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West Virginia Considers Regulating Medical Marijuana | The NORML Stash Blog

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32 responses to “West Virginia Considers Regulating Medical Marijuana”

  1. Robert Collins

    I suffer from chronic back pain “D.D.D” , Bipolar ,and panic attacks. I”ve been on pain meds for 8yrs now and to tell the truth about it I would give up the pills for marijuana any time . All the meds I’ve taken for the bipolar either makes me doesn’t work ,makes me sick ,or suicidial . Marijuana helps all my problems…Well besides watching my back all the time and living like a fugitive.Please help us all and pass the bill

  2. trophy hunter

    america you have lost your way,pick up your Bible It,s on the first page,,,,,

  3. steve

    they should make pot legal in the state of w.va they will never stop it the prison is over filled cuz of peeps want to smoke pot there is more peeps in prison from smoking weed now there is no room for the real bad peeps like the child molesters so just make weed legal in w.va so our prisons wont stay over filled

  4. terry

    although I support the bill, it is just another way for the crackheads to have the goverment give them a sack of weed, First you give them a phone now a sack of weed. Why do I work ?

  5. Robert

    I have stomach problem and it’s the only thing that helps me!!!

  6. Anthony

    Please end the inhumane suffering I endure.

  7. Justin

    I have a prolonged migrane issue and a brain tumor
    Since my best friend of14 yrs gave me a joint one day
    When i was literally bent in the fetal position sick from
    My migrane and took 3 tokes and a half hour later the
    Stomach ach gone vomiting gone and slowly my migrane
    Was a headach within an hour it was gone i smoke half a
    Joint every couple of days and my migrane have reduced
    To only twice a month where as it was once to twice a week
    As wv native i pray we can it legalized

  8. ftw512

    I am not a drug addict I have a veteran since I’ve been back from iraq and this was 4 years ago I had a rough time when I came back I was pretty messed up in the head but besides that before I went I had a really bad anger problem I would break chairs break tables throw things punch holes in walls okay know when I was a kid yes I experimented but I stopped because I was fed the bullshit like you know it illegal is not good for you it bad it’s a drug I never did going to see a doctor because I didn’t feel comfortable see a doctor but smoking weed relaxes me calms me down and take the pain off my mind about the shit that happened over there so I think it is a great medical resource and were throwing it away and not only that but putting people in jail because of it I say legalize 100%

  9. Italics Mine

    Curious map: not by red VS blue, not by blue VS gray, not by east VS west.
    It is People who seek an audience with the Pope, and a Pope who responds with an Inquisition.

  10. richard wiley

    im 48 yrs.old have beeb ijured since 7-27-89 and tried everything up to oxycontin if the hydro don’t work then im screwed i have been an avid “smoker” all my life and weed is the only reason i am here. i would have lost it a long time ago my human right’s are constanly infringed upon by people that are not injured or think they know better what is right for me why your view is the law and mine is ignored, shame on you while are forced to put up many many law’s i don’t agree with but the government opresses the weak because it makes them look like they are doing something for the better way outta line but the clan(gov) can gather in small number’s and make decision’s on my life and i don’t have a say. put it up for a vote openly do not hide it where i live they keep under the radar can’t even get info in wv unless it is negitive.how is this freedom the view’s of a few should not infringe on my right to presue happiness and live like i want to live.they kill smoke and stuff like sex/marriage down my throat.just take my money and let me live that’s all i want i don’t want to sodomize anyone isn’t that illeagle, but they put it up for a vote stand up and be counted help wv be free my real name is on this and i mean what i say free me free wv HELP WE ARE IN DESTRESS. OPPRESSION IS CRUEL TO ANYONE i say yes to any bill that protect’s my right’s to happiness. how could you guy’s forget about the march makes us look bad give me help in wv please!!!!!

  11. Chaunessa

    I feel the reason medical marijuana should be legal because so many people are addicted to narcotic pain pills. If our state would pass the law people might try to get off drugs which is killing my community. If WV would think of the pros for passing the bill people would be better off and the over doses would be cut in half.

