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Support California Assembly Bill 390 (the Marijuana Control, Regulation, and Education Act) | The NORML Stash Blog

I am the producer of The NORML Network, the host of the NORML SHOW LIVE and The NORML Stash Blog, and NORML's Outreach Coordinator. I'm married, live in Portland, Oregon, and I am a registered medical marijuana caregiver in this state. I've worked days as an IT geek and nights as a professional musician. Previously, I have been the host of my own political talk radio show on satellite radio. I've been the High Times "Freedom Fighter of the Month" and I travel across the country to educate people on marijuana reform. I've dedicated my life to bringing an end to adult marijuana prohibition and re-legalizing cannabis hemp, and I'm honored to be chosen by NORML to give voice to the Marijuana Nation and to speak for those who can't speak up.

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87 responses to “Support California Assembly Bill 390 (the Marijuana Control, Regulation, and Education Act)”

  1. Govenda

    you know your shyt .

  2. Ryan

    I highly doubt that you’re as successful as you claim. By they way you make assumptions and hasty claims, I would guess you shovel sh*t for a living. Honesty…. I don’t think you’d ever learned to read a financial statement, much less running your own business.

    What types of honors and awards you’d gotten? The ones you can print out? Maybe the company that gave it to you just want to motivate you so that you can work your ass out for wages below par. Awards and honors are for kids, real awards are called bonus.

    Get it right.

  3. Ryan

    I don’t like this law. It have the same business model as big tobacco and if this law passes, Californians are going to be fcuked. They will market this product to the point where kids with have a very early introduction to weed.

    You are already seeing big business taking over and developing plans to get these products out to market. Soon… they will patent strains preventing others from entering the market. Don’t tell me this is not true, look up Monsanto corporation. They’ve created self-destructive seeds, preventing growers from saving or producing their own seeds.

    This will cause the people to be dependent on big business for their marijuana needs. The process of eliminating small business is simple. It’s the Walmart business model. Make contracts with vendors such as chemicals producers to give large discount and then undercut their competitors by selling their product below market value to the point where all their competitors have to close up shop.

    Pot regulations will be strictly enforced, and any small time growers will have to now buy a personal growers permit and having to pay a yearly fee along with paying the Fire Marshall yearly fee for inspection. The small time growers will also have to pay high insurance cost for operating, due to it being a high “security risk”.

    So here is the cost if this bill “prop 19″ passes: for medium size growers.
    Cost of growing: ———————————————————
    Pay yearly fee for a growing permit.
    Pay yearly fee for Fire Marshall inspection.
    Pay high insurance cost for growing marijuana
    Pay higher rent because the homeowner now wants you pay a premium for growing

    Note: the cost of production such as lights, chemicals, pots, and other materials will most likely cost the same but for you to grow your own and smoke, it will be cheaper for you to just buy it from big business. If you’re a mid-size grower and wanting to make some money…. you will have to pay everything listed and have to pay yearly incorporated tax, sales tax, among many many other taxes.

    Big business model is to first pass the bill and then slowly but surely eliminate mid-size growers by implementing strategic business models along with strict regulations that only big business can afford to pay.

    After eliminating all of their competitors, big business will then start patenting strains and introduce smokers to new chemicals that will get people hooked. Just look to history and you can see it bright as day. Big tobacco did it, now it’s marijuana.

  4. matt

    What is Going to happen is…….
    BILL is passed!
    Everybody starts growing!
    Everyone is happy especially the goverment!
    Growers who get minimum $3200 a pound are going to be getting maybe $500 from a dispensory!
    Growers now sell to the one market that they can get $3200 a pound from…..
    Now more people go to jail for that as the goverment gets even get stricter on laws and raises taxes.
    How many people are going to join NORML and stay with the movement if it gets passed?answer is nobody, this is a great oppurtunity for the goverment to make us not care anymore
    Yes think of all the good that can come about!But what are politicians saying?what are fortune 500 companies saying?
    THINK OF IT ALL!!!!!!!!!

    For the record i smoke pot,dont grow,dont do any drugs,and am a father and a responsible person in society.

  5. charles

    wow, the smart one,what a stupid ass piece of fucking roadkill. you dumb shit, what the fuck are you even doing commenting on this page? ive smoked pot my whole life. i recieved many awards and honors throughout the years, ran successful businesses, etc. what the fuck have you done? qorked an extra shift at hot dog on a stick. people like you deserve nothing more than a beating about the head. i just cant forget your stupidity, i laugh at the simple recolection of your statements. go fuck yourself you mudblood piece of shit. even shit has substance. not you. you remind me of tweekers against pot. fuck you pal. not only are pot heads more creative than you, but tougher too. ill piss down your throat while you call me daddy you piss gurgling societal nigger! i hope your parents are proud. are you related to bush?

