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Virtual Bowl: The last state to legalize marijuana will be… | The NORML Stash Blog

I am the producer of The NORML Network, the host of the NORML SHOW LIVE and The NORML Stash Blog, and NORML's Outreach Coordinator. I'm married, live in Portland, Oregon, and I am a registered medical marijuana caregiver in this state. I've worked days as an IT geek and nights as a professional musician. Previously, I have been the host of my own political talk radio show on satellite radio. I've been the High Times "Freedom Fighter of the Month" and I travel across the country to educate people on marijuana reform. I've dedicated my life to bringing an end to adult marijuana prohibition and re-legalizing cannabis hemp, and I'm honored to be chosen by NORML to give voice to the Marijuana Nation and to speak for those who can't speak up.

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22 responses to “Virtual Bowl: The last state to legalize marijuana will be…”

  1. Mcpilot

    Alcohol kills so many people every year in many different ways, and when you consume it, no big deal, but on the other hand when you smoke a harmless joint you are a low life and are locked up if cought. I mean you can not die if you use a certain amount of marajuana and alcohol has all of the side affects, not weed. Alcohol affects your judgement considerably and I’m not saying that weed does not but not even close to the effects of alcohol. I am a US Marine veteran and I have seen many wounded warriors and I have seen the way that marajuana helps them in many different ways. I am a very patriotic person but I have major concerns about our government, I mean this is suppose to be a free country but we are not even allowed to use something that grows naturally. If anything needs to be illegal it’s alcohol! I want to believe so but I am really not sure if they will ever pass that law.

  2. Dillon

    I live in Oklahoma and I sure hope its not one of the last states to legalize marijuana. I don’t live in a really big town but there a lot of people here that would like it to be legalized. More than I can say would want to keep it illegal.

  3. okiebugs

    OKIES COME ONE COME ALL IF THE FEDS SAY IT IS LEGAL THEN LEGAL IT WILL BE JUST LIKE POP CORN. LEGALIZATION. JUST LIKE FISHING SOME ONE MAKING NEW RULES ALL THE TIME. So all buds must be over 28 inchs or throw them back. You know’ no wine befor it’s time. Muskogee oklahoma U.S.A. has been smoking for a long time. You know beads and Roman sandels won’t be seen. Lether boots are still in style for manly foot wear.

  4. Cannabis Karri

    Don’t lose hope! The “Lutheran of the Year” award went to our very own Rick Steves in 2007!! (oh…maybe the Lutherans don’t know he advocates for legalization)

  5. Cannabis Karri

    Diana! Come to Oregon next…you need a break!

  6. Jesse Lee

    Hey from Oklahoma here and I know our marijuana laws are crazy. Yes, people do 10 years for a joint, but I have known one person with MS get off of a cultivation charge with a $20,000 fine (real compassonate right?). A recent poll on a local Oklahoma news station showed over 60% for Marijuana Legalization. This State is ripe for Marijuana reform. We Okies want marijuana refrom bad!

  7. Conservative Utah'n

    Obviously Utah! Utah is the only state in the union with no form of legalized gambling. No lotteries, nothing. There are many in this state who would outlaw alcohol, if they could. I just listened to the legislature argue “Modernizing” our liquor laws, and you should have heard all the bickering. Mormons tend to see all of the above as morals issues. And they are very liberal when it comes to passing legislation controlling morals.

    Utah will be the last state to Legalize Marijuana.

    Medicinal use has a chance though.

  8. Noxious

    Agreed. Charlie Crist = Douche.

  9. sameoldwine

    Chain Gang Charlie Crist will never let the word, which shall not be spoken, pass his lips.

    Legalization in FL? We may not be the last to legalize (if ever) but we will be near the bottom of the list. Comon’ old people, die off dammit.

    BTW excellent words about the ex-pot smokers, Russ. I know a few of those. Sneaking a toke when the wife is not looking. Caused mpre than a few divorces. :evil:

  10. TalladegaTom

    Yeah, Oklahoma is probably the one.
    They do seem to have some backward politicians.
    The controversy surrounding Richard Dawkins appearance at the U of OK recently is a solid example of their true ignorance.
    I only bring it up here as this kind of group political thinking without reason is part of the deeper fight we face.
    They know nothing of evolution nor marijuana and are to afraid to learn. They only know what they know and that’s that. It’s gonna be awful hard to convince some moron who rejects overwhelming evidence against his position on evolution or marijuana that he must change his mind.
    So why try anymore? These types of bozo brains have been running things for too long.
    Just got to vote ‘em out of office.

