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Medical marijuana bill filed in Alabama | The NORML Stash Blog

I am the producer of The NORML Network, the host of the NORML SHOW LIVE and The NORML Stash Blog, and NORML's Outreach Coordinator. I'm married, live in Portland, Oregon, and I am a registered medical marijuana caregiver in this state. I've worked days as an IT geek and nights as a professional musician. Previously, I have been the host of my own political talk radio show on satellite radio. I've been the High Times "Freedom Fighter of the Month" and I travel across the country to educate people on marijuana reform. I've dedicated my life to bringing an end to adult marijuana prohibition and re-legalizing cannabis hemp, and I'm honored to be chosen by NORML to give voice to the Marijuana Nation and to speak for those who can't speak up.

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25 responses to “Medical marijuana bill filed in Alabama”

  1. Beau Barnett

    the idiot saying he suffering from epididimitis has no clue. First of all epididimytis is not a chronic conditions. it may happen once or maybe twice in a man’s life. The vast majority of men that have had this will tell you that smoking pot would probably worsen his ACUTE and not chronic disease, and he would walk barefoot through 80 miles of marijuana to get to a pain pill. lmafo man o man.

  2. Michael

    Yea i really tried to rip you off. I did not even ask for anything nor did you offer anything. If you have a problem give me a call and we can sort it out. As far as telling people I am a scam is obsurd.

  3. nastyned

    I have been suffering for over 20 years and was wondering if this stuff would help the problem I have. I have a thing called eppididamidus (sorry best I can spell it) It has everything to do with my 2 best body parts connected to the fun rod. OK with that out of the way, I have been in constant pain that sometimes lands me in the hospital begging for something for pain. Most of the time it takes a double shot of morphine to bring the pain under control. The problem has been so bad that I have been unable to work now for over 5 years. I am a 60 year old Vietnam Veteran and I think this has something to do with the agent orange I came in to contact on a daily basis but the VA will not recognize it as a contributing factor. Since the VA will not do anything to help other than cut it off (ain’t no way Ouch!!!)I was wanting to find something that could be used on a daily program without the threat of becoming addicted like some of the pain killers they have given me in the past ( loratabs). They now have me on Tramadol that does not work very good. The pain has been with me for so long that I now suffer with deep chronic depression and have noticed that I have a much lower threshold for pain than before. The doctor said the depression was caused by the pain I have and have tried me on everything they could think of for the depression but have only caused me more problems and a few even caused me to start bleeding inside so I quit taking them. I am fed up with the entire situation and have thought about suicide several times in the last several years. This has also cost me my marriage and the loss of my home and even forced me into homelessness for several months. I am not looking for someone to fell sorry for me just something that will really help.

  4. andrew

    hey i just wanted to let yall know that guy michael is just tryin to rip yall off he dont wanna start no cafe or what not i almost fell into his lil game of tryin to rip me off DONT LET HIM TRICK YA

  5. Caleb

    I was diagnosised with epilepsy in 2006 and was have seizures atleast 1 to 2 times a week along with having anxiety and also chronic pain due to 9 knee surguries. With all this going on I got very depressed and none of the anti-depressants seemed to help. I was giving several different types of seizures medicine and also plenty of pain medicine but when I started smoking marijuana my seizures where reduced to maybe 1 every 2 to 3 months and I very rarely take any pain medicine. Also my anxiety and depression is not even an issue any more. Thank God For Marijuana!!!! Please give us are medicine we really need so we don’t have no issues with the police…….


    Man I tell you I was born and raised in Alabama ,and Iv’e never seen so much discrimination in my life.When it comes down to laws you’d think Alabama was A different country.In Cali. to even go to jail you must have atleast an oz. in your possesion,other than that they’ll probally write you a citation. Oh no not in BAMA. A joint will send you to prison,and if you from BAMA you know what I mean.Truthfully the thought of legalizing marijuana for any purpose sounds unreal,but I’m praying they’ ll free the medicine. GOODBYE BOB RILEY!!!! HELLO MARY JANE!!!!!