  6. Willie SHEN


  7. yes

    I’ve noticed that many of the people who are against this law are against the clause that requires commercial growers to purchase a license. If you’re just growing for yourself then ten plants is more than enough. I am a full time student and I enjoy smoking a bowl after a long day. I am not harming anyone and many other pot smokers would agree that they are pretty responsible with smoking. There is only the stereotype that pot smokers are immature and stupid because they are the ones who get caught doing stupid stuff while under the influence. Those users are only a small percentage of all marijuana smokers, because the rest of us are responsible with marijuana and do not get caught doing irresponsible things.

    Marijuana would help the California economy with bringing in tax revenue and with the state making more money, they will not have to make as many cuts to areas such as education which is crippling our future since many students cannot afford the outrageous hikes on tuition. Also, the state would not have to spend as much money enforcing marijuana laws and paying for prisoners guilty of nonviolent crimes such as marijuana possession.

    Legalizing marijuana would also hurt the Mexican drug cartels income since those without medical marijuana cards would not have to purchase their herb illegally.

    Think about how a change in one law can affect the world in a positive way. Yes on AB 390!

  8. Lauren

    Zeke, you’re right. It died on Jan 31 pursuant to Art. IV, Sec. 10(c) of the state Constitution. I really hope it goes up again as well…

  9. Craig

    Hey Radical, I understand the push to legalize marijuana. I was all for it until I read this bill. Let me give you a little back round on myself. I was 12 years old when I started to smoke weed. I sold it to pay for it. I was high the time that I woke up until I went to bed. I quit when I was 17. I’m 40 now. I’m a general contractor, been in the trades for 22 years. About 3 years ago I came home from work and could barely take my shirt off. I could not raise my arm above my chest. Off to the doctor I go, he can’t find anything wrong me. Gives me a script for pain pills. I hate pills, I take them any way. They don’t do much,I have a hard time sleeping. The pain wakes me. Go see 2 more doctors, same thing pain pills. Give blood, red cross sends me a letter. You need to see a doctor. You have some thing elevated in your liver. Doc says lay off the pills and Tylenol for awhile. I’m telling a friend about all this (6 months ago) and he says smoke a bowl before bed. Says that it works for him. He gives me some. I make a pipe out of foil. Smoke it before I go to bed. 3 hits I was done, slept all night. Got a recommendation, registered with the state and just formed a collective with some friends. Our grow is only about 25 Mature plants at a time. Well under the 100 fed limit. I just run everything legal now. (reason for the collective) I have way to much to lose. Growing good weed is harder than people think. It takes a lot of time and electricity is not cheap. $300-500 a month. So I grow for 3 friends. We split the cost and know what we are smoking.

    So now I will again say what is wrong with bill. I know every one hears legalize and gets excited. What we should be looking for is decriminalization. Not a government intrusion. This is a government intrusion. People think that this bill will mean that they can run down to the liquor store and buy a pack of joints or a bag of weed. Its not. People are under the impression that they will be able to smoke it any where, they won’t. This bill gives us less freedoms, than I enjoy now as a patient. And it will be sold about the same way as it is now. Actually, again with less freedom. I know you will say that it is a start. But laws tend to get more restrictive over time not less. We need to be very careful how this gets done. AB 390 is not the way.

    Excepts from AB390

    25401. (a) The department shall license commercial cultivators of
    marijuana. The fee for the license shall be set at an amount that
    will reasonably cover to costs of assuring compliance with the
    regulations to be issued, but may not exceed five thousand dollars
    ($5,000) for an initial application, or two thousand five hundred
    dollars ($2,500) per year for each annual renewal
    This is the same for wholesalers and retailers. And just the beginning. It will go up from there. When the state starts to hire inspectors and what ever else they need. They always need more money. A winery opened down the street from me 2 years ago. I was talking to the owner and she said that it cost her $50,000.00 to get a label drawn and approved through the state. She has 4 labels. $200,000. They will want to do the same thing to weed. Your going to have to label it and maybe put the THC level on it. That means sending it out to lab for testing. But don’t worry the grower won’t pass the cost on to you. Because he’s a cool stoner too.

