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North Carolina Legislature Considers Medical Marijuana Measure | The NORML Stash Blog

NORML Deputy Director

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2 responses to “North Carolina Legislature Considers Medical Marijuana Measure”

  1. Hector Castaneda

    Hello i am a 28 year old man that has diabled for 10 years now from a arthritis called Anklelosing Spondylitis/ A.S for short but it has had me bed redden for the first two years 18 to 21 and i finally had to have both hips replaced and now my back neck ribs shoulders have all fused together haveing no flexible movement i am in pain 24 hours a day 7 days a week im on methadone oxycodone and remacade and my doses increase every two months it seems like unless i use cannabis. It is a shame that people can say that nature is ilegal just because of pharma and other big time companies think they will lose a papper dollar that in realty has no real value. But my point is how can people harm people that makes the choise to use cannabis to save their life or maybe live their life a little more pain free with out all the goverment pain killers be lock up and made a criminal to socitey and mark for the rest of there life. Im just tired of it and hope that people in charge can just put there self in our shoes for a min and imagein what they would do if it where them or even their children suferning what choice would you make if canabis was your only way out of a painless life GOD BLESS

  2. Ronald Kane

    I am severely disabled from a work accident. I was a carpenter and fell off a ladder way back in 2001. I now have severe chronic pain, two titanium knees, three bulging discs with stenosis and degenerative dic disease, a damaged spinal cord and damaged nerves. I can barely walk. It feels like my legs cannot hold me up, I have daggers in my knees and bugs are eating them, and it never stops, ever.

    I wish hemp and cannabis would be legalized so as to do research and come up with a pill I can take instead of all the pain killers I use now. I use Lyrica, Tramadol, Bacoflen, and colonzepam or something like that. They make me sick as a dog, but do take the edge off the pain. A weed which can be easily grown works better than all that legal stuff put together. It works, please make it legal so us disabled people on $19,000 a year can have an affordable and effective pain killer, appetite enhancer, and muscle relaxant which works without the side effects of the prescription drugs I now take. I wish it was a pill so there is no lung damage from smoking it. I am sixty years old, almost. How about in my lifetime?
    Thank You

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