  7. Mary White

    Hey lets get Riley out of office and then maybe alot of things would be different.
    If he were to ever have MS or Fibromyalgia I bet he would think different!!!
    The pain would definatly change his mind. Vote RILEY OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. My Name? Yea Right


  9. My Name? Yea Right

    Mobile is straight pathetic….. I cant even find a smokin sack in this city

  10. Michael

    Hello I am looking for a group of people specifically pot smokers who are willing to invest time and money into starting a legitimate cafe catering to the specific and sometimes strange taste of people with the “Munchies”. This is a very serious opportunity no scheme of any sorts every one will have a fair and equal share. Don’t miss out on the fun and profits. Pot is on it’s way to ALABAMA. So be ahead of things. No joke serious inquiries only. Contact Michael Boone at 205-482-1631 for details and a little piece of the pie I call life. Thanks and again this is real once in a life time opportunity so give me a call if you feel like making something of yourself.

  11. Marie Jane

    The Rally has been moved to the lawn in front of the Theron Montgomery building. Please, leave all illegal things at home before attending the event. BUT bring a cigarillo if you want to enter the rolling contest! :) See you there!

  12. fatfarmer

    I live in bama and at 50yrs i have worked sence I was 13yrs old and now I’am worn out both mental and plysically. This state laws on this suck but may be 2011 well be better!

  13. timmy

    i live in hartselle, alabama and like a month ago i got arrested for smoking pot in my own home! the police didn’t have a search warrent or anything, it was F****** up. and i have add, i was taking Adderall for it until i realized what the hell it was, adderall is synthetic methamphetamines, which is rediculous to be precribing to kids and teenagers. this medicine i was taking from the age of 5 until i was 17, at the age of 17 is when i started smokin bud :] which is like medicine for A.D.D, it really does help, im hoping this passes in alabama and all over the country, pot is not bad, ciggerettes have i think over 4,000 chemicals in them, pot has like 1,THC and how often have you hearded someone die in a fatal car crash from the result of pot (don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it hasn’t happened before) and how many times do you hear about fatal car crashes as a result of alcohol? if anything pot makes you slow down while driving and pay more attention, or for me it does anyway. but in my small town, most of the people i know listen to me, and im having all of them that i can vote yes on this and in decatur, al, birmingham, jacksonville, madison, huntsville. so i am hoping that this shit passes foreal forreal!

  14. Marie Jane

    I live in a small Alabama town called Jacksonville. I go to Jacksonville State University and on 4-20-10, me and some of my like-minded classmates will be having a demonstration to raise awareness about the legality of weed. If anyone is interested in attending or helping out the cause, please come out and show some support! If we do nothing, nothing will ever be done. Join the biggest smoking circle on the campus quad at 4:20 pm, as we sit around to discuss the options in a world that we might one day fully inherit. :)

  15. My Name? Yea Right

    Ur so right Claire, If the Pharmy companys would use the plant to treat all sorts of ailments without trying to chemically constuct its natural form (marinal is a good example ) they would actually loose money for it truely is a weed that virtually grows anywhere. I feel as though that is the reason they wont step behind the cause, And ur right – The Declaration Of Independance was wrote on hemp paper and is still in decent condition today. It truely is unfortunate that a marijuna user gets a tougher sentence than a man (or woman) who commit these violent crimes against children. I feel as though society is awake….. Political partys are not. If there truely was a war on drugs, why hasn’t any president made it official by taking on these countries with blood to stop from crossing borders? ( Now The Middle East is the biggest opium producer in the world, It wasn’t befor the war).Now that prisons are BIG Business, it seems as though we should keep non- violent offenders locked away just to educate them into becoming career criminals. (My little bro. went to prison for stealing (1) car stereo when he was 17, went back to prison at the age of 22 for stealing (6) cars, and now back to prison at the ripe old age of 34 for shooting someone and manufacturing meth. ( yea I blame our penal system for making him a career criminal)). Marijuana is NOT addictive like alcohol, cocain,meth, herion, or pain killers. In fact, I think it would help the drug problem we have as Americans. Ur right Claire what is wrong with America today? Would our forfathers look highly upon this? Stand Tall AMERICA – “WE THE PEOPLE”, Not “Us The GOVERNMENT” Alabama needs to start protesting at the state capital, at our local court houses on a weekly basis.(Once word gets out, the population will rise each week and fear will fade) Get it in the news, make it public that we wont let his happen to our rights as legal tax paying citizens, And then, just like CA and CO., racism will die out and crime will drop. Only then (and only then will “WE THE PEOPLE” make a difference!!!!!!

