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Virginia Legislature Considers Decriminalizing Marijuana | The NORML Stash Blog

NORML Deputy Director

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20 responses to “Virginia Legislature Considers Decriminalizing Marijuana”

  1. Justin

    Is this a joke? Please don’t allow this kind of crap in our state… Have you not seen how stupid people act? And I mean wayyy more idiotic than alcohol.

  2. Anthony

    I agree 100% with the proposed bills. I can only hope that they consider all of the good that can come from this. It would dramatically help the economy. It would also keep alot of good people out of jail. There are alot of good people in the country that use MJ. We are all now stereotyped as drug heads and dope dealers. We need these laws to pass. I’m so jealous of the west coast states that have passed these laws. C’mon Virginia, do the right thing.

  3. JB

    Does anyone know what ever happend with this bill??? I’m from Richmond VA and would love to see this pass. If it didnt then we can do it next time va!! :-o

  4. Mark Forrester

    Va has been my home since 1965 . I plan to retire here in 17 years . I wish Va would move forward instead of living like an old lady who can’t live in the modern world . If you don’t like marijuan then don’t use it , but don’t force everyone else to do as you do . If there is anything I can do to help move things along then please let me know . Thanks , Mark in sterling .

  5. The Real Chaos

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  6. VA Beach Steve

    I support this bill and welcome the decriminalization of Marijuana in Virginia. I don’t have much faith that this bill will make it here in the commonwealth, but I hope it passes. I’d be willing to pass out literature or help my delegate here in Virginia Beach if anyone can provide a link! Make your voice heard VA!

  7. Eddie

    This would be great. they should allow any to smoke bud if they want to. It has been proven to have no negative affects on the human body. The gov’t would make billions of dollars. THERE will ne NO MORE ressecion and we won’t be in debt any more. Why did they wait soo long and they think they are smarter and better that us no at all. Drinking is proven to be 11 times worse than smoking but yet they have alcohal ligalized. Ciggarets are worse than weed and they have that too. the gov’t does not make sense at all. There is way too much for them to stop it 88 percent of all americans have tried it and 52 percent smoke and there are no deaths it is not bad so what is the problem. There should be no penalty for smoking it maybe just for distribution of people under the age of 18 but there should be no penalty for just smokin

  8. raheel

    if it was under a half hes on first offenders status, no jail time just fines

  9. Kat Davis

    c’mon virginia, let’s do this!

  10. Darek Conaway

    woooooot im up here in west virginia and i think this would be the best news i’ve heard since the whole DC decrim thing….im still not too sure how this stuff works but we need an Oaksterdam here on the east coast? agreed? there are simply too many beneficial medical properties to this plant for it to just be a euro and west coast thing…..
    Herbal Pride Worldwide

  11. alden

    in response to your question about your friend it really depends on how much he had if its under a couple grams he most likely wont even get a fine but most likely hell get a 1 year probation period 50hours of community service and have to take an asap class he will most likely also get the misdemeanor charge but thats really not that major of a thing as long as there are no subsequent charges it will be off his record in 5 years the judge could also put a stipulation on the case in which if your friend gets the sentence i listed above and successfully completes it with no problems the judge may have a stipulation on the case so that he may never see a criminal charge but this is really impossible to say unless the amount he was caught with is known it also really depends on the county and how the judge is feeling that day ive had several friends from various parts of va busted for 2 grams or less and that was the sentence they received and also under current law his license may be suspended for 6 months to a year
    i hope this info was helpful to you!

  12. alden

    hey man bill 1136 not only protects people for cancer and glaucoma but ANYONE a doctor gives a prescription to weed has been available in virginia for glaucoma and cancer for sometime but under current state laws getting the mj after the prescription is almost impossible if you click on the link in my last comment you will notice that cancer and glaucoma have been crossed out as the only 2 medical conditions allowing for a mj Rx but if the new bill is passed it looks as if it basically says if a doctor says you need to smoke weed you can do it

  13. alden

    hey guys va also has a bill to legalize medical marijuana and prescriptions under a doctors discretion it was proposed by the same senator on the same day but this bill has been a little more secretive heres the link to the official virginia legislation page that explains the bill

  14. ocean420

    As for the bill, it first has to travel through the committies and sub commities of the House, then it has to be discussed about on the floor, then finally a vote will be called for. I am not certain of a specific date, because almost nothing in government is expected by any certain date, but lets hope for sooner rather than later. As to the friend, since he was arrested under these current laws, and I am assuming he lives in Virginia, I would advise him to consult an appropiate lawyer that is knowledgable about the Virginian laws and specializes in these types of cases.

  15. Rachel Lipscomb

    How long do you think it would take the bill to pass? My friend recently got busted and he has a court date next month, is it a certainity that he will go to jail for 30 days? Or since he’s only recently 18 and this is a first offense, do you think he could get off easier? I’m really unsure about the process, but I’m worried about him.

  16. Phil jackson

    Legalizing weed would be the best thing that happen to virginia,I mean think about it if you don’t like smok’in weed you gotta like the way it smell. besides the police should’nt have to worry about a person smok’in weed they have more important things to worry about like people out killin other people and things like that so to my state representation I as that you support the passing of bill 1134 not just for me but for all weed smokers in the state of virginia…..blaze it up

  17. blazo

    please guys lets make this happen we have to tell everybody and get them to call ther reps, friends, family everybody . . .we need to get this passed

  18. ocean420

    This might just be the spark that lights the fire to end Marijuana Prohibition across the entire United States. My opinion may be biased, since i just so happen to be from this state. I do agree with dave’s statement.

  19. dave

    I was checking out HB 1134 and followed up on the sponsor, Harvey B. Morgan (R), and noticed HB 1136, a bill that protects cancer and glaucoma cannabis patients from prosecution if they have a prescription from a doctor. The decriminalization bill seems to be well thought out with detailed exceptions such as, “If such person proves that he gave, distributed or possessed with intent to give or distribute marijuana only as an accommodation to another individual and not with intent to profit thereby from any consideration received or expected nor to induce the recipient or intended recipient of the marijuana to use or become addicted to or dependent upon such marijuana, he shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.” Very exciting to see a republican offering some thoughtful legislation, I hope his party supports his bold actions and heads his common sense call.

  20. fishcreekbob

    Go Va Go

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