    (a) Adequate security to reasonably protect against unauthorized
    access to the marijuana crop at all stages of cultivation,
    harvesting, drying, processing, packing, and delivery to licensed
    sales outlets or wholesalers. Each licensee shall be required to
    provide a detailed crop security plan, along with satisfactory proof
    of the financial ability of the licensee to provide for that
    security. This is for growers, wholesalers,and retailers $$$$$$
    Are we talking fort knox security or Kmart? I think fort knox.

    (e) An inspection and tracking system to reasonably ensure that
    all marijuana produced by the cultivator that is eventually sold is
    assessed pursuant to Part 14.6 (commencing with Section 34001) of
    Division 2 of the Revenue and Taxation Code. More $$$$$$

    (b) It is an infraction to smoke or ingest marijuana in a public

    (c) Each person 21 years of age or older may have in cultivation
    no more than 10 mature plants at any given time.( Mature means in flowering stage. 12/12 lights)
    This means I cannot grow for my friends. Again less freedoms

    Maybe I’m just paranoid, I just don’t trust the clowns that run this state. Everyone thinks that the price will go down, it won’t. I have friends that grow for collectives. 1 charges $3200.00 a pound the other told me today he gets $4000.00. The first guy has just under $30,000.00 into his grow rooms and spends about $2000.00 on electricity a month. Didn’t ask the second. But don’t worry I’m since its legal, they will cut their prices in half. And a $50.00 tax an ounce doesn’t sound bad until you add 9.75% sales tax.Oh yeah, I forgot you live in Oregon and don’t know what sales taxes are. Lucky you. So I think that you can expect to pay $50-60 an 1/8. Instead of the $45.00 that seams to be the average now. I guess we will see who is right next year. This bill will pass in November. And we will not be better off for it. Any ways Radical keep fighting the good fight. But be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

  10. fester420

    Hear Hear to Russ! From an Ohioan. Some peopl in Cali have forgotten true freedom because of this open med law (which don´t get my wrong is awesome and I would love Ohio to have a Prop 215 style law) We need 100% LEGALIZATION in one state to start bring down the iron curtain of prohibition for all the US. I am getting scared about the Nov 2010 Tax Cannabis initive if more Californians think like Craig and don´t see the big picture. Get it legal then change the law through reform but, to continue to send people to jail because you have problems with the amount of the tax is inhumane!!!! People´s lives are being destroyed!!! People >>> moneys

  11. Craig

    I just read this shitty bill. How can NORMAL back this? This is a huge step backwards! Right now I grow for myself and 3 friends. We formed our own collective. All legal as far as the state is concerned. Not the feds. But we are under 100 plants, so no real worry there. The 5k for a growers license is just the beginning. You also need security, a way to track every thing that you do, and who knows what else. You will have to prove that you can pay for all of this. The state will have to hire inspectors for this, so they will have to impose more fees to cover it. Every time the state needs money, they will raise the tax on it. They only want to start with a $50.00 an ounce tax. WTF. Is this before sales tax? If is then we will pay about $90.00 an ounce in taxes.

    Back to the growers….I’m thinking that they will want to see $250k-1 million in your bank to allow people to grow. To prove that you can afford all the bullshit that the state will require. Plus you will have to own the property where you grow. Because no landlord in his right mind is going to risk losing his property and or building to the feds when they raid your 1000+ plant operation. And they will. The feds are not going to sit on their asses and say that its ok. The big growers are the only ones being raided now. You know that there will be plenty of local law enforcement ready to tell them your location. This is only the start of what sucks about this bill.

    One more thing. The state already collects sales tax on it. I have a sales permit for it and am required to charge sales tax to the members of my collective. 9.75%. But this is not good enough for the state. They want $50.00 an ounce to start. This bill is SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Leave it the way that it is. Medicinal. Just go see a doctor and get a recommendation! Its simple no need to complicate things. FUCK it is all ready legal!! Don’t let this shit go through.

  12. Zeke

    While I don’t use marijuana, I really hope this bill goes up again, I heard it died. (didn’t meat deadlines)
    I do want this to be heavily taxed, however.

  13. Zeke

    Those growers you speak of, they’re breaking the law at the moment. Get a real job.

  14. andrew

    $20000 to grow. who told you that. It will cost $5000 to get your license and $2500 every year after that to renew. do your research before you rant like a baboon

  15. Markscastle

    This is the worst piece of shit law I`ve ever seen! It stomps on the rights of growers and will cause the comercilization of marijuana! If this passes I will fight to see it over turned with a fair law that decriminalize marijuana by the vote of the people of the Great State of California! Don`t tread on Me!

