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Legalizing Marijuana Will Protect Our Teens Better Than Prohibition | The NORML Stash Blog

NORML Deputy Director

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2 responses to “Legalizing Marijuana Will Protect Our Teens Better Than Prohibition”

  1. Will Legalizing Cannabis Lead to a Spike in Teenage Drug Abuse? No. : Chelsea Green

    [...] So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?, looks at the available data and reaches a very different conclusion: Jim Gogek’s commentary (”California Does Not Need Any More Marijuana Users,” April 3, 2009) [...]

  2. dnL

    Great post, Mr. Armentano.

    I’m beginning to think that those of us in support of legalization of cannabis should re-think our strategy in solely using rational, intelligent, facts-based arguments to convey our points. Prohibitionist’s arguments and propaganda tend to be be purely emotion-based (w/ little to no facts), and yet they seem to be slightly more successful. I think it’s time to fight fire w/ fire.

    I’m not saying we should make up issues and fudge research, most of the facts are already on our side. I say we use those facts and base emotional arguments around them, use a form of Rovian-like tactics to sway support. Make their strategy work for us.

    Start using the “someone think of the children!” argument in favor of legalization, or start calling out our prohibition-leaning politicians or people of influence, our President included, as people who are “Cartel Sympathizers” or “Indifferent on Crime”.

    Anyway, this post inspired this thought, I’m not sure how feasible it would be though.

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