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New research on urine screening and THC-COOH detection | The NORML Stash Blog

I am the producer of The NORML Network, the host of the NORML SHOW LIVE and The NORML Stash Blog, and NORML's Outreach Coordinator. I'm married, live in Portland, Oregon, and I am a registered medical marijuana caregiver in this state. I've worked days as an IT geek and nights as a professional musician. Previously, I have been the host of my own political talk radio show on satellite radio. I've been the High Times "Freedom Fighter of the Month" and I travel across the country to educate people on marijuana reform. I've dedicated my life to bringing an end to adult marijuana prohibition and re-legalizing cannabis hemp, and I'm honored to be chosen by NORML to give voice to the Marijuana Nation and to speak for those who can't speak up.

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25 responses to “New research on urine screening and THC-COOH detection”

  1. Anonymous

    I smoked around 2 -3 joint per week for tree mounths, I have been positive after 13 days, I wiil do again the urin test after 7 days, totaly 20 days. HAve I any possibility to pass?
    please answer soon. thank you

  2. emo

    i need help i gota test less than a week & im a everyday smoker i been drinkin water like crazy and cranb.juice 2 i have smoked in a week what ma odds ??

  3. armando

    I am being tested twice a week for all drugs. I’ve been a heavy canibus user for well over 10 years. My first test the lowest 1.75, next test was at 300mg, the 3rd test showed the higest at 600mg, I haven’t smoked since the first of this month, but it looks like I’ve been smoking in between weeks and I haven’t, why is this? The first test should’ve been the highest? Right? Or No! I’m so confused, why did my THC levels spike up so much if I haven’t smoked. I’m heavy set 5’7 5’8 240 and was a heavy smoker Can someone Please give me some advice, also does drinking alcohol make your thc levels increase or smoking lots of cigarettes?

  4. massvocals

    It has gone on long enough , most have no idea what is being tested and all know there not testing for being impaired under the inference The drug test is a police watch a corporate intrusion which cause for the test is render past not present , The union, like carpenters union have distorted and destroy its membership given its signatory this goose step zealot enforcement powers for profit and it is has been used as a weapon where member where not told of the test and this is nothing more then an attack

  5. spenser

    read this paper if you really want to know about absorption and excretion rates. best one ive ever read. heavy on science though so not for the faint of mind. But good luck arguing this shit to a judge haha.


  6. Anonymous

    I can see crack,and all other hard drugs being punishable.Pot was legal in the 30′s,and it really helps with certain pain and mental problems..

  7. Mike

    So, the bigger question I see here is, if you are going to be a drug user, then why try to have a job that doesn’t want drug users at it? And if you want a job that doesn’t want drug users, then why use drugs?


    hey im bugging i need help im 20 6,4 174lbs skinny fast metabolism
    got to job corps had first piss test 800+ i have 33-43 days to take another urinalisis and get a 15 or below
    or i go home and im screwed
    will i pass i drink 100% cranberry juice vinegar and water all day
    stop[ped smoking cold turkey
    drinking this shit to the point of physical sickness
    was everyday smoker

    will i pass what are my chances
    reply here or email me colbygenest@yahoo.com

  9. glyn

    :-x :-x What a shame the most harmless, useful and satisfying recreational substance on the planet has been hijacked by anslinger and hierst to further their own selfish goals back in the 1930s’ by demonising cannabis bud with (assassin of youth) purly because they wanted to profit from cotton.
    Thank you America, land of the political bullshit
    And we were brainwashed into beliving communism was the enemy
    ALL POLITITIANS SERVE UP CANCEROUS CRAP whatever color flag they fly

  10. Austin

    I just love how the government puts more time, effort, money, and resources to finding and punishing pot smokers like myself, then they do for coke/ crack, meth, rape, and all of the other way worse shit there is out there. It’s bloody redonkulous IMO. I would NEVER and have NEVER used any drug or drank on any job i have done. That is so far against what i stand for, however I do smoke weed. Hell I have smoked weed, done shrooms, coke, and a host of others (I’m no virgin mary nor do I claim to be). However, I am a light smoker I guess. Once in a while to sleep at night or relax, and i do not do much other drugs any more. Just weed and alc (weed is not a drug IMO), yet I am still sitting here tweaking balls about how long ago i smoked a bowl because i fucking neeeeed this job. go figure. I love my country but fuck me it is going titts up so quick you can get whiplash.

