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Was Osama bin Laden a marijuana smoker? | The NORML Stash Blog

I am the producer of The NORML Network, the host of the NORML SHOW LIVE and The NORML Stash Blog, and NORML's Outreach Coordinator. I'm married, live in Portland, Oregon, and I am a registered medical marijuana caregiver in this state. I've worked days as an IT geek and nights as a professional musician. Previously, I have been the host of my own political talk radio show on satellite radio. I've been the High Times "Freedom Fighter of the Month" and I travel across the country to educate people on marijuana reform. I've dedicated my life to bringing an end to adult marijuana prohibition and re-legalizing cannabis hemp, and I'm honored to be chosen by NORML to give voice to the Marijuana Nation and to speak for those who can't speak up.

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10 responses to “Was Osama bin Laden a marijuana smoker?”

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    [...] use of the drug with the world’s most famous terrorist might not be the best strategy, one blogger for NORML, an organization that supports the legalization of marijuana in the United States, was quick to [...]

  2. The Bluzguy

    9/11 conspiracies abound, and I’m not convinced they’re so whacky. No airliner hit the pentagon, couldn’t have done so without either making a bigger hole or leaving wreckage outside. For those unfamiliar with it, I recommend watching “9/11: In Plane Sight”.

    The most confusing of all is why those in the US in charge of protecting us against terror attacks were not fired or tried for their incompetence.

    My biggest fear regards the current trend of the feds going after state medical laws, threatening to escalate the “war on marijuana” until the state legislators cave.

    The Obama Administration needs to appoint a 21st century Shafer Commission. Wouldn’t that settle it for good? I truly doubt such a report would wind up in the trash can like the first one.

  3. mr.420

    @russ: I agree with a decent majority of the things you stated.I happen to believe in God/Jesus for the simple fact i believe science clearly and beautifully explains God. I believe in creation through evolution. However this a huge conversation for another time..The simpe fact and reason why they havent openly seized control and resistance isn’t futile is the obvious…its still America and your right activism, free speech, mass communication and most important..NUMBERS! We outnumber our armed forces which is what will be deployed when martial law is implemented and again the fact is resistance isnt futile and we can still gather as a whole UNITED nation and march towards our capital and demand something be done and believe it or not it has to be done!!!!! but the ugly truth is they have almost succeded in doing what they need to do to take away that option and that is turn us all against each other and shove hate down our throat while playing the concerned older sibling infront of your parent when you know they just kicked you in your ass a few times and sent you crying..the ultimate goal i believe for them is to turn us into a nation of for lack of better terms slave drones that will be happy to wake up,work and follow our loving govt. orders with nothing but a smile :) I love and respect everyone for there own opinion on issues as it is your mind,body and life..just as long as it doesnt fester and spill out into the lives of others and negatively impact them. My main fight is preserving the beautiful gift of life and freedom. Cannabis and not being forced to blindly follow laws i have no actual say in are just at the top of the list for me personally. I respect and pray for org. like NORML who arent afraid to unite and face the oppression and lies spat forth from greedy hateful people.

  4. Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator

    Yeah, yeah, false flag, contrails, HAARP, NWO, Illuminati, American Union, Tri-lateral Commission…

    When you read and write on as many marijuana reform sites as I do, you can’t go six comments without finding one of the above. Then the square reader who might have been brought to our side turns away and believes that pot makes you paranoid and the tales of real Hearst and Anslinger conspiracies sound to them like grassy knolls and faked moon landings.

    Professor Edward Tufte once wrote, “In explanations of human activities, both muddling through and incompetence are under-estimated, and both rational optimizing and conspiracy over-estimated.”

    There may be kernels of truth beneath every conspiracy theory. But the main reason I don’t believe them is the same reason I don’t believe in God: extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. In order for me to believe any of the 9/11 conspiracies that go beyond 20 guys on visas taking flying-but-not-landing lessons simultaneously hijacking and crashing jetliners under the direction of a Saudi billionaire trained by the CIA, I need proof. I need something that can verify the assertion that the administration and the highest military leadership of the United States with malice and intent committed capital treason by allowing or assisting Osama bin Laden in the murder 3,000 countrymen while maintaining complete operational silence and destroying all evidence in a plot to terrorize and take control of… the country they were already elected to lead? And as much as I despised the Bush Administration, I cannot believe they would wantonly murder Americans.

    And if the conspiracy theorists are correct, why bother fighting? Just like a world where everything is controlled and ordained by a God, if the Illuminati are really this powerful, what’s the point in running about pretending we can change God’s or The Illuminati’s will? If these are people who could take down the Twin Towers and blame it on a mujahadeen leader in Afghanistan with kidney issues, what the hell is lil’ ol’ NORML going to do to break their will toward pot? How could people these powerful have even allowed Prop 215 pass in the first place? Why not take down Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary in San Francisco circa 1992 like they took down Kennedy in Dallas?

    I mean, really, if these guys have the HAARP technology to cause earthquakes in Japan and the contrail technology to, uh, do whatever it is contrails do that’s supposed to frighten me, then why can’t they perfect the anti-pot spore or something?

    I don’t believe we know the full truth behind 9/11, but I don’t believe the wild conspiracy theories about it, either. “Muddling through and incompetence” sounds to me like the Occam’s Razor explanation of most of the Bush Administration. (Though I’m willing to agree that Building 7′s collapse is wildly inconsistent with the events of 9/11… my personal theory is that something in that building was super top secret and it had been wired to demolish in case of domestic emergency years ago. But I have no proof.)