  12. Shawn

    I am not a drug addict! I have a chronic pain issue known as A.V.N. I have tried every pain pill that I can get over the counter, I was on narcotic pain meds for 5 of the 7 years that I have been dealing with this. I am on the verg of losing my mind. I decided because the pain meds where not working that I would try some medical grade stuff a friend had brought back from CA. He told me it was for pain. The stuff worked. Every chance I would get I would substitute it for the narcotic pills the Dr.s would give me. One fine day I go to see my Dr and he tells me it is time to get a pain contract going and say’s he has to drug test me first. After failing to pass his drug test he refuses to write me narcotic pain meds and insted gives me Tramadol. Now every Dr I see tells me the same thing. I am dying here! WE NEED TO STOP THE MADNESS! Marijuana helps and is a lot safer than what the big PHARM is selling. Just look at all the law suits from all there so called safe drugs. I get treated like a drug addict and am not allowed the medicines I need to make it threw the day and so drug whore that dose not need them will gladly sell them to me at a price.

  13. conchop

    tes – I’m seeing and hearing more and more about this very kind of situation. Pain pills can back fire on you but sometimes they work OK. Nonetheless, when we get this bill passed in WV, I foresee a time when we’ll be able to give medical cannabis its rightful place in the medicine bag.

    PS- I’m seeing a lot of instances where veterans are coming home after some horrible experiences, wounds, and PTSD, and they’re hooked on pain pills. Once at home, the addiction leads to some creative ways of using the pain pills or head pills. Then they’re in real trouble. Medical cannabis is helping those guys.

    Get involved – call your politicians and the Governors office to lend your support to legalizing it. WE are planning some statewide events this coming summer and fall. Stay tuned.

  14. tes

    i had major shoulder surgery about three years ago.the doctor put me on percocets.i took the pain meds as perscribed no more.i am not one to take meds unless they are perscribed to me.i ended up getting diverticulitus.the medicine ate a hole through my colon.i had to be rushed to a major hospital in pittsburgh.i can no longer take pain meds for anything,and i still have severe shoulder pain.ido smoke marijuana from time to time,and the pain just slips away.i never had to be rushed to any hospital for use of marijuana.let alone have a doctor tell my wife and my whole family that he dont know if i will make it through this,like he did when i took the percocets…

  15. Don Smith II


    Go to Face Book – Don Smith II – also WV NORML – use capital letters – The is our web page at wvnorml.org

    Our team is starting to grow and I’m amazed at the growth and positive press. Go 4 it! Bring some friends and family. The ground swell is just starting and we’re developing a sales push to get it out to the population. Its all political and we have to work together to keep it rolling.

    Don II

  16. Don Smith II


    I’m a veteran too. Please join us on facebook WV Norml { use capital letters ] or wvnorml.org. Since I’ve begun working for the “cause”, I’ve heard of a lot of veterans who could benefit from medical cannabis. It worked 4 me – of course it wasn’t legal in the 70′s!

    Go 4 it! We’re gaining support from all over the State. This is political and its going to take some specific applications of pressure and force to ,mmmm, persuade the politicians to make their moves. Good news – due to some proper parliamentarian moves – there are study resolutions introduced. They couldn’t kill us – believe me – they tried. We’re still alive and on the move.

    PS – I’m now on facebook too – Don Smith II

  17. Dan Cadle

    There should be a way to include disabled veterans in this legislation also. I am a disabled veteran and the V.A. Is my main care giver. Basically, I have a prosthetic lumbar spine, ptsd, nerve damage and chronic pain.

  18. Don Smith II

    This is out and going to more of the politicians – long read – but it says exactly what I mean.


    My name is Don Smith II and I own a corporation called Greenview Group Ltd. Over the past few years, we have been developing plans for the “greenovation” of West Virginia and the Appalachian Region as a whole.

    The parts of the overall plan that have gained a lot of positive approval from prominent folks in West Virginia are the proposed development of BAMBOO PLANTATIONS on Mountain Top Removal (MTR) mining sites and assorted other Brown Lands. Bamboo has a better chance of successfully providing viable and prosperous crops than any other crops that are currently being utilized on these sites. Bamboo prevents soil erosion. There is more bio mass tonnage and CO2 sequestration per acre than with any other crops. Through the effects of phytoremediation, bamboo has a cleansing effect on the soil plus it builds soil. The real benefit of the Greenview Group Ltd. plan is the subsequent factories and businesses that will develop to process this new natural resource into “VALUE ADDED” products that will be sold to worldwide markets.

