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Off the Leash: Marijuana and Dogs | The NORML Stash Blog

I am the producer of The NORML Network, the host of the NORML SHOW LIVE and The NORML Stash Blog, and NORML's Outreach Coordinator. I'm married, live in Portland, Oregon, and I am a registered medical marijuana caregiver in this state. I've worked days as an IT geek and nights as a professional musician. Previously, I have been the host of my own political talk radio show on satellite radio. I've been the High Times "Freedom Fighter of the Month" and I travel across the country to educate people on marijuana reform. I've dedicated my life to bringing an end to adult marijuana prohibition and re-legalizing cannabis hemp, and I'm honored to be chosen by NORML to give voice to the Marijuana Nation and to speak for those who can't speak up.

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75 responses to “Off the Leash: Marijuana and Dogs”

  1. Anonymous


  2. erin (schmokey)

    all three of my dogs (a german shepherd, golden retriever, and wheaton terrier) love the herb. i smoke a lot of weed, therefore, my dogs are often exposed to it. while i certainly dont advocate harming dogs or being aggressive about getting them to smoke, i find most dogs enjoy it but at first just dont know how it works. so, yes, they may be uncomfortable the first time their owner blows smoke towards them, but thats because they arr unsure of what theyre doing. but in all of my dogs, once they realized what i did (which took like half a second), they were fine. in fact, my shepherd has dygenerative myleopathy and, while not in pain, is obviously sad because she cant use her back legs anymore and is generally not in a good way. but when i smoke with her, she becomes happier, and is notably more relaxed. she also has never seemed upset or overly intoxicated during these sessions. mind you, i dont give her a bit of every hit i take (because a few grown men have been knocked on their asses while smoking with me), but i give her three at first and then a few here and there, making sure she has water available. i think that as long as youre responsible and not cruel and insensitive about it, its fine. yeah, dogs cant speak for themselves, but if they could, maybe theyd be saying, “hey! stop chiefing that bowl!” (woooof!!! woofwoofwoofwoof woof! in dog language).

  3. Trish

    I agree with everything you said against the opposing article! I just read that before finding this. BUT-I have to say one thing. I recently saw something on the news about a Vet that gave his dog canabis to help his cancer. My dog was just diagnosed with Focal seizers. I gave him a small amount -about what I would smoke in one hit, and he has been finally acting like himself. He is such a playful dog and only 2 and 1/2 so when you see him waking up with his head nodding like a bobble head going over speed bumps-you freak out. After bringing him to the vet and not receiving any meds I gave him what helps me. And he has not gotten sick or anything. I do agree about getting an animal high for amusement. Thats F***ed up but if you know it can help your dog medically and it is managed like a humans dosage then they will be fine. I was upfront with my vet and he warned me it could make him sick but guess what it did the opposite. and he did trip a little but I told him the truth and asked if he was going to report me and he said no-hopefully he means it. I love my dog like my other child and would do anything to help him so I thought I would express that to those who have been in my position

  4. Ryan Shay

    Hey NORML I noticed your comment : “Uh, since tobacco smoke causes cancer and lung disease in humans and marijuana smoke does not, I’d suppose that marijuana smoke doesn’t seriously hurt dogs, either.” that is a pretty broad statement considering marijuana still contains carcinogens. Also, putting smoke in your lungs no matter what type is doing damage to them. http://medicalmarijuana.procon.org/view.answers.php?questionID=000234

  5. NolesFan954

    I Have a golden retriever puppy and he was sick with distemper and he was having seizures that were starting to get worse and after I read an article about marijuana and artistic kids using it for similar reason I got my dog high and the seizures stopped. He is still sick with distemper but he is bouncing back after i used Parvaid and vibactra plus along with Marijuana for 4 days now he is starting to eat on his own again and walking around a lil more. I really believe that Marijuana helped him through this process and he has not had a single seizure in 3 days now!

  6. DR4K3

    I dog sit a golden retriver every sunday, she plays with my chocolate lab there best friends. the golden retriver loves pot every time i smoke around her she comes and sits on the couch next to me wagging her tail. i smoke her up because she comes to me for it but i never do with my dog because she wants nothing to do with it.

    One thing i do know about medicinal marijuana being a patient registered in colorado, is that ingesting marijuana is way more intese and last much longer than smoking it.

