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Maryland to Review Medical Marijuana Law? | The NORML Stash Blog

MrSpof hails from the Gulag Commonwealth of Virginia where he has been burning the sweet leaf for 28 years (and counting). The utter hypocrisy, injustice, and lies from our government about cannabis are the fuel firing my passion and NORML's kind hosting of my news posts and rants gives me an outlet for that passion. If you're reading this, you CAN make a difference. Donate to the acronym of your choice (NORML, MPP, DPA, etc), come out of the cannabis closet as much as you can, and make YOUR voice heard!

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One response to “Maryland to Review Medical Marijuana Law?”

  1. Jillian

    One of the greatest resources I’ve found on Norml is the newspaper contacts for each state.

    While it’s imperative we contact our legislators in order to educate and admonish them, it’s also important we get our message into the newspapers they read.

    Here is Maryland’s: http://www.norml.org//index.cfm?Group_ID=4542&wtm_view=media

    As Judge Harry Pregerson said in the Raich v Gonzales appeal; “For the time being, this issue remains in the arena of public debate and legislative action”. And he’s right, we need to debate this issue *publicly*.

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