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Indiana Senate Bill 192 Approves Study on Pot | The NORML Stash Blog

I'm CannaBob. I currently live alone in the mountains, 40 miles east of Pittsburgh, PA. I've been a cannabis enthusiast since 1968 and I enjoy spreading the word of Cannabis reform through information, education, and inspiration.

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8 responses to “Indiana Senate Bill 192 Approves Study on Pot”

  1. Dizzle

    If people started doing what they did in the 20′s when prohibition was the governments tool the bastards would back off…no one was gonna tell america it can’t drink beer and they shot their way to being able to have it…it’s not coke or heroin, time to get with the 21st century!

  2. Wood

    You’re full of shit

  3. dancin dan

    After a successful knee surgery in 2008 i was prescribed to vicodin.It did absolutely nothing for my pain. But it did eventually led to a chronic addiction to prescritpion pills, vicodin, valium, xanax i was eating everything in sight. After about 2 years of that i started smoking marijuana and not only did i stop eating the pills, the aches in my knee stopped. This is not only a miracle drug but with the correct usage and education can be safer than alcohol and more fun than alcohol. no overdosing, no passing out forgetting where you are, who you slept with or where your clothes are. Please Indiana help us out and give us this wonderful, non processed PLANT!

  4. Herb

    I was accused by someone who was mad at me, of possessing 3 lb of marijuana on the anonymous tip line. I had about a joint, but the police busted my door in and dragged me out of my house and cuffed me. They then stepped over me and entered my house without my permission and without a warrant.

    They drummed up 8 felonies against me and I spent 3 weeks in jail with a $50,000 cash only bond, plus they lied to me and told me I was not eligible for the 10% to get out. I refused to talk to them. A lawyer sent me a piece of paper indicating I was eligible for the 10%. My daughter was also arrested with the $50,000 bond. Once I received the document from the lawyer I called my mother and she paid the $10,000 to get us out.

    All the evidence was inadmissible in court because they had no warrant, but my lawyer’s motion to suppress all of the evidence was denied by the judge. I refused to cop a plea, but 3.5 years later I agreed to misdemeanor possession and misdemeanor resisting law enforcement because I tried to hold the door shut while they were trying to enter without a warrant. I had earlier gone on a disability due to a birth defect and had withdrawn all of my retirement to repair my home. They found what was left the cash, almost $10,000, and kept it.

    I lost $10,000 and spent 3 weeks in jail over a little more than a joint. After getting out of jail I quit smoking and medicated myself the legal way. I take Morphine 3 times a day and lortabs 4 times a day, and klonopin 2 times a day – all because marijuana is not legal because I didn’t need these drugs before my arrest.

    Now I suffer from the side effects of these drugs, I can’t afford to fix my leaking roof, and I have a criminal record. I had never been in trouble with the law even once prior to this incident. If I busted down the door of a police officer, held his family against their will while I ransacked their house, and then left with $10,000 of theirs I would had been arrested for trespassing, breaking and entering, criminal confinement, and felony theft. My lawyer told me I would win on appeal, but in the meantime I would be sitting in prison until my case came up and that it sometimes takes years before they get to an appeal.

    All of this over a small amount of marijuana.

  5. mike

    Im 47 and have been in cronic pain since 1994 ! I have a pain stimultor, l take oxycotin,percocet,muscle relxors,neurontin. But last yr i went sailing with 4 of my friends for 4 days. I didnt think i would be able to keep up. But they brought some herb. Thank god. I have been medicating ever since. If i lived 5 miles to the north i could buy it legaly.in michigan. Hopefuly i can buy it here soon, without the threat of going to jail. Wright the politions on e-mail, i am.

  6. Dad3

    Really sorry to hear that you are having trouble w/ the law…..Just remember there are many many many people who use marijuana, and I believe at least one out of ten…..NULLIFY OR DIE! :rifle: :guns:

  7. Ken Unger

    I refused to live as a Morphine Addict after 16 year of never end sickness 3 major heart attacks I had to have pain relief without all the side effects. Now I’m looking at 5-15 in Mo. I’m not allow to “muddy the water with it’s medical use”. :boohoo:

  8. fishcreekbob


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