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Polish Politicians Protest Pot Prohibition by Puffing in Parliament | The NORML Stash Blog

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2 responses to “Polish Politicians Protest Pot Prohibition by Puffing in Parliament”

  1. 2buds4me

    Interesting correlation here – “the Catholic church took a strong role in guiding public policy, and laws criminalizing drug use have since then become more and more restrictive and punitive.”

    Someone doesn’t want to loose control here. Who’s pulling the puppet’s (politician’s) strings here anyway?

    I wonder if it’s the Catholic church been behind this in other countries as well – in the US as well?

  2. dbeall

    lol, way to go Poland, git it done, show America that we could have been first.

    Cool story to post Karri, it really shows the folks here in the backwards land of not-freedom that we are not alone in our quest for civil liberties.

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