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Electric Tuesday: Digital Motion – “108_B2 (Dope Mix)” | The NORML Stash Blog

Born and raised in the North Shore of Massachusetts, Sahra Kant spent much of her adult life in Scotland & England and became a naturalized dual-citizen with the UK, as well as a brief stint in the Deep South prior and one in Montreal after returning to the US. She is currently living in Massachusetts but plans to pick her next locale soon. Sahra is a long-time entrepreneur and freelancer in non-profit / not-for-profit charities and businesses, and has also been involved in the for-profit sector recently. Creative (freelance) endeavours include photography, videography, writing, music, and new media. A political activist since age eight and marijuana activist since the age of fourteen, she has a particular interest in international drug policy and drug reform in minority communities such as women, youth, LGBT, and low-income. She is heavily involved in pot activism, business, and culture. Sahra is pregnant with her first child and looks forward to being a "Marijuana Mama". Become a fan of Sahra Kant's Facebook fan page, follow her her on Twitter, and friend her on MySpace!

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One response to “Electric Tuesday: Digital Motion – “108_B2 (Dope Mix)””

  1. Ray_Christl_THC_Ministry_asia

    The music has a spiritual quality–supplication–Dear RadRuss -Ganja Jon- NORML braintrust–don’t waste much time on this fringe “agent provocateur” voice. While some are paid.or have self-greed interests,yet this is minute compared to the mainstream message of Prop 19. The more I listen to Chris Conrad-Mikki-Rich Lee they need help to get Willie Nelson on mainstream radio-TV…LEAP-Lynette Shaw in media daily talk radio…I know on your show this makes for drama–the tomato crowd made me leave the FREE MARC movement…create a main street pro human rights media blitz–get the youth vote out–but comfort/minister to the clergy to reduce FEAR for older folks thinking of dying and eternity.. Do the right thing for GOD,and the plant that makes that good bible paper….Remember the Dan Gardner book RISK and the science of fear–This “system one” fear that Dan Gardner the Canadian journalist-brilliant anti-drug war scholar teaches the latest behavior science…voting is mindal comfort of cognition trumping unconscious survival FEAR. Get Dan from Ottawa Citizen on the show…

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