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Legal Medical Marijuana Coming To New York — But Only If You Act Now! | The NORML Stash Blog

NORML Deputy Director

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90 responses to “Legal Medical Marijuana Coming To New York — But Only If You Act Now!”

  1. donna

    please make this harmless but very helpful for pain nausea med leagle for folks like me with ra herniated disc many other prblems

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  4. mbt

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  5. Anthony Lambert

    I think this would be an excellent idea to legalize marijuana. Not only would it help those who need it medically, but think of the money that would help this country out. We are already in depth up to our necks, buying products from other countries. Nothing is really U.S.A. made anymore. All I see is made in China, Japan ect… It would stop the illegal drug trade and get these drug lords out of here. Come on! It can’t be as harmful as cigarettes that poison our people today. And you guys continue to sell it. Think smart people please!!! Legalize it!!! Thank you for hearing me out.

  6. Lori

    I am 44 Yrs. old & I was born & raised in New York, I moved to Michigan 4 yrs ago. I have 2 herniated disks & 1 bulging disk in my upper & lower back, Arthritis in my hands & feet, Tendinitis in my left wrist, Stomach Ulcer, IBS, Chronic Migraines, Anxiety Attacks, Scoliosis, etc. I have been a Medical Marijuana Patient here for about 3 Yrs. now & it has made a big difference in my life, I would like to move back home to New York but I am afraid if I do & I can’t legally get Medical Marijuana there, I will be in constant agony. I would have to go back on heavy duty Pain pills, the side effects from Prescription pain meds are sometimes as bad or worse than the conditions. Please make Medical Marijuana legal in New York so I can come home & be with my family, especially my Mom who is 83 & has a very bad Heart condition, I would really like to spend time with her before she goes to Heaven. Thank you & God Bless. :)

  7. Leognazgjh

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  9. T

    if they:
    *Legalized pot (They could tax it and not have to feed people in jail from it)

    *Drug tested the welfare cases (To make sure they dont spend gov. money on drugs)

    *Seized some of the one percent’s money (Really, Who in the hell needs a billion dollars? a million would let my family get by for 15 years at least)


  10. Anonymous

    its time 2 make it leagle and stop the droug loards

  11. disabled police officer in NY

    I am on heavy duty Opiates for pain i would to try cannabis espically the (cbd) end of it.
    the Opiates will kill me its just a matter of time (4 years so far) why cant i chose something that will not kill me
    I am not looking for a high, far from it i just want the pain to stop or subside so i can feel normal at least for a while.

    death vs a compound from a weed what would you pick
    I am not for the recreational high people but i would pick cannabis over the pain meds i am on now or at least so i could take less.

    Police officer now turned pro Medical cannabis

  12. Majyztik

    It needs to become legal because there are sick people out here who need it but not only for them but for those who are at least 18 and smoking weed is a hobby of theirs

  13. robert

    its time 2 make it leagle

  14. Chris

    ya ,., like mr happy shit some people need too grow up and stop acting so cool act cool and try too be a man ur gonna get fucket up there is no reason too push money away cuzz of dumb ass people that dont know how to use it right someone is gonna get shot and its not the people the gov.. is cuz the shit there pullin its gonna start a war they start .. and they cant blame anybody but them selfs

  15. Sabrina

    Our government is now willing to hear the pleas….and consider legalizing marijuana. Don’t be fooled…they don’t give a damn if people need it for one reason or another….They only wish to reap financially from legalization. I think its bullshit that marijuana is illegal in most of the United States. My grandfather spent time in prison for having made his own alcohol in the time of prohibition. Today alcohol is now legal to consume with stipulations from our government. I have seen people drink alcohol and want to kill one another ….becoming mindless . Have you ever seen anyone smoke marijuana and go nuts ? NO. I used marijuana for over 30 years….. I say…. LEGALIZE IT ………

  16. Filipinomedicalmarijuanadoctor

    Marijuana is a cure & a versatile plant everything from hemp reusable energy which we can run cars,making clothes,ropes,paper which means no more cutting trees that takes years to grow.marijuana has so much cures everything from fibromyalgia,aids,cancer,diabetes,depression,gloccoma,arthritis,parkinson,terretts,people who have trouble eating,insomnia if ignorant people who can understand the science behind medical marijuana.marijuana been cultivated in china for thousands of years even Egyptians the declaration of independence,the constitution was made by hemp,heck even George washgtion grew hemp.but they make cigarettes,alcohol,all these damn pills vikidin,oxycodines,percossetts,to name few.my father has cancer if marijuana can save his life Nd not go trough that painful chemotherapy then legalize but regulate it and restrict it make it legal only for legal purposes keep those drug dealers off the streets stopspending money on extra taxes to put these fools behind bars.im a good kid Ill admit I smoke marijuana illegally from time to time for pain depression & severe migraines.



  18. k

    Welcome to the 21st century, where the stupid people know how to spell and punctuate, we know how to write code and binary perfectly, you can thank us for even being able to post your literally correct posting

  19. Nick

    I agree. You shouldn’t have to be sick sick to posess and have mmj. I’m 19, I get horrible migrains from having such a busy day at college and have tourettes. The only thing that helps me remeber how to relax after being amped up all day is mj. I really wish they would just legalize even if it is only for medical purposes.