    This and other projects promise to have positive impact for the “NEXT AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION”. It promises to employ thousands of people for decades to come. It promises to provide untold entrepreneurial opportunities for a wide range of businesses. Ask the Chinese; bamboo lasts a long time and the financial performance of the industry is formidable.

    However, you should see what happens to the pro forma income statements, break-even analysis, cash flow analysis, and balance sheets when a certain percentage of a hemp crop is blended in! Profitability and the break-even point occurs much sooner. The diversification of the downstream factories and their complexion changes for the better.

    Now we have another golden opportunity FOR PROGRESS with the “WEST VIRGINIA COMPASSIONATE USE OF MARIJUANA ACT”. There are quite a few considerations with this Bill, and it represents a step in the right direction by so many measures.

    I will be supporting the passage of this bill with all the strength I can muster for three simple, logical, and ethical reasons:

    • Business
    • Freedom
    • Family

    Over the past forty years, I have seen a lot of defining events within this so called “War on Drugs” and I have always and consistently been annoyed with what I’ve always considered unfair treatment of one of the most beneficial groups of plants on God’s green earth; Hemp and Marijuana. Now that I’m older, I have good cause to make a stand for this legislation.


    Marijuana is West Virginia’s leading cash crop. West Virginia Marijuana is worth MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Every year the demand for marijuana goes up and so does the business.

    When doing any business plan, one must research the market “numbers”. These numbers are huge and represent an underground economy in West Virginia that is thriving and growing. According to a study compiled by Dr. Jon Gettman using data from the “National Survey of Drug Use and Health”, in 1997 there was roughly $360M in West Virginia production. In 2006 there was roughly $475M in West Virginia production. I have yet to determine the 2011 marijuana crop value in West Virginia, but it looks like at this rate, it should be close to $600M or more.

    So much for the forty year old war on drugs! Every year, millions of taxpayer dollars are used to eradicate millions of dollars worth of West Virginia Marijuana plants.

    According to a recent article in the Charleston Newspaper, and based on reports by the National Drug Control Policy, in 2011 the Government eradicated 185,000 plants in West Virginia valued at $2,000 each. According to that article, TWO BILLION DOLLARS worth of marijuana was eradicated in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. The amounts eradicated represent only a small portion of the overall market. I would note that EVERY ONE OF THE COMMENTS following this article favored legalization! See for yourself at http://wvgazette.com/News/201112080287.

    Is this part of Einstein’s theory of insanity? How much did the eradication, judicial enforcement, and incarceration for domestic West Virginia Marijuana Production cost the taxpayer? Add to that the missed opportunity of Medical Marijuana tax revenues and you can see just how much money is being wasted by the Government for this unworthy prohibition.

    International drug cartels supplement the demand for marijuana in West Virginia and who knows where that money goes. The more West Virginia Marijuana that is eradicated, the more marijuana comes in from the international drug cartels. The total value of the imported marijuana is hard to ascertain, but it’s more readily available than the “homegrown” marijuana.

    Sixteen other FREE States and the District of Columbia have enacted Medical Marijuana Acts with a high degree of success. Business is booming. Tax revenues have increased. Colorado’s tax revenues are climbing steadily since their recent passage of tightly regulated Medical Cannabis laws.

    According to “The State Board of Equalization”, California is collecting $100M in tax revenues from its Medical Marijuana dispensaries. Enforcement costs have been dedicated to more pressing issues. The savings to the taxpayer are astronomical.

    I contend that West Virginia Farmers, Business People, and Doctors stand to profit from the passage of “THE WEST VIRGINIA COMPASSIONATE USE OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA ACT”. The added prosperity, increased tax revenues, and incalculable downstream business opportunities that can be enjoyed by the citizens of West Virginia is huge. Worldwide economic conditions that are threatening further economic calamity with the Euro crisis and its upcoming European recession lend added pressure for us all to find good business. It is logical to legitimize and tax this “already existing” business.

