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Music: Ernie Southern – “Prozac Blues” | The NORML Stash Blog

Music: Ernie Southern – “Prozac Blues”

Ernie SouthernWelcome to Blue Monday, stashers! If Monday isn’t a good enough reason for the blues, then Prozac definitely fills the prescription. ERNIE SOUTHERN is a juke-joint, one-man-band, slide guitarist. Ernie began playing music in the 60′s on the street corners of New York. Just as his career was taking off and his band was on the verge of a recording contract, the Vietnam war landed Ernie a berth on the USS Enterprise. Now, thirty years later, Ernie’s resume is a mile long with the Blues giants he has played alongside, but as this track proves, a good blues man needs only his guitar to fill the stage. “Prozac Blues” showcases his writing style and Mr. Southern’s warm vocals. I think the cure for the Prozac Blues is the color green, but who ever heard of a happy ending to a Blues song?

For more information on this artist see http://music.podshow.com.

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