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Prop 19 is the best thing to happen to medical marijuana patients since Prop 215 | The NORML Stash Blog

I am the producer of The NORML Network, the host of the NORML SHOW LIVE and The NORML Stash Blog, and NORML's Outreach Coordinator. I'm married, live in Portland, Oregon, and I am a registered medical marijuana caregiver in this state. I've worked days as an IT geek and nights as a professional musician. Previously, I have been the host of my own political talk radio show on satellite radio. I've been the High Times "Freedom Fighter of the Month" and I travel across the country to educate people on marijuana reform. I've dedicated my life to bringing an end to adult marijuana prohibition and re-legalizing cannabis hemp, and I'm honored to be chosen by NORML to give voice to the Marijuana Nation and to speak for those who can't speak up.

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29 responses to “Prop 19 is the best thing to happen to medical marijuana patients since Prop 215”

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  2. Ronald D. Moyers

    The back and forth about prop-19 can be confusing. I’m sure that I am eligible for a Medical MJ Card and I am almost ready to apply for the Dr.’s appointment, but I’m now wondering if there’s a necessity of spending at least $75.00 for the Medical MJ Card if Prop-19 is actually going to pass? Also, what is this County License all about once you get your authorization certificate (whatever) from the Doctor? Everyone has their hand out or has an agenda don’t they! It is an insult that the fools who are responsible for outlawing marijuana (medical, recreational, industrial) for these past 75 years and who have greatly profited by doing so are now going to profit by Prop-19, as I’m sure they have somehow profited on Prop-215. One way or the other—it is time for complete legalization/decriminalization of marijuana and no amount of double talk or Hegelian Dialectic should stop us doing the right thing!

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    [...] You can also download a PDF version of Proposition 19 with complete hyperlinks, comtents, and index of popular terms.  Also read our previous Word-for-Word Analysis of Prop 19 and Attorney J. David Nick’s Why Prop 19 is the Best Thing for Medical Marijuana Patients Since Prop 215. [...]

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  8. Paul Armentano


    MPP absolutely endorses 19, as does every other major drug law reform org like DPA, LEAP, DRCNet/StoptheDrugWar, etc.

    MPP’s director even has a commentary in Huffington Post outlining their support of Prop. 19


    and asking the question: “If People Oppose the Marijuana Initiative in California, Are They Prohibitionists?”

    But somehow I guess you missed that, huh? You allege in your post to be an honest broker in all this, but then you include in your post blatant falsehoods?

  9. The Cannybus is lying to you about Prop 19 | The NORML Stash Blog

    [...] Prop 19 is the best thing to happen to medical marijuana patients since Prop 215 (20) [...]

  10. Kyle

    That bill did not make it out of committee for the legislative year.

  11. dnL

    “In fact, I even remember reading that the Marijuana Policy Project does NOT endorse Prop 19 because it contains poorly written language. MPP does endorse the CCHHI though, while Norml endorses Prop 19!”

    Hmm… strange. So if MPP doesn’t endorse Prop 19 but endorses CCHHI, why is it I keep receiving MPP newsletters and keep reading blog posts on the MPP website telling me to vote for Prop 19 in November? Why have I not heard them bring up CCHHI?

  12. Jason


    I’ve read both arguments from both you and Dragonfly. I have kept an open mind throughout reading both sides of the argument. At this point, I’m trying to educate myself as best as possible prior to voting. I am 100% for legalization, but I am a seriously ill medical patient first.

    My main concern with Prop 19 is Dragonfly’s contention that Prop 19 will limit medical grow-operations in Cities that choose not to tax and sell cannabis.

    Taken from Dragonfly’s article:

    “While amendments were made ostensibly to prevent the initiative from affecting current medical marijuana law, a careful reading of the initiative reveals that this is not, in fact, the case. Certain medical marijuana laws are exempt from the prohibitions the initiative would enact, while others are glaringly absent.

    Cultivation is one such law that is noticeably non-exempt. In spite of the fact that the tax cannabis Web site says otherwise, the only medical marijuana exemptions that the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Initiative actually makes are with regard to possession, consumption and purchase limits, which only ensure that patients would still be allowed to buy medicine at dispensaries. The word “cultivate” is conspicuously absent.

    Finally, the medical marijuana laws that are exempted from this initiative apparently only apply to cities. For medical marijuana patients who live in an area that has county or local government jurisdiction, according to a strict reading of the initiative, medical marijuana laws are not exempt.”

