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Medical Marijuana Legislation Reintroduced In Iowa | The NORML Stash Blog

NORML Deputy Director

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9 responses to “Medical Marijuana Legislation Reintroduced In Iowa”

  1. Anonymous

    My friends got caught with 10 lbs in Iowa is he fucked ???

  2. Scott

    I am a disabled veteran who will be spending the rest of my life taking pain killers for the pain due to injuries sustained serving my country. To be honest taking these pain killers scares me to death to take these pills and possibly getting addicted. The VA has now recognized and authorized the use of medical marijuana but Iowa vets will still be stuck using dangerous narcotics that are highly addictive until Iowa gets on board with allowing its citizens to use this as an alternative to pain management. Which sounds safer to you? Hydrocodone and tramadol or Marijuana? Check your stats on pain pill addiction, scary.

  3. edward ries

    i think i should be able to use marijana to help with the horrific pain resulting from my chronic
    back pain. this works so much better then having to take all of the addictive paiin meds. the doctors have had me on for many years.

  4. amanda_renee

    hi i have chiari type 1 malformation pseudo-tumor cerebra and pseudopapilledema and i have notice since i have stopped smoking that my pain has sky rocketed i get really bad migraines i feel sick and ache all over andmy eyes hurt but it all goes away when i do smoke and with it i don’t have to worry about side affect like making u feel worse than u do when u don’t take it

  5. edward ries

    i should be able to use marijuana for my c hronic pain with out fear of going to jail. i was busted with 2.5 grams and had to go to jal for ten days not to mention all the fines probation. this was in iowa.

  6. judi

    i suffer from severe anxiety disorder as well as fibromyalgia & neck & back injuries from an auto accident. majuana not only helps alieviate the anxiety & the pain, it does so without any of the side effects. only those who have not had to deal with such issues can’t see the tremendous advantages of majuana vs narcotics (even tylenol can damage your liver & is in many pain meds)

  7. Shawn Baker

    I have suffered from Tourrette’s Syndrom, since i was a child. The un-controllable urge to look a certain way at a light, or make a certain sound, a certain way, until i was “satisfied” with how it turned out. Growing up as a teenager & even early adult years, i noticed that while under the influence of Marijuana, i wasn’t as anxious.. i was able to just relax & fuction as “normal”. I’m not making this claim as a young child that just wants to get high, I’m 30 years old now. i Honestly & with all my heart, have noticed an improvement to my social well being, (Uncontrollable “tics”) while under the influence of Marijuana.

  8. del hanner

    I have a spinal cord injury. This medicine works equally as well as narcotic pain meds,and without the narcotic side effects, addiction beinga major one of them. Please let us try natural medicine, please!!!

  9. RevRayGreen


    Medical Marijuana bill introduced by Iowa Senators Joe Bolkom (D) & Jack Hatch (D) 2/24/11.

    Iowa’s own ‘DaGanja Gumshoe’ Clel Baudler makes a cameo at the end,as usual, of course only speaks thru the media after. SCOWL BABY !!!! (32min)


    Scott ‘Speed Limit’Raecker
    Another Rebublican in the house brings Nazi’s into the discussion, only Iowa Medical Marijuana patients
    are Anne Frank, we don’t want Baudler knocking on our door.

    Scott ‘Speed Limit’ Raecker (01:25) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKXHczQGHnU

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