of use. In my opinion, the drug helped me to develop avoidant personality disorder. I have only quit because I literally hit rock bottom. If it works in your life, then great. But don’t spread a lie that it only leads to a dependency. Some of the 420 propaganda is just as bad if not worse than those on the other side. Be honest about this drug, and be honest with the people who count on you for answers,

  11. An Onny

    Re: non-pot users not wanting to hang out with pot users. I was never a pot user but lived in S.F. in my early 20s and did indeed hang around a lot of them. I honestly just got sick of how boring they were while they were on the stuff (and otherwise they were really quite interesting people!) But sitting around talking to them, while they were smoking? Ugh. I hate getting that watery-eyed stare as they look at you and slowly try to comprehend what you’re saying. THIS is why the non-potheads are staying away from you, not because we fear the law. At least a couple of drinks (notice I did not say “drunk”) make a person a little more chatty and lively!

  12. AMJM

    In the new season of Celeb Rehab Dr. Drew is at it again. He claims there is physical withdrawal from pot that lasts 7-14 days and is very difficult to get through! When I was a teen I smoked every day. One day I just stopped and didn’t smoke again for 20 years while I raised my kids. I did not have a single withdrawal symptom. No problems wwhatsoever. Now, if I don’t have my coffee in the morning I will have a migraine in the afternoon. If I don’t smoke a bowl today? Nothing, I’ll just look forward to it tomorrow. What’s addictive?

  13. dave B

    While we’re on the subject of Dr. Drew’s credibility let’s not forget that he ADMITTEDLY stated that he would attempt to frame Lindsy Lohan for drugs she did not use or possess in an effort to secure her presence on his reality t.v. show Celebrity Rehab. He begged for her to sign on for season two and offered her loads of money. When she refused he threatened to FRAME her by stashing drugs on her person and residence in order to get a court order for her to attend rehab freeing her options up to apear on his show. This isn’t a myth or a tabloid story, it happened, Google will tell you all you need to know.
    So while he is deamonizing cannabis and it’s users keep in mind his entire career and financial life depends on the belief that cannabis is evil and without it he would have no celebrity persona, no lucrative practice, and yes no reality t.v. show.
    Keep that in mind while you take his word on these issues.

    BTW framing any persons for any crime is a federal offense of the first degree. The fact that he was willing to break these federal laws for the sake of ratings and money is no different than anyone who sells drugs or robs a bank for money.

    Based on this it is clear that Drew Pinsky is indeed nothing more than a desperate criminal himself.

  14. Ray Mabry

    I think that what should be done, in light of these debates, is that a classification system should be drawn up based upon the strength and intensity of the withdrawal symptoms of the drug as well as other factors.

    First off I would like to say I enjoyed the article because it definitely challenged what these mainstream have been pushing in recent times. I have to say I am in agreement that I don’t feel like certain things should be called “addiction”, but the definition of addiction in and of itself is broad enough to support many different behaviors.

    “Addiction – the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.”

    In my opinion it is awfully vague. If you turn on your t.v. today you can see that there are shows that follow people with all sorts of “addictions” to things that don’t produce harmful withdrawals such as sugar, cleaning products, foods, ingesting harmful substances…

    So it would seem that basically anything you can think of can, in theory based upon definition, become an addiction.

    If it were up to me I’d probably just change the definition of addiction. But I suppose that rather than do that it would be easier to just work with it and instead just work with is and draw up a classification system. For example certain substances could fall under Class A addictions (Class A addictions could be defined as having harmful withdrawals and producing extreme behaviors to avoid withdrawals…etc) and then of course the majority of the harder substances (Meth, Heroine, Crack…) could fall under that….

    While the system wouldn’t have a huge impact at first. If it were accepted, people could then begin to debate and try to implement change based on that system. For example, one could debate that people with “Class D” addictions should not be forced to go to rehab.

    That’s just my idea though. Great article.

