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Rolling Stone examines Obama’s War on Marijuana | The NORML Stash Blog

I am the producer of The NORML Network, the host of the NORML SHOW LIVE and The NORML Stash Blog, and NORML's Outreach Coordinator. I'm married, live in Portland, Oregon, and I am a registered medical marijuana caregiver in this state. I've worked days as an IT geek and nights as a professional musician. Previously, I have been the host of my own political talk radio show on satellite radio. I've been the High Times "Freedom Fighter of the Month" and I travel across the country to educate people on marijuana reform. I've dedicated my life to bringing an end to adult marijuana prohibition and re-legalizing cannabis hemp, and I'm honored to be chosen by NORML to give voice to the Marijuana Nation and to speak for those who can't speak up.

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4 responses to “Rolling Stone examines Obama’s War on Marijuana”

  1. One Happy Toker

    Smoking since service in Vietnam, 42 years ongoing with no ill effects. Stop the hypocrisy! Free the miracle plant. Free the economy. Free the people. Gimme some truth. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. NOW

  2. naturesAssisstance

    Perhaps your right chad. However they have pills now that have killed or severly injured over 1900 people that have been prescribed these. Man made pharmaceuticals just cannot compete with mother nature. No matter your stance on the subject, it is a valid medicine with virtually no negative side effects to most unlike what we are prescribed now.
    If you live in WV then add NaturesAssisstance to your friends and have a VOICE! ADD US!


  3. bud

    Money talks, weed walks. Let’s say you haven’t smoked weed in a few years and now you have all this cash and fame. We now have a endocannaboid deficent person with power and all the cash he should ever need. Now this could be hard to imagine for most of us but power and greed does nasty shit to people’s minds thus the “new” Obama. I used to think it was a bullet he feared but now I think it’s his own past that scares him the most. If he gets a second term I don’t expect him to change much so we can only hope a new actor in the WH in 2017 will be closer to the hope and change we thought we had in 08.

  4. chad

    Obama is probably being told “just hold off for a little bit more and we’ll have it in pill form. Then this whole issue will disappear and you won’t have to take any political risks on it.” It’s the only explanation I can think of that makes sense.

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