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K2 “fake pot” linked to 30 cases of severe reactions in St. Louis | The NORML Stash Blog

I am the producer of The NORML Network, the host of the NORML SHOW LIVE and The NORML Stash Blog, and NORML's Outreach Coordinator. I'm married, live in Portland, Oregon, and I am a registered medical marijuana caregiver in this state. I've worked days as an IT geek and nights as a professional musician. Previously, I have been the host of my own political talk radio show on satellite radio. I've been the High Times "Freedom Fighter of the Month" and I travel across the country to educate people on marijuana reform. I've dedicated my life to bringing an end to adult marijuana prohibition and re-legalizing cannabis hemp, and I'm honored to be chosen by NORML to give voice to the Marijuana Nation and to speak for those who can't speak up.

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372 responses to “K2 “fake pot” linked to 30 cases of severe reactions in St. Louis”

  1. NulleySlecy

    A clean fast is better than a dirty breakfast. affitcina

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  3. ShadyShales

    Just recently (yesterday) i tried this “King Kong’ synthetic pot. AKA K2. Now normally, i smoke pot (marijuana) religiously, so i figured i could smoke anything and be trill. I took two hits off this shit and started to feel the effects immediately. I was at a concert and all the noises slowly started to go away, everything was beginning to black out and I started to slow my breathing to try to catch onto the wave i was riding. There are very few things i remember during the trip but i will try my best to describe it all.. I remember looking at my friend and not knowing who in the world she was, i kept asking her who she was and what we were doing, where we were and i couldnt remember who i was at all. I was not human at the moment. I was no longer in my body for at least fifteen minutes. My friend kept telling me that we were at a concert and i had no clue what a concert was. I was rolling in and out of consciousness and trying to remember relevant things like who i was and where i came from. I then started to remember love and thought about my boyfriend which the thought started to bring me back to reality and i started to ask where my car was and saying i needed to go home now. When i came back to my body I started to feel very nauseous and then puked all of my dinner up. I was back, but still very messed up. When i started to ask my friend about it she said that i didnt have any clue what was going on and i was scaring her with my eyes rolling back into my head and all over. She said that she just kept telling me who she was and what we were doing. I have no clue how i hallucinated so bad off just two hits of this synthetic pot but i highly recommend noone to try it. I have done hallucinogens before such as acid and shrooms but never had a bad trip. This by far, was the most evil trip i can honestly say i have ever rode.

  4. Aqiqah

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  5. badk2trip

    I have smoked king kong a few times. The first time I was more in tuned with my emotions and begin questioning why we do the things we do. However today I smoked it and felt like I was literally dead and went to hell. My soul felt lost like I could not find my way back to reality. I kept seeing these weird shapes that I could not describe. everything felt like a blur and it was difficult to focus. I could hear things but barely make sense of it. I was unable to speak. the feeling was so over whelming to feel as if the devil was taking my spirit and that everything in life felt fake. It was a horrible feeling and I thought I would never come down from my trip. I was stuck in a trance. And the crazy thing my friend experienced the same feeling of an evil presence.

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  7. Andrew

    Started smoking K2 about two weeks ago. Smoke for 2 weeks with no symptoms and up to 10 12 times throughout the night. Today, I came home and took one grav hit in the afternoon. The next 30 minutes were the most horrific moments of my life. I as many of you thought I had died and was in hell. I remember begigng God to save me. I sat in a chair and began to have the spins. Everything turned into a play dough like substance and I began to feel mentally tortured. This mental pain was the worst thing I have ever felt. As i began to stop spinning I was able to stand up and walk still thinking I was dead and this was some sort of hell. I felt trapped in a cycle and felt like everything I was doing I had no control over and have done before i felt trapped in this horrific cycle. My heart felt like it ws beating out of it chest but I was not concerned because i thought I was dead. I walked outside and was very paranoid thinking my roomate was following me. There is so many other weird sensations that I cant even begin to describe. Needless to say I will never do this again and dont wish that experience I had today on my worst enemy

  8. Haley

    I must say I have been a marijuan smoker for years , passed high school with As and Bs . Went to school high everyday . But had to quit smoking for my job so I switched to K2 . I’ve smoked that for about a couple months with nothing wrong . One day I noticed something was different . I too started to reallyfreakrout . However I talked to God my first freaout . Then I staredyalking to Jesus . There habe been times.that God had to literally drag me out of hell twice . I can’t even describe everything that I have experienced . Its been so crazy . God always made me look away from the devil and towards him so he would go away . Has anyone else had any bad stomach problems ? I started feeling like there was something inside of me . It felt like that all of a sudden . After a couple of times with still feeling that I stopped smoking it and went back to weed however even weed made my stomach feel the same way so I quit all together . I still talk to Jesus . However this 2 stuff brings the devil to you . Believe me . It’s not a good ttthing. I’m just so glad I was talking to God and Jesus instead of the.devil .

  9. G7755

    Smoke weed all day everyday never did nothing but put smile one my face, once again god bless and take care

  10. G755

    Hello, I just want to start out by saying I’ve been a bad drug user for years meth mostly, but did my fair share of crack, heroin, cocaine. been clean almost nine months thanks to god and Jesus. Almost a year ago I started a new job working with two friends and two other men on our shift I had smoked a lot of fake weed before and got plenty of high but nothing like this, it was only my second day at work and the guys I working with smoked all the time I took one hit of King Kong and could not breath started begging god to save me,i was feeling like i was about to die flopping around on floor and speaking in tounges or something friends said, i remember waking up thinking I had died and went to hell, i recognized my two friends but not the other two coworkers yet one of my friends was the devil and was saying shit he later said he never said he was red with horns coming out of his shoulders saying el diablo was taking over the world I truly believe the devil had taken over his body to get to me I remember almost picking up a nearby sledge hammer and going to town on everyone due to I thought the devil and his demons were the only people in my company at the time thank god I didn’t. This all lasted a good hour.God spoke to me and said I had to change and change now it was the most evil experience you could ever experience and that’s what it was pure evil, like I said I’ve did all the heavy drugs, got hooked on the needle thought several time was going to overdose but never ever seen devil or felt evil like this, this is different I truly believe this is devils creation for a last chance to corrupt gods people. please be careful and remember all is forgiven through our savior Jesus Christ, god bless

  11. G7755


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  13. London

    Me too!! I did it twice, one hit and I thought I was dying, plus mentally and spiritually I felt like I was in Hell. My heart raced so fast, I thought I was having a heart attack, you couldnt tell me I wasnt gonna die. I took just one hit!! The first time I did it, I went to the hospital and the paramedics informed me, that you can have seizures, and bite your tongue clean thru, etc, and they seen people have heart attacks and even STROKES. They wouldnt let me go home, until my heart was stabalized, it was beating so rapidly out of control, and hurt me all the next day.
    My boyfriend smokes this crap everyday, and it just gets him high, and he thinks Im crazy.
    Stupidly, i did it again, another time, did a smaller hit, to try to be safe, but it was stronger stuff, I got TWICE as high!! I was completely horrified. I started screaming at him, “you did this to me again!!”, I started praying to God, calling out to God to save me, and help me, My heart was liek out of control and I was on the floor rocking back and fourth. It was the most awful feeling in the world. My mom kept giving me glass after glass of water and milk, she kept saying Im being poisoned, and milk would help me. I was trying to hard not to go to the hospital. My boyfriend was all lookin at me awestruck, like Im stupid insane, but ive never felt so scared in my life, ever.
    But this was real!! I also felt so close to having a seizure, I started convulsing and wanting to pass out but i fought it, by praying, and at sum point walking barefoot down my street(that I didnt even recognize) in the snow, trying to breathe. Then I had my biyfriend massage me to keep me “here” and not in that out of control place where I was gonna have a seizure. I also couldnt talk, i talked like I was retarted. It does something really WRONG to your brain.
    I also couldnt lift my left arm to drink water, and the whole left side of me seemed I couldnt move it. I used all my willpower to stay awake and not have a seizure and control my convulsions.

  14. rc

    i smoked k2 many times,an dit jus got me high u kno and feeling good,but recently in the last 3 monthes i went into this freakin land of 3d this video game world,every thing i seen was made of sparkel and glitter,all was pixelated and made of tiny squares,i was drinkin a beer while i was in the trippy state,and it turned into leggo blocks in my mouth,then i spit it out it hit the floor and it was beer,the devil was laughing at me and told me to do more that i would be alrite,but it was my friend talking,but it was the devil in him,while im in this sparkaly glittery pixelated world everything seems to be moving faster then the earth spins,but the time it takes to go away feels like forever,the first time i entered this 3d world,,everything became glittery sparkaly and pixelated and i said whattttttt,then time froze itself,but i was still moving and walking around but my friend was at the table frozen in time,a cartoon football appeared in the air,and i grabbed it,it started wailing me up and down left and right,my hands stuck to it finnaly i got lose,as i walked i could feel the air,the matter itself,and i was 1 with the air,everything was like nerf,like the air my body my mind,when i tried to move i was stuck in air made of nerf,like u kno what im sayin,all these green letters and numbers started falling from the sky like the matrix code,it was raining numbers and letters green,i think it was my life flashing,i prayed to god and a cartoon phone appeared on the table ringing,i picked it up dialed my house number and i woke up in the hospital,str8 out of a comic book,like i believe im neo and shit,seriously,i jus wonder if anybodys seen what ive seen,when i was in this video game world 3d glitter sparkels and air made of nerk,i was holding a cup of water in my hand and i could feel the water dripping thru my hand but it wasnt,when i drank sumthing it became a solid filling me like im gunna blow up,so i spit it out,everything kept on repeating itself,and its like u gotta awnser the right questions,when there asked to u,and as everything kept on repeating itself while im in this crazy place,my bodys shifting into triangles and squares and shapes,and im not in this world no more,im in this fucking video game,i cant explain it,i wish i could show u what i seen,what i felt,but i was talking with the devil in the sparkaly world,and this was my third time going there so i figured it was 3 strikes im out hes ready to take me to hell now,but im talking with him,and im like is it over,and he laughs saying its been over,and i say to him i wanna go back,am i gunna b able to go back,and he said of course u will,i said ur lying jus finish it,finish it,im sick of this sparkaly beutifull place,this illusion this trick,jus finish it and bring me to the real hell im ready,and he laughed and said noooo,u created this dont u remember,ur gunna go back,u’ll always come back,and i thought he was lying,but after like 45 mins of talking with him all the sparkels and glitter started going away,the air made of nerf,the video game,it all jus dissapeered,and he said u seeee,i told u,nothing can harm u,i will always bring u back,and i came back,and i was so happy to b in this plain regular world,but i entered this world 3 times in the last 3 monthes,and every time its just as scary,its death,its seeing what is not seen knowing what is not known,ive done tripple cccs for like 3 years now to so i wonder if my liver and stuff are gunna fail and i was dying and thats why i seen what i seen,but the docters checked me said all my organs r fine,but i think there lying,i cant breath anymore,sumtimes i hav to take 6 breaths jus to get 1,i hav fevers in my sleep,i wake up soaked like a waterfall my whole bed,and demons try to kill me while i rest,im afraid …every time i went to this land i was on k2,but ive smoked k2 so many times a whole bag g13,bizzaro all that to the face and i was good i was just high,but why all of a sudden,does it take me to this land ,i wonder if its cus im dying and sumhow i beat it every time,but i tell u when u die,and when u r dying,u will kno what im talking about when i say video game world 3d,pixelated,glitter sparkel shine,like the beutifullest thing u ever seen,makes the most amazing waterfall look like water from your sink,the place is so beutifull,and it has showed me that this world is only a game which we r put in,to be tested,all of r choices and mistakes r written down in code,i still smoke i still do cccs,i dont kno why but i do,im afraid maybe the next time i go to the land i wont be able to come back,my stomach is rotten and feels like theres a monster inside eating it,all day i cant breath gasping for air,shits crazy,and its fucking fucked,but i jus wondered if anybody ever entered that land of sparkels and glitter and video game and 3d and nerf air,where u get stcuk in the spot your in,its so beutifull but its so scary,i jus hope i never go there again,im bout to take sum cccs now,hopefully i dont end up dead tonight but if i do,i do,it is what it is…but i tell u,if i could go back,i would hav never hav done 1 drug,nothing at all,its not worth your life,god is great and the devil is real believe me ive seen them both,

  15. paris

    I am so happy to see all these posts here. I truly hope more people would do their research ahead of time and stay away from this k2/spice crap. My husband and I tried it for the 1st and last time,OH GOD it was a complete torture. I think real scary movie torture would feel more pleasant than our experience. I am not a “newby” in the get yourself high market and had my fair share of experimentations. However , this crap blows everything out of the water. I am very surprised it is legal still in most states. I think some of my weirdest combos of upper and downer etc won’t equal to one hit of this crap. I took me one medium size hit to be praying for my life. As many of you described in some of your experiences,the same happened to me: sever chest palpitation and pain, kind of suffocating of not enough air feeling, severe panic attack that lasted almost an hour, short term memory loss, severe disassociation from reality; didn’t know who i was and where i was, my husband started seizing and blacking out. I felt like it was going to be our last day on this planet. I didn’t know whether that “death” feeling will ever stop. In my case it was given to me as a “FREE” sample in the local head-shop. what a nightmare and i am honestly so thankful it is over. I can think of plenty more things to legalize before allowing this crap on the market. It seems to me not every state is actively pursuing banning of this product. Because, this is simply toxic,toxic,toxic! and for those of you who are reading this post and can relate to my experience, we are lucky we are here today. For those who are thinking to try ; i wouldn’t suggest it, anything but this crap and i mean anything would be better! Trust Me! probably the only product from my personal experience that is truly “not for human consumption” as it seems to contain raw poison that turns off all the active elements of the brain leaving you paranoid,in a severe state of fear for your life and addition of miserable physiological effect accompanying the journey. the only positive: i am here today to share this nightmare with you in hopes you won’t be as reckless and dumb as me.

  16. Jc michelle

    Hi my names jc i do not have a potpourri addiction but i do smoke every now and again with my baby brother who is only a year younger then i am.

    last night july 18th at 6 pm
    we started smoking i started feeling the changes quickly my body went completely numb my
    for a an entire hour. I stopped smoking for about 30 minutes and my high begin to let up so i thought i was good and continued smoking a little more needless to say my two entire bags of bob marley and fake blueberry yum yum was gone by 1 am thats when it all started

    i started hearing a small ringing in my left ear and then my right and within seconds everything went pitch black i could hear my brothers talking along with my cousin saying CPR MAN CPR GET HER ON THE GROUND AND DO IT SHE’S SUFFOCATING. i all of sudden felt like i was being torn from my body i just started feeling this vibration going through my arms and under my ribb cage, Thats when it felt like my lungs were crinkled up like paper they wouldnt retract air for 2 whole minutes it felt like a little longer then that but thats what i was told is that i was gasping for air for that amount of time i started having hallucinations of my dead grandmother saying not your time with a sad face repeatedly as i could feel myself mouthing the words god please forgive i dont wanna die please dont let me die then i could slightly hear an ambulance

    i stayed over night and will be staying again today
    i do not recommend anyone to ever try it this shit should be illegal not even real marijuana gets you that messed up

    my diagnoses were border line death
    2,suffocation or is it (suffication)?

    anyhow i hope this helps others with their problems i for one realized this isnt worth losing your life over!

  17. Jc michelle

    Hi my names jc i do not have a potpourri addiction but i do smoke every now and again with my baby brother who is only a year younger then i am.

    last night july 18th at 6 pm
    we started smoking i started feeling the changes quickly my body went completely numb my
    for a an entire hour. I stopped smoking for about 30 minutes and my high begin to let up so i thought i was good and continued smoking a little more needless to say my two entire bags of bob marley and fake blueberry yum yum was gone by 1 am thats when it all started

    i started hearing a small ringing in my left ear and then my right and within seconds everything went pitch black i could hear my brothers talking along with my cousin saying CPR MAN CPR GET HER ON THE GROUND AND DO IT SHE’S SUFFOCATING. i all of sudden felt like i was being torn from my body i just started feeling this vibration going through my arms and under my ribb cage, Thats when it felt like my lungs were crinkled up like paper they wouldnt retract air for 2 whole minutes it felt like a little longer then that but thats what i was told is that i was gasping for air for that amount of time i started having hallucinations of my dead grandmother saying not your time with a sad face repeatedly as i could feel myself mouthing the words god please forgive i dont wanna die please dont let me die then i could slightly hear an ambulance

    i stayed over night and will be staying again today
    i do not recommend anyone to ever try it this shit should be illegal not even real marijuana gets you that messed up

    my diagnoses were border line death
    2,suffocation or is it (suffication)?

    anyhow i hope this helps others with their problems i for one realized this isnt worth losing your life over!

  18. Tyler

    Im 19 and have been really bad with potpourri addiction
    in Indiana where i live they keep outlawiing the chemicals such as jwh and synthetic thc so the makers of these products keep having to engineer new products to keep their products on the shelfs.
    The head shops have become dealers for the stuff i think its rare for them to actually sell a pipe!
    almost all the brands that i smoked at one point have been banned, names such as “afterlife” mad-hatter” and “wicked clown” sum up the expienece your in for.
    i’d agree with a lot of comments on here there have been at least 5 or 6 times i have gotten on my knees and praid to god for life.
    i believe in moderation these chemicals aren’t as dangerous as many lead us to believe, just much more potient than marijuana.
    i have been a VERY heavy pot smoker since i was 12, expirimenting with drugs like mushrooms, lsd, ectasy, cocaine, and many script pills and never have i expierienced anything like this potpourri high.
    a new strain was recently put back on the market known as “kite” the regular doesnt get me that fucked up yet there was also a strawberry and blueberry, strawbeery got me a little bit more high and blueberry took me past anything id ever felt, i knew i wasnt going to die yet i still felt this fear over me this overwhelming sensation throughout my whole body that something wasnt right.
    my question to the makers of these products is why do you surround your products with so much secrecy? on the back of the bags it always lists the chemicals NOT included in the product how about you start listing the chemicals that ARE in your product?
    i dont intend to bad mouth or slander the makers of these products just that you stop worrying about your legal loop holes and start worrying about your customers!
    and oh yeah i know your not supposed to admit its for smoking but seriously just cut the bullshit!
    if your products not dangerous then what do you have to hide?
    i dont see how setting some of that shit out would make my room smell good or make me relax….because i’ve tried its “real” use and it does nothing, this stuff is engineered with the intent to smoke but you cant legally admit that. We understand that but please the lives of YOUR customers are at stake, your money is at stake. If you can get your customers on your side to support your product instead of treating it like a vice mabye you can receieve the funds and resources to make a more pleasant product.

    yours truly,
    another one of your guniea pigs

  19. katie

    Fake weed is bad news. My boyfriend smoked weed for a while and when he found out that K2 was legal and easy to get that’s all he smoked. I warned him that he should stop but kept getting the replies of ” it’s fine” and “its not as bad as you say”. He smoked about 2-3 grams a day non stop for awhile. Last week I woke up to him having a seizure early in the morning. A few hours later he had another one. Perfectly healthy and has two seizures in one night. The EMTs said it was the fake weed that more than likely caused it. He was put in the hospital for a night and sent home with anti-seizure medicine. He was specifically told that if he smoked that fake stuff while taking the medicine he could have more seizures because it will counteract with the medicine. He doesn’t care. He came right home and smoked more. This stuff is getting way out of control and needs to be stopped. More and more people are going to end up in the hospital or worse, six feet in the ground. Make weed legal and so many problems will be solved.

  20. Jim

    Worst trip ever! Friend brought some over last nite. It was his friends k2. He has never done any drugs. I have in the past and never had a bad experience no matter how many hits I have taken. Last night was a fucking nightmare. I took one medium hit thinking ” what’s the big deal…it’s just pot” Wrong!!! Within 1 minute my face went numb and I had to sit down. Within 3 minutes I couldnt speak anymore and somehow muttered to my friend that I needed to lay down, somehow getting to my bed. My whole body felt like it was in a full seizure. The closest thing I can compare the feeling is when your Hi def tv starts freezing and pixelating. It was like my brain and body couldnt sync up with each other. I was forgetting to breath and when I attempted to talk I could only form the most basic sentences. I thought this must be what it feels like to be a paraplegic and I felt tremendous sympathy for anyone handicapped if this was what it was like. As I lay on the bed convulsing I was aware that my friend was there trying to help. I literally thought I was dying and it was a Horrific experience. My tongue and throat were virtually paralyzed. I could not swallow, could not move or control any part of me. I almost asked for him to call the paramedics but didn’t want to have a record. How stupid is that? I thought about my wife and two kids and how my death would effect them. Holy shit this is a bad fucking drug. Eventually I started to slowly regain my function. My friend found this site as I was going crazy and assured me that what was happening was not going to kill me. It took a full two hours before I could function somewhat normal again. That night I slept horrible. My brain raced all night and wouldn’t allow me to sleep. My advice to anyone thinking of trying this…DON’T! The experience was the worst thing I have ever encountered. I am pretty sure it was no picnic for my friend either.

  21. John

    Tried K2 for first time and it was the worst thing I’ve ever felt. I felt like I was on death’s door. To everyone out there smoking K2 or thinking of it DON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will be asking GOD to let you live I promise you that!!!

  22. corey

    i smoked k2 about 4 months ago after quiting weed for almost 8 months i didnt wanna go back to the real stuff because i had a child and i i didnt want it around him. i was chillin wit my boy and i took 3 masive hits not thinking anything of it and went in the living room to chill my high kept getting stronger and stronger so i got up grab a glass of water and i felt this rush go through my chest and my heart rate went through the roof. my blood pressure was 191/99 which is extremely high and my heart rate was 187 i called the parametics and when they arrived i was affraid to tell them that i had smoked it but still till this day i take adaban on a daily basis for anxiety that was caused by this k2 i think it is the dumbest thing that was invented and it is going to b the cause of someones life one day if there are people still smoking it i advise u to sop this has caused a permanant effect on my health and if i could go back in time i would not have touched it… on a daily basis i feel like just crawling out of my skin and it doesnt feel good at all its very uncomfortable… my chest also hurts all the time and my muscles in my body tighten up at time my body will go numb to the point where i feel like im having a heart attack and it sux juss please if u still mess with this stuff please stop its no good

  23. jane

    Just to be sure you all know we smoke 2 to 3 hits out of a pinch hitter

  24. jane

    Myself and my husband have been smoking k2 for about 6 months this time around. IF YOU HAVE NOT SMOKED IT DO NOT!!! I MEAN DO NOT TRY IT!!! While on K2 or King kong, Purple Desiel, Mind Wave, and Voodoo, these are the types we tryed started out on the Mind Wave not very strong then went to the VooDoo for the stronger affects. After Voodoo we moved on to King Kong becuase the Voodoo was no longer getting us high! The first time I smoked the King Kong we where in the car on our way home from the local gas station where you could purchase it for about $26 a bag. The store owner who is now one of my personal friends due to seeing me everyday for the past 6 months, told me to take it easy on this one becuase it was stronger than I normally bought. Thankfully I had listened to him. We each took one hit and had to pull over on the side of the rode for about 30 mins for the most itense part of high to wear off, while on the side of the road we where actually scared for our life. I felt the cold grips of death around me, My heart was racing i was unable to controll my thoughts my muscles are always stiff. It felt as if i could no longer controll my body or mind whice was one of the worse experinces of my life. So of cousre like stupid 25 year old we eased our self into it becuase the VooDoo would no longer give us the affets we wanted. Then from King Kong to Purple deseil whice that switch was not as bad it was stronger but not as much of a diffrence. I was an avide weed smoker for about a year before we tried the k-2 at a friends party one night. It got us really messed up we like only took one hit and we loved it at first. But then as the time began to pass we desiced we wanted to know who much we had spent on it in the past 6 months we spent over $4,500. Whice was not money we had to be spending on k2. We personally went into debit smoking becuase we smoked it so much for the short time we if we where unable to get high becuase we ran out we would go into cold sweats, uncontrollable vomiting, extreime loss of hunger and Mood swings. We now are switched back to real weed because if does not casue the side affects and is exterally hard to over dose on. We threw up for the first 2 days whice we where misrable due to the fact that we could not regulate our body temp one minute we would be freezing covering up with 2 blankets, to sweeting so bad skin just bright red and hot to the touch we would have to take a cold shower to stop the sweeting. The vomiting or nususa we have been tring to combat with a nususa pill, which works for the most part, makes the throwing up stop and just leves us feel like hell. it has now been 4 days since I last took a hit of k2. I also have experince loss of sleep due to the fact that I no longer take 3 to 4 hits right before bed at 9 or 10 then I would get up at 12:30 take aobut 4 more hits go back to sleep get up a few more hours later to take a few more hits!! I just want to know who long is it going to take my body to get back to normal, and do you have any suggestions to the loss of hungar?

  25. Kristen

    everyone that smokes k2, im telling you to stop it.. i live in michigan and close ones around me are doing not so normal things
    and i have proof k2 makes you mean, pyscho and think of hurting close
    loved ones if you dont believe me, check a link out thats world wide.
    i have smoked k2 numerous times, and i snap at people close to me, have some
    memory loss, and at times im still paranoid.


  26. M-Shawn

    I had my first experience the k2 on memorial day. We had a cookout at my house. I don’t no do drugs what so ever, but sense it was fake drugs I did question it but I disregarded it. I took two hits of k2 and instantly my high went from 0 to 1000. I felt my heart comming out of my chest. And that I was sinking into this dark place, maybe as if I were going to hell. I started to serverly shake and fell onto the floor and had a seizure and then blacked out. While blacking out I heard everyone screaming and saying call 911. My thoughts, outside sounds, and memories all played at once in my mind it was extremely the worse experience. I then woke up from the blacking out but this reaction was not done. I became extremely violent towards everyone. They had to hold me. I would not stand so I sat. I questioned if I ever existed and wether it had been this way my whole life. I was not acting like myself, as if I were almost possessed. Everything was very repetitive, an gain my minds thoughts, the people around me, and memories replayed in full drive. That was very confusing. The paramedics came and I knew they were real so I was saved. This happend May 29 and today is June 3 I still feel out of touch with reality. Also my spelling,personality, I thoughts are still disorganized. I have no tolerance to drinks even if I drink half a wine cooler with 3% alc I feel extremely out of body and nothing is real. Even if I don’t drink i still feel out of touch with reality. I don’t feel like my self at all it’s as if I’m not completely my self. PLEASE NEVER use any type of drugs especially K2.

  27. Kelsey

    Ok I have been trying to research k2 because I had SUCH a terrible experience. If you smoke pot, stick with pot. Legal or not pot is a far more safe substance than this. I smoked one hit of this k2 stuff and that was it. I immediately became paralyzed and could feel a weird sensation I can only describe as your limbs going through a car motor repeatedly. I suffered temporary memory loss as well. I didn’t know where I was not what was happening all I knew was that I felt terrible. I started thinking “this is hell, now I know what hell feels like.” I felt like I knew every secret about the universe but I just wanted it to stop because it was so painful. I had one theory that I was having a seizure do to my medical history. I decided I’d never try it again and went back to smoking pot and a few days later I had the same exact sensation. It’s not an ok feeling it makes you feel like you’re in the matrix or something. I know I sound so dumb but it’s really not something to try. Would you buy incense and smoke it, with all those chemicals? Not me. Pot is illegal but it’s much more natural than any other drug I know of. Stick with what you know.

  28. Jake

    I took 1 huge grav hit of a blend called “wicked and wild” today and I’m never doing k2 again. I felt stoned out of my mind IMMEDIATELY after hitting it and it just kept coming up and up. My hands looked like they were on fire. I literally hallucinated flames and my heart rate was over 180. I freaked out and experienced incredible physical burning agony. I KNEW I was going to die and my vision actually went black for a few minutes. I was forgetting to breath. I felt like all subliminal bodily functions were out of control. I would have driven my self to the hospital or called 911 if only I could walk. 45 minutes later I was completely normal but my chest still hurts when I inhale. I’ve had other blends before but none made me feel like wicked and wild did. I think I may have done permanent damage but honestly I’d rather have that than go through the 30 minutes of pure hell again.

  29. 4 reasons real weed is better than the fake stuff » DragonFlyEye.Net

    [...] synthetic weed has been known to cause allergic reactions and harm to the throat and lungs. A significant number of synthetic cannabis users reported that they had sought emergency medical help after using the [...]

