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New device claims roadside testing for marijuana within 90 seconds | The NORML Stash Blog

I am the producer of The NORML Network, the host of the NORML SHOW LIVE and The NORML Stash Blog, and NORML's Outreach Coordinator. I'm married, live in Portland, Oregon, and I am a registered medical marijuana caregiver in this state. I've worked days as an IT geek and nights as a professional musician. Previously, I have been the host of my own political talk radio show on satellite radio. I've been the High Times "Freedom Fighter of the Month" and I travel across the country to educate people on marijuana reform. I've dedicated my life to bringing an end to adult marijuana prohibition and re-legalizing cannabis hemp, and I'm honored to be chosen by NORML to give voice to the Marijuana Nation and to speak for those who can't speak up.

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10 responses to “New device claims roadside testing for marijuana within 90 seconds”

  1. Jae Haps

    What does it mean “Really to be under the influence” just cause I smoke the night before, dose not mean I’m under the influence.

  2. Jeremy

    Does this thing test for prescription drugs too? I’m not nearly as worried about stoned drivers as I am for someone who just took a legal drug. If you aren’t going to test for pharmy drugs while driving then I don’t see how it’s right to test for marijuana.

  3. adam

    This is a good thing as it now allows for testing of impaired drivers similar to alcohol. Being unable to test for marijuana in the past WAS one of the largest arguments for anti legalization movements. That is now a nul and void argument. I fully support legalization and regulation and this is one more step on that road to success. Thank you Phillips for producing this product. Now time to buy in to phillips as once it does become legal (5 yrs or less im hopping) this product will boom due to police stations needing it.

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  6. mark

    what about technology to detect brain waves amoung our elected officals. what a waste of time, money, and technology. And we cannot figure out how to make panty hose not get runs.

  7. Neal Smith

    Any way to defend against this?

  8. NeuroGenesis1:29

    - An actual performance-based impairment-test
    would still carry greater veracity than this

    (At least it’s not measuring
    “ye-olde, ancient, inactive-metabolites”,
    but actual tetrahydrocannabinol…).

    - However,
    accuracy of the device itself,
    translating specific THC-levels into corresponding
    that’s another matter entirely…

  9. Brian Kerr

    (I suppose you could make the same argument about .08 BAC in a drinking driver, too.)

    You can. Ontario Canada has lowered it to .05

  10. Kant

    The more I think about this thing the more i dislike it. Unless it has a very high degree of accuracy it’s going to harm a lot of innocent people.

    Really how accurate is it in telling if someone is intoxicated? I mean it’s possible that a person who has consumed an edible containing thc or a capsule, it’s possible that thc may not be caught in their saliva.

    It also could be that since thc is very soluble in alcohol that someone toking and drinking might slip by such a device.

    certainly it has potential but it needs to be thoroughly tested for it’s range and accuracy.

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