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Virtual Bowl: The first time I smoked pot… | The NORML Stash Blog

I am the producer of The NORML Network, the host of the NORML SHOW LIVE and The NORML Stash Blog, and NORML's Outreach Coordinator. I'm married, live in Portland, Oregon, and I am a registered medical marijuana caregiver in this state. I've worked days as an IT geek and nights as a professional musician. Previously, I have been the host of my own political talk radio show on satellite radio. I've been the High Times "Freedom Fighter of the Month" and I travel across the country to educate people on marijuana reform. I've dedicated my life to bringing an end to adult marijuana prohibition and re-legalizing cannabis hemp, and I'm honored to be chosen by NORML to give voice to the Marijuana Nation and to speak for those who can't speak up.

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45 responses to “Virtual Bowl: The first time I smoked pot…”

  1. craig hancock

    Must have been about 14 and was with some friends hangin out with the “older burnout kids.” i remember we were in the wawa parking lot and the guy driving us around saw one of his friends. he quickly ran over to greet him and returned to the car just as fast. when he got back to the car he turned to us in the back seat and said “want to get baked?, as the 1/4 oz of weed rolled down from his fingers showing it to us. i could instantly smell it through the bag and got really excited because i wanted to try weed………BAD!we got back to dudes house and raced up to his room and shut the door. he rolled one quick as you could blink and was passing it to me just as fast. i feel like i took the most cliched goofy first time toke you could ever take. i know i was holding it weird and sucked a hit like it was a tiny roach. i just i remember immediately coughing my ass off. my friend i was with was being kind of straight edge so he kept refusing when it was passed to him. I remember i kept thinkin ok, whats supposed to happen? i didnt want to seem uncool so i think i was acting like i was feeling it. after we smoked dude said you guys ready to go? we said yeah but i was kind of bummed cause i was like damnit, i’m not feeling anything. we drove home and i came into my house and went to my room and layed down. at the time i was completely infatuated with pink floyd wish you were here. alls i remember is putting side 2 on with the crazy wind noises before shine on you crazy diamond and all at once it hit me like a ton of bricks. it was like my bed was a ship flying in the stratosphere. i saw visions of geometric patterns and paisley swirling all through my head. IT WAS FUCKING WONDERFUL! I had completely fallen in love with the cannabis sativa plant. i had never felt so amazing and i fully knew this was going to be something i did as much as i possibly could!

  2. Missippi Hippy

    My first trip was double barrel orange sunshine.

  3. Missippi Hippy

    Two Cherries in One Day

    Back in the day… I believe ‘71.
    My girl showed me how to have much more fun
    She said, sneak outta class today a bit before time.
    And I’ll show you something that’ll blow your mind.

    Well that same afternoon I took off early from school
    And met up with my girl, ‘cause I ain’t no fool.
    We met in the parking lot at the door of my car.
    And drove off campus to that park behind the bar.

    Well, now she had some reefer… asked me to give it a try.
    I took a few puffs….. And, Man I was High.
    Then she looked at me… and said, “Boy, I ain’t through.
    She said, “I have more to give you.”

    Well, on that day, I swear I don’t lie.
    I lost two cherries on my first day high.
    Now I stoke and toke the weed nearly every day.
    It’s a better way to spend my time…whenever I play.

  4. J.W.

    Couldn’t tell you an awful lot about the first time I smoked. I’m pretty sure it was sometime after I ate that double barrel orange sunshine in August of 1969. After that it just seemed that I had ALWAYS smoked.

  5. Roy

    First time That I smoked I believe i was about 13 or 14, I was over at a girlfriends house and she decided to “Have More Fun” we should smoke her parents Stash, So we went to her parents room and she took the stash, I fashioned a Apple into a pipe (I was taught how to do this by my older sisters friends when i was about 9) And we proceded to Smoke. I remeber not feeling anything really but since I was 13 and with a girl i played it up like i was, I’ll never forget that night. I’ve been smoking strong ever since, Actually as im writing this im smoking my friends new bong. good Stuff. Smoke hard, play safe. :-)


  6. Anthony

    The first time I ever smoked was out of a bong, a small purple one. My long time friends asked me if I wanted to try weed one random friday. I never really had a chance to smoke before but after the first few hits I didn’t feel anything at all. I honestly thought it wasn’t working. I had heard that when you smoked for the first time it wouldn’t hit you so I vowed to smoke at least once more after that.