  20. pablo

    well the old people are not the only ones who are sick im only 23 and mmj would help me greatly for the rapid thought complex i have as well as anxiety and depression its just sad to think that hemp was Americas number one cash crop and they have outlawed A GOD DAM PLANT its crazy and as far as us young people the government is failing us we wont have social security and forget about retirement and i dont know if its just ny but they are trying to tax our savings i say fuck all of em and start a revolution

  21. Toasty

    “I have better grammar than kids dot dot dot, they should learn how to punctuate dot dot dot, I’m sure all that reefer has a lot to do with it dot dot dot.”

  22. alphakroniq1

    i continue to wonder wtf ny is thinking,? we should have had a med. mj. law way befor california or montana…..do the powers that be, not see the taxes that cali reaps??? 14-17 billion yearly!!! ny could pull that off in a heart beat. am i wrong? we pay involentary taxes for our kids schools to better themselves and yet i still have to buy insane amounts of school supplies for my child ???? where does this level out? come on ny its time now…cali is laughing at us!

  23. Carl

    I completley uhgree. our yung peeple are seeriously in trubble

  24. scott cook

    I am all for medical marijuana.. BUT one thing that I have noticed…. At least half the young people who have posted here, should probably concentrate more on learning to spell, punctuate, etc… Really scares me to think that these people are the future of our country…. think about it.

  25. kevin

    K well I’m 17 and I started smoking pot since I was 15 for stress and another medical condition called acne connglobota which has scarred my whole body so badly to the point where I can’t even take off my shirt without being stared at wherever I go. So to help take away my mental pain from being made fun of for it and a long day of laborous work I smoke a joint and even though I’ve been caught with it by the police I will continue to smoke it because I’m not taking the pills the doctors tried to give me for my depression because I hate pills because they don’t really help you in the long run and even if you get better from them and feel perfectly fine they still try to give you more so no more pills for me I’m smoking pot till the day that I die because this is my life and the government can’t tell me what I can and can’t smoke. Also weed is impossible to overdose on and there has never been a death from to much weed unlike alchohol and prescribed pills that doctors give to you

  26. Teacher afraid

    I live in NY. it is everything that I can do to attend work everyday( I am dedicated to my job and like my job). My life is trying to stay seizure free and headache free. When I smoke I am not nausiated its the only thing that works for me. I am soooo worried about losing my job. I am also sick of getting ripped off and I do not want to associate with scum bums. Please please legalize it. Most of my anxiety would disappear if it were legal. If anyone has answers please suggest something.-Excellent professor !!! legalize it legalize it legalize it legalize it la la la la la la di da da. Whoo ho whow(Singing)

  27. Richard Neva

    My life history with marijuana. I started smoking it in my 20′s. I was a very active young man and did many things together with my family. As life progressed it became more complicated of course and I had to take a State job that did urine tests so I quit in a day or so. No ill effects of course. By the time I took the urine test I passed it.
    Fast forward to my 70th year and I am a legal drug addict and I go once a month to get my script from an MD for my mental conditions which include all of the following; depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive behavior with money, suicidal tendencies. These are being taken care of but at great cost to me in co pays and when I lose my medicare I will be just another junkie on the street. By the way, all I do is sleep, allergic to the sun, never was before so I have to stay in during the day. By night I just go to bed. I want to get a Medical Marijuana card and return to being a real person and not some legal vegetable!

  28. Bosh Sup

    Disabled Vet. Bipolar PTSD. I don’t belive in the pharmasudical BS. They’ll give you anything as long as there pockets get fatter. It can’t be long before legislation is passed for Medical Marijuana. I’ll give it another year, if not by then I’m moving.
    Look at buffalo for a moment. People go downtown and get smashed every weekend and drive home, and that’s fine?

    From Orchard Park New York.
    I know 100′s of people who smoke.
    I know Dozens who could benefit from Medical Marijuana.

    Thank you NORML.

  29. Kimmie

    this will be awesome, and now that marriage equality is legal in NY pot cannot be far behind!! And I’m seriously depressed, maybe my doctor will prescribe me some. I really think it could help me and a lot of others. Its a lot less harmful than Cigs thats for sure!

  30. Jesse

    Thanks for informing on NORML blog, I think NY would be getting it reformed soon.

  31. MM in NY? - Marijuana.com

    [...] Legal Medical Marijuana Coming To New York — But Only If You Act Now! | The NORML Stash Blog [...]

  32. John M Petta

    I am just starting to get involved in NYS to legalize marijuana. This web site has been very informative to me. Place me on your list. I want to get active on this problem

    John Petta
    Medical Researcher and Investigator.

  33. jboss

    Wow he is so true 100% the government shouldn’t have the right to decide for plpz when it comes down to smoking pot that shows there’s no freedom here, oh yeah sure its ok to get wasted drinking which to me is more of a problem then pot handsdown, if u take that away from the goverment and make it illegal like pot they would flip most drinkers are in power in this country ,majority of the government drinks, so because ya don’t smoke pot doesn’t mean u have the right to take our right like jd said its our bodies like wtf not urs , plp do more dumb stuff while drunk then when high of pot and that’s a fact, its grown naturally hw u tryna stop that , and not only medical pot,marijuana period needs to be llegal helps me with stress and I never had problems with anybody or nor start problems because of it so all that talk is bs and the gov. Knows it

  34. Cosmo

    Personally, im a believer in nature, and the rule it plays on our world, A natural growing organism that has existed for thousands of years, has many different medical possibilities.
    -Natural aphrodisiac
    -pain killers
    -stress management
    -treatment for anorexia

