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Iowa Rep’s Marijuana Fib Before Ethics Committee Tomorrow | The NORML Stash Blog

I'm CannaBob. I currently live alone in the mountains, 40 miles east of Pittsburgh, PA. I've been a cannabis enthusiast since 1968 and I enjoy spreading the word of Cannabis reform through information, education, and inspiration.

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7 responses to “Iowa Rep’s Marijuana Fib Before Ethics Committee Tomorrow”

  1. Iowa Rep. Baudler’s lie to obtain medical marijuana deemed ethical | The NORML Stash Blog

    [...] told you the story of Iowa Rep. Clel Baudler who hates medical marijuana so much that he went to California and lied about his medical condition in order to obtain a doctor’s recommendation for medical [...]

  2. RevRayGreen

    Baudler hearing delay AGAIN…. http://tiny.cc/vqe3a

  3. RevRayGreen



  4. mastacheeser

    i wonder if the state paid for the card? or the trip to get the card?
    homie just wants to get high, leave him alone lol

  5. Brent in KY

    These prohibitionists sure have some Balls, they complain about the medical laws, how easy to get cards and medicine then chose to do just that lie to get a card or meds and then say how bad the laws are. How about this, make a law that says if you lie to get a card then you go to jail, seems to me there are more people that hate the marijuana laws that have lied to get cards and meds than citizens doing the same. How about arresting these people for false paperwork or pulling a scam and leave the sick alone.

  6. RevRayGreen

    It is ON……thanks RR for posting this, I will have video report from the hearings

    here are a couple videos for other stashers to get some background on this.

    IA Rep. Clel Baudler Responds to Concerned Iowan


    GreenCentralStation BRINGS IT!!

    Exposing IA Lawmaker in HSB 4 Sub Hearing


    Iowa Clemency Project Files Ethics Complaint Against IA-Rep Dist 58 Clel Badler


    Take a ride from the southside of the 515 past Planet Zero & DJ Starscream’s bus the morning of 1/31/2011. Recording is to local talk radio show the morning of 1/27/11, the day after the above hearing.

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