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Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA) on Industrial Hemp Legalization | The NORML Stash Blog

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3 responses to “Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA) on Industrial Hemp Legalization”

  1. Greg Logan

    Inslee gave a total non-answer because he is a rank prohibitionist – he specifically told me he supports state sponsored terrorism against peaceful human beings because of how they choose to manage their own bodies and minds (he, of course, is a total coward and would never describe his position as it really is).

    Jay Inslee – NOT MY GOVERNOR!

  2. McD

    Yeah, but the thing about hemp is it’s virtually impossible to guarantee a 100% absence of THC. Plants are living organisms and every one is different. Even if you only get one freak plant in a thousand which produces THC for absolutely no apparent reason when 999 of it’s surrounding brothers and sisters don’t, it could be the beginning of a farmer’s crop developing higher levels of THC. You could hardly blame the farmer and lock him away for years on end if nature were to play such a funny little trick on him and bless him with field upon field of medical grade quality cannabis, could you? The DEA knows that and they know that as soon as hemp is legal there will be a sudden abundance of such ‘innocent’ farmers who just happen to be coincidentally suffering from mysterious disappearances of significant quantities of their crops. UFO’s and alien abductions? Perhaps, but the DEA is unlikely to believe it. Why does that farmer drive a Jag, keep a Merc in the garage and give his kids new BMW’s for Christmas and birthdays? That would be OK, but there would be little they could do to prove it and, let’s face it, they’re not doing very well in the drug war right now. The minute they legalise, or even just decriminalise hemp production, they can’t even pretend to have any hope of controlling, or even having the slightest impact on, the cannabis market.

    Even if they somehow managed to regulate and license hemp production to exclusively dickhead farmers who would never dream of making money from the land by giving people what God intended them to have (Doesn’t that somehow contradict the whole reason for being a farmer?) how would you propose stopping people finding a nice little quiet spots in the middle, or around the edges, of farmer Richard Head’s fields where they could take out the industrial quality hemp and replace it with their own varieties? Ten seeds of good, reliable outdoor variety cannabis from a seed bank in Amsterdam will cost you about €20 ($20) and yield up to five kilos (more than ten pounds) of medical grade cannabis. You’re familiar with the expression ‘…needle in a haystack.’? “Oh, tie a yellow ribbon round the young cannabis plant!” And measure your paces carefully. Better yet: tie a string to a nearby tree, take it with you into the field and tie a knot in it when you’ve found your spot. You’d just need to go back late one night/early one morning a little before the farmer’s harvest time to reap the reward of living, or driving to, far out in the country. What are you going to do – put up a fence around all the hemp fields like the one separating Israel from the West Bank? Yeah, right – farmers have got loads of money to spend on stuff like that. Or would you propose the DEA funds it? Do you think determined medical growers wouldn’t find a way around it (It shouldn’t take more than a night or two to dig a little tunnel under a fence.) for the sake of their loved ones’ health (and to save a hell of a lot of money on electricity bills: “Look Ma, no nutes!”)? What would you do with the legions of guerilla growers riding piggyback on hemp farmers’ fields? Put them in prison? You must have mighty big, elastic prisons in America.

    No, hemp can never be legal as long as there’s any pretence of cannabis being a controlled substance.

  3. The Bluzguy

    How can orange and other fruit juices be exempt from laws pertaining to alcohol? There are trace amounts of ethel alcohol in them, yet even the most ardent supporter of prohibition has no problem serving orange juice to even the youngest of toddlers!

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