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Tyler Texas man gets 35 years for 4.6 ounces of Marijuana | The NORML Stash Blog

Director of Dallas Fort Worth NORML. Retired & Disabled Veteran many campaigns; potential ASA patient except that I live in "Texas" (non medical state).

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17 responses to “Tyler Texas man gets 35 years for 4.6 ounces of Marijuana”

  1. Jose

    If I was lucky enough to be on the jury, I would most likely say not guilty.

    If there was some evidence he was selling to children I may say guilty with some exceptions.

    If there were 14 year old girls going through their first menstrual cycle, God intended marijuana to be for them. There is nothing worse than the kidney-destroying drugs being pushed through government programs.

  2. cks

    The Judge needs to be put in jail for violating this mans rights. Thirty five years for a 1/4 #, this is insain.
    We let murders out in five to ten, child molesters, 3 to 5. What kind of free living is this, I think Im moving to Amsterdam or Colorado

  3. CKS

    What makes you jump to the conclusion that this consumer is a dealer? This could have been his personal medication for the month. Wake up, try it you just my agree with 59% of Americans, it should be re-legalized.

  4. "Radical" Russ Belville

    If the guy has served his time for previous convictions, what’s your beef? Nobody deserves time in prison for weed, regardless of what they did previously.

  5. Ed

    A drug dealer with a prior criminal history. Hope the jack*** dies in prison. Funny how so many people make this long time loser out to be a victim and skip over his previous convictions.

  6. David

    To LeaOne: If you enjoyed Holland you should try Switzerland. The Swiss smoke it openly at bus stops outside restaurants because unlike Holland where it’s merely tolerated by their ” Do No Harm philosophy” the Swiss have total cannabis legalization and they embrace it. I hope one day soon that California Oregon and Wash.State will be among the free!

  7. Douglas

    Liveing in Corpus Christi tx Im not suprse to here of this. In Corpus there are those ( Ilisten to consevti talk radio ) that will howl and dance at the moon on this one.
    If this is true that a juge give a man only 3 years for touching a child then norml need to spend there money on showing the juge whee he lives and you must under stand. This juge gave a man 3 years for touching a child must must be shown to the puplic that this juge is a very dangers man and has to be stop.

  8. Ryan

    Ease up on the Texans. Plenty of us smoke it up as well (or vap in my case). Yes, a Texan has a vaporizer, and no, I don’t ride a horse. I will, though, admit a very strong desire to migrate to CA or CO. Don’t judge us based on our government or the gaper skiers that flood ski mountains.

  9. j davis

    It’s Texas-what else do you expect. Maybe they will eventually succeed in seceding from the US and the rest of the civilized world. Texas sucks ass!

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  11. Sir Toker (over 50)

    I say string that f’ing asst DA up by his toes naked and torture the fuck out of him…what the fuck is he thinking? 99 years for a quarter pound? I’ll give him a qp right between his moron fucking eyes, he should be shot. His photo should be plastered nation wide so some psycho offs him…I’m smoking right now, come on over and leave in a body bag you ignorant fuck…he’s the same guy that gives a child molester 3 years for touching children…DEATH is waiting for you…

  12. McD

    ‘I was the only one who got to smoke as the husband’s job does drug testing…’
    But there’s no reason why he shouldn’t use cannabis in Amsterdam. In fact, he could use the opportunity as carte blanc to have detectable metabolites in his system for several weeks. If he were to be asked at work he would just say, ‘Of course I sampled the cannabis in Amsterdam. Why on earth wouldn’t I take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to legally do something which I would never otherwise do because of it being illegal elsewhere. How else could I know that the prohibition we enjoy in the land of the free and the home of the brave is such a good thing. I felt it was my patriotic duty as an American to sample the cannabis there to be able to support its prohibition here from a point of view informed by experience.’ In fact, I think he could make a strong case to support the idea that anyone who goes to the Netherlands and leaves without sampling cannabis must be a neurotic, paranoid coward with an unhealthily closed mind and dangerously anal-retentive character.

  13. Bastiat

    Ah, the land of the ‘brave’ and the ‘free’…

  14. LeaOne

    Amsterdam is indeed leaps and bounds ahead of the U.S. We were lucky enough to go there for one week and the overall feeling was one of being relaxed because we knew we could use cannabis freely without being looked at like a criminal. And one week was not enough as far as we were concerned.
    I was the only one who got to smoke as the husband’s job does drug testing, and yes, two weeks after we were back he had to pee in the cup. He sat in the coffee shops with me and the thick smell and smoke in the coffee shops never got into his system, therefore he passed his test.

    If no one has listened to Dean Becker over at Drug Truth Network, http://www.drugtruth.net/cms/ , you may want to wade through his work. He’s in Texas and there have been occasion’s where I’ve gotten to talk to him. He’s super nice and committed to ending prohibition.

  15. flek

    I am so glad to be living in Amsterdam. Fuck the Texans

  16. Brent in kY

    This is outrageous, I’m at a loss, how did a Jury do this, there wasnt one toker on the jury? This is where I dont get it, its one thing to get caught its a whole other deal that out of 12 people or is it 10, that not one could just say NO! We have to fight this everywhere and if its a jury duty then you can impact a fellow tokers life, nonviolent toker, but shouldnt we all be doing that? I dont understand, did they stack the jury? Hes in his 50s and 35 years, thats a life sentence for him, besides if he was using medically it could be a matter of weeks he will live without his meds. Boy this steams me, cuz the same crap goes on here in KY, they bust these older consumers and lock them up for long stays in prison, what do they think is going to happen? How is this making anyone safer? I sure hope while they were detaining this man, there wasnt a molester steeling 5 kids right behind them, GEEZ, so scary the 50yr old toker!

  17. KJones

    This is disgusting for oh so many reasons. It is lack of consistency in laws, prosecution and sentencing that actually perpetrates more disdain for such laws. I was busted in Vega, Texas, while traveling from CA. to NY, with a trunk full of 90 LBS. I was locked up for less than 24 hours, bailed out and was able to leave the state until my court date. The final disposition? 5 years felony probation served in my home state, some fines, probation fees, and they kept my car and pot. WTF are these people thinking?

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