  11. Dreama420

    Im confused, Ive been smoking 3-7 hits daily for a week, before that, I smoked as much as I could all day every day. Id really like to know when to expect to be clean. I am 29, female, 5’5″, 120 pounds, fairly active, and I do take vitamins and drink a lot of water and wine, Please help me!!!!
    Dreama 8-)

  12. Obama Drug Policy Calls for Drugged Driving Charges for Unimpaired Marijuana Users | BreakTheMatrix

    [...] detectable in the urine for up to 100 days or longer for a regular cannabis consumer and up to fifteen days for the casual consumer, even after quitting cold turkey.  Metabolites in urine don’t tell you a driver is actually [...]

  13. FFFFFfffffrrrrrrreeeeeeddddddddDDDDDD

    Fruit pectin, anyone???? This product is commonly found in your grocery store amongst the gelatin products, baking isle (presumably, grocer’s intended no pun here!) or wherever canning supplies are available for consumer purchase; it’s used in the canning process to preserve fresh produce in Mason Jars, after all. When a packet is added to 1 gallon of H2O, it’s alleged to successfully mask marijuana use temporarily giving sampled urine an apparent “clean-read”. The test subject must completely consume the mixture prior to bedtime on the eve of the scheduled test, urinating as needed. Consumption on the morning prior to testing of a B vitamin tablet (one which encompasses all varieties of the B vitamin available in supplement form, I’m guessing) has been alleged to replace color and nutrients, the lack of which may give away attempts to manipulate test results. Furthermore, I presume that adding a multi-vitamin and having a meal of some sort (at same time as the B vitamin) would be advisable in support of evidence of more well-rounded nourishment, maybe even letting the practitioner of the test know that vitamins are a regular part of the morning routine*, as well (*if this seems appropriate at the time: i.e. if questionnaire is given or subject is asked).

    I have no suggestions as to urine expulsion strategies other than the obvious: don’t submit the 1st release of the day for testing and certainly, allow for the vitamins to metabolize prior to providing one’s sample. Pretty obvious, right?

    I can’t say that I’ve personally been tested or ever had need for use of this tactic; this is why I use the word “alleged” a couple of times, so far. HOWEVER, not only was the individual who had originally advised me of this procedure as an alternative to testing positive someone I consider to be most competent in offering such advisement and aside from the fact that he’d found the info here on the NORML site…. BUT having myself advised family members and friends alike, I CAN SAY THIS FROM MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: NO ONE HAS FAILED TO GIVE A CLEAN TEST-SAMPLE AFTER FOLLOWING MY ADVICE AS OFFERED ABOVE. I can also say that a member of my family did describe to someone their prior success, which led to that person’s attempt to copy that success and their subsequent failure to do so. As my sibling recalled to me later on, the friend did not follow the procedure as directed.

    I (and presumably, most people who visit this site) would love to see more info from those who’ve tried this method (with both successful and unsuccessful result), sharing detail of their exact application and execution of preparation for testing. I’d even more-so be interested to have access to any “official”, “scientific” data on the topic of masking one’s marijuana usage with ANY item currently available for consumer purchase (products both designed to aid in production of negative-read and those, like fruit pectin, which are not). Anyone with any bits or scraps of data are welcome to offer whatever they may have as well!