  30. Jackie

    I think that people should be thankful to be here with the life that they have.Mindy, I truly feel for you, but after smoking that mess, there is no way at a party or anywhere else, i would have smoked ANYTHING! Guys, with all of the effects that you all are having from this stuff, why in the world would you continue to smoke it? It just does not make sense to me. What is it, you are testing God to see if He is gonna take you off of this earth or are you all just that dumb. Be grateful for the life you have and leave all of that synthetic, real or otherwise mess alone. Some of you could probably ne something great, if you just put your minds to better use. :-|

  31. Carrot

    It did kill my gag reflex but i wasnt planning on giving any head so im good >.> ive been smoking forever im not gonna lie and say i didint vomit in the morning.. But like all problems in life it can be solved with moderation. I smoke sometimes and sometimes i dont i mean if u drink every day ur gonna get sick. If u smoke alllll the time ur gonna get sick if u eat to mutch u get fat and its bad for u but u cant just not eat alltogether that would kill you if u work to hard its bad for u if u dont work enoph u will get fat and lazy to mutch exersice will kill u but a lil jog every morning couldnt hurt Moderation learn it use it practice it. And as for its ur body u do what u want with it well dont let me catch ur ass at the hospital when u are sick ur body u take care of it then when it fails cus oviously ur a doctor all of a sudden and u know whats good for you It just sounds stupid when u put it like that. I smoke even though i know its bad for me thats the choice ive made and i live with it same with cigarets. Ive gotten some scary highs but really if it killed me i prob wouldnt even know and it will prob be way more peacefull then getting mugged for my wallet and bleeding to death in some gutter.

  32. McD

    Yes, Laura,

    (What’s happened to the ‘Reply’ option on this board?)

    I was grateful to Ray for expressing enough of my sentiment to save me the effort. I particularly liked the ‘dumbfuck apple tree’ metaphor.

    He does, however, overlook an important point in assuming that neutering will inevitably lead to improved genetic stock: the kids of dumbfucks often put themselves together as people far more effectively than their parents have, precisely because they have learnt how not to do it through observation of their parents. It is, however, true to say, as Raymond so eloquently surmised, dumbfuck apples trees are most likely to produce dumbfuck apples.

    I think it’s a good sign, though, that Steve’s kids have started to explore other options. Cannabis can be really beneficial here.

  33. Laura

    I Love Raymond.

  34. Troublesdohc

    First off ! The government don’t care.. Bath salt for an exampl (synthedic meth?) It was lefal peop
    Bought it sniffed it, and no one cared but once a cop got stabed in the neck
    It was a overnight night ban …pot will never be legal who knows why..
    fight over k2? No we all need to get off the high horse and fight
    For your privacy and rights! Go sniff oven cleaner for all I care
    Its ur choice !

  35. amanda

    just the other day i smoked the fake stuff as i have for almost a year and for the first time in a year something went wrong. i was breathing hard trying to catch a breath and shaking also my heart was pouning sooo fast i didnt know wut to do but lay there and wait for the high to go away. this was scary to me bec i have never ever felt like that smoking the real stuff . it was the first time i ever smoked and thought i was going to die. i dont like that feeling i smoke to chill not freak out. my suggestion smoke the real stuff. :-D

  36. Raymond

    Steve is the perfect example of what is wrong with America today. BLAME everyone else for your own problems. Steve – I am sorry to inform you but YOU are the dumbfuck. And since you are indeed a dumbfuck – it so happens that the proverbial dumbfuck apple doesn’t fall far from the dumbfuck apple tree.

    I am 50 years old – I have been smoking pot (off an on) for about 35 years and wow.. what do you know? I have been gainfully employed for the past 25 years, making over 6 figures for the last 15. I know.. crazy isn’t it? So, see.. it isn’t POT.. it’s your shitty parenting skills and the fact that your ‘genes’ probably were not that good to begin with.

    So that’s right Steve… blame everyone else for your inability to raise your kids. Point fingers at everyone else except yourself, cuz that will certainly solve the problem. And please please please.. do us ALL a big favor and get that little penis of yours snipped – cuz we don’t need any more of your slacker kids inhabiting our planet. I’m guessing your divorced. Yeah. I think that would be a good guess.

  37. Steve

    Oh yeah and my 16 year old pikes all over my bathroom after doing K2 today. Guess why he does K2? Because he got ADDICTED to the false euphoria of smoking marijuana and he has to pass drug tests so he smokes K2. Again I absolutely have absolute disdain for you fucks at NORML and the pro-legalization community in total.

  38. Steve

    Hey you weak-ass fucking drug addicts: grow the fuck up and try experiencing life on your own without the aid of “something natural growing out of the ground”. You fucking people have convinced my teenagers that pot is ok and, as such, my boys are both in major league crisis with one a high school drop outnwho has major anxiety and the other is about to flunk out. Before marijuana they were both literally straight A students with the ability to converse with others intelligibly. Now they are just stoners.
    So thanks a lot assholes! And fuck you very much you worthless pieces of shit!

  39. Paige

    Although there are many replies on here about most of the same stuff, I too, have had a bad experience with this K2 shit. I’ve had my share of “real weed” smoking, although I do not smoke anymore because I want to have a clear mind. A friend and I decided to smoke the legal stuff a couple nights ago. We have friends that have smoked it constantly for weeks upon weeks, and none of them have had anything bad to say about it. I have tried it once before, and I was completely fine. It seems as though people either try it once, and have a horrible experience, or have smoked it religiously and suddenly they experience a horrible trip. Anyway, we rolled a blunt of it, and smoked. It was a good time, and the “high” only lasted for an hour tops. She left my apartment, ( mind you, I am 19 and live by myself), I decided to smoke the rest of the blunt to myself before I went to bed. I smoked it, and felt fine, and suddenly it just went downhill. Like most people on here, I started to feel out of touch with reality. Every time I turned my head, it was like movie slides, and everything was slow motion. I tried to make some food, because I hadn’t eaten all day, but I couldn’t get myself too. It felt as though all motor functions were decreasing. I began to get extremely cold so I got into bed. My heartbeat started to increase by the minute and it felt as though, no joke, it was coming out of my chest. I was staring at the ceiling, with tears coming down my face, praying to God to keep me alive. My mouth immediately got completely dry, and I began to get cold sweats as well. I picked up my phone, although my hands were shaking terribly, and I got my friend on the phone (who was there prior to this). She lives close, so she came over and kept me company. Thankfully the high began to decrease and I went to sleep. My friend told me the next day that I was completely pale, shaking, and my heart beat was outrageous. I have experienced bad highs before on “real weed”, where I kind of psych myself out, but I have NEVER ever felt this way before. This stuff is bullshit, and I can’t believe our government is so fucked up that they can’t see how many people have had bad experiences with this. I told my brother what happened, and his friend recently died after smoking this stuff, and killed himself. If it has to get to that point, it is no good. Please, please, do not smoke this shit. It’s really not worth your health, better yet, your life.

  40. K2 Death on Dr. Phil

    Check out youtube video called “Synthetic Marijuana Aka K2 Kills Young Man Who Dies In His Mother’s Arms! Spice”, which was uploaded by youtuber “Inspirational Footage” on January 21, 2012.

    This is talk show documentation of K2 causing death.

  41. the norm

    my friend justnhad one but in regard to him quitting how long did withdrawl last

  42. EyeBrow

    each one of us owns our own body we can put into it or take out of it what we will .whether its wheather its organically grown or synthetically made . next , due to low organs at the hospitals , they will make it mandatory for each of us to donate our organs upon our departure .

  43. McD

    I should also add (got sidetracked and forgot the main reason I wanted to reply to your reply) that I also don’t know how we will get out of this mess, but I believe we will. I think the most important thing is faith. If you can believe we will, hold onto that thought, turn it into a feeling and pump it out with all your might, then you’re probably doing as much as you or anyone can, and if everyone does this, I believe, we will get out of it sometime, somehow; God only knows how and when, but I believe we will. I will it.

    Questioning and resisting cannabis prohibition, which is so obviously a perverse and immoral manifestation of any authority which could initiate and support it, it seems to me, is a most practical way doing something more than simply praying. You can latch onto this and dig your teeth into it, like a dog with a bone, with complete confidence and beyond the faintest shadow of any doubt, because it is so obviously wrong. As Antonio Maria Costa, the former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and long-serving Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) once put it in one of his more candid moments, “Cannabis is the most vulnerable point of the whole multilateral edifice.” We need to make most effective use of that weakness in the hope of bringing the entire amoral house of cards tumbling down. Then the hard work of building something better may begin. That’s the hard part. It’s easier to destroy than it is to build. I think this is why so many people are, quite justifiably and sensibly, afraid to put their weight behind efforts to collapse a stable state, however perverse it may appear. What if we’re wrong?

    That’s why finding and standing your ground against something so obviously wrong, like prohibiting access to one of God’s greatest gifts to man, i.e. cannabis in this case, is so important. I suppose, more than anything, it depends which side you’re on – who’s your God and who’s your Satan? Has Satan ever had the power to create life forms, like (medicinal) plants? Not as far as I’m aware. I can stand behind that and feel quite comfortable applying my weight to it.

  44. McD

    And I, somewhat unsurprisingly, completely agree with you.

    I would like to point out, however, that this plant is not just, “…a symbol of American freedom stolen.” it is, in fact and more accurately, a symbol of a mentality which has been exported throughout the world. Unfortunately, this symbol has come to be associated with America, not least because of the disproportionate effort the US applies to inspiring and enforcing the mentality which produced the 1961 Narcotics Conventions (and their subsequent revisions and extensions, e.g. Nixon’s ‘War on Drugs’). Have a look at this article, http://www.theborneopost.com/2012/02/01/married-couple-gets-life-for-possessing-planting-cannabis/ – life imprisonment and corporal punishment for a married couple with two young kids – to get an idea of the sort of morality America is perceived to inspire and support.

  45. That's It!

    I completely agree, McD. You hit the nail on the head. It was confirmed the next day Demi Moore had smoked spice and had the same symptoms as many of the others here have. It can be a horrifying experience to smoke this mind-poison. Enough to call emergency medical services! Today I was driving around when the NPR show, “Democracy Now” was airing. The documentary they were discussing was called, “The House I Live In,” which just won the Sundance Grand Jury Award. It is about the failure of the American Drug War. I hope to see it. Check it out people, this is a film that reflects NORML people. There are lots of other great documentaries on marijuana – a lot of them are on Netflix. The more educated you become on the history of marijuana, hopefully you’ll really realize that this medicinal plant is a symbol of American freedom stolen . We are not the free country everyone has been brainwashed to believe. I pledge allegiance to the …. whatever. They made one of the greatest gifts of nature illegal,then they pollute the skies, the water, the dirt with their chemicals, their PCBs, their BP oil spills and corexit, they poison us with their pharmaceuticals,.. I could go on forever. Meanwhile the soldiers in Afghanistan are protecting opium fields for Big Pharma. I really don’t know how humanity is going to get out of this mess.

  46. McD

    Yeah, I saw that.

    Wouldn’t it be great if she found the balls to actually come out and say, ‘Yeah, I did it because there was no cannabis around, due to its illegality, and I thought this might work as a substitute. If only cannabis weren’t perversely prohibited, this would never have happened (and I bet a lot of people who’ve suffered for the same mistake don’t get such high quality medical attention as I have).’!

  47. That's It!

    I just read an article about Demi Moore’s emergency 911 call that sent her to the hospital with seizures/convulsions. Previous news stories said she was doing “whip-its” (sucking nitrous oxide from a canister), however, I just read in one article that during the 911 call, her un-named friend alluded to her “smoking something” that caused this. The article stated that Moore smoked “incense”. We know here that incense is also known as K2, and many have had seizures, speeding heart rate, heart palpitations or throbbing heart beat, and hallucinations from it. She was probably trying to just relax with friends and this happened because of that horrible incense/K2 poison. Do not do it – it makes you totally psychotic, like you’ve gone insane. And that nightmarish feeling lasts for an hour or more.

  48. latasha

    I smoked k2 da space cadet n nw im havin trouble breathing i cnt catch my breath when im sleepin n yesterday i kept vomiting i shake sumtymes n my sleep n fell out twice i encourage ppl nt to smoke it

  49. Mindy

    Say what ever …why would I lieabout something slo serious and put my son in it if u read little more about k2 k3 alot of ppl experice the same shit arourld the world. U fucking idiot…sense u think everyone lying maybe ur the only one lying

  50. austin

    Mindy your full of shit im like the only one telling the truth about this shit it causes heart palpitations and muscle spasms in me anyways ive posted like 7 times on this site read my storys cause im telling the truth i smoked this shit so many times in a years time but neve once have i thought of killing anyone

  51. Mike Stroup

    The K2 “high” does not sound like any cannabis effects I’ve ever heard of. This is just another of the many adverse consequences of a costly, failed social policy based on prohibition. Did we all simply forget what happened in this country between 1920-1933? For God sake, get a damn clue people! And if you do not know how to do that, start by re-reading the Constitution of the United States.

  52. LaLa

    I smoked this ONE time with my brother and I thought too that it was regular weed. I took two hits and in almost an instant I was higher than I have ever been in my entire life. It was like a combination of all the highs I ever experienced all at once. My heart started to beat really fast and for 40 minutes, I was stuck outside sitting in a chair in 30 degree cold. I couldn’t get a hold on how high I was. It was like I was getting higher and higher and higher and higher! I hated it and I was so scared. I could hear my brother and his friends talking to me, asking me if I am okay. But I couldn’t talk. When I finally came down, and asked him what the fuck he’d just given me, that’s when he told me it was K2. Fast forward, I will never ever EVER smoke that stuff again. However, my brother continued to smoke it regularly. He was hooked. Today, my brother is in the hospital because he had a seizure FOR THE FIRST TIME and we still don’t know why. He quit smoking K2 only two weeks ago and has experienced the type of withdrawals that a heroin addict goes through. Don’t smoke this….don’t smoke this….DON’T SMOKE THIS

  53. Gianni

    Im so sorry mindy its gonna b ok I feel u.

  54. Gianni

    Im sorry what happened to some people w/their experience. My experiance brought me to the dawn of time. My trip was bout death but its ok were all gonna die someday. Dont b scared anymore I know the meanin of this world and our lives now because of this incense. God bless

  55. Mindy

    I smoke this stuff twice and I tell u now never agai…myfirst tine was a year ago with friends I thought I was fine but 15min later I was seeing stuff and the worst part Idid it in the house wjen my kids was sleep…and thought my kids was living in this devil world so I tiredkilling my son… And then I snap out of it and gave him a bottel and then I thought I posion him and I thought he died I was happy that his dad came home..righy when I tgought I was over it the next day I felt depressed andd waned to kill my son again I would avoid the kitchen cause of the knives and bath time so mom took him for awhile instill I got help it fuck me up for awhile for what I did … Then not to long agk my friends had a bday party for me I smoke something thats worst then k2 It took just one hit I was done in a 30sec I thought zbout jumping off the roof and then I was stuckk outside in a 15degree weather I couldnt move I was frozen then my best caught me cause i fainted…. It lasted abt a hr I stayed at the party for awhile to get it out my system before I went home then I bounce I distance myself from my ex friends im better then that I just
    miss being young and miss having fun I dnt have to get high to have fun and i dare not go back to want I did to my son I think abt it everyday……so i beg anybody who wanf to do it please dnt cause anythin, can happen.

  56. raymond

    follow up to an original post of mine. I smoked K2 and started experiencing chest pains shortly thereafter. In my case, I actually had blockage in two of my main arteries. Nearly 100% in both – therefore, K2 was not a factor. It was coincidence in my case, but google “K2 and chest pains”, get a lot of hits and really start to think about it.

    That being said, figured I should pass this information on as a followup. I do not recommend smoking this stuff, and if you say it is messing you up, well then who am I to say. Legalizing pot is the answer, problem is, that won’t happen anytime soon. I give it 20 years or more, if ever.

  57. BOSS

    my friends sister let me have a hit of that stuff, (i thought it was real weed, not spice) but it was only my second time smoking, and it was horrible! i got so scared that my friends parents would come catch me…im NEVER touching that stuff again, EVER!

  58. erica

    I’m going through the exact same thing! I thought I was insane but other people are going through it too! Its scary because we don’t know if this is permanent or not but still … someone who is going through what I’ve been going through. I’m 19 and I haven’t gotten the chance to live my life.

  59. Jazmyne

    Overall, any drug is dangerous…i watched a friend smoke the shit for a year because he was on probation before I ever tried it and I do smoke it occasionally. I think the people that are more naive or new to drugs are overreacting just a lil…its no worse than ecstacy or meth. That is one drug I warn everyone to stay away from! Worst experience I everhad was with meth…although I did hallucinate that I “foresaw”the end of the world the other day on k2 LOL

  60. Amr

    CHEMICALS are present in everything we touch, eat, and smoke. I’m sorry this is kind of irrelevant, and I am against k2 as a whole, but speaking as a chemist, it really aggravates me when people say “IT HAS CHEMICALS ITS BAD!”

    Look, every food we eat is sprayed with chemicals, most of the crops we grow are sprayed with pesticides and chemicals to increase supply, you wanna complain about this? Fine then don’t buy food. If it wasn’t for all these “Chemicals,” we wouldn’t have enough food to feed the human population, come to think of it, we still don’t.

    Our body secretes chemicals, saliva is a chemical, toothpaste contains many hydrocarbons, THC is a hydrocarbon, JWH (The psycho-activer chemical in k2) is a hydrocarbon, don’t talk about Chemistry and Chemicals like they’re bad. I really hate this ignorant stigma and really hope people will grow out of it. Look at the ingredients of a shampoo bottle or an OJ box, see if you recognize anything, I doubt it.

  61. McD

    “…my friend kyle was screaming 911. so i got the fuck out of there.”

    What are friends for?

  62. ahmad

    Im having similar side effects. My dreams are very scary and many times I think it’s reality and I wake up crying. I first started smoking this stuff once every few weeks. At that level, I experienced no negative effects. But slowly, I started smoking it one joint with my boyfriend every night and now we buy a pack every two days and smoke like 3-4 joints a day to ourselves. It’s highly addictive. I am on these forums for hours reading this stuff hoping that someone’s story would convince me to stop, but nothing is working.

    I have gained about 12 pounds in two months because this stuff makes your very lazy as well. Ive never tripped so bad to hallucinate, but I get very paranoid. I feel like people are following me, like everyone wants to kill me.

    The scariest parts are the dreams. I’ve dreamed about killing the people I know and love so much and I wake up crying like a mad man. it’s the scariest thing ever. I don’t know what to do because I can’t stop smoking it.

    Don’t let the people you know smoke this. it’s the worst thing ever. tomorrow I’m going to see the doctor- maybe they can help me quit.

  63. Sloth

    i smoked this shit a few times, i was smoking with my friend and i had to go to the bathroom, i was sooo fucked up by the time i walked in the bathroom i forgot why i went down there. By the time i remembered why i went down there it took me about 3 minutes to find the light switch. When i was done using the bathroom, i walked in the hallway and heard my friend upstairs in the attic screaming, yelling call 911! call 911! over and over again. I went up there and he is on all fours dry heaving everywhere, i was laughing because i knew he was gonna be fine but i couldnt stay there, just hearing him dry heave almost made me puke. Also the reason i left is because my friend kyle was screaming 911. so i got the fuck out of there.

  64. austin

    austin for the 4 time. First off im not lying about none of the stuff i said the heart palps muscle spasms white dots etc. i smoked it for a year straight several times it wasent till after i stopped this shit started hapining So for people who think my storie is a lie fuuuuucccckkkkk yyyoooouuu. And yes im a dombass for smoking it all the time but it was sold in a fucking store so thought it would be okay some peoples stories on hear are probebly bullshit but im telling the truth and for some of you replying back thank you it helps to know im not the only dumb one out there.

  65. Lauper

    Hi. Thankyou for sharing the bad experience you had with K2. You said you felt demon possessed and that you would kill the people you love most. You felt your body was being controlled by demons. Would you try and explain this to me if you can please? What thoughts were going thru your head when this was happening? Im concerned about this bcuz I believe the same thing has happened to my boyfriend. It would help me understand whats going on incase it ever happens again. And since Im that one he loves most, know what I mean? :-|

  66. Austin

    I’ve been smoking this stuff for about a year solid. I’ve had those “bad trips” where you feel like your in hell. But nothing ever happened after that. The only thing that changed is the fact that i started taking smaller hits or less hits. I’ve heard of people who smoke way too much and end up dead or in a coma. But that’s because they smoked too much of it. It’s a sensitive drug, and you need to know how to smoke it. Every time i get a new case of this stuff i start with one tiny rip. Everything is different. So rather than being stupid, test your grounds before you inhale 2 bowls of something you have no idea about.

  67. Herbal Incense

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  68. mike


    I get the heart palps and severe muscle spasms since taking this stuff only once. I took it back in april and still till this day am paying for it. Ive seen a cardiologist who ran ecgs, stress test said everything seemed fine except heart seemed a little hard i tried explaining k2 to him, he had next to none knowledge of it but said it could of triggered a condition called INAPPROPRIOTE SINUS TACHYCARDIA he said hopefully it will improve naturally which it isnt. So frustrated to live with and cardiologists doesnt want to medicate coz im 20yrs old any info would help greatly.

  69. TheLight

    The same thing happened tome, its been a couple days, but DISCONNECTED is exactly how i felt, i couldnt believe i could ever get back to life for i had been so far from myself. i started to question what was real and how did my mind ever be connected with my physical body. i felt like i knew too much and that me being separated from my body in a way where questioning was occuring, there was no way i would ever be able to go back to the “real” world or even be allowed to go back by God.

  70. TheLight

    i did the same thing will, i felt like if i stopped moving i was getting dragged back to death/hell. i actually saw a street lamp too, Vanessa, and thought that was God, so i ran as fast as i could into it and got knocked down. it sounds funny but thats how out of my mind i was.

  71. TheLight

    Same with me Shannon, i was begging God to let me live, i rarely smoke, i did it 3 times ever and havent smoked weed in over 5 years, who cares about tolerence, if it can cause you to feel a battle for your life it shouldnt be out there. i felt like i needed to lay down, but i knew if i laid down i was accepting death. i felt like i was in hell because i kept seeing the same houses as i was RUNNING to live and it made me think i was in some kind of hell because i was going in cycles. luckily my friend who did it too was with me and he experienced the same exact thing, he kept me awkake and was telling me to focus on breathing. i credit him with keeping me “conscious” if that makes sense because i feel if i were to have laid down i would have blacked out entirely and maybe the seizures would have begun. idk how i didnt have a Heart attack because i was running for what felt like hours but turned out to be a couple minutes. the only thing that kept me optimistic was my phone, i thought i was in a purgatory/ hell state but since my phonesminutes kept moving i knew i had a little hope for me to get through it. i never battled for anything like that in my life, i felt that if i failed i would have died.

  72. TheLight

    i understand where your coming from,but if you havnt had a bad experience you shouldnt tell people how to react. i am searching other peoples responses because i had this happen to me and the only way to xplain this was i was on the brink of death. this was not a type of high, this was me trying to survive, thats what i went through and im now a little scared that i may have messed up my heart forthe rest of my life, theres no telling the amount of damage i put it through in those couple of hours.

  73. Enrique

    I would like for some of these people to actually PROVE their stories.

    Any links to news sites, or maybe a pic of the newspaper clipping.

    But as far as I’m concerned without any pics or links, or documents… all your stories are bullshit to me.

  74. nate

    I have smoked a lot of weed in my day and my cousin buys that white widow stuff and smokes it all the time and hes fine,,,but I took two hits of that shit and it was the worst experince I ever had.. I was high as kite and my heart was racing so bad I thought I was going to have a heart attack,, stay the fuck away from that stuff!!!!!!!

  75. Wow

    I have the same problem, how long did it last? it’s been a day and I still feel a tiny percent of me going off into a dream world

  76. Jenny Simon

    I hope the experiace im about 2 share can atleast help one person.. Im a male college athlete and I normally smoke weed but we get drug tested alot so I couldn’t keep smoking it so K2 was perfect for me. When I started smoking it I would only smoke it every now and then, then every now and then turned into everyday, then everyday turned into every hour of the day.. After a while I found myself I becoming addicted and couldnt stop smoking it.. But about a month ago I thought it was over for me. I experienced the scariest moment of my life. I thoghut I was about 2 die!! My heart never beated as fast as it did, I put my hand on my chest and COULD LITARALY FEEL MY HEART BEATING LIKE A BASE DRUM.. Then I started hallucinating, though I was seeing shit that wasn’t their, I was pacing back and forth through my house, and then I went outside to get some air and I saw three guys walking down the street and thought they were coming 2 kill me. After the high wore off my heart was still beating fast as shit and I was still hallucinating for about another 15 mins..

    If you smoke K2 or have ever smoked it.. I beg of you.. PLEASE LEAVE THAT SHIT ALLLLLOOOOONNNNEEEE.. That shit will fuck your brain up, your heart, and who knows what else it can do.. When I think to myself how dumb I was to ever even try that shit im still amazed on how this shit is legal and still being sold in local stores.. The
    I’m a successful person and have alot going for myself but almost fucked it up smoking that K2 shit.. Weed is the only drug I ever done in my life.. But I believe that K2 is like a legal substitute for crack or something because all I could think about throughout the day was when I was going to get high again.

    Before I started smoking K2 I use to read stuff similar to what im writing about now and think to myself “aww that shit won’t happen to me I’m healthy I work out like everyday I’m good” but I warn you please don’t think it can’t happen to you cause it dedinitly can.. Nothing has ever taken over my life like k2 did..

  77. unknown

    Smoked it on occassion as a resort to pot, i was a very heavy smoker with a high tolerance, anyway, this one product was great however it only lasted 20 minutes and i wanted a longer high so i bought one called “…. super strength”, so, first time i smoke it i roll a joint, pack it up a bit thinking its gunna be no better than last one, i honestly hallucinated, felt like i was watching everything in 2nd hand, lasted about 30 minutes THEN i felt like i was on a normal high which lasted an hour and was great from then on, smoked it a few times since thinking it was only cuz i smoked too much, i had 4 tokes off a joint of it last night and felt hammered. I Was on my laptop and xbox and the screens were so bright i had to turn the tv off and turn the brightness down on the laptop but every time i tried to lean forward from my bed my head would spin like mad, an insane headache, tinnitus and all sorts, it was like i was in another dimension, imagine looking at your facebook page like a comic book, everything was extremely different and it was fucking horrible, my heart was beating like a thump, every pump was so powerful you could literally see it when looking at my chest. fuck that shit, why have they not legalized weed yet, wouldnt get people smoking this bullshit

  78. That's It!

    K2 is a demon drug, a proverbial “wolf in sheeps clothing”, because it is a terrifying hallucinogen cloaked in a harmless wrapper. After trying this I will never smoke anything ever again in my life for fear of it giving me a repeat of this terrible experience. K2 is THAT bad, just like everyone else here says. My hallucinations were absolutely horrifying. Before I get into the specifics, let me just say that I don’t do “drugs” and I only tried this because it is “legal” and available in stores. Secondly, I tried this only in an effort to relax and stop being such a jerk (which I can be when I am stressed).
    So, here are a few examples of the frightening hallucinations I had: I felt like Julie Schenecker – that ex-military woman who killed her two lovely teenagers because they were, “mouthing off”. The story hasn’t been in the news lately (the military protects it’s people), but what did get out was she was taking prescription anti-anxiety and anti-depressants which caused her to leave reality. Well, the evil part of her took over and she murdered her children. This is what you will feel when you smoke K2. You will feel like you are demon-possessed and that you will kill the people you love most. That your body is completely under the control of some demon. It is absolutely and totally horrifying. I would liken it to what I’ve read about as a “very bad LSD trip”. There are countless people who’ve jumped off buildings, who’ve died of drug over-doses, who’ve gone on killing-sprees – as a result of bad drug trips. Now that I’ve tried K2, I would suspect that it is tainted with the same brain-altering substance. You feel like you are in the movie “Saw”. Or you feel like a U.S. soldier who shot children in Iraq and suffers the inescapable psychological aftermath. I would not be surprised if soldiers taking K2 after fighting in combat would commit suicide because it makes the worst nightmares feel like a reality.
    If this get’s into the hands of teenagers, I can see it causing terrible things: murders and suicides. As the article states, it has caused, “life threatening hallucinations” – It did for me!! You think it’s harmless, but it made me feel like I was going to f-ing die. I could go on and on. Reply if you’d like and I’ll try to get back to you.
    Another thing. Recently there have been some unexplained “family massacres” lately – one of them was today, Christmas Day 2011, in Texas, headline reading, “7 people found shot dead in Fort Worth – area apartment”. I would not be surprised if this was a result of the killer taking K2 – which is why I’m writing here, tonight. I believe this drug is extremely dangerous and, from what I see in this forum, I am not alone.