    :-) Hundreds of years ago, Native americans smoked this plant during spiritual ceremonies, to connect with their inner believes and help to them analyze the spirits and purity of environment. Im a believer that The Laws of Nature are a perfect circle, their are many things in the bush that can harm of even kill, but just as much, there are things in nature that can treat or even heal, some like marijuana can treat pain, and others like Clove are a powerful, multifaceted phytochemical that anesthetize, and kill bacteria + fungi and incourage faster healing Today Marijuana is banned by law, while other man-made substances, like cigarettes and alcohol, if used incorrectly or unwisely, can prove fatal!! and yet they’re both legal, and are killing hundreds of thousaunds every year

  35. JD

    I believe weed should at least be decriminalized in the entire US. You know why? Because this country constantly brags how “free” we are and how we’re “the greatest country in the world.” Yet we can’t even legally smoke pot. We have a right to put whatever we want in our bodies, the government shouldnt have a say in it, plain and simple. The government is impeding basic freedoms by jailing, fining, etc people who are putting this plant in their body. Not only that but MJ helps MANY MANY people that have serious problems that other medication can’t fix, or the side effects are worse than what is being treated. If the government allows sales of other, more harmful drugs ie. cigarettes, alcohol, then they should allow the sale of marijuana, which is more known for helping people, than hurting people.

  36. gibby

    I haven’t smoked pot in 6+ years …

    and in that time my stress level has been off the roof. I have been prescribed medication after medication. Ripped out my knee (still in pain) – pull my back, what do they give me, but hard core pain killers and muscle relaxers that i see story’s of about people who are trying to kick the habit. I HATE pills. I wish they would pass it here in NY so I can stay away from these nasty pills. I am being legal but being legal is not helping me one bit. After a two years stint of hydrochloride for pain , I am very lucky not to be addicted like alot of people become.

    I dont understand why its looked down on as evil by the same people who pop prescription like M&M’s

  37. Bach

    Yes my name is Bach i live in Athens ny i truly would like weed legal for my pain from my back im 85 percent disabled i suffer from pain evry day the only thing thats works is the canabiss for my pain levil i take very strong pain pills and that dosent evin tutch it i can only hope they make it atleast medical use for my pain it so bad some times i can not walk for week at all i cant sleep at all i get so sleep daprived i start too get sick from my back pain and no sleep alone i tried sleeping pills but they dont work at all for me i can only hope they make it legal or medicly legal for people hew need it ,i loose hunger from all my pain i eat a little a now i can only wish they make it medicly legal so i can atleast get my pain levil down and my eating habit back too normal i ust too be a normal wait and each day it gets so bad for me too evin do anything at all pleas make weed legal or medicly legal so i can go threw atleast try too have a normal life

  38. JOMA

    Hey I think we NEED marijuana to be legal – Its worse having to buy illegally because alot of this is pure trash and has chemicals and other crap that can really fuck us up!

    SO if it was legal the city can make sure it’s all clean stuff! Just dont put a bunch of damn additives the way cigarette companies have done!!!

  39. luis cedeno

    I think medical marijuana should be legal in nys because it will help with our buget crisis.It also would help people who can not eat or help stop nausa do to cancer and aids.It also helps people who are in in cronic pain or mental helath problems.also helps with a.d.d i cant stay fouced for the life of me i smoked a joint and i can do home work and take care of my daily task…please make medical marijuana legal…and sorry about the spelling i know it sucks lol 8-)

  40. bob

    mede pot is a good thing iam in pain all day and smokeing i j realy helps lets hope that they pass the law

  41. robert

    good we need 2 do this in ny

  42. kenny

    hey,i just want to say for all you people that think marijuana is bad for you. answer me this,why did god even make that plant grow on this planet if it is so bad for your brain and body? man did not make it,man just made it illegal when the young white kids started to smoke it and the corporations didnt want it because it has medical factors in it and it is good for paper and cloth. you can make so much stuff from it that can help us in many ways.instead of destroying the trees that give us all the oxygen that we breathe and give up paper and building resources,weed can be turned into cloth to make cloths and paper,plus it can be turned into a new source of fuel. and you wonder why the government is fighting for the corporations that pay them billions to do it. think about that.

  43. ( . )Y( . )

    Frank I think you are being insensitive to everyone even da “hippies”. so wat if wat u say is true. there are people who “abuse” weed according to wat u say? i think everyone has a right to get it. if the sink want it..no NEED it then give it to them. so wat if the healthy want it? they just want some dam wed. they buy it, stores sell it. i think the healthy SHUD buy it. u kno how much money stores wud make? u kno how much profit people make? hmm lemmie think…..i think obama did weed AND crack…..look where he is now? THE FKN PRESIDENT. obama did it so is he now a hippie? personally i dont approve of the crack but weed is just a plant. u grow it then smoke it. HELL U CAN IVEN BAKE IT INTO FOOD. u like brownies frank? cookies? or even tea? so i guess in conclusion i think it shud be available to everyone because it could help the sick and personally i think weed can bring people together. u get two people who hate eachother and they both smoke weed in a room together?….they could become best friends. IT MAKES YOU HAPPY DAMMIT WE SHUD ALL BE HAPY RIGHT? MAYBE U SHUD TRY IT FRANK. COMMON DONT BE PUSSY lol

  44. brian

    I live in New York and i am a complete stoner. For the past 2 years Ive smoked Atleast a gram a day. I started to escape reality pretty much. Having a mother addicted to LEGAL prescription pills. One day without a pill and she would beat the shit out of my sisters and kick my alcoholic dad out of the house. So how does a junkie like me fund there habit. Well on weed i became very interested in many different things. I started drawing making sculptures and vases. Then i got my first car which needed a head gasket 1500$ in a shop i said fuck that smoked a j read a few websites and did it my self which i realized i had a huge interest in after. Now i sell my art and rebuild engines all while being stoned. Try that after an 18 pack. And although i use weed as a drug when i have a headache or the flu the only thing that truly relieves it is marijuana and it does a damn good job.