    I want a piece of that business for my corporation, Greenview Group Ltd., too. Since there are other States doing this, and with marijuana being West Virginia’s number one cash crop, can any one politician or individual tell me and the other entrepreneurs, farmers, and Doctors in the State of West Virginia, why we will maintain our current Puritanical and draconian laws?

    I honestly think that the overall PROVEN prosperity that the “WEST VIRGINIA COMPASSIONATE USE OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA ACT” offers is more than enough reason to pass this act as soon as possible. Every day that goes by is a day without hundreds of thousands of dollar in legal sales and tax collections.

    From a strictly business point of view, you are either with the farmers, entrepreneurs, and doctors of West Virginia, or you’re with the ever expanding drug cartels.


    In Latin, our WEST VIRGINIA STATE MOTTO claims “Mountaineers are Always Free”. That doesn’t seem to be the case at this time. Compare and contrast the laws regarding Medical Cannabis and motorcycle helmets to those laws in California, Washington, or Colorado. By all objective measures, the citizens of California, Washington, and Colorado are FAR MORE FREE than the citizens of West Virginia. Go back and read the West Virginia State Motto again.

    This is an unacceptable situation. We should either get rid of or change the West Virginia State Motto or change these regressive draconian marijuana laws as quickly as possible.

    The current laws do not work. As a matter of fact, they have failed us miserably. They cost too much and create far more problems than they fix. In this era of diminishing civil rights, I see an opportunity to “correct” a series of flawed, draconian, uncompassionate, regressive, and illogical marijuana laws that have created much cost, chaos, and mayhem in personal lives and throughout our judicial system.

    Just like bamboo, man has successfully used hemp and marijuana for thousands of years. Man will use these beneficial plants for thousands of years into the future, too. Long after we’re all dead and gone, someone will plant a seed. It is an insult to nature to continue with the prohibition of these plants. This is the only time in thousands of years of recorded history that these plants have been criminalized. Completely absurd!

    I will also remind you the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States are written on paper that comes from these plants. Our Founding Fathers who were farmers grew it extensively.

    Let it be known through the ages that at this time, there has been a group of West Virginians who are making a stand for the FREEDOM to grow and use one of God’s most beneficial and successful plants. Freedom is as good a reason as any to make a stand to advocate the passage of “THE WEST VIRGINIA COMPASSIONATE USE OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA ACT”. But there is more.


    Recently, a family member has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). It certainly did not take much research to conclude the positive effects of MEDICAL CANNABIS on MS. The testimonials and results are astonishing and the positive results posted are more than enough for me to stand and advocate passage of “THE WEST VIRGINIA COMPASSIONATE USE OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA ACT”. To watch a loved one’s slow descent into a life of crippling pain and malfunction is something almost all of us will face for some reason or another. It only makes sense to use what is available for a remedy. Cannabis is a gift of God.

    As you know, the cost of combating all illnesses is ruinous to the individual, family, Medicare, and Medicaid. To deny West Virginians access to good quality and affordable Medical Cannabis, especially since there have been such good results in the other “more free” states, is an insult to the honor, compassion, and dignity of all of us who live in West Virginia.

    Hypothetically, can you imagine what would happen to a young West Virginia family with children if the wife had contracted MS and that wife had been caught with the marijuana that she was using for treatment? It would mean jail time, loss of employment, property seizures, the children would become wards of the State, lawyer bills and other heart breaking problems. However, do you know what would happen to that young wife and mother if she lived in Colorado or any of the other FREE States? Nothing would happen to her because she lives in Colorado and she has a prescription!

    Our current laws on Cannabis are obviously harsh, Puritanical, and draconian. We are FALLING BEHIND the other “FREE States”. The lack of compassion demonstrated by those who cling to the discredited notions of gateway drugs and zero tolerance will be noted. The lack of compassion demonstrated by our current laws in the State of West Virginia will go down in history as an example of how infamous legacies can linger and do damage to the populace long after other States have become enlightened and have shed their out dated draconian laws.

    For these three reasons detailing my opinions as to why I feel it is imperative to pass “THE WEST VIRGINIA COMPASSIONATE USE OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA ACT”, I stand willing to help in any way.

    If you find yourself agreeing with my reasoning and if you have reasons for supporting passage of this ACT, please join with us in crafting and passing the “BEST” Medical Cannabis laws in the United States. We can create a new legacy of compassion, freedom, and prosperity with the “WEST VIRGINIA COMPASSIONATE USE OF MARIJUANA ACT”.