  16. Claire

    As a user of marijunana (32years) I have several conditions I need this for. I strongly support this bill .George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew marijuana as a cash crop. Gee ! Oh let’s see, maybe the pharmacial companies are alittle worried.
    They are missing out on several items they can push on the American people.
    An antinausea
    A pain control
    An appepite increase
    A antidepressive agent
    These are just some of the things medical marijuna can be used for.
    I also am an RN (trauma for 28 years) I never saw a patient come in with just marijuna on board. It is ETOH that is the worst thing in our society. What is wrong with this picture. Everyone please get behind this cause, and let’s stop this nonsense about THC being the “loco weed’ from the 60′s. It was completly mis-classified.
    We punish possession of Marijuana worse than child nolesters. Again I ask what is wrong withj our society?

  17. Ny Name? Yea Right

    Incomnia is a big issue for me as well, I’ve been prescribed Trazadone, Ambien, as well as other anti-depressants and sleep aids. Unfortunatly these are very harmful to a patient of Hepatitis C (or even the healthiest of people) for these pharmacuticals actually do alot more harm than good on a number of different levels to vital organs and brain chemistry, They tend to make one weaker and less inclined to function in a growing industrious society where our economy lets big business choose to cut back on hiring extra help and forcing employees to take on several hats with-in the corporations (Of course its cheaper to pay time and a half vs. the cost of a new employee). I support the marijuana bill at any level for its proven to nothing but help a declining nation. Unfortunatly, with certain political figures being in the back pockets of the pharmacutical companies, Americans still have a hard fight in front of them. First things first America, Start boycotting pharmacutical sales, make others aware of the dangers of alot of western medicines and how local,state, and federal office holders are commisioned to back medications. Some how we must let greedy political offices gain a commision off the distribution of these legalization laws we are fighting so hard to pass. I’m doing my part, I DO NOT participate in the use of prescribed narcotics and feel better than ever (and in much better health than others who share the same illnesses I’ve been diagnossed with) I SMOKE POT and abide under the misdermeanor guidelines of my state jurisdiction, Hopefully others feel this way and start the anti-Narcotic campain and work with (own financial gain) 8-) politics to legalize this non-harmful, health proven natural plant!

  18. Colleen

    I think it should also include clinical depression and anxiety disorders

  19. matt & rachael

    we live in huntsvill and i have a severe case of bi-polar disorder and have no insurance we strongly support this bill in hope that the alabama law system will awake and see the help it will do for this state and its inhabitatants war eagle

  20. tpc301

    I live in a small town in Alabama and have been taking med’s to help me sleep for several years. I take med’s for my HIV that make me sick. I can smoke little weed and i have no trouble sleeping, and I eat better and my HIV med’s don’t make me sick. The only problem is i can’t afford the cost of weed very often. At least I could grow my own if this would pass.

  21. Jen

    Did this bill pass? I can;t find hardly info on this anywhere =(

  22. GA BOY..

    GA to AL thats not a big move!!! I’m so excited.

  23. Bennett

    I live in Montgomery,Al and I have high hopes for this bill. Sadly our Gov. Bob Riley has shared his opposition against medical marijuana. I have very bad anxiety and have problems falling and staying asleep. After trying many prescription drugs such a Cymbalta for anxiety and Trazadome for sleep, nothing but pot helps. Wish us the best of luck.

  24. eazye.

    Hell ya UrbAge Roll Tide!! #1 recruiting class two years straight. That is a different story though. Hell ya glad this got put up. I hope that add insomnia to the list in a revised session

  25. Urb Age

    Roll Tide…..Im pulling for this Bigtime!!!!! Good luck….

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