  45. jessica

    betcha frank gets drunk for fun…..and probably he is an abusive ass or a lunatic if he hits the JD…..maybe frank should smoke a j……u know for his anger management

  46. Jessica

    Well please lets keep pot illegal but please lets have methadone and vicodin and oxycottens on the market because you know there good for you….. Please lets have alcohol legal so they can get trashed and run over the mom while she is pushing her newborn down the street…WHY SHOULD POT NOT BE LEGALIAZED it does not make since… It is harmeless….it is not addictive….and we all know the higher you get the lazier you get so aint running anybody over anytime soon….come on all u opposers pot is a universal drug for most common illness…. SO really give me a break becasue i have a friend who is have a desperate fight with herion so bad he is so addicted he shoots up through his penis…..Well a little while ago my friend came to me begging i didnt leave him alone because he needed a fix….his withdraws were like labor meets swine flu that had pnemonia…..I kept handed him the pipe for hours…..needless to say it got him through that night and then about a week and then he checked himself into rehab to kick the habit completely….. Weed made him crave heroin less and it made his withdraws alot less intense…..

  47. Brandon

    The dispute is losing the government large amounts of cash. Considering it’s been proven that marijuana doesn’t kill brain cells and alcohol does, plus the fact that cigarettes are far worse than marijuana and have a sticky black smoke that sticks to your lungs.. Why not make marijuana legal if those ARE? If people can maintain a job while drinking alcohol, then they can maintain a job while smoking marijuana after a long day of work. Or college. Whatever seems more fair. 18 Seems like a normal age to me considering it will stop 18 year olds from getting hooked on cigarettes, which don’t relieve stress as much as marijuana.

  48. debra

    yeah, well many people drink alcohol to get drunk, but no one cares. there are people suffering and it is because of people like you and people who only think pot is for stoner’s.
    I’ve had a migraine for weeks, i’m tired of taking prescription drugs that have tons of side effects. there is no, not one case of a person overdosing on marijuana. can any drug company say that?
    You’ve heard the commercials, “call the law offices of bloodsucker and only want your money, at 1-800-000-0000″
    come on. its a stigma. it’s all bull, if cigarettes, that cause cancer and thousands of diseases are legal and alcohol that cause’s cirrhosis of the liver, not to mention violent behavior after a few to many is legal, then why not legalize pot?
    especially for the millions of people with diseases from everything to IBS, MS, Crohn’s disease, to cancer, glaucoma, migraines and neurological problems.ADD etc/., have to suffer at the hands of pharmaceutical companies. as for the stoner’s, they are are going to get high anyway. and with the pain i’m in, i damn well don’t care. at least they won’t fight on marijuana, they will go to sleep.
    another thing i haven’t slept a decent nights sleep in to to many years to count. so what is the difference between taking Ambien or smoking weed? they are both drugs. I’d rather try the natural drug, that God made. Take it up with the manufacturer. This plant was grown on the earth for a reason. not to be destroyed. it is against God and mankind. No man or Government has the right to destroy what God has made!

  49. Fred

    Frank is the only one rational i saw around here. People who smoke to relief pain already do it. Many people are using sickness as an excuse to get high. Many people don´t even have a disease and just want to smoke a lot.
    Jessica, yes, weed helps insomnia and used to help me with asthma attacks. But now when i stop smoking i can´t sleep an the respiratory problems becomes worse. Everything weed helps becomes worse when you stop using it. Weed makes we feel hungry but when you stop smoking everyday you lose your apetite completely. Weed helps nausea but when you stop, you feel very sick. Smoking everyday you will become a slave.

  50. Jessica

    i have have made a few discoveries whilst smoking marijuana. I’m 15 years old currently. at the age of 13 i was really sick with my asthma i was have having a horrible attack. as a stupid kid i tried smoking weed at 13 and i knew it relaxed me i smoked it when i was having my attack i calmed down and my heart rate went down i then i passed out which turned out almost saved my life because when i have asthma attacks i freak out and my breathing gets worse so the weed also expands your lungs i was rushed to the ER but i was able to make that trip passed out and not having a panic attack. Also i have a bad case of insomnia and if i smoke iget a much better nights sleep :-D

  51. Chris Valente

    AMericans ancestors pledged that if a law is unjust, it is the peoples civil duty to rebel peacefully. Banning a natural plant with many uses is absurd, but when a person eats marijuana it helps them in many ways. Alcohol is much worse than Marijuana. Alcohol you can overdose on easily. In fact there are no documented deaths from direct use of marijuana. When people drink they become violent. When people smoke they release euphoria and become peaceful and happy. Marijuana is an upper drug…. with less bad side affects than other drugs such as caffeine.

  52. bitchman

    I have fibromyalga and arthritis in my spine. I have had surgey, pain pills(morphine), had shots and yet still wake up screaming with pain. I tryed pot a few times and guess what? IT HELPED! It takes the pain away, I can function, work, drive and most of all not be depressed. SO!!! I think it should be leagle. I would be able to have a normal life and not be so depressed> I KNOW my wife would like it for me so we would get along better.