  16. Humboldt

    get your 215 and quit worrying

  17. Humboldt

    I smk and I have awards from Congress, CA State Assembly, State Senate, Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, Womens Soroptomist, and colleges. I have a very high GPA and will have 2 bachelors degrees in a year and already have other degrees, I also work with UC Davis with oiled mammal and bird stabilization, all while I design software for educational purposes for children. Yeah I am so lazy, may get an F, haha I am also a single mom!!!
    How many awards etc have you or your friends gotten dude…

  18. Humboldt

    Yep! G Thanks NORML

  19. Humboldt

    Know what your saying…
    The county of Humboldt will be paying most of the costs…Yep!!

  20. punkadunka

    WHAT ABOUT HOW THIS EFFECTS THE SMALL TIME GROWERS???? Every grower will have to come up with $20,000 apprx. Just to get a license to grow. This regulation will screw many, many people out of their livelyhoods… giving the money to BIG commercial growers and causing more problems for CA. Yes it would be nice to see it legalized to stop the jerks from ruining our National Parks, but seriously????

  21. kinghelwig

    we need to legalize it the money for taxes will be great but if you know how to grow it then you really have an advantage it’s alway’s better when it’s free and you grew it it really is a rush.

  22. Alex

    You say that if legalized, most people will just grow it in their backyards. I think you overestimate the gardening skills of the average Californian. The majority of produce is sold in grocery stores even though there would be no reason I couldn’t grow all of my potatoes out back.

  23. Winder

    Bah, Humboldt! What a douchebag.

    You’re forgetting all the jobs this fine herb can create for everyone but your own damn self.

    Your diatribe reeks of self-interest and your inane rambling rhetoric is designed to keep your customers to yourself.

    The whole state, and then the whole world will prosper if California would pass this landmark legislation.

    Keep your stupid whining to yourself, crybaby. :boohoo:

  24. NCwannasmoke

    I’m hopeful that this bill will become law in CA and that will create a domino effect throughout the country. California is usually on the front lines of controversial initiatives, it seems. The proof of this can be seen in the events following CA’s approval of medical marijuana. Now there are (14?) states that have medical marijuana laws, and several more that are considering legislation on the matter.

    Everyone should also be aware of a similar bill submitted on the Federal level by Barney Frank called the Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults Act of 2009 (H.R. 2943). PLEASE support this by writing to your local congressional rep and tell them you want this bill passed. If we don’t keep the pressure on them, it will be too easy for them to let the bill die. We need to show them that approving personal use of marijuana is not political suicide for them. We need to show them the opposite is true, that if they don’t listen to us, we’ll not vote for them. After all, it’s the votes they are after.

  25. not_a_junky

    M.T you have to support something that may do the greater good for our society…the harm is using marijuana cannot shake a stick at the already legal over the counter drugs. ie afrin, sudafed, even motrin has killed more than marijuana. marijuana has potential to alleviate the symptoms of the seriously ill. it can also produce an extreme amount of revenue for a finacially desperate nation. try and think of all the reasons you think the legalization of marijuana is bad and i can tell you that an industry that stands to lose profits has planted this in your brain. think outside the box be a person of truth.

  26. not_a_junky

    marijuana does not get rid of breast cancer. it can however alleviate the pain associated with this horrible sickness.

  27. Mr. Everett Chronic!

    dont be so stupid, weed helps people get rid of breast cancer, so if your a girl, shut up….

  28. Mr. Everett Chronic!

    dont be a nerd! u nerd!

  29. Mr. Everett Chronic!

    just legalize it already!! cuz when i turn 21 im gonna get higher than a bird on peyote!!!!!
    Oh and just one thing, legalize acid too!! :-P

  30. SuperExWife

    I know plenty of people that smoke pot, and are still able to maintain careers. Personally I use it for recreation and ailments. I prefer pot for my ailments instead of the man made drugs our bodies pay for in the long run. I have also had family members who have gone through kemo(sp?) therapy and pot gave them the appetite they lost and put a smile on their faces.

    Please support this bill. :2thumbs:

  31. jesse

    “the smart one” you are dumb man, i bet you that you get shit for grades and you’re sober, kocf_owned, pretty much lit you up, if someone is going to get straight f’s its because they are stupid and dont even try, ive done homework blitzed and goten better grades then when i was sober, i think its all about how ambitious of a normal person you are, i think smoking weed does make u a little lazy and maybe not want to do things, but its mainly the person, anyone could get good grades if they tried hard enough, so please leave this page if your gonna say unintelligent little sentences thinking anyone will agree with you, this page is for people who want this to be passed, not people like you

  32. NC

    no shit its an investment for the government which is billions in debt. alcohol is to. and tabacco. no harm no foul.