  15. skunkyfunkyco

    NICOTINE AND CAFFEINE are two of the MOST ABUSED DRUGS on the planet. Nicotine addiction is often as hard to conquer as CRACK or HEROIN. Legal drugs, schmegal drugs. Adiiction is addiction is addiction. Leave MJ alone! Let it be available to those of us who need it for pain and for the plain old stoners, too. 8-)

  16. skunkyfunkyco

    Go piss up a rope, you idjit. :-x

  17. SkunkyDudeCO

    Go piss up a rope. :-x

  18. me

    Hey, not an idiot, you are your bigger fuckin idiot, maybe not as completely ignorant as miro & jason on the subject (but a little) but actually you are a complete fuckin idot for you stateing your OPINION as fact. I’ve experimented with and used alot of drugs and alcohol since a very young age. I’ve been around drug addicts both pharma & street and alcoholics my entire life, in fact all of my grandfathers died of cirrosis of the liver from alcohol and my brother is in an inpatient rehab at this minute for being ADDICTED both physically and psychological. So you say marijuana or pot or whatever the fuck you wanna call it is addictive and that you have physical limitations when you quit using it …well than maybe don’t think or know you have a physcal and psycological issues and cannabis either works for you and maybe you need a mmj card to maintain your health or not… whatever, my problem and point is to everybody really is that it’s SOME people may think or know they need cannibis to MAINTAIN their health in some area, physical and psycological, possibly you may need it. As for me I’m a 23yr pot smoker, there’s been many many times I smoked from the minute I woke up until I went bed again for years and than quit cold turkey for whatever reasons without any physical withdraw “symptom” though psycologically I craved it briefly but was fine and didn’t smoke again for months or however long it needed to be for than I would start again. I believe when I smoke it makes me happIER, MORE mellow, it SLOWS my out of control racing thoughts down, I can focus and concentrate BETTER MOST of the time, etc, etc so am I addicted because LIFE IS BETTER for me, around me, within me, etc and EVERY SINGLE person I know that’s a “pothead” feels the same way? I research Cannabis ALL DAY EVERYDAY so I gotta stomp on some of your “knowledge” and MARIJUANA is not addictive…research buddie before you start spouting off your PERSONAL ISSUES or OPINONS, things are never that black and white dude, EVERBODY IS DIFFERENT!!!

  19. Jason

    Rebel Russ your just a dumb ass pothead. Go smoke your weed, eat some twinkies and go to sleep dumbass.

  20. J

    I for one, do NOT want to buy my smoke @ a store for 8-10 dollars a pack! I’d rather buy 10 seeds for $75 & grow an unlimited supply for myself! If it’s legalized, it will become regulated & taxed like alcohol/tobacco! And the regulators of liquor & tobacco will NOT let you produce those things legally, “YOU”, HAVE TO PURCHACE THEM! And the same will become true if marijuana is legalized, regulated & taxed! DECRIMINALIZE, for we would want to keep smoking for free and I really don’t like helping the rich get richer! And I don’t appreciate being called a criminal, & that’s what will happen because I don’t & won’t pay for bud! Buy your seeds now people because if it gets legalized/regulated, the government will NOT let any more in!

  21. dnL

    Um, based on what, Miro? By your logic, I’m assuming Dr. Phil, The Doctors, Dr. Oz, and Dr. Laura are all leaders of their field since the have their own television/media platforms.

    Oh yeah… and go fuck yourself, bud.

  22. Miro

    This bothered me “Pop psychologists”
    Dr Drew is probably one of the most qualified individuals in the country, perhaps the world when it comes to addiction pathology.
    Also…he is a real fucking doctor. MD, and all that.
    Go fuck yourself bud

  23. Dee


    Is this preventing you from moving out your addiction to pot? What, are you fantasizing about using because Russ has a point? I used pot instead of methadone when I quit using smack. I’ve been sober (all but pot) for 14 years, and like Bob, if I don’t have it, it’s because I’m too busy or something else was more important. I drank soy to get off milk…it’s ok brother, it’s better than taking a ten strip…
    Dr. Drew needs money like everyone else and in Cali, the money is in the buds…so what better to do than make everyone that calls in a pothead…Oh, maybe I’m a pot head…I’ll go see Dr. Drew and give him my money instead.
    It’s a PLANT…if it’s affecting your life, stop, clean your system out and move on (sometimes that means to one of the 14 states, so you won’t get popped again)
    Pretty sure pot saved my life, not destroyed it…any abnormally strong craves I have for pot are nothing anywhere near what I went through 14 years ago…being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on pot
    is not an addiction…it’s a choose I make when I feel anxiety, depression, pain, or I really need to concentrate. If you want to say we are rationalizing our passion fine, but I can’t think of one “plant” that does so much good for so many people…It saved my LIFE!!