  79. summerlea

    I’ve smoked it for 2 years I’ve had experience all sorts of shit throwing up thinking I’m going to have a Hart attack I’ve seen shit that wasn’t there still yet kept smoking it I’d just learn to clam myself down I’ve had every kind that’s ever been out I got so addicted to it smoking it from the time a woke up till the time I went to bed at work u name it and then one day me and my friend smoked it like we did everyday and this time was his last his eyes rolled back in his head he passed out for 30 min and woke back up fine for a hour then he was saying his head hurt bad next thing I knew he had a seizure and died this is real shit don’t think cause it hasn’t happened yet it won’t

  80. Carmen

    I smoked weed everyday for about 5 yrs and it does wonders for me (helps my severe anxiety, worry, etc) but eventually had to quit due to random drug screenings at my job. So I started smoking fake weed everyday instead (and when i say everyday, i mean everyday.) I have smoked all different kinds (medusa, warpaint, wicked xxx, happy hour, the stuff, etc) I actually enjoy the high quite a bit (very trippy effect, many compare it to duster.) I did experience fast heartrate, high blood pressure, severe nervousness,etc quite often after smoking it, but mostly EXTREME memory loss. After ten months of replacing weed with fake, I have decided to quit. I have noticed my thought process and memory is pretty much fucked from smoking that shit. I notice stopping in mid-sentence a lot and not being able to remember what I was even trying to say. I constantly deal with my mind going totally blank. Basically, from months of smoking some grosa chemicals…I have managed to turn my myself into kind of an idiot. I say NO TO FAKE SHIT!!!

  81. ryan

    Fuck you mother fuckers who think that this isnt bad im a big ass pot head i took one hit of that shit and i started tripping i couldnt tell apart my thoughts from what i was saying i have anxiety attacks everyday and my heart beats fast and then slow its no fucking joke if you smoke this shit you are a fucking crack head this shit changed my life every single day i think about when i tripped and ive done alot of drugs and this by far is the worst one ever im no pussy but im up all night every night with chest pains and the lower left part of my head hurts you should really see what this shit does to people think and smoke some dro even though its hard for me to smoke without freaking out and my heart racing i love pot and ill smoke that until i die fuck k2 and fuck the goverment

  82. austin

    Austin again i called cardiologist colin kain today in texas even though i live in virginia now and told him about my palpitations and my use of k2 for months he told me its hard to believe after a year i still get heart palpitations he said maybe i need to see a phyciatrist but im noy crazy its just i still have these attacks and they come out of knowere he told me there have been more people and some hallucinate i dont but the muscle spasms and heart palpitations are horible im not trying to complain alot by keeping on posting my symtoms but im only 18 is there anyone else who can relate to the muscle spasms to i know what your thinking he does need to see a phyciatrist but it does feel good to open up im to young for this crap i wish k2 was never out there dont use it.

  83. Sodapop

    I hope you get better I was suck in purgatory for an hour yesterday. All day I felt like I was in a dream world. If I was not alone I would have went to the ER. That was after two hits the other thing is you smoke cigs it will bring you up then down even the next day so be carful. This is not a ply not to doit it is just a review.DON’T

  84. badidea

    ok so you guys know what everyones experience was last night. let me tell you how i am over a year later. i was a daily pot smoker and by no means a new to smoking. i took 2 small hits and immediately felt wasted. i felt so bad i went to bed. couldnt sleep, had a hell trip for maybe an hour. lost consciousness at some point. woke up an hour later and still felt wasted. next day i felt fine. was at work then out of the blue i get this terrible feeling like im tripping again. i thought it was an after effect of the drug. it lasted a few hours with the elevated heart rate, fear, etc. then it went away again. after that experience i started having multiple panic attacks every day. got so bad i went to the doc. diagnosed me with panic disorder and depression. gave me meds but they didnt help at all. now, over a year later, i am unable to work or even leave the house for long periods of time and have extreme social anxiety and panic attacks. i never had any of these problems until i tried this drug. i was fooled, dont let it happen to you. if you have these problems and they arent going away you should see a psychologist and tell them what happened. the drug has likely triggered panic disorder if you are still feeling terrified after the high wears off. i have been to the docs, done my research and dealt with my problem as best i can. bottom line is this shit is bad, im a very liberal person when it comes to smoking, but as far as these synthetic chems are concerned, they should be outlawed. if you are thinking of trying this, DONT!!!! if you already tried it and have these symptoms, well, best of luck to you, hope you can handle your new life better than i did.

  85. Austin

    Hi austin again thank you avid smoker for commenting and to jhon i am deffinetly not saying
    this k2 bullshit is safe its dagerous as hell but i did smoke it for months and i was alright had
    a job with a welding company and went to school know i cant even walk up a set of stairs
    without my heart going crazy and it even beats in a different place now as im breathing down
    with my hand on my chest my beat moves up like 2 inches it my be hard for someone else
    to understand but my cousin seems to be fine since we had jobs we had money so we always
    had it but had no pot connections that were good anyway i am seirious about all of this
    from the heartbeat muscle spasms white dots in my vision which i only see at the sky or white
    walls remember im only 18 i quit shortley after my 17 birthday i guess i should have taken
    “NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION” for real. this is not a joke and im a good person i dident
    even graduate cause of this shit im luckiny to be alive but ive been on heart attack range many of times.

  86. tim

    hey im a head take it from me this shit is bad news & young naive children are getting a hold of it because its legal o & these idiots who say they smoked too much they cant handle their shit…i watched my friend seize, vomit, lose touch with all reality, forget his name…FROM ONE HIT…tell your children
    legalize chronic & this wont be a problem

  87. Avid Smoker

    Austin, it’s interesting that you commented on this blog today. After 2 years of smoking “not weed” and an almost fatal experience, I quit smoking about 3-4 months ago. Last night (this is the first time this happened), my heart started beating really fast. I got a bit nauseous. My boyfriend took my BMP, and it was 90+. It slowly started to go down, but it scared me really badly. Drinking a glass of water helped. Standing up and walking around for a minute helped, but I had to be careful as to not stand up too quickly, or I would have fainted.
    Thanks for telling us your side of the story.

  88. John

    Take it from an old pot head. This stuff is BAD…My son is laying in the hospital on a ventaltor because he had a freaking seizure on this stuff. I ts been 3 days, I dont know if he is coming out of it….

    Keep your comments like ” they smoked too much” to your selves. There are way too many people saying this stuff is unpredictable and it WILL get you. Pot doesnt do that….DAHHHH……You jackasses that are trying to convince everyone that this stuff is ok. Knock it off….just move on….some it if you want, but dont try to convince people its ok…..

  89. austin.s

    Its been almost a year since i smoked k2 and i smoke a shit load of different kinds
    mostly mr nice guy i never had bad side affects until i smoked wow spice and i thought
    i was having a heart attack my heart was beating fast as hell fast fast fast fast
    im 18 now have smoked weed since i was thirteen never even thought about my heart
    until this shit came along and the only reason i even smoked it was cause i couldent fail a drugtest
    now even a year later beacuse it was banned in texas like dec23 of last year i still have crazy fast heartrate muscle spasms uncontrolable shaking this shit has ruined my life now if i smoke pot
    the same thing happens.

  90. John G

    Let’s be brief. Every type of weed has a different effect as does every type of incense. You have to test your threshold. Start small. I can’t even get high on real weed anymore. The shit I smoke takes 4 hits ameboid high for 3 to 4 hours. It feels like the first time every time. Seems like just yesterday I was burning down blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt. Use to smoke an ounce a week of schwag now 1.5 grams of synthetic. Sure it’s killing me. So is the air we breathe and the food we eat. I guarantee you there are more food poisoning deaths each year than “bad” trips. I smoke ki blend. It’s fockin awesome. It’s not sold as incense or potpourri. It’s now a novelty product not to be opened. High til I die baby. See y’all on the other side.

  91. Avid Smoker

    So Rod, below, is complaining too much, even when he admitted to taking TWO SMALL HITS? Herbal Incense is an herb with CHEMICALS sprayed on them. Chemicals that we don’t know exactly what they will do long term. AND everyone experiences it differently. So don’t try to sound like you’re high and mighty. Your day will come.

  92. John Ston

    People you can’t complain about it being bad if your taking to many hits! I only take 2 and that gets me way up there! Your having these bad trips because you are overdoing the limit you should put on your body. If you wana smoke it great just be smart about it and dont try and see how many hits you can handle of it.

  93. Hailey

    ive been smoking k2 since my gurl died in June, i smoke 3 grams a night. my brother and his friend also smoke with me. here in illinois, k2 is SOOO much cheaper then marijuana, its $10 for 3 grams vs $10 for 2, sometimes 1 gram. ive been puking up blood, coughing, my stomachs been hurting reallly bad. i cant barely eat at all anymore. ive never had a ‘ bad trip ‘. but im begining to get really really sikk. i havent smoked it in 4days & i feel worse n worse everyday…

  94. Experienced "Fake-Pot" User

    I have used many brands of “fake” pot, honestly because I found it much easier to get a hold of and I was curious. I smoked some stuff called, “BULLET” once and I could remember feeling exactly as you’ve described. I felt completely detached from reality and in a sense was dissociating from everything around. I remember after literally 1-2 hits I began to feel it, and it was horrible. I felt like I couldn’t move and my vision was off. Plain and simple, do not smoke this stuff – wanna get high? SMOKE SOME REAL WEED. – trust

  95. Lukas Maverick

    All of you people posting your experiences here are morons. You are taking way too many fuckin hits, youre only suppose to take 3 pipe hits max. There is absolutely no cumilative effect for any more than 2 or 3 hits, it does nothing except give you an elevated heart rate.

  96. princess1989

    Hi i smoked the fake weed 8 days ago today, i have had some horrible chest pain and it has gotten better but still feels sore in my right lung, i have numbing horrible numbing on and off and it’s really scary i went to the er and they diagnosed me with bronchitos, which i know i don’t have that cause i am not coughing.. It’s from smoking that fake weed… It’s really bad for you and yes it doesn’t affect some people and others it does. I didn’t even take a full hit of it, and it’s done this to me. I am scared so i am going back today hopefully everything is okay but i will never smoke this or anything again.. :-|

  97. Rod

    Just tried this stuff today…for some stupid reason. I took two small hits and felt a buzz similar to pot, but not as mental just physical. The ‘high’ lasted for about 20 mins, and then as i was coming down my heart began racing out of control, i would say it had to have gotten well over 200bpm. My heart seriously raced for atleast two hours…all of which I was constantly worried i was going to have a stroke or may have been having a heart attack. It sucked really bad. This was real danger to me…not just some bad trip. In my many years of smoking pot I have never come close to having a heart attack. This stuff isn’t right…i don’t care how tough you wanna act. Two hours after finally getting my heart rate to slow, I am still terribly sore in my chest ( as it was very tight for well over an hour) and cant help but worry i may have given myself a heart problem.

  98. Shannon

    the same exact thing happened to me. i even had convulsions/seizure… i truly in my heart knew was going to die. i couldnt remember anything, bnot even my birthday. it felt like the room was blinking and i didnt know how to stay alive. i was fighting dying with all i had. it felt like hours had gone by but turned out it was only 45 min. worst experience of my life. :-(

  99. R

    It’s been over two months since I have and I still feel weird. In all honesty I think it has changed me forever. My life doesn’t feel the same and I feel like I am on another world most of the time…..

  100. princess 1989

    I smoked the fake stuff yesterday around 3 pm. still at …this moment it feels like something is stuck in my throat… The first time i smoked it it lasted for 3 hours… I woke up the next day and i was fine but its been a day and a half and i still feel this way. i am scared.

  101. Bob

    I have been smoking mj for 19 years, fake stuff for about 2 years, never once had a bad trip on the fake, been high as hell for 15 minutes or so, but not even as stoned as decent weed gets you. If you dont like it dont smoke it and that goes for real bud too. And if more parents cared what their kids were doing youd not have these kids into stuff they shouldnt be messing with anyway. Quit blameing the substances and take responsibility for your own actions. The stuff says very clearly “not for human consumption” so if you smoke it you are ultimately responsible for whatever outcome you get. I smoke both, good times had by all around…and if I had tripped out I wouldn’t be crying about it on the internet.

  102. Josh

    I had the same thing happen, and i’m still wondering what is real and what isn’t.. Things don’t look the same, the movements of people look to planned out and I feel like this life is to planned out. Idk what to do.. I think this stuff made me crazy, or just made me see what was real and what isn’t.. When I smoked it, I went to a different world. It made me think that someone was controlling me, and my friend said I started saying stuff about the cricket man? And in my head i was thinking the cricket mad was controlling me, and i felt as if I was reliving moments over and over again.. I would black out, then come back and it would be happing, like stuff would feel like it was going in slow motion, and then speed up again.. I sometimes still feel like things don’t look real. Can anyone relate?


    proof. more than anecdotes.

    people can lie.


    keep in touch. I need to know of effects. Bout to be on PSI. PERMANENT DAMAGE. All I care about.


    Does it do permanent damage and where at if so?

    That’s all that matters to me.

    About to be on PSI. 1 month user approx.

  106. tbubl

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, dont do it. I am in my 30′s and I have been smoking for 10 years or so and I had my trip today. I realllllllllllllly thought I was about to die. I had all the symptoms everyones talking about and probally worst. I thought that it was ok because I smoke spice before and I was even promoting the stuff because it got me high just like trees but today i was sooooooo gone I tried to dial 911 and all I was pressing was 9999999999999999. I even told my wife about my money stash to help out the family when I die. Just crazy. I made a deal with GOD today that if he brought me down from this high I would change my life and stop smoking and everthang. Im not kidding I have never felt like that and I was a regular Kush and Purple smoker. JUST SAY NO or else you will commenting next. Please dont do it I wouldnt wish that feeling on my worst enemy…..








    This is the name I meant to use. Haha.


    I know about L.E.A.P. and Cops for Legalization (I think that’s what it’s called)

    anyways…I smoke spice and am nervous about it but I don’t have alot of choice I’ll be on PSI soon due to my AWESOME lawyer but that’s why…and I check out health risks…and I can’t find much credible, reliable, verifiable evidence of permanent damage to the body (mental I can deal with).

    Sometimes I feel a little pain sensation in places….numbness has occurred in very minor ways in the past…but nothing was permanent. I am afraid I’m taking this risk but your fellow officers need to know about the TRUTH about LEGALIZATION. IT IS SAFE.

    I was charged with 1 Fel. 2 Misd. and last semester 2 Misd. All pot.
    Luckily, my record’s still clean.

    2nd mentioned incident: possessed seeds & stems with pipe.

    1st mentioned incident: 3.5 grams left

  112. beloved1.tf

    I had to leave a comment after my weird first experience. I tried this redbull k2 just yesterday…a friend of mine put me on it. Im use to smoking the regular bud but this was an “alternative” like my friend and everyone else on here are saying so I thought it would do no harm…stupid me should done my research.hmmm So as I took my first 2 or 3 hits about a minute later I was feeling it and nothing was wrong but i kept smoking after that…5 minutes later I just felt weird…i wasnt me at all and couldnt smoke anymore. I got really quiet among other things I cant really remember. My friend told me he had never seen a girls reaction to the k2 (thats all i remember from those few moments) and asked if i was ok and said yes even tho I wasnt i was just fuckin dumbified i could speak clearly nor focus on the conversation. I was able to walk and move around normally but I felt queasy after a while so I went home and layed down for a while before i fell asleep i even started seeing things that werent there. Later that night i couldnt sleep and still had some left (mind you I couldnt seem to remember what happend when I did it earlier that day) i only took two hits and had my music playing so for some reason i felt really sensual but fine as if i smoked regualr bud. not even 5 minutes later that changed…it felt like the music was in my head literally and i was in a trance just dancing but i always dance in the mirror so i was like whatever…it started hitting me hard. as i left the room i couldnt really keep my balance and i passed out :stars: …i tried to get up off the ground but my body was too weak. My heart felt like it was beating a mile a minute and I couldnt stop pulsating for about 4 minutes i got so scared. A good 10mins went by before i could get up and when i finally did it was still hard to walk but i made it to my room. I instantly started to feel sick feeling the need to vomit BUT I STILL couldnt walk and i knew i wouldnt make it to the bathroom in time…you know the rest…I was finally able to get up after a while trying to calm myself down and went straight to the bathroom…i was in there so long vomitting i couldnt tell you how long…i thought it was over once that happend because i felt a little better but once i went back to my room I ran straight back to the bathroom (worse day ever) i finally was able to go to bed peacfully but i was a mess. I remember everything today like it was a dream or something but I had to comment on this because too many ppl out there maybe abusing this substance or dont know the harmful effects it may give you when you do it…everyone is different so no ones side effects will be the same. I felt like i was dying more than anything….i was halucinating and paranoid as hell also :loco: …i felt high at first thru it all but its not worth my health and sanity seriously. Never doing that mess again. ITS JUST NOT WORTH IT…be safe out there. and the fact that k2, cigarettes and other drugs out there are legal (killing us slowly) while natuarl bud is illegal makes no sense…it should be legal for these reasons…ppl will pick an easy “alternative” for the same effect but its not at all the same.. its all for a profit.smh money truely does make the world go round huh. ok im done now.

  113. J

    I smoked some tonight. Made a smoking apparatus out of a water bottle. Took about 7 beast hits and two minutes later felt like I was really gonna die. I had to get out of the car because my vision was warped. Everything was really close. I felt like I was blacking out and waking up by the second. When I got out of the car I kept shifting from one foot to the other to maintain my balance, but I wasn’t completely aware of my surroundings. I was trapped in my dying body. I was standing by the door and felt a hot sensation completely engulf the back side of my body, it made me actually cry out in shock. I was breathing like I was in labor and I was very dizzy. Then it felt like my heart was pounding out of my chest, but stopped at the same time. I thought my lungs had collapsed. It felt like my everything on the inside of my chest, from the back of my throat to my lungs was a slab of concrete. I felt like I was going to puke up my heart. There was a sharp pain everytime I tried to swallow, like there was a flap in my throat that was stuck open and I couldn’t breath and swallow. I stumbled into my house and sat in front of a fan and calmed myself down. THIS K2 SHIT AINT NO JOKE! I’ve smoked it numerous times in the past, BUT this was the worst experience and I will never do it again and advise anybody else to not do so either. I’ve done numerous other drugs and never had this feeling before. It really scared me. The friend I was with too. Idk if it was the brand or what but Im not fucking with the shit EVER AGAIN! I truly thought I was going to die and couldn’t do anything about it. The shit is dumb and not worth your life. I’ll smoke some tree bark b4 I smoke that shit again.

  114. Will

    Thats foreal. You cant smoke the fake stuff the same way. If you do your asking for truble. One to two puffs of a” pinner” and you good. drink water to keep the headaches away.I tried to smoke some Blueberry LOL like reagular smoke, damn near killed myself. Had to keep walking around so that i would not pass out, felt like I would die if I did not keep moving.

  115. Avid Smoker

    Since I have been smoke free, it took about 2 weeks for my headaches to go away. My body feels better as a whole. I feel healthier. I can remember things better. Time doesn’t fly past me anymore. I can actually get things done.
    It was a big challenge to quit smoking, but after I did, I can see why I needed to all along.


  116. Chris

    I”ve smoked k2 about 6 times before i had my bad experience. Also i have smoked bud for 2 years. So you guys can have an idea that im not some first time drug user. I smoked 1 hit of k2 then 20 minutes later we all had another hit but this time mine was packed and i had to inhale about 2-3 times to complete it then i just started feeling wierd and all of a sudden my vision started getting blurry then everything went black i started to lie down on the floor and my friends were asking me questions but i couldnt respond properly nor could i speak properly the next minute was completely blank and friends told me i had a mini seizure an that my hands were spazing out. After about 30 seconds i regained counciousness and i stood up i was feeling very confused and my hearing was fkd everything just sounded so loud. I was telling my friends to take me to the hospital then i just started walking and my body was feeling so wierd then 5 minutes later i sat down in the car and just closed my eyes i started to see all these different shapes n patterns also my head was hurting a bit. I felt wierd for about 2 hours then the next day i was fine. I tried k2 again a few days later and i was fine . So i have no idea why this happend…maybe i got high to fast? I don”t think i will be doing k2 ever again though. Im just going to stick to bud

  117. Ex-druggie

    K-2 is not at all a safe alternative to Cannabis. Cannabis is natural, and it works on a natural system in your body, the Endocannabinoid System (sp). K-2 is none of that. You really have no idea what your smoking and NO CLUE how it is getting you high. I’ve experienced the pre-seizure feeling from it and it sucks. Big time.

    This is all fallout from improper drug resistance education. We should focus on the health dangers of drugs instead of what happens if they get caught doing drugs. Honestly, the health dangers are a lot scarier, and they are unavoidable if you keep going long enough. Getting caught is not (at least thats what EVERYONE tells themselves), especially when more “legal drugs” are going to keep coming out. fyi they will, and they will get worse and worse.

    Fun fact, a few months back a brand called Pineapple Express had to be recalled because it had a benzodiazepine in it. Smoking Xanax gets you super super fucked up yes, but it is not a safe alternative to Cannabis, and it should never be a legal one.

  118. Louis

    this is exactly what i experienced. uncontrollable chills, shaking. i laid in my bed thinking I was dying, curling up, like you said. this was two days ago, and I only smoked it a few times, never more than a few hits at a time. did you experience any lasting effects? im def never touching it again

  119. Zach

    What happened was you took too many hits. What people don’t realize is that k2 hits differently than pot, so just because you’re a seasoned pot head, doesn’t mean you can take hits of k2 its nothing.

  120. vanessa

    About a month ago I smoked some fake stuff called incredible hulk. i was with my boyfriend and his cousin and we were on a small balcony at my boyfriends house. it was dark out already and i took a few hits. i begin to feel the effect and decided to stop and smoke a cigarette.. after lighting the cigarette i immediately start feeling really freaken weird. things that were easy to read were no longer clear, everything was a blur i looked at the street lights and my body began to feel weak. i was trying to talk myself out of feeling this way telling myself i was gonna be okay i was just high and this feeling would be over before i knew it. i knew i wasnt having a normal high. then it all got so much worse. i put my hands on the rail and before i knew it my body went numb and i was lowering myself down. my boyfriend then realized i wasnt okay and i was trying really hard to play like i was. i sat on the ground and i was still listening but couldnt speak. they were reallly worried.. but i couldnt understand i needed to get inside so they picked me up and brought me about 2 feet in onto the couch. they sat me up and my head fell completely back i had no support other than my boyfriend holding me up. he then told me my eyes rolled back and i said this is just part of the game ( I dont remember this at all ) after that happened which lasted about a minute i laid on the couch and went to sleep woke up 5 minutes later completely confused but still vaguely remembered things that occurred as per me my eyes were closed the entire time bc i dont remember having visual memories other than dazing into the street lamp . i remember my heart beating extremely fast and hard and feeling like my chest was moving with it. i will never forget what i felt that night and how scary it was. i lost complete control of my body my hearing intensified . things next to me sounded muffled but yet the tv down the hall sounded like it was in my head and extremely irritating.. i felt like i was going to die and really almost cried while saying goodbye to myself. i always heard them speaking but cant remember what they said except for when my eyes rolled back that moment lasted about 1 minute and is a complete blank… WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ME? It freaked me out so badly. my boyfriend cant smoke real weed bc of his job and this was his alternative and i love him so this is why i was smoked it instead of real weed ( which nothing truely compares too ) my bf said i looked depressed – this is what should be illegal not a natural plant that helps out in so many safe ways. i never in my life would imagine of feeling the i felt… very scary and never ever again

  121. Zach

    Idk what you smoke, but incense are much cheaper than marijuana. You can pay 24 dollars for 2.5 grams vs 10 for a dime.

  122. ...

    this stuff saved me. when i quit it, i quit being around the useless friends that i wasted time around. i mean what fun is it to hangout park-lot to another park-lot, being afraid to do something with your day because your paranoid. i like being able to walk up to a calm and intimidate them.

  123. Sam

    Straight up, this stuff is dangerous, there’s a lot of different brands and a lot a different effects. I smoked it as an alternative to pass a drug test, the fact is, there’s no long term studies on “fake weed’. it does give a detached sort of mellow feeling however some can be highly addictive and have extremely adverse effects, its not the plant getting you high its just the chemical JWH (whatever the number is) along with who knows what else. it’s highly addictive and very expensive.

  124. Me

    I also do not feel alive anymore and like my body never truly reconnected with my soul. I sometimes wonder if I’m still stuck in that place I was, living out memories, and occasionally I’ll just stop and lose my reality. I’ve felt dead for over half a year now and it hasn’t improved. Before this 1 time I was probably one of the most
    outgoing people you’d meet and now I find it hard to be around people, and even the smallest activities seem meaningless. Life seems pointless. Nothing seems real.

  125. Me

    I accidentally smoked this from a friend thinking it was regular tobacco and I too almost instantly went into a psychotic break from reality in an extreme intensive torturous reality where it was so unimaginable horrible like all my senses went into overdrive and I was in hell. I no longer recognized my friends and I did not believe it was real or actually happening. Eventually I believed reality never existed and what I was seeing (in real life IE; my friends asking me if I’m OK) were just distant memories or my imagination. I did not know who I was or if I had ever even existed and it took a long time for me to remember anything about my life and even longer to believe any of it ever actually happened. Days afterward I found myself wondering what was real and what wasn’t. I find my mind drifting back to that dark place where I couldn’t even recognize my friends. I look in the mirror 6 months later and find my reflection unfamiliar in a sense. My life seems distant and I feel increasingly detached from reality. I no longer have sudden experiences where I relive those events as I did for about 2 weeks. But this has impacted greatly my life in general. I find no interest in activities such as guitar and I can’t bring myself to clean my house when I’ve always been a neat freak. I still wonder sometimes what is or isn’t real.

  126. Zach

    I’ve never smoked pot before so I jumped right into this stuff. The first time I took a hit I was fucked. I don’t even remember getting high, and every thing seemed like a blur. I kept perfusivly sweating and twitching and my heart rate was through the roof. What I realized was was that I was freaking my self out and I needed to calm down. Since then, when I smoke with my friends, I get that high where I forget what happened 10 seconds ago, but I’m so calm now. Granted I do still twitch a lot, and I do hallucinate in certain situations, such as if we are smoking in the car. I almost had another anxiety attacks last night when I got ripped before going to sleep. I realize now that I need to be awake and have lights on and be active in order to keep myself calm. K2 is just like pot in the sense that all brands are different. The brand I smoke is called kush pink, and will fuck you up, but not too bad. I suggest that you relax yourself before hand, and do your best to calm your self when you’re high. Just take deep breathes if you feel your heart beat hard, and try to calm yourself down.

  127. Mik

    Yo i know exactly how u feel….the exact same thing has happened to me. How long ago did u do this and do you still feel that way??

  128. hmmm

    I gotta be honest and say that this fake weed is really dangerous…
    I had an extreme reaction after I smoked this shit, I almost died! and i’m not even a teenager.
    It was the first time (and last time) I tried it, and after smocking about 0.1 gram of spike99 I start trippin really hard, I mean REALLY HARD… I fucking lost my mind for real … and suddenly my heart started speeding up so much It felt like it wanted to get out of my chest followed by extreme thirst and difficulties breathing … all this resulted to extreme fatigue which made me fall to sleep. when I got up I was still high but my hearth was doing much better.
    The symptoms lasted for about 2 hours, and the high for like 5 or 6 hours
    That shit is bad for you, trust me it’s BAD!

  129. Im just not the same

    The concept of feeling like you are dying is something that can never be explained until you experience it for yourself..
    I smoked some legal bud called berry blend with some old friends who came in from out of town, and it was the worst decision of my life. Immediately after my only hit, i felt an intense pressure in the back of my head and my anxiety level spiked to insane heights. I no longer recognized anybody in the room, and i could no longer speak. My hands went numb and i couldn’t use my phone at all.

    But the worst part about my trip was this feeling of detachment. I felt as if i was waking up from a dream and looking at everything as if there was no possible way any of it could be real to the point of what i thought was a clear psychotic break from reality for over an hour. I have always believed in God, but i have never even considered the feeling of my soul disconnecting from my body, but I have never felt that empty or without purpose in my entire life and this was over two weeks ago. Thank god my girlfriend wasn’t around. i just do not feel the same. Especially when i play guitar, my creativity has been suffering the most.

    I have always loved marijuana, and i have tried ecstacy, mushrooms, and a wide variety of pills(with no problems). This stuff has left me feeling detached and disconnected from the world in a very weird way. I have a great job, but it comes with the downfall of drug tests, which is why i tried this stuff in the first place. Never again….

    Can anybody relate to these feelings of detachment?
    A feeling worse than dying is feeling that everything you love and enjoy in the world around you is nothing more than a very long dream..
    Please be safe people. I would not wish this upon anybody.