    “weed doesn’t MAKE people stupid or lazy. if the person smokes pot and acts like a dumbass it’s probably because he is actually just a dumbass and the weed just made him have fun being himself” :-P

  33. NC

    yeah where are your facts to back up your statement. millions upon millions of people smoke it and maybe even almost a billion have at least tried it. i mean hell even the damn president has smoked it before and the governor of california 8-) its pretty badass i know lol

  34. Queercents » Blog Archive » Oakland Approves Marijuana Tax

    [...] for recreational purposes. Supporters estimate that marijuana legalization would generate more than $1.3 billion in tax revenue for the State of California. The bill was introduced in the state assembly before the government [...]

  35. Cody

    :-D If 56 percent of Cali residents are for legalization, just have a ballot box initiative passed for the next election to legalize!

  36. M.T

    what’s the point.
    i mean seriously i really wanna know what you get form being on pot. what’s so fun about it?
    there are plenty of other ways that you can have fun with out having to do drugs to get that high sensation.

    i just hope that it doesn’t pass. i mean what has our country come to?
    besides it’s just going to turn into an invesment for the government.

  37. sdactivist


    The only way that this bill will be passed is if ALL OF US contact our rep. to vote in favor of the bill. They wont ingnore us if a huge population of their voter base supports it.

    For e-mail and letter templates as well as contact information for your representative go to:


  38. Kocf_owned

    lol only those who are truly ignorant make those those kinds of statements…Marijuana is just like any other Vice.in which restraint and responsibility need be used..AKA if you drink dont drive..and if that kid smoked weed all day and didn’t study the fault doesn’t lie with weed, its the kids fault for being lazy.and not putting his priority’s in order…and or poor parenting..i know hand fulls of people who smoke weed and are either becoming prominent members of society or already are ..so to all the people who’s government spoon fed biased opinion’s that lead you to believe everything negative you hear about marijuana,Open your eyes and shut your mouth for once..and do some research…Change is inevitable.and weather or not your current state of mind or beliefs is ready to handle it is going to happen.and coming to places like this and spouting your old beliefs isn’t going to accomplish more than making you sound like an outdated text book..

  39. The smart one

    Why legalize pot? Someone who did pot got straight Fs in his school

  40. matt

    8-) man you must have lost your head up your ass elyk, there has not been one death from weed go and do some research before you post your “make no sense at all comment” the bill makes more sense than your comment

  41. The Marijuana Control, Regulation, and Education Act - Grasscity.com Forums

    [...] Act Marijuana Control, Regulation, and Education Act – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Support California Assembly Bill 390 (the Marijuana Control, Regulation, and Education Act) | NORML’… Ammiano Bill to Tax and Regulate Marijuana Would Raise Over $1 Billion for State | California [...]

  42. matt

    man i cant wait for this shit to pass so i can smoke without worry

  43. elyk

    the cal. gov is stupid why do you think they banned it in the frist place… weed kills people and you who says “yes they sould legalize” is just bring back death to the state

  44. matt

    i just hopw this bill gets passed

  45. phil

    coyote. what you just wrote is what should be sent to California representatives. we need to convey that pot smokers come from all walks of life. we need to change the common perception that all pot smokers are low lives and social deviants.

  46. alex wray

    Full support, why have our tax dollers go into law enforcement, for a truely victimless crime, when we can instead turn the tables and make some money. In the recession, its timing couldn’t be more prestiege.

  47. daniel

    I think its about time the goverment gets back to doing what the people want this is our country not theirs to do what ever they frickin want to. more than the majority say legalize marijuana. Now they will shuffle this bill around and ignore the people once again. put it on the table pass the bill and that’s it. This should not even be a question of how much money it will generate it’s what the people want…..remember that! :-)

  48. b-dog

    so is this going to be voted on by the people? is it just a bill in senate/house? what happens from here and when?

  49. cross-bred

    Most people over look the other benefits f legalizing marijuana. aside from the fact that we will all be able to go to our local suerrmarket to purchase pot, but the industrial hemp aspect. industrial hemp i an ultra renewable resource that most us us would use on a daily basis. not only would we beable to process the hemp plant for fibers to make clothing and paper but it can also be used t create ethanol or Bio diesel. far more benefitial in this aspect than corn because it is a high oil producing plant and grows with little to no maintenence. there is a company in CA called LS-9 that creates, almost tank pure oil with plant waste water and modified e-coli bacteria. everything on the hemp plpant can be utilized!