    I must say, that bit definitely alarms me. I did read Prop 19 to see if this was the case, and it appears to be so:

    “B: Purposes, 7: Ensure that if a city decides not to tax and regulate the sale of cannabis, that buying and selling cannabis within that city’s limits remain illegal, but that the city’s citizens still have the right to possess and consume small amounts except as permitted under Health and Safety Sections 11362.5 and 11362.7 through 11362.9. (Note: The word “cultivate” is conspicuously absent here as well as in the exempted Health and Safety Sections that pertain to medical marijuana laws.)”

    “Section 11301: Commercial Regulations and Controls: Notwithstanding any other provision of state or local law, a local government may adopt ordinances, regulations, or other acts having the force of law to control, license, regulate, permit or otherwise authorize, with conditions, the following: (a) cultivation, processing, distribution, the safe and secure transportation, sale and possession for sale of cannabis, but only by persons and in amounts lawfully authorized. (Note: This section provides no exemptions for medical marijuana law.)”

    As I have read the initiative, this means that if my city decides not to tax and sell marijuana, they can also then prevent me from growing my own medicine. And although I did read many peoples contentions that Prop 19 does not effect the CSU, I can’t help but notice that the language of the law does indeed leave out the word “cultivation”, which can’t be overlooked!

    My question is whether or not you think this is an accurate reading of the law? This is, as you know, Dragonfly’s contention that Prop 215 patients will be negatively effected by Prop 19.

    Me? I’m just not sure how to feel. It seems that you both make some very valid points in regards to Prop 19.

    Personally, I DO support legalization and I could care less about the Prop 215 community losing out on profits. However, I did read the language for both Prop 19 and the California Cannabis Hemp and Health Initiative (CCHHI) of 2012. After doing some non-biased comparisons, it seems to me that the CCHHI is the better written law and also provides us far more freedom than Prop 19 ever will!

    As someone who obviously supports legalization, I know that YOU couldn’t possibly be opposed to the California Cannabis Hemp and Health Initiative!

    So why do you support Prop 19 INSTEAD of CCHHI? Because as I read the law, it seems that the CCHHI provides nearly all of the same protections as Prop 19, only with less restrictions to prevent corporate takeovers. Mainly, it seems that the CCHHI would allow for complete legalization without doing economic harm to people who rely on this industry to pay the bills each month. You know, the mom and pop growers up in the emerald triangle that really rely on this industry!

    Again, as an honest and sincere question; Why not wait for the CCHHI?

    I too am inclined to vote YES on Prop 19 because I want legalization YESTERDAY! But at the same time, if Prop 19 places unnecessary restrictions on patients and pot smokers alike, perhaps we should consider waiting for the CCHHI?!?

    It seems to me that the main reason to vote on Prop 19 in to enact legalization NOW rather than later. Because although Prop 19 is a step in the right direction, it just doesn’t seem like the best choice in comparison.

    In fact, I even remember reading that the Marijuana Policy Project does NOT endorse Prop 19 because it contains poorly written language. MPP does endorse the CCHHI though, while Norml endorses Prop 19! I guess this really goes to show you how truly divided the community is on how to go about legalizing! And it sure does make things confusing for people like myself, the uninformed voter who just wants true legalization with no gimmicks!

    Thanks for reading Russ!

  13. john

    Is this Bruce Cain guy serious? I recommend EVERYONE peruse his link there.. ROFL. What a wacko! Oh yeah. LOT’S and LOT’S of people will rally behind this guy in California.

    There is NO way in hell I’d align myself with a racist wacko like that. And for the record I am as white as the snow capped mountains in Colorado. So just imagine how the rest of my California brethren of color would feel about a whack job like this guy.

    Please please please don’t even entertain the thought of even speaking with this man on his show or your show. He deserves to be ignored, let him live in his own little fantasy world. I care not to be apart of it.

    The guy can’t even organize a decent website, it’s completely outdated with broken links. Not to mention it looks like it was designed in 1995 using notepad.

  14. ray christl cambodia medical kanja

    Dear Bruce; Even your buddy Alex Jones is YES on 19,so give it a rest…we love and respect your lifelong commitment to Jack Herer, his friends, and the movement.

    Please leave important people like RadRuss alone,so he can concentrate his very sane,articulate and utilitarian voice in more important directions. People didn’t spend decades of work and hardship to be conned into voting against meaningful synthesis-compromise. Any decent person would shut up and abstain,if they disagreed with the minutiae in this statute.

    Hyperbole,logical fallacy and very few facts…you and Alex Jones still get your free say !

  15. Bruce Cain

    Russ Buzzhead:

    Anytime you want to debate the issue of Prop19 I am available. LOL. You are a traitor to the Re-Legalization movement.

