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Marijuana fights brain cancer! | The NORML Stash Blog

Director of Dallas Fort Worth NORML. Retired & Disabled Veteran many campaigns; potential ASA patient except that I live in "Texas" (non medical state).

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7 responses to “Marijuana fights brain cancer!”

  1. Fidget Truittelli

    I would never say goodbye to the Red White and Blue. It is what allows me to sit here today and fight for what I believe in. Americans have died fighting to defend our rights. I do believe if they added some green would be cool… lol a nice Leaf in the middle if the stars, I would not me opposed too….

    “If your not part of the solution, your part of the problem.”


  2. NeuroGenesis1:29

    “Si, amigo!
    Adios rojo, blanco y azul!
    Hola VERDE!”

    Yes, friend!
    Goodbye red, white and blue!
    Hello GREEN!

  3. NeuroGenesis1:29

    Si, amigo!
    Adios rojo, blanco y azul!
    Hola VERDE!

    watch Spanish television w/ captions on…
    and also check out…

  4. Brian Kerr

    I wish I was rich and could speek spanish.

    It would be bye bye North America.

  5. NeuroGenesis1:29

    Cannabis opponents in U.S. gov’t are either deceived, evil or both.

    Be NORML not deceived

  6. Mr.420

    wtf why does our govt. hate us so much that they want us dead or in prison!!!! i mean i literally get sick sometimes reading stories like this and how our govt which btw legally works 4 us!!! dont ever 4get it! turns blind eye 2 it sticks there ass in the air and takes a huge dump right on us! STAND UP 4 UR RIGHTS!

  7. Fidget Truittelli

    This report is absolutely amazing! I want to see this report and lil’ debate on CNN or something… WHAT does the opponent have to say about that?? I am going to CNN’s site to ask them to air this… The people need to know!

    “Free Eddy Lepp”

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