    When we were done, I got up from the bench we were smoking at and I noticed the colours around me, they were more vibrant then anything I had seen before. The green of the grass and the blue of the sky were amplified. I wasn’t tripping at the time and those were the only real effects the weed had on me. The second time got me really ripped with the full effects of pot, but this isn’t about the second time now is it? :-D

  7. 4:20 mang

    well the 1st time i got high i was 16 and in school
    it was some wack stress but it got me high enough to notice lol =) :-|

  8. MoeBelly

    It was February 1974, I was 14 yos. I had attended a basketball game with my next door neighbor who was in HIGH school. A friend of his gave us a ride home.
    I still remember the brightness of the moon and the chill in the air. We stopped on a lonely stretch of road and his friend asked if we wanted to cop a “buzz” When it was passed to me , I hit it!!! At that moment I knew everything they had told us about pot was a lie.By 16 I was copping $15 oz’s of Mexican. Then came the paraquat scare ad higher priced Columbian $30.00 an oz. strange when Reagan came into office the Columbian dried up and was replaced by $100 an oz Sinse. So not to bore anyone any longer I have been smoking for 35 yrs and no I’m not hooked. I continue to occasionally enjoy the relaxing effects of reefer.

  9. Brian Kerr

    First time:

    15 years old.

    Black Hash

    Knife tokes.

    Got really nice and buzzed.

    46 years old now and still like it.

  10. GeezerToo

    Nixon was President, I was working in the Pentagon, and my uniformed coworkers got me to try it. The first two times nothing happened, but the third was a charm.

    Sitting on the floor, I suddenly noticed that the rug was a long way down and my head was floating like a face on Mount Rushmore.

    Stoned! Just the start of decades of enjoyment.

  11. Jon

    The first time i smoked weed was when i was 15. I got a small sack of shake from a friend at school. I made a pipe out of a soda can and smoked it up. I thought I must have been doing it wrong because I didn’t get high, but looking back, i did it pretty well for a first timer. I guess a lot of people don’t get high their first time, myself included. Needless to say, I was unimpressed and didn’t smoke again until I was 18, three years later. I got blazed! I remember this time I felt I was way too high! I hit a friend’s bong after drinking some beers, and, not wanting to look like an amateur, i hit it hard, many times. I ended up puking (more from the beer than the weed I’m sure). But I am still alive and smoking today, loving every hit!

  12. Harold Nicol

    First time was way back in August of 1970…just turned 21. A friend had brought back some Vietnamese cannabis. I had a couple of hits from a pipe and it was love at first high. I loved the space and time distortions and the unusual way it helped me focus on language and music. The only negative was a bit of paranoia when my friends and I went to a county fair and I thought they were saying I was way too high. But, not a big deal and the cottonmouth thirsties sure made that iced lemonade a winner.

  13. Tom Bemky

    The first time I smoked pot someone in school I knew, freshman year, asked me if I wanted a nick because he didnt want it. W/e I was like sure!. I bought it. Went home rolled a joint with tissue paper. Didnt smoke right. I smoked by myself though. Then the next time I smoked I got really really high. I became very aware of the fat hanging off of my abs . and I laughed so hard.