    Of course, the fact that these tests are prevalent in workplace and probationary handlers’ protocol is unquestionably invasive and otherwise, inherently questionable and obviously, I’m opposed for reasons too numerous to mention but which sentiment I’m confident we all share. Still, my hopes are high for implementation of a new standard of logic to our country’s legal pursuits & practices!!

    **SOAPBOX (sorry..):
    (something you MAY have READ about or HEARD RUMOR of but sadly, won’t REMEMBER unless born closer to the LAST turn of CENTURY!)!!

  14. julie

    Although the host of this site may, or may not, answer many of the posts I see here, I still value any feedback and enjoy reading the others. But I do have a different type of question regarding the same topic, only a different purpose. I have noticed the fellow previous folks are concerned with testing in regard to employment.
    I am on probation in the state of Texas, 1 year, misdemeanor B. When it comes to the state, they operate on a 30 day-ish basis and have for years. They don’t and won’t, allow a 15 to 45 day flexibility so,(my question is) why or what is the reason for a non- negotiable 30 day thing? The state seems to think what we all used to, that it takes +/- 28 days for pot to vanish. If it’s known that the time limit isn’t known or reliable then why is it this way? Wouldn’t it beat all if clean people have to cheat on a test with some divinely obtained clean samples and get caught? “You see, your Honor, I used cat pee because I was afraid that all the not smoking I haven’t done would show.” The cat is probably high though so choose wisely!

  15. Jess Hannett

    I have had to take 3 pee tests because my specific gravity was too low to detect metabolites even with the expensive kits to help. I am one of the chillest people and am all business during the day. Their loss but for now I cross my fingers.

  16. teddythehead

    I’ve been smoke free for 47 days,have gulped down Vale Perma Clean for the past 15 days and still tested positive tonight. I’ve burned for 30 years on a daily basis and weigh 245. Someone said I’m screwed for up to 90 days. Tell me it aint so. The Vale is a joke. Bad headaches and piss smells terrible. Pros would probably know I’m masking. Suggestions?

  17. Steph

    Does anyone know why a Urine Test will show positive for THC when the person taking the test hasn’t touched marijuana in over 20 years?

  18. jake

    norml and all individuals involved , youre a godsend for the info you give. we are the SecondComing

  19. Stupid Tests

    My brother only wants access visits to his son. He used to smoke all day everyday (good quality buds) but totally quit when the courts said he had to pass urine tests before they would even consider giving him week end access.

    Cold turkey for over 45 days and 2 urine tests still consider him to be an unfit druggy parent because they came back positive.

    Are these stupid tests hurting his son by denying him rights to his biological father? He’s as straight as a nail as far as I’m concerned!!

  20. chuck

    I’ve just come off of a 30 day suspension (unpaid)!! DOT random drug test. I would NEVER go to work impaired. I’m not really a heavy smoker. But marijuana does relax me. Why is it that we promote PUBLIC use of alcohol, but PRIVATE use of marijuana can cost you your job!!

  21. WeedmanTim (VENDOR)

    In engish this means that each and every person will metabloize THC at their own speed. there’s no set timeline on how fast the Delta_9 component will leave you system. 10-45 days 8-)

  22. JohnnyBravo

    I’ve searched high and low and found that there is no “true” answer to the question about urine testing. However, I was interested in find out out what constitutes “heavy” usage. If I take 6 hits from my dug out a day, everyday, is that “heavy” usage? Does “heavy” represent the amount smoked or the frequency with which any amount is smoked?

  23. timireferseed

    If an employer does not trust you enough to think you may be intoxicated then ya probaly dont want to work there anyways. Yet another archaic example of “REEFER MADNESS” Next they will want to check your prostrate to see if you had sex the night before.HOHOHO!!!!!

  24. moldy

    Still, it’s a violation of our right to privacy and what we do on our own time is no one’s business. As long as we aren’t showing up to work stoned the only test they need to worry about is how well we perform at our specific job. At least there was a study… but not on how fucking unfair and discriminatory testing for THC metabolites really is.

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