    You are beginning to see a “grass roots effort” that brings credence to a just cause. One by one, all of us will have our voices heard for this cause. Do not relent to the opposition’s threats and bullying as they represent regression. It is obvious that WE are on the right side of NATURE, PROSPERITY, and FREEDOM. And that is the best place to be.

    Don Smith II

  19. Don Smith II

    Wow – I’ve been so busy I’ve missed out on some of this commentary. Please bear with us as a lot has been happening. Please refer to facebook – wvnorml.org. We are going to to try to streamline and improve the processes of communications and coordination. I can be reached at facebook also through my name.

    I’ve been at the Capital in meetings with the Governors senior advisor and a multitude of Delegates. This issue is contentious in an election year. However, the State is faced with some horrific problems with pain pills, hard drugs, and some very expensive prison overcrowding. We have the proof that Medical Cannabis is a viable alternative and that it could go to great lengths to solve much of these issues. Now the politicians are having to look hard at this.

    Nonetheless, it looks like we have a lot of work to do. We are looking at a “sales effort” to bring this cause to light. So far the press and the public polls are in favor of medical cannabis by an overwhelming majority. We have to capitalize on this good beginning and we need good idea’s and SHOE LEATHER!

    ANybody up for a hemp festival???

  20. Megan

    I am a 19 year old Charleston WV woman with a severe rare disease in which my immune system attacks my organs instead of viruses. My life is filled with pain and pain medication. I am allergic to an ingredient in pain medication so I go through being eaten alive inside out everyday so I won’t go into a severe allergic reaction. I weigh 70 pounds and am very unhealthy. I have tried marinol the FDA’s equivalent to marijuana to stimulate appetite, personally through experience it did not work and I still suffer from malnutrition. My body is confused and is trying to kill itself. I cannot cope with living. I do not drink or use drugs in which I am not prescribed, I am only focused on getting well and healthy. One of my best friends brought me some marijuana for my first time to try it because she was very afraid for me and if my body could make it through this severe weight loss. I’m crying as I’m typing at the difference smoking a marijuana cigarette made, I ate and enjoyed it. I wasn’t wracked with joint pain, my eyes weren’t hurting, I could move and enjoy time with y family. I will do anything to bring this here to our state. This isn’t just for the older people that have smoked pot already. This is a solution, this is a legitament medicine, not only did it help with nausea and eating and pain it made my life better and I gained five pounds but now I’ve lost it again without the marijuana. I know there has to be more people out there that this can genuinely help that are NOT looking for a high but a better quality life. That is what is important. Giving a patient the best quality of life they can live with an illness. I am willing to do whatever I can to support this cause before I pass. Please what do I need to do to let our local politicians see this as a medicine that truly helps people live. Thank you for supporting this already. You are helping people just by bringing up this issue. This year let’s make it happen here, I don’t want to leave this earth doped up on a pain pill or skin and bones because I can’t eat. We can make this happen with the right regulation and personal responsibility. Let’s help more people like me, that is my mission in my short very painful life. Please help this truly makes a difference.

  21. Randy Graham

    Hello to DON SMITH….. How can I get hooked up with you or someone that I can share some information/thoughts regarding this Bill in W.V. I have been reading H.B. 4498, I noticed the above reference to H.B. 3251. I have not looked at the copy of 3251 but based on the information above, it is not the same as 4498.

    I think 4498 has some things which need improved on to benefit patients, caregivers and our W.V. government. There are some other issues I think might be beneficial in some ways and would like to hook up with those who are on the cutting edge of this here in W.V.

  22. william

    OK here’s the thing,I have sever colitis and severe back pain. I have smoked cannabis four 30 years and up until recently I didn’t understand the medical value off cannabis until I fell ill.It’s time for a change!!!! Southern WV is over ran with prescription pain killers, witch is acutely what they are. There’s way to many overdoses with our young people here. Hell our DUI arrest have dropped down to nothing because of the abuse of class 3 and 4 narcotics.WAKE UP WV LETS GET THIS DONE AND HELP SAVE OUR PEOPLE.