  53. david

    I favor medical marijuan but fear physicians will fail to certify the need of people seeking medical marijuana. Often physicians excuse themselves from prescribing opioids and undoubtedly many of them will fail to certify the need for medical marihuana. Moreover since most physicians receive little if any education in pain care they wont know when to certify marijuana or not.
    I hope all seeking relief from any suffering will get whatever they need to alleviate their suffering

  54. andrew

    another thing is that my uncle has 4 types of cancer and is diein he waz perscribe thc pills but stop takeing them because he felt that he waz on so many pills that nothin was workin so he has basicly has givin up and has prepard to die witch makes me vary upset cuz i have looked up to him for a very long time i feel like if he had M.M will help him but i quss i will never no :-(

  55. andrew

    i feel like marijuana i a good way to get ride of head ack wich i got alot of them from gettin hit by a car but i cant get it legaly pleas help

  56. Tom

    Hey Frank I am worried for your sons health,
    I am 25 years old and I have suffered with IBS my entire life. I was hospitalized as an infant and been in and out gastroenterologist’s offices for what seems like forever. The next time your son, if he truly does have bad IBS, craps his pants in school or is doubled over in incredible pain, tell him you will not give him the ONLY and safest substance that works. It was not until I was 15ish that I learned there is truly a means to control this horrible disorder, and I could actually leave my house to see and make friends. The doctors initially prescribed me Imodium, which did stop me defecating in my pants but also gave me intense constipation. In addition years after taking the recommended prescription, when taking a routine blood test, my liver was not functioning properly (major side affect of these pharmaceuticals) … stopped the prescriptions and it went away.
    Oh and by the way, I only eat THC containing baked goods and I am about to finish my PhD in biological sciences, already have a BS and MS. (That should negate any side effects you are concerned with). For your sons sake I would reconsider your position.

  57. livinginpain

    Seriously, to Frank – only you are the sick on here right? If a person is young, then there is no way that a person is sick? You have to be old to qualify as a ‘true sick’ person? That ignorance is why we are in the situation we are in today. I am young and I am truly sick – however, I am in NY and can not use MM for my condition bc it is illegal.

  58. Mikey

    Thank you for defining “true sick”. Obviously, by observing your masterful grasp on grammar and punctuation, you know more than most docs. What’s your Ph.D in?

  59. Frank

    when it comes to weed i know more than most docs Been smoking 32 years What i do know is u hippies abuse the hell out of med weed in Cali and ruined it for the true sick .

  60. livinginpain

    Is this forum still Live?
    I am 32 year old female that went for a simple back surgery and ended up seeing a butcher rather than a surgeon. 2 years later, I am still in critical condition – I suffer from chronic pain. He fractured my spine and left parts of my disc in my spinal column and sewed me back up and sent me home. With all my claims of pain..he thought i was begging for my pain meds, rather than taking me seriously.
    It wasnt until 5 weeks later, I demanded an MRI, and was rushed into surgery..thats when he discovered FIVE mistakes that he made during the first surgery.
    With that being said..this was 2 years ago..I have two children, a 5yo and a 3yo. I used to be athletic, outgoing, hiker, biker..you name it. I can do nothing now. I am ridden with pain in both legs, in my hips and in my back. I have been left permanently instable due to the bone that was fractured and the butcher removed – but did not replace with anything, leaving a gaping hole in my lumbar spine.
    I currently have 2 more herniated discs, but not a surgeon in site will treat me due to the liability I am.
    No, I can not sue. The douche covered his tracks..believe me I tried.
    Now..as you may suspect, I am on an abundance of meds and it makes me sick. I live in NY and am wondering what MM could do for me. I see mixed information as to it being legalized here. So which is it, is it possible it will be legalized by the end of the year (2009), or not a chance? And whats this that they might take Chronic Pain off the list? Why would they do that?
    Anyway, hoping someone is still reading this. I am hoping it gets passed for the people that really need it to function on a day to day basis. Who want to continue their lives as they once did. America had no problem employing the butcher that did this to me..but I have to suffer each second of the day in agony due to all the law and BS because the day to day abuse of opiates etc. It makes me sick.

    Thanks for reading.


  61. Mikey

    So what are the chances this is still going to go through seeing as we had that partisan power struggle in Albany. Patterson’s popularity is waning and NYNORML hasn’t updated their page since all that went down. No one seems to know if there’s still any sort of hope for medical marijuana in NY. I’ve heard the next time the bill is introduced to provission allowing patients to grow their own medicine will be removed. I have a feeling New York is taking a few steps backwards after repealing the Rockefeller Laws, :-(

  62. Winder

    You make some good points, but you’re picking on the wrong guy.

    Slash5city is referring only to Frank of the preceding comments, who did seem to be a little close-minded about cannabis.

    All cannabis use is medical. It’s a relaxant. Everyone needs to relax.

  63. Smooth1

    I agree ppl shud be allowed to smoke weed as long as u are over 18. i dnt see the problem wit it, most ppl that smoke weed dnt evn cause trouble. As long as the person is not driving it shud be okay, their not endangering nobody else. We hav bigger problems to worry about anyways like the recession for example and the madolf scheme and the war on terrorism.