  14. Sarah

    The first time I ever smoked was when I was 14. I was in Texas visiting my friend. He lived in a small town where everybody smoked (still do). He was already a stoner, but I didn’t know anything about weed. I just knew of the ridiculous government propaganda of fried eggs and running over little girls in mcDonald’s drive thrus (remember that one?).. Well, we were going to a party that night and were stressing all day about getting alcohol.. We managed to find a few beers in the fridge but we knew the party was gonna suck. We had his cousin take us to the party and on the way we stopped at a gas station. A guy that my friend knew walked up to the car with a blunt in his hand.. My friend’s cousin rolled down the window and they started talkin. He asked him if he wanted a hit and he said “nah man I’m drivin”. So he passed it to my friend who was in the passenger seat. I looked at it not really knowing what to think. Then he looked at me and said “Your friend? Does she wanna hit it?” I probably looked like a deer in headlights, as soon as I took it I knew exactly what to do. I only took about 4 hits but felt better than I ever had. I rode quietly in the backseat the whole way there, looking out the window, amazed by everything we passed by. Well the party was lame but would have been a whole lot worse without that blunt! After I left Texas, I smoked a few times but wasn’t really into it. My ex boyfriend was always smoking and by that time I couldn’t stand him and didn’t want anything to do with him or his weed. Since he was really the only person I knew at the time with access to it, I just avoided it. When I was 16, my sister told me that she smoked and she reintroduced me to it. It has been an important part of my life since then..
    It just goes to show, if you’re smoking with the right people, it makes it better. Even though sometimes you just gotta suck it up and take a hit even if you can’t stand the person who just passed it to you!

  15. Chris

    I was a senior in high school. I managed to “just say no” up until that point. You see, I grew up in the era of Ronald and Nancy Regan. They told me someday someone would offer me drugs saying “Everyone is doing it”

    As much as I enjoyed somking that first joint and sitting around laughing endlessly with my friends, the thing I remember the most is finding out how many people actually were “doing it”

    It was like okay, he is cool now, we can let him in on the secret. I soon found out “everyone is doing it”. In a way I felt betrayed, knaive, I was left behind. My friends had been using for years now. The more I smoked the more people I learned were cannabis consumers.

    My Aunt?? My Uncle?? My brother?? My parents?? Are you friggin kiddin me? My religous aunt and uncle?? huh? no way. My teacher?? my best friends grandma??

    I did learn a valuable lesson from my government in those early days: don’t believe everything you hear. I haven’t trusted my government since.

  16. D Munkey

    … nothing happened, at all! But it was also some nasty dirty bottom of a veeeeery old bag, and we smoked outta tinfoil bowl. Yep nothing, but a bad taste and some burnt lungs…lol.

    Now the second time, I got to smoke (what I would later in life come to call), a HOGLEG! between myself and 2 of my best buds. After what felt like an hour long laugh fest, I went to go sit on some swings. I didn’t think I was moving until I looked down and noticed 2, 3 inch deep skid marks in the sand where my feet had been apperantly dragging back and fourth. And then a thought entered my head, but I think David (from youtube’s “David after the dentist”)said it best,”Is this going to last forever?!”

  17. itistime

    These are great.

    The first time I smoked weed I was 14, 1994. My friend called me over after school, I told him I was gonna eat some BBQ, he said, “You’ll eat a lot more if you come over here!” I don’t know why that was enticing but something in his voice. So I got there and he had some weed, but we didn’t know what to do with it. We eventually rolled it in ripped out Bible pages. I don’t really remember the actual smoking, but I know we weren’t high. At the time though we were walking around the house talking about how high we were and how red our eyes were, even though we weren’t and obviously they weren’t! lol

    The first time I actually got high was about a month later. We got more weed and this time we were gonna make a bong. Never mind the fact that we really didn’t even understand how a bong worked! In the end we made a gatorade bottle into a pipe with water at the bottom. The bowl was in the mouth of the bottle (covered by foil with holes poked thru), we cut a hole in the body and connected a tube for the pipe stem. It worked, but the smoke never even mixed with the water and bubbled. It was more like a pipe, with water at the bottom. lol We ended up getting really high and decided to go see some girls we knew. As we were driving (I turned 15 and got my license about a week before), my friends kept telling me to slow down, even though I was going 45 in a 55. Then they started saying the car behind was flashing his lights at us. “It’s a cop!” “We’re screwed!!!”, even though we had nothing on us. So I was really freaked out and pulled over. The car was actually a van, not even a cop, and it just drove on by, completely unaware of the fear they had just inspired.
    My friend just said “I could have sworn it was a cop!”