    ***********DONT FEED YOUR DOGS POT*********

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  8. niki

    My mother-in-law has an Itilian Greyhound whom has severe seizures. Usually lasting 20-30 minutes at a time. The last two seizures she had we blew 3 hits of high grade marijuana smoke at her and she immediately came out of the seizures. That was a miracle to her owner, she has been on seizure meds since she was a very young puppy,with minimal effect. So I think more reserch should be done on this subject.

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  10. Ganga weed

    I have a big old rescue dog, he has always loved weed, from the moment we got him. The first day here he bugged me for a tiny blim of herbal marijuana. He wont do this every day, but about every two to four days he will come over and pester me when i make up a bowl, i crumble a small quantity into the palm of my hand and he just licks it off has a drink afterwards, gets onto his cushion and doses off for hours, if you call his name, his tail just wags lazily and then he’ll doze off again. The moral panic around dogs and ganja is just symptomatic of the way everyone has been brainwashed about how harmful cannabis is. You can not kill yourself or your dog with weed. My dog takes it freely to the point of begging for it..

  11. Dogs and Marijuana?

    [...] Found some interesting links: The last few talk about Medi-Paws, a patented MMJ patch for dogs Off the Leash: Marijuana and Dogs | The NORML Stash Blog Disease Categories Effects of Marijuana on dogs, How does Marijuana effect dogs? – Cheyenne Dogs [...]

  12. Krispy Kitten

    My chow mix, Sacchi, has lymphoma and only a few weeks to live. I have a medical card, so I fired up a batch of butter and made her some doggie biscuits. She’s stopped throwing up, she’s maintaining her weight (maybe even gaining a few pounds! :) ) and sleeping through the night without waking up because of her pain. It’s all about using this medication to improve her quality of life, she’s not freaking out or being ‘tortured’, she’s just a good mellow cancer dog.

    I approve. :-| I’m still sad she’s dying tho…

  13. yourdbags

    I can’t believe people are dumb enough to blow smoke in their pets faces I hope one day someone gives you a powerful hit of lsd without you knowing and you have a little feeling of what it feels like to be dosed with a drug your mind can’t even understand let alone understand the effects. You people make me sick. People like you not only give a bad name to marijuana smokers but your also harmiing a living being that does nothing but love and trust you.

  14. Tony

    well now i feel like a jerk, because my dog Otis is actually trained, i say “scooby snack” and he knows whats up… i’d say he likes it because he never runs or fights a scooby snack

  15. chewie

    It may have a lot to do with dosage. I don’t know how much was fed to my dog. He’s an 80 lb sight hound, but greyhound types like mine are very sensitive to prescription veterinary drugs and doses that are safe for dogs with “normal” builds and metabolisms are toxic to them.

    There is also the MDR1 gene that causes sensitivity to a huge range of pharmaceutical drugs. It may be that dogs with the gene are the same dogs having issues with pot. I wish somebody would do a study on it.

  16. Italics Mine

    In a related instance, I’m curious why the government hasn’t banned catnip. After all, cats like it; and it would be viewed as something special to have them suffer too in a universal quest for sobriety.

  17. Judy

    By the way, I am talking about a 70-lb. Boxer, not a miniature poodle, if that makes any difference in how you look at giving your dog pot.

  18. Judy

    It has been frustrating to look for information on dogs and marijuana. It seems I either find the the (idiot) guy that says “my dog loves pot” as recreation for the owner or horror stories of dogs ending up at the vet. I wish there was more information because I feel somewhat bad about experimenting on our dog, but pot seems to be the only thing helpful to him. He has arthritis and a tumor that we are not going to operate on due to his age and overall health. Right now we just want him comfortable and it doesn’t seem Rimadyl and Benadryl are doing that much for him. So when my husband goes to one certain dispensary, he is able to get a few dog cookies with pot in them. When he eats one, he is up and around more and does not seem to be in pain. But of course we have no idea how much is in them and we can’t get them on a regular basis. I would assume it is a very small amount made from the throwaway parts of the plant that are left after human products are made. And no, they are not human cookies with the same concentration. This particular supplier makes actual dog cookies for the dispensary owner as a favor (they use it on one of their older dogs) so it is not the same as if your dog was to get into your stash or eat a human pot brownie.