  50. Coyote

    Perhaps it’s because I don’t hang out with wastrel, lazy types – my friends tend to be hard-working professionals…

    But over the years, the people I’ve known who smoke marijuana, tend to do it to de-stress from long hours at difficult jobs, where they perform extremely well and are respected.

    The people I have met in my life that fit the stereotype of the lazy stoner with the glazed expression were like that before they started smoking pot.

    Also, and this is anecdotal, but people I knew, who in college, experimented with lots of different substances, almost universally stopped doing anything _except_ marijuana, and often stopped doing even that. I’ve even counseled a few people (I’m a minister) who used marijuana to ease themselves off of addictions to nicotine, caffeine, stimulants, prescription drugs, and alcohol problems.

    It’s not a gateway drug! It’s an exit drug!

    I’m an incredibly addictive person. I’m addicted to coffee, cigarettes, and for a while struggled with alcohol. And it doesn’t take a lot for me to become hard-core addicted to something – I went from zero-to-sixty with my smoking, and went from not drinking at all for decades to drinking every night in maybe a week, after being seduced by a couple of good martinis.

    I’ve tried pot several times in the past, liked it very much, but never feel the urge for it. When people offer it to me, I politely refuse. I don’t think it’s addictive. If I had one of my migraines and someone offered some, I’d probably take it, and risk breaking the law, but that’s because my migraines are so bad that I’d commit suicide if I could move. I just don’t buy the whole “addictive” or “gateway drug” idea. If it happens, it’s never happened where I can witness it, and I have lived in several college towns!

    Sorry, I’d rather have something that can’t kill you, and makes you sit in a comfy chair without bothering anyone be legal, rather than something that makes people’s livers or lungs rot out, and inspires them to crash cars or kill each other.

  51. Coyote

    Okay, I’m laughing at the idea that people will just grow it in their back yard. Not to be mean, either.

    One of the most entertaining things I’ve ever watched, over the years, is people who decide to “save money” by growing their own marijuana.

    Turns out, growing hemp for production is easy. Growing something you would smoke is not. I’ve watched more people kill pot plants, make unsmokabe pot plants, and waste hundreds or thousands of dollars on this process than you could shake a felony at.

    I’ve even heard stories from the cafes in Amsterdam, where they sell marijuana legally, where the business owners decided to grow their own, only to discover it was costly, high-maintenance, and tended to turn out low-quality material.

    Some people are really good at growing things. But most people I know can’t keep a plastic houseplant from wilting.

    I’m sure there will be lots of hobbyist growers at least at first, but most people will likely end up purchasing from experts who make their living growing marijuana and know what they’re doing.

    I’d love to see the money kept local, local industry rewarded, and people able to live with less fear – whether it makes a little or a lot of money, it’s money made, instead of money wasted.

  52. Bree

    AB 390 allows an individual to grow up to 10 plants in the home without obtaining a license. So it enables one to grow their own supply without being taxed.
    Try reading something before you jump to a conclusion on how to vote on it.

  53. steamer san diego

    Well i have 4 degrees and could not have done them without pot for iwas always in cronic pain while going to school.Now i had to retire due to pain at the age of 45 and then the doctors had me wiped out on oxycotin for years and years until i forgot to take it and had a seizure.Well they got me off it to something i could handle and with pot i survive.I can handle the pain from neck back shoulder surgery and not sleeping with the use of marijanna and not all the crap that is so additive you die if you don,t take it . please everyone finnally pass at least for medical if not for money in taxes and bring the price down where there is no reason to smuggle it accross the border no more. Let us ibn high pain or any pain use it instead od codieen morphene and all the normal crap that is additive every time you have a broken bone tooth pulled or can,t sleep. pass the right law now. thanks one and all and normal for all your work. thanks YEA me STEAMER EL CAJON,CA.

  54. foreward

    90% of the time I’d agree with you on this kind of sentiment, but real and innocent people are hurt by not voting for laws like AB 390. You are far more free with the capitalists paws in your pipe than you are behind bars, and I hope you’ve reconsidered your position by now.

  55. Anti-Federalist

    Not to mention all the people who would move to California to escape persecution in other parts of the Union. Maybe then they can finally take those “Come to California” commercials off the boob tube.

    States right & a weak central government keep a nation healthy, wealthy, and wise.