  18. RW

    I was in the 7th grade when I first smoked pot. At lunchtime we would run down a trial through the boonies to a small clearing and smoke a couple cigaretts. One of the guys would bring a joint for lunch every now and then and we would smoke that too. That summer I got some seeds and have been a regular smoker ever since. Even managed to get high 3 times in boot camp thanks to flattened joints that made it through the mail. Carter was president back then.

  19. iondrive

    Must have been 1967 or 1968. My neighbor’s brother was in the Army and in Vietnam. He sent home a cassette recorder with his voice recording “letter to home”. After the family listened to the tape a note to my friend said to open the recorder and extract the bag hidden inside. Of course we had to try out this mysterious sticky bud tied stick in the old corn cob pipe. I was lifted up and beyond any troubles and concerns. I have yet to find anything that comes close to that experience. Well maybe that black temple hash at the Santana concert was close.

  20. tr0nd!sc

    ….the first time was after I turned 21 years old and I am glad I waited. Nothing happened however…

    …the second time was from a gravity bong & I was couch crawling off only one toke…

    Exercise caution & be safe…only smoke J’s.

  21. BigDoug

    The first time I smoked pot

    I was 14, One of my friends mentioned he was smoking some Marijuana, I tolled him it was illegal, He said it made you feel like popeye,
    Well for some reason that won me over, I asked my mom if I could get 10 bucks so I could try Marijuana,Yes I asked my mom, she asked why and eventually gave in, That night we got our pot and smoked threw a bong, I remember getting pushed over a fence several times and laughing my a** off, playing some jump 21 and having my friend come over and decide he would mess with me
    told me my dad wanted to see me and that he knew what was up, so I went on inside were my moms laughs at me, I went up stairs and bravley went up to my dad and said….whats up,… he continued to ask me for a computer disk he was looking for, In my stoned stupir I realized my friend just set me up, Anyway he was none the whiser, ended up having a good night and 25 yrs later quit for a year and as of my birthday last thursday, I am once again a fellow toker.

  22. DocMedPot

    Ah yes memories, and yes I am proud to be a stoner and CAN remember shit unlike we are portrayed in the media. I was 13 and my good friend at the time had scored two joints from his older sister.
    We went to our favourite overlook of the town in a small graveyard where there was a granite bench in a large family gravesite. We fired up the first one and after some trial and error and lung busting coughing sessions I caught my first taste of the wicked weed of the west.
    It was a great experience for me at that time and age and I truly enjoyed the first time buzz laughing and enjoying the fine view as dusk turned to night and watched as the lights crept across the city.
    I happily used cannabis as my choice through my HS and College years before I hung it up for years not really needing it. But after my accident my old friend cannabis came back to save my life and get me to help others do the same.

  23. Carpe Cannabis

    The first time I smoked pot…I was 17 and working at a pizza place in Mesquite, TX. 4/20/07 was coming up and I decided to walk up to one of my co-workers and ask if he knew where I could get some. He seemed shocked that I approached him, but not because he didn’t smoke, because he didn’t think I did. I went by his house on 4/20 and picked it up. I think I only bought a dime. I was with my girlfriend at my house and since neither of us had smoked, we had no clue how to smoke it. We tried rolling it up in a piece of paper, but we didn’t get anything off of it. I put it away and my mom ended up finding that bag after smelling it in the kitchen.
    The first time i got high was the second time I smoked. It was out of a bong with some of the other waiters at the restaurant I had began working with. It led to a very interesting night with my girlfriend and a couple other girls, so I always tell people that this was my first time.

  24. Adam

    That on base thing is no more (officialy)

    When your in another country you follow their law. So, I spent 9 months on a ship, traveled all around the pacific drinking with younger dudes….
    We get home and at the return party those same young guys are writen up for underage drinking…

  25. dL

    The first time I smoked pot was in summer of 2000 (and yes, “Radical” Russ, I was 21 at that time). I had been working as a bartender and foodserver for a popular big chain steakhouse in the SF Bay Area, a very stressful and thankless low-paying job. One evening, while I was closing down the bar, a cute cocktail waitresses that I used to flirt around w/ tells me her parents are out of town and seductively asks me if I’d be willing to give her a ride home. Thinking I was probably going to score w/ her, I nonchalantly tell her yes.