  130. Chloe

    I used this stuff with my friends for fun all summer. I used Demon, Salvia 5x, Dr. Feelgood, Funky Green Stuff, and Cobra, not all at the same time though. I only smoked maybe twice a week with my friends then we wouldn’t touch it for the rest of the week so it could get out of our system and o we wouldn’t get addicted. Then I got back to school and my friend bought me this stuff he called “The Vial”. No markings or warnings on the container. And he got this at a gas station. The first time I tried it, it only took one hit to mess me up so much that nothing looked real anymore. Then I took it three more days in a row alone. I didn’t think I was getting a problem. Then one day I smoked too much and my trip was just plain scary. I could barely move at all and i thought I was gonna die. I had intense pain in the chest and a hard time breathing, and then I started throwing up a lot. I don’t know if I just smoked too much or if I did get addicted, but I quit right away and refuse to touch it now. It’s been almost a month and I’m still having some bad side affects. My memory is horrible now, so I forget a lot of important things or memories. K2 burns holes in your brain. It’s dangerous and the sad part is it’s sold everywhere. I don’t even smoke weed but I feel like it should be legalized so people don’t kill themselves just trying to get a high.

  131. My Response to Gil’s Response about Legalizing Marijuana | Medical Marijuana Information Cannabis Clubbing

    [...] no differentiation between the real stuff and the synthetic stuff. I wonder what the real numbers are.  The admission data you cited is from four years ago. Since then, voluntary admission rates [...]

  132. Nicky the kid

    Ok today is Saturday and about 3 days ago I tried something called game over. It was a spice received at a local shop. I took one hit and in less than a minute I was zoned out. Detached. I remember wanting to die and i remember not being able to remember the friends I was with. My eyes got red even the skin around them I poured sweat and lost feeling in my face, feet and fingers. It’s 3 days later and I still don’t have feeling in those places. I have a slightly harder time breathing and Im wishing I woulda stuck with the regular shit. I have no idea if I should go to my parents or not they’d kill me but is it worth it? Someone please hit me up with advice

  133. who cares

    I smoke this weird fake weed yesterday. I cant even find it online. It was called head or something like that. It was the worst experience of my life. The high was so horrible and I couldn’t stop shaking for like 10 minutes. The high stayed at full blast until I came down. It really made me appreciate what a wonderful plant real weed is. I’d rather get arrested for smoking natural amazing cannabis than to be safe from the law by smoking this garbage. This crap is shud be illegal not weed!

  134. gabe

    ive been smoking wed for about 20 years an have tried other things (coke, prescription, etc) i smoked spice with a friend for about a week when a friend who smokes visited from out of town. it was ok. no problems. the other day my girlfriend and i went to the m&m smoke shop across from UNM. we asked what was legal that would get us high. the store clerk directed us to a product called I-blown (comes in a package that looks like an i phone) 6 grams for $40.00. we each did a hit when we got home and had a mild hallucinagenic experience. when i got home from work yesterday i took another hit. it messed me up. i wound up on my livingroom floor with by heart beating out of control. then muscle spasms. then the right side of my body got numb and tingly. i was starting to worry that this stuff had given me a stroke. i was in this condition for at least an hour. my girlfriend found me on the floor, after about half an hour, and sat with me (ready to call 911). i slept well last night but still fell shaky. i plan on returning to the smoke shop today and causing a scene. i feel that i was directed to ingest a poison (yes i know the package says “not for human consumption” wink wink) i will pursue this smoke shop with a vengence. as far as im concerned the people who sold me this product are morally disturbed or completely ignorant to what they are pushing. either way i will not go away quietly.

  135. Doog

    To all the people who have posted on here calling people “pussies” for posting their real experiences go fuck your self. I for one have done more then my fair share of drugs from LSD to extacey and after a couple of hits of this bull shit it fucked me up bad. It is with out a doubt the most scared I have ever been. So far I have only seen a handful of people that have not had bad experiences off of this. If you haven’t had a bad experience well good for you but I asure you it is only a matter of time. So stop discounting someone else’s experience because you want to feel better about what you ate doing. Just wait till you’re curled up in a ball vomiting and thinking you’re dying then think about someone calling you a pussy.

  136. Teen dies after plastic fumes scar lungs, media blames synthetic pot

    [...] boys lungs and not the freakin’ fumes from the melting plastic of a PEZ dispenser?!?  When my post on K2 has garnered over 230 comments from K2 users who had bad experiences, yet not one has died or has [...]

  137. Laura

    started smokin the stuff a yr ago. a gram would last me a week. i read this site a few days ago. as of yesterday i was up to 5 grams a day. today i have not smoked it. i have no heroin-like withdraw symptoms. my body doesnt really want to eat. my anxiety is high, that’s why i smoked it. but im not going all nuts….

  138. Teen dies after plastic fumes scar lungs, media blames synthetic pot | The NORML Stash Blog

    [...] boys lungs and not the freakin’ fumes from the melting plastic of a PEZ dispenser?!?  When my post on K2 has garnered over 230 comments from K2 users who had bad experiences, yet not one has died or has [...]

  139. sara

    hey i have my mom dad and brother all doing this K2 “fake pot” bullshit! and i cant believe that people would even do this stuff! i dont smoke it and never will! i do smoke regular cigarettes and thats all i will ever smoke!! and when i smell this K2 stuff i get sick to my stomach and want to gag! cause it is so nasty! i dont even like it around me, or even smell it!!

    so im glad i dont do it and i am glad that i dont have it around me!!!!!

  140. Breezycash

    I smoked 1 hit of this legal weed and after 2mins I felt like I was in cartoon land and felt detached from my body.I felt detached from everything i sat in the living room and felt like my kids was just objects it was so weird.the next thing I was totally out of it unresponsive to my girlfriend my eyes were rolling in the back of my head and rapidly moving side to side.i thought I was dead and kept reliving the last day of my life and was stuck that way.I came to a couple times and could not move talk or respond in any type of way my lips turned white and my skin was really pale she thought I was dying she said the only way she knew I was alive was my rapid heartbeat.I vomited a few times and layed on the couch for over a hour and half and could do nothing move no part of my body and thought I was dead the whole time.oh yeah and I have smoked weed for over ten years and I only took one hit of this stuff and this happened so please listen to all these comments they are the truth this stuff is not safe at all and can really hurt you or even cause death.you are better off with the real thing.

  141. Jeremiah

    No you will not because i had about 15 hits straight! It was the Peace Out Brand Man I felt good as fuck! yOU wILL nOT dIE!!!

  142. Ron

    I tried it about 3 days ago, and it felt like I was in dream land. boy, your heart sure gets a workout with this stuff. it’s nothing to mess with. I will never do it again.

  143. Avid Smoker

    I’m a 20 year old female. I started smoking (as we call it) “real weed” when I was 14, and until November ’09, I continued to toke every day, multiple times a day. In November ’09, I started smoking herbal incense aka “not weed”. First it was Sky High, then Express, then Serenity Now, then Miyagi, Spiz, Spaz, Zombie, GI Jane, Kush, 2012, you name it, I smoked it. From the moment I woke up until I went to sleep, I was high on not weed, smoking 1-5 grams a day. Nothing was wrong with me for a long time, until I tried Kush in April or May ’11. I took two hits off of a water pipe, and felt kinda strange, so I lay down in my bed, and pulled the covers over my head, and looked down at my body. The way the covers were laying next to my body looked like a tunnel in which I was spiraling downwards in. I had waves of pain starting at my head and ending with my toes multiple times. My heart rate increased. It was a very scary experience. I didn’t buy anymore Kush, and continued smoking not weed every day with no negative side effects. Until one day, I smoked 1 hit of Zombie. Then my boyfriend and I went into an Office Depot like place, and started making copies for my job. I was standing up, and I felt lightheaded, like I stood up too fast. So I looked at my boyfriend, and I woke up on the ground, and my head hurt really bad. I passed out, fell backward, hit my head on a copier, and starting having a seizure. I was out for about 30-45 seconds before I finally came to. The next time I smoked Zombie, months later, a similar experience happened, only this time, he caught me. I quit smoking Zombie, and moved on to other products. Less than a month ago, I smoked a one-hitter of a product called Rasta. I went inside to do some laundry, and then my heart started swarming and I thought I was going to pass out again. My heart was literally beating so fast, I thought it was going to explode. It was the worst experience I had with smoking not weed, ever. So bad, in fact, that I called 911 and stayed on the phone with dispatch for 20 minutes. It took 30 minutes for my heart rate to START to slow down. I quit smoking not weed for a few days, then took ONE hit of Rasta again, and it did the same thing, only not so bad. The few weeks that I was “smoke-free”, I had awful headaches, cravings, nausea. A few days ago, I smoked a bowl of real weed for the first time in forever, and I had a similar experience: rapid heart rate, cold sweats, shivers, etc. Not as bad as when I had to call 911, but enough to make me realize that something was wrong. I have been smoke free since then, but my headaches are back and they’re worse, and I have terrible short term memory. There are blocks of time that have been erased from my brain, and I will never get those memories back. I battled a methamphetamine addiction, and am still battling it (sober 5 months!), but NEVER in my life have I battled such a demon as not weed.

    What I’m trying to get at is… the high you get from not weed isn’t worth the long term effects. Take it from someone who LOVED not weed, swore by it. :thumbdown:

  144. Kontrolled Kaos

    I have been making legal smoke for about a year n a half n have NEVER had a negative reaction, lol… The ban of JWH-018 began with Austria on December 18, 2008 and since a host of other countries have also banned JWH-018 n similar research chems. The United States banned JWH-018 on March 1, 2011 with the DEA classifying it as a Schedule I drug making the penalty of possession the same of HEROINE! With each chem that is banned a new one is born, I ASSURE U . SERIOUSLY how much more proof does the US government need B4 they admit that PROHIBITION HAS NEVER WORKED?! Furthermore, OUR ECONOMY, nuff said.

  145. Ray

    Rylan – Here is what you do, check your pulse and BP.. BEFORE you smoke K2, then check them AFTER you smoke K2. I smoked this stuff for over a year, without any problems. Then I obviously got some ‘bad stuff’. Do you know what ‘bad stuff’ means? There is NO control over what is in this stuff – and yes Rylan, it is a fact that extreme high blood pressure can cause permanent damage to one’s heart.

    Also, given your lack of command for the English language, I would agree with you that ‘people are ignorant’ – my advice would be probably for you to stay in school and avoid drugs all together. I have smoked pot for over 30 years, dropped acid, mushrooms, coke, ludes, just about everything except meth and crack. So I ain’t no ‘slippery vagina’ when I tell folks to AVOID K2. You may be ok for a while but you are playing russian roulette, good luck with that “Einstein”.

  146. worried fiancé

    Sorry about the typos, I am on an iPad and this virtual keyboard isn’t the easiest thing to use. Lol. Pray for my baby though please and I’ll keep everyone on here on my mind too!

  147. worried fiancé

    My fiancé smoked some of this stuff about 3 hours ago. At first I didn’t understand what was wrong. We both used to smoke weed every day starting from freshmen year of high school until last year, which is about 6 years total so I figured he would be good. I quit all together because weed in general starting making me feel paranoid but he still uses a couple of times a month and he’s smoked the fake shit a couple of those times in the past year or more. So anyways, he was staring at me with a blank look about 10 minutes after he smoked it so I asked him what was wrong, he couldn’t even answer me so I got him some water and some bread. He could barely eat it, but I knew he had to get some fluids and some carbohydrates from limited medical knowledge so I pretty much forced it down his throat. He was drooling and having a hard time swallowing. Finally I got him outside where he proceeding to throw up for about 2 hours off and on, all the while in between bouts I’m getting him to drink water and eat. I could hardly get a response out of him and came very close to calling an ambulance but he told me not to when I told him I was going to. After about an hours he became slightly more responsive and I got him a jacket because it’s freezing outside and he said he was feeling a little better but he could hardly open his eyes and his pupils were extremely dilated. He said he felt dizzy and that his heart was beating so fast. I then got him to come inside and sit by the toilet so I could exam him further and make an educated decision as to whiter or not to take him to the hospital (usually after adverse drug reactions the side effects fade in 30 minutes or so and his had not so I as still worried) and I saw that some of the color in his face had returned and the feeling in his fingertips and use of his hands were returning so I decided he would probably make it through since he was showing improvement. He finally kept some food and water down and passed out about 20 minutes ago (I am continually monitoring his breathing and heart rate) but when I started doing research and ran across this, I became worried again. I wonder if I should wake him up and keep him awake? Most people say that after falling asleep they felt better when they woke up so I’m thinking not but I am scared he will feel this detached creepy dying feeling. He also said before he fell asleep that when it first started happening he thought he was in a video game and didn’t know what was going on or what he was doing. I thought this all might have been because he took those hits after he hadn’t eaten all day, but now that I have read some other experiences I think it is probably just the fake weed. I have heard of some adverse reactions in people before but I figured they had done too much or something and I never knew it was to this extent! I am glad I steered away from any kind of weed a long time ago or I probably would have been smoking it with him. I am scared for any long term effects as described here, but I asked him if he still felt any of the same effects he was feeling and he said no he was just a little dizzy still and tired so I am hoping and praying he will be alright, I will be keeping a close watch on him, that’s for sure! Don’t mess with this shit people, it kills and I think it was only some thinking on my part that kept him out of the hospital tonight (and he definitely didn’t do too much or can’t handle it as some people are saying because he is an experienced drug user and isn’t retarded, just accept it’s dangerous and stop trying to find an excuse to keep doing it, it will catch up with you eventually obviously!)

  148. Ray

    I have had 2 stress tests that came back completely normal. But everytime I ‘move around’ – I am talking about ‘walking’ my chest has pain. Almost a burning hot coal type of pain with a kind of paralysis shooting down my left arm. I went back into my GP yesterday and yet another EKG that came back normal. I am seeing another cardio specialist next week (I am in a small town so need to go to a bigger town)… most likely I will have a heart cath as they want to eliminate the heart aspect.

    They are kind of hinting that they think it is anxiety – but I have NO REASON to have anxiety out of the blue like this. I have told them about the K2 but they don’t know anything about it. I smoked this stuff because it knocked me out and helped me sleep. I am also in my late 30′s and been around the block. And why is it.. that everytime… EVERYTIME… I move around it kicks in and it NEVER kicks in when I am resting, sitting, etc. I am wearing a heartrate monitor wrist watch type thing to keep track of my heart rate when it kicks in. First it was at around 110bpm, but now it kicks in around 95-100 bpm. Getting worse. Anyway, I really hate hearing about these stints, but i am thinking I may need the same crap.

    Again for those that think they won’t be affected… here is the deal.. you NEVER know what you are getting with this stuff. You may get ‘ok stuff’ for a couple of months, then go back to the same place, buy the ‘same stuff’, but it WON’T be the same. Just take a revolver, put one bullet in there, spin it, put it to your head and pull the trigger. Same thing here.

    Don’t do it. I am an advocate for legalizing ‘most’ drugs – but NOT THIS STUFF. Anyone selling it should be thrown in the slammer.

  149. Rylan

    Your all a bunch of slippery vaginas me and almost everyone in my city have been smokin every kind of incense their is for months. Were all perfectly fine. Use in Moderation! Anyone who hit a gravity of some real good good having never smoked anything before would have similar effects of the ones described bove right? If all else fails and your to mind fcked just pass out and all will be fine when you wake up. People are ignorant. If only those money grubbing suits would climb up out of their assholes and thinkabout all the money they could make taxing and controlling cannabis. On the contrary then our weed would be grown by the lowest bidder..

  150. Shannon

    Me too. I’m not exactly sure that this caused it but I am 35 years old and just got out of the hospital after being there for almost 2 weeks. I also had to have a stent put in and had 3 sudo anurisms too. I had been smoking this shit for maybe 6 months if that. I only was smoking this because marijuana is NOT legal in Oklahoma where I am at. I had a medical card for cannibis when I was in Cali. (my home state) but the police confiscated it a month after I got here. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? Alcohol is legal and kills millions of innocent people, this shit is legal and weed is not. How many people have u heard dying of a marijuana overdose or killing someone cause they were high? Me, never. What has happened to this world? DONT DO THIS SHIT!!!! TRUST ME, YOU ARE NOT INVINCIBLE….I THOUGHT I WAS!

  151. James

    Will I die if I took like 4 hits of k2?

  152. bla

    how are you feeling now? i to am suffering from chest pains

  153. Sunshine

    Fast heart beat feeling like it wad going to expload. No gopd :-o

  154. Yo_mama

    Me and my boyfriends have both tried K2 (m-20) and we didn’t do that much. I was fine but everything was moving in little blurbs, like in old films. But my Boyfriend on the other hand had some serious side effects. He started to shiver and get really pale. and didn’t feel good. his heart rate was FAST! we tried to get a shower but that didn’t help him either, he was really scared and thought he had to goto the hospital. We had to wait a few hours for it to go away, and by the next day he still felt tired. and my brain felt heavy.
    He tried it another time during the summer at the beach with his friends. He had a really bad hallucination! He thought he was in the army and had gotten shot in the stomach and was close to death he thought he was throwing up blood, but to the rest of us he was just throwing up his hot dog he had earlier.
    Im fine with K2. i didn’t have problems or side effects, so im thinking it just doesn’t agree with some people. and if your going to do it, do it in moderate amounts, 2 hits is really all you need. If it makes you feel really bad, stick to the real stuff :)

  155. E

    Wow, what do you mean “he’s been up there ever since”, like how long has it been since he smoked & tripped out ? Please tell me you wrote this a day or 2 later cause that would be a reason to send him to the hospital. Ive smoked K2 & Ive never had any serious problems, besides some change of breathing, & a faster heart rate…but then again, when I smoke weed I feel the same way,like I think my heart rate is getting faster & I get paranoid. It all just comes with “being high” to me, but I am surprised at all the horror stories Im seeing here. Please tell whether he got better or not, for some reason I feel kind of concerned for him. Everyones system is different, so Im thinking maybe he took in too much of it and/or his body just couldnt take it.
    Hey, some ppl cant take a hit of weed or they get all trippy.
    Anyways hope he’s alright by now.

  156. Ebony

    i smoked K2 and i thought i was possed by demons i threw up and then my boyfriend said i was gasping for air for almopst 2 mins and he thought i was going to die. then i attacked him and tryed biteing him and chasing him he said i kept saying i was sorrie. i had NO controll over my body i dont remmeber half of it. i kept coming in and out of it it felt like something was trying to take over my body it was the worst experience i have ever had in my life do not smoke it. i had smoked it so many times before and been just fine and then thta one night it all went horrible i felt like i was in a dream the parts i remember i thought about killing myself to end the dream and i could of i am so lucky to be alive. just dont smoke it stick to weed.! if your gonna smoke.

  157. jmh7608

    Hi, I would like to leave my concerns with this product. My brother used the similar version “super kush” within 3 minutes he was not feeling well, and within the next two minutes he began to have a seizure. He was stable, then had a second one while the ambulance was transferring him to the hospital. He arrived blue and was immediately intubated. This product is dangerous. Please stay away.

  158. Hailee

    I smoke k2 daily. I don’t have any of these problems. The only time I’ve heard anyone I know having any issues with it is if they smoke too much of it. It’s really potent, so just take ONE hit. One, no more than two, hits gets me high. I just chill, eat, and watch tv. Very calming for me. But, yeah, just one hit works…Or maybe my body just reacts differently to it than you guys..

  159. keri fuller

    is your daughter ok how long did it take if so please rply

  160. 5-0 DEREK

    wow! i am very suprised to here almost only negative comments. i’ve been smoking this stuff for months and have only had one or two “highs” that were unpleasant. i did notice elevated heartrate, but nothing dangerous (120bpm on average ) there are so many blends, and thats why one needs to be careful. one or two hits and leave it. i think we can all agree though that mj needs to be legal and that it is definitely safer than this stuff, howevere due to me being a police officer and getting random screens, i have not many options.

  161. pineapple express man

    ive been smokin smiley for over 1/2 a year everyday and have never experienced any of the “bad trips” or problems all these people r talking about,ive tried many many different kinds of k2,it WAS legall and it doesn’t show up on a drug test…thats a win win people,if u cant take the heat get out of the kitchen,sucks the government had 2 ruin it for everyone who enjoys a hardcore buzz,they wont let ya have any fun,y don’t they just make alcohal and tabacco illegal???? those things r responsible 4 alot of deaths and illnesses,FUCK THE GOVERNMENT!!!!!!! they r only happy if we r unhappy :-x

  162. Steve

    I smoked k2 for the first time yesterday, my friend had a jar of it and we smoked it through out the day, by the end of the day I felt my heart racing and the most unbelievable feeling that I couldn’t feel myself breathing, I felt as if I had to remind myself to take a breath, which caused me to panic and hyper ventilate. I’ve partied with many things over the years and this is by far the closest I’ve ever been to going to the hospital. The effects lasted for 3 hours and only by going to sleep did I feel normal the next day. DO NOT USE THIS, IT IS UNTESTED AND DANGEROUS

  163. Izzy

    I was on.dat smiley happy face shit and had juss got done wit two 4 locos well atleast almost 2 yu can say then I jus floated after hitting that bih coiple times fuk that fake stuff and fuk ya ever offered it w/out a warning label lol lol

  164. Nick

    I’m not sure if were all talking about the same drug, but I smoked this syn drug called peace out and had a similar experience. The trip I experienced was so intense and it made believe I was Falling into Hell. I’ve been experiencing flashbacks, sometimes waking up in the middle of the night shaking violently and confused. I can often feel my heartrate start beating out of control but havent sought medical help. I’ve promised myself to nvr do this again, but I’m worried about lasting effects. Is anyone else reliving their trips and how are you dealing with it?

  165. goodamerican

    yeah, all these blends are crap and can cause anxiety. I had all the sensations mentioned above. As a journalist I am a working with the DEA and local law enforcement to help get this crap of the shelves. I am an advocate for the legalization of marijuana. This stuff is like crack and meth in my book and those drugs and its users should be dealt with.

  166. Michelle

    My boyfriend and I went to the smokeshop so he could get K2. He rolled one up, and smoked about half of it. At first he was fine, we got about halfway home and we were parked at a stoplight. The light turned green, he sat there for a few minutes and kept saying he was sorry, then finally he started moving, and all of a sudden slammed on the gas. We were going about 75 in a 30 mph zone through very heavy traffic and he blazed through 3 stoplights at busy intersections where we almost got hit at all three of them, all the while saying he was sorry and he didn’t know what was happening. I finally got him to pull off the road onto a less busy one and we stopped the car and he kept saying he didn’t know what was wrong and kept saying he was sorry. I made him switch me seats and demanded to know what happened and what was wrong with him, he curled up into a ball in the passenger seat and kept saying he was sorry and started moaning. When we got home, he kept fidgeting around, his eyes were all over the place, then he went really still, and didn’t remember anything that happened. He was still acting really weird and scaring me so I told him to go upstairs and lay down. He’s been up there ever since. I did some research, this shit can cause all kinds of things, including psychosis. I’m not sure what to do, and I’m not entirely sure how to handle this, but all I know is this crap will not be allowed anywhere near me. Our kids could have been with us when this happened, thank God they weren’t. This stuff is dangerous and should be made illegal. At least with pot, you know what you’re getting.

  167. Me

    I did K2 yesterday. It was the worst thing, and feeling I’ve ever had in my entire life. I thought I was going to die, and I was very scared. I was dangerously close to having a seizure. Thank god I didn’t. I would never do this again, its very dangerous. And this is coming from a person who LOVES pot.

  168. Kane

    this morning, I took 220mg of vyvanse at lunch and smoked a bowl of k2 with some friends. at first it was great but then my heart started beating really fast, then got normal then really fast again it was also hard to breathe. everything around me seemed to be a lil disorted and jumping at me. I really thought i was going to die the worst experience in my life.

  169. Sam

    I am experiencing the same chest pains as everyone else. I have been smoking the k2 herb for about a year now, off an on with NO PROBLEMS.

    Then K2legalsmoke.com sent me this Summit 2.0 product. IT IS BAD!

    Since smoking that I am having major chest pains and am undergoing tests for my heart. As others have reported there is some majorly bad shit out there now. DO NOT SMOKE IT!!

    I am a retard for smoking it, I admit that. But the other retards are the ones that are dismissing us as being ‘pussy’s. It has fucked up my chest, heart, not sure. But there is no coincidence that we are experiencing the same effects.

    I am curious as to the folks that have had chest pains, if they subsided. Mine started on Saturday, it is now Wednesday and I am still having them. Having more tests on my heart next week.

    Go to this website and read:

  170. Tutu

    Dude I agree pot should be legal but just cause it grows from the earth does not mean YHWH made it. Posin ivy grows from the earth naturally but you would not roll that up and smoke it.

  171. shizz

    wat?????you felt dead for a year???



  172. NIckolye


  173. NIckolye

    xactly i agree they trying to get super high like its weed just hit it couple of times

  174. NIckolye

    okayyy datz wat dha f**k i tlkn bout 4real

  175. sh*t happ3ns

    guys an girls my opinion isnt gonna matter to you but i had bad experience an seeing these other post of the heart an numb problems u should belive these ppl dont do the fake stuff. i bout died i was in hospital for 6 days an followed up for bout ehhhh a month maybe cause heart was still giving me probs,,dont do this stuff guys its not good for u or fam when they lose ya. they cant do nothin bout it it says not for human consumption so think bout it. oh my heart rate was 189 blood pressure 180/40

  176. sh*t happ3ns

    it hapened to me,the heart racin numb an stuff

  177. amber

    You dont know what your talking about I used k2 alot and had many problems and its funny every problem I had someone else has listed on this site so im sure 20 people feeling the same thing is normal right?

  178. Amber

    I have also had theese stomach pains i recently gave birth so i thought it was normal it is normal to cramp but this is a sharp pain in my stomach. i have had many problems including sever brocitis ,pink eye,before my pregnancy quit smoking when i became preg started a few days after so k2 has to be the culprit. IT hurts to even sit up!!

  179. amber

    I had an itchy eye it turned red stuff coming out of it pretty sure that is what it was from :-(

  180. Jeffery

    I smoked Kush my first time 2 days ago. It was very weak. My friend had rolled a very fat joint and it didnt do much. He said Mr smiley would do the trick so he went and got some. We was smoking a normal size joint with this and he said I am high. I was like naw dude ur tripping so I hit it 1 more time a total of 4 hits. I then felt as if I was on very very very bad trip. I started to get very hot and said dude we need to walk. We walk for a total of 3 mins and I looked backed and seen my house and seemed as we was walking for over a hour. I started to float which was very scary! I got very bad cotton mouth and then started to throw up very bad! After I threw up I started to get myself back! I had a very bad trip! I was going to die I kept on telling him! I kept telling him I just want to cry. we walked backed and as soon as I got back had to throw up once more. I then had to go to work about 30 45 mins later. I was still triping at this point. I can be at work in 15 mins it seemed that it took 2 hours the way it slowed everything down! I got to work and still was trying to puke! I had to drink 3 bottles of water in 5 mins! Now after smoking mr smiley which was yesterday my chest is hurting very bad. I went to the ER but they was packed so I left. i also took 2 hits this morning thinking that I just had a bad trip and wouldnt happen again and it still was bad but didnt trip as bad since it was smaller hits and a smaller size joint. This is no joke this stuff sucks and will cause you to go nuts! I about killed myself over this!

  181. Katrina

    I didn’t even smoke it, I was just around ppl who were, but it still made me sicker than hell.
    I had diarrhea, I was very nauseous, had cold sweats, weak, disoriented, I thought I was near my death and I really mean that. Even after a week I still am having chest pains, and labored breathing.
    It’s not worth it, and a true dumbass created it.

  182. dani

    i smoke the stuff occasionaly…well the old chemical that would really mess you up. i had nothing more than an anxiety attack but i had been smoking weed for 7 years. it helped me on probation but it really messed with my chest. don’t smoke this crap..i know it didn’t affect me as bad as everyone else but it’s honestly terrible for you…

  183. dani

    all i can say is don’t smoke the shit!

  184. monkeystandards

    I smoked K2 solid last night and my heart started to race at an unbelievable rate and i was struggling to catch my breath. I was rushed into hospital where i was told i had a heart attack like event. This stuff scared the life out of me. It is now 24 hours later and i still have a tightness in my chest and difficulty breathing. I have smoked weed and herbal highs for 4 years now and have never experienced anything like this before.

  185. Sue

    I took 1 hit from of K-2 (my first) and within seconds was experiencing a seizure. My friends worked with me for 15 minutes while I outwardly experienced a catatonic state; eyes open, unresponsive, and extreme facial and muscular contortions unrelated to stimula. Inwardly I felt separated from my body, my life. I did not know what was real or who people were. It was at least 1 1/2 hours before I could think straight. That night I shook violently for hours, vomited several times and had a severe headache–I didn’t sleep at all. Four days later I still feel shaky, have mood swings, headaches, heart palpatations, sleeping problems and difficulty breathing. I feel like I almost died. I’m quiting it all–this was my wake call.

