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Real World Ramifications of Cannabis Legalization and Decriminalization | The NORML Stash Blog

NORML Deputy Director

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10 responses to “Real World Ramifications of Cannabis Legalization and Decriminalization”

  1. Erwin

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  4. 420FREEDOM

    This is a great article, thanks Paul. I would love to distribute this information to help the cause. :)

  5. fester420

    A full page plus some of references (drools) Love it. Makes me cry too as there is no evidence to support prohibition works, yet there is a lot of evidence to support its failure. However, we live in the new dark ages where science and fact is ignored. USA USA!

  6. Montana NORML

    A key part of any regulation scheme is to allow home production — just like home beer and wine makers. So the potency monitoring would not apply to limited home production.

  7. Fidget Truittelli

    Nice report to have handy when talking with people, especially prohibitionist. Nice job Paul.

  8. NegatroN

    This makes a great primer to hand out to people, like friends and family, for their consideration.

  9. NJ Leaper

    I agree with the sentiments Paul has expressed. I would add, from real world experience, that police officers would rather deal with someone high than someone under the influence of alcohol. Drunks range in emotion from crying to your giggling best friend. In addition, I tell my kid (22 years old-some kid) that heroin is dangerous, coke is dangerous, acid is dangerous, ALCOHOL is dangerous, and cannabis is illegal. The point is, that used responsible (set and setting) cannabis use is safer than booze. Legalize now . http://stash.norml.org/wp-includes/images/smilies/norml.gif

  10. cjr.

    i agree with everything said here. but i would not like to see restrictions on potency as in the alcohol model. after all it would mean we have to consume more for the same effect. and consuming more potent weed would not make you out of control like alcohol would, or more suseptable to addiction like alcohol could. and to further comlicate the matter i you grew your own and it ended up exceeding the potentcy limit. theoreticly a person could get tossed into jail for something a person has little control over. it’s not like your running a stil knowing what the potency will be by regulating the temprature. :greenmj: .

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