    On the way out of the restaurant, we got stopped by one of her girlfriends (one of the few female co-workers at that place who I did not find attractive, whatsoever). She tells us that she’s having relationship problems and doesn’t feel like going home just yet. Being such a good friend, or not really knowing how to politely tell her friend she already had plans, she invites this girlfriend to tag along w/ us for a little while. That is, if it was okay w/ me. I convince myself that it’d only be for short period of time, and I’d probably win some brownie points w/ this cocktail waitress for being so “cool” towards her friend. It would be a small price to pay but the end result would be that I’d hopefully score w/ the cocktail waitress. I naively conceded.

    After a little bit of barhopping, we all end up at the cocktail waitress’s parentless home. The friend spent the whole time complaining about her boyfriend (while cock-blocking me in the process), so in an attempt to help her forget about her relationship problems, the cocktail waitress pulls out a bag of bud and offers to smoke her out.

    They pack a pipe like a salad bowl and go to town on it. Time and time again, they kept offering me a hit when it came to my turn in the rotation, to which I’d try and politely decline. But after awhile, the pressure had gotten to me, I gave up and smoked a few bowls (I’d later learn that they weren’t trying to pressure me into smoking but was just conducting proper weed etiquette).

    Some people claim that they never got stoned their first time smoking pot. I, however, instantly knew that I was super-baked when I realized that I was reading the newspaper and was laughing at two of the unfunniest comic-strips ever concieved: “Garfield” and “The Family Circus”. I looked at my watch, which was showing 5:30am, and came to terms that I probably wasn’t going to score w/ the cocktail waitress since both of the women were passed out on the couch. I quietly left and drove myself home to sleep in a proper bed; disappointed in how the night turned out but not really upset about being cock-blocked. “If this is how I am when I’m blazed, then pot’s not really that bad”, I thought to myself.

    At the time, I was a heavy drinker and I’d enjoy an occasional cigar or two but nothing compared to how relaxing it was getting high on some bud, especially if you had something to do the next day. I woke up on my own, went to work, and didn’t feel like crap like I did when I drank.

    The cocktail waitress later called me to apologize about the night before but it didn’t matter to me. I found a new love, Mary Jane.

  26. MrSpof

    Nope, 14 for me. Oddly enough, I answered “21″ to what age I think it should be legal. Sorta of hypocritical of me; I think if you’re old enough to vote and die for this country, the least we can do is booze you up. OTOH, since the current age for booze is 21 (unless you’re on base I hear), I thought the powers that be would feel better about having it the same.

  27. Adam

    You probably learnd something drinking…
    I don’t drink any more but I Had a lot of fun doing it…I never really pushed it(much)

  28. Kaylea

    The first time I ever smoked pot was in 1969. I was married to a jerk and I ended up crying every time after smoking a joint.
    The second time I ever smoked pot was in 1971, after the divorce. I was 21. I could vote, drink, and learned to smoke pot. Some friends and I went to my parents cabin in Cloudcroft, NM. We kept rolling and smoking for the entire weekend. One of the best times I ever had, after that I started looking for my own supply. I have been smoking ever since. Even a heart attack didn’t stop me. I have been smoking pot daily for over 37 years.

  29. Adam

    Seems like most of us smoked for the first time at around 13-16yo

    But, many stoped after that early puff

    I was too young to to understand “high”

  30. subherbpat

    I was thirteen, and a couple of my friends and I had decided to buy some bud from a senior in high school.

    after we got it, my friend was so worried about his parents catching us that he insisted that we waited until dark so that we could sneak out of the house, leave the gated community that he lived in, and walk over to a field that must have been over a mile away.

    when we finally got there i whipped out the bowl that i had borrowed from my older sister, sloppily packed it up and we started smoking. I remember that halfway through the dime bag that we had bought we realized how to use the shotgun and actually started getting some legit hits.

    once we were done none of us thought that we felt anything, so we started walking up the road back to my friends house.

    once we got back into the neighborhood my friend asked us in a terrified voice if we saw someone running up the street after us. we looked back and i remember clearly that the only thing i saw was a swan landing in the road, which were often there because of the nearby lake. Before i could voice this sentiment however, my other stoned companion yelled out, “Oh shit!” and they both took off down the street.