  19. Chewie

    My ex thought it would be funny to feed my service dog pot. He started having seizures and became very ill. I had to retire him from work because now he has epilepsy and violent seizures several times a week. The seizures caused brain damage and damaged his eye sight. Mentally, he isn’t the same dog I used to have. I don’t know how long he will live now because every time the seizures happen his back legs become temporarily paralyzed. If the damage ever becomes permanent (like the vision damage did) he’ll have to be put down. It breaks my heart, he’s only four years old.

  20. angelica

    My question is this; they use cannabis to increase hunger in people with cancer… would it work for a dog? I have a dog with valley fever… its on pills that are keeping it pretty zonked out, and when she is awake she doesn’t seem interested in food… I love my dog, I dont want to hurt her…but I cant think of anything else that would increase her appetite

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  22. dave

    a friends dog ate his stash once, he got into it with roommates thinking they took his stash. till he saw the dog on the ground having a seizure with green in his mouth. now when we smoke the dog will run out of the room and hide :(

  23. Quin

    Agreed that if a dog is in an unfermilier or uncomfortable situation while being exposed to the smoke, (forcefully or otherwise) then of course it will bUg out. Weed just increase the attentiveness to what’s going on around the dog. They feed off the “vibe” if you will. If a dog is with its master or friends and knows it can trust you, it too will enjoy the effects.

  24. Quin

    Say what you want, my four pound pup love the stuff. She literally gets her feelings hurt if she gets left out.

  25. Sparkie

    Compost will also make a dog super sick. I’ve seen it dozens of times come through the clinic over the years. And if a dog is pissing itself, I’d be concerned about kidney function and take it to the vet for blood testing as soon as possible.

  26. mamadog

    Take him to a groomer. For $10 they can trim them. Dogs often behave better for strangers, just like kids do. And groomers have the correct tools, tables and exerience handling strong dogs.

  27. timmy

    I have Pit mix that was abused so horribily Nobody can trim her nails. What if I gave her a half a pot cookie? Even with a muzzle she is stronger than Hell. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to trim her nails?

  28. jdb

    pot saved my cat with cancer
    when the vets gave up on her I asked my pharmacist who compared her weight to charts for infant wasting disease.
    this is one of the most important reasons for medical marijuana– it is practicly the only cure for baby’s
    and small dogs and cats respond just as well to it
    I steeped a TINY amount in water and cooled it down and gave it to her in dropper-fulls..
    it had a 2 part effect, it made her appetite return and stopped her stomach from hurting ( she had stomach cancer) and made her purr after many weeks of not purring eating or barely getting up.
    she was able to live many months longer and her life was greatly improved.

    I would never force smoke into an animals lungs, but steeped in water or microwaved in some peanut butter then cooled works wonders for restoring appetite in sick pets and settling their stomachs just like for chemo patients or infants with wasting disease..
    they also quite enjoy it — just like people.

  29. Indiana Ent

    I live in Indiana close to Indianapolis and it’s $120 for a quarter ounce.

  30. Babar

    Wow, I seriously cannot believe how closed minded people are! Obviously many of you people like to smoke…so why wouldn’t our pets? I have always wondered what my pets would think of getting stoned…so I found out. All of them loved it, with the exception of my cat Isis (RIP), who passed away 3 weeks ago at age 15, and when I knew she didnt like it, i didnt try again, It is amazing how our animal friends let you know what they like. But I have had a Pit/boxer mix, a Jack Russell/Whippet Mix, a Pomeranian, a purebred Jack Russell and a Siamese/grey tabby who all loved it. My ex used to grow and my pom used to eat anything he could get his little furry paws on, root balls, stems, leaves, anything….and they all were healthy and have made it up to age 10, except for the cat who dissapeared. My pit mix was the worst, she loved it…once she got onto the counter and ate 3.5 grams of dank hash! I called up my mom (the vet tech), we gave her a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and 5 min later she threw it up. I know my dog likes weed and all but that was just way too much. She was over it in like 30 min. Anyhow my opinion is that it isnt hard to read your animal and understand what they do and dont like. I dont see anything wrong with blowing at hit in my dogs face if he is looking at me waiting for it….

  31. Shannon

    I have a dog the likes it that can have it, one that likes it but can’t have it, and one that hates it. I would be willing to help with your article

  32. Zoe Chen

    Hi! I’m writing an article on medical marijuana and pets. If you’d be open to sharing stories about your dog’s reaction to marijuana smoke it would be most helpful. I’m hoping to paint marijuana and pets in a positive light.