    I am recommending that all Marijuana Legalization groups, throughout the planet, endorse: The Marijuana Legalization Policy Project (MERP) Model. I have provided texts to my series of videos on MERP which can be read in over 30 different languages. My name is Bruce Cain and I began the Global Movement to Re-Legalize Marijuana in 1990 with the “International Drug Policy Day” events. I will now be helping to better organize future Global Marijuana March events in order to establish Marijuana Legalization world wide. Please go to the following internet link and read my articles on MERP in your own language.

    MERP Headquarters
    The Marijuana Re-Legalization Policy Project (MRPP)= “MERP”

    “NO” On Prop19 “YES” on CCHH & MERP


    Fax to Your Representatives to Immediately Re-Legalize Marijuana:

    19 reasons to vote NO on 19:

    Jack Herer’s CCHH 2012 Initiative:

    Working Group Against Prop19 and For CCHH and MERP

  16. Jayelle Farmer

    Peron knows all of this stuff. He has advisors and discusses the fine print of Prop 19. The real reason why Peron is against Prop 19 is other than this.

    As Marc Emery said, concerning Dennis Peron, on June 5th, it is “professional jealousy.”

    “The wonderful Proposition-215 pioneer Denis Peron is one, but there are many others. Their opposition is entirely trivial and irrational. It stems from a professional jealousy that a successful, compassionate man like Richard Lee (who has provided over a million dollars of his well-earned money to support this initiative) is doing it without their blessing. No one asked Dennis Peron’s permission. Dennis is a hero to the pot movement and has done a great deal to provide marijuana to medical users, but it seems he feels the world of activism has passed him by – because it has, and he’s jealous.”


    It just blows my mind that the selfishness of Dennis Peron would allow him to oppose Proposition 19 for all users.

    Proposition 215 was intended only for:


    Sec. (1)

    (A) To ensure that seriously ill Californians have the right to obtain and use marijuana for medical purposes


    This law was NOT enacted to allow people who use marijuana for recreational or other non-medical purposes to circumvent the system by getting an MMJ card, and thus to become legal and free from prosecution.

    Many anti-Proposition 19 campaigners tell us that anyone can get an MMJ card if they want to. The point is, why should people have to lie to do this? Heck no, we want legalization for EVERY cannabis user – without having to lie and circumvent current cannabis law via Proposition 215.

    Proposition 215 will not remain the de-facto law for marijuana use in the USA. Here at Legalise Cannabis International we will campaign for legalization for EVERY cannabis user for ANY reason. It is unjust that one section of the cannabis community is legally covered and the rest of the people continue to be criminalised and many sent to jail.

    In year 2009 alone there were 858,408 people arrested for cannabis offences in the USA – and in our opinion here at LCI, that is 858,408 TOO MANY.


    And as for Peron saying that all users are medical users – well that is just plain-in-the=face bs.

    “We already have legalization,” Peron said. “We just have patients not admitting it.”


    It appears that Peron will say ANYTHING to prevent Proposition 19 from passing. Peron is clutching at straws, terrified that his legacy will be superseded by Prop 19.

    Peron – you are HISTORY.

    Jayelle Farmer
    Founder & Coordinator
    Legalise Cannabis International

    quote credits to Marc Emery at cannabisculture.com, Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director at NORML and “Radical” Russ Belville at NOTRML

  17. Big Tobacco Will Not Take Over Pot in California - Marijuana.com

    [...] Prop 19 does not invalidate, change, or supersede Prop 215 in any way, shape, or form! Please see Prop 19 is the best thing to happen to medical marijuana patients since Prop 215 for the full explanation, but the relevant analysis is this:Anyone who claims that Proposition 19 [...]

  18. vta

    When 19 passes… State Bill ABX6 9 would also benefit Medical Cannabis users and caregivers.

    Looks like were not the only ones hoping for legalization. ABX6 9 is the States answer for Prop 19. The bill was introduced by Assembly Member Tom Ammiano. I am very surprised that we are not seeing a lot of media attention as it furthers Prop 19 and sets the stage for commercialization of the cannabis market. This bill is contingent upon passage of Prop 19.

    The Bill covers just about every aspect such as removing criminal penalties from code, authorizes the ABC to control regulation, sets filing and licenses fees, etc..

    This Bill has a few special treats. For starters, it increases the personal possession limit to 16oz. Yep…we would be able to carry up to a POUND on our person…in public. It also helps to further Medical rights. The Bill explicitly exempts Medical Cannabis from the regulation and taxing scheme.

    Here are a few quotes from the Bill…

    “To further the purposes of the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010″

    “To address the overall failure of marijuana prohibition to protect the public health and safety.”

    “To exclude medical marijuana from the fees and regulations imposed by this act.”