    While i had not seen a man, I assumed that i was being the stereotypical “dumb stoner” for seeing a swan instead of a person, and i started running as well to catch up to my more athletic friends who were already halfway down the street.

    after turning a corner we all ran into a random yard and hid under a large tree to see if we could lose our mysterious assailant. we waited and waited, but no one ever showed up.

    after waiting as long as i was willing too i asked my friends exactly what they had seen. The one that had originally seen the alleged man told me that he had seen a man dressed in all white running towards us. my other friend said that while he had not seen the man himself, he did see something white moving towards us. after sharing my swan theory with the two, as well as stating that and I didn’t think that i had ever seen anyone dressed in all white outside of a wedding, they both agreed that it was likely that i was right and we continued the walk back to the house.

    we stumbled back into my friends house late that night and fell asleep quickly. when we woke up sober the next morning i asked my friends how sure they were that they had seen someone and their answers were not at all convincing.

    after that experience i started smoking when the opportunity came up, but rarely more then a couple times a month, and i never bought more then a dime or nickel bag for myself. i also pretty much exclusively smoked shwag just because i didn’t know any better.

    once i got to high school however, much better bud was much easier to get, and my friends and i started to become regular smokers. two of us now smoke daily, or as close to daily as we can get. the other one was forced to switched schools and fell out of contact with us.

    I am in my first year of college now, and while i am only still friends with one of the two guys that i smoked with for the first time the two of us still smoke together often and laugh about that first time we got together to spark a bowl.

  31. Adam

    I was born in ’79:)

    Hey my mom smoked through the 9 months, does that count?

  32. MrSpof

    Alright but this has to be a double entry for me. You’ll see …

    The first time I smoked pot it was 1978; I was 14 and still living at home. It was a bowl with three friends. I’m not sure whether it just sucked or I didn’t smoke enough but I didn’t get high so I didn’t try it again …

    … until the second time I tried pot when I was 16. I was now a ward of the court of my state of residence (living in group homes). I was in a short term home but was spending a weekend at a long term house to see if I fit in with the residents and if I liked the place before moving in. It was Friday night and all the guys were in the senior resident’s bedroom drinking beers they had hidden in a beanbag. The senior guy sparked up a bowl and we passed it around. The stuff in that bowl damn sure worked because I was quickly high as a kite and all giggly and smiley. It was around 8PM and the daytime adult counselor had left and the substitute counselor had arrived. I was standing near the bedroom door with my back to it.

    I suddenly felt a hand clap down on my shoulder. I had a beer in one hand and the smoking bowl in the other. A couple of the guys in the bedroom started laughing. I turned around to see a Catholic priest (black jacket, white collar and everything) standing there with a smile on his face. My own face was white as a sheet and my jaw was dribbling against my knees.

    The priest smiled at me and said, “I’m Father xxx, the weekend sub. Welcome to xxx House, it looks like you’ll fit in just fine here.”

    That was my start to smoking weed. It’s gotten stranger and better ever since.

  33. RevRayGreen

    this was 1979…

  34. Adam

    I never smoked any hash until last year…
    I love hash, It is much more satisfying.

    Still not a lot around…

  35. RevRayGreen

    HASH !!!!! someone has been smokeing HAAASSEEESSHH !!!
    is what I remember his moms saying :)

  36. RevRayGreen

    ahh….what a trip down memory lane, it was over Christmas break, 8th grade.Having downed quarts if beers many a time before, I’d yet to try pot. I’d bought into the propaganda, then after deciding to finally smoke some it was at an Iranian kids house whose dad, a doctor, came to the States when the Shaw went exile to France and Ayotolla the assaholla took over, the hostage crisis. Man my friend Armin took a lot of shit. Back to the story we smoke a couple salad bowls while Armin’s parents were gone. Buzzkill, his parents came home shortly after and his mom could smell it in the air. All of us in attendance had to confess to our parents about it, never got in too much trouble due to my older brothers doing the same thing.