  186. SayyyWhauhhhtttttttt

    I have smoked this new “Legal” pot on and off, here and there once in awhile since it came out. yesterday my boyfriend and i were sitting in my bedroom smoking a bong of this legal stuff. i literally smoked two hits out of this bong. Now i am an everyday weed smoker, blunts, bongs, joints, etc. and i have even smoked a blunt of legal before prolly my first time. little did ik not alot of this incense is needed. anyway i held in my second hit and blew it out. i don’t remember anything after that, i couldn’t remember if anyone else came in my room or what we did or what we talked about. all i know was that my heart was beating faster then i have ever felt before, for a very long time. and i felt as if i were having a bad trip. being experienced with many other drugs before, i knew i couldnt freak out i didnt even tell my boyfriend of 5 years at the time what was going on. eventually it went away after prolly 15 minutes i guess? i will never smoke this stuff again, and i hope they pull it off the self before too many people end up dead or hurt.

  187. jen

    i want to find god

  188. Greg

    My nephew was smoking that shit 2 days ago with a friend.
    He started feeling bad and left to go to the store to get a gatoraid.

    He was gone 45 minutes, so they started walking to the store and looking for him.
    They found him passed out on someones lawn, Not breathing. Heart stopped.
    Started CPR, Called 911, they finally shocked his heart back to beating again after 3 tries.
    And was in ICU for 2 days.

    He was pulled off his vent yesterday at 5:06, Brain Dead!
    Died of a massive coronary. 15 years old and healthy as a freaking horse.
    Pot is a natural herb,
    K2 is a man made substance derived from chemicals.

    DO NOT SMOKE THAT SHIT. Unless you have a death wish.

  189. Afraid.

    Today me and a friend bought some legal fake pot… I read the list of ingredients and it was all natural sounding stuff so i thought what the hell i’ll try it. I took three hits of it and then about five minutes later my heart was beating so fast, i thought i was going to have a heart attack. My head started to feel really heavy and when i sat down i felt like i couldn’t move.. I finally got up because i was afraid because i felt like i was paralyzed and I got a glass of water. After i drank the water i started to calm down but my heart was till beating faster then it ever has before.. My tounge started to go numb and i felt like i was dying… that was four and a half hours ago and i feel like its hard to get a full breath ( I also have asthma so that could also be a reason why).. My chest hurts and im afraid then if i go to bed im not going to wake up… I have NEVER experienced any of these effects from smoking REAL marijuana… I will never ever ever ever smoke fake shit ever again! I would most definitally not recommend smoking fake pot! worst experience ever.. I pray to God that i’ll be alright…

  190. Scott

    I smoked Syn from 2/9/2011 to 6/22/2011…. On that day I went out to mow my yard after having smoked some and came in to shower…after the shower I was still sweating horribly and was having chest pain, feeling like I couldn’t breath. I used an inhaler because I thought I was having some kind of breathing attacked and smoking the syn made me cough constantly. Anyway, after the inhaler I became so week and almost passed out. Thank god I dialed 911…. It saved my life, I had one of the most life threatening types of heart attacks there is. I now have a stent in my right coronary artery that I will have to live with forever along with fear of having another heart attack. I blame the Syn. I’m only 33 years old! Never again will I touch Syn or anything related. Think about how you want your life to be before you smoke this stuff!

  191. Daedsidog

    It’s just another drug, defiantly nothin like weed, but crack and meth come pretty close. If you pussies can’t Handel it, stick to weed

  192. kelly

    please some one tell e something!!!!!

  193. kelly

    ok my boyfriend has smoked k2 an he got what we though twas pink eye well he got drops for it an it started to clear up but than he started to smoke k2 that same day an his eyes got really bad not sure if its from the k2 he can barly see at all… has any one had this problem from k2

  194. LJ

    I smoked k2 a total of 3 times last summer. The last time I smoked it, it was almost like the high never stopped. I haven’t felt like I’m actually alive for almost a year now… almost liked I died last summer and I couldn’t connect my soul and body back together. THE ONLY WAY TO FIND NEW MEANING IN LIFE NOW IS THROUGH JESUS CHRIST. God revealed himself to me when all this began last summer, and I’ll be honest this last year has been hell with this new type of syndrome I have.. but god saved my life.. and that’s coming from someone who wasn’t in anyway a spiritual/religious person growing up. If your dealing with this unexplainable feeling like I am, seek god.. because he’s seeking you right now and you don’t even relize it.

  195. Paul

    Wow, I’m sitting here as a chronic weed smoker for years and I must say what everyone is saying is true. I had the vomiting experience at first, but learned to smoke less and enjoy the high. I’ve enjoyed smoking little j-bars at a time (normally a third of a normal j) and that seemed to work well without me tripping out or anything. About two days ago, I started getting these pains in my stomach. They are present for a while after smoking the blend, in the bronx we have bubble gum kush. However today the pain is more severe and I’m having trouble walking without immense pain. I have never had this problem with weed. I’m throwing away the last of my kush blend as we speak and praying to God this pain will not be chronic. I can’t believe after first experiencing this pain and associating it with the blend, that i would do it again, but I love watching baseball games high, so I did it again to watch the yankee game. This stuff is addictive and is really bad for you. I know some know how to manage it, and even have never had a bad trip off it, but let’s be honest guys, we all smoke weed, and you know when you smoke this shit, it’s not right for the body. I feel unhealthy all of sudden and never had a health problem in my life. Just smoke some bud, or learn how to pound 2 beers in a minute span before heading to sleep that will emulate a nice buzz .

  196. Actionjackson

    I smoke pot and k2. K2 is some stout shit and ya usually feel it after like 2 hits. It funks me up everything goes alll cartoon mode. I don’t suggest k2 because it funks you up, but when you smoke it just move around, don’t sit there like omg imma die, your just trippn! We ought jus legaliza pot it’s obviously safer. K2 is a manmade drug! Mary Jane is God made! God wouldn’t have put marijuana on this earth if it wasn’t meant to be ground up inna bowl! 8-)

  197. STEVEN

    I have taken part in my share of indulgence in marijuana and the new K2. I have been using the K2 for atleast solid year now. There have being an occasional vomit here or there nothing to bad at all. Then on 9/9/2011 I smoked the usuall bowl, and u should understand I could go thru a gram a day myself, then my heart began to raise like nothing in my life before, it felt almost as if I was not going to be able to breathe like my throat was siezing up but not . I am writing this shortly after it happened and I have calmed myself down currently but still not sure all there yet. THIS IS NOT A THREAT TO ALL BUT JUST A CAUTION TO SOME TO BE AWARE OF WHAT I BELIEVE IS A SERIOUS SIDE EFFECT AND NEEDS TO BE MONITERED

  198. Matt

    Now try quitting smoking for a month and see how you feel. I thought the same thing you did. It would get out of control sometimes but i knew it was the drug and i was ok. But there are side effects that we have no clue off.

  199. Gabrielle

    My son tried spice which is similar to K2 I hear. It has been a week and one day and he is not the same. He thinks he died and keeps asking me where he is and his age. This drug has turned his life upside down. He had only done it one time, all it took was one big hit and he was sick. I had to take him to the emergency room because his lips were purple and pupils very dilated. I am very sad because he is not okay and starts flipping out all the time. The doctors couldn’t do much for him. Please be careful with this. I don’t know how to help him and will continue to research…..

  200. Tj

    I smoke the stuff yes it has crazy effects and makes me feel outside my head but after collecting myself and drinking pleny of water and calming myself down I realize im fine I pick up around the house until it wears off then smoke another bowl its not weed so dont smoke it like it is ive been smoking it for a year and im fine I wouldnt recommend smoking blunts just a bowl will do

  201. what?

    Hey i think “Notthesame” is on to something here. I think I have had similar problems and may need a boost out of this hole I’m in…

  202. what?

    yea, I’ve smoked K-2, K-4, …probably 50 different brands of incense. its all pulled off the shelves now where i live. yes, i get an elevated heart rate, suffer increased anxiety, and quickly learned to take my time with it. I hate to compare incense and weed because they are different to a degree, but weed is better. Many weed growers do not like incense because it cuts into profits. Everyone hates incense. The anti-incense movement makes incense sound like it may have crack, ecstasy, heroin, and cyanide as ingredients….
    I have seen agitation on the part of newbies ( you learn to cope with legality through patience), but I never saw anything like what is in the conversation on this page. I have smoked so much pot that I thought I was going to die before… I may do it again. Here’s my question to the doctor. is 30 patients a large portion of the monthly overdose cases that come through the greater ST Louis area ERs? I feel neglected. Would you rather they have been ecstacy or crack? Just imagine if those thirty cases were heroin or LSD related…

    The best tool against drugs is giving people an informed choice. I am suprised that with as many incense user out there with the latest craze there wasn’t a bigger number like say — 300. Come on, St Louis is a big town.

  203. june

    i smoke alot of weed. any have never had any problems with it or k2 until today. i smoked g13. i felt like i was on speed times a thousand. i couldnt talk, think, calm down, my heart was beating fast and my body went numb. i felt like i was dying. please reconsider before smoking this stuff.

  204. matt

    That is what I did for eight months. Would take a hit two or three times a day. Even smoking
    that little I had bad side effects including heart racing, chest pains, feeling lost, feeling like I’m
    Dying. I know smoking more at once will cause more severe effects but even me smoking small
    amounts I had effects unlike anything like weed. It is dangerous

  205. Bill

    You have just described what I am going through at this time.

  206. Zeb Smith

    I smoked K2 lastnight.. It was my first time… It was the worst experience in my life… So much stuff happened and went wrong…. It cause my friend to think he was possesed by demons.. He took 11+ hits of k2 strait.. Then he puke so much.. in my friends house, outside, and in the car when we drove him home.. It caused me to have chest pain wich i still feel now. I herd laughing, sirens, my vision was blurred it was like I was looking threw fog. It also made me vomit.. It was horrable… Ive never been so scared in my life… My advice, never try it. It will MESS you up. If you have the balls to try it, research it and it will trun you off the stuff.. Only take 2 hits man. Thats all you need. I took four hits and thats what it did to me… 11+ hits.. Man.. Your screwd… You’ll end up like my buddy… Just legalize weed so no one has to go threw what I did. Its nothing like weed. Not even close.. So im sticking to my cheed for now on!

  207. Kayla

    K2 i illegal here now but I smoked it for 3 months we smoked it caus POT was illegal, we smoked everytime our high was comin off. it got to the point where we smoked over 12 bowls a day. i dont suggest smoking, havent smoked in 5 hours and it feels like the end of the world. im trying to quit but its addicting, its hard to quit when your addicted. im tryng but when i feel like i cant do anything without it i wana smoke it. its like meth, you think you need it. POT needs to be legal because it would save alot more people. weed isnt bad K2, K3, K4 cloud 9 and 10 groove vortex red magic. its not cool. it does to people what weed doesnt do to us. i dont eat as much as i used to…its got me all fucked up

    i dont suggest people smoke, im tryin to get away from it but its hard, for those of you who are sick from it or family/friends are sick from it. i feel for you and hope all is well, just make sure you guys take care of yourselves the best you can. this shit is serious


  208. Phoenix Black

    Oh come on calm down! All of your daughters symptoms are normal symptoms of drug use (and since we have after all already established that she does drugs this should not be shocking). Don’t go all nuts and blame the drug and say it’s turning your daughter into someone else. If she feels detached — maybe it’s because she’s high all the time? If she feels depressed — maybe it’s because she’s not high and she wants to be? And if she’s having headaches — maybe it’s because she just got high and now she’s sobering up? It’s a pretty natural process, and that’s how it works (trust me, I know).

    Be grateful your daughter isn’t doing worse. Try to accept the fact that she didn’t choose the life you would have chosen for her. Thank god or whoever that she’s not shooting up in your bathroom, or overdosing on your floor. She’s ALIVE. She’s breathing, and functioning. She has a million opportunities left and counting. She has a future.

    For your sake, your daughter’s sake, and your family’s sake, calm down. If you let her work this out on her own and back off on the criticism, she’ll start to figure out how she feels about her own use, and that’s the only place healing can start.

  209. JustAThought

    Have any of you considered smoking less at a time? This stuff is similar in effect to weed but only to a point. Smoking too much will geek you out. Take it easy and know your limit it’s that simple.

  210. Eddie

    Do not ever do this stuff! My friend tried it our for the first time and there was severe side effects. Dont do drugs in general. My friend got really stiff and wouldn’t talk. He vomitted too many times too count and almost choked my friend to death. He wasn’t calming down so we had to call an ambulance. He is in the hospital at this moment. This is bad for you!!!

  211. dave

    how ya feeling now?

  212. jason paar

    yea a friend of mine brought over some k2 and i tried it i loved it at fisrt. after about three months i started eating less and less food,till i couldnt eat anymore.then i started throwing up and could not stop throwing up, so i had to go to the hospital they said we cant find anything wrong with me so they sent me home. they had to put me on medication for vommiting.also i cant eat if i put food in my mouth it makes me throw up.i have not been able to eat for two months,at this time i had no idea what was making me soooo sick, ifelt like i was going to die i was afraid to go to sleep. to make a long story short i went to the emergency room four times, and they couldnt do anything for me since they didnt find anything wrong.the shit i was smoking was syn berry faded extremly potant.its been five days since i used it and i am still badly sick it seems its going to take quit a while.please dont do it nomatter what anyone tells you be smart this shit is no joke

  213. tom

    i have tried several brands and all are pretty mild, nice buzz, shorter duration, resin at end of roaches
    no issues, now that it is illegal in my state , easier to get the real stuff. I can’t believe how fast DEA got
    this stuff made illegal…seems like the Government can move quickly.

    I had issues with Mr. Nice Guy ..until i learned just need a few hits,,, but as for some of these other
    people having issues, I was surprised. Can’t wait until I move to a green state

  214. Donna

    Notthesame, are you feeling any better. My 18 year old daughter is feeling the same symptoms and we don’t know what to do about it! She feels detached and not herself, somewhat depressed and having headaches and her episode with this CRAP was 3 weeks ago! We are seeing a Dr.

  215. ally

    i tried k2 for the first time today and had a horrible reaction. i wasnt aware of all the harmful side effects that have hapened and i smoked it thinking i was doing a s
    legal alternatice to weed. the first minute i just laughed and got pretty dizzy then i felt like i was in a cartoon kinda. like nothing was real and my heart beat the way i heard it was faster then a humming birds and i cldnt move then everything slowed down wayyyyyy down and i felt like i was going to throw up and it was hard to talk and i didnt want to move. i was outside so with the help of my friend who also smoked it but had no harmful effects walked me to were we had ac and i slowly came back to normal. my throat and mouth were extremely dry and my mouth was foaming at the end but barely. i layed down about an hour after i atarted feeling bad and took a nap. when i woke up and drank 2 bottles of watwr i was ok. i will never do this again i literally felt and thought i was going to die. its very harmful and dangerous i do not reccomend it i recommend marijuanna:)

  216. tc

    ok. the other day a friend of by brothers came over and smoked that k2 crap…they told me only one hit bc its way strong. they were right to a point..aparently i passed out for a bit but i just figured it was the long 2 days i had b4. the next day i had a hit bc it was left it my pipe…the next thing i know is my 2 little sisters were over me. aparently i had collapsed and my head hit the cement. now i have 6 staples in the back of my head and awaiting more test results. This crap is bad… I know some of you are thinking who cares but I just wanted to put this out there bc of the damage it can do.

  217. John

    I’ve smoked k2 for awhile now and i’ve started to notice weird side-effects after using it. Racing heart,paranoia,shortness of breath. I think i’ve figured out why these side-effects are occuring, I currently suffer from mild anxiety. My anxiety wasn’t really that bad when i first started smoking it. After awhile though my anxiety grew. With that rose stronger anxiety through the k2. Now i know the k2 effects the nervous system, i’m not sure if that why it happens but, it sucks lol. I don’t feel this way with regular weed.

    Info: Over 40 million people suffer from anxiety alone.

  218. Sliverdragon_1602

    Atleast cannbis is all natural it has no side effects. There are cells in our bran that are ment to catah thc.

  219. Aaron

    Yes I smoked this stuff for a little while and it’s no good. Seriously it’s like weed-crack. The last time I smoked it, it gave me a terrible headache that lasted almost 2 days…seriously just go smoke some mary jane it feels better anyway…

  220. Notthesame

    18 days later and Im still having nosebleeds with severe headaches. Feel detached from the world. Tried many drugs throughout my life. This is the last. Every night I hope I will wake up and be alright. I’ve had horrible days, bad days and good days but my heart and brain are not back to normal yet. I have kittle strength. Before this I had all of the strength I wanted. I smoked A couple hits of Aloha and then one big hit of SYN. About a minute later, I had to set my guitar down. I felt like I had a brain aneurism, heart attack and collapsed a lung all at once. My heart beat rose to probably about 200 BPM for a couple hours. Struggled to breathe. Felt parts of my body go numb. Parts are still fairly numb. I spent about 30 minutes in the shower trying to shake it out. This stuff is no Kush. It is no joke . I am 25 and in my prime. Praying I get over this. Smoked bud about 10,000 times. Buds never had negative side effects lasting 18 days. This stuff causes central nervous system damage, serotonin syndrome, severe head-aches, nosebleeds etc. Please don’t smoke the legal incense. It’s “Not for human consumption.” That’s not a joke. If you must smoke, stick to Mary Jane. This stuff had me convinced I was going to die, so I came to visit my family 18 days ago. I’m still here and not yet 100%. I’ll write back in a week to blog how I feel then. Oh yeah, went to the ER twice( over the one experience)There’s no cure:) they gave me a Valium the first trip and 6 betablockers the second trip.

  221. rooster

    yeah ive been smoking diesel spice and yeahithrow up all the time from smoking the last stuff in the bag.but yet i do it just cuz 50 percent of the time i just get really high.i spen about 200a week on it cuz my tolorence is getting used to it.but yeah i flipped out a few times now.kicked my window shield of my rx8.then yeah everything was moving fast and i couldnt calm down.i need to quit this .this stuff will controll your life in dure time..and yes throwing up is quite oftem.my wife has verysimular side affects as well.

  222. Joe

    oh yeah also “k2″ is illegal here, they are selling “k4″

  223. Joe

    I’ve been smoking this stuff for a while as a cheaper alternative for weed. Here in Nashville it’s literally gone through phases to where there is i think an arms race between cops and k2 makers, and i think the k2 is starting to get really dangerous. 2 years ago it was being sold in adult and head shops but not many people, even those on probation, knew about it, it was still potent stuff and helped make a couple of my friends freak out hard. Then i remember hearing about something being passed against it. Then it started coming back a little under a year ago in more variety and in gas stations now, like there are ‘mids’ k2s, ‘dro’ k2s, and fuck your face k2s. Near may i started replacing weed with a k2 called ‘vampires blood’ because it was cheaper then weed and this stuff made me trip a little, but nothing more then being super stoned. Then a lot of that 2nd wave went illegal about a month ago, but i had gotten a job and switched back weed by this point. Recently i went on a weed break to low my THC tolerance and started smoking one of the new k2s around here “7h hyrdo” and this shit is no fucking joke, even though i don’t believe the rumors that it made someones brain explode, I think this stuff is REALLY dangerous. One of my friends re-lived a bad acid trip, another saw someone enter the room we were in and got to scared to talk (it was light in the room and no one entered), and I’ve had two experiences, once I was in the shower after smoking a bowl and then got really tired and curled up in the fetal position and started going to sleep. Then just yesterday i smoked 2 dugouts and I kept thinking really bad, dark, thought, my heart was racing, i felt like i couldn’t stop moving, and was just freaking out in general, also I threw up…hard. I flushed the rest of my 7h down the toilet and decided to not smoke any k2 for a while. We really need more research on this stuff, kids are smoking it.

  224. willow

    I just got out of the hospital from this shit with a mild heart attack and seizures. Never did it before and my dumb ass smoked a blunt. Honestly, I don’t know how I’m not fucking dead. I thought it was regular weed at first until I took the first hit. I called the dude who gave it to me. He said it was called K2.
    Never had it before so I was like oh. Cool.
    He said it was like weed so I just kept on smoking. An hour later it hit. Oh my god did it hit. The doctors said that I had a tolerance that was unreal for me to smoke that much in such a little amount of time and be able to bring myself out of it after a few hours.
    I just kept meditating the whole time. The shit I saw….it was insane. A couple hits would have been awesome. Hell, I probably could have smoked 5 or 6 hits and been ok…

    Always know what your smoking before you inhale guys. Don’t be a dumbass like me.

  225. troy

    are you still getting better along with all that I’ve got depression too I hope I can get back to normal again have you

  226. worm7986

    Back in August of last year i failed a drug test with my employer, the Contractor did a job-wide drug test, and i was ill informed and unprepared, and failed that drug test. After doing alot of EAP ( employer assistance programs) I’ve kept my job but quit smoking pot. I turned to smoking various forms of “fake weed” since august of last year. I smoke a bowl or so a day.

    I’ve had times when I’ve been smoking this stuff that I’ve told myself if i just feel better that i would never smoke it again. Yet the next morning when i get up i seem to find my self trying it again. I know the side effects of this drug are not very clear yet. I like it because it provides an escape for me while I’m home to be able to “relax”, which is what pot was doing for me but since I have to keep my good paying job to be able to have a decent life for my family, i need a legal alternative.

    I have an almost two year old daughter and girlfriend of almost 7 years. I have been a heavy pot smoker for the last 8-9 years. I make good money at my job and therefore don’t want it to be compromised by having my privacy invading into my personal life. I buy it from my local BP station, where the foreign guy behind the counter, constantly tried to push for more sales. He says each time i go in there have you tried this stuff, This stuff is very good, you’ll like it. It goes on and on. It is crazy how he can sale like that and it is ok.

    Not getting to a point just wanted to share a real life experience about this “fake weed”

  227. Val

    I took 4 hits of this stuff and I couldn’t tell real life from fake I thought my dizzy state was real and when my eyes would open I would think that was fake I couldn’t make my body move or talk all I could do was moan everyone in the room kept asking if I was ok and I thought they were fake people it was weird I won’t do it again not any fun

  228. Tony

    i cant lie, i had the worst trip of my life on dis shit. dont do it..

  229. Avra

    I can’t believe this shit is legal and marijuana isn’t… Im still very shaken up by what happened to me a couple days ago when I smoked this crap. It was about 2 am and I was walking down my streetbsmoking a cigarette. I saw a long time friend that lives on my street and I walked over to his backyard. We sat down and were talking, everything was normal. He had been smoking this stuff and offered me a hit. Now, I’m a 23 year old female with plenty of experience with marijuana. I’ve smoked marijuana everyday for years.. Never thought anything of it… I didn’t think this artificial crap would do much to me. I took one hit and passed it back to him. I started to feel pretty high… But nothing out of the ordinary. Suddenly, I felt like everything was spinning and I felt really weird and started to panic the last thing I remember was saying “oh my god! No! What’s going on? I have to go home, please take me home!”. He said “it’s okay, don’t worry, everything’s ok” and that’s the last I remember. Next thing I know I’m on the ground in the middle of the street screaming. I didn’t know what I was, who I was or where I was. I couldn’t feel my body at all. I realized where I was while running down the street without my shoes on but it wasball a blur. As i needed my house, everything startted coming back into focus I stopped running and ran my hand along parked cars in the street to see if it was real. I walked into my house and just laid on the couch, still disoriented and trying to gather myself. The next day I went back to his house to get some answers. He told me that I was sitting on the chair with my hands on my knees and had no facial expressions whatsoever except for this horrifying stare in my eyes that he had never ever ever seen before, he said I did not blink and my eyes were just following him with that stare. He asked me if I was okay, he said I answered ” not again” I repeated it three times in a Painful tone of voice. Then he asked me, “can you say anything, at all?” I answered “I can’t tell you.” still with that same look in my eyes and no other facial expressions. Then I started rocking my upper body back and forth for a while, then started swaying my upper body in circular motions while staring at him still not saying a word. All of a sudden he said i started moaning, in a sexual manner as if I was having an orgasm or something. Then I was silent again and continued swaying my upper body in circular motions… My hand were placed in relaxed potion on my knees, but all my veins started protruding as if I was flexing my arms but I wasn’t.. Then he got up and stood behind me to make sure I didnt fall off my chair. My keys that were sitting on my thigh then fell and hit the chair between my legs and he said I started screaming in horror. I got up and stumbled backwards off the patio. I stood up and just stood there staring at him Screaming at the top of my lungs (all this time with that look in my eyes, through all of this, I had not broken that stare) he said I screamed “GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!!!!” at this point his family heard the screaming and he saw the lights in his house go on. He said he looked away for one second and I took off running, screaming at the top of my lungs, as if i was being murdered, a scream he had never heard in his entire life. He said he didn’t see where in went but he was absolutely terrified so he ran inside and called the cops. He said he had never been so scared in his life. He told me he walked around the neighborhood looking for me, in fear of finding me lying dead somewhere. Like I said before, the last thing I remember is running in the street. I vaguely remember as if I were watching my self getting up, I remember hearing the screaming, but not actually doing it. It felt as if I had just came into existing out of thin air and was running down the street. All my senses were morphed.. In remember looking at my limbs not knowing what I was. I remember feeling like I attached to the ground and was fighting to get up… And then just running. Its very hard to put into words what I felt/saw, but I don’t remember any of the events leading up to being in the street. Hearing my friend tell me that what I did and what had happened was extremely bizarre and honestly, horrifying. I’m lucky to be alive after that. I will never smoke that shit again, and I’d advise anyone else to do the same.

    - Avra

  230. Heather

    Ahh, so many frighting stories, I have one myself:P So i had been smoking spice, not so sure what kind.At first, it was fine.. But Then’ i started to freak out, my heart started racing, I couldn’t feel anything, so i went to to bathroom stared at myself in the mirror, put some water on my face.. Then i stared feeling worse, i went to lay down, and cover up, i was so cold and shaking, I could barely get to the bed… Once i was under the covers, i noticed my body just wanting to curl up, i had no control, i tried so hard to lay flat, But then the shaking would get worse. I wanted it to end it was soo horrible.I wish the stuff had never been published, or even made. Marijuana, Needs to be legalized.. The way things work really don’t make any since to me,Marijuana I’s so damn harmless! Peace, and love.Youssguys :-)

  231. Margarita

    After much stress in my life I thought i would try this K2 to relax and be mellow. At first I thought I was feeling good then quickly and suddenly I could not get air, I felt like i could not breathe. My heart was pounding and I started pacing. I started getting worse and considered calling 911. I felt like i WAS GOING TO PASS OUT. I had to pour cold water over my head to keep it together. I draped myself over the bathtub, then my breathing slowed to almost nothing.I could not stand, I could not see. I felt impending doom and sure I was going to die. Then stabbing stomach pains and the urge to vomit took over. I have never felt pain like that and thought my insides would burst. This pain actually helped me to stay conscious. After 45 minutes to an hour i finally started to feel better. This K2 is not a cannabis substitute, not even close. The only similarity is that you smoke it. This should be banned, it is not safe, it is false marketing to claim it is anything like marijuana. DO NOT RISK LOSING YOUR LIFE

  232. John

    I just came home last night around 6pm, all my friends came by to see me after moving to Florida for a few months one of my friends was smoking this stuff and about 45min later after putting my daughter to sleep i get a call and i can hardly hear my friend over this blood curling screaming, as i ran outside my friend was curled on the ground in a fetal position screaming his head off, i instantly knew why and what was going on, i tried to get him to lay flat but I ( 6’2 240lbs) couldn’t get this 17 year old 120lb kid to budge, eventually me and my girlfriend got him flat and he stopped screaming, i talked to him trying to calm him down and he just stop but he had this wide eyed stare in his eyes like he was looking at Satan himself, i still cant get the stare out of my head, it was the scariest thing i had ever seen. A few moments later he snapped out of it, he started talking fast asking what the fuck what the fuck where am i what happened, he then tried to get up he looked like a frail old man with his hands shaking and hes knees week, i leaned him on my car as we waited for the paramedics, i offered him water but he didn’t want it, about 30seconds later i noticed him mumbling to him self and out of no where he started rocking his upper half of his body back and fourth, he had another seizure standing up i grabbed his neck and arm trying to hold him up luckily the paramedics had just got there they restrained him on one of those stretcher things and put him in the ambulance they hooked him up to an iv and gave him an oxygen mask. This is by far one of the most intense and scariest moments of my life, i could hardly sleep when i closed my eyes all i saw was that stare and him rocking back in fourth, i have never seen such a look on anyone face, it looked as if he was possessed by a demon or something. DO NOT SMOKE THIS STUFF , in my opinion its better to take the risk with weed, at least all you’ll do is eat and sleep.

