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FDA Approval of Cannabis is a Red Herring (by Wayne Reiss) | The NORML Stash Blog

I am the producer of The NORML Network, the host of the NORML SHOW LIVE and The NORML Stash Blog, and NORML's Outreach Coordinator. I'm married, live in Portland, Oregon, and I am a registered medical marijuana caregiver in this state. I've worked days as an IT geek and nights as a professional musician. Previously, I have been the host of my own political talk radio show on satellite radio. I've been the High Times "Freedom Fighter of the Month" and I travel across the country to educate people on marijuana reform. I've dedicated my life to bringing an end to adult marijuana prohibition and re-legalizing cannabis hemp, and I'm honored to be chosen by NORML to give voice to the Marijuana Nation and to speak for those who can't speak up.

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2 responses to “FDA Approval of Cannabis is a Red Herring (by Wayne Reiss)”

  1. Outraged!

    :furious: The 75 year war on cannabis must come to an end, it should be legal without FDA approval!. Lets face it, the controlled substances act is a joke! Cannabis? as bad as heroin?worse than cocaine and meth? I dont think so.This act was put in effect so that the FBN/DEA would have something use as leverage against an unsuspecting groups of americans who were persecuted for their ethnicity and culture.someone to target.Its not about the drugs, its about the people who are doing the drugs. The US. government wants to get rid of them any way they can. a racist, class war, and the most useful plant on the face of the earth is taking the blame and being used as a scapegoat. The goverment shouldnt be able to tell us what, and what not to put in our our bodies, its unconstitutional as well as all of the orginizations that have been set up to keep the mighty plant illegal.How can we legalize federally without going through the long arduous, process of FDA approval, which by the way is set up so ingeniously to hasten all research. was it genious? or was it the ignorance of the american people? maybe both. we let this happen and now its time to take action to make this right. people are suffering needlessly, because of illness, and also because of the sensless imprisonment of our people for profit.What kind of world do we live in where we spend a million dollars for a black hawk helicoptor to find 5 marijuana plants, while children go missing and murders go unsolved, CIRCUMVENT THE FDA!!!! ABOLISH THE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES ACT!! DISMANTLE THE DEA!!! The world depends on it.

  2. Spencer

    The “cannabis hasn’t been FDA approved” argument is one of the lamest and most annoying in my opinion. When the Drug Czar uses this line it really annoys me because he never mentions the fact that cannabis has never gone through the FDA approval process; mostly because cannabis prohibition inhibits government agencies from even making the attempt, regardless of the cost. Of course anyone with even the slightest common sense would know that the reason they don’t allow the FDA approval process to even happen is because once tested there isn’t a single reason why cannabis wouldn’t be approved. Let’s see: non toxic(check), can’t overdose(check), proven useful to treat symptoms making life easier (check), repeated proven medical value(check), kills cancer cells?(if they would let us do some scientific fucking tests: most likely a check). Russ has ranted on this before that Obama wanted his decisions to be based on science and research well if we want the scientific truth to speak then we can’t deny scientific tests and review. . . At least lifting the ban/restriction on cannabis’ beneficial scientific research would be a huge step in the right direction.

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