  37. Adam

    BTW I only smoked weed until 2004 then I discovered real MARIJUANA…I moved from NC to WA

  38. Adam

    I was 13, I was with my friend from birth and a dude from his street… Our parents all smoked so it was easy to get, I know this sounds bad.
    We grew up with weed, by 13 I knew it wouldn’t kill me.

    We made a pipe out of brass pipe fittings…Gross
    Well we loaded the bowl and hit it. I burnned the hell out of my throat!!! I don’t even remember being high.
    I do remember hiding the fact that my throat hurt for a week.

    I had plenty of opertunity but, I didn’t smoke again for 2 years…12th grade started smokin steady, 1996-99/5yrs in Navy-smoked about twice a year…/2004-death smokin agian…

  39. ZombieFetus

    The first time I smoked pot…

    I got so high I thought I was a bird. Then this girl’s brother came home and tried fighting my ride.

    I freaked out.

  40. red420

    I was 17 and worked at a store in the mall. A guy I worked with and I took a break and went to his car in the parking lot. He packed a small bowl and we hit it and listened to some Pink Floyd. When we went back inside I was baked and happy, but pretty paranoid being around all those people while I was high. We go back to work and we’re behind the counter when this old guy walks buy and looks over and flips his dentures around in his mouth. I nearly died laughing and will never forget the experience.

  41. Travis773

    The first time I smoked pot I was 24. I had just finished off a massive ‘chipotle’ burrito. I was two weeks away from quitting my construction job to move on to better things. My co-worker (who was in his 40′s,) knew that I was interested in trying cannabis, offered me a bowl. No pressure.

    I had been interested especially in the medicinal uses of cannabis ever since I learned that my father, who died of cancer, could have died in peace instead of in suffering. I was 9 years old and was afraid of even looking at the emaciated body of my father. He couldn’t eat because of the chemotherapy. He lost almost 100 of his 215 pounds. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t speak. He didn’t look like my father. I was afraid.

    If he could have used cannabis, I wonder how differently his last days would have been. If he could have stomached his food. If he could have lived his final days without the pain and discomfort from his slow asphyxiation. Would I have been less afraid of opening the door to my parent’s room while he slowly wasted away for the last month of his life? If only he could have used marijuana to keep his strength. How many more months would he have lived? If he could have maintained his appetite and weight, to keep a normal appearance. Would I have been brave enough to at least say “goodbye?”

    Who knows. It would have been nice to try…

    I was also interested in seeing what cannabis would do for the migraines, stomach pains and nausea from Leaky gut syndrome that I had experienced for almost ten years. And the severed depression and anxiety that I was diagnosed with that sent me to a state hospital for two weeks on suicide watch just a year before.

    The first time I smoked pot my headache, my aches, my pains, my nausea all melted away. My anxiety vanished and for the first time in ten years I felt alive, happy, optimistic, unworried and at peace.

    The second and last time I smoked pot was a two months later at Seattle Hempfest 2008.

    I’ve tried to get a medical recommendation through the Washington medical marijuana program but was told that since I choose to see a Naturopathic Doctor instead of an MD I don’t qualify.

    I hope to move to California by the end of ’09.

    Life is too short to waste time not using and enjoying the benefits of this plant.

  42. slash5city

    The first time I smoked pot…
    I was thirteen
    I also got drunk for the first time that day.
    We went to my ‘friends’ house. They had a barn and up into the loft we went. I had got a bottle of bourbon from ”dad’s ” liqueur cabinet.
    Boy did I over do it that day. My very first time I get liqueur and I get so drunk. I was poisoned. I was sick every where.
    When some one says puking up from the bottom of their shoes I believe it !
    After a cup of coffee my ‘friends’ had me smoke some pot to straighten up so I could go home before their parents got home.
    Now I’m drunk and stoned and only thirteen !
    When I got home I was grounded for a month.
    Ever since then cannabis is me and now 28yrs later it still is.
    Way safer than poisonous liqueur.
    One of many of my dads favorite expressions I will always remember from that day is when dad talked about how now I know how dangerous liqueur is and I could have died. There are other ways to have fun then use alcohol. When I complained about being grounded he said…

    I took his words to heart
    thanx dad!

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