  233. dannymarie

    This NEEDS TO BE ILLEGAL! Its the worst thing to even be one the market. I smoked spice a few times no real bad effects, and then one day we mixed it with the white crystals and i got so sick. my vision was blurred i felt like i was about to vomit but worst of all my heart was beating out of my chest. i was so scarred i was about to have a heart attack. Then just this morning my sister smoked some and it was the scarriest thing ive ever delt with. She went into a seizure, she couldnt see. She couldnt articulate at ALL! Her heart was going crazzy. I was really scared i was going to loose her!

  234. Brady

    I tried K2 Last night, I had taken 2 shots of black velvet and about 6 beers spread apart in a 3 hour time span(I was only tipsy) I smoke weed all the time, so i assumed that it would be fine to smoke. I was wrong first my heart started racing and i was shaking. Then we walked inside and immediately everyone said i was pale. i then proceded to puke my brains out for the next hour. I’m writing this 8 hours later and i still feel sick to my stomach. K2 is the fucking devil.

  235. dustin

    PS…… i quite smoking that crap and the vivid nightmares went away and all the things seeing people that werent there all of this stuff is real and since i quit smoking it im normal no freak nitemares no nothing dont be afraid to speak up if ur having these kind of things too shed light for others please the only way to really get this out here is to let people know dont be afraid of what theyll think its the intenet and its here to educate….

  236. DUSTIN

    WELL i can honestly say this stuff is no good i smoked it for a litle over a year it got to be so intense at times i felt i could not control my body .i can shed light on some of my experinces and they are as follows , very very vivid nightmares one in particular was that i was driving down the street and ran over a little girl on her bike and i mean this struck me as verrrrry odd because i odnt have crazy dreams like that second nightmare i had was that i was out walking looking for my dog in the rain i got ran over and every tooth in my mouth just shattered like glass breaking and i mean this was very very intense i would wake up screaming freaking out trying to touch my wife to make sure i was just dreamin .i called myself being a wise guy while i was smoking this crap and found out that what i was getting high from was little crystal type of things so i started searching for the bottles with the most in it on the bottom of the jar let me tell u something biggest mistake i ever made it was like having an acid trip a very very very very baddddd acid trip not really sure of how to explain that without sounding crazy but ill make it simple imginae yourself standing there looking at yourself screaming at yourself cussing yourself for all the horrible things u ever did in life and there was a frined of mine that can realte to this experince beings we did it together i myself have done alot of drugs pills cocaine shrooms weed ectasy etc etc but i can tell u that noneeee none not even one of those drugs is anything like this shit there selling in stores nothing this shit needs to be outlawed no doubt in my mind about that and for all those people who say none of that shit has happened to me well guess what just a matter of time and it will i guranteeeeeeeeee it i thought the same thing even laughed at older posts about the same thing and here i am hoping to inspire someone that this is allll very very real and all of these posts are very true i smoked the shit for over a year so that pretty much sums it all up …LEGALIZE WEED NOW FOR THE SAKE OF SMOKING SOMETHING THATS BEEN SMOKED FOR 100 PLUS YEARS PLEASE WE NEED HELP GET THIS OFF THE Market ……………

  237. katie

    I tried K2 for the first time and I will tell you, NEVER AGAIN!!!! I started out fine felt a little high and then all of a sudden my heart is racing, and i felt like i was gonna throw up. I got up to puke and I got so dizzy I fell and i told my friends i cudnt see anything. I walked back and layed down and i felt like my heart was gonna pound outta my chest and i told my friends to call 911, they didnt want to so i just tried to relax. It passed in like 15 minutes but that was the scariest experience of my life and definitly not worth it. I really felt like i was dying. Maybe some people can’t handle it, cause my friends were fine, BUT not worth the risk Trust me.

  238. Sarah

    oh and another thing, im barely 18 and the gas station i got it from didnt ID me or my boyfriend. so yeah, im surprised at your ignorance as well.

  239. Sarah

    it sounds like you’ve never had an adverse reaction to it, chad. When you do, lets see if you still feel that way. I thought the exact same way you do until it actually almost killed me. It should be outlawed.

  240. Sarah

    i smoked something called spicy green last night with my boyfriend and had the same effects from it. i’ve smoked spice before and nothing really happened except that i was a little paranoid and tripped out a little bit. but last night was completely different. i started out fine but not too long into the high everything started spinning and i couldn’t breathe. it was as if my body forgot how to do everything it was supposed to normally do. i literally thought i was going to die, and when i say that i mean my mind was made up that it was my time to go. Soon after that i began convulsing and throwing up violently. My boyfriend was about to have a panic attack because he’d never seen this before and it scared him shitless. I was non-responsive and could not even stand up. When i say that this was the most awful thing i’ve ever experienced, i mean it. If anyone is reading this and still smoking this legal shit, please pleas please stop. It can seriously kill you. My boyfriend had to keep talking to me constantly so I would not slip out of conciousness. Seriously, DO NOT SMOKE THIS SHIT. smoke weed if you absolutely have to. its not worth it, whatever is in this, its dangerous.

  241. Kyle

    Yea i tried stuff with JWH-018 called Mr. nice guy.. at first everything was ok.. then my heart started absolutely racing..i had trouble breathing.. and i was tripping BALLS. Literally my whole body was buzzing/vibrating and totally numb.. the whole world turned into looney toons. I felt like i was going to die and prayed to god to save me.. ( i never pray honestly ) All in all this shit is fucked up.. and I’ll never do it again. EVER. By the way these stories are true and we are not exaggerating at all.

  242. zach

    I smoked this kind called armeggedan, about a year and a half ago, ever since then my heart has never been the same, i can feel it beating some times, it worse when i drink alchohol, i get rapid heart rate after drinking effects are going away. I also get panic attacks now, smoking ciggs doesnt help, i smoked weed and it actualy seemed to make it feel a little better, but even if i stop everything , i still get problems, idk if i can take something or if the docs can fix my heart, but i feel like im going to up and die from heart attack one day becuase of this k2 bullshit , guess its part of a easy population control, fuck you to who ever made this stuff, life will nevet be the same

  243. balls

    I tried K2 yesterday with my friend, and it was the worst trip ever. I took one hit, and I was laughing and having a good time, then I went into a hallucinogenic state for about 20 mins. I thought I was dead. And then when I stood up, I vomited everywhere. I couldn’t control it. I had an awful headache for 5 hours after, and then I vomited again. I turned white and was shaking. Worst. Thing. Ever. I had to have my mom hold me down I was shaking that badly. I will never smoke this again.

  244. McD

    Terrible stories and I can only imagine how terrible they make you feel and I don’t wish to minimise your anxiety or angst, but for the sake of balance somewhere there needs to be something to point out that substance (ab?mis)use is not the only factor which created these situations. What a criminal shame there isn’t a counselling service of some description which could at least attempt to address these issues. Maybe when appropriate reparations for the War on Drugs are made these tragedies may somehow be acknowledged, even though it’s too late to compensate for them.

    What would you do with all the people in prison, or forced into ‘rehabilitation’ and deprived of material gains by judicial services, if cannabis were suddenly legalised tomorrow?
    ‘Ooops, sorry – we got it a little wrong. It never really should have been illegal.’
    ‘Can I have some of the money which you took as asset forfeiture, like my house and car, back now in that case.’
    ‘Well, we’re kinda strapped for cash right now. How about we just say we’re sorry?’

  245. Willie T

    I can understand your pain. I am getting ready to take my wife to the hospital right now because she has been coughing uncontrollably, vomiting, and profusely sweating all night. She has been addicted to this stuff for the last few months. She has lost all interested in sex, her friends, even raising her son which she used to take pride in. She just lays in our dirty, filthy room. I have since moved to our empty room and the next move is out the door. It breaks my heart to see my wife like this.

  246. Paul von Hartmann

    hey bobbie, for what it’s worth…

    there’s a lesson in everything. your sons were fortunate that the k2 lesson didn’t cost much, this time… a scary “close call” and some physical discomfort. it’s their choice to learn from the experience or not. individual responsibility is the lesson, taking responsibility for the choices we make can be taught from an early age or learned ‘the hard way’ later on. all a parent can do is be an example for their kids. everyone lives their own life. teach your children how to make good choices by making good choices yourself. that’s it, that’s all we can do. teens are primed for rebellion. if you try to tell them what not to do, it’s like telling them which way to go. love your children by being the best person you can be. the choice is theirs whether to embrace that path or take another. if they make a poor choice, just let them know you still love them and keep the door open for them to find their way back.

    i’m happy you still have both your sons.

  247. Never Again

    I am posting an update….I posted in January 2011 about a horrible experience of mine where I thought I was going to die the first and only time I tried three hits…well my boyfriend is addicted to this stuff now….I am convinced that he has been doing it ever since that night. When he is on it, I cant even hold a conversation with him, he is angry and aggitated, he stumbles around, he twists everything I say into something mean an negative like I’m out to get him. He doesnt remember anything, he is going to lose his job over this becauase he cant remember how to do things anymore and he dosnt go in to work over even CALL IN. He is a very intelligent engingeer, a very kind man and he was the best thing that happened to me until this shit came along. He is now buying the strongest stuff they have becasue the other stuff doesnt do it for him anymore……He chooses it over having sex, over having fun….he gets up in the night and does it. I have had to let him go now after a year…my heart is broken in two :(

    Please people….put this shit down. Smoke REAL pot….it doesnt DO this to you…..nobody knows what is really in his shit :(

  248. Mick

    hey Stinie did the er diagnose with you with anything or giv you any medication I overdosed on this stuff and heart hasnt been the same since cant exercise cant hardly live with out it going crazy doctors cant explain why either at the moment aswell in australia any info would be greatly appreciated

  249. Tee

    hey i had a similar problem wen first tryn somthing called aroma relaxing incense except i didnt go to hospital but every day since about 2 months ive had palpitions which seem 2 get worse with either eating or exercise and seem impossible 2 stop could this be acid reflux??? if anyone has any info on this or has gotten acid reflux from dis please email leepike23@hotmail.com

  250. Joe

    Wow, i am very surprised with your ignorance. I am 15 and i hate this stuff. Also, it is extremely easy to obtain from certain gas stations. All you have to do is find one that sells it and ask for it. It might be a shady business, but it poses as no obstacle to purchasing legal herbs.

  251. McD

    Quite. Well put, Chad.

  252. chad

    You’re just advocating for more prohibition, which I can’t agree with. The current stuff is on the shelves because the last stuff got taken off. The last stuff was on the shelves because pot is illegal. You say it’s available to children but I’m calling BS. Every place I’ve been to that sells this sort of stuff doesn’t even allow minors in the door. You’re an adult, admit you made a mistake and move on. Calling for it to be outlawed will not make things better.

  253. Stinie

    I tried this stuff for the first time tonight.And after only 2 hits was taken away by ambulance with my 2 kids standing there watching the whole thing. I am shocked this stuff is legal and available to children.This was nothing like smoking pot. I have been under alot of stress lately and just lokking for something to help calm me a little. i heard about this and that it calms you the same way pot does. Thought I would give it a shoot. Within just a few minutes I called for an ambulance.Get this stuff away from the shelves.

  254. DaveB

    Like I’ve been smoking it for a while now and haven’t had an issue like this. I’ve been reading some comments that are bashing those of us who have had bad experiences, but they do happen. I think those that have had these reactions have had stronger bags of the stuff than those who haven’t because the stuff I have now, “DownToEarth Climaxxx”, is what gave me the reaction I had. I never had such strong k2. Its seriously stronger than mid-grade weed with just one or two hits from a one hitter. Too much will cause a bad reaction like I had.

  255. DaveB

    I smoked K2 since last August and never had a problem. Then I got some new stuff about a week ago that was more potent than any I’ve had yet. I smoked it for a few days out of a one hitter and noticed a few times I got a little shortness in breath and had to lay down. Today, however I smoked a bowl of it with my girlfriend and it got bad. We were cruising a bowl and I was driving. I started getting sharp pains in my neck, back and sides. Then I noticed I started getting a shortness in breath and my body started getting numb. I took deep breaths and it felt like the air wasn’t getting to my lungs. A minute later my heart started racing and the numbness continued. Everything seemed to slow down and I noticed my heart was nearly beating out of my chest. I thought I was dehydrated so I tried to take a sip of a monster (all I had to drink) and I had to have my girlfriend take the wheel because I lacked the coordination to hold the can with one hand. It then started to fade, my body started tingling like it does when you recover from “pins and needles”… What the hell? Be careful people. Some of the newer stuff should be used sparingly. I’m pretty sure it was the higher dosage that sent me over the edge.

  256. weeeed

    been smoking this stuff since i got my job and i had both bad and good side effects u gotta take baby steps some people try to make it sound like reefer madness but its not that serious in my case one day i did a little more than usual and freaked out i couldnt move and threw up and everything was violently shaking and thats what i get for testing it. its like when you smoke way too much weed or underestimate the strength.weed is a good thing i had been smoking it for about 6 years.kids should not have this they dont know how to handle it and why beer is legal and weed is not ill never know.dont drive under the influence of anything thats for sure.

  257. kevin spell

    what kills me is the people who smoked this crap, had a horrible experience, and were then stupid enough to try it again! :stars:

  258. kevin spell

    See you in the ER Chad!

  259. kevin spell

    I also tried this nightmare for the first time, and also after one hit I told my wife to call 911. I had uncontrollable tremors and felt like I was having a heart attack. Unbelievable that we live in a society that would legally sell this crap. I’m all for freedom of choice, but this stuff is bad news!

  260. Patience

    My husband picked some of this K2 stuff at a smoke shop. He tried it first, I was in the shower. He came in the bedroom, and he’s all smiles and giggling, saying this shit was awesome!! I tried one hit.. ONLY ONE! When I did my hit, he said he needed to go lay down. I followed him. It started to work after minutes of taking that one hit. I was laughing, now mind you, he was in his paranoia stage. He turned white, couldn’t bring his heart rate down. My heart rate started to rise, and it felt like my heart was going to explode!

    I was not all there mentally, and he told me to call 911. I didn’t know what to do, and I kept telling him no I won’t call them. He thought he was in Hell and the only way out was to put a gun up to his head and pull the trigger. I did called them after he told me this. During my conversation with 911, I totally lost reality, and didn’t think this was actually happening.

    The police came first, then the ambulance. My husband began to puke. They took him to the hospital. I couldn’t drive because I was high on that stuff too, but not as bad as he was. During all this mayhem with the EMTs and Police, I was hearing voices and it seemed like time stood still and it was only 45 minutes after taking this drug.

    If only we would have known the side effects BEFORE buy this shit, then we wouldn’t have bought it.

    I can’t believe this stuff is legal to children! This was the worst trip I’ve ever had.. Never again!!

  261. Mike from Baltimore

    Stay away from this fake weed its bad for you a couple of days ago me and my friends went to a head shop in Hanover to buy some k2 we had smoked k2 before but we weren’t prepared for what was about to happen when we got back to the apartment we rolled up a blunt just one blunt and passed it around ten minutes later we are all geeking and laughing and James our friend hasn’t said shit thinking this guy is high as shit we all laugh at him all of a sudden he starts rubbing his face muttering out at least 20 times that he is high as shit while we are telling him to cool down he starts beating his chest and screaming at the top of his lungs and his leg was twitching all of a sudden he starts to scratch his lips, face and punches his body and he is screaming and crying like a scream for help we put him on the floor and then called the ambulance his body was literally flopping around neighbors came out from the other apartments and when he was put in the ambulance we could still hear him kicking and banging. No more k2 for me marijuana only

  262. McD

    To be realistic, Bobbie, the most effective thing you can do for your sons would probably be to explain how (phyto)cannabinoids work: God puts them in a plant (cannabis) for man to make good use of; and man puts them in pills and powders to make money. Tell them to stick with God and they’re much less likely to go too far wrong. You might want to refer them to Matthew 6:24-33 (Ye cannot serve God and mammon.) to illustrate the point. You could keep it simple and just tell them the law forced them into bed with the Devil. Give them the bible reference just in case; you never know: at that age, if they’re smart kids, they might pick up on and run with it.

  263. bobbie

    i do not live in this area, however two of my sons and some teen friends were sold this at a local tobacco store, that is located across from the local high school.(all of them 16 & under)my oldest son became deathly ill with a heart rate of 144, vomiting and unresponsive tonight.his friends abandoned him in the woods. thank god my youngest son was there or i feel i may have been burying my son. i want to find out what i can do to prevent this from happening to other families who may not be as lucky. i am very concerned about this subject and don’t know what i can do.
    they were just being ignorant teens.i don’t agree with them smoking it or any type of drug; however with this stuff being legal they didn’t see the harm in it. what can i do? the police told my sons dad that they cant really do anything due to the fact it was legal.
    PLEASE HELP i hope to receive an email with some idea of how to help prevent this in the future. thank you

  264. Dan420

    I agree smoking weed would be better and safer (and with the deals SWIM gets, cheaper), but what about those of us that are under court or work related random drug tests?

  265. jaybiscut07

    I have personally tried all of the following “dank-never again. Red river-nice high, but to much leads to fast heart rate Black magic-best in my mind, doesn’t contain JWH18 and a lot of other chems. Medusa- very potent, wouldn’t reccomend. Trainwreck-fun as hell, defenite yes and I smoked 3 bowls and was fine. Kush mint- uggh its weak but cheap so why not? I haven’t had any bad problems but to me it seems like a mental thing, I was freaking out case my heart was beating fast but I breathed slowly and laid down and was ok, Fact is just don’t smoke a lot, start slow and if u feel good than don’t do anymore. I usually say wierd stuff and have hallucinated ppls eyes turning black and being devils but then thought of an angel and was happy, so just be safe, but know before doing a lot that it can hurt you, just be smart. Justice dougherty-age 15

  266. nickkk

    any unknown toxins can fuxx your heart up has nothing to do with weak minded thats y my muscles are cardiac ally weakk from 3 hitss its pure common since yes i have anxiety butt i couldn’t tell u how many times i smoked it before

  267. sc1ent1st

    i smoke it everyday, somtimes i get paranoid and fast heart rate but if i just try to calm down and stop being paranoid it goes away. i enjoy smok’n k2 i have been for months. you just need like 3 maybe 4 hits and yull be stoned some people just 2

  268. MITCH

    OK 1st I am tired of people saying ” Oh i’ve smoked it for a while and been ok” or blaming the smoker for doing something wrong. I tried it a few nights ago. I quit smoking drugs like 6 years ago and my buddy told me this stuff was legal. I though sure i’ll give it a try we were all just sitting around talking. I took 1, yes ONE, hit! That was it and man the next hour of my life was honestly the worse ever. No BS it was the most scary thing I ever ever been through. 1st I got extremely hot. Then my heart started pounding faster then ever before. Then I passed out. This is wierd—-I passed out where I fell back, could not move, could not talk, and could not open my eyes,,,,,BUT I heard everyone talking the entire time, and felt everyone touching me as they were trying to help. During all this I can’t even really describe what happened to my body and everything I felt. Now I admit that maybe I happen to be a RARE case of a bad reaction, but I did not over use or mistreat this drug. All I will say is I am very humbeled now, I just wish I didn’t have to go through that to be humbled. All I want is for people to be careful.

  269. ????

    im all for legalizing pot. ive never tried any of this stupid f****in fake weed. i smoke pot everyday. i know the jwh 018 was originally created in a lab, but i think it is now being used as a tactic to legalize marijuana. and i think thats a pretty good idea, but couldnt the government simply make K2 illegal? why would anyone chose k2 over pot if both were illegal????????????????

  270. Domenstein

    1. Your not in the military.
    2. If you were in fact in the military you damn sure wouldn’t get away with smoking the shit before an operation like that. Because for one, I was in the navy and Salvia was a big ordeal while I was enlisted. And if you so much as get caught with a pipe or an empty container of the shit, It was immediate Captains Mast. It doesn’t matter if its legal or not while your in the military the government or our president of the United States(However you want to look at it), Owns your ass. Yes our government is corrupt and they feed us nothing but lies.. But how are you gonna shit talk to government, when it was you decision to join the military? So next time you get all jacked up on your artificial weed and wanna sound cool on a blog, do your research before you get on here and lie to everyone about how you jump out of c130′s high as a kite.. You would be a fucktard to jump out of one high. Shit your a fucktard for saying this artificial weed has no harmful effects to the human body. YOU HAVE BEEN SERVED!

  271. Bradley

    this is from your 1st paragraph

    “Anthony Scalzo, M.D., professor of toxicology at Saint Louis University, has seen nearly 30 cases involving teenagers who were experiencing hallucinations, severe agitation, elevated heart rate and blood pressure, vomiting and, in some cases, tremors and seizures. All of these teens had smoked a dangerous, yet legal substance known as K2 or “fake weed.””

    I think its very interesting that this chemical stems from THC.

    as i read those side effects.. when do u ever hear of someone having THOSE symptoms because of marijuana.. I’m not the smartest person out there, but I can tell that there is either A) Something else is in there that we don’t know about, and the makers don’t want us to know about. or B) Maybe THC is a substance that is in need all of its components to not do anymore damage then it does to our brain.

    for EX.
    “Carbon Dioxide has the atomic structure of one carbon molecule (a ‘C’ molecule) and two oxygen molecules (two ‘O’ molecules.) This is why it is called carbon dioxide” carbon dioxide at a high volume will kill you, if im correct lol. but if u break it down u have the C molecule and TWO oxygen molecules. I dont know if im 100% correcet but i know there are substances that arent bad for humans, untill you break em down on the periodic table and use different parts of that substance.

    inconclusion that is what i think is going on with spice, i think taking in the JWH-018 in its broken down form can cause humans to OD if smoked TOO MUCH! too much oxygen wont kill you, but too much carbon dioxide will.. has too much THC wont kill you, too much JWH-018 will..

    if u want me to do more reasearch on this matter email me!

    my carbon dioxie quote follows at the bottom, i did this really fast.. and i dont think that example was a very good one lol

    Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_carbon_dioxide_made_out_of#ixzz1DQREAQhc

  272. rob

    I started out with K2 for about 3 months then move up to k4-k9 it was great a small hit from a pipe or bong and instant high for at least 1-1/2 hours daily and slowly i started to note’s that my breath was getting shorter OMG and id put it in the back of my head and go smoke again the next day .then i bought one of the 1gram packs that some guy was bragging about the quality so I tried it on the second day of using it that when my body had more that i could handle i had a sudden short’ness of breath and increase in heart rate and the i had a sharp pain my body .So i had to be rushed to the ER and it was acid reflux it felt like i was going to Die with a pain level from 1-10 it was a 13+ .So i wanted about a week and tied it again thats shit almost happened again that was the last time NO MORE !!

  273. MITCH

    ***********this K2 stuff is really bad for you.************
    if pot were properly regulated under “legalized” conditions we wouldn’t have problems like K2


  274. NeverAgain

    I know this post is old but I believe there is more too it than just the amount of chemical on the blends. My boyfriend smoked the exact same amount from the same pack as I before I tried it and he was fine…..thats why I decided to try it, I thought “how strong could it be if they sell it in the store?” I think it affects people differently and therefore it shouldn’t be sold. Not to mention that there is no way for some kid to know how much to smoke because there are no directions, you aren’t even supposed to consume it according to the pack (I know why they say that)

    I smoked a lot of kick ass weed in my life and I NEVER tripped on it…ever.

    This is the second day since my experience and I still feel weird in my eyes….and psychologically….I’m still not over the way it made me feel although I am fine as far as I know. It was just a stupid thing to do in my opinion.

  275. NeverAgain

    I am an adult who should have known better…..but I tried K2 last night….3 hits and NEVER will again. Immeadiately after I was dizzy. A few minutes later, I thought I was going to have a heart attack, I was seeing double and could not bring my eyes back to focus no matter how i tried, I COULD NOT maintain, concentrate, I had severe anxiety,…I was seriously thinking I was going to have to call someone to help me….I was wishing for it to be over and the only thing that stopped it was after it made me PUKE my guts out. Worst trip I have been on since my teens and I AINT LYING.

    As an long time pot smoker in the past…..I would never try to replace the mellow effects of weed with this crap. No one can convince me that this stuff is safe. Someone is gonna do this stuff at work or while driving and someone will die…..so sad.

    Legalize weed…..there isnt a thing wrong with it, it’s no addicting…….but it will make drug companies go BROKE….thats what isall about.

  276. Can't smoke REAL weed now without heart racing...WTF!!!

    I’ve been smoking MJ for the past 20yrs but do to my new job I stopped for several months. Then I found out about this new “legal high”. I started with Purple Haze w/ a sprinkle of Omega based on the head shops advice. Everything was fine for the first 2 months. Then I went and bought a new bag, came home and smoked one hit and was f#%@ing out of my mind. Within minutes, my heart raced to almost 200 beats a minute, shortness of breath and my palms were sweating. Shortly after, it sounded like an ocean in my head (if you’ve been through this, you’ll understand), I became very cold and my whole body started to tremble. I thought my heart was going to bust through my chest. This went on for about 2 hrs. Finally, everything calmed downed except for the fast heart rate, which stayed at about 140 beats a min. for hours. My heart was still racing the next day at work!!! I also had sweaty palms and underarms (I assume because of the fast heart rate) and I work a desk job.

    Since it was a new bag of Purple Haze, I thought I would try Black Magic, because it didn’t contain JWH-018, and leave out the Omega also. Well, it didn’t give me the trembles but it still gave me a strong, heavy, accelerated heart rate for hours again.

    Last night on Xmas Eve, my wife brought out a stash of weed she saved. We thought now we can finally relax w/out worrying about the side effects. It’s weed for god’s sake; I’ve done it a million times. Boy was I wrong!!! I got the same accelerated heart rate from the f#@%ing weed!!! About 140 beats a minute after only one small hit that lasted hours!!!

    I’m pissed and scared at the same time. Please tell me that my body will get back to normal. I can even enjoy REAL weed now. Who can relate??? What can I expect? Will my heart get back to normal?



  277. po

    Just a thought,if they would compress the compuund into half milligram pellets then beginners could smoke one small pellet and if you needed one more you could probably skip all these negative effects coming from newbies who fill half their bowl and od. 8-)

  278. Robert Singer

    On the subject of smoking blends. It is very difficult to dose pure JWH, so it should never be done by someone who is inexperienced, and diluting it in herb results in inconsistancy, some hits will be weak and some way too potent. There is also no regulation, so these smoking blends can cause you to inadvertantly consume too much JWH and have an adverse reaction. But the bigger risk when using smoking blends is the other contaminants and chemicals that are less well tested, or are known to be toxic, and in some cases potentially deadly contaminants find their way in because of low grade chemicals and improper processing.

    If you must smoke research chemicals and synthetic cannabinoids, do extensive research first and smoke/consume it with extreme care.
    In incense form the amount inhaled will be less, as it will be diluted in the room, so it is much safer. But this smoke travels and may affect other people nearby, so can only be used when you are alone.
    These chemicals can be used responsibly and safely, it’s just that most people don’t bother. It’s this stupidity that makes people sick and leads to a need to implement laws to regulate these chemicals.
    Outright prohibition is the result, rather than the more complex processes involved in restricted and safe legal distribution.

    It is possible to use certain research chemicals safely and without danger to yourself and others, it’s just difficult in some circumstances. Laziness, ignorance and stupidity are the true enemy.

    There are literally hundreds of chemicals that can and are used in these blends, only a few major ones are becoming illegal, the banning of JWH will not have any effect on these blends, just cause the main ingredient to change, possibly to something worse, but more likely a cocktail of similar chemicals.

    Legalization of marijuana is the only way to deter people from taking risks with these more volatile drugs.
    There would be no need for them if marijuana was legal. But as long as it is illegal, there will be blends containing synthetic substitutes. They can’t ban these chemicals as fast as they can come out with new ones, and blanket laws that cover the subject as a whole are bad news for everyone, as many legitimate medications and entirely safe herbs will also be included in this. It would also make it impossible for marijuana to ever become legal again if it is grouped with these chemicals.

    The “analogue” laws of Australia, which lead to many common plants and herbs being illegal are an example of this.
    Since DMT and all other psychoactives are illegal in Australia, so are any plants that contain it, including the many hundreds(probably thousands) of species of native acacia, and many, many other plants and fungi leading to people being arrested for possession and “intent” just for having wild plants and mushrooms growing wild on their property. Making a drug illegal is one thing, but blanket laws that make everything even remotely related illegal, even if it can’t be used as a drug, hurt a lot of innocent people.

    But unless marijuana is legalized, people will simply continue using different combinations of chemicals in these blends as the current ones are banned, until eventually the government is forced into blanket laws to cover the subject of ALL cannabinoids in one go. Which will have wide ranging effects on medicinal marijuana users and any attempts to legalize cannabis in any form will become futile.

