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The Walking Dead – Even Zombies Can’t Escape 420! | The NORML Stash Blog

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4 responses to “The Walking Dead – Even Zombies Can’t Escape 420!”

  1. David Gordon

    They had it happen again in the latest episode. When Rick is talking to Carol (S04E04) in the house the clock reads 4:20 when Carol stands up. Later it reads 2:20 when it pans back to Rick….

  2. Brian

    Sadly, this isn’t a wink at legalization. Sweetwater 420 is the flagship beer of the Sweetwater Brewing company, and probably the most popular local beer in Atlanta. It’s served everywhere.

  3. Did The Walking Dead Wink at Legalization? | DFW NORML

    [...] Update:Someone over at the NORML Stash Blog pointed out that this is a Sweetwater Brewing Company sign, a popular brewery in Atlanta, Georgia where the Walking Dead takes place. Regardless of where it originated, I’ll welcome as much pro-cannabis advertising as Hollywood will give us. // Previous |   [...]

  4. Shaun McAlister

    Yeah, that sign jumped right out at me the first time I watched that episode. After doing some digging, it looks like a Sweetwater Brewing Company sign, but either way – that’s a 420 message loud and clear on mainstream television.

    I wonder how many other “winks at legalization” Hollywood drops on us that we’re all too stoned to notice.

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