  56. mr.nice

    this is wut people haven been saying for 20 years

  57. swervy

    The one thing that I havent seen much talk of through all my digging for information on this bill is that 90% of all drug arrests are pot related. If we stop putting people in jail for it that right there is going to save our state alot of money above and beyond actual tax revenue. I have long joked with friends and family about being able to go to the store and buy a pack of joints.. and it looks like in a sense that will soon be a reality. I am 100% for AB 390 and believe that if any state in the union would pass this law it is our own beautifal California and I hope that once we do more states will follow and eventually our federal government. There is less harm in a consenting adult consuming marijauna than in that same consenting adult consuming the liqour that could one day lead to liver failure or any number of other medical problems not to mention the imediate threats to ones safety that could be caused by a drunk driver. I remember reading (possibly in high times) a few years back about a study done that showed people under the effects of marijauna are actually safer than drivers under the influance of alcohol. They are more likely to driver slower and be more careful.

  58. Thomas

    I for sure support this act. I’ve been smoking for a bit now, and my life is still on track; I’m a full time student (3.2 GPA), and I work full time.
    What’s wrong with smoking a nice blunt after a long day of studying or working? I’m not harming the community, I’m hanging out with friends and talking about what went on through out the day. I’m responsible when it comes to getting what I need done, and smoking after it.
    During last semester in college, I smoked about everyday, and finished the semester with a 3.1. Why should I be punisehed for smoking? I’m doing my part in the economy.
    This situation is exactly alike the past situation with alcohol. Alcohol was illegal in the mid-1900s, the government then later legalized it, taxed it, and is now making a large amount of money off of it.
    I feel it’s no different and can help the economy out A LOT.
    Also, for those who say pot is bad for..well what about ciggeretts? I see that smoking cigs affect you just as much. Alcohol is horible for your liver, if you drink a lot.
    To legalize marijuana, I feel we must show support with reason.

  59. Humboldt Grower

    This bill is a lie as far as generating revenue is concerned. First, the way they come to the taxable income number of 1.1 bil per year is gross marijuana produced. First, once it is legalized, most of the “gross” production for profit will stop because it will be free to grow in your backyard.

    On top of that, people who are making money growing illegally will be forced out of their business. The problem with that is that most people making any money at all growing are already paying taxes by laundering it through legitimate businesses. Take away their ability to make money, you take away tax revenue that is already being generated.

    Think about it, all of you who make enough money to have a generally decent life out from under the 10 hour a day 40 year work cycle grind: Where is the profit and thus tax revenue when anyone can grow it in their backyard?

    About 2% of people will continue to buy it: Those who cannot get it any other way who need it for true medical reasons, and a very slim %age of those who are “connoisseurs.” Remember a large amount of that “pie in the sky” assumed tax revenue is going to be gone because 99+% of people now buying it with 215 cards in dispensaries are doing so because they don’t want to break the law–not for true medical reasons. That business is going to be gone. Thus, the huge tax revenue of 1.1 billion will not be even 2% of that in reality.

    And also for all you mathematicians out there thinking that 1.1 billion will solve our budget crises, think again. Our debt is 35 BILLION. Taxing marijuana, even if it did generate the 1.1 billion, would take 35 years to pay off–w/o adding in interest on that 35 billion.

    There are legitimate reasons for legalizing pot, but solving CA budget crises isn’t one of them.

  60. Adam Foreman

    Please voice your support for CA AB390!

  61. K

    The civil war was started over states’ rights.The people of the south believed that they had the right to own slaves.A war was fought, Americans against Americans, because of this principle. Now a large percentage of Californians are consuming marijuana, and are tired of being treated like criminals.Marijuana may have some supposed health risks, but is it inhumane? It is the cure for bordom. It makes u laugh, and isn’t laughter the best medicine? Maybe someone doesn’t have a health plan, and can’t afford to get anti-depressents or pain medicine, so instead grit their teeth, wipe a tear, and smoke a joint….. Who stocks your shelves, who makes your burgers, who sells your liquor, who mowes your lawns,… who delivers your pizza, who digs your ditches,who works midnight shifts, through all the yawns,…who blows their money, all up in sm0ke,… could it be your moms? Taxation and legalization of marijuana is the only reasonable thing to do this broken economy. We tax many “legitimate” addictions …money, oil, cigs, commercial goods, and even hot food.

  62. K



  63. iknowmyrights

    I hope this idea spread all cross the country. Bless those who work to make this possible. For they are true crusaders of light! May the shine for all to see!