    Dude, if this read is making you think of using LSD, opium, vicadin, zantax or alcohol…I’m really very sorry.
    But if you clicked Dr. Drew and pot addicts thinking you were going to get validated for your thoughts then obviously you would be disappointed…Dr. Drew is just feeding us good old fashioned american propaganda, so what else is new.


  24. Ray_Christl_THC_Ministry_asia

    Dr. Drew’s hemphobic and a CNN drama queen…it’s now human rights theory–that broadband internet access is a basic human right in EU…addiction due to insuring rights to broadband downloadable edrugs is his next Larry King appearance. Medical not criminal ? Forced treatment under Warbama vs. the SWAT HELL of Leonhart BUSH DEA ? Don’t say WAR only bring the HELL shot the dogs…terrorize the children–get the fear to have wife divorce the husband ,or the children are lost….pigs from SETH.

  25. Not an idiot

    Yes, sugar is addictive. And destructive. I’ve read it’s one of the greater causes or irritants to depression. Caffeine is addictive. If all of these things are addictive, then why is it so ridiculous to state that pot is? Alcohol is addictive, and that is a not a legitimate reason to outlaw it, either. (I don’t understand why you put “lifestyle user” in quotes to mock me. I prefer saying that, as opposed to “stoner” or “pothead.”)

    I experienced trouble breathing and the most intense combination of anxiety and depression imaginable when I quit. The phone ringing or a knock on the door would throw me into a panic. This isn’t what I’m like sober. That was my withdrawal. I didn’t seize. But I wasn’t functional.

    Still smoking, btw, though very rarely. Something like half a bowl a month, on average. Usually less. Pot is great, there’s just no need to sugar-coat its potential negative effects in order to argue for its legalization. Perhaps you’re trying to compensate for the staggering amount of misinformation, which is understandable. But that doesn’t make it accurate.

  26. Not an idiot

    You are all idiots. Dr. Drew has a problem with pot smokers because of the stoner emotional reactions in this blog post: “NO IT’S NOT HEROIN SO IT’S NOT ADDICTION.” Ridiculous. Pot is a drug. Just because it’s fun and mellow, and just because it should be legal, doesn’t mean that withdrawal doesn’t happen (it does, I speak from experience as a former lifestyle smoker) and that it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Yes, heroin is worse. Red herring much? The point is: pot is a drug, pot is addictive. How many cig smokers have you heard say “I’m not addicted, I’ve quit plenty of times.” HELLO!? Stop being so fucking self-conscious and deal with the reality of the drug. I thought NORML was a respectable, honest organization until reading this propagandist bullshit.

  27. ray christl THC Ministry Media Asia

    I saw what you did to those David Malmo Levine atheistic anarchists on HP. Now, I see your an atheist also ( that’s why they let you post at CC mag) ,and very fair in your constant logical framework. My Mother was an AA junkie who saved hundreds as a saint,yet hated her hemp activist oldest son . My spiritual epiphany the first time I smoked cannabis in 1969 is ever present in mindal memory. The more i read your stuff the more your at the top of the ladder with Marc Emery ,Rich Lee et.al..

  28. You are misinformed

    This is the most illogical rant filled post I’ve ever seen. When you stop making irrelevant comparisons, broad assumptions and committing every logical fallacy in the book, maybe someone other than your drug addicted audience will take you seriously “Radical” Russ. Hahaha.

  29. steve

    Ive work late nights and am driving on the freeway around at night and I listen to his show. Its a funny show. I think he has a problem with marijuana users. It seems like every caller who calls in with a problem Drew always asks do u smoke marijuana or does the person with the problem smoke marijuana. Sometimes I dont even see how Marijuana would have an affect on them. Like some girl called saying she wanted more sex from her B/F his response was “Does he smoke pot”… I dunno I think a professional like him should actually state facts about the plant rather than keep feeding people what society wants to hear….