    So, here we have the State admitting the failure of the prohibition of cannabis. I like that! However I like this part the best…”26000. (a) This chapter is an exercise of the police powers of
    the state for the protection of the safety, welfare, health, peace,
    and morals of the people of the state, to eliminate the evils of
    unlicensed and unlawful production, selling, and disposing of
    marijuana, and to promote temperance in the use and consumption of marijuana. It is hereby declared that the subject matter of this
    chapter involves in the highest degree the economic, social, and
    moral well-being and the safety of the state and of all its people.
    All provisions of this chapter shall be liberally construed for the
    accomplishment of these purposes.”

    So here we have the State indicating, by law that Morally, it is OK to smoke cannabis. Everyone should read it and then tell everyone they know.

    The Anti’s are using the “gray” area against us…well with ABX6 9, it’s all Green! All the “what if’s” are in that bill.

    The time is NOW! We are ready, the State is ready…lets get this freedom bringing, job creating law passed!

  19. jack straw

    its a shame that our government spews out missinformation and the sheep will follow. vote yes an help the planet

  20. John

    I know I will NEVER purchase or pick up for that matter any publication or other merchandise with any of those peoples names connected to it. Especially Dragonfly de la Luz. “Professional Stoner” not on my dime! Would love to see advertisers in these publications pull their accounts.

  21. Phil B.

    Those guys are immensely ignorant about how the legal system works in america (with the exception of Louisiana). The one thing that irks me the most about these people are those who read proposition 19 and “interpret the law”.

    Only judges can interpret law. That plain and simple. The evidence those people really need to provide is Common law. Why? Because when it is not governed by legislative statutes, or if there is anything ambiguous about the laws, it is the judge’s duty to clarify the situation. California is a common law nation, not a civil law nation.

    But shifting through tons of court cases is not only mindbogglingly boring, its time consuming. After all, you have to provide evidence solely on California because each and every other state is a sovereign state. Meaning what? That their court decisions are basically worthless in California because it is only persuasive precedent (google it!) and not a binding precedent which means it is still left for the judges in California to decide.

    Those guys take the easy way out and use “philosophy” or their own subjective reasoning to come to a conclusion of a concept that they have zero knowledge about. That type of method of interpreting law is flawed because of what I just said before.

    Therefore it becomes an intellectual stall tactic because judging by the reaction of those people, many of do not understand the basic construction and method of law. This means that not only do we have to pour all of our intellectual power into disproving the entire situation, due to their immensely flawed reasoning and lack of actual evidence, our efforts would become insignificant and worthless once it passes. And, god forbid, it fails, our arguments also become worthless because the argument only works when it’s actually law. They’ll become smug bastards.

    Ah well, enough of my rant. Heres a california supreme court decision.

    “In order for the second law to repeal or supersede the first, the former must constitute a revision of the entire subject, so that the court may say that it was intended to be a substitute for the first. . .Courts will infer the repeal of a statute only when . . . a subsequent act of the legislature clearly is intended to occupy the entire field covered by a prior enactment. The courts are bound, if possible, to maintain the integrity of both statutes if the two may stand together.”

    Oh, if you read the entire case, you’ll see the court cases which they judges cite. But the great thing about google?

    Google the below statement word for word with the quotes.

    “In order for the second law to repeal or supersede the first”


    Ah well. Since its on the intents/purposes section it probably doesn’t matter since they don’t actually have any legal weight correct?


    Under settled canons of statutory construction, in construing a statute we ascertain the Legislature’s intent in order to effectuate the law’s purpose. We must look to the statute’s words and give them “their usual and ordinary meaning.” “The statute’s plain meaning controls the court’s interpretation unless its words are ambiguous.” “If the statutory language permits more than one reasonable interpretation, courts may consider other aids, such as the statute?s purpose, legislative history, and public policy.”


    But I guess since it is a voters initiative we can’t really look into their intent right? After all it has to have at least the same issue.


    In identifying the purposes of an initiative, we examine the initiative as a whole, and are guided by, but not limited to, its general statements of purpose. (Amwest, supra, 11 Cal.4th at p. 1257.) We must give effect to an initiative’s specific language, as well as its major and fundamental purposes. (Id. at pp. 1259, 1260 [identifying initiative’s “major purposes”; argument that initiative had “a narrower scope than would follow from its broad language” rejected “ ‘in view of the particular language’ ” used]; Foundation, supra, 132 Cal.App.4th at p. 1370 [citing initiative’s “fundamental purpose”; amendment must not “violate[] a specific primary mandate” or “do violence to specific provisions” of the initiative].) Although legislative findings “are given great weight” (Amwest, 11 Cal.4th at p. 1252), the issue is not whether the legislation “furthers the public good, but rather whether [it] furthers the purposes of [the initiative]” (id. at p. 1265).