  64. Mike

    i completely support bill 390, the best idea for economic stimulus we could hope for

  65. Chris

    I support it. Let’s get the revenues out of organized crime’s hands and into the state’s coffers where it’s needed. I am sorry to say this but it if people think substance abuse is ruining our society or they don’t want to send the message that drug use is ok, then why did we ever repeal the prohibition on alcohol? And the those who say young kids are already using, it’s because gangs don’t care where they get the money from. I support D.A.R.E and it kept me not wanting drugs until I became an adult and started making my own decisions that affect my own life. It hurts me to see kids, trying other drugs (fatal drugs) because they want to get high and do silly stuff. Prescriptions, alcohol, whip-its. I even remember kids dying from helium huffing. The worst thing I remember was kids eating moonberries and dying. A legal “weed” has many applications. Will the people speak up?

  66. js

    decriminalize it first. The CA government should grow it or contract growers and charge a license fee for the distributors just like alcohol. If they can make a better and more affordable product(after tax) then more power to them. don’t forget the Free market… local growers will still have a fighting chance to make ends meat through loyal customers.they should be free from any growing licensing fee, as should anyone who want to grow their own personal crop.

  67. Whut

    Maybe I’m just not looking in the right place but I don’t see any way to add my name to this.

    This article says “For your convenience, a pre-written letter will be e-mailed to your state elected officials when you enter your contact information below.”

    Ok, where do I do that?

  68. bruce

    yes indeed, our founding fathers would be turning in their graves.
    “We shall, by and by, want a world of hemp more for our own consumption.”
    - John Adams

  69. kids

    I have a small but possibly very significant suggestion for pro-cannabis action. It’s clear that the prohibitionists will never respect our preference, but some of them may respect our dollars. The Kellogg’s boycott is a good start, but hard to pull off, as some have noted, and it doesn’t quite show off the economic might of the cannabis consumer. Instead, let’s show them how strong we are through a simple but effective stealth campaign:


    You don’t have to spend your money any differently, just put a mark on every bill you get to show you support cannabis law reform. I’ll leave it to the internet hive-mind to come up with the mark. I thought perhaps “C = $” would be simple enough to get attention, while putting a doobie in George Washington’s mouth would pay tribute to his farming practices. I find the leaf is too hard to draw regularly, but if you like that, go for it. In the end, it doesn’t matter so much that we all use the same mark, but that every dollar we use gets marked.

    The beauty of this campaign is that the message gets across while being covert. What, there’s a cannabis leaf on my bills? I got them like that…. they just seem to be showing up these days.

    So I will be hitting the ATM these days, instead of using the card, and I’ll break out the ballpoint pen.

    Let this go viral! Send to every stoner in California!!

  70. colton

    do it

  71. dnL

    Lol. Good one about the Save the Exclamation Points Society, Radical Russ.

    As for A.B. 390, I’d rather it pass and have cannabis legitimized, than uphold the status quo and have the morally irresponsible law enforcement/judicial system “bend [us] over w/no lube and [not] kiss when they are done.”

    Taxes < being treated like a criminal.

  72. Thomas Harris

    You people have got to be kidding supporting this. Just another way for fiscally irresponsible politicians to bend you over w/no lube and no kiss when they are done.

    The founders of this country would be ashamed of anyone supporting AB 360.

    Are we as a “free people” going continue being taxed to death on every aspect of our lives?

    No on AB 360!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. D Munkey

    More people have died from tainted peanut butter crackers (8 to date) than have died from Marijuana use in the thousands of years humankind has been using Cannabis. That’s right folks to date the number of deaths (world wide) directly attributed to Marijuana is still 0!
    More people die from prescription drugs they were prescribed from their Doctors (and I’m not counting those who use scripts for recreation and OD), wanna talk about hypocrisy / irony!
    As hopeful as I am that this Bill will pass, there is no way on this green earth that Pharmicutical, oil, and textile companies and their well paid lobbiests are going to let it happen. Let’s face there’s more cash in misery and injustice (disguised as morality), than there is in freedom and peace. Just ask the Bush administration.

  74. News Affecting California High Schools for 02/24/2009 « California High Schools

    [...] Title: Support California Assembly Bill 390 (the Marijuana Control … [...]

  75. Michael Wandzilak

    I fully support AB 390. There is no proven reason which supports the prohibition of marijuana. I could write a book’s worth of substantiated reasons that marijuana should be regulated to adults over 21 years of age nationwide. I will not vote for anyone who is pro-prohibition.

    Michael D. Wandzilak
    CEO / Wandzilak Web design

  76. Forrest

    There is an error in the final sentence of your sample letter:

    “I urge you to vote ‘yes’ on Assembly Bill 309.”

    This should be:

    “I urge you to vote ‘yes’ on Assembly Bill 390.”

    Keep up the good fight!

  77. RevRayGreen

    waiting for this to HIT HuffPo and the MSM.

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