    As they adjust their tinfoil hats, people tell me that so many of these incompetencies would have had to happen and the plot is so complex that it is just implausible for it to have happened that way; there must be a higher power coordinating it all. Hijackers have to get into the US. Expired visas have to not be noticed. Flight schools have to not notice nervous Arabic men learning flying but not landing. CIA Agents who DO notice have to be ignored. Security has to be breached at four major airports. Hijackers have to subdue an entire plane with small razors. Military planes have to be on exercises far away. Four jets have to make U-turns with nobody freaking out immediately (a la Payne Stewart’s prop plane). After the first tower is hit, jets have to be scrambled to the wrong direction, and so forth… all these things had to happen just right or this plot dies.

    It’s the same argument creationists give me about human life. The sun has to be just so big. The earth’s orbit has to be just so close. The atmosphere has to have just the right balance. The end result is so complex it just had to be coordinated by a higher power.

    The answer to both is the same: the fact that it happened shows that such implausible things are possible.

    How many terrorist plots just as grand have been foiled because one of the dozens of incompetencies didn’t happen? How many are broken up because the complex plot fails to account for a simple thing, like passengers might notice if you try to light your shoe? Similarly, how many planets out there are devoid of life because one of the billions of astronomical and evolutionary details didn’t work out just so?

    If the conspiracy theorists are right, it’s too late, resistance is futile, we will be assimilated. I can’t buy that. I need to live in a world where activism can change things, where communication can change hearts and minds, and where votes can change laws. I need to stay focused on the issue I believe we can change – freeing cannabis – and that other activists working to change poverty, hunger, health, environmental, human rights, and warfare issues also have the possibility of succeeding.

  5. mr.420

    o real quick…You must realize that MONEY MONEY MONEY AND POWER BUT MOSTLY MONEY IS THE WHOLE GOAL OF “our” GOVT!!!!! War is just the best way to get it. (e.g.) war on “drugs”,”terror”, and every other war they’ve stuck there evil fingers in! that is all….
    420 out :bongin:

  6. mr.420

    DB is 100% correct!! its truly embarrasing that in this day and age grown educated people are still so easily blind and naive to there government and there objectives. Saying that the previous administration couldnt plan and consequently pull this off while saying that a rag tag team of “terrorist’s” can is extremely laughable. Every point Db made is undeniably true and the fact is our govt. commits more terrorist attacks on an annual basis than the taliban could dream of in a lifetime. and lets just say for arguments sake that its all factual lets forget about the story weve been fed that has more holes than a whore house explain to me how our highly paid by “tax dollars” intel agencies managed to miss the “biggest” terrorist attack on our soil? i put biggest in quotation marks simply because millions of AMERICANS are terrorized every year for our belief in a non-toxic non-addictive natural substance. the whole point is throw it all to the side and do a lil research over the last 40-50 years of our govt and see what they’ve done to OUR COUNTRY! do you realize you dont even elect your “elected officials”? except county commish maybe lol. Oh definately research false flag terrorism! been going on for centuries and centuries man and it still works just as effectively actually more so with mass media and propaganda. and dont tell me your eyebrows werent raised when you found out you couldnt see the pictures of the most wanted man in this nations recent history? the beauty of this country is at times your allowed free speech except when asking a pres. candidate what his connection to a secret society and fmr/current presidents are…”dont tase me bro”!! or if you happen to not conform to the lies that have been spat forth from corruption and evil you can be arrested for being “un-patriotic” under the “patriot act”. I hope the layer or two of bull crap gets peeled back for you and others to see because once it is..WOW! its truly mind-blowing. God bless and good night!

  7. sugartaste81

    Oh please DB..saying 9/11 was a inside job is a huge disservice to everyone who died that day. Were the people who had happened to be on those 4 planes part of the “inside” job? Are they hiding somewhere? Guess what..a plane hits a building and implodes. The Towers absolutely collapsed on their own, I saw it with my own two eyes that day. Not to mention Bush and his cronies could have NEVER had the intellectual capacity to pull off a “job” like this one. Let me guess..you’ve been calling people “sheeple” for the past few days, too :ohno:

  8. WIl

    I want to know how you can hide hundreds of cannabis plants among cabbage and potato plants.

  9. dbeall

    personally, I don’t think binladen had anything to do with 911.

    It was an inside job, no one could have planted the demolition charges in 3 buildings with out being noticed or caught. All of those buildings had SECURITY and the demolition job was done by a first rate American company. Who else could have done it but the people in charge of security,, silverstien and his buddies.

    Trade center 7 was demolished by Cheney to hide evidence.

    There is no way an airliner could have made the turn to hit the pentagon, it was a missile according to the photos from the pentagon of the rocket engine rotor laying on the grass.

    Cheney, Bush, Rice, Myers, Silverstien, Wolfowitze, and a long list or others were the ones that carried out the 911-false-flag-event to push congress and Americans into approving a pre-meditated invasion of Iraq for control of oil.

    The terrorists only WISH they could pull off a 911, it’s was a life-long-dream of theirs to do something like it.

    911 was a gift to the terrorists by cheney and haliburton. It was a kill-Americans-for-free-card.

    I am sure the terrorists would have settled for much less, such as a typical bombing where the building would just fall over or half fall.. Which is the way it has happened in every bombing since film and photos were invented.

    The only thing that disturbs me are the thousands that died due to a few peoples greed and need to control others.

    $$ sad, It was all for the money. $$

    I need to smoke a joint now that I am upset yet again over this.

  10. Brent in KY

    Who won the war on Terror, It sure doesnt feel like we have won anything. The American citizens have lost more freedoms and rights over this War on terror than we had lost over the last 200 years! SO who really won?

    As for the story, If i was alone, locked in my home, sick and without much interaction with people, I think I would smoke a lot of pot too, so why is this news? Oh I C its because Bin Laden is evil and pot is evil so no wonder he was smoking it, right?

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