  64. RenalFailurePatient

    haha slash city i think your wife is your ex not cause you ended it because she ended it, because if anyones not open minded its you my friend. Your clouded by what your “trustful Governement’ tell you. So tell me this did you kno you can’t overdose on marijuana? EVERY drug u can overdose on even water you can over dose on. Did you also kno that more people die from bee stings a ear or being struck by lightning or even a commet? Also furthermore i’m a frequent smoker for my disease and recrational and i’m quite intelligent. Another valid point much to speculation MARIJUANA is not ADDICITNG it only a mental issue and is gone within 2-3 days of not smoking/ingesting it. Recent studys show that marijuana IS NOT A GATEWAY drug like our government have told us and we spend more on marijuana laws then any other crimes here in the usa murder raper anything billions spent on marijuana growers/smokers. Last look at our economy and our money right now china is trying to take our spot in the world because were all in a time of crisis we all need money well legalizing it medicaly in every state would rase millions to billions alone but think about legalizing it as a country think of those profits. Also If your gonna try bringin the tar factor in from smoking blunts/ joints well then use a vaporizor tests show new vaporizzors produce no carbon monoxide in lungs. Your the one i feel sorry for Slash city because your a hipocrit mr “i don’t like close minded people like you” hahaha I smoke alot and i’ve got more intellect then you in my little cranium. :-D

  65. rav

    we don’t need to get locked up for weed everyone smoke weed in ny.when you get locked up 70% r in there for weed.i got locked up 2 times for a little amount of pot less than a dime.why dont they just give you a fine like $50 or something :-o :-D :-) :-|

  66. rav

    weed should b free to da world

  67. Radical Russ

    Frank, how is it that I smoke marijuana at least six times per day, yet I can type a coherent, properly-spelled sentence and you can’t?

    Yes, you caught us, we want to make marijuana legal for everyone. So, if I believe every person has that right not to be arrested for using marijuana, how could I NOT support sick people’s right to not be arrested for marijuana. What am I supposed to say, “Nope, sorry, if you won’t legalize for me, I can’t support medical marijuana!”

    Now, as to your “no state will convict” line, you may be right. If a cancer patient wheels himself to the bad part of town, waits in a shady area of a public park, meets a criminal drug dealer, buys marijuana of questionable quality at an inflated price, manages to leave without getting robbed, and gets home without being arrested, I’m sure he’ll be comforted knowing no jury would convict him. But if he had a prescription for highly-addictive toxic Vicodin, he could get it delivered to his front door.

    Here’s the point you cannot grasp: “Marijuana is the safest therapeutically active substance known to man.” (DEA Administrative Law Judge Francis L. Young, 1988) Let’s play your scenario: a perfectly healthy person walks into a dispensary and buys some weed… so fucking what? He just did NOT contribute money to drug dealer. He just did NOT consume anything as physically harmful as a cigarette. He just did NOT consume anything as socially destructive as a beer. He just did NOT consume anything as addictive or toxic as Oxycodone, Vicodin, Percocet, Darvocet, Morphine, Codeine, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, or Heroin.

    Here’s another: California was the first state, it’s law is eleven lines long, and it is by far the least restrictive medical marijuana law. EVERY OTHER STATE – twelve of them! – that has passed medical marijuana has a far more restrictive program that makes it virtually impossible for a “perfectly healthy” person to get it. Minnesota, New Hampshire, and New Jersey are all so wound up about people like you complaining about California that they’ve tightened the restrictions even further in the bills they are considering, eliminating the right to grow your own and removing chronic pain from the qualifying conditions.

    Here’s a third: What is “abuse”? I know people who mix cough syrup with drinks to get high – are you ready to arrest people for that? Some people pop Advil every day, is that “abuse”? Obesity is one of the largest preventable causes of death in America and health costs due to obesity are passed on to all consumers, yet some people eat McDonald’s every day – is that “abuse”?

    “Abuse” as you’re using it is a subjective term. You believe that marijuana should be “medicine of last resort”, that if you’re obviously physically ill and on death’s door and you’ve tried every expensive toxic addictive pill the doctors can throw at you, then maybe, just maybe, we’ll let you smoke this cheap, non-toxic, non-addictive plant that works superior to the pills without any harsh side effects. But even then, we’ll make sure you have to go to criminals to get it and we’ll make it so limited and such a pain in the ass that you’ll almost want to go back to the pills.

    In my view, abuse of marijuana is what we have now under Prohibition – the denial of the nature’s perfect botanical compliment to the human race, the “man’s best friend” of plants – because tight-ass douchebags like you think some healthy person may be getting high in a way you disapprove of.

  68. Radical Russ

    Fine. Get your stepson some side-effect-laden pharmaceutical then. Meanwhile, I’ll go re-read Dr. Lester Grinspoon’s account of giving marijuana to his 11-year-old son following chemo treatments for cancer.

  69. slash5city

    well frank,
    I can only hope that you suffer horribly in your life like the people I know who use cannabis for illnesses or conditions….
    This is a classic case of ‘walk in my shoes’
    There is no sense ‘talking’ to someone with a predisposed mind…it’s a waste of breath…
    I feel sorry for you..
    Have you ever had ANY happiness in your life…
    You bitch like my ex-wife..
    I have no use for stuck up, self serving, mouth pieces.

    Maybe, if your lucky, you could suffer a spinal cord injury like me..then after decades of western meds you just might find some real relief using cannabis.. then you can sit in jail too.

    please do the world a favor and shut your hole
    holier than thou types make me puke..

    surviving thru the use of cannabis

  70. Frank

    and lol @ pre written letters Ah dont brainwash too much

  71. Frank

    aww they might get arrested for a gram of weed My buddy got pulled over and had an eighth They cops actually gave him the weed back.In NY cops dont give a rats ass about weed they care abotu coke and crack .In any state no jury is convicting a cancer patient cause they have a gram of weed Yall just want to make the card a steppingstone to legalizing weed for everyone Thast why yaal are working so hard is to get weed legal for eevryone not just the true sick everyone sees right throught that its for ur own selfish reasons so u can pick from 30 strains of weed like in Amsterdam If u really cared u wouldnt support cali giving the card to anyone to abuse it

