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Marijuana Good for Seizures | The NORML Stash Blog

Director of Dallas Fort Worth NORML. Retired & Disabled Veteran many campaigns; potential ASA patient except that I live in "Texas" (non medical state).

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9 responses to “Marijuana Good for Seizures”

  1. Kristen

    I have seizures to and I have been researching and thinking about if marijuna would help my seizres but I am afraid it would mess up my lungs or cause cancer do you have any other suggestions on how I could use the plant where it would help the seizures.Kristen

  2. Pat Conway

    I suffered from seizures most of my life. It started when I was a child, but they were mild form of staring into space, not a clue as to what was going on around me. When I started High School I started smoking Marijuana, to my suprised my seizures stoped.
    After I got married, and had babies I stoped smoking and my seizures returned but instead of the mild ones I got the grand mal. These were awful. It prevented me from driving and leading a normal life. The pills I was givin were awful, they made me feel strange, all of them. I do not know which was worse the seizures or the pills.
    To shorten the story a bit, my husband was killed going to work one day and to calm my nerves I went back to smoking. Low and behold the seizures stoped. I went ten years with out any seizures, or pills. I am not a drug addict, and did not smoke much. But what little I did worked.
    Due to recent events in my life I had to quit again. After 10 years seizure free and low and behold I had a seizure at work, and one again the other nite at home. After long talks with family and freinds they all think the the marijuana has kept my seizures in check for the last ten years.
    I am a helthy person. I do not drink, or do any other drugs. I grow and can all my vegatables, and have not had a single bite of fast food of any kind in almost 12 years. I even bake my own bread. Maybe once a month I will have a cola. I will not eat any meat unless it is grass fed, and deer meat.
    I wish they would legalize marijuana and make my life better. I have refused to take the pills. I can not function on them. If anything the pills are bad drugs. Read the side effects of the pills, then list the side effects of marijuana.
    My God had provided us with a natural remendy, not a chemical one, and given the choice I will use his.

  3. Jackie wilson

    :-) I suffer from seizures and have for about ten years. My neurologist has prescribed Dilantin/phenytoin and I still have seizures sometimes. I would love to be able to get a prescription for medicinal marijuana and possibily not suffer from this condition for the rest of my life. I sure know that alcohol could never give me this opportunity, ever. Please get back to me and give me more information on this subject. Thank you and GOD bless.

  4. Steven

    Steven 32 – When i was 18 months old i crawled behind an electric stove that was wired wrong. I was electricuted, the power went in my jaw and out my forehead. I spent my whole life on the pills doctors prescribed and nothing worked. When Colorado passed the medical marijuana laws but before they went into effect i had a neurologist surprise me by bringing up marijuana as a medication. My whole life i was told by parents, schools, law, and many others “Weed is bad!”, so when a doctor broached the subject with me i didnt know what to say. Simple conversation. “Did you know they are doing studies of medical marijuana for seizures?”. “No i didnt, is there any value to marijuana for seizures doc?” “Do you have internet? ….. Please come back next week, i think we have said all that needs be said for now” With that my life changed. My seizure have never been and will never be under control, but they no longer ruin my life. I can leave my apartment without worrying about waking up in an emergency room, cuffed to a bed for “my safety”. Throw a few joints in my pocket lock box and head out into the world. And if the worst starts to happen, i just find a place away from site, take my medicine and go back to what i was doing. Where as with Valuum, i would feel it coming, take the pill and do my best to make my last thought… “Dont freak out, you wont wake up here, you will be in another hospital when you wake with a god awful bill you cant pay”. I have had many doctors since then, due to relocation out of and back into the state, and have had to have the “talk” with each doctor along the way. I found this works best for me and the doctor for starting the conversation. “Did you know they have done a lot of research into marijuana for seizures?”. This lets your doctor know you are open to the discussion, and yet that fear of the law that we have been raised with is satisfied that you didnt blurt anything out. I hope this helps at least 1 person, and sorry if i dont make much sense, words were never my thing.

  5. Radical Russ

    Check Paul Armentano’s constantly-evolving booklet, Emerging Clinical Applications for Cannabis and Cannabinoids:


  6. goot4120

    Dudemaster, can you help me find some data on any of the studies being done?

    There’s now less than two years left before the Tx. legislature looks at the medical and ag uses of marijuana and hemp respectively. That means we have less than two years to locate the data, write about it in an intelligent manner (this is why I’m writing you), and get the info into the hands of the people that can do something positive with the info.

    Two yrs will be upon us fast…Now is the time for us to be in the drivers seat.

    Thank you

  7. pooky420

    Dudemaster, Blessings on you and yours. I wish that I had the courage to tell my tale. So I thank you for telling yours.

  8. DocMedPot

    Yes the plight to find a doctor that understands the medical use of cannabis in a state without med laws can be hard. It took me years to find a doctor that would treat it seriously and not laugh or treat me as a criminal.

  9. fallibilist

    Dudemaster, thank you so much for your service to our country.

    I’m both a patriot and a pothead and there are more of us out there than many people think.

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