  33. Cathe

    I think it extremely cruel to feed any animal marijuana, my dog is now in the emergency vets after suffering seizures, vomiting and now may have permanent neurological damage. She can’t walk, can’t keep her balance and has episodes of extreme anxiety.

    This is after she found some cooked marijuana that had been dumped under a tree and ate it.
    So anybody who gets animals stoned should be locked up for cruelty to animals and it is certainly not Funny.

  34. John

    A brownie, which has a pretty large concentration of chocolate. Your dog most like was suffering from chocolate poisoning, and not suffering ill effects from THC consumption. Nonetheless, a consultation with a veterinary specialist is always in light of mind. :-)

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  36. Ryan Quinn

    Crazy, here’s a bit of dog ownership 101 for you. It’s probably not the pot that made your dog so violently ill. As per your own comment, your dog ate a tray of brownies. The chocolate in the brownies is more than likely what made your dog so sick. Chocolate is poisonous to dogs, especially in large dosages, and a tray of brownies would qualify as a large dose.

    So the moral here, don’t let your dog near chocolate.

  37. Ryan Quinn

    This article was a great read because of my current situation. I’ve been a long supporter of medicinal marijuana, and an even bigger supporter when I saw it help my aunt as she underwent chemotherapy for breast cancer. She swears it was a greater help to her than any prescription drug she was given.

    Recently my dog was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. She had a leg removed as a result of the disease, and now must undergo chemo to eliminate traces of the cancer that may not be seen. In my search for homeopathic remedies, I was considering slipping some marijuana into her food to help her with the nausea caused by chemotherapy. It seems like the effects are too inconclusive on dogs for me to give it to her.

  38. Do dogs like marijuana? - Grasscity.com Forums

    [...] Re: Do dogs like marijuana? Here is some good info on dogs and cannabis. If you don't feel like reading a lot, just skip down to the last paragraph. "According to the ASPCA APCC Database, the most common side effects of marijuana toxicosis are depression, ataxia, and bradycardia. Other signs include agitation, vocalization, vomiting, diarrhea, hypersalivation, tachycardia, hypothermia, mydriasis, urinary incontinence, seizures, and coma. But also notes: An LD50 (the amount for a dose that will kill half of those who take it) has not been established in dogs or cats. Research in dogs and monkeys showed that oral doses of delta 9-THC and delta 8-THC ranging from 3,000 to 9,000 mg/kg were not lethal, and all dogs recovered within 24 hours of ingestion. 3-9g/kg means a dog like Roscoe, who weighs 10kg, eating one to three ounces — of oral THC at 100% potency, like Marinol pills, not one to three ounces of new-and-improved 10% THC “super-pot”. And the kicker: Out of more than 250 cases of accidental marijuana ingestion reported to the ASPCA APCC, two deaths were reported. In one cat, exposure to multiple agents was possible, and the results of a gross necropsy revealed that the animal probably died of complications of cardiomyopathy. The second death reported was a horse with signs attributed to colic, but a gross necropsy was not done. The prognosis is favorable for symptomatic animals with no secondary complications, such as aspiration pneumonia. With supportive care, these animals usually recover within 72 hours. So the “two deaths” the author refers to, implying they are deaths of dogs from cannabis ingestion, are actually a cat and a horse with other serious health problems. Is this guy auditioning for a job at the (Non-Alcoholic, Non-Pharmaceutical, Non-Tobacco) Drug Free America Foundation? In the same study, the author reports that no veterinarians surveyed had ever filed an animal abuse complaint when someone brings in a stoned dog. She also notes that veterinarians often have trouble getting the owners to tell them their dog had eaten cannabis, since possession of it is a crime. If the vet doesn’t know the true cause, she may proceed as if the dog had ingested a serious toxin, like antifreeze, and the treatment for that may cause more harm to the dog than the cannabis did! Bottom line: Pot’s not good for your dog, but it’s not going to seriously hurt him. Personal note: I think people who purposefully get their pets high for amusement sake are being cruel. Owning a Jack Russell is a high; they’re like Red Bull with fur. Pets are great the way they are; no need to alter them (aside from the whole spay/neuter part)." Off the Leash: Marijuana and Dogs | The NORML Stash Blog [...]

  39. dogs and weed?

    [...] is a great read on dogs and marijuana. http://stash.norml.org/off-the-leash-marijuana-and-dogs It basically says, studies show that mj it has some negative side effects on dogs some of the time, [...]