  72. Frank

    ps my stepson has iritable bowel and the doc did not say a 11 year old should be on weed

  73. Frank

    ah i used my downstairs computor I had no idea i was banned but it should still be the same IP .I also have access to about 25 other computors if need be all with different IPs.But dont cry i wont be here again unless u talk more crap.Like i said Im all for legal weed if its for the truley sick like some of the symptoms u mention.But from what i know in states like Cali the weed card is given out to anyone who pretends they have a wil wil headache.Ya cali is really helping the cause with weed stores being robbed at gunpoint and making a mockery ouit of the true sick by giving the card to anyone ya thats great for the cause to give the card out to anyone who cries theyare sick Gee nobody can see through that Gee it really helps the cause What would help the cause is if they didnt give the weed to any Tom Dick or Hippy.If only the true sick were getting the card it be legal everywhere But states like NY are scared to go the legal route because of states like cali that ruined it for everyone else Delete this if u want But u know Im right and so does the NY Republicans LOL that 3 or for NY Democrats senators switched this week to Republican Not one Republican signed the weed bill

  74. Radical Russ

    So now you’re signing on to the Stash with sock puppet names to avoid the IP ban I put on your first account, huh Frank?

    California’s law is eleven lines long and is the only state where “anyone can get the card”. In the other twelve states, there is a fixed list of conditions and scrutiny of the recommendations. In states like NY, NJ, MN, NH, IL and others that are trying to get medical marijuana, the list is shorter and the scrutiny more intense.

    But since you are the arbiter of who is “truley sick”, can you please tell us what someone with irritable bowel syndrome looks like? What does an epilepsy sufferer look like? How about someone with colon cancer?

    If it weren’t for people in Cali and NORML, there would be NO medical marijuana and people in all fifty states, rather than just 37 of them, could be arrested for possessing mere grams of pot.

    Please respond so I can ban you again.

  75. Frank

    dont look to good in NY now does it ? Like i said the people in Cali and NORML ruined it for the true sick because the card is abused and a joke that anyone can get the card.If it was truley only for the real sick medical weed would be legal in every state

  76. Frank R

    ah resorted to deleting my posts so u can sound like a tough guy with no retort

  77. AK Wolf

    Also I forgot to mention I was on no pills/drugs/alcohol of any type at that time. I didn’t even smoke ciggarettes. I smoke cigs alot now due to depression/stress. I’d like to be able to quit those; but find it difficult. I hardly drank but have noticed lately my alcohol intake has went up alot.

  78. AK Wolf

    I’ve suffered with depression off and on my whole life. It’s not a joke. It can cause alot of physical symptoms. I had/have alot of them. It put my family through alot. I’m just sayin that it’s not something to brush off as “someone who has the blues”. It runs in my family. My grandpa had it bad, so did my mom, and my brother has a bad case of it. If someone never had it they wouldn’t understand.

    If I had something that could of got me through my day…maybe I wouldn’t of missed out on work and good things that came my way. I refused the pills they basicly threw at me cause I read the side effects and made me very fearful for the way I was thinking then… the side effects would of made those 10 times worse. I already wasn’t eating and one of the side effects was anorexia. Sleepiness. I already was sleeping almost all day…so how would those pills help my deppression?

    I’m not saying Frank has a bad view…maybe he has a reason. I’m just saying that not everyone is suffering from a made up condition to get some help. Like PTSD…I don’t suffer from it but I would not deny any vietnam vet (like my uncle), or any vet, or trama victim from some kind of relief.

    So everyone support this in NY. It will help.

  79. Radical Russ

    No, the governor did not veto medical marijuana in Michigan; it was a citizen initiative that passed with 63% of the vote.

    As for migraines, Frank, and I mean this with all sincerity and due respect, fuck you. My wife is a medical marijuana patient in Oregon precisely because of her migraines. I’ve held her hair while she pukes in the toilet for three hours straight, dry heaves wracking her body when no more food and water are left. I’ve held her in a darkened silent room for hours as the pain is so intense all she can do is whimper.

    My wife was born into a Christian Scientist family and had no doctors, medicines, or immunizations until she was 18. She is deathly allergic to almost every opioid and “-cillin” medical science can offer. She tried the “Tylenol Migraine” and downed twice the recommended dosage twice as often and got zero relief, but did get incredible stomach pain for her effort.

    Six times in our first two years of marriage I had to drive her to the emergency room for shots of Demerol – the only thing that has any effect on her migraines, and not nearly as effective as cannabis. Those run about $600 per episode and don’t really kill the pain, they just dope her up so badly she doesn’t give a shit. Following an ER visit and Demerol shot, she has to take the next two days off of work to recover, as the drug causes severe constipation and a narcotic hangover so bad she can’t drive or write or type.

    At each episode, as she pleaded with me to go to the ER again, I begged her to just smoke some of my weed. She refused, because like you, Frank, her head was filled with reefer madness bullshit about “hippies”, and thought medical marijuana was a “BS stuff” made up by “legalizers” (she was fine with my recreational use, but thought, like you, I was hurting the cause by supporting such medical marijuana “fakers” as people with migraines). She had brothers who were stereotypical “potheads” and didn’t want to be like them.

    Finally, the seventh time she relented and smoked some weed. Within ten seconds, her tenseness evaporated and she could relax. Within two minutes, the “aura” of the migraine subsided. Within ten minutes, it was like her migraine never existed. She is now a believer. We haven’t been to an ER in six years, and she hasn’t suffered a migraine episode like the old days since.