  23. Don Smith II

    You have a point there – money and budgets would shift. Thats the point here. Current laws and and the way it works is a real industry that is costing the regular taxpayer too much money. 16 States have legalized Medical Marijuana and they’re doing quite well with the results.

    I think the word “results” sums things up a bit. The current system in WV is failing us. Demand goes up, more people in jail. 40 years of a war on drugs with opposite results. So much for the Puritans.

    WV grows some of the best marijuana in the world. Its the States #1 cash crop by far. What’s not grown here is imported. It’s total business value is in the billions of dollars in the region. It is absolutely nuts not legitimizing and taxing the business, especially in these wretched economic times. 8-)

  24. chuck

    OK, Here’s the real reason that Marijuana hasn’t been legalized yet. MONEY. Right now the bulk of the money being made from marijuana is being made by judges,lawyers.prisons,drug cartels and of course don’t leave out the DEA and law enforcement.If marijuana were to be legalized the money would change hands and these people would have to get a real job.

  25. Don Smith II

    OK everyone – here’s the story. I’m involved with organizing the “cause” to legalize Medical Marijuana in WV. There are more and more of us starting to come out to support the cause. As time proceeds, there will be opportunities and internet sites for you to follow and participate in the cause.

    We are just getting started.

    Its ALL politics – so it is a cause.

    Brace yourselves and prepare to join in the fight – we’re gonna have a good time with this one.

  26. Concerned

    Just legalize it already!!!!! :-( Just got busted about amonth ago…in WV

  27. wannabepainfree

    i have chronic pain and i have tried marijuana to see if it would ease the pain and the back spasms. i hope and pray they do legalize it. for a few hours i was pain free for the first time in months. this absolutely needs to be passed,not just for me for all the people that would benefit from it. it’s safer then alot of medications i have been on that destroy the liver and other parts of my body. this has to be passed

  28. fishcreekbob

    :bongin: Would be sweet to have a legal stand point to bitch from. :rotflmao: To accuse :readit: This is my rant to my reps. :bongin:

    Can you tell me how Hemp laws are not treason against the Republic? Making Free Enterprise illegal The corner stone of control of the economy. Taking the economy out of the hands of farmers to vested interasts.
    I hear on the news economy millions of jobs green fuel environment violence health care freedom and answer it with Hemp.

    The science(19,000 studies) says cannabis is safe and beneficial Dr. Tashkin UCLA Dr. Grinspoon Harvard. Shrinks cancer cells and tumors etc I heard on the news that 35 children in the US a day are diagnosed with cancer. Everyday. The Fed keeps it a Schedule 1 no medical value and holds a medical cannabis patent.

    US Patent 6630507 – Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants
    Application: filed on 2/02/2001
    US Patent Issued on October 7, 2003
    Assignee: The United States of America, as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services

    Why does the Fed subsidize ethanol with 10′s of billions of dollars when corn produces 600 gallon of alcohol per acre and Hemp will produce 1000 gallon of alcohol 300 gallon of oil and a couple thousand pounds of food protein per acre?

    Most children today would not heard the word Marijuana except for the Fed in 1937 sticking they”re hands where the Constitution forbid them and went on the largest drug ad campain in the world. 74 years of propaganda scare tactics lies. Is’nt it time to tell the truth about Hemp? Hemp is a Trillion dollar crop.
    How many jobs would be created to harvest and process 30 million acres(to start) of Hemp?

    Ps. Just read new studies out of Israel show promise for cardiovascular diseases :idk: :loco: :guns:

  29. fishcreekbob

    Got one response but not much. Thanks for the email. I will speak with members of the Judiciary Committee with regards to HB 3251. SG Varner


  30. WakeUpDead

    OMG, you have to be kidding me WV has a bill, Im shocked. After spending long summers with old grandparents in the hills of West Virgina I have to say it gives me hope that KY will do that same some day and soon. Either that or KY will be surrounded by medical states and that will help with the flow of weed going through the state. Good for WV its about time we get some very conservative states to discuss medical bills. I just wish it would happen here!

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  32. fishcreekbob

    Stick your heads to your asses and kiss it goodbye it must be the end of the world. :rotflmao: Oh yes I will be writing my rep. Many times. I didn’t think it would happen. :bow:

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