  40. dogs - Grasscity.com Forums

    [...] Originally Posted by scottytokepotty So, I've seen people shotgun their dogs, exhaling into their noses. My question: How can you tell when a dog is stoned? Let me google that for you Off the Leash: Marijuana and Dogs | The NORML Stash Blog [...]

  41. buy a bong

    I have a little Chihuahua named Cheech who just lays zipped up in my hoodie while I smoke. He can enjoy the smell all he wants, but I don’t blow anything in his face cause I want him healthy for as long as he can possibly live. Even though mary j is ok for humans, I don’t take any chances with my little buddy cause he can’t really speak for himself!

  42. buy a bong

    Eating brownies is toxic alone simply from the chocolate! That’s like a double whammy.. glad your pup was ok.

  43. veronicammmarie

    OHMY! my Enlish Bulldog, Marley Jane, LOVES loves loves the smell of weed… when were breakin it down or rollin it up or Just smokin it She just puts her nose in the air and smells for it- she knows! she doesnt like too much smoke but she comes to me when its my turn for a minute and then goes back to lay down lmao n then jus comes back for more when she wants. i love myy bababayyy! :-D

  44. Squeeg

    The Volcano bag (and oven bags) scared the hell out of my puggat. She enjoyed the second-hand vape, though…

  45. crazy 8

    My five year old Aussie shepherd is a pot hound. My hubby is a med patient and he made white widow butter last week. He threw the remnants in the compost but forgot to turn it and close the damn gate. He took the dog for a walk later that night and the dog got skunked…. So it being late we put him outside and decided to give him a bath tomorrow. I guess he could smell the aroma of left overs in our compost. I woke up and found him shivering wavering and pissing himself….. I think he is going to be ok he has snatched brownies cooling off the hot stove and ate the whole plate…. It just worries me cuz now he is sneezing and we cant afford to take him to the vet. I have been giving him vit C and lots of fluids. Poor dum dum.

  46. ash

    My terrier grizzly nearly died after eating only 1 pot brownie. I am all for legalization but you are an idiot if your dog has ingested thc and you don’t take them to a vet. They shouldn’t suffer because of your habit. I spent 800 dollars on my pup. dont be decieved coma and death are real possibilities.

  47. PHEWSH

    Hey I got a JRT too! and yesterday that smart little bitch got into my stash and ate 3 brownies. Im a pot head and half a brownie got me fucking floored, so you can imagine the potency of these bad boys. The chocolate content wasnt high enough to be lethal to the pup, but she has been pissing herself and unable to eat walk or respond to anything I say for roughly 24 hours now. This article provided me with relief to know that my dog isn’t in any super serious danger so thanks for that..

    As for getting your dog high.. please do NOT. It is by no means cool my pup is miserable right now.. I’ll try to remember to check in later and let you know how it goes

  48. The Fresh Prince Of Eugene

    hello. You see i am a teen from Eugene Oregon. Obviously very very stoned most of the time. ni just recently got a border collie named chewy. he is my partner in crime he follows me every where and even sleeps with me… even more recently i decided to see if my dog likes to get high =] so me my buddy tj and mat decided to hotbox the bathroom and blow the smoke in his face and it turns out he loves it and the smell. every time hes “baked” hes cuddles and wags his tale and the only effects that are different in him today are hes more strange. signed Jacob Baughman.

  49. BC MP Supporter

    What is your point here? You’re stating that it costs $1.50 to feed your cat…..cool? First, no oz of “MJ” is $150 bucks.. unless you live in a heavily inflated area due to higher laws and enforcement in that city. But if that’s the case, then you drive to a bigger city. Regardless, the marijuana has been shown to cure, or ease anxiety and other behavioral and health problems. And to try to compare it to feeding a cat is just plain…stupid. And i don’t condone stupidity.

  50. jh72

    My husband and I have smoked pot around our dog (now 4 year old golden retriever) and three cats since they were puppies and kittens. They’re all happy and healthy animals, and we all sleep well at night!! I’d never deliberately get them high, but if they happen to be in the room (one cat will leave the room when we spark up), it’s all good.

  51. fester420

    Agreed more dogs are shot and killed by police in raids then pot kills dogs by overdose. So sad. Prohibition kills more than just humans!