    But you, Frank, you think it “stinks”, that migraines, anxiety, and depression aren’t “serious”, and that my wife should be arrested and jailed for using a cheap non-toxic herb that allows her to live a pain-free life or be forced to use an expensive, addictive, toxic opioid that costs her $600 and three days of work, because you’re stuck in 1974 and can’t stand “hippies”.

    You’re on the wrong side of history and popular sentiment, Frank. 70%-80% of the people support medical marijuana. 70% of the people believe nobody should be jailed or given a criminal record for personal pot use. 41%-52% support outright legalization, a number that grows by 1% every year since 1989. Even in “Cali”, where your healthy friend buys medical marijuana and help to contribute $100,000,000 in sales taxes to the state, after 12 years of people getting medical marijuana for migraines, anxiety, and depression, a larger majority of Californians support medical marijuana than before Prop 215.

    However, that’s not even relevant, as New York’s bill, just like the other 12 medical marijuana states’ laws, has a strict list of qualifying conditions that must be verified by a doctor. California is the exception; in every other state, getting a medical marijuana card involves strong medical documentation and rigorous examinations.

    Finally, if your composition skills are any indicator of your superior non-weed smoking intellect, please, continue to post and show the world how much better off we’d be following the wisdumb of Frank. Because by my reckoning, this hippie NORML legalizer just pwned your ass.

    (Please tell me you don’t drink alcohol, I dare you.)

    Thanks for playing. I hope you get a migraine someday.

  80. Frank R

    also weed stinks to high heaven The kid hiipies around here stink up the whole block thats Tired of kids acting like its cool and accepted ITS NOT unless ur a hippy from NORML or drug addict rapper Not everyone is for it

  81. Frank R

    ah medical wee in Michaigan was laughed at by the governor who ah vetoed it ah its illiegal in Michigan.And as for weed for depression gimme a freakin break so ur saying anyone can get medical weed then ?thats why u hippy NORMLers ruin it for the true sick is becuase cancer hiv etc arent enough u want BS stuff like fake depressions to get weed keep that agenda up ur hurting ur cause

  82. Frank R

    my point is as it is the hippy kids on my block smoke like its legal.Im tired of my daughter seeing it My point is iffff medical weed was only for the true sick im all for it Butttt it is clearly abused in cali and probly other legal med weed states.Yes i do think i know as much about weed as a DR and Im not curropt like the DRs who give the weed card out to any tom dick or harry.My buddy admits theres nothing wrong with him He told em the Drs walk him through the questiions nd all his buddies have the card in cali and not a thing wrong with them Ah i dont consider migranes or BS phoney anxieties to be SEVERE cases It should only be given to SEVERE cases But it is clearly abused by u NORML hippies and yes NORMLers may as well be straight out of Woodstock cause u act like a bunch of know it all hippies who puch weed as a beneiscial drug for migranes and anxiety For cancer,MS,HIV yes For migranes u got to be kidding me

  83. Radical Russ

    Frank, even us “hippies” are aware that Michigan passed medical marijuana with 63% of the vote, garnering more votes than Barack Obama and winning every one of Michigan’s 83 counties, even the ones that voted for John McCain.

    Why do you feel the need to punish people who aren’t sick that use marijuana? What’s your point?

  84. Radical Russ

    If you think anxiety and depression are “jokes”, you don’t know anyone suffering with those conditions. Tell me this, Frank, do you think the prescription of Xanax, Prozac, Wellbutrin, Paxil, or Celexa for anxiety and depression are “jokes”? Tell me why people that seek out doctors for those prescriptions aren’t “hippies”.

  85. Radical Russ

    In California, doctors may recommend marijuana for any ailment they feel it will help. Maybe your triathlon buddy has acid refux disease and marijuana treats his nausea. Maybe he gets the occasional migraine and marijuana treats his pain. My question for you is, why do you think you know more about medicine than a doctor?

  86. Frank R

    lol @ who is confident The guy trying to pass the bill ah even if it passes pataki will veto it just like it was vetoed in Michigam where u bragged it will pass.Im for legal weed but only for real sick .Id have to vote against it because u hippies abuse the weed cards and the DRs give out to anyone who enters there office And Russ u know damn well Im right that everyone in Cali has the card and one of them are even sick

  87. Frank R

    also what qualifies a medical patient to get PLease dont say anxiety or depression if u don ur a joke.If its only given to cancer hiv and real sick im all for it But the reason it fails in NY year after year is because its too easy to get which is exactly what u hippies want

  88. Frank R

    ok first off Pataki is vetoing the bill U can bank on that even if it passes Second and ive asked Russ this before only to be ignored Why is it in Cali u dont even have to be sick to get the weed card My buddy runs triatholons and has the card he came back from Cali laughing at me cauxse he knows im against it Why is it they give the cards out liek candy and u dont even have to be sick That is why medical weed wont pass in NY because states liek cali abuse the privalage and ruin it for the true sick .Russ for med weed what sickenesses do u have to have ? why is it my buddy got the card and hes in perfecr shape ?



  90. tommy matovick

    Patients like myself suffering w/ multiple sclerosis should have the option to smoke marijuana to help with ones pain. Doctors can only prescibe herion pills and it totally messes up somones life eating oxys percets like skittles for their pain, and granted herion pills might work for some, probably one who is already hooked on them.. As for me i go on scavenger hunts to find marijuana illeagally and that helps most of my pain form my Neurologicall deiseise. Pleas have some compasion for patients who marijuana can help now and in the long run..
    Thankyou for your time
    Thomas Patrick Matovick

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