    Some people claim campaigning against synthetic cannabinoids will help force a situation where cannabis(as the safer alternative) will be legalized to stop the need for synthetics.
    But it is just as likely that they will simply have to create more broadly defined and open-ended laws so that anything of this sort gets the same treatment, which will be a big setback for the legalization movement.

    It could swing either way. And those who campaign against synthetics in the name of legalizing marijuana might succeed, or they might just ruin any chance they already had of getting it legalized.

    I hope the problem is solved through the legalized distribution of marijuana, but it seems just as likely, if not moreso that this will not be the case.

    If these people end up setting the legalization movement back to this degree, it will be a real shame.

  279. Robert Singer

    I’ve never smoked K2 or these other smoke blends, but I’ve smoked pure JWH-018 and without a microgram scale which can cost around $2000 it is impossible to accurately judge the dosage, since it is so incredibly potent.
    So I eyeball the dosage (for regular JWH smokers this is slightly smaller than the size of a pot seed) and I do a half-dose(half the size of a pot seed) and it either does basically nothing or gives me a pretty potent high, with little to no gray-area in-between. But if I do even a half dose after having had just a couple of drinks I usually get a rapid heart rate and have fairly bad anxiety and panic attacks. If I do a full dose without having had alcohol I get the panic reaction almost half the time. It even caused a sort of paralysis one time, where I couldn’t move, I was eating at the time, and became unable to chew(hahaha). So I ended up laying there for an hour just staring at the wall before I could move again and continue chewing. It was a lot of fun, but scary as hell, but I don’t believe I was in any danger. This is actually a common reaction to smoking too much JWH, as is a feeling of something being wrong and not knowing what it is, even an irrational fear that you may be dying, along with the knowledge that this fear is irrational. An increased heart-rate is normal, even when you haven’t taken too much, it’s simply a common side-effect of the chemical.

    I don’t think it was ever a danger to me. I have a friend who has smoked pure JWH before too, and he intentionally smoked too much every time, he ended up in a ball in the corner rocking for a couple of hours almost every time, he loves the sense of panic an “over-dose” amount causes.
    But it’s just that. An irrational sense of panic and fear and only happens when mixed with alcohol or when too high of a dosage is taken, some people like it, I personally don’t. It could be a danger for someone with a pre-existing heart condition, and (in theory) may cause blood pressure spikes. But a healthy person should be fine, even if they take enough to induce a panic attack. If you start with a quarter dosage(quarter the size of a pot seed) and slowly increase from there, there is no risk. It’s only when people get overly ambitious with the amount they think they can handle that any negative effects happen.

    But as far as this K2 and the many other JWH containing mixes go, they often contain toxic chemicals and contaminants and other unknown active ingredients and are far less safe than JWH itself.
    If you want a JWH type high, buy it pure and then buy a herb, like california poppy or damiana or dagga, or something that suits your tastes and dilute the JWH through it (it is water soluble, so you can soak and re-dry the herb). It will give you the high with far less risks than these pre-made “herbal” blends, but I recommend to make the mix weak, it’s better to have to smoke a few bowls to get high, than get too much from a single hit and freak out.
    Again, with pure JWH it usually takes 2 hours to even begin to kick in, so it is an easy mistake to smoke it expecting the near instant high of weed and when it doesn’t come to smoke more, thinking you just haven’t had enough. This is the main reason people end up smoking too much and feeling bad. Wait at least 2 hours before smoking another bowl, or you will probably regret it. It kicks you like a horse at around the 2 hour mark, but I’ve had it kick in on some rare occasions as early as half an hour after smoking. It however has NEVER been instant.

    If you want to smoke synthetic cannabinoids, buy them pure, dilute them in a measured amount of herb, and smoke responsibly, otherwise you will freak out, get a massively fast heartrate that throbs in your throat and makes your whole head throb with each beat and possibly become unable to walk without falling over for a short time. It has a massive effect on co-ordination when you smoke too much, to the point that it is too dangerous to try to stand up, because YOU WILL FALL HARD.

    If you do have one of these freakouts, remember you aren’t going to die, you are fine and try to just enjoy it and relax.

    As long as you start slow, it shouldn’t have these negative effects on you. If you do have a negative reaction, it’s your own stupid fault for smoking too much, not the fault of the chemical. Since it’s largely drug addled teenagers with hardly a braincell to their name who smoke this stuff, they stupidly smoke way too much trying to show off or just through ignorance of the effects and risks and then take themselves to the hospital until the high wears off, because of the feeling that they are dying(when they are not). They also stupidly mix it with alcohol, which drastically amplifies it’s negative effects.
    There are however the more responsible people who just want an alternative high because of drug testing at work or because it’s legal and they don’t want to risk a criminal record, particularly one involving drugs, since it can ruin a career and prevent you from visiting most countries as a tourist.
    It’s these people who are generally more responsible with research chemicals, but will be the ones who really suffer the loss when it is made illegal by dumb kids who don’t bother to research a drug before smoking it and make themselves sick as a result.

    I don’t think the smoking blends are safe and they should not be used as they are unregulated and often contaminated with toxic and harmful chemicals, along with other untested and unidentified active compounds.
    But the JWH itself, when used responsibly and with care can be safe and fun.

    Just behave responsibly, don’t make assumptions, do your research and be as careful as possible, drugs aren’t toys, it’s a serious subject and you should always treat these chemicals with respect. If you don’t, you’ll learn the hard way.

    And stay away from this K2 stuff, it’s not safe, there is no regulation or purity testing, or even any realistic way to test it’s contents or purity. It’s a big gamble, and not a gamble you should take with your health.
    But if you are aware of the risks and still want to smoke it, then that is also fine, but the responsibility is on you if it does you harm, and if it does, it gives all RCs a bad name, even when they aren’t the chemical responsible. It’s impure and unregulated blends like this that are making JWH and other synthetic cannabinoids illegal.

  280. casey

    hahahahaha holy shit i love you

  281. TheChad

    Anyone who is having crazy anxiety from smoking K2 just shouldn’t smoke it. BTW weed does the EXACT same thing to some people. If you are getting that much anxiety is probably beccause you have anxiety issues. Go see a doctor and get some fucking Clonazepam – is used alone or in combination with other medications to control certain types of seizures. It is also used to relieve panic attacks (sudden, unexpected attacks of extreme fear and worry about these attacks). Clonazepam is in a class of medications called benzodiazepines. It works by decreasing abnormal electrical activity in the brain.
    Seriously, I smoke K2 and friends of mine do and none of us have had bad reactions….ya’ll are just weakminded……

  282. TimmyCostigan

    Okay guy this is no joke! Yesterday I have been smoking K2 strawberry and Black Mamba for a month now usually like 10 grams a day. Well, earlier I got a bag of strawberry and packed a bowl and when I put the bowl to my mouth before even lighting it I smelled the K2 and immediately had a stroke, seizure and heart attack all at the same time. I fell off of the ladder I had been sitting on into a wading pool full of radios, toaster ovens and power tools all plugged into a socket. Well needless to say I was fine but after I got up I went into the house and I tripped on my little brother’s toy truck and broke my neck on my dog, breaking his back at the same time. Now we’re both dead because I was an idiot and decided to smoke K2!!! I should have just kept taking oxycontin, coke, pot, alcohol enemas, heroin and the occasional crack rock. I could have been somebody! Don’t let this happen to you or your friends! Take it from me because I’m dead.

    Oh yeah, a little side note. After I died my family went on a terrorist rampage and killed my entire town and then themselves. Now we’re all stuck in hell having sex with each other non-stop for eternity. :-(

  283. noway

    I notice how everyone who likes this stuff can’t spell for shit. Do NOT smoke this “fake” weed. My girlfriend and I just smoked half a bowl between the two of us and we both had racing hearts, death like feelings, and shortness of breathe. You’re a damn fool if you keep smoking it.

  284. Cg

    Are u and Kevin here retarded? You are not doctors so u both really have no idea of what is sensible or not. It doesn’t matter what type of hits or size hits u take. I’m an adult age 23 and took one hit and went into anxiety and rapid heart rate And blood pressure I didn’t go to the hospital but I knew it was wrong.

  285. boz

    This happened to me!!! I will never do any kind of drug ever again. I thought I was dying. That was on Saturday night… It is now Monday and I still feel like I am not really attached to anything if that makes any sense at all… I was hallucinating and I thought I was dying right then and having flashbacks of my life. It was the worst feeling I have ever ever ever felt.. i hope this feeling of being out of it goes away and I can get back to normal!!

  286. boonopolis

    the first time i smoked it i passed out at a concert for like an hour. I thought maybe it was to hot out or something, but every other time i’ve smoked it my heart has started racing real bad and it made me extremely jittery i couldn’t sit still for anything

  287. jim bean green

    ive been smokin the K2 brand of spice and it hasnt effected me in any way jst my advice is take it east at fisrt and then progress like u do pills lol

  288. u Stupid ppl

    Ok I’ve been smoking weed since I was 17. Well everyone needs stress relief mine is smoking pot for just a lil while I can relax and sleep. However they drug test me so I don’t smoke pot now. I found this stuff called posh it acts just like weed. Sum ppl r going to say no it don’t its not the same to me it is and in my life besides drinkin pot is as far as I have gone… All this stuff ur hearing thinkabout all the pot propaganda fact is no one cares… Smoke it if u want too I am.

    now saying stuff u know sumone who’s been in hospital or jail what other med problems did they have fake pot or pot could have started . Sumone freaked out and couldn’t move…. All I’m hearing is first timer understand when u make the decision to get high understand Its going to effect u.

    Ppl die from drinkin but no one says shit… Pot is a better alt to drinkin
    Drinkin is just legal
    now think on this u lil Girls who can’t handle ur alcohol. Sum ppl just act dif on dif things and if u don’t like how u act on it its not for u but don’t sink the boat for all of us
    And if u really want fake pot gone make pot legal… Just a guess but alcohol fatalities would prolly drop

  289. DREYGON

    I have smoked alot of spice, Hawain ULTRA, may fav TRAINWRECK, and some hashishes, and they got me sooooooo ummmmmm ya high. so they made it illegal here so i ordered some king kush k2 and smoke a little nothing smoked it out of a hooka and i feel sooooooo wieeeerrrrrddddd
    im trippen i feeel wierd it aint right im afraid it was sprayed with some rat poison and im dieing anyone know if king kush k2 has that jw 018 or is it somthing else. cause i aint stoned but im really fucked up… please help
    sincerely dumbass

  290. Jeff

    I think the real point here is Marijuana should be legal. We shouldn’t have to be testing chemical alternatives on ourselves. Write your congressman and tell him to legalize Marijuana to fight these dangerous new chemicals

  291. jj

    And wow I just noticed the surprising abundance of comas on this thread, when officially there have only been three fatalities linked to the drug, and they were not overdoses. It sounds like someone is loading the thread with an agenda and not much creativity.

    How many comas can there be on one thread??? There aren’t many other coma stories anywhere else.

    Anyone reading this blog should google “JWH coma” and there’s NOTHING… except this blog. Try finding it in REAL NEWS. It isn’t there.

    I believe the people that say they got too high, or got sick, or their heart raced, because those are actual medical side effects. But come on… a blog-specific coma outbreak? REALLY??

    Somebody here needs to GET A LIFE.

  292. jj

    News Flash: IT IS NOT WEED! (duuuuuuh)

    People that have reactions to it because they are BEING STUPID AND SMOKING TOO MUCH OF IT. It doesn’t matter if you can smoke 12 bowls of pot, JWH is NOT THC and you will have NO TOLERANCE for it because it is NEW TO YOUR SYSTEM. You should never assume one drug’s experience will be like another’s.

    I have been smoking JWH for a while, so has my wife, my brother in law, and several friends. It takes 2, maybe 3 hits, and we’re done. Any more than that and the experience can get unpleasant. If you smoke more than one bowl be prepared to get insanely high or have a bad experience.

    States are banning JWH more and more, and it’s a backwards solution. New drugs are right around the corner anyways and are already being sold. Legalize weed, end the stupid prohibition experiment with the war on drugs, and focus on public safety and not what people do in their homes.

  293. turner

    I just wanted to inform everyone that may be thinking of trying this stuff to think again. Currently as I write this a 15 y.o. friend of my daughter’s is lying in a coma fighting for his life. He is on a ventilator, has been comatose for hours has a huge brain bleed and is continuously seizing. They are giving him a 20 percent chance of survival. All because he went to a party, smoked shaman for the “legal high” and now its more than likely his seek for a high has cost this young boy his LIFE!!!!!!

  294. judo

    i smoked a few bowls of this stuff called “happy shaman: Kind Spice” for the first time last night with a few buddys of mine, at first it was pretty good, kinda like weed, but there was a definate distinction between the highs that i really couldnt put my finger on. anyways, after things started to mellow out and i was off of my initial high, i started to get a warm feeling in my chest, and it just kept getting warmer, i ignored it and it went away, but every once in a while i would just stop for a second and there it was again, just linguring there, after a few times of ignoring it, i put my hand on my chest and it felt like my heart was going 210, i asked my friends if they were getting the same feeling and all of them said no, we all came to the conclusion that it was just my mind playing tricks on me. i stayed calm the best i could, because the worst thing i could do if my heart really was beating to fast is to start freaking out and knocking shit over. I eventually just went to sleep, and all was fine, but after hearing everyones similar reactions to this stuff, im probally gonna take it easy next time, if at all. we smoked about 6-8 bowls between 4 people, the reason for so much is because it was virtually un-packable in my bowl, it was super dry, and and a full bowl would be burned up before it got all the way around.

    stay safe everyone, and take this shit easy, remember, its not weed, so dont use it like you would weed. only take a little at first.

  295. i play wow

    ok i smoked SPACE…. fake weed yesterday and i almost died from a seizure. i was completely out for about 5 mins and unresponsive and during my seizure i had a mild heart attack. this isnt stuff to joke about. in my mind i was stuck between life and death and nothing else existed and when i came out of it i was for sure i had been in a coma for years. the only reason i tried it was because im on probation and i thought i would give it a shot. its nothing like weed tho. exact opposite. it should be illegal cause when i went to the hospital after i was told that i was lucky to be alive…be safe yall

  296. texas

    I’ve been smoking pot for ten years around 5 months ago I was placed on probation so I turned to leagle weed wich I have now been smoking for 5 months I smoke a lot to just like I did pot , pot never had any negitve side effects on me and the leagle smoke didn’t really either in the begining but that would soon chang
    The first month I was smoking a product called hurricane herbal incense the it was 30 dollars for 3 grams then I found a product called southern spice and it was 10 grams for 40 dollars at a local smoke shop this is where my problems started the first thing I notice was these really weird chest pains and a bad feeling of being paniced
    Then I started to throw up if I was up all night smoking I would be up all morning throwing up violently I thought I was just sick with the flu or somthing well the throwing up got better as my body gained a tolerence to the toxins but the cheast pain just kept getting worse it feels like your hearth is missing a beat or somethin hurricane did not
    Do this to me there is differnt quality smoke just like weed and these cheaper “k2″‘s are not made the same there all and herbal mixture sprayed with jwh018 but what they don’t tell you is they use acetone and other chemicals to dilute it and I belve these cheaper ones are made in an uncontrolled envorment and that’s the reason for the bad reaction
    I really wish this backwards country would just leaglize but or people will keep smoking k2 if they ban it in tx u can order it online if they ban jwh018 then people will use jwh250 and it will be 10 years before its really banded the first death directly linked to fake weed happened this month in dallas tx a teen was comlaing about chest pains and his heart was so damaged he died
    Kids are gonna start dropping like flys I have had bad uncontallable chest pains from this stuff espesally used in large amounts I still find it unbelivable I can go right down the road and buy a bottle of jack and a gun in the same store but can’t go home and smoke a joint

  297. Idaho

    My boyfriend started smoking fake weed after he got drug tested at work recently…and I have to say that he loved fake weed even more than regular weed because it was “four times as potent”…but I personally noticed that he was incredibly agitated from day 1 of smoking it. He doesn’t believe that the fake weed is the cause, he blamed ME for his being agitated. And I tried to convince him that he was reacting to me differently BECAUSE of the fake weed. It only got worse as the smoking continued…he got agitated and was hyped up several nights in a row… For example, if we were having a conversation, and I wasn’t speaking fast enough or if I paused in conversation, he would say “what…what is it?? spit it out!!!” angrily. Basically being a huge douche. And although it was even more potent than regular weed, he would take even more hits of it. One night he got so agitated that he violently threw his pipe against the wall above my computer, shattering it (the pipe, not my computer), I truly believe this K2 stuff is more dangerous than weed simply because of the fact that more people have had negative reactions to it.. I have tried it myself and enjoyed it, but I only took one hit and was almost TOO high for a very long time…he smoked it nonstop.
    Legalize marijuana…my boyfriend would never get violent like that after smoking a joint. Sorry for the rambling type message… I know not everyone reacts to K2 in this manner but I’m just going through a lot with my boyfriend’s addiction. He’s put our relationship through the gauntlet and I don’t know how much more I can take. :-|

  298. McD

    Wouldn’t it be more simple and effective to simply legalise cannabis for everyone, like it looks as if they’re going to do in California, to get around this and a veritable cornucopia of similar problems?

  299. It Will Kill

    I’ve been hangin with Mary Most of my life, Loved K2 Since the moment I Bought it. Now after smokin it for a month, I’m Suddenly unable to smoke 3 hits without My Heart freakin out worse then doin a clipboard sized line of blow! I’ve smoked crack, done speeders, and plenty lines of good stuff, and I Never had my heart Freak out like this! Now, 4 days with no K2, 2 hits of pot makes my heart flip out. I can’t smoke anything at all. It will catch up to you. Worse Then Blow and you can’t be high If you’re dead! Try it if you want,Stupid

  300. beckie

    i been smokeing k2 for about 2 months now and i never had any of these effects. and i go though about four 3gram bags in about 2 days maybe 3. and i run track and had nun happen to me

  301. will vendetti

    legalize weed and everyhting will be better. :-)

  302. McD

    Congratulations, Kevin – this is the most sensible reply to this article so far.

  303. Kevin

    Listen. People who haven’t tried this stuff should shut up. Period.

    I’m currently in the position where I cannot find marijuana. For almost the last month, I’ve been smoking K2 or Mr. Smiley daily. I have smoked it with friends and talked to many more friends about it. So far, in all of my experiences and conversations with it, I have never heard of any dangerous reactions (only on a national scale). Everyone I know has enjoyed it.

    Kids are buying this stuff all over the place now. If it was a true threat to our well-being, we would have had hysteria and massive efforts to shut down all production and consumption.

    The simple truth is that we don’t know everything about the stuff. It appears to be relatively harmless for the majority of people who try it. HOWEVER, as others have said, if you have not tried it before, be careful. It pisses me off when kids try something new and take five huge cough-inducing hits. That is about the dumbest thing you could ever do when trying any new substance, especially an unfamiliar and unresearched substance.

    Go ahead and try it if you want, but BE CAREFUL!!

  304. Sherry

    How long was it before you recovered? A friend of mine ended up in the emergency room last night and he’s still having a lot of trouble. He’s much better but still having trouble. When he falls asleep he’s get so scared that he has to wake up. I was wondering how long it was before you felt back to normal thank you.

  305. vibesmoker

    look ppl, i am a us army soldier and have smoked “spice” and many other brands for the last two years. and i ahve never had any of these effects at all! this is ridiculous, the propaganda about this legal smoke. wow it is just like our government to criticize something that we are finally allowed to do (legally). if a fucking paratrooper can smoke it and jump out of a godddamn c130 from 1200ft and be fine, then i think we should all be fine. fuck the government, legalize real weed if u r so worried about it.

  306. methadone anonymous

    dude whats going on when people will try or do anything for a buzz Ya need JESUS

  307. Bad trip...

    First off, fu*k you if you think people are exaggerating theIr reactions, I took 4 hits off of spice(kush) and was completely Fu*ked off of it. I got super pale with an extremely fast heart speed, WAY beyond normal. I couldn’t focus worth sh*t and found myself getting mad at stupid sh*t. The whole Fu*king experience was no fun at all… I personally would NOT recommend this synthetic pot to anyone who has never smoked before… If only you could have felt what I felt(which some of you have, sucks.), you would probably never smoke the sh*t again… Seriously, be careful using it if you do. (and WTF!? How the Fu*k do they not know what’s in this sh*t!?)

  308. Henry

    I smoked it four like three or four days. Horrible chest pains are what worry me. Im so dumb. I have a marijuana addiction and cant find any. It is not the same. I know i overdosed the first time so i started putting way less on some tobbaco. The chest pain is real i dont think its anxiety like people say alot. I have been reading of people getting heart attacks and heart damage. Havent touched it sence yesterday and my chest still is tight . It scarry. Im worried about my heart but im pretty sure i will be better in a few days. Its really addicting and you want to smoke more even though you can tell its bad for you. Its like a hard drug version of weed. That shit is in the trash … 80 bucks down the drain but what i really worry about is permanant heart damage. Not much i can do. Lesson learned. Im a dumbass. Darwin’d :-( burn one for me. (of heddie nugs not research chems plus who knows what else.)

  309. McD

    “I think the Best thing to do about this legal weed bullshit is legalize the real weed an Everyone would be happy”

    I don’t think many people here would disagree with that sentiment!

  310. swisha

    Look I’ve smoked bud for a long time I’ve bought it smoked it an sold it.
    About a year ago I got a,new job with a oil company an had to stop smoking
    Dro. I’ve heard an read from alot of people that this legal weed is more
    Potent than the real Shit I’ve every kind of legal weed I’ve came across an
    I’ve yet to find any better than the different kinds of Dro I’ve smoked
    An I’ve never had any bad reactions to any of the fake weed I’ve smoked
    Except for bein pissed off that I wasted my money on some of the different
    Kinds no one I know has not had a bad reaction to the legal weed either
    If my job didn’t drug test I would be smoking a bowl right now I think the
    Best thing to do about this legal weed bullshit is legalize the real weed an
    Everyone would be happy

  311. butters19

    So far I have tried k4 and spike alongside Haze, which is a Hawaiian herb. I have twitched uncontrollably and my heart was going so fast that I thought it would literally come out of my chest. We bought it, so it wasn’t any concoction that we made. I’ve smoked it since and I got some twitching again and a slightly fast heart rate. It causes really bad munchies for my friends and I as well. Maybe we’re the minority?

  312. Witness to craziness

    So, I don’t smoke anything. However I watched my bf do what we thought was a very small amount of k2. Within 2 minutes he was VERY agitated, he felt like he could not breathe, his heart rate was off whack, he was nauseated, he had a terrible burning in his chest. Now he is a good 20 year vet of pot. Thought he’d maybe give the legal stuff a try. I can guarantee you that after his experience, he will never try it again. He ended up vomiting for a long period of time….could not lay down for a while, but when he finally could he did manage to relax somewhat. It has been 4 hours since the 2 hits of this shit and he still cannot be upright for more than like 1 minute. He gets sick!…..Again, I’m not a smoker of anything, but i certainly do agree that the use of marijuana should be legalized and this k2 shit should definitely be illegal! Just my opinion, but if a grown man that is for sure seasoned with pot can’t handle it then i think there is something wrong with the picture.

  313. gvguivgf

    I have smoked this stuff for about 4 months now at least 3 grams a day. I can smoke 2 blunts to the face at the same time with my two friends an feel fine. I get all the symptoms i would from weed its just shorter. Must biuld up a tolerance and you will be fine.

  314. clagary flames bitch

    ok im a pothead but because of drugtests i resorted to smoking this.The first 50 times I smoked it I was fine I am very cautious and always hit it 2 or 3 times to start off with.Well about 3 weeks ago I was on the phone with a friend and wasnt paying attention I guess.I hit it 5 times and no shit it scared the absolute hell out of me.I swear I was praying on my knees I really thought I was going to die.My heartrate was the main thing that freaked me out it was racing and I felt heat in my chest plus I was having some sort of ummm hearing problem I was for sure trippin.I heard things that werent there.But as alot of you have done before it was just like being too stoned on pot but alot more intense.I still smoke it.I came close to getting too high on it the other night and all I did was calm myself down ate a little food and I was fine.I guess I will still smoke until the real is legal.It;s a shame some of us have to do this but I have a job you know

  315. yoouuknoww!.

    youuu are the shit. lol this is exactly how i feel about this. i smoke breeze everyday and i dont have any bad sid effects.

  316. yoouuknoww!.

    i smoke this stuff everyday, now im not sure if its called k2 or if its a different cemical he uses but i personally have had no bad sid-effects from it. and the only time i have ever seen someone freak out or have bad effects from it was when they were drinking too. and it clearly says “dont mix with alcohol” yes you have a high heart rate but you do when you drink to many energy drinks too. i love smoking the breeze! and im from minnesota and this kid here was put in a coma because of “breeze” but he just smoked the cemical, which your obviously not supposed to do. i think it all depends on the tolarence you have for it and how long you’ve been smoking normal bud. cuz iv been a pot head for 4 or 5 years now n i just started smoking breeze this past year n love it. maybe if they’d legalize bud they wouldnt have to worry about this.

  317. dopeybear

    ive tried it and didnt like it, to me it had no affects, i think it s awaste of money and time, ive tried SERVERAL types of ( legal buds ) and none are very good for future reference DONT BUY!!!!!

  318. bmachine

    I smoked that stuff last night and it was the worst experience in my life. Honestly made me think of life, as I felt like I was going to die. My body shut down, couldn’t move, then suddenly I got really cold, then hot, then I couldn’t breathe. Lasted forever, never take this! Ever. Frankly live your life sober, find happiness in something you don’t need to intake or consume.

  319. Kristian Heller

    K2 sucks!

    It smokes like nasty tobacco, it’s harsh, it’s stemmy, it’s brown, it doesn’t look like a real plant.

    It makes you feel like you’ve had a few too many beers a little, real quick, you’re dizzy, your head hurts, your stomach is sick.

    I just don’t get it, except if you have nothing else.

    I would think that just JWH-018 might be safer/better…

  320. Metal Dave

    I smoke this shit EVERY DAY. I have been for months. I will sit and smoke a bowl of it just as I would weed. I get high, I get sleepy, I go to sleep. Basically the same daily routine I had with weed. There have been times when I’ve smoked it throughout the day with friends and not a one of us have had a bad reaction. Once, I smoked some of the “mid-grade” of a particular brand (I won’t name the brand…but it isn’t K2) and had the same side effects listed in the article (minus hallucinations) but I didn’t feel the need to be rushed to the hospital. I just waited until I came down…about 20 minutes later. The article may very well be exaggerating the situation. Perhaps certain people are more susceptible to the side effects than others? All I know is the main reason I buy this stuff is because I can do so legally and for basically the same price as 4 grams of weed. Since JWH O18 is more powerful I generally don’t have to smoke nearly as much. Also, I don’t cough my lungs up when I smoke this like I do with weed. Now, I’m not against the legalization of marijuana at all. If it were legal, I would switch back in a heartbeat because I know it is probably safer to smoke. But until that day….

  321. bulk k2

    Severe reactions is just a term the media uses to put down this stuff. it’s really not that bad

  322. Jakki

    But wouldn’t it be better to not have to worry about overdosing? This is not a safer alternative to marijuana if I light up a jay and have to worry about if I’ve smoked the limit or not.

  323. bud

    oh ya. the guy in the article above wrote “potentially life-threatening hallucinations” hello!! there hallucinations!! i guess someone will have to explain that to me.

  324. bud

    Ive been smoking weed for half my life. i just got off probation after two years. but while on probation i was smoking a 3 gram bag of k2 or happy shaman herbs a day. shit i still prefer it to some shwag. i just bought some 15 min ago. And about the bad side affects, idk it happened to me once. Id been smokin all day, (by that i mean ONE big hit every hour.) but i loaded a bowl of two different kinds, hit it. got the fast heart rate blah blah sweating, ya i thought i was gonna die. but i didnt, and as far as i know nobody else has either. basically if your gonna try it, dont smoke it like weed. take one hit. and see how it feels. i usually feel it within two minutes. extremely baked feeling. lasting anywhere from …. well im always high but about an hour or two depending on your tolorance to it.

  325. Ray_Christl_THC_Ministry_asia

    This type of story should be used to get pot legal…for parents this is a VERY scary issue.