  52. burn_420

    some people are like chicken little the sky is falling the sky is falling stop being simple

  53. Student

    I’m a college student and I have an anxiety disorder that I treat with the two topics here: dogs and marijuana. My service dog is a rat terrier (named Wryly), and when I got him at 6 months he never shied away from weed. It has always seemed obvious to me that he likes it, so I don’t consider it wrong to use it as a reward (as someone else mentioned, scooby snacks!) To crate train him (he stays in his crate while I’m in class) I took advantage of this, and after a long walk I feed him the weed stems from my pre-class medication. I think he likes them for the taste and texture, especially when he was teething. The only side effect appeared to be a seamless transition into a deep sleep! I would then softly move him from the couch to his crate, lay a blanket over and leave. He has never barker or shown anxiety about his crate or weed, and now he’ll even hang out near my face if he wants a hit and I’m smoking. We get compliments everywhere we go on what a well-behaved small dog he is, so it doesn’t appear to have hurt him in any other way. I know that 6 months is probably a little young, but just thought I’d throw it out there.
    On the other hand, the schnauzer puppy we had when I was growing up who hated weed, and I would never force him to smoke it. Like people, dogs have their own personalities, I guess.

  54. Loring

    I’ve have a small 12 year old poodle terrier mix that had a terrible cough caused by a variety of issues. Anyway we could not control the cough and it was killing her. Our Vet gave us codein cough syrup that knocked her out but didn’t stop the cough when she was awake. At our wits end we decided to feed her some of my Cannabis edibles and kept her medicated 24/7 for about a week with an occassional 1/2 dose of the cough syrup. Slowly I weened her off both and it worked, she has finally recovered. Our Vet does not know yet what we did but I’m going to tell when she goes back in for some testing. What’s interesting is that he inadvertantly suggested it when he gave me the cough syrup. He said the cough syrup will work on the dog in two ways, it will physically help control the coughing but will also work on it from a psychological stand point as well. Hmmm now what does that sound like? So being a Cannabis expert witness and a student of the Cannabis theraputics for many years I decided to give it a try. I started with minute amounts on her and gradually incresed it until I noticed that she was starting to look intoxicated. That’s when I stopped increasing the dosage. My other terrier snagged one of the medicated cakes I had prepared and I had to scold the first dog for sharing her medicine! That’s illegal I said.;)
    I’d love to hear from some Vets that have used cannabis on mammals.

  55. Missippi Hippy

    Many years ago I had a Doberman named Thaistik Hai. He thought he was a person. He would plop his butt on the couch and sit amongst us when we would party. He lost one leg to cancer and had to have it amputated.
    * I sure do adopt some needy animals.
    Later, he got cancer in his gonads… I had to have him put down.
    That was ’77. I still miss him a bit every now and then.

  56. Missippi Hippy

    I keep catnip growing around the house for Midnight. When spring hits (May to early June) she gets high on her own nip. Otherwise, when I smoke indoors, she will hang around close by. Bud likes to hang around and slobber all over me when I am :bongin: breathin’ in what I exhale. The piglets will fuss about who gets to sleep across my feet whenever I get high.

  57. PUAAN

    My cats go nuts over catnip and are entirely uninterested in the ganja (peoplenip?)

  58. sameoldwine

    BTW big dogs don’t live very long. My ex gave her up to “grandma & grandpa” and she died a year or so later at 4 1/2. Sad really. She had a drug reaction to some antihistamines the vet gave her. :rip:

  59. sameoldwine

    Russ back in the day I was a bad guy when my ex & I got married and she had a huge dog that didn’t want me to horn in on her master’s time with her. I thought,(in my younger and more foolish days)I’ll get her stoned and then she will calm down. So I did it a couple of times. She seemed a little calmer.

    But then I made the mistake of leaving a big gallon baggie of hoochiekoo on the dining table overnight. The next day there was hootchie all over the room and one very stoned dog. Poor thing went out in the yard and just lay there grooving on the sky and grass. I felt so bad that i had corrupted her.

    Well, I learned my lesson. Don’t make a dog high, they just might like it.

    While we are on the subject, :lalala: I saw 2 VERY high cats while making the coffeeshop rounds in Amsterdam. Being in an enclosed environment with some of the best smoke in the world all day (and a lot of tobacco smoke) is probably not too good for them.