  30. lucas

    hey, you’re definitely not an idiot. however, it has been my experience that intelligence and success have nothing to do with addiction. addiction takes many different forms and involves many different drugs. i accomplished a great deal while i was using. while marijuana was my drug of choice, i regularly used acid, mushrooms, opium, vicadin, zantax and alcohol to name a few. having used the other drugs, i’m glad marijuana happened to be my drug of choice (actually it was probably LSD but I would only take it a couple of times each week) because marijuana is easier in many ways to make it through the initial stages of recovery. after that, you have to deal with the addict mind. that brings me to my point that despite all that i accomplished in my using years, i wasn’t really living. i’m not saying this is true for you, but it was for me. i was progressing deeper and deeper into isolation and depression. so i think the thing to consider is not how much you accomplish because i’m not really concerned with productivity, but how happy you truly are. if are truly happy beyond any rationalizing thought, then i would guess you’re not an addict. if you smoke to just get high rather than to escape or cope, maybe you’re not an addict. but addiction has less to do with the drugs then it does to do with the mind of the user. as someone who has struggled through recovery, i don’t care about being taken seriously by anyone else… my mental suffering has been sufficient enough that i know to take this seriously. i only respond because us addicts have great rationalizing minds and intelligence can actually be a curse getting in the way of deeper, experiential truths… such as the way we feel. this article, for an addict, is a tool in rationalizing. for a non-addict, it causes no harm… but for the addicts who happen to use marijuana as their drug of choice (and they would use other drugs if marijuana wasn’t around… i know) then this sort of thinking may prevent them from moving out of their addiction. i know my truth isn’t everyone’s truth, but i also know that an addict’s mind will use anything it can get

  31. Leesa

    First off, I’d like to say, I knoe im REALLY late posting this comment, since this blog was written in july of 2009….but anyways….THANK YOU to Russ, or whoever you are that wrote this, not for talking about how marijuana isnt an addiction and that it should be legalized, or whatever, but for mentioning multiple times about how people who throw around the term “marijuana addicts” are degrading the people who are addicted to lets say, HEROIN. after i read this quote “calling a marijuana compulsion an “addiction” demeans the people who’ve suffered through actual physical withdrawals.” i literally said “THANK YOU” out loud, because I myself AM a heroin addict going on 2 and a half years struggling to stay clean because the withdrawals are so bad. These people who throw the word “addiction” around are the people who have NO fucking idea what it feels like to withdraw from a REAL drug.

    i could go on forever but all i wanted to say was thank you to russ for actually realizing and acknowledging the fact that there are people out there suffering and having to go through physical AND mental withdrawal pain, so lets leave the “addiction” word to those individuals.

  32. johnny//kashton

    i was listening to Dr. Drew the other day when a young girl called and said that she was addicted to aderol and marijuana and that she had stopped cold turkey after talking to him and it had been about 2 weeks…what really bothered me is Dr. Drew started asking how she was feeling and she said “very sick, throwing up a lot” and the first thing drew said was ‘thats the addiction, you are having MARIJUANA withdrawals,’ then he went on to tell us that marijuana addiction is real and this girl was proof…i sat there thinking to myself…really Dr. Drew, your telling me this girl is addicted to aderol and weed for the past 5 years and its the weed thats making her sick. not once did he say oh yeah thats most likely the pills you have been taking that are making you sick. he just tried to manipulate the whole situation and make it seem like marijuana caused her to feel deathly sick. that shit just bothers me.

  33. 420FREEDOM

    We are all just humans and do things by nature.

  34. Jennifer Alexander

    Russ – ah yes, the power of words. Some call it propaganda – others call it “facts!”

    I’m with you – people should use the words that ACTUALLY describe what they intend to describe – not some exaggerated terminology that fits their end goals – ie reefer madness – it will make you “crazy.”