    Here’s a short bit of the resolution (HR1410) that the OK gov introduced to try and prevent Dawkins from speaking.

    THAT the Oklahoma House of Representative strongly opposes the invitation to speak on the campus of the University of Oklahoma to Richard Dawkins of Oxford University, whose published statements on the theory of evolution and opinion about those who do not believe in the theory are contrary and offensive to the views and opinions of most citizens of Oklahoma.

    Sorry to be so long. :sleep:

  11. Waken Blaze

    ny. you would think ny would be on top of things but check the arrests, either there or pennsultucky

  12. Sean

    The last state to pass anykind of marijuana reform, will be Oklahoma or possibly a bordering state. Here in the bible belt, we still have dry counties and stricter aclchohol laws than any of the other states. One of our senators I believe was quoted that reform of marijuana to this state is at the bottom of the priorities list.

  13. Diana

    I was raised in Utah, and Im sure they would be one of the last to legalize. The mormons fought hard to keep alcohol prohibition.

    But since moving to Oklahoma last year, Ive seen a lot more anti-pot sentiment around here. Police seem to spend a huge percent of their time and resources hunting down stoners.

    I guess Im picking the wrong states haha.

  14. fallibilist

    Great question. But I’m afraid there’s no way to know in advance. I’ve studied some political science at the grad level–degree to come, I hope–and I think this question is just a fun parlor game, outside the realm of measurement.

    So, let’s play!

    I like Paradym’s answer but I’m going to offer a different one: Virginia.

    There’s a large presence of military both around the Pentagon and at the huge naval base on the coast. CIA and other parts of the National Security State have their headquarters there. DEA is located near my former residence in Crystal City.

    If you add to that a nice dose of good, old-fashioned Southern conservatism–e.g., Pat Robertson in Virginia Beach and Jerry Falwell’s college in Lynchburg–and you’ve got a pretty strong anti-pot coalition.

    On the other hand, I really like Paradym’s answer.

  15. Carpe Cannabis

    I dunno, there’s a lot of hard work going to push for the med. marijuana and decrim. bills currently in the Texas house. I say Oklahoma, but that’s just cause Texans are brought up to hate everything about Oklahoma. So yeah, they would be last.

  16. dave

    It will be in the bible belt somewhere.
    Probably Tennessee. Being from there i know alot of people that think pot is bad, they believe the lies that the government has told them about weed. I try to spread the truth but alot of them dont wanna hear it.

  17. winder

    I’m gonna have to go with Texas as the last holdout for decrim. Notwithstanding the fact that Ron Paul is from here, my pessimism for the Lone Star State stems from the fact that George W. Bush chose my great state to live in after he left office.

    I believe our latest ex-pres will lobby to keep cannabis out after all the other states have conceded its efficacy in relieving medical conditions as well as its immense potential to reverse North America’s and the world’s current economic crisis. I hope I’m wrong.

    President Obama has a unique opportunity to teach the world a lesson in “hemponomics” or “cannabusiness”. First step: reschedule!

  18. Paradym

    Dakota Gold: You may be right, but I understand that the Dakotas are very involved in trying to get industrial hemp allowed to spur some agricultural growth, so I would argue that they would be in the first wave of legalization as they’re already open to part of cannabis reform.

    Based upon current practices, I would have to say the last state will be either Oklahoma or Kansas, as they seem to be moving closer to the Dark Ages in regards to science and policy.

  19. Tim

    Florida, since it has one of the strictest, if not strictest marijuana laws in the continental U.S. it seem, we seem to have a lot of boneheads running our state, since they just stopped fighting about expanding gambling here, but thats a different discussion.

  20. JohnH

    We currently have twin bills languishing in committee which is where previous bills have died. These bills allow for use by only terminal patients. My money is on Tennessee being the final hodout.

  21. dnL

    West Virginia.

  22. Dakota Gold

    I gotta say one of the Dakotas, North or South. I’m from the South and would like to think that it will be us because of our prominent Republican culture and strong Lutheran values (read: stickin my nose into your business and there is nothing you can do about it). No flames please! Im Lutheran.

    But, if I was a bettin man I would have to say North Dakota. Theres just something different going on up there. Ever know anybody that actually moved TO North Dakota? The only North Dakotans I know are the ones that moved OUT!

    Just my $.02 worth!

    Dakota Gold

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