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First US clinical trials on medical marijuana in 20 years confirm efficacy in humans | The NORML Stash Blog

I am the producer of The NORML Network, the host of the NORML SHOW LIVE and The NORML Stash Blog, and NORML's Outreach Coordinator. I'm married, live in Portland, Oregon, and I am a registered medical marijuana caregiver in this state. I've worked days as an IT geek and nights as a professional musician. Previously, I have been the host of my own political talk radio show on satellite radio. I've been the High Times "Freedom Fighter of the Month" and I travel across the country to educate people on marijuana reform. I've dedicated my life to bringing an end to adult marijuana prohibition and re-legalizing cannabis hemp, and I'm honored to be chosen by NORML to give voice to the Marijuana Nation and to speak for those who can't speak up.

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8 responses to “First US clinical trials on medical marijuana in 20 years confirm efficacy in humans”

  1. Michelle Buck

    Please come to Middleburg, FL or Jacksonville, FL and educate our politicians on the need for medical marijuana and also the decriminalization of marijuana. I think if FL can get these laws passed, the rest will follow. I am a cancer survivor and would have loved to have had a choice of very addicting pain medication and just have been able to have medicinal marijuana which (from my experience) is not addictive. To this day, 11years after my dx, I am still on the pain meds. From what I’ve read, FL is the pain med capitol in the U.S.

    Its just so sad. Pharmacies run out and people are doing horrible things to get these pills and sell them on the black market. People like me, are pinned as a pill head (which I have to agree, its my only choice right now to live a somewhat productive life) and sometimes cannot get my meds because of the misuse and abuse of these medications.

    Please tell me where to sign and I will do anything needed (as long as it won’t jeopardize my job) to get these laws passed.

    Thank you,

  2. Anne

    Medical Marijuana must be amazing! I have read testimony after testimony about MMJ medicinal benefit!

  3. Heather4Cannabis

    I have a disorder that causes wide spread pain , I’ve had cancer , I also have Myasthenia Graves, I’m a proud OMMP member, only because I’m alive in part because of medical cannabis. I know it cant cure me of Myasthenia but it has helped me stay alive and I’m grateful for my life.
    In support of Medical use of cannabis

  4. GW Pharmaceuticals Tests Cannabis | Marijuana.net

    [...] NORML [...]

  5. fester420

    yah great news but placebo joints?

  6. Adam, WA

    Thats a good Question for Dr. Mitch!

  7. Eric Grimes

    Placebo cigarettes are made from whole plant with extraction of cannabinoids.

  8. dillon keith

    lets convince these assholes in texas that the good far outways the bad by showing them the people who truely benefeit from this medicine. the key is to get the nonsmokers to become informed on the possitivety of this plant.smash the misconseptions. i feel that ignorance is the root of most fear and as a spinal cord injury survivor who benefeits greatly from this medicine i feel i is truely up to the real patients to be the teachers

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