    Now that we are all crazy, of course no one believes us….lol

  35. Warren

    Even if someone has developed a dependence in one way or another to marijuana, it is in no way similar to being an alcoholic. First off, alcohol consumption can lead to death in multiple ways such as: 1. Alcohol Poisoning (drink so much at once that you die… way to go) 2. Long term alcoholism leading to liver failure, heart failure, brain damage etc…etc. You could smoke weed until you fall asleep, come to, smoke more until you pass out, and all that would happen is you would wake up the next day a little groggy and hungry. Now, aside from the fact that alcohol is considerably more dangerous, It also has intense withdrawal symptoms such as vomiting, chills, and seizures. So basically there is no similarity aside from the dependance aspect, but the consequences of both dependencies are not comparable.

  36. Bee

    Dude, I hate to say it but if you are this worked up and have all these ready made comparisons to other addictions you are really making a case for weed being a horrible addiction. Yes people do get addicted to Ciigars or six packs of beer but they only have to walk to the coner to get it, its much more work (on average) to get yourself some weed.

  37. FiveNineteen

    One of marijuana addicts biggest problems is to get their addiction taken seriously – witness all the “Stoner Films” “puking, trembling, hallucinating, screaming, and crying from not having a joint for three weeks” doesn’t happen, but none of those symptoms are requirements for diagnosing addiction, or substance use disorder. Sorry about dad, (and I’m not being a dick) and good luck working it out so others don’t get bashed.

  38. Aaron

    You’re an idiot you have a problem and you know it.
    Instead of becoming a alcoholic or speed freak like you wasted dad you took up being a pot head.
    You bash you dad for being an addict while you condone you own addiction such a hypocrite.
    People who smoke every day and more then one joint at a time have problems its the same as alcoholics.
    And comparing it to people who drink all the time makes you position even weaker.

  39. sameoldwine

    Calling Dr Phil, Dr Drew, Dr Gupta…….
    (I was trying for a 3 Stooges thing there.) :hahaha:

  40. Bear Bait

    Here’s the book- “the end of overeating” by David Kessler, FDA commish under Bush 41 and Clinton.

  41. Bear Bait

    Watch Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab and you will see 90% of the patients sucking down cancer sticks and drinking black death. It’s so ironic.

    I quit a pack a day cig. habit about a month ago. It was about 2 days of triggered cravings that I fought by chanting “it will pass” for about 30 seconds. It’s amazing how fast the cravings pass.

    On C-SPAN 2 “book tv” last weekend, a former head of the FDA was talking about his book. He looked into the science, that the food industry has studied, that shows combining sugar, fat, and salt can stimulate pleasure in the brain and condition people with mental cues to override the brains ability to resist cravings causing people to eat food all day long instead of at regular meals. Food becomes addictive.

    The food industry can combine 3 common items to make food dangerously addictive.

    Could it be argued that sugar, fat, and salt need regulation more than cannabis? :-o

  42. DocMedPot

    Dr Drew just advocating for more brain dead to go to his profession and fellow headshrinks to be called “sick”… makes me sick,sheesh! :thdown:

  43. RevRayGreen

    Dr. Drew really needs to debate this with his old partner Carolla… from 2008… Adam once again makes some fantastic points on the hypocrisy of criminalized marijuana.

    -Adam Carolla on the nonsense illegal marijuana-

  44. Intrest

    One thing that i miss about Loveline is that Adam Carolla would always be on to tell dr. drew to shut up. even adam carolla says dr. drew isn’t a great great doctor. and he calls him stupid all the time lol. by the way Adam Carolla supports legalizing cannabis and also smokes it, he talks about it on his podcast the adam carolla show. he’s mentioned many times that it being illegal is ridiculous, but now that Adam Carolla isn’t by dr. drews side, no ones there to tell him to shut up and telling him how dumb he is lol.

  45. Dr. Drew and “marijuana addicts”

    [...] News Sources wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptDriving home tonight, the radio was on a station I don’t normally listen to and the Dr. Drew show was on. He got a call from a young man, age 23, about to graduate college and become a teacher. The man admits to smoking marijuana daily since about age 16. Man wants to know how long he needs to stop smoking pot in order to pass his drug test to become a teacher. Dr. Drew tells him two months, tells him he is a marijuana “addict”, responds that there is no such thing as “psychological addictio [...]

  46. bob

    After 40 years of every day smoking I have had many times of sometimes months I had to do without because something else was more important

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