  326. Marc Brown

    I have been a heavy pot smoker for the last 3 or 4 years and i love it. I recently got caught and am on probation now. My brother and my 2 best friends were with me so now none of us can smoke the ganj. So earlier this week we thought we would try some k2. When we were still smokin bud we just thought of this stuff as complete bull and were doubtful if it even got you high. We smoked some the other night and I felt really good. It was nice just being able to smoke again. But the high didn’t last very long. So yesterday at the flea market they got some k2 that was labeled as 3x, supposedly really potent. So last night we packed up some and we each took 2 hits of it. Man that shit sucked! I got the typical increased heart rate which was pretty scary. The first time i smoked the stuff the buzzed seemed kinda similar to bud but last night it was nothing like it. It created insane paranoia. I guess i just smoked too much of it but 2 hits didn’t seem like it would be too much. Now i don’t really think i want to do this crap anymore. I would rather have no buzz than to go through that crap again. If your gonna smoke it i would’t do more than one hit, because 2 hits had me feelin terrible. It just seems so obsurd that I am in trouble for something as harmless as bud but I felt horrible off of smoking the legal alternative to it.

  327. John Smith

    K2 produces a high similar to marijuana, but inferior in every conceivable way.

    K2 gives a “drunk” sensation. Oh you’re “high”, but it’s like a 2-dimensional high versus the layers of feeling real marijuana allows you to have. It is less thought-provoking, in other words.

    K2 does not stimulate the appetite, but does have an aphrodisiac effect similar to marijuana.

    If Marijuana is a sweet and heartfelt high-school puppy love, K2 is a cheap crack whore that gets the job done, but leaves you with a feeling like “WTF have I done” afterwards.

    K2 is chemical, marijuana is savory. K2 is unpleasant to smoke, marijuana is a pleasing smoke in and of itself, before the high sets in. I can go on here, but you get the gist. If you took the effects of marijuana that appeals to kids, the raw “high”, and extracted them from the effects of marijuana that we appreciate as adults (the thoughts, deep relaxation, eye opening) you have K2.

    Thank you, NORML, for doing what you do.

  328. Deborah

    Hey zenthetics i just purchased 5 grams from your website about 20 minutes ago. Its wednesday night will i receive it by saturday? I live in NY.

  329. zenthetics

    Hello Dylan,

    Clearly we remain on opposite sides of the fence. I will continue to promote responsibility and I do respect your dedication to preventing irresponsibility (though clearly I disagree).

    People will always find a way to get what they want. I don’t think it will take long for people to skirt the laws you’re lobbying for but you know that. People will always find something new, perhaps more dangerous, hopefully safer.


  330. Dylan

    Well hello John,

    I see you replied, I was waiting for that.

    First lets make it very clear to anyone who may be reading this, the product you produce is already illegal, thanks in part to people like me, in 8 states with legislation coming in about 30 others in the next 6 months to a year and I am a vocal proponent for the legalization of cannabis.

    So if I am to understand you correctly, you sell a “solid incense” and JWH 018 from the same website, under the same business name, just not a blend? Yeah…no comment…I could very easily go into the legalities but I will not…not just yet

    As far as the videos I refer to, they are not being used to build legal cases, they are inadmissible in any court, yes, but they allow my state officials, the ones that pass laws and serve on the advisory board to other states to see first hand the product YOU ultimately create and how it is being used.

    After that its pretty easy to determine YOUR intent in the eyes of the law, change its legal status and start prosecuting those who blatantly produce or produced the product under a false guise of “research” to underage children with wanton disregard to possible side effects.

    You’re selling it “not for human consumption” and for “research” purposes but you fail to realize the research concluded sum 25 years ago, there is no valid research purpose of the chemical compound JWH 018 or any of its derivatives as the research concluded when Pfizer quit exploring it any further, as it was not the compound they originally intended to create.

    The chemist who used Pfizer’s research to further explore the correlation between JWH and THC will tell you that there is no purpose for JWH other than getting high, he only published the papers as a requirement of his position.

    Its easy and I put it this way to those who smoke marijuana, this will only benefit their cause – the legalization of cannabis, so, if they do their part by not supporting your syntetic garbage, that leaves you with a target sales market of children ,under the age of 18 and no one is going to stand for that.

    No, you see, when the law to ban JWH comes up for consideration in your state/town, all marijuana smokers/advocates have to do is demand that an equal referendum to legalize marijuana is also included for consideration of vote and their problem is solved.

    You should probably stop selling JWH…wait you sell solid incense so you’re okay. Face the fact, John, you make chemicals and sell them to little kids for profit.

  331. zenthetics

    Hello Dylan,

    The active ingredient in JWH-018 is JWH-018. I’m not sure what you mean by us failing to disclose the active ingredient. “Not for human consumption” is in no way an unclear warning, nor is it a dog whistle invitation to smoke it.

    Congratulations on “filming the morons that work in head shops.” However we do not sell smoking blends or condone smoking them. I wish you luck in your campaign against irresponsible/misleading resellers.


  332. Dylan

    JWH supplier Zenthetics, your website should be Zenthetics – Pathetics. I sincerely hope you don’t think posting a comment on this forum is going to save you from the inevitable, misrepresentation of product and failing to disclose active ingredient, suits. They will be coming in the next year from this blatant b.s. marketing ploy “not for human consumption”. I have guys all over walking into the head shops, with video cameras and asking the morons that work there, what blend is best to smoke? When we start going after them, they will in turn tell us that you marketed it to them as smoke. Trust me, it will go that way.

  333. tim

    man reminds me of the paraquat days when the government poisoned us.this k2 shit scares the hell outa me.legalize pot or crap like amal nitrate and glue sniffing will be the future. please do isound like my parents?

  334. Myra Torres

    Friends of mine had some and no lie,there was actual glitter,like small pieces of confetti in the legal weed…WTF?On the outside is a label saying “not for human consumtion” these makers are evil.

  335. zenthetics


    We absolutely do not condone smoking jwh. On our website we only sell research grade jwh and a solid incense. We refuse to sell any “smoking blend” and include very clear warnings about the dangers of smoking it. There is a shortage of information out there so I do what I can to inform people.

    I agree with your view that when used correctly, jwh can be a pleasant experience. But it is extremely powerful beyond THC, and a small inaccuracy in measuring can have severe consequences if directly inhaled in smoke.

    Our view is smoking jwh is irresponsible when there are so many sensible alternatives, and that’s just how we feel about it.

  336. Mike

    Okay I will put my two cents in on this one. I am a pothead, have been for about 16 years now. I am a successful stoner, an entrepreneur if you will. Someone actually approached me for money to start producing this stuff a few months ago when it started popping up and after much smoking and a lot of research, my conscience weighed against the unknown and I decided I didn’t want to be the guy making this stuff if it ends up having a bunch of adverse effects down the road. My friend said, hey, they spray tobacco with cyanide, how could this possible be worse than selling tobacco? Good point but I didn’t go for it, I decided against it.

    That doesnt mean I am going to agree with all of what is being said about this drug. St. Louis is a major conservative town and this guy is on crack, or more likely prescription pills. While its true you can overdose, if it is gone about the correct way, you get high and dont experience what these loons are talking about. Make sure if you’re going to do it, you buy it from the store and not some kid on Craigslist, just my two cents. :-)

    To the first poster, if you make JWH 018, you know there is no way you’re going to get high unless you smoke it or ingest it so to insinuate that it is your intent for people to use it as incense or oil is ridiculous, not to mention a lie. Hey whatever helps you sleep.

    Now, I will admit I like smoking it but I am 30 and capable of deciding that. Not too much of it but it helps to take a day off from the Yoda, Skywalker or Strawberry Cough and this stuff does get you incredibly high. I have found one brand in particular that doesn’t taste like crap, I won’t say what it is because I am not here to advertise for them.

  337. The Realist

    I agree 1st off of course it is not good for you, your inhaling chemicals and burnt herbs.
    Secondly, nicotine, caffeine, alcohol…… will put you in the hospital if you do too much.
    Some of the better brands on the market are Serenity, K2 , Black Mamba and irie Vibz.
    By definition all K2 is counterfeit since the original proprietors have taken their money and run.
    Even the guy in the Northwest who made up the whole K2 authorized symbol is just an early counterfeiter.
    What you need to do is make sure the product is made from the US made Jw-018 only 2 labs currently produce it one is in CA I am not sure of the other one.
    When you find a strong safe brand stick with it.
    Or dont use it at all…

  338. ez502

    My buddy and I got a bag of a blend called Kimchi a couple of days ago. We were both heavy pot smokers at one time, but I recently graduated from college and he will graduate in a few weeks, so we are both looking for jobs and don’t want to have to worry about failing a drug test if the opportunity for a good job presents itself.

    Anyway, we were both wanting to smoke a blunt really bad, so we decided to give it a shot. Another friend that we trust had told us about Kimchi, which he smokes daily because he is on probation and has to piss every so often. He gave us directions to the store to get it from (we live in Kentucky where it is illegal so we had to go to Indiana to get it).

    We went and got it and rolled one up on the way back to my friends house and put it in the air. After about half of the blunt we looked at each other and decided we were high enough and put it out. I had some of the same feelings that a lot of you were talking about (paranoia, heart racing, etc.). Then I realized these were some of the same feelings I got when I smoked a lot of pot, or really good pot in the past. I looked at my buddy and said “man I’m high like I was the first time I smoked weed.” After we laughed for a little while he replied “I’m glad we put it out or I would have had to pull over.”

    Overall, I would say the experience was very similar to smoking pot. We returned to my buddy’s house and engaged in a marathon session of NCAA Football 11 on XBox 360 and even smoked the rest of the blunt and another joint later in the night and we were both fine.

  339. Zenthetics

    As a manufacturer and vendor of JWH let me just weigh in on this conversation with some facts:

    JWH-018 has similar toxicity to THC, the active compound in marijuana.

    THC affects your brain’s CB1(high) and CB2(pain relief) receptors almost equally.

    JWH affects the CB1(high) three times more effectively than THC, and has virtually no effect on CB2. This results in more of a “head high” than “body high.”

    JWH is not for human consumption, meaning it should not be smoked. It should be used in incense or oils so it can diffuse in the atmosphere.

    It takes only 5 milligrams of pure JWH to get high, which is about a small grain of rice. Hence one gram of pure JWH is equivalent to 250 marijuana highs. 10-15mg and you have surpassed what is botanically possible with a marijuana plant. Marijuana is by far more expensive in the long run.

    JWH is a synthetic compound, and it does not occur naturally in herbs. Hence, any “smoking” blend you get merely has it sprinkled on or diffused somehow in the product.

    JWH is an EXTREMELY fine powder and easily assumes a static charge – it sticks to everything including itself, making it impossible to evenly distribute into a smoking blend, hence the problem with consistency, hence why it should have never been put into a smoking blend.

    As with any other vice out there, be it tobacco, alcohol, sex, gambling, moderation is key. Even water is poisonous if you drink too much (see water poisoning, it happens). No matter what, JWH products should be used responsibly. And, as is always the case, it only takes a few idiots to f*ck it up for the whole country. Thank K2 for introducing a dangerous product when incense and oils worked just fine for years.

  340. Seriously Dangerous

    I am in the ICU at this moment looking at my boyfriend in a medical coma on a breathing machine because of this crap!!!! If it wasn’t for me being inn the room minutes after he did this he would be dead right now, who knows if he will live ton see another day. I did not known he did it it wasn’t until his brother told me he did it that the doctors could even go about treatment. This stuff is no joke nothing at all to play with. I am anti drug of an illegal or legal but I must say that if you want a high that bad smoke the weed and not this. You deserve to fail a drug test and suffer the consequences than to let your love ones suffer over the aftermath of this. Be selfish but at your expense not anyone else.

  341. Creed

    I tried Mr. Smiley face for the first time. I got really dizzy. My heart was pounding really fast. Today I feel bad. My head feels wierd. I’m not sure if this feeling goes away. All I took was about 5 or six hits. Do I need to go to the ER

  342. Abby

    Dude, you got sick off of your own stuff. Your only problem with the k2 you bought was that it was expensive. Only when you tried to make your own did you suffer the reactions.

  343. Whitney

    People underestimate this chemical and think it won’t work and end up overdosing.

    I’ve been smoking spice every day for about a year now and have never had an adverse reaction. I’ve tried almost every brand; black mamba, K2, Pep Spice, Space, Spice, Nola Gold, 420.

    A little goes a long way. As long as you’re smart I believe it’s fine.

  344. Duece55

    I recently purchased some K2, with same mind set as described in the article, it’s legal so i can’t get in trouble and marijuana can’t/doesn’t hurt you so this won’t either. I was wrong ! Last night I believe I Over Dosed and almost died. I’ve had bad trips before so i know what the difference is. My heart rate and i’m sure blood pressure seemed to increase uncontrollably, I struggled with ever gasp of air, I had to shut off all visual sensory due to the over whelming nasual. I was over come with a sense of doom and hopelessness. I thought I was going to die. Now today the day after my chest still hurts and my heart rate is still above normal. For all you out there thinking of trying K2 or are currently users I strongly urge you not to, or to stop. It’s not a natural substance like marijuana and it is not safe. The feeling is not worth the possible side effects. Hopefully the dangers associated with K2 will eventually lead to the legalization of marijuana, but in the mean time I would suggest the consicuences of geeting in trouble with the law for cannibus are far less severe then the potential risks of using K2 . Now is the time we must raise awareness and put a stop to this harmful drug before it spreads even further !

  345. toosick

    I had been a marijuana smoker for the last 7 or 8 years until my job implemented random drug testing. I started smoking k2 and loved it, but it got very expensive very fast. A coworker decided to look up how to make it and order the jwh-018 as well as some tea leaves. I have only been smoking this little mix for the past few days and last night, after rolling a joint out of it, i got extremely dizzy and nauseous. I tried to focus on a picture frame on the wall and keep my mind off of it, but within 10 minutes, i was burning up. I was sweating and breathing hard and ran to the bathroom to throw up. My girlfriend followed me in there and thought I was having a seizure. The symptoms were very similar, except I never did black out. My eyes went rolling back in my head, i was extremely tired, my body was twitching. This really is not a joke. She had to carry me to bed were I ended up passing out, but woke up this morning still with a migraine and the nausea. Be warned…this stuff really is not a joke. It lowers your oxygen saturation levels and can be fatal.

  346. Rich

    It’s estimated that 90% of all herbal incense products sold online are conterfeit, including K2, Wicked X and many others. Always make sure you are buying from a trusted source. If you’re unsure, do not purchase! If you want to learn more, visit http://www.k2legalbuds.com.

  347. TTT

    I’ve only smoked a few times in my 40 years, so I am a lightweight by any measure. My stepfather who has some chronic pain issues recently introduced me to the “legal” high. He rolled one from what I recall as a bag labelled K2 Standard. I took 5 decent hits over the course of about 2 minutes and then waited. My assumption at this point was that this stuff would be weaker than pot. Starting at T plus four minutes I went from normal to dazed over the course of 42 seconds. I had just about enough time to realize what was happening, stagger over to an empty chair and fall in. This felt like the best pot I had ever smoked except little to no “china-eye” feeling (my eyes swelling and squinting).

    Once I was fully in the grip of this monster I knew I had jumped in over my head. “Self, that was four hits too many.” It was a great high but had a bit of a rough edge with random paranoid thoughts and breathing that seemed like a bit of a chore. I kept my cool and rode it out for about 20 minutes until it tapered off into a nice buzz. I blame the negative side of this trip on a combination of hitting it too hard along with my personal hangups from working compulsory drug-free jobs for 32 years and the environment not being a comfortable one for me to cut loose. I had also planned on heading out on the town this night, but in spite of my drug-induced stupor I recognized this was not the time to be behind the wheel. On the positive side, I think I actually enjoyed watching NASCAR with my stepfather for the first time ever.

    If you are a responsible adult and choose to test the waters, I would recommend baby steps. Mix it up well (there’s a lot of different plant matter in the bag) and take a light hit or burn a small amount in a censer and waft the fumes to your face. Remove yourself from exposure and wait 15 minutes to see what happens. Use your best judgment and scale it up slowly. Test each new batch in the same way. The last thing you want to do is miss the party because you are in a coma having seizures from ripping a giant bong load of something you’ve never tried before. Bummer, dude.

  348. k2 herbs

    The legit k2 is basically weed kicked up a few notches. Lots of fake stuff out there so beware.

  349. SpiceUser

    This isn’t only because they overdosed! Everytime I smoked spice I would only do ONE bong hit. I smoked spice 10-20 times with NO negative effects! In fact the first 10-20 times were AWESOME! Then one time it suddenly shot my heart rate up to machine gun like speeds, severe chest pains due to the severe intense heart beats I was having, I hallucinated, my skin was pale, I truly felt as if I was going to die, I called my friend and had him and my girlfriend sit with me in the car in the hospitable parking lot.

    I smoked the stuff once more to insure it was that causing it and it was. This time I had all the symptoms of a severe panic attack, my legs twitched to the point that the muscles hurt from tensing and relaxing so rapidly. My heart rate of course soared, my skin flushed to pale, my palms were drenched and my lower back hurt, right on the curve before the butt area. Once again I was worried I might not make it out alive. This stuff is just tramatic. I will never touch this stuff again and I never thought I’d say this but I wouldn’t mind seeing it become illegal. I just don’t want anyone to have the experiences we have had.

    I just hope it doesn’t have long term effects or effect my other drug highs. I’m worried.

  350. my name

    me and my friend experianced k2. we smoked way too much and it was one of the worst experience of my life. i felt liek i wasn’t alive, liek i didn’t even exist. i still feel that way and it wont go away. my heart made my whole body pulse and i couldn’t control my muscles. i just had a pulse going through me, circling and i was just moving//twitching. i absolutly hated it and i never want to experience it again..

    fuckin legalize fucking marijuana and then i wouldn’t have had to go through that ya idiots in congress.
    weed is cheaper and it doesn’t fuck you up liek that.

  351. Katrina

    Im not a K2 smoker. Im a pot smoker. I have been for the last 10 years and I’m only 20. This stuff, my friend buys it. A waste of money. Might be legal, but why pay so much for it when weed is a hell of a lot cheaper. Hell, 60 an oz is a little to much! Now, you will never catch me paying that much for a gram of nothing. Hell, dro is cheaper than that!

  352. THC.Programmer

    They are likely fine. The mentioned reactions are exaggerations of well-known side effects of taking too much JWH-018, hans the non-related seizure mentioned for fear effect.

  353. James

    All these JWH-XXX’s are fine. When get;s get ahold of drugs no shit bad things are going to happen. These kids were immature and tried to do something mature. All these blends say not for human consumption to protect the makers asses so obviously it’s something you need to be careful with. The first time you smoked weed you didn’t smoke five puffs off of a joint and you shouldn’t with this stuff. If you do 10 minutes worth of reading on wiki (which isn’t the most reliable but is semi) you’ll see most of these JWH’s as there are over 10 different variety’s bind 10X hard than THC does to your CB1 receptors. So go online do some searching you’ll find vendors there’es even websites specifically designed to tell you which websites are scams and which aren’t. Buy some pure Jwh 018 or 250 or 073 or 081 or 200 but read about them first I spent 6 months reading about these compounds before even trying the. Buy a milligram scale off ebay you can get them for $15 shipped. Read on the internet and make your own blends these can be safely made and this drug can be safely used. Just like any other drug however it can cause side effects and since it binds 10x stronger than thc be careful cannabonoid overdoses are not fun but they are not extremely physically harmful just a not so pleasant mental trip. Realize your normal scale weight tenth of a grams and jwh is active at milligrams .001 it is active at about 5 mg so be careful but if your search about legal highs and JWH you will find sites that will tell you how to safely use!

  354. THC Programmer

    This is the start of the same kind of fear campaign that was used before making Salvia Divinorum illegal.

  355. THC Programmer

    > contaminated with an unknown toxic substance that is causing many adverse effects

    This director the Missouri Regional Poison Control Center is spreading uninformed fear propaganda, and this page is blindly copying it. With a quick Google, it’s pretty well known that JWH-018 has these side effects for overdose; Anxiety attacks, racing heat, and related issues are common if you take too much of this stuff. The common dose for JWH-018 is only around 5mg. When they lace this stuff on crap herbs, there is no telling what the buildup in one area of the herbs will be. Will it spread evenly? Will some idiot smoke more than a hit or two of this stuff at a time? I think this is a much more plausible cause for these reactions.

    You can see how the notion of and unknown toxic contaminate is a convenient and completely false scare tactic that any intelligent person should see right through.

  356. probationee

    Well, hell yeah there would still be a market for it, even if weed was legal. This is a probation nation, my friends.. Hundreds of thousands of people are being drug tested who are on pobation or parole. They don’t let you drink alcohol on probation/parole and it is legal, so I am sure they wouldn’t let you smoke pot. This is a loop hole, because they haven’t added it to the no no list. Mostly because nobody knows what the hell it is! Why is their such a big secret as to the ingredients anyway, or the “chemicals” they spray on it? that’s what I want ot know. It’s probably just something we all have in our kitchen cupboard. Or worse, it’s because all of us who have tried it will all be sure to die in a couple years! Oh well, most of us are risk takers, yes?

  357. THC Programmer

    >”likely contaminated with an unknown toxic substance that is causing many adverse effects”

    No, you fucking propaganda idiot, Director of Missouri Regional Poison Control Center, that IS the affects of TO MUCH of the active ingredient of K2! That’s like spreading fear about alcohol because vomiting and hangover symptoms are caused by toxic contaminates (OK. Bad example, since these are cause because alcohol its self is toxic).

    I’ve been smoking this stuff, and think it’s great. It’s cheap, legal, and easy to get (local gas station). You ONLY NEED ABOUT TWO HITS depending on the kind you get. If you smoked a blunt of this shit, like these retards that had not-so-severe reactions, then that’s your own stupid fault.

  358. Mahluli

    I tried the blueberry Blaze incense and it took me to never never land. I went into a panic heart racing hallucinating and somewhat out of control. I hit the joint about 4 times too many. While I was under the influence I started reading about JWH-018 and became even more paranoid.
    Tried it a second time took 2 hits and felt completly in control. Does anyone know the real danger of Blueberry Blaze Incense?

  359. duc127

    ive tried something similar called ocean breeze here in michigan with good results but would much rather legal pot

  360. Auchin

    Dude, I buy 3 grams of orange dragon smoke once a week for 20 bucks. My head shop is wayy cheaper.

  361. scottypimpin

    why is it that all these people are saying it cause you to go into a seizure and die? these are the same effects of pot. 30 cases? i bet more kids were hospitalized over on case of beer! i have done it and loved it. i am far from a phene and i dont drink or smoke ciggs. gateway drug my ass! i would never hop in the car with a drunk but i wont hesitate with a stoner. liquor is poison! my dad will be dead from liver damage that he got over 15 years ago. but i smoke pot and im a junkie. and whats funny is that when news reporters and cops report on this fake pot th ey go as far to say that it is laced with thc. then the next one says it kills you. hmmm…. sound like a ronald reagon story. everybody should watch grass! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0214730/

  362. How to Gain Weight and Muscle |

    [...] K2 “fake pot” linked to 30 cases of severe reactions in St. Louis … [...]

  363. Drug Source Review » Prohibition: Kansas Becomes First State to Ban K2

    [...] report a marijuana-like high from the blends. Although there have been some isolated reports of adverse reactions, the number appears relatively small compared to the reported massive sales of the [...]

  364. McD

    I tried ‘Spice’ once a couple of years ago, after spending the whole f*cking day beating the streets desperately trying to find some gear, having done the same thing for the past several days. No dice, but a friendly in a head shop said, ‘Try this. It works.’ I’d not heard anything about it, so I gave him as sort of a look and shelled out £5 for a ‘Spice Gold’ joint, probably about half a gram.

    It was the summer and I was on holiday at my mother’s. We take the kids there for a couple of weeks every year. I was exhausted from having literally spent the whole damn day trying to put something together. It was the day of ‘The Pride Parade’ (It used to be called ‘Gay Pride’, but it got renamed for PC reasons.) in Brighton, so I was sure I’d bump into some revellers willing to part with a gram or two. No f*cking luck! Again!!! God, what is wrong with these prohibitionists? (Lots and lots of deleted expletives here.)

    Anyway, when I got home, I went out back and settled down in a garden chair to take in some cool summer night air, like I love to before a stone creeps over me in the garden. But this wasn’t a stone, nor was it a high. It was a mixture of odd sensations, some of which were very similar to a cannabis stone or high. I felt my eyes go wonky and I knew one would be far more open that the other. (That happens whenever I get more f*cked up than I should have done.) But I wasn’t that wasted. It was interesting. I went back inside to watch some tele with my mum in the front room. It may have been interesting, but I couldn’t follow it. I got some dizziness while sitting down and at some point I think I may have felt sick, but I didn’t vomit. When I got up to go to bed my mother said something to me that she hasn’t said in years. It was her tone of voice when she asked me if I was alright. It was exactly the same as I remember it when I came home too stoned as a kid. Strange. So, I went to bed thinking, ‘Yeah, OK, so I guess I must be stoned, but it doesn’t feel much like it.’ Very often, before dropping off to sleep when I’m heavily stoned, my heart and mind race over infinite myriads of possibilities, sometimes good, sometimes not, sometimes paranoid, sometimes ecstatic. You probably know what it feels like when you can think and feel at the same time. That’s why I love cannabis. But this wasn’t like that. I’m not sure that it wasn’t more like being drunk than being stoned.

    The funniest part of it all was in the morning: I felt fantastic! It felt as if I’d had a damn good fuck and the best night’s sleep I’d had in a long, long time. It was really, really good. A sort of an opposite to a hangover, although the stone, which it wasn’t, was perhaps more like being drunk than high. Go figure!

    More than anything, I think, it demonstrated the power of cannabinoids to me: a few tweaks, a bit more of this, a little more of that and things look quite different. I just wish they’d hurry up and make it legal so we could spend more time exploring it and finding out what it is God was/is trying to show and tell us and help us find by giving us this miraculous door into our souls and window to the heavens. The other thing this experience reinforced was how pitiful man’s attempts to mimic nature are. But that doesn’t stop the pharmaceutical companies trying, does it?

    They must really hate God for making something so beautiful and healthy and easily accessible to everyone, while they just can’t get anywhere close. And they just want the money so bad! I bet it really hurts.

  365. dnL

    $35/1.5g – $60/1.5g… God d*mn, that’s ridiculously expensive! Drug test detection and availability aside, why not just buy extra potent bud? It’d be a helluva lot easier on the wallet.

    But I do hear you, the “fake pot” should be more regulated and should have potency levels and warnings listed, so that you’d know what you were getting yourself into. Though, if real or natural cannabis were legalized, I highly doubt that there would be a market for the stuff.

  366. The Land of 420

    Yes.. I have had first hand experience with these “synthetic” cannabinoids. It really is a crop shoot as to the side effects. I have tried at least 5 different kinds, five different blends. They never specify exactly which synthetic cannabinoid they spray on them, which kind of pisses me off..Because I can never tell which one’s I like until I try them. There are some very important steps one should take when using, and there are some basic rules to follow, you need to be careful when using this stuff. NEVER EAT IT… OR INGEST IT ANY OTHER WAY THAN SMOKING/VAPING IT. Doing so will guarantee a racing heart rate, which hasn’t happened to me, but I learned of this side effect second hand from several acquaintance type friends on a legal drugs/herbs forum. I have experienced the noticeably elevated heart rate from smoking too much of the stuff…which can be quite easy with some of the stuff, because it can be VERY potent.. Which is a blessing and a curse of sorts. I have never smoked K2, or any of the spice brands which are the most commonly known, or mainstream blends. I have smoked “Skunk” from England, I have smoked a blend called “Vertigo”, a blend called “Orange Dragon Smoke”(which was the most potent & expensive one I ever bought from a headshop at about $60/1.5 Grams), and a couple others whose names seemed to have escaped me. The “Dragon Smoke” was VERY intense, it at times gave me a racing heart rate but not as bad as one of the others…and… It actually made me hallucinate my ass off for a brief period. It was fun, although a bit scary and unknown at first. It wasn’t what I was expecting that’s for sure. The same amount of another type from that head shop was only $35/1.5g . This one was supposedly the most potent, because of the relatively HUGE price for that amount. Was it worth it? Hell yeah… but I really wish REAL “SAFE” weed was legal. If that were the case, and it was regulated, then there would actually be an “ingredients” label, which would be really awesome. My advice to you all, is if tryiing these synthetics for the first time, ONLY TAKE ONE HIT, and wait half an hour. They generally take 2-5 minutes for the effects to kick in. IT IS NOT THE SAME AS THC FOLKS :Peace ===~

  367. kev

    this story is tragic. i hope the kids are alright. what’s really sad is that the politicians will make K2 illegal then pat themselves on the back for a job well done. If Marijuana was legal, K2 wouldn’t be needed or used.

  368. gypsyb

    I knew something like this would happen with Cannabis being illegal. My daughter called me from Columbia, MO a few weeks ago telling me about some stuff called Ganja being sold in the quick mart for $30 a vile. We both had concerns that it could be a toxic import from India.
    We need legalization NOW!

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