    We quit smoking cigs around our cats a while back (I quit totally :thup: ) because they were getting sick from the secondhand smoke. They seem fine with vapor and the occasional spliff.

    I think that poisoning cats and dogs with tobacco smoke is much worse than pot. :nod:

  60. sameoldwine

    Mine do too, except the one that adopted me. She tolerates the noise and an occasional whiff but doesn’t want any vapor.

    I believe that the high pitch of the fan in my heat gun caused the others to shy away. It sure has affected my hearing on one side after several years so I can understand (I wear headphones now when I vape). :bongin:

  61. sameoldwine

    This goes right along with the positive ADHD and Autism results reported in humans. Animals must have chemical brain problems too. I can’t wait to see the science that comes from this once cannabis is studied.

  62. MrSpof

    Yah, agreed. I wouldn’t force another human to smoke weed, why would anyone think it’s cool to that to an animal?

    OTOH, I don’t care how many legs you have, just don’t don’t leave spit on the J or bogart. If that’s cool, then walk, crawl, slither, or swim by my place any time, fellow living being stoners :-D

  63. moldy

    Neat story about your cat. My cat is just the opposite. As soon as she hears the vape starting up she runs out of room. If she’s outside with me and light out a joint, she’s gone.

  64. Fidget Truittelli

    I have smoked around my 2 dogs and 4 cats since they were all puppies and kittens.. They are all healthy, have shiney coats, and smarter than some people I know… Their only problem is outrageous appetites. :)

  65. pooky420

    Cat lover here. $150 an ounce for MJ or $1.50 an ounce for catnip, which the cats actually enjoy. Hmmmmm, not a tough decision.

  66. MrSpof

    One of my cats (died about three years ago at age 16) used to get high with me. Meaning he’d see me light up, would jump in my lap, wait for me to inhale, then put his face next to mine while I exhaled. He’d always do it for two hits, then jump off. I don’t think this made me a bad owner as he genuinely seemed to want it and liked the results. He was a great friend and I still miss him every day even though I have four other cats.

    None of the others get high and I don’t blow smoke near them.

    If you want to enjoy your cat drug free, try my two favorites: tie a pair of socks together, then tie them around the cat’s stomach. Not tightly, just firmly enough so it won’t fall off. Instant drunk walk.
    Or you can put plastic sandwich baggies on each of their paws held on loosely with a rubber band. Sit back and enjoy the high steppin fun! Cats freakin’ rock :rockin:

  67. itistime

    My dog used medical marijuana!

    I used to have a dog in high school that was severely depressed. He was so pathetic, always sad. He was sad, listless, a bump-on-a-log. He would just move around from outside to inside sitting there. When you were busy, that is when he would want attention. When you were ready to give love, he wanted none of it. He was really depressed, we really didn’t like him.

    UNTIL we were smoking pot one day, and decided to get him high. I am telling you 180 degree turnaround!! The dog instantly became playful and happy! Something changed in him that day. He was a whole new dog! It was ASTOUNDING! I didn’t even believe that mj had any medical benefits at the time, but I was fully convinced that marijuana changed his whole attitude about life! From then on we would always smoke with him, especially when he started acting depressed again, and it would always work!

    When I left for college, my sister and step-brother kept smoking him out. The dog lived the rest of his life happy, a respectable family pet. Everyone loved him. Even my parents talked about his change in attitude many times, but ofcourse they had no idea of the cause.

    Believe me medical marijuana saved my dog’s life! I am not kidding!

  68. Urb Age

    Roscoe is a pretty cool dude!

  69. dave

    Thank for the info Russ. I have two yorkies and love them. you are right they are great the way they are. I fill getting my dogs high is no different then getting a child high and we know better then to do that i HOPE.

  70. Missippi Hippy

    I am accompanied daily by my pets… a brain damaged (not by pot) Rottweiler named “Bud”, a black 3 legged cat named “Midnight Toker” (likes her catnip better), two black miniature pot bellied pigs named “Ganja” (female) and “Spliff” (male). They stay clear of my stash, but the two piglets like to lick my tray after I grind and fill my smoking utensil.

  71. moldy

    I wonder how many dogs (and other pets) die in pot raids? Where’s the vets outrage now?

    This vet is just another moralistic crusader that is trying to turn dog owners against legalization.

  72. cid crispy

    The dog I saw eat the stash ate a bowl of food, drank water and took a nap.
    To this day she’s still a happy puppy.

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