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Medical Marijuana Safe Access Act Reintroduced in Tennessee | The NORML Stash Blog

NORML Deputy Director

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16 responses to “Medical Marijuana Safe Access Act Reintroduced in Tennessee”

  1. Vince

    For those who would question the idea of taking the crap medicines advertised on TV with cartoons, consider medical cannabis. It’s ALL Natural and effective pain relieving asset beat the competition and get this: MEDICAL CANNABIS WON’T FREAKING KILL YOU!!!!!!
    Hydrocodone, oxcycontin, coycodone, vicaprophen & numerous other OPIATE pain killiers are ALL synthetically manufactured laboratories, are EXTREMELY addictive, and WILL KILL YOU IF YOU BECOME ADDICTED AND OVERDOSE!.

    BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!! Medical Cannabis when properly taken under a Doctor’s Supervision is the perfect medicine for the following:
    Muscular Sclerosis,
    Fibro Myalgia,
    Carpel Tunnel Syndrome,
    Cronic Fatigue Syndrome,
    ……..adn the list goes on & on

  2. M. Bunch

    I am 25 years old and live in a small town in tn. I suffer from depression, anxiety, OCD, Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and ADHD. I started seeing doctors at 7 years old and for years I went through every medication that they could prescribe. Nothing ever works… Except marijuana. When I smoke i am much more calm I able to process my thoughts more clearly and lead somewhat a normal life. Please help not just me but everyone that needs there medication.

  3. Larry

    Paul.. If House Bill 294 will next be in the Health & Human Resources Committee on Wednesday, April 4th at 1:30? What can we do next to Help?Please let us know,we are gaing ground and do not want this to fail..Thank you Larry

  4. Paul Armentano

    House Bill 294 will next be in the Health & Human Resources Committee on Wednesday, April 4th at 1:30.

  5. Paul Armentano


    Tennessee medical marijuana bill clears first House hurdle
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  6. Larry

    HB 294/Medical Access to Cannabis Act passes health sub-committee!

    In a surprisingly strong voice vote, our bill passed the Health Sub-Committee today! Our thanks to Bernie Ellis who organized the presentation, Brenda Batey who was a thoughtful and convincing witness and Paul Kuhn. And most of all, our sponsor Rep. Jeanne Richardson.

    The next steps are in the full Health Committee and the Senate. These will be challenges but we are delighted to be this far.

    Please thank Rep. Richardson and contact your own legislator.

  7. Larry

    So was the vote today.? Why can I not find any info on something that I feel is so important..No news coverage in the media?

  8. Larry

    54 years old Chronic back pain,neuropathy ,and Hep C..At one time I was on 23 pills a day for pain depression,you name it.With Hep C it was destroying my liver..I am very sorry to say that I am a law breaker living in the State of Tennessee because I smoke Marijuana.But I am very happy to report that I am off all of my meds..

  9. Chris

    I am an iraq veteran with severe ptsd. The ony rhing ive found to make me sleep and feel normal is cannabis. It calmes my nerves to a point that i can relax and enjoy my family. Please come around guys, its too easy to get an illegal bag of cannabis. But i prefer to abide by the law if possible.

  10. Carol Roberts

    zip 37912

    long time sufferer of arthritis, and anxiety, I cannot take arthritis medications as they attack my liver, so I suffer , and use lotions and hot baths, temporary at best…..pot,,is the only thing that eases the pain, and the anxiety, not sure why , but I know it works. I do not understand why our Govt is ok with poisoning it’s people with the drugs prescribed carelessly, all which have detrimental side effects. physically and mentally. Come ON TN, get on board! I also have microscopic colitis, I’m now down to a size 4 because I can hardly eat anything, I’ve lost any sort of appetite and have to force myself to eat, gagging it down. marijuana also helps with that! it has so many uses, along with it’s partner canibus, I do not understand what the problem is other than our Govt trying to figure out how they can make the most money off of it before they legalize it. I ive an honest life, I don’t drink, I care about what goes in my body. How bout if you all would too?

    Pissed off in TN.

  11. justin

    just wondering about religious use in tennessee this is from the state constitution

    3 ;That all men have a natural and indefeasible right to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their own conscience; that no man can of right be compelled to attend, erect, or support any place of worship, or to maintain any minister against his consent; that no human authority can, in any case whatever, control or interfere with the rights of conscience; and that no preference shall ever be given, by law, to any religious establishment or mode of worship.

    if you look at both lines that mention conscience it pretty much says you can worship how you see fit and no one can tell you otherwise

  12. mike parks

    If I had medical marijuana. I could return to work. But mean while im suffering and every one around me has to pitch in and help me out. I suffer from brain injurys and I have tried every medication you can think of and nothing works! Except marijuana which.I tried years back. I have been waiting so long and suffering day in and day out. You can only Imaging how many people cant go to work and hold a steady job in this country. Because they cant get the right medication and it would be less expensive to give them medical marijuana than almost every psychiatric drug on the market. Which our governtment is flushing money down the drain to provide.And from my own experiance made me worse than I was.

  13. d. wilson

    37311 – anxiety sufferer here, I have chronic anxiety and marijuana is the only thing that helps me relax and go to sleep, I hate pharmaceuticals.

  14. Thomas Quaranto

    I strongly support the medical Marajuana lesiglation. I am a chronic pain sufferer for 15 years and

    When I do smoke it I get relief that allows me to cut way down on my pain pills.

  15. frankie wells

    i am a 44 year old mother of 8 and i am a medical marijuana patient I lived in California at the moment but i was born in Tennessee my entire family is there and i wish i were too My mother just celebrated her 65 birthday she is very very sick she is dying from asthma, enfazyma,congestive heart failure,diabetis, and COPD i really need to be with my family now more than ever. but because of the medical marijuana laws in the state Tennessee i am unable to take my medication with me I use marijuana for medical perposeses EXAMPLE If my mother was in better health and could come see me would you tell her that she could not bring her oxygen? Why? BECAUSE ITS FOR MEDICAL PURPOSES and so is MEDICAL MARIJUANA Please help me or tell me where to go from here to get help with this problem Thank You adkinsbabygirl@gmail.com

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