    Ah well. Prop 19 still supersedes prop 215 because I believe it to be so.

  22. Bodie

    Simple minds need simple ideas:

    No on 19 means ~78,000 Californians (disproportionately minorities) will be arrested and incarcerated for the crime of cannabis.

  23. The Bluzguy

    While I can appreciate the importance of such monumental events as Californians’ opportunity ot vote on Proposition 19, I hope those who would warn about “permanent medicalization” remember there is still a group of American patients with no real hope for safe and legal access to medical cannabis in the near (and in some places, the not-so-near) future.

    That group has a name: The Overwhelming Majority.

    I join those across the country, crossing our collective fingers, who enthusiastically support Prop 19.

    I hope to see the initiative pass, and for California to continue to lead the country in sensible marijuana law reform.

    My only concern is that millions of suffering patients are being put on the back burner, their medical needs being denied while there are folks celebrating the freedom to attend to their wants.

    How many times have I heard speakers deny the ONLY purpose for medical marijuana was to serve as a springboard for legalization? How many said “patients should be at the head of the line!”?

    I don’t fault Californians for taking advantage of every bit of law reform available to them. In fact, I salute them!

    But, as the entire nation is gathering its breath to hold until November in California, I hope they don’t forget why the word ‘compassion’ is used so much when referring to medical cannabis. The word’s been used a lot, but its meaning hasn’t changed.

    31 states have passed legislation recognizing the medical value of cannabis.

    In the 14 states with legal medical cannabis, deserving patients are denied medical cannabis because their medical conditions aren’t part of a list. In the more liberal states, simply obtaining authorization by specialist physicians and paying for them and the required fees can simply be too expensive, especially for patients who live on fixed incomes from disability checks.

    I’m just sayin’…

    Celebrate! Rejoice! Several million people finally have the chance to start to undo a 73 year old injustice!

    But please keep in mind, the facts are still true. People are unnecessarily suffering and dying because they don’t have access to a proven medicine.

    Way too many.

  24. John Thomas

    Sorry about missing the “reply” format.

  25. John Thomas

    Yes. You are exactly right. I’ve been fighting the reform battle on the Internet since 1996, and I have NEVER seen what we are facing now – where our biggest problem comes from people supposedly in our own ranks. Well, they’re NOT in our ranks.

    I believe we made one BIG mistake when we passed/implemented Prop 215. We SHOULD have limited the price dispensaries can charge to $50 an ounce. That way, growers and vendors would be fairly compensated for their labor, but they would not be so willing to sell out marijuana reform, and perpetuate the persecution of millions of innocent Americans..

    The OUTRAGEOUS compensation they have been getting is the ONLY thing that fuels their anti-Prop 19 positions. They are making the same profits as the drug dealers in the streets – with none of the risk. They’re riding a golden gravy train that will never happen again. OF COURSE, they will do and say anything to keep raking in the BLOOD MONEY!

    Prop 19 ENDS the persecution of responsible, adult marijuana consumers. THAT is the Holy Grail we have been fighting for for so long. Now that it is within our grasp, we cannot let greedy people derail the movement. Somehow, we have got to close ranks, claim our rightful, hard-earned position as leaders and send a powerful message to all in the cannabis culture that THIS is our moment, and to not be distracted by those greedy people who are conducting a campaign of deception.

    Perhaps we need a high-powered advertising group. I’d certainly be willing to contribute to it. I’m hoping our October surprise will be better than theirs.

    If we somehow don’t win this, we need to take something positive out of it. At the very least, we should remember who these people are that want to keep making criminals out of their precious “customers.” They deserve nothing but contempt, and need to be made known for what they really are.

  26. John Thomas

    We are now at the cusp of the vote on Prop 19. I hate to have to bring this up, but SO MUCH depends on winning now. The whole country, even much of the rest of the world, is depending on us to make this happen.

    If you were part of the powerful interests that will lose their billions of dollars of blood money, what would you do right now? Wouldn’t the most effective thing be to divide the reform movement and take away the support that we thought was the strongest? How would you do that?

    What better way would there be than to buy off some marginal “reformers” to fight against the initiative?

    If this is the most logical course of action for those enriched by prohibition, how in the world are we to assume it’s not happening? The most rational thing is to assume it IS happening, and begin to look VERY closely at all “reformers” who are standing up against Prop 19.

    It’s sad to say, but a traitorous “friend” is much more dangerous than an up